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Blonde teen licking black balls and fucking black cock
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What Mom Knows Fucks Her in White Summary: Three weddings in Vegas and some very submissive brides. Note 1: Thanks to MAB7991 and goamz86 for editing this chapter. Note 2: This is part six of a continuing incest series (although it is much more complex than simply an incest story). I highly recommend you read the first five parts as the layered subplots may be confusing without the background information.but here is a very brief primer of the series so far: In WHAT MOM DOESN'T KNOW WILL FUCK HER 18-year-old Curtis goes to a Halloween party dressed in a costume designed for his absent father and ends up fucking his beautiful mother.

In WHAT MOM KNOWS FUCKS HER AGAIN Curtis ends up in an amazing threesome with his mother and his fantasy girl the semi-celebrity weather girl Miranda Collington. In WHAT MOM KNOWS FUCKS HER ASS Curtis begins dating the much older, but sexually exotic Miranda while also continuing to fuck his Mother; and as the title suggests Curtis gets his mother's ass during a legendary evening where he fulfills the Tri-fecta coming in his Mother's mouth, pussy and ass.

In WHAT MOM KNOWS FUCKS HER IN THE AIR Curtis joins the Mile High Club during an epic first class flight to Vegas with both his Mom, his celebrity girlfriend Miranda, Mom's friend and ex-Mistress Ellie and a very submissive stewardess. In WHAT MOM KNOWS FUCKS HER IN VEGAS Curtis must try desperately to stop Mom's ex-Mistress Ellie from reclaiming his submissive mother; Curtis and his mom have a heart to heart; Curtis, Miranda, Ellie and his mom end up in a hot five-some in a church with the bride minutes before the wedding; Curtis and Miranda make a BIG decision.

And a reminder of the last few lines from chapter 5: "Miranda Collington, will you marry me?" Curtis asked. "Yes," she smiled and I stood back up and kissed her with a mixture of tenderness and passion. When the kiss finally broke, Miranda said, "So we need to really hurry if we are going to get married today." "Today?" I repeated, surprised by her words.

"Well, while in Rome," she shrugged, leading me to a taxi. "But first, I need a dress." What Mom Knows Fucks Her in White Twenty minutes later, we were at a bridal shop and Miranda was trying on wedding dresses. I couldn't believe that I was about to get the woman of my dreams. The reality is it was absurd, but the past few weeks had been absurd, beautifully absurd and I was the luckiest man on the planet. On the drive over to the bridal shop, I texted Mom: What are you doing right now?

I have big news. My phone rang a minute later, but it was Ellie. "This better be good, my new slut is just about to start her training." "Don't you mean our slut?" I countered. "Semantics," she replied flippantly, "What is this big news?" "Miranda and I are getting married today," I answered. "Excuse me?" She asked, my news actually surprising her.

"In an hour at A Little White Wedding Chapel," I added. "You're serious?" She asked. "Very much so," I admitted, just as Miranda came out of the changing room dressed in white. "Can we get a buy one, get one free wedding deal?" Ellie asked.

I didn't answer as I was completely mesmerized by my beautiful bride-to-be. Miranda stopped, posed and twirled. "Hello?" Ellie said. "Oh sorry, I'm just looking at Miranda in a wedding dress," I replied, still unable to take my eyes off her.

"Where are you?" She asked. I gave her the address and she said, "We just drove past there. We will be there in five, don't leave." "Sounds good," I said, not really listening as I hung up and moved towards Miranda who somehow looked even more beautiful in all white. "So how do I look?" She asked. "Radiant," I answered, the only word that remotely did her justice.

"I bet you say that to all the older women you decide to marry," she smiled. "I suppose that is true," I quipped back, my cock already hard just looking at her. "You sure you want to do this?" She smiled, looking beautiful and insecure just like Julia Roberts in that Notting Hill movie she had made me watch a couple of weeks ago.

"I've never wanted anything more in life," I said. "Not even when you banged your mom?" She questioned, eyebrow raised. "Which time?" I asked, avoiding answering the question. "Slut," she teased. "I prefer stud," I countered. "So stud was that your mom you were talking to?" She asked. "Ellie," I corrected. "And?" "They are on their way here as we speak," I said.

"To stop us?" She asked. "I think to buy a wedding dress themselves," I said, realizing what Ellie said way after the fact. "Really?" "I think so. I wasn't really listening after I got distracted," I smiled. "By what?" She asked, her hand going to my crotch. "Some super hot bride-to-be," I replied casually. "Already straying," she teased. "I'll never stray," I said sincerely, before adding, "Without you being a part of it." "Oh you know just what to say to a gal," she laughed.

"I love you, Miranda," I said, wanting to make sure through all our playful banter she knew without a doubt what she meant to me. "I love you too, Curtis," Miranda replied. She leaned in and kissed me before adding, our brief moment of sweetness short lived as usual, "Do you want one more fuck before you have a ball and chain?" She teased.

