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FRIDAY The fantasy starts early one Friday morning, and would last for the whole weekend, and every thing that you think can happen will and even things you can't even imagine. On Friday morning I call you from work and tell you to get dressed, and that I will be there shortly to pick you up for an erotic, passionate, hot weekend. On my way home I pick up some flowers and some other items that will come in handy over the weekend.

I stop at a good hotel and get the honeymoon suite for the weekend as well; while I am there I take a shower and get ready to pick you up, I shave and change into a clean dress outfit, Black pants, white banned collar shirt, black cowboy boots, with a silver dragon neck pendant, and a silver belt, with all that I thought I looked pretty good, and I hoped you would wear the dress I had bought for you, the leopard silk print dress that went to the floor with a long slit up the thigh, and a low cut neck line showing all your cleavage, and low cut down to the small of your back, in the rear, and hopefully no panties as I requested.

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I get to the house about 7am and come up to the door as you meet me at the door, I hand you the flowers I had picked up for you and kiss you passionately on the lips, as I step back and check you out I can see that you look beautiful, and I can't take my eyes off you, your breast are nicely accented in the dress as well as your ass, you look perfect in the dress and as you walk by I feel your ass to see if you are wearing any panties and to my satisfaction you are not wearing any, and a big smile crosses my face as I walk you to the car, and as I open the door to let you in, all I can think of is how much I want to fuck you, and make love to you all night long, so after I close the door, I get in and we are on our way.

To start the day off I take you to breakfast, you are going to need a lot of energy for the weekend ahead. After we order, I ask if there was anything you wanted to do anything special this weekend, you say you would like to go to a movie or a concert, or maybe even a party, I tell you we can probably do that and then some but you never know what can happen in three days.

Now as we are eating we start to talk about a various amount of things, you ask me what I plan on doing with or to you over the weekend, and all I can tell you is that you will have to be patient and wait to see what will happen, but no matter what you will enjoy it, that I can promise you, so as we continue eating I run my hand up your leg under your dress and gently caress your wet pussy making you jump a little, I rest my hand there for a few moments making you even wetter.

After breakfast I take you to the park for a nice romantic walk as we finish watching the sun rise, and with it being so early no one was in the park so we have it all to ourselves, which while we were walking gave me a great idea, as we walk for a few more moments we come across a picnic table, I ask if you would like to sit down for a minute, you said you would like that very much, I pick you up and sit you down on top of the tabletop and I stand between you legs wrapping my arms around your neck, I kiss you full on the lips and you return the kiss in full as well, I run my hands all over your back holding you closer to me as I kiss you harder.

I kiss you on your neck as I lean you back on the table, and as I move down your body I hike your dress up to your waist, I slowly pull your legs apart to expose your waiting bush, it looks so good I want to taste your juices, and feel the soft flesh of your pussy lips against my lips I want to eat you out, I kiss you between your thighs, as I work my way to your wet box, I lick your slit from top to bottom, shoving my tongue deep inside you tasting your sweet honey on my tongue making me want more of you, I shove my tongue deeper and deeperand I slide my mouth up a little to your clit taking it into my mouth gently sucking on it with my lips, then after a moment I gently bite your clit driving you crazy, I push my tongue deeper into your hot pussy till I can feel you start to have a little orgasm, so I start to eat you harder and harder, I take two fingers and slowly push them deep inside your pussy, as I continue to suck on your clit like it was a bag of candy, your body starts to shake harder and harder as your body starts to approach a massive orgasm, you grab my head and hold it harder to your pussy grinding my face deep between your legs begging me to eat you out harder, I wrap my arms around your legs pulling you harder to my face as well, so you can't pull away, after a few moments I can feel you start to cum right into my mouth and I want it all, I lap your pussy like a thirsty dog, and I can't get enough of your sweet juices, so I lick you harder so I won't miss any of your love nectarthen at that point I don't want you to get to weak from Cumming, because we still had the rest of the day to go, so I stop, and after a few moments, I pull your dress down over you legs, I help you get up off the table, and I pull you close to me as I kiss you deeply, then we start to head out of the park., I kiss you hard on the lips and tell you that we are just getting started, and its going to be a long day.

As we start to walk back to the car, I look at my watch, we walked slowly from the park back to the car, as we hold each other close hand in hand, so now it was almost noon, the day was starting off very well and I hope it will go even better.

At this time, I take you by the hotel so we can freshen up and get ourselves back together, I let you take a shower first, and after a few moments of you being in the shower, I open the door a little bit and peek in on you, I see your silhouette behind the shower curtain and your curves are very sexy and my cock starts to get hard as I think of you bent over in the shower and your legs wide apart, with me kneeling behind you running my tongue up the crack of your ass and the small of your back all the way up to your neck, running my hands up the front of your body, up the front of your legs, gently passing over your soft bush making you shudder a little bit, slowly going up past your belly, running my hands all across your belly and all over your sides, as I continue up your gorgeous body I get to your breast, I cup each breast in my hands as I rub your nipples between my fingers, as your nipples get rock hard from the stimulation, I keep kissing your back as well as your neck, turning you into a horny little minx.

You turn around and kiss me full on the lips, I return the kiss as well, as I slip my tongue deep into your mouth and grab your ass to pull you tight to me as our bodies rub together in hot passion, the water can't even cool us off enough to cool the heat between us.

