Ich Bin Ein Nackter Motorbiker

Ich Bin Ein Nackter Motorbiker
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Hi, guys. First of all, sorry to the people who was waiting that long for another installment of my stories. I'm passing through a very complicated moment of my life so I don't have enough time to write, specially write in english, as it consumes four times more than I spend while writing in portuguese. This is the last part, at least for now, as I don't know if I'll be able to continue writing or have inspiration to do another installment for this one.

I'm probably posting a last part for two other stories then I'll stop for indefinite time. Thanks all for enjoying my stories. Lilith (Special thanks to teacher Rutger5 for helping me with the english stuff ;*) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "I. I want you Owen." There I was, screaming shamelessly while he was fully inside me.

How did I manage to find freedom in oppression, in danger, I probably wouldn't be able to explain. But it was simple to describe: He made me feel, I expressed what I was feeling. Never in my entire life was I able to be so true to myself. He knew he had taken my virginity just yesterday and yet he was using me as hard as he wanted.

Or as hard as he thought would be good for me, I guess. My screams and yelps were echoing all over the house. We kept playing our game. I was the one crying and being used, but willingly open to him. He was the one ravaging me, but incessantly comforting me at the same time. It lasted a half hour. Half hour lasted to close our deal. After that little act I was his to use and it seemed to sound exciting for us both.


I still couldn't believe completely that it was happening, that it was working in such an amazing way. In my head I was still trying to compute in what universe people so different would be so good together. I was blonde, he had dark brown hair.

I was short, he was enormous. I had bright blue eyes. His were brown, but something made them look darker. I was delicate, soft, while he was imposing as a stallion and rougher then everyone I had met. And he was almost twice my age. But still, we loved each other. Of that I was sure. At least of my love for him I was sure. Many things occurred in the passing time. We saw each other two or three times in the following week, like a real couple, like we were dating.

No more than that because Owen disappeared frequently and, as I already knew, it wasn't a good idea for me to even ask what he was doing. But every time we saw each other, even in our short dates, sparks flew between us and it always ended up in that little game of ours, he practically raping me, always adding something new to make me squirm like he was torturing me: pressing fingers in my behind, twisting my nipples with his rock hard finger tips, doing it roughly.

And it all served to keep me aware of what was happening. Even used to his full size inside me it never ceased to be interesting, because Owen was always trying to make me feel different, even if it hurt.

But as it was kinda rushed, he never took long while experiencing something new on me, but always making it clear that those were just a hint of what was to come.

Yet fondling, caring and cuddling in a way I couldn't understand it differently: he was fond of me as much as I was fond of him, the savagery was exclusive to sex. Oh, and last but absolutely important, he made me have mind blowing orgasms each time he had me with him. All turned into expectative. I knew he would do something extreme to me at the first time he had time enough time.

I knew it could shame me to death, but above everything, I was happy. Everybody around me noticed, my friends, people at school, even my parents over the phone. I had become not only a woman, I was having the most exotic and unimaginable relationship I could ever have think of. It was like the misty, blurred and pathetic life I had was replaced by a darker, utterly dangerous, but exciting one. When he arrived in his huge Harley-Davidson I met him at the front garden and my insecurity turned into something I didn't even have a name to describe.

"What about spending this weekend at my place?" he asked while holding me. "It is not that far, two and a half hours to the mountains and it will be just the two of us and nobody else." I looked up, to his face, and I couldn't resist that overwhelming feeling and it was probably all over my face.

I was in fearful, that exciting fear only he made me feel. Like I was eager to enter a lion's cage. "I'll have to fool my parents, tell them I'm somewhere else." "Can you do this?" he asked.

"Not an easy task, but I think the prize will be worth it, right?" I asked and soon the words crossed my lips I felt my face burning in shame and I shrugged. He grinned and brought me closer, wrapping his arms around my waist and pressing my body against his.

"If will it worth it? I'm one hundred percent sure you will never forget this weekend" he said with both hands cupping my ass cheeks. The rest of the week passed as fast as a bored slug and the closer I got to Friday, the more anxious and insecure I was getting. Deb, one of my friends and the only one who knew part of what was happening to me these days offered herself to cover for me, in exchange she wanted to help me with everything about it, including some preparations.

Contraceptive pills, lingerie, make up, explaining how to get prepared for some exotic stuff. Even making me shave completely, which was kinda new to me. "Samantha, unless he's some kind of troglodyte, he'll like it, believe me" she answered as I was completely dubious about it - and uncomfortable.