"I hope you mean those in the kinky sense," I playfully replied. "You are so naughty," she smiled, grabbing my hand and leading me into the changing room. "Here?" I asked, a few other women meandering in the store. "Ever fucked a bride-to-be in a bridal shop?" She asked, taking the dress off.

"Bride-to-be, yes; bride-to-be in a bridal shop, no," I said, looking at her perfect body now in only white thigh high stockings. "Well we better change that," she smiled, lowering herself to her knees and fishing out my cock. Miranda barely had my cock in her mouth when I heard Ellie's voice. "Stop having sex in the changing room and get out here," Ellie yelled loud enough for other patrons to hear. Miranda allowed my cock to slip out of her mouth, "Rain check?" "Indeed," I smiled, as I put my cock away and Miranda stood up.

After a quick kiss, I left the room and saw Mom and Ellie looking at wedding dresses. Mom, seeing me, smiled tentatively, "I hear you're getting married." "Crazy, isn't it?" I said, the sudden reality of our impulse decision hitting me completely.

"A little," she smiled, glancing over to Ellie. "You okay with it?" I asked, wanting her approval. "Of course," she smiled warmly, "You and Miranda are so perfect for each other. I believe, if I recall, I was the one to set you two up." "That's true, isn't it," I laughed, the irony that my wife-to-be used to be my mom's lesbian submissive. Even with our age difference?" I asked. "Age is just a number, baby, it is what you feel here that matters," my guru mother of love explained, touching my heart.

After a moment, she slyly squeezed my cock and added, "Of course, how you feel here also is pretty important." "Oh mom," I laughed. "Now help me pick a dress," Mom said. "For what?" I asked. "We are going to get married too," Ellie said interrupting our brief mother and son moment. "Isn't that illegal in Nevada?" I asked. "It won't be real, just a symbol of your slut mother's unconditional loyalty to me," Ellie explained, before adding, "Since she is still married to your father." "Oh," was all I could muster.

Suddenly feeling guilty, which was ironic since I had been fucking mom behind dad's back for a while, I asked, "What about dad?" Mom looked guilty, but answered, "I just don't love him anymore." "Because you love me," Ellie added. "Yes, Mistress, I love you," Mom admitted, her cheeks going red. "And you are my slut," Ellie continued. "I'm both of your sluts," Mom corrected. I added, "Remember Ellie, you and mom can have a relationship.

But I am still the one in charge." Ellie glared at me, but didn't say anything. Deciding to push my luck, I ordered, "Tell me who your master is, slut Ellie." Her glare would have rattled most men, yet after having her submit to me in the church I felt confident I had her under my thumb. Her glare turned to mom who said, "Mistress Ellie, my son, and I are a package deal, remember?" Her teeth clenched, steam ready to come out of her ears, Ellie answered, "You are." "I am what, slave Ellie?" I continued wanting to hear her say it.

"My master," she admitted, even though I knew mom was going to pay for Ellie's humiliation, I pushed even further. "And your mouth, cunt and ass are mine to use as I please," I clarified.

Ellie stared at mom again, but mom again supported me and said, "Ellie, you are my mistress, but Curtis is my master and your master too if you want me." "So I have to submit to your son and obey all his bullshit orders to keep you?" Ellie asked clearly pissed.

"Without hesitation," Mom said, strangely seeming to enjoy her brief moment of power over Ellie. "And in return?" Ellie asked. "I divorce my husband, move in with you and become your obedient lover," Mom answered. After a brief moment, she added, her tone so vulnerable and sincere, "I love you Ellie, I always have, but I love Curtis as well. I need you both." This seemed to soften Ellie's firm resolve, "Fine." "Fine, what?" I asked, knowing that although I wasn't really a dominant personality, I needed to be to overpower Ellie's strong persona.

"Fine, my holes are yours," she said, crudely. "Don't pretend you didn't love my cock fucking you, Ellie, your body betrayed you," I smugly said. "How about this one?" Mom asked, clearly trying to change the topic.

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"Go try it on," Ellie ordered, getting back to her dominant persona. "Yes, Mistress," Mom obeyed. The next few minutes all three women tried on wedding dresses and I was in white stockings and dress heaven.

On the way to the church twenty-five minutes later, Ellie demanded we pull over at a sex shop where she ran in quickly and returned with a bag. Her devious smile had me curious but I didn't ask assuming I would soon find out.

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Half an hour later, Miranda and I were married. I can't explain how great it felt to say those simple words, "I do." Her smile, the twinkle in her eye and the warmth that spread over me when she said those same two words were indescribable. Although I was eighteen and had just married a woman twice my age, nothing ever felt so right in my life. Ellie had to really work to convince the minister to fake marry them as it was very unorthodox, yet Ellie usually got her way, and this was another example of that.