I can feel my cock getting even harder as I keep thinking of you while you are in the shower, my mind keeps going, and the things we do get wilder, but as I start to get my mind going again, you turn the shower off, I close the door gently so you would not see me looking in at you. You come out of the shower wrapped in a towel, your body is still a little wet and you look so hot in the towel and wet (dad always said if you look good wet, you look good all the time) so with thinking of that, you kiss me and tell me the showers all mine, so I proceed to go in the bathroom and take my shower, and get ready for the rest of the day, which I know and hope will be even better than I would ever dream of.

I go into the bathroom and turn on the shower, I get in and as I start to wash up I hear the bathroom door open, I peak around the curtain and I see you in your towel, I duck back into the shower and as I start to lather up you pull the curtain back, I turn towards you and you kneel down in front of my rock hard cock, as you take my cock into your mouth, you slowly slide your mouth down the length of my shaft, all the way down to my balls, it feels so fucking good, you start to slide up and down my cock, playing with my balls, gently squeezing them sending erotic pleasure through my body, you reach around and grab my ass, pushing my cock deeper into your throat, I can't believe how good your mouth feels on my cock, the way you work your tongue all over the head of my cock, just drives me fucking wild.

After about 10 minutes of you feasting on my cock and being in a hot bathroom, it makes me want you really bad and you still look hot with your wet hair and body, I help you stand back up, I hold you next to me and as I hold you my cock rubs against your pussy and I can feel the heat Cumming up from between your legs. I take you by the hand and lead you to the bedroom, I sit on the bed and pull you to me, as we lay back together on the bed I pull your face to me and kiss you deeply, I roll you over and I lay beside you as I run my hands up and down your body, between your legs all over your stomach and across your breast pausing to play with your nipples, getting them rock hard, I continue up around your neck, and all around the back of your shoulders, I move you on to your stomach so I can kiss all the way down your back to your ass, I kiss all over your ass cheeks as I work my way down one of your legs, kissing all the way to your feet.


When I get to your feet I start to kiss the bottom of your foot, and all along the length of your foot, I take each one of your toes in my mouth and gently suck on each one sending pleasure tingles all through your body, I go over to your other foot and do the exact same thing driving you even more crazy and wild. I work my way back up your other leg, going slowly so I can kiss every inch of your body, I get up to the top of your legs to your hot, wet, and waiting pussy, I can feel the heat Cumming from your hot box, and your velvet lips glistening with your juices, I run my tongue from the top of your slit all the way down to your ass, and I can taste how sweet your pussy is again, it's as sweet as in was in the park, I push my tongue in slowly, feeling your body shake as my lips touch your pussy, I wrap my arms around your legs so I can pull you closer to my face, as my tongue dances all over your clit, taking your clit into my mouth, I suck gently at first, biting lightly and probing inside your love tunnel, and as I work on eating you out I can feel your body start to squirm as you start to have an orgasm, feeling this I start to work your pussy harder, going deeper than ever with my tongue, you grab the back of my head and pull me harder into you ,I take a finger and push it deep inside you as I eat you pussy like it was my first meal ever and knowing it is my favorite meal, as I eat you I can feel your warm, sweet nectar start to pour out into my mouthyou taste so fucking good I don't want to miss any of it, I lap your hole like a thirsty dog, as you explode into a hard orgasm, I hold myself tightly to you until your orgasm starts to relax, oh but that is just the beginning.

After your body has relaxed a moment, I start to kiss my way back up your body, I love your body, it is so smooth, and I would make love to you all the time. I kiss all over your stomach working my way to your breast, they are so beautiful, so perfect, I take one of your breast in my hand and guide your nipple to my mouth, I gently start to suck on your nipple making it harder and harder until it is rock solid, and all the while I am caressing your other breast gently with my hand, getting both of your nipples rock hard, after a moment I work my to your other breast, and take as much as I can in my mouth making you moan in pleasure, I run one hand down between your legs feeling how wet you are, I rub your clit and slide a finger into your hot hole, making you moan even more, you put your arms around me and whisper in my ear, "Matt I want you to fuck me now, please fuck me now, I have been waiting for your cock for so long" and with that I slide my body between your legs, and rub my cock up and down your wet slit, feeling the heat and friction of our bodies rubbing on each other, makes my cock twitch with excitement, and gets even harder than before.

I kiss the rest of the way up your body, around your neck and then full on the lips, deeply and passionately, as I push the head of my cock into your waiting hole, you gasp as I start to enter you love tunnel, slowly I slide my cock in inch by inch, opening your hole as I go deeper and deeper stretching your pussy, I can feel every inch of your velvet walls engulf my length, and feeling your juices cum from deep in your pussy, pushing deeper and deeper until my cock is buried all the way to my hairy balls, I slowly pull back and push slowly push back in, building up speed as we start to get our bodies moving together, in perfect motion.

