Ich mag ihn meine Muschi lecken

Ich mag ihn meine Muschi lecken
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Twins n best buds XII Remember Mike? It isn't easy finding time to write these now we are back in school. Both of us are carrying 14credit hours and its more work than we thought.

Before I begin I thought I would answer some of the question people have asked us via mail (We both like reading your comments to our stories and hearing from you all). Yes, we wear the same clothes and like the same styles. We share everything (yep,even our underwear). For whatever reason we don't share our shoes. Yes, we have done a girl together. No, our parents have no idea that we close like we are. We both have girlfriends.

We probably mess around a few times a week now. Ok, I think that answers everyone. Now with the story. I'm not sure in which part of our story we told you about seeing John and his kid brother Mike messing around in the woods but I decided to tell you about how I got with Mike during the next school year.

After seeing John and Mike in the woods I made it a point to look for Mike once school started back up. He was 2 grades under me so it wasn't an easy task but I found ways. One day I saw him go into the bathroom so I decided that I needed to whiz.

The bathrooms were busy between classes so I had to stand and wait for a urinal to open up. I made sure I was standing at a spot where I could see Mike. He stood in frontof the urinal and undid his belt and pulled the front of his cargo shorts and underwear down so he could whiz. When he got done he gave his dick a good shake (I couldn't seee a lot but it didn't look very big from where I was) and tucked it back n his underwear, buckled up and he left. It was a couple of days later when I saw him in the cafeteria and when it was time to go to class I was walking behind him and when he turned into the bathroom I followed, of course.

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But that time I took the urinal next to the one he was usung. As we stood there I asked, " So how does your brother like college?" Mike looked my way slightly and answered, "Yea think so." I stood back a little for 2 reasons. It made it easier for me to get a look at Mike and it made it easy to get him get a look at me if he wanted. I think he looked down my way out of the corner of his eye when I was whizzing but it isn't like I could look over to be sure. We washed our hands and when we were walking out into the hall I smiled at Mike and told him to say hi to his brother when he talked to him.

He said he would and asked which twin I was, Tristan or Taylor. I told him I was Tris. He said he would tell John I said hi and then we both continued on to our next class. Over the next couple of weeks I got pretty good at taking a whiz even when I didn't really need to. When I spotted Mike going into a bathroom I would go to take whiz and every time it happened we talked a little more as we stood relieving ourselves. The talking gave me a reason to look his way and while doing so I got some good views of his dick and I knew he was checking me out too.

I got bolder when the bathroom wasn't crowded. After I got done peeing I would stroke my dick while we talked. It was on the night of our 3rd home football game that I found out Mike was interested. I saw him in the gym during half time and he told me he talked to his brother and told him I said hi. We talked a few minutes and when we were walking back to the game I told him we should hang out sometime. He told me that sounded cool to him so I asked what he was doing after the game.

He said he was going home so I asked him if he wanted to go and get a burger or something. He said it sounded good to him but he had to call his mom and dad and tell them not to come pick him up. I told him I would give him a ride home so he made the call.

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There was a party I was supposed to go to with Taylor and some of our friends. I told Taylor I would be there later.


He wanted to know what I where I was going but he stopped asking when he saw Mike standing by my car. He just grinned and said he knew what I was going to do and he wished me luck. Micky D's was packed so we did the drive thru and got our burgers and pop and took a ride.

When we were driving by the woods I told him they were one of my favorite places and asked if he hiked the trails in them much. He told me that he used to with Mike but didn't go there much when Mike wasn't home. I told him that made sense since it wasn't fun to hike alone. Once we were past the woods area I told Mike that we should have stopped and finished our pops there.

"Yea we could have." "Want to?" "Yea if you do." So I turned around and drove back and pulled off the main road onto an access road and parked.

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We got out of the car and sat on the hood and talked about how quiet it was. "Real quiet." "Yea it is." "And dark when the moon goes behind a cloud." "Thats for sure.


Its cool" I laid back on the windshield and Mike did the same thing and then we sat there looking up at the sky talking about all kinds of stuff. "You ever brought a girl out here?" I asked "Nope, have you/" "Yea I have." "Cool I bet that was fun." "Yea is was fun.

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Better than jerking." I joked. Mike laughed when I said that and responded "Yea bet it is." I told him we could go hiking some time if he wanted and he said that sounded cool to him. I rested my hand on my crotch and rubbed my dick as we sat there.

I was hoping he would see what I was doing in the moon light. Since I was sure there was a good chance that he was out there with me because we checked each other's boners out at the urinal I thought about what to say and finally I just asked if he has ever jacked off out there.

Mike giggled and said he had and asked about me. I told him I had and guessed that most of the guys in school had at some time. We both laughed and made comments about that thought. When we stopped laughing he said he was getting cold so we got back in the car. I asked if he wanted to just sit and talk or head home and he told me it was up to me since he didn't have to be home until midnight.

So I started the car and ut a CD in and sat back. Mike sat back to and there seemed to be a few minutes of awkward silence. "What are you thinking about there dude?" I asked "Nothin really, just how quiet and dark it is mostly.