The church was closed for the next two hours and only the four of us, the minister and a pretty, but chubby, twenty year old girl who was videotaping our weddings for prosperity. The lesbian ceremony was unique, hot and twisted as somehow they had time to make up their own vows which were both unique and hot as hell.

Mom said: I, Alexis the submissive, take you, Mistress Ellie, to be my wedded wife, owner and Mistress. With the deepest joy I come to my rightful place at your feet. I happily give you my life, my mouth and my (after a pause) cunt and ass as I confidentially give myself to you unconditionally as your loyal servant.

I will cleave unto you, loving you, obeying you, submitting to you without hesitation to please you as both a wife and slave. Therefore, throughout my life, I give you my heart, my mind and my body to use as you please, I pledge unconditional obedience to you as wife, slave and slut. The look on the minister's face was priceless as was the woman who was taping the ceremony. My cock was hard as a rock and Miranda, now my wife, decided to do something crazy to add to this craziest day of my life.

She fished out my cock, lifted up her wedding dress and lowered her wet cunt onto me. She didn't ride me, she just sat on my lap her warmth enveloping me as we continued to watch the unique lesbian wedding ceremony.

Ellie said, turning to me with a smile before returning her gaze to mom: I, Mistress Ellie, take you, submissive Alexis, to be my wedded wife, slave and submissive. With the deepest pleasure I come, both literally and figuratively, to my rightful place standing before you.

I happily will take control of your entire life, making all your decisions for you, taking your mouth, cunt and ass as I wish for my pleasure and your obedience as I become your powerful, caring Mistress, I will cleave unto you, loving you, instructing you, training you with compassion to turn you into a good, loyal submissive wife and slave. Therefore, throughout my life, I give you my heart, I give you my cunt to eat, my body to pleasure and honor, I pledge unconditional discipline and training as your wife, Mistress and owner.

Miranda, the nasty words of Ellie super twisted and hot, began slowly riding my cock in a tiny church while the wedding was taking place. "Do you have rings?" The minister asked his tone implying he just wanted this to end.

"Something like that," Ellie smiled, bending down and reaching into a bag. "Oh my," the minister gasped, as Ellie pulled out a collar and leash. "Oh my indeed," Ellie replied as she moved to mom and placed the black collar around her neck. The scene was so crazy, so hot and so surreal, I slapped Miranda's ass and she intuitively began moving up and down slowly as we continued to watch the ceremony.

Ellie handed the minister a piece of paper. He looked at it and his eyes went big. After a brief pause he looked at Ellie who just nodded, then stammered, clearly stunned by what he had witnessed so far and just read, looked to mom and said, "You may lick your Mistress." I watched, as Miranda rode me starting to move faster, as mom fell to her knees as Ellie lifted up her dress.

Mom crawled to her Mistress bride, leaned forward and licked Ellie's cunt. Ellie moaned, "That's it, my submissive bride, lick your mistress." The minister, clearly overwhelmed, looked up and saw that Miranda was riding me, the subtleness of her originally sitting on my cock now gone as she began moaning and bouncing up and down on me, filling herself with my cock.

Ellie grabbed mom's head and rubbed her cunt all mom's face before letting her go. Mom, stood back up, returned to her position, her face shiny with Ellie's wetness. "I-I-I now pronounce you wife and wife," the minister declared. "Yeeeeees," Miranda screamed, both celebrating the faux lesbian marriage as well as the orgasm she was reaching. "Slut, please pay the minister," Ellie ordered. Mom was confused by the order.

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"Suck his cock," Ellie ordered, before looking at the camera girl and demanding, "Keep filming." "Yes, Mistress," mom agreed, dropping back to her knees and fishing out the minister's cock which was rock hard. "Oh God," the minister groaned, which made me laugh considering where we were. Miranda begged, "Please hubby, cum in your wife's cunt, I want to feel you fill me up." Ellie meanwhile pulled out a strap-on cock from the bag, put it on, lifted up mom's wedding dress and filled her cunt as she continued sucking the minister.

The act was so erotic, the place so sinful, and watching my mom get fucked while in a wedding dress wearing white thigh highs was too much and I shot my load deep inside my new bride. Miranda screamed, "Yeeeeessss, I loooove youuu." "I love you tooooooo," I groaned, as she milked my cock of every last drop of my cum.

"Aaaaah," the minister grunted himself as he made a hilarious face while coming in mom's mouth. As soon as he pulled out, mom got animated, "Oh yes, mistress, fuck my cunt hard, I'm yours." Miranda stopped riding me, but continued sitting on my cock, as we watched Ellie consummate her faux marriage with mom.

"Tell me who you love," Ellie demanded. "Yooooou," Mom admitted. "Who are you married to?" Ellie questioned, slamming hard into mom. "My Mistress Ellie," Mom screamed, clearly near her own orgasm. "Come my slut, come on my cock," Ellie ordered.