After a few moments I want to take advantage of every position we can think of, I kneel between your legs and put your legs up on my shoulders, bringing your legs hirer, I slide my cock deep inside you with one powerful thrust, making you gasp and scream in shear pleasure, as I start to push in and out, I do it harder and harder fucking you like it was our last fuck in the world, I rub your breast as I pound your pussy, gently pinching your nipples getting them harder than they were, I can feel your orgasm building but I don't want you to cum yet, so I stop and tell you that I want you to get on top and ride my cock and ride it hard, so I lay down on my back, and as you start to get on top of me, you stop a moment and run your hand down to my cock and take it in your hand, as you stroke my cock it feels so good I don't want you to stop, and after a few moments of you stroking, you lower your head to my cock as you kiss the head of my cock making me jump from the Touch.

As you start to slide you mouth down the length of my shaft your mouth is so fucking hot I just want to shove it in all at once, but after a few moments, you swallow me whole, you take every last inch deep in your throat and start to work my cock like it was your favorite Popsicle, and you couldn't get enough of my hard meat. After a few moments of ravishing my cock, you put one leg over my body, and straddle over my cock, you guide my hard cock into your waiting hole, as the head of my cock parts your pussy to enter you, you slowly lower your self until my cock is all the way in to the hilt, and I can feel it so deep in you, I can feel your insides and your pussy is so hot.

You start to lift your body up and back down as soft as you could, I put my hands under your ass to help you ride my cock, as I help you go up and down getting faster and faster, and after a moment I start to run my hands up the sides of your body, and Cumming up to your breast, I cup both of your breast while you ride my cock hard, I play with your tits as I feel your body start to shake feeling your orgasm Cumming, I tell you I want you to stop a moment, because I don't want you to cum yet and I don't want to cum yet either, and I was far from done with you.

I tell you to get on your hands and knees; I want to do you doggie style, I want to do you from behind and do you hard.

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You get on your hands and knees, and I get behind you I kiss your ass and run my tongue all along your ass crack, your pussy is still hot and wet and tasted so sweet, I got between your legs and guided my cock to your waiting pussy I grab your hips and start to glide my cock in and out, building up the pace slamming your pussy harder and harder, making you scream in pleasure and as I keep going I want you to scream louder, I tell you to scream louder, I want you to tell me how bad you want me to explode inside your pussy, I feel your body start to shake really hard as your body explodes in an cosmic orgasm, making you weak as I keep fucking you until you finish having your orgasm and just as you peak I feel my cock get really hard as I explode deep inside your pussy, I can feel your juices Cumming out of your love tunnel and running down your leg along with my load, I can't believe how awesome it was that you could cum so hard, making love to you was one thing I know I would want more of.

As we lay in bed together holding each other, I look over at the clock, and I could not believe that it was already after 5, we fall asleep holding each other, and by the time we woke up again it was already after 11pm, so instead of going out anymore this evening, I make love to you again and hold you till we get up the next day. Saturday The Second Day It was now Saturday morning, Friday had been an awesome day, the time we had spent together on that day was beyond what I would of ever imagined, so now that a new day has started it is time for the second part of the weekend, and I hope that it will be just as awesome and with that here goes.

With the sun shining through the windows, I wake up and look at the clock it was just after 11am, I turn towards you and look at you while you sleep, you are so beautiful, with the covers half on and half off of you, I see your perfect curves as I run my eyes over your body and I can feel my cock begin to stir, so at that moment I decided that the day should begin. I left the room for a few moments, and returned with a few goodies I had picked up the day before, so first I close the curtains so that the room wasn't so bright, after that, I lit a few candles for a kind of romantic setting, next I slide up to you and gently pull the covers off your body, and my eyes start to wander all over you, I start at your feet an work my way up to your ass, and then your legs and I can see that they are parted just right and I can see you bush peeking out, I continue to take in the beauty of your body as my eyes look over the shape of your breastyour nipples are hard as I let my hand brush your nipples lightly, and your body jerks a little but you do not wake up, I run my hands lightly all over your body it is so silky soft that I did not want to stop touching you and after gazing at your body a few more moments, I get up and go over to the bag of things I had brought in.

The first thing I pull out is a blindfold I look it over and then I set it aside, the next thing I pull out of the bag is two sets of velvet cuffs, one set for the wrist and the other set is for your ankle, and after looking them over as well, I set those aside as well next to the blindfold, as I continue to go through the bag of goodies, I pull out some baby oil and set it with the other items that are already laid out, and last but not lease, a feather, now with all these things out of the bag I feel I am ready to begin.

I gently move you onto your back being careful not to wake you, I pull one hand up over your head and put a cuff on it and when I finished I do the same to the other hand, you start to stir but you don't wake up yet, next I go down to your feet and cuff them just like your hands, now with you spread eagle, your pussy begging for my touch, I want to take you but I restrain myself, I come up to your head and gently put the blindfold on, and with everything in place it was time to start what I had been waiting for.

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Looking at everything I had laid out, I get the feather first and with starting at your feet I brush the feather up and down your legs causing you to giggle in your sleep and I continue to go over the rest of your body, when I get to your breast I run the feather around your nipples causing you to stir even more, but this time you pulled on the restraints, and as I continue you start to wake up even more, I remove the blindfold from your eyes for a moment so as to not scare you, as you look at me and realize what was happening a smile crosses you faceI tell you if you don't want the blindfold I would take it off, and after a moments you said that you were a little scared but that it might be fun and that you would put it back on, so I gently put the blindfold back on, and with a smile on my face I continue, after a few more moments with the feather, I put it away, and start to caress your body with my hands paying special attention to your sensitive and erotic spots, gently running my hands over your pussy as well as your breast ,I can feel the heat Cumming from deep within you, and I want to taste you so bad but I must control my hunger and wait until the time was right, I move my mouth to your breast and take your nipple in my mouth while my hands caress your breast gently sending little shocks of pleasure through your body, I can hear your heavy breathing and I watch as your chest rises and fallsin your mind you wonder what I will do to you next to set your fires burning hotter.