What about you?" "Im thinking the same thing. Its nice." And then I lowered the back of my seat and put my hands on my crotch. There was a few more minutes of awkward silence during which Mike leaned his seat back to. Once he did that I told him it was to bad we didn't have some girls with us.

He laughed and said we probably wouldn't be talking if there was and I told him he was right and then I made a comment about being horny. He said he was always horny so I asked him if he jacked off much. He answered by asking me if I did. I told him that I did my share of it and then he told me he did too and we both made jokes about it. "If I was alone I'd probably be doing it now" I whispered "Really?

I probably would be too." he laughed "Yea," I whispered, "you ever done it with anyone?" "Nope never. Have you?" "Nope but I would. No biggie after all we all do it." "Yea you're right about that." And then we sat there silently with the only sound being that of hands rubbing on our pants.

I undid my pants and told him I was just giving my dick some room and told him If needed to it would be ok. A few minutes passed and Mike undid his pants and put his hand on his crotch.

"If I was alone I'd probably be jackin now." "You can go ahead, I don't care." "It would just be weird doing it with you sitting here and not doing it. " I told him to feel free and then I pushed my jeans down to my knees and and kept rubbing my dick. The next time the clouds broke we could both see each other and Mike had his pants open and his hand down in his underwear. When I saw that I slid my hand in my boxers and made sure I pushed the front of them down far enough so the head of my dick was sticking out.

Mike looked and I looked over at him at the same time. "You doing ok man?" "Yea" whispered Mike, "are you?" "Yea, I'm doing good, " then I reached over and pushed Mike's hand aside and felt him. 'Yep, your doing good to." I chuckled Mike didn't say anything and after a few minutes of me playing with him he reached over and started feeling my dick. Mike's dick was definitely small, maybe 4" but it was hard like a board.

I rubbed him through his boxers a little while and then I slid my hand under his waistband.

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He had a small soft patch of hair over his dick. I pushed my hand down further and rubbed his balls.

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He had a smooth sac and his balls were pulled up so tight I couldn't really tell how big they were. We moved over toward each as much as we could and Mike slid his hand in my boxers and grabbed my dick.

It felt great. "Feel ok?" I asked in a whisper. "Yea. You?" "Yep,real good." I pulled my hand away and lifted my ass enough to slide my boxers down to my knees and when I did that Mike did the same thing. And then we sat back and continued stroking and playing with each other. "You leak a lot of precum. I don't get much yet." he whispered.

"You will in time dude. When I was your age I didn't get much either. No biggie as long as it does everything else its supposed to." "It does." "Thats all that counts.

You have a nice dick." "You too" We continued playing with each other. Stroking, holding them tight, massaging each other's balls. I held Mike's dick with 3 fingers and stroked him.

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He kept his hand on mine and leaned back in the seat and opened his legs. His body jerked a few times and he put his legs out straight in front of him and moaned, While I was stroking him I could tell he was getting very excited by his body stiffening like it was and by how he was nearly maulingmy dick and balls. His hands were all over me down there.

Then he whispered, "Im gonna cum," and as he said it his dick stiffened even more and his body quivered and I could feel the wet on my fingers. Mike held my dick firmly until he was done cumming and after his dick shot out the last little spurt of jizz he looked over at my dick and watched it closely as he jerked it. "You going to shoot?" he whispered. "Getting there." I had his dick in my hand all the while and it was still as stiff as a board.

Without a word Mike squeezed my dick at the base and leaned over and he took my dick in his mouth and started sucking me and stroking me. I moaned and leaned back and watched as I humped his mouth a few times. He never gagged. Nope he just kept sucking and stroking and it until I told him that he should cool it because I was going to cum too. Instead of pulling away he kept sucking and jerked me faster. He knew how to give a great blow job. It felt so so good. I pushed his head down and told him I was cumming.

I had at least 5 orgasms so I know Mike got a mouthful. He kept his lips wrapped tightly around my dick until he had drained every drop of cum out of it and then he rested his head on my stomach and held my dick in his mouth a few minutes. All one could hear then was the sound of our heavy breathing or the sound of us catching our breath lol When he did finally lift his head he whispered that I shot a lot of cum.

I told him that felt awesome good. He told mehe thought it did too. "So you still want to hike sometime?" I asked as we pulled in his driveway. He got out and he leaned in and said "Yea if you want to." "Yep still do dude." "K cool. Me too." I wrote my cell number down and told him to text me when he had some free time and then I headed home.

Taylor wasn't there when I got home so I undressed and crawled in bed. I fell alseep rubbing my dick thinking about what had just happened with Mike. I didn't know if he would text me or not. When Taylor got home he woke me up and asked how come I didn't show up. I told him about what happened and after high fiving me and asking a kinds of questions he told me about how he got to fuck Carly.

Mike didn't text me but made sure he said hi every time he saw me at school and a after a week or so he saw me in the hall at school and asked if I wanted to go hiking on Friday since we only had a half day of school.

I said yes to that without even thinking and we made plans to meet up and do it More about that later if you want to hear it peace