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"Oh close.Mistress.shit.harder.damn good.yes.yes.fucking shit fuck, fuck, fuuuuuuck," Mom screamed as she gave in completely to the submission and pleasure that came with it. Miranda whispered, leaning back into me, "That was so fucking hot." I glanced over to the chubby girl videotaping and saw her hand was rubbing herself, I playfully asked my new slut wife, "Want a snack?" "I can still eat pussy?" Miranda smiled playfully.

"It should have been in the vows," I joked. "I know, we really should have created our own vows," Miranda teased. "Maybe later," I smiled. Just as Miranda was going to offer her services to the chubby girl, Ellie ordered, "Camera girl get your ass over here." The camera girl quickly moved her hand away from her pussy and stammered, "P-p-pardon." "Come here, now!" Ellie demanded, firmly, as she took her strap-on cock off.

The girl obeyed tentatively, obviously horny and nervous and completely out of her element. When the girl reached Ellie, Ellie asked, "Have you ever eaten pussy?" "O-o-once," the girl admitted, her face flushed a mixture of embarrassment and horniness.

"Let's make it twice," Ellie countered, putting her hands on the young girl's shoulders and guiding her onto her knees. The girl stared at Ellie's pussy, as Ellie lifted up her dress, but seemed paralyzed with indecision.

"Get licking," Ellie ordered. The girl leaned forward and buried her face in Ellie's cunt. "Go eat the poor girl," I whispered to Miranda. "Yes, Master," she whispered back playfully, getting off me, a mixture of my and her cum leaked onto me. "Sorry," she shrugged, as she lowered her wedding dress. "It's the price of love," I joked. "I'll pay that price every day," she smiled, bending down and swallowing my cock whole. Standing back up, she smiled, "Love you, baby." "Ditto," I smiled as she winked and walked up to Ellie and the unnamed chubby girl currently pleasuring Ellie.

Ellie smiled, "I was about to make Alexis do that." "Our master ordered me to," Miranda said, stressing the word 'our', a reminder that I was in charge of all three of the blushing brides.

Ellie didn't say anything, instead grabbing the girl's head and holding her deep in her cunt. Miranda, lifted up her wedding dress, lowered herself behind the kneeling girl, lifted up the girl's skirt, ripped the pantyhose at the crotch, tugged the panties aside and buried her face in the girl's pussy.

As I watched the lesbian threesome, mom came over to me, carrying her leash and handed it to me as she sat beside me. My cock was shrinking but still not put away. Mom smiled awkwardly, "So that was strange." "Strange is the new normal," I joked. "If that isn't the truth," she smiled. "You sure about leaving dad?" I asked, although it was probably way too late to change her mind.

"We have been living a facade of a marriage for a while baby. The fact that he couldn't make the Halloween party was just another example of us drifting apart," Mom said. "It's going to be weird," I said, thinking of returning home married and mom leaving.

"Weird is the new normal," Mom smiled. "Touché," I laughed. "Lick faster," Ellie demanded, as mom and I kept talking. "We all deserve to be happy son, and I was never happier then when I was with Ellie," Mom said. "Not even when I was born," I joked. "God no, you had a huge head and hurt like hell coming out," she joked, as she grabbed my cock, rolling her finger's around my cock head before adding, "although now your head feels so good going in." "Aaaaaaah," I moaned, her fingers teasing me so gently.

"You were the blessing of my marriage," Mom smiled, before adding, "as a son first and as a lover and master second." "You will always be my mom first," I groaned. "I love you, Curtis," Mom said, leaning in and kissing me very not motherly like. "I love you too, Mom," I replied, between kisses. "Fuuuuuck, yes," Ellie screamed, as she came from the young girl's tongue. "Shouldn't you have given Ellie her first post marriage orgasm?" I asked.


"I suppose so," Mom shrugged, bending down and taking my cock in her mouth. The young girl, who was apparently British, based on her accent, began getting animated once Ellie let her head go. "Oh bloody hell, keep licking me," she begged as she looked behind her to see who was giving her such pleasure. Ellie ordered, "Finger her ass, slut." Miranda obeyed the order, as she slipped a finger in the moaning British girl's ass.

"Holy shit, not my arse," the young girl screamed, her accent so sexy and naughty. Mom just swirled her tongue around my cock top just leisurely sucking like she would savouring a lollipop. "Oh blooooody fucking heeeeell," the girl screamed, as she fell forward as her orgasm hit her a few seconds later.

Miranda looked up at me, her face glistening, and shook her head playfully as she saw my mother's head in my lap. Five minutes later, all of us composed and dressed again, we were back outside, and the only real difference being mom was still wearing a collar, although Ellie had kindly unclasped the leash. "So now what?" I asked. "We have two hours until the supper," Miranda said, glancing at her watch. "And I need time to recover," I joked.