I slide myself down to your waiting pussy, I can see how wet you are with your sweet juices glistening on your velvet lips, I slowly run my tongue all the way from your ass to your clit taking in all the sweet smell and taste of your womanhood, you are so hot and wet I can feel my cock get even harder than it already was, I take your clit in my mouth and your body shudders from my touch, you try to reach for me but you realize that you cannot because I had put the cuffs on you, I smile thinking of all the pleasure I was going to give you while you were tied up, I push my tongue deep into your hot pussy and I start to lick and suck your lipsyou start to pull hard on your cuffs, as I eat your pussy with a vengeance now shoving my tongue as deep as I could and holding your legs to pull you closer, and as I feast on your pussy I reach one hand to your breast as my other hand start to rub your clit, your body is thrashing all over my actions sending you over the edge of ecstasy ,I can't get enough of your pussy I want it for breakfast lunch and dinner and any other time you offer me your sweet pie and as your body starts to tremble and jerk I bury my face deep into your pussy I want your orgasm to explode on my face and after a few moments of eating you more your orgasm rips through your body, you pull hard against the restraints but hey hold, and when you start to calm down I pull my face from your pussy satisfied that I drank all your nectar that you could give.

After letting you rest a moment I take off the blindfold, but still leave the restraints on, I reach over and grab the baby oil from the table I open it and pour it all over your belly, its cold against your skin, but in a moment it was about to heat up, I start to rub the oil all over on your stomach, working my way to your breast, so as I reach your breast I can see that your nipples are still hard and they get even harder as I rub the oil all over them, then I start back down your body rubbing oil all over your legs and not wanting to get it on your pussy, I crawl between your legs and cum up to your face I kiss you deeply as I slide my cock up and down your slit and hard against your clit but not pushing in yet, I rest my cock on your pussy lip and reach up to free your hands as I do you grab me and pull me close as you kiss me deeply and passionately, I pull you close as well and return the kiss in the same manner, after a moment of holding you I reach back and take the cuffs off your feet, and when you are finally free you grab me and roll me over onto my back with you ending up on top of me, you had caught me off guard and I liked ityou pull one of my arms up and put it in the cuff, and then the other one as well, you swing your ass around and your ass was a beautiful site as you cuffed my ankles as well, so now the shoe was on the other foot, you swing back around you have a devious smile on your face as you slide down between my legs letting my cock glide over your pussy as you do.

You push my legs apart some more as you grab my rock hard cock in your hands, your hands feels so good on my cock, so warm and soft and gentle as you start to stroke the length of my shaft, slowly at first and then building speed and after a moment you stop, you lick the tip of my cock, licking and working your way down my 8 inch shaft, you cum back up to the head of my cock and put your lips around it, your mouth is so hot against my cock and it feels so fucking good, you take your tongue and work the head of my cock like you where polishing a solid brass ball, you start to slide my cock into your hot mouth, slowly inch by inch, and after what seemed like hours you swallowed my cock all the way down to my balls and you start to suck on my cock like it was the last candy cane in the world, you reach down and take my balls into your hands and you start to massage them, gently squeezing them, I am lost to your touch the world as I know it has only you and me in it, so as you take your mouth from my cock ,you slide down to take my balls into your mouth, your mouth feels so fucking good you take one in and suck gently massaging it with your tongue, and after a few moments you take the other and do the same, I don't want you to stop, but after a few moments you do, as you sit up you reach over and get the baby oil I had left on the bed and poured some on me and as you start to rub it all over my body, you kiss me deeply, so after you cover my whole body in oil except my cock, you straddle over my cock as your hand guides my cock to your hot wet and waiting tunnel of love, as you start to sink down onto my shaft, I can feel how fucking hot, wet and tight you really are, and it was getting hotter and wetter the deeper my cock went until my cock was buried so deep in you I could feel your insides touch the head of my cock, you start to ride my cock up and down very slowly as you rub your hands across my chest, slightly digging your nails into my flesh, but it feels so good I don't want you to stop, I pull forward on my restraints as the pleasure you send through me starts to build, you lean forward and kiss me full on the lips, as you continue to ride me slowly, I can't wait any more I want to hold you so bad, and thinking of this I pull on the restraints with all the passion and strength I can find and all of the sudden my right hand breaks free, I reach over to the other one and release my hand, with both hands free I pull you close to me and kiss you with the passion that runs deep into your soul.

As I continue to kiss you I flip you onto your back and at that point I undo my leg restraints, and get on top of you I rub my cock along your already hot wet slit, as I slide the head of my cock into your love tunnel, I bury it deep in one powerful thrust, all the way to my balls, you moan with pleasure, as I start to work my cock in and out, slowly at first and then faster, faster, faster, I slow down a moment and put your legs on my shoulders and I grab your hips as I pull you closer to me, I push your legs up a little more as I start to pound your pussy like a gas powered pile driving jack hammer, after a few minutes I stop I don't want to cum yet, so I tell you I want to do you doggie style so you get on all four and cock your ass in the air, I get behind you and rub my cock up and down your pussy to get it nice and wet as I slide the head of my cock into your waiting hole, and in one thrust I push in hard and deep, I grab your hips as I pull you to me with every thrust, going fasterharder and deeper than ever before, I can feel your body start to shake, and your pussy get wetter on my cock, I tell you I want you to cum on my cock, as I hear you say oh my god, Matthew FUCK ME HARDER NOW!!!I slam you even harder and deeper than ever, your body starts to shake as your orgasm starts to rip through your body, as you explode you slam your ass to me with every thrust I make, you dig your nails into the carpet, I can feel my own eruption Cumming as I drive my cock home one last time as deep as I can, I explode deep inside your pussy, with both of us Cumming I can feel it run out over my cock and balls as well as down your leg, I collapse onto your back exhausted, after a few moments, I lay down on the floor next to you, as we lay in each others arms for awhile until we had rested, I look at the clock it was almost 3pmI could not believe that we had been going at it for about 4 hrs, but I didn't care it was worth it all.

Now seeing what time it was I look at you kiss you on the lips and tell you we have to get going there are a few more things we were going to do today and with that we head off to the shower together. While taking a shower we make love again as we wash each others bodies, and by the time we get out of the shower and get dressed, it is almost 5pm, and I was glad it wasn't to late, because we had dinner reservations at 6.

I was wearing a very nice set of pants and shirt and you had picked out a very tight fitting dress that gave me the biggest boner in the world, and it was most appropriate for where we were about to go, and as said before no panties. The restaurant we went to was nothing fancy, they served excellent food and had tablecloths that went to the floor, which is why I had picked this particular place to eat, it was part of what I wanted to do to you.

We enter the restaurant and I give the host our name for our reservations, and we wait to be seated. In a few moments the host returns to seat us stating the table I requested was ready, and with that he takes us to our seats. When we arrive at our table, I watch as your eyes go wide and a big smile crosses your face, as you see what is at the table, there are 2 candles as well as a bottle of good champagne and two dozen roses one red and one white.

We take our seats and start looking at the menus, you get up close to me and kiss me and thanking me for the beautiful flowers, ah but the best was yet to cum. After we place our order we start talking about how wonderful the weekend had been so far, and that you were looking forward to whatever else we were going to do, I replied that I was very happy to know that the weekend was going as planned and that you were enjoying it as well. We sat and talked about five more minutes, I moved my hand and my fork fell under the table, so before I retrieve it, I look around to see if anyone was watching, when I saw that no one was looking I slipped under the table, once under the table I could careless about the fork, your legs were slightly open, so I run my hand up your leg causing you to jump a little, I run my hand up your other leg as well and when they are both at your knees I pull your legs part, and I saw your beautiful bush staring at me begging to be ate out again, and as I love to eat you out I can't help it I go in for my before dinner appetizer, my tongue licks at your outer lips, as I pull you closer to me so I can bury my face deep in your snatch.

I stick my tongue deep as I take one finger and start to finger fuck your pussy, as I keep going you keep getting wetter and you cover your mouth so that no one hears you moans of pleasure, I can feel your orgasm building but I don't want you to cum yet, I push your legs even wider so I can get my tongue as deep as I can, as I continue to finger fuck you hard, I take your clit into my mouth and start to suck and nibble gently, you can barely keep from moaning, you reach under the table and grab my head shoving my face right into your pussy ,and as I continue to eat your sweetness you grind you pussy harder against my face as your legs close around my head, as your pussy explodes and cums all over my face, I lap you up like a thirsty puppy, and you taste sweet as honey.

I come back up to the table just in time just as the food is coming as well, but I had forgotten my fork, I look at you and smile as I pull you close and kiss you deeply.


We talked as we ate our dinner, which tasted excellent but a far cry from the sweetness that is you; we also enjoyed the champagne as well, making a toast to the weekend and all the pleasures to be had. After a short while the waiter ask if we would like dessert we said yes that would do nicely to finish off dinner, we ordered chocolate moose, and the waiter was off to get it, as he left you looked at me with a grin from ear to ear as you tell me you want the dessert in my pants, in my mine I had already thought of that, we look around together to see if anyone was looking, when we saw it was clear you slid under the table, you reach for my zipper and yank it down my cock is rock hard as it pops out of my pants, I lift my ass a little so you can pull my pants down some, as I settle back down you already have the head of my cock in your mouthas you work your tongue all over the head, making me get hotter and harder than I was already, then you swallow me whole, it feels so fucking good, you do things to my cock that I can't believe could be done, but I was on the verge of blowing my load, but you slow down and gently massage my balls prolonging my eruption, so after a few moments of teasing my cock you take it deep into your mouth again and I can't wait any longer, I start to cum as I do you pull my cock out of your mouth, as I shoot it all over your face, and on your lips, my cock just won't stop as I shoot more ,but this time you catch it in your mouth as you swallow my second load.

After a moment of putting my self back together, I slip you a napkin under the table so you can wipe your face, you wipe your face off making sure you don't miss any before you come back up however when you come up, the waiter had just been standing at our table, and almost saw you come up from under the table.

Now I pick up the bill as we are on our way out the door, our dining experience had been excellent and I would give it a five star rating, for food, service and atmosphere, as well as five stars for the before dinner appetizers and extra desserts not listed on the menu and you were very delicious mmmmmmmmm!

After the day we had I suggested we go for a ride and relax a little you agree, so we took about an hour drive holding each other close, we arrive home shortly before 10pm,we get undressed and take a shower, when we are through, we crawl into bed next to each other holding each other intimately close as we fall asleep in each others arms.

The Third day: The Final Fantasy Sunday Saturday turned out to be an exhausting day, but it would be a day we would not soon forget. The weekend was coming to an end, and we only had one last day to have fun, but as you know if there are things we wanted to try or do this weekend but don't have the time to, there is always next weekend. Today is suppose to be a very beautiful day, sunshine and temps up in the high eighties, so I knew part of what I wanted to do was going to happen later in the evening when it wasn't so hot.

I finally wake up and it's just after noon. I look over to see you, but you were not there. Therefore, I get up and look around the house, and then in the back yard. You were laying on a lounger and sunning yourself, from where I was I could see that you had on some suntan lotion, your body glistened in the sun.

So with my shorts on I come out to join you, I sit at the bottom of your lounge, I lean over and kiss you deeply on the lips, as I tell you that I had missed you in bed this morning you tell me that I looked so peaceful you did not want to wake me. So as we sit and talk a moment you say since I am there how about rubbing some oil on your back.

Well I have no problem with that, I love rubbing your body all over with my hands, and with that thought deep in my mind I can feel my cock start to swell, but then again just looking at your body gets me rock hard.

Now you turn over onto your back, the almost g-string bikini you are wearing shows you beautiful ass just right, and your ass looks good as hell in the sunlight as well. As you finish turning over, you undo the string on your top so I can rub oil all over your back. I pour some oil on my hands and rub them together and then I start to rub the oil all over your back, caressing and massaging the oil into your back.

You moan when I touch you, because it feels so good, and as I continue to move down your body I stop at your ass. Using my teeth I pull the tie strings that hold your bottoms on. I peel them off your ass, damn I love your ass, it is so smooth, I start to rub the oil on your ass, making sure to get in between the crack of your ass, and with looking at your ass it almost looks like it is shaped like a heart.

I lean forward and kiss your beautiful ass as I keep rubbing. I continue to rub all over your body, working my way back down your legs I run my hand right up to you wet pussy, and was I surprised at how hot and wet you really were, so I run my finger harder against your pussy, making sure that I rubbed your clit hard as well, I hear you moan, so I gently help you roll over onto your back so I can get access to your gateway to heaven.

I pull you legs apart slowly as I put them on each side of the lounge chair, with as wet as you were your pussy glistened in the sun, it was truly a sight, and it looked so good I dove in right between your legs and started to eat you like a Sunday buffet, with the warmth of the sun and the heat from your body, and it was going to get hotter.

I bury my face deep in between your legs as I shove my tongue as deep as it would go, inside your sweet pink. Grabbing your legs I pull you tighter to me, feeling the oil on your body was making me want you more, I take one finger and shove it deep inside you as you moan in ecstasy, you get wetter by the stroke, I keep finger fucking your pussy, I can feel your body start to tremble as I take you clit into my mouth and start to suck on it and nibble it as well driving you fucking nuts, you cry out in pleasure as your body shakes and writhes as your orgasm sweeps over your body, you grab my head and shove it hard against your pussy as you grind your pussy against my face, I suck your clit harder as another wave or orgasms take your body, you release my head and as you do I crawl up on top of you to hold you ,you kiss me deeply and passionately, and I return the kiss as well, as I lay on top of you my cock is resting on your pussy ,I rub it back and forth across your clit sending little sensations through your body, but before anything else could happen, you slide out from under me, you tell me to lay on my back so I do, and with that you take the oil and start to rub it all over my body.

After you finish rubbing the oil on me you push my legs off to the side of the chair, just like I had done to you, you take my cock into your hand as you start to slide your hand up and down the length of my shaft, and with the other hand you cup my balls as you fondle them and gently squeeze them, by now my cock is so rock hard, I could pound a 6 inch spike through a block of concrete, your mouth is warm against my cock, as you take the head of my cock between your lips, slowly sliding down, inch by inch, till your lips touch my balls, slowly you come up with your tongue dancing all over my cock ,you drive me wild, I slide my body around on the lounger, as I turn your body as well putting my face under your fountain of love, I dive into your pussy with wild abandon and want, while you suck my cock deep ,I bury my face deeper as I pull your pussy closer to my face diving my tongue to your most inner depths as I keep holding you until I taste your juices start to flow, and your body starts to shake ,you suck my cock even harder as I feel that I am about to cum as well, within a few moments your orgasm rips through your body as my cock explodes, buried in your mouth, your body comes harder as I keep eating your sweet pussy taking every last bit of juice you give, the more I ate the more you came, just like a water fall.

After we collect our senses, you get up off my face and kneel between my legs again, rubbing and sucking my cock bringing it back to life, once fully erect you straddle over my cock and slowly start to slide your hot wet pussy down the length of my shaft until I was buried balls deep, you slowly start to ride my cock slowly at first, gently rolling my cock around deep inside you, gyrating against your clit, I reach up and caress your breast, pinching your nipples gently getting them even harder than they were already, after a moment I reach up and pull you closer to me, I kiss you deeply, I slap your ass gently, I feel my cock get stiffer as I feel that I want to cum but not yet, I want you on your hands and knees, I want to do you doggie style.

After you get on your hands and knees I get behind you I rub my cock against your pussy you are so fucking hot and wet, the head of my cock rubs against your clit sending pleasure through your body, I rub my cock along your slit until the head of my cock pierces your lips, as I sink it deep in one thrust, you cry out in pleasure, I move my cock in and out building up speed as I go, I lean forward an kiss the back of your neck and shoulders, I reach around with one hand and caress your breast and with the other hand I reach back and rub your clit with my other hand, your body starts to shake as I stimulate your body all over, driving my cock deeper and deeper with every thrust, I can feel my balls slapping your pussy with every thrust, driving me crazy, I can feel my cock getting bigger as I feel myself ready to explode, I pull your hair, but not to hard as we start to cum together, my body gets weak as I feel your climax spill out around my cock and down your leg as I explode deep inside your heavenly gates.

We lay down together on the lounger as we hold each other close, I kiss you lightly on the lips and whispered that I love you and you said that you loved me as well, after a short while of holding each other; we get up from the lounger and head into the house for a shower, before we get into the shower I hold you close to me, feeling your soft warm body against mine, I don't want to let you go but after a few moments we let go and get into the shower together, we help wash each other, caressing and stimulating each other to the point of making love again in the shower, with the warm water flowing over us, we cum together, I just can't get enough of you, we finish our shower and get dressed ready to go the movies.

I let you pick the movie that you want to go see, since we like pretty much the same types of movie. We head out the door and as we leave I ask if you want to stop and pick up a quick dinner you say that you are hungry, so we stop over at a little family restaurant and have a nice dinner, we talked more about the weekend we have been having, and all the memories that we would have from it, it was enough to make me hard all over again.

We finish dinner and pay the bill on the way out the door, I open the car door for you and help you into the car, I close the door behind you and jump in the drivers side, as we head out to the movies. On our way to the movies I stop at an adult novelty shop, I tell you to wait in the car and that I will be right back. I already know what I am looking for so I go in and get the remote controlled vibrator that I had been wanting to try on you and now was my chance, as smile crosses my face, I leave the store, upon getting into the car I show you what I had bought, it was in two parts with no wires, one part was the vibrator, it was about 4 inches long with a part that touched your clit as well, and the other was the remote, it had a range of 100 feet, I liked that part about it.

After putting the batteries in, I ask you to hike up your dress so I could put it in you, you hike up your dress, I run my fingers along your slit to get you nice and wet, so I could slide it in easy, but that didn't matter you were already wet, so I turn it on and slide it deep into you, making sure the clit stimulator was in the right place, after that we are on our way to the movies. While standing in line at the theater, I decided to test the toy we had bought, I hit the button and it made you jump for a second and almost made you fall, you look at me with a devious smile on your face that told me the toy really worked, so now I knew that I was going to have some real fun with it, and knew you would as well, so after we take a look at the list of movies playing, and talked it over we decide on which movie to watch, it was an action drama love story, we get the tickets and head into the theater.

At the concession counter we get some popcorn, candy, and pop, and after that we head in to find some seats, the movie starts in about five minutes, so we wanted to get some good private seats. As we enter the theater there is hardly anyone it, which was nice to see since I had plans for you during the movie, we pick seats toward the back and sit down, and waited until the lights went down.

As the lights go down, I pull you closer to me, with my arm around you and you leaning on me we start to watch to movie. I ask if you were uncomfortable you no that you were just fine, and with that we settled in for the movie. We watched the movie for abut a half hour, when I reached into my pocket and hit the button on the remote, your body jumped as you felt the vibrator go off, I left it on for a few moments to really get you started, your body was moving in your seat as you hold on to me tighter, I turn your face towards mine and kiss you deeply, you grab my head and hold me as you kiss me passionately in return, I turn the remote off as you start to relax and get your bearings back, but I could tell by the look in your eyes you liked it and wanted more, so during the next few minutes I tease you with it turning it on and off, after about 15 minutes of that I turn it off to go to the bath room.

After I had been gone a few minutes I hit the remote again this time leaving It on while I used the bathroom, the thought in my mind was it must be driving you crazy, but boy would I find out in a minute. I had just finish and was getting ready to come back to my seat when the door came open you closed it behind you and locked it, as you walked in you pushed me into the large handicapped stall, locking it behind you as well, then you reach between your legs and pull the vibrator out and turned it off, putting it on the back of the paper rack, you lean forward and kiss me as you unzip my pants and pull them to my ankles, and without warning you swallow my cock whole all the way to my balls, and in an instant my cock is rock hard, you tell me to sit on the toilet (after we clean the seat) so I sit down, you turn and face me, you lift your dress up, I could smell the sweet scent of your pussy and see how wet you were from it going down your leg.

As you straddle over my cock you slowly lower your sweetness on to my hard waiting shaft, you are so fucking wet that my cock slides all the way in with one push, you put your hands on my shoulders as you slowly start to ride my cock, grinding your pussy and clit against the base of my cock, I reach behind you and undo your dress and pull it off your shoulders, exposing your big beautiful breast that I love so much, I take your breast into my hands and start caressing them as I take each nipple into my mouth one at a time, then both at the same timeI hear you start to moan more and more, getting louder, I say someone might hear us, and you tell me not to worry love, I locked the door when I came in so no one would bother us, I slide one hand down between your legs and start to play with your clit, making you ride my cock faster and harder, I feel you start to cum as we hold each other closer, causing our bodies to melt into one, as the intensity builds, the air heats up all around us, I can see the fire in your eyes, and I can feel the passion deep within your soul, as we both cry out together, as our orgasms rip through our bodies, cumming at the same time.

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W e sit holding each other, I whisper that I love you, tell me that you love me as well, we kiss deeply knowing in our heart and soul that we would be together always, even after the weekend came to an end, we knew our future was to be together. After holding each other for what seemed like hours, I did not want to let you go but we had to get cleaned up and leave the bathroom, so after cleaning up, striating our clothes and composing ourselves, we open the door a few people look, and al we cold was smile.

By the time we had come out the movie was over, so instead of going home we decided to see the movie again, however we did end up watching the entire movie this time.

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The movie ended up being pretty good, since we seen the whole thing the second time around. Since it wasn't to late in the evening, it was just getting dark, the sky was clear, you could see some of the stars in the sky already, and the temperature was about 79 degrees, so it was a beautiful night, so on the way home I thought it would be nice to stop in the park and enjoy the night air.

The park was almost deserted which was nice because I wanted to be alone with you on our last weekend night together. It was a very nice park near the water, you can park the car over looking the water, it was so beautiful, and far off you could see the faint lights of the city on the other side as the waves gently rolled across the water. I had backed the car up so we could sit on the trunk of the car and look out over the water.

When we get around to the back of the car I help you onto the trunk, you open your legs and I stand in front of you as we hug each other in a lovers embrace, your breast feel so soft against my face and I could feel your nipples getting harder as I held you close to me, I couldn't help it I wanted you again, for some reason you always ignite my fire and passion whenever I am with you or even when I think of you, and then I find myself falling even more in love with you.

As I hold you, I feel your hands pull up on my shirt; I lift my arms as you pull it off the rest of the way, I feel the night air against my chest, I reach behind you as I undo the back of your dress pulling it forward off your arms so that, your beautiful breast can fall free.

I take a nipple into my mouth and suck on it hard but gentle, you push my face against your breast as your body shudders against mine, after a moment I take your other nipple into my waiting mouth, and the same. I start to kiss up your chest to your neck and ears, stopping at your ears to nibble a little longer, you hold me even closer to you, I can feel and hear your breathing getting harder, I run my hand under you dress and search out you pussy, you are so wet, I run my finger up your slit right to your clit, when I touch your clit, you couldn't hold no more as you came on my hand, feeling your sweet wetness, I lay you back on the car and kiss my way down to your pussy, I was still rubbing your clit, I wanted your orgasm to keep going, so at that point I bury my face deep between your thighs, you are so fucking hot and wet, I just wanted to drink of your sweetness all night.

I drive my tongue deep inside you, driving you wild, I take your clit and suck it hard into my mouth, using my arms wrapped around your legs I pull you tighter to my face I want to lick up every drop you have to give, as I eat like a wild man I can fell your body go into another orgasm. Your juices flow even harder, as I keep driving my tongue deep, finally after that last orgasm I come up from between your legs with a big smile on my face, I kiss you deeply, I tell you I want you to turn around and bend over the car, you start to turn around but stopped, and took hold of my cock, it was so fucking hard it would break if moved wrong, you wrap your warm lips around the head of my cock causing me to get weak in the knees, I hold your shoulders as I lean against the car for support, once stable you swallow my cock whole, cupping my balls with one hand and using the other on my shaft, god it feels so good as you deep throat my cock, and within a few minutes and all the stimulation my cock explodes, shooting hot cum down your waiting throat, your mouth is all over my cock, as you work your tongue around the head of my cock, you suck harder to drain my cock of every last drop.

However being that this was the last night of the weekend so this was to be special. Since we were near the beach, I hand an idea. The moon was full the sky was clear and we were still alone, so it was perfect. We leave our clothes at the car, as I take you by the hand and head for the beach. Looking at you in the moonlight you were even more beautiful. We get down to the beach and run into the water splashing each other until I grad you and hold you in my arms, I kiss you deeply our bodies melting into one.

Holding each other we go back up to the beach, where the waves rolled onto the beach, I hold you gently as I lay you down on the sand, the water rushing over our bodies, in the full light of the moon I tell you that you are my heart and soul, and that I will love you for all time, with tears in your eyes you say the same, as we make love lying on the beach, wishing that this night would never end, but however in our hearts we know that no matter what, if this night should end, there is always the thought of you in my heart and what we could do next weekend.

THE END ? April 27, 2001 By : Matthew D