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Since it was done, I felt kinda nice. But now it was one more thing to worry about at weekend, because Owen certainly would notice the difference and I didn't have the slightest idea of what his reaction would be.

After all, what could Deb know about a man like Owen? Nothing! She was used to that bunch of boys we hung out with. I could just hope she was right, because bare skinned and wearing that lingerie she insisted that I use, I was starting to feel like some porn star. Friday afternoon. I was waiting Owen sitting in the front yard and expectation was devouring me until he arrived.

I stood up and picked up my backpack, just waiting for him to look at me. When he took off his helmet and saw me he whistled in approval and a silly smile showed up on my face. I was dressing like him.

I did the best I could to figure what I should wear if I was a member of his gang, but a girl member. Not only to please him, but to stop being a petite strait-laced blonde hanging out with an outlaw colossus. At least we should look almost the same. Short leather jacket with a black top beneath it, black collar with silver ornaments that resembled a fancy leash and a thin chain belt buckled in those tight low-rise leather pants.

Oh, and long length boots. "Come here right now!" he ordered with a silly smile on his face. When I approached he held me with one arm, still mounting the bike, and kissed me fiercely. Something like "congratulations, you got me" and it felt amazing.

"Fuck, you are incredible. It's a shame you've just made me want to hurry to take it all off" he said tapping the bike seat.


Riding, or at least being clutched to him while he was riding the bike, was awesome. I couldn't avoid the comparisons, enjoying something damn dangerous that was making my heart beat like crazy. Time passed really fast, as I was having fun feeling the wind, staring at the beautiful view of the mountain road and enjoying the way my body was clutched to his.

Soon we took a turn in a bifurcation, leaving the highway and following through a thinner road up the mountains surrounded by forest. The more we rode, the farther we got from everything. A little ball of ice was unintentionally forming in my stomach. I knew I could trust him. He saved my life not once, but twice. My fear was caused by knowing that being alone like this could sharpen his roughness until a point I couldn't handle. Would my love for him survive this weekend if he lose himself to his sadistic primal side?

The only thing I knew was that I liked him enough to try out. Almost forty-five minutes up the dirt road, totalling two hours and fifteen minutes of trip we reached a small wooden cabin within the trees, which barely could be seen from the road. "That's it. That's my hideout. I come here when things are hot and I need to disappear for a while." Owen said while getting up from the motorcycle.

We were standing in a clearing just in front of it. As it was already night I couldn't see it properly, but it looked small and uninhabited for a long time. "So you can't hide from me anymore, are you aware about that?" I said joking, then I regretted it deeply, as dark thoughts came across my mind, were a repented Owen would kill me to keep his location a secret.

Instantly I tried to avoid those thoughts. "I'll not lie and say that what we have will be eternal, as much as I like to believe that" he said approaching me. "But I think I'll never have to hide from you." He wrapped my waist in his arms and lifted me, letting my backpack fall, and kissed me.

"I think I'll never be able to forget you.

The way you give yourself to me. The way you fear me but want to be mine. The way you trust me even knowing I'm no good." he said brushing my hair from my neck and kissed it while I trembled incessantly. "I don't think someone like you would sell me out for any price, that's why I brought you here." Ok.

That was enough to make me melt completely. ". And I wanted to be alone with you and fuck your brains out with no concerns, obviously" he said laughing while pinching my ass. That was completely unnecessary   "I will not sell you out, no matter how it ends, I promise you.

" I said laughing too and he kissed me, then suddenly he threw me up and carried me over his shoulder to the cabin while I jokingly screamed. "See, that's why I love this cabin. No one will hear you screaming." He said menacingly. "Oh my God." I muttered. I was pretty sure he had an evil grin on his face if I could see it.

He unlocked the door and entered still carrying me. It was completely dark inside but he seemed to have no problem with that and, after a few steps, he just tossed me. I panicked and screamed loudly, just to land on a mattress. He laughed out loud while I cursed in a low voice "Don't do that!" But soon it was Owen who was calling names. I heard the characteristic snap of a switch but nothing happened.

"Damn it!

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They cut off the electricity. Son of a bitch!" He said angrily but soon spoke in a resigned tone: "Well, oil lamp it is." He lit two lamps, a big one for the single room in the cabin, the one with a wardrobe, a nightstand and a bed and another one to the bathroom. Then he checked the attached room outside to be sure it was ok, then called me to show it to me. It was the only room made in brickwork in that chalet-like lodging and it had something like an improvised kitchen there.

"We will have to heat water in the oven in order to take a bath." He said ironically, like it would be the end of the world for me not having hot water directly on the shower. "Ok, that's not a problem. I'