"Let's go shop for a bit," Ellie suggested. "In your wedding dresses?" I asked. "Why not? We are all brides," Ellie shrugged. "Sounds good to me," Mom said. We shopped for an hour before returning to the hotel to change back into dresses for the supper and the dance for Brittany and Mark's wedding.

I joked, "You should all wear your wedding dresses too." Miranda smiled, "That would be funny, but I think letting him learn that his wife is a submissive to us would be more fun." Ellie agreed, "I concur, let's celebrate our weddings on his dollar." "Sounds good to me, it is an open bar right?" I asked.

"Mark is a cheap skate, but it will be for us," Miranda said. Ellie again agreed, "I will make sure of that." I stayed in my suit, the girls each kept on their white matching thigh highs and put on new dresses. Mom wore a white dress, not necessarily a wedding dress, but it was obviously symbolic to her new position as submissive bride.

Her cheeks red, she still looked delicious her chestnut hair and blue eyes sparkling even more than usual. Ellie wore a green patterned dress that barely held in her voluptuous breasts.

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Her red hair, green dress and white thigh highs kind of made her look like she was extra festive for a Christmas party rather than a wedding, but she looked ridiculously hot. Miranda, my blushing bride, came out last dressed in a light blue cocktail dress that was surprisingly long and conservative for her, but made her look elegant and classy, clearly going for a look to make her ex jealous.

Half an hour later, we were at the wedding reception and waiting for the food to be served. The tinkling of glasses rather passé for getting the newly wedded couple to kiss, Mark's brother, the MC, announced that everyone must tell a story about the bride, groom or couple.

Ellie said, "Watch this," and sauntered up to the microphone near the newly married couple. Ellie said, "Good evening, I have not known the bride for very long but I will say she left a lasting impression with me and I think I left a lasting impression on her too." Our group broke out in laughter at the implied innuendo that only our group and Brittany caught on to. Kristina, the black co-worker, as well as three other co-workers, all male, sat at our table, all looked at us confused.

Miranda shrugged, "Inside joke." This had the rest of us break out into laughter even more at the unintended sexual implications of her remark. Brittany went beat red and Mark looked confused before Ellie said, "Well, kiss you two." They did as Ellie walked back to us. Over the next hour, we chatted with our tablemates, listened to lame cutesy stories of the couple by their real friends and ate a delicious meal all the while drinking three bottles of wine between the eight of us.

Miranda whispered, only five of us still at the table, the guys going for a smoke and not yet returning, "Do you want your wedding present soon?" I answered sincerely, "You are my wedding present." "Aaaaaah, how cute," she smiled before adding, "I was thinking of making a reverse Oreo cookie." "Sounds utterly delicious," I said, glancing at Kristina who was a black goddess that could be the poster girl for black beauty.

"Be a good boy tonight and I will check off one more thing on your sexual bucket list," Miranda purred, squeezing my growing cock under the table. "That list is shrinking fast, I may have to create a more risqué one," I joked.

"Hmmmmmm," she smiled, glancing at her ex. "What are you thinking my devious little bride?" I asked, able to read when she was already thinking of the next game. Miranda said, "Time to spice up this funeral.for Brittany." "Do tell," I smiled.

"I will get her up to her room for a little dessert," she smiled. "I'm listening," I said. "Ellie what room is Brittany in?" Miranda asked.

"She was in 1242, but I believe they have the honeymoon suite for tonight," Ellie answered, "Why?" "I think it is time for a little re-enactment of this afternoon," Miranda said. "Hmmmmm?" Ellie smiled. "What does that mean?" Kristina asked. "Can you keep a secret?" Ellie asked. "Of course," Kristina replied, clearly dying to hear the latest gossip. "We gave Brittany quite the pre-wedding present," Ellie said. Kristina tried to comprehend the implication of Ellie's words.

Her eyes suddenly went big. "Who did?" "All four of us," Ellie said. "No way," Kristina said, shocked but smiling. Miranda asked, "Want to join our growing posse to humiliate Mark?" "Of course," Kristina said, disliking Mark as much as everybody else did. Miranda added, stressing the last word, "Just so you know we share everything." Kristina again was trying to understand the implication of Miranda's words when her other hand went under the table and onto Kristina's leg.

Again realization instantly hit as Kristina said playfully, "Oh my." "I will have you screaming those exact sediments tonight Kristina," Miranda promised, as Kristina's face blushed, which made her look even hotter. Ellie added, "Be careful, once you are caught in Miranda's web of lust, it is impossible to break free." Kristina, drawn in completely by Miranda, like everyone seemed to be, let out a light moan, Miranda's hand apparently no longer just on her leg, as she said, "I think I'll take the risk." "Be back in five," Miranda said, squeezing my cock once more and kissing me quickly.

Mom asked, "Where is she going?" "To cause havoc," I said, following her with my eyes as she went to speak to one of the servers.

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She talked to her briefly and then the server went over to Brittany and whispered something in her ear. Brittany instantly glanced to Mark who was chatting with his brother before looking towards our table just as Miranda rejoined us.

Ellie waved and Brittany nodded before saying something to Mark and then walked towards us. Reaching our table, Brittany looked at Kristina but Ellie said, "It's okay slut, she knows about your eagerness to eat cunt." "Oh my God, please not here," Brittany gasped, mortified by Ellie's frank words. "Speak to me like that again you dirty, fucking, lesbian, cunt-licking whore and I will have you crawl under this table and eat us all.

Is that fucking clear?" Ellie asked, her tone even scaring me. Brittany's eyes went big and she was close to crying as she stammered, "S-s-sorry." "Sorry what, slut?" Ellie asked still terse, clearly enjoying her power over the blushing bride. "Sorry, Mistress," Brittany corrected.

"Much better," Ellie said her tone softening. "Now Miranda what did you have in mind for our pet?" Miranda smiled, "Well after a great meal I think she needs dessert and we could all use to burn a few calories." "That's a great idea," Ellie nodded. "Slut, lead us to your honeymoon suite." "N-n-now?" Brittany asked.

"No time like the present," Ellie shrugged. "But speeches will be starting in fifteen minutes," Brittany pointed out. "They won't start without you," Ellie countered, before finishing the conversation, "Let's go, now." Defeated, Brittany stammered, "O-o-okay." "Lead the way, cunt licker," Ellie ordered, loving humiliating the bride.

Brittany turned, not looking back, and headed out of the hall, each of us following. I glanced to the head table and saw that Mark was watching us walk away behind his bride. I don't know why, but I waved before realizing it was probably a bad idea. Once in the elevator, Ellie, wanting to shock Kristina, said, "Slut, suck your son." "Yes, Mistress," Mom immediately obeyed, dropping to her knees and expertly retrieving my stiff cock, as I recalled our romantic time in the elevator just yesterday.

Kristina gasped, as Mom devoured my whole cock, "Is that really his mom?" "Yep," Ellie nodded. "Wow," was all Kristina could say as she watched the incest action that was being performed right in front of her. Miranda explained, "Alexis is my mistress, Ellie is Alexis's mistress, Curtis is my husband as of a couple of hours ago and he is also the master of all of us." "Wow?" Kristina said trying to take in all she was learning.

".including very," Miranda added. "W-w-what?" Kristina stammered. "You heard me," Miranda said, moving in close to the black beauty. "I.don't.know," Kristina said, clearly overwhelmed with what was happening and yet being lured in by the seductive irresistible beauty that was my wife.

"Master, may I kiss Kristina?" Miranda asked. "Of course," I moaned, mom really bobbing up and down on my cock like a hungry whore. Miranda moved in and kissed Kristina who didn't even give the least bit of resistance. Unfortunately, before I could shoot my load in mom or watch more of Miranda's seduction of Kristina, the elevator began slowing down a few stories from the top.

Mom allowed my cock to slip out of her mouth, Miranda stopped kissing a stunned but willing Kristina when Ellie quipped, "To be continued." The elevator opened and a middle aged couple, dressed in a dress and a suit, entered the elevator. As soon as the door closed, and the couple pressed the floor directly below us, Ellie ordered smiling, "Slut Alexis return to your task." Mom's face went beet red, but she obeyed dropping to her knees, retrieving my cock again and devouring me whole.

The woman gasped, the man's mouth dropped open. Ellie, revelling in the power of shock value, asked, "Would you two like to join us for a few minutes of sexual debauchery?" "What? God, no," the shocked woman responded. "Too bad, my bride slut here would eat your cunt until you came all over her pretty face, wouldn't you Brittany?" Ellie asked. "Yes, Mistress," Brittany said, before adding, "I would also take his cock in my tight ass while I pleased his wife." "Enough!" Snapped the woman as the elevator again slowed down.

"Your loss," Ellie shrugged. Mom kept bobbing back and forth on my cock even as the elevator door opened which was strangely exhilarating. "Let's go, Bill," the woman said, pulling him out of the elevator. He looked back for one more glimpse at my mother going to town on my cock as Ellie said, "Too bad Bill, now we only have one man to please our five cunts and asses." Miranda broke into laughter as the door closed and the rest of us followed.

"Don't you dare come yet, stud," Ellie ordered me, her tone on the word stud sarcastic. "I have plans for that load of yours." I quipped back, "Why? Do you want it in that ass of yours?" "You wish," she quipped back. "Don't make me show you who is in charge Ellie," I said firmly trying to replicate her glare.

She glared at me just as our elevator reached our destination. Mom again allowed my cock to slip out of her mouth as she stood back up and said, "You can deposit your load in my ass anytime you want." "I know, Mom," I smiled playfully.

Brittany led us to her honeymoon suite which was very nice. It had a hot tub, a bottle of bubbly already chilling and a huge heart shaped bed. Miranda went to the bed, slipped out of her cocktail dress, opened her legs and ordered, "Come get your dessert, you little slut." Brittany didn't hesitate, her earlier resistance gone once she was alone with us.

Still in her wedding dress, she lowered herself between my wife's legs and began licking. Meanwhile, Ellie, popped open the bubbly cooling for the wedding couple later and poured each of us a glass.

After she handed out a glass to each of us, including Miranda, we drank while watching Brittany pleasure Miranda. "So back to why I didn't want you to come," Ellie said. "I'm all ears," I smiled. "I want you to come all over her face, hair and dress," Ellie said. "Delicious," Miranda said, as she pulled the bride deeper into her cunt. "I think her face will already be covered with cum," I laughed.

"True enough," Ellie laughed as Miranda screamed. "I'm coming you dirty slut." "Who's next?" I asked. "Let's allow our new guest to be serviced," Ellie suggested. "How courteous of you," I joked. Miranda said, "Get your black ass over here, sexy." Kristina, whose hand was already under her skirt and pantyhose, didn't need to be told twice as she scurried to the bed.

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"Pantyhose?" Miranda questioned, as she lowered herself and quickly ripped open the crotch of the hose. "Get licking, slut." "Yes, Mistress," Brittany obeyed as she stole a glance at her watch. I snapped at Ellie and pointed to my cock. "I am not a dog," she said, her ice glare back on. "Come get your bone," I wittily quipped playing on her words. She gave me a 'you can't be serious' look and was about to say something when I ordered, my voice rising, "Now!" After a moment, she cursed, "Fuck, I hate that I can't resist you," as she moved to me, pulled out my cock and took it in her mouth.

"I love it," I countered, watching the beautiful domme-sub come to my wishes. I enjoyed the leisurely blow job as I watched the very animated black beauty getting pleasured from the bride. The black-white contrast was incredibly noticeable and for some reason turned me on.

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Of course, so was the idea of fucking Kristina. Kristina's wicked tongue also enhanced the voyeuristic show. Some of what she said included, "That's it bitch, lick my chocolate sweetness," and "Keep licking slut, like you'll be doing under my desk at work," and "Only a dirty cunt licking whore would leave her own wedding to eat pussy," and finally something I had not yet witnessed, "I can't wait to fist that tight box of yours." Finally Kristina screamed, "Oh fucking yes, you dirty whore, suck on my black clit, make your nigger mistress come." Such words racist when said by someone white was somehow an incredible turn on when said by someone of color while in the heat of sexual bliss.

A moment later, Kristina grabbed Brittany's head and pulled her deep inside her cunt as she screamed, "Fuuuuucking yeeeees." I replicated the aggressive head hold as I surprised Ellie by holding her head and beginning to fuck her face, even as she gagged briefly, surprised by the sudden assault on her mouth.

Once Kristina let go of Brittany's head, I did the same to Ellie who moved away from my cock and snapped, "What the fuck was that?" "A face fucking, which apparently you need some work on," I replied continuing the power struggle that I refused to lose. "Fuck you," she snapped, standing up.


"If you insist," I said smugly creating my own intent from her words. "Just go fuck the bride's face and cum all over her?" Ellie ordered. "If you insist," I joked again. "I do," she said firmly, still trying to show control in our power struggle.

I moved to Brittany, pulled her to me, shoved my cock in her mouth and began fucking her face. She gagged a bit at first, but got used to the rough treatment as she moved her hand under her dress and to her cunt. Getting face fucked was turning her on. Ellie ordered, clearly horny herself, "Slut Alexis get over here." "Yes, Mistress," Mom replied, and went directly to Ellie who had lifted up her dress. Mom needed no instructions as to what was expected of her as she fell to her knees and buried her face in-between the still standing Ellie.

I quipped, "A couple minutes of face fucking and you're ready to burst. Maybe you really are a sub playing a domme." She just glared at me but didn't say anything, instead grabbing my mom's head and shoving it deeper between her legs. Miranda said, "That's it baby, fuck her face, bounce your balls off her chin." I obliged and joked, "You know just the right words to say, my bride." "Shove your cock down her throat," Miranda continued.

"It's already starting," I sighed with a smile. "What has?" Miranda asked confused. "Already bossing me around," I joked. "I know I demand so much of you," she joked. My balls were beginning to boil and for some reason the thought of coming on Brittany's face and dress seemed wrong, she already had a nice cunt sheen on her face so I decided to do something else. Pulling my cock out of the bride's mouth, I ordered, "Push those tits together." Although confused by my intent and seemingly close to coming herself from masturbating while I used her mouth for my own pleasure, she obeyed, leaning forward and giving me a nice target.

I aimed my cock down, furiously stroking my cock and in less than a minute my cum missiles shot out between her breasts and inside her dress. Miranda purred, "You naughty boy." "I learned from the best," I quipped as I shoved my cock back in the bride's mouth. "We should at least get her off before we send her back to her wedding reception," Miranda said. "It is the least we can go," I concurred. "Is that bottle of champagne empty yet?" Miranda went to it. "All gone." "Bring it here," I asked nicely.

Miranda did instantly understanding my intent. I pointed, "Set it on the floor." Miranda laughed, "You never stop surprising me." "Nor do you," I smiled, before pulling my cock out of Brittany's mouth and asking, "Do you want to come, slut?" "God, yes," she moaned, completely forgetting her vows a few hours earlier as she continued to be the sexual servant to all of us. "Straddle that bottle and get yourself off," I ordered.

Her eyes went ride. "Can't you just fuck me with your big cock?" "Oh I could, but I am saving that for my special wedding gift," I said, turning my gaze to Kristina who just smiled. "I-I-I can't do that," Brittany stammered. "I wasn't asking your opinion slut, fuck that bottle now," I firmly ordered. Horny and defeated, Brittany ended her brief and futile defiance and moved to the bottle.

Miranda, being the sweetheart she is, held the bottle in place as the bride slowly lowered herself on the long, thin neck of the bottle. Ellie meanwhile screamed, "Yeeeees, I'm coming slut." I glanced at Kristina who had her phone out and was apparently recording the bride's nasty submissive act.

As Brittany slowly lowered herself on the bottle, she moaned as her long neglected cunt was finally given attention, albeit to a glass bottle. She kept her eyes closed, obviously humiliated by the task as well as her obedience to do it on this.her wedding day. Ellie said annoyed, "Why didn't you come on her face?" "I'm a gentleman," I smiled. "Yes, that is how I would describe you," Ellie sarcastically shot back.

I returned my gaze to the bride who was awkwardly riding the glass bottle even as her moans increased. We all just sipped on champagne and watched the twisted kinky act. Brittany kept her eyes closed as she began moaning louder and louder, more of the bottle filling her cunt and widening her as well. "Beg to come, slut," Ellie ordered. Brittany opened her eyes and instantly pleaded, "Oh Mistress's and Master can your bride slut come before going back to see my husband, parents and friends." We all echoed yes simultaneously and watched until a few seconds later Brittany screamed incoherent babble before falling forward and allowing her orgasm to riddle her.

Finishing our bubbly as Brittany finished her orgasm; Miranda began to put her dress back on. I said, "No, no, my bride, I think you, me and Kristina here will enjoy the room for a bit longer." "Hmmmm, is that so?" Miranda purred, looking at Kristina.

"I do," I nodded, moving over to Kristina, placing my semi-erect cock dangling in front of her face. She looked up at me and smiled, "And what do you want me to do with that?" "Get it nice and hard for one of your other holes," I answered. "Hmmmm," she moaned, opening her mouth and taking my cock between her lips. Brittany weakly stood up and asked, "May I please go back to the reception?" "You may," Ellie and I both said at the same time, both of us looking at each other as if calling each other out like in the old west.

Letting her win this one, I returned my gaze to the beautiful black woman sucking my cock. Ellie ordered, "Slut, let's go." "Yes, Mistress," Mom agreed. I watched them leave and soon it was just the three of us in the beautiful wedding suite.

Miranda joined us and said, "So is this how you imagined your wedding night?" I laughed, "Can't say I ever imagined my wedding night." "Do you like your wedding present?" she asked.

Looking down at Kristina bobbing on my cock, I corrected, "She is our wedding present." "Aaaah, you're so sweet," Miranda smiled moving in and kissing me. Finally, breaking the kiss, I suggested, "I'll fuck her while she eats your pussy." "I think that is a beautiful idea," Miranda agreed, but added, "Although I think we should relocate this to the Jacuzzi." "What a great idea," I nodded. I pulled my cock out of Kristina's sweet mouth and said, "Get naked, except the pantyhose, my pet." "Yes, Master," Kristina nodded, adorably submissive.

A couple minutes later, I was fucking Kristina from behind while she licked Miranda's cunt. Miranda moaned, "That's it my slut, how long have you wanted to please me?" "Forever, Mistress," Kristina moaned, as my cock slammed into her from behind.

Miranda looked at me and smiled. The moment was strange for a married couple on their wedding night, yet for us it seemed completely appropriate. I could see her love for me in her eyes and I felt an unconditional love that went way deeper than the crazy sex we had. "Take her ass, baby," Miranda ordered, as she grabbed Kristina's hair, and pulled Kristina's face deeper inside her cunt.

Pulling out of Kristina's cunt, I positioned my cock between her dark ass cheeks and watched in awe as my white cock slowly disappeared in her chocolate darkness.


As I slowly began fucking her ass, I looked at my bride who was rubbing her pussy up and down on Kristina's face and I thought to myself, 'I am the luckiest guy in the world'. THE END Coming in February or March: What Mom Knows Fucks Her Mom