Zoey Monroe and Ella Nova licking pussy in the shower

Zoey Monroe and Ella Nova licking pussy in the shower
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I Need Help I've got this problem I need help with. Awhile ago I met this girl at a party and took her home and she gave me a nice blow job. It was good but not particularly special. I'm always a sucker for a girl who's having a good time herself. I love a sincere blow job where she really wants me to come in her mouth. I hate those blow jobs where the girl thinks she's doing me a favor or even that she wants to please me.

Anyway, she was OK, not super, but OK. About two weeks later I get a call from her. Could she suck me off? Something sounds a little strange, but I don't know what it is.

She sounds really hungry, almost desperate. I must admit it got me horny listening to her beg and plead over the phone.

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But there was something weird. Not the call itself. For some reason girls like to blow me. I must have good tasting cum. This kind of call was a little more than I usually get, but not that much.

No, it was something else that was wrong, something I couldn't really pin down. Some agenda. Anyway I let her come over. I decided to get completely naked except for my super-shiny business shoes and full calf socks with garters. I like being dressed like that for blow jobs. When she got to my apartment I was shocked. I've never seen a girl with that kind of hunger in her eye. I usually see girls who are onto the next blow job before they have even finished this one.

I swear, that look on her face. All I could think of was that she was a God damned cannibal and she wanted to eat me. As soon as I thought that I realized that that was just what she was. She hankered for the living flesh of my body. Well, that turned me off. So I told her to get fucked. At first she just begged and pleaded. But then she told me the truth. She thought my cum would stop her migraine headaches.

The first time she had sucked me off she had felt one coming on, but it went away after she swallowed my cum. That had never happened before. She tried a couple of other guys but they didn't help. Now she felt a headache coming on again. It just made her feel high now, but it soon would be, she knew, a nightmare. Fuck that, I thought.

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Who wants to be some cunt's aspirin? I got really hot. I slapped her face. She whined and said no one else's cum helped. The headaches were like death.

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She began licking my shoe and pleading, but I just kicked her ass. Wing tip right up in her asshole.

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She crawled on the floor, groveling, looking up with those big pleading eyes. She whined. I couldn't understand how desperate she was. Sucking me off was the only thing that helped, blah blah blah. Please, please, please. Life and death.

I lay back on the bed and looked at her with scorn, teasing her with my cock standing up.

She edged up onto the bed and licked my asshole. She begged with her eyes, peeking up now and then on either side of my cock and casting greedy cross-eyed glances at it. I threatened her when she tried to lick it and she backed off a little. I was totally bummed, but like a fool I let her keep licking my asshole. That was probably my big mistake. I was still pissed, but her tongue in my ass was getting me harder in spite of myself.

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I wanted her to go but my cock wanted her to stay. Well, you wouldn't believe what happened. After awhile she stood, threw off her skirt and top and started doing all kinds of lewd stuff. I sat up right away to the sight of her cunt in my face. It was incredible. Open, pink, and practically dripping. One of those hairy aggressive cunts. Puffs of pussy perfume came off it like smoke rings and it opened and closed with all kinds of squishy sounds and cunt farts. I'd never seen anything like it.

It crossed my mind that she was an alien. She belly-danced around and when she came close I gave her a good hard slap on the ass.

I was trying to snap out of it by getting her to behave, but the little pleading cry she made couldn't have been sexier. The way she caught my eye, the little pout, the fluttering suddenly-shy eyes, the dainty little steps as if to get away but not really. And under it all that sultry swampy hunger. My lips' dying "no" was no match for my cock's throbbing "yes, yes, yes!" She stuck out her ass at me and, wiggling it, challenging my cock to put up or shut up.

She bent over showing her pussy that opened with a sigh, sending a puff of pussy perfume right into my face. Well, the damned pussy smell was like a drug, and then, ass in my face, she came a number of times, without my even touching her.

Come hither orgasms I call them, but everybody knows what I'm talking about.

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Those taunting cock-calling orgasms girls have to reel you in. Orgasms that practically slam your hard cock right into the gushy pussy. Cunt opening and closing, juice squirting out--a swampy, sticky, dripping, Jurassic pussy. A God damned tar pit is what it is. It seemed to be saying, in cunt talk, "put it here big boy, if you can.

I want to eat you." Prehistoric Pussy just smacking its lips. Now, here's the really weird part. That pussy was sucking me in like a black hole, but just then she got down to cocksuck. That hungry face. Those blazing eyes. That tongue licking her lips. I couldn't get the cannibal idea out of my head. But get this. The cannibal thing got me hard. I know it's weird. I'd somehow flipped over and it was turning me on. Sitting there in my shiny shoes and high socks, I was hypnotized and just watched her, my dick painful it was so hard.

I can't tell you what it was like to have her hypnotically circle in and her mouth close slowly over my dick like a Venus fly trap while she fixed me with those ancient evil eyes.

I couldn't move. She was like a cobra waving back and forth, hypnotizing its prey. I just sat there watching her close in over my throbbing dick. When she bared her cannibal teeth around my cock and hissed, I thought she would bite it off.

And I throbbed even harder. The pussy perfume wafted around me like chains. My hard cock pushed on into a mouth like no other it had ever entered, discovering truths in there I had never dreamed of and didn't want to know.

Paralyzed with fear, lust, existential angst, and I don't know what, I was amazed when she stood up and brushed her cunt hair lightly over my face, puff after puff of pussy perfume rendering me yet more helpless. She was like a wasp preparing its paralyzed prey for the awful end.


She knew just what she was doing. That rich wiry hair on her pussy brushed my lips and spread out the perfume in waves, making my cock swell up to near bursting. If felt as if my insides were dissolving into cum.

I am ashamed to say that today even a hint of her pussy perfume sends me off on a pussy hunt. In my opinion pussy perfume is the most dangerous drug known to man. I felt just like helpless prey when she kneeled down again to finish the job. She seemed far away when her lips closed possessively over my cock as if she were eating some rare fruit that you had to suck in just the right way to get it to burst and give up its juice.

I imagined an Amazon tribe of cock-suckers, their pussies pumping our perfume to attract unwary cocks from other tribes for miles around, girls who lived exclusively on cum. They thought of cocks as food hanging down and knew more about them than their owners. After filling the air with pussy perfume, they would descend upon the helpless drugged men lured into their territory and, with consummate cock-sucking, they would empty their balls.

The vision drove me wild as I looked down at that evil, greedy, self-absorbed cannibal sucking hungrily on my cock, her dinner.

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My cock no longer belonged to me, but was obeying her. I was just an observer. It seemed to get ever bigger, ever harder, beyond what I though remotely possible. Then she did some expert secret cock-sucking thing with her mouth, a trick I imagined must have been passed on in whispers from mother to daughter, the ancient lore of the cock-sucking cult. Whatever it was it made me just fill her up with cum.

My cock just began to pour out cum.


Never have I ever had that much. I just emptied myself into her greedy cock-sucking mouth. She came too. Pussy squirting across the room, ass wagging like a dog, eyes rolled up, she milked my cock and gagged as I plunged into her throat. A look of complete bliss spread across her face, and she slipped into the sex trance, mouth still absently aftersucking my cock, pussy contracting in the last spasms.

We both sank to the floor. I thought I had died.

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Now she is an addiction. Neither of us can do without the other. So, my question is: am I going crazy? Have I become a hopelessly twisted horrible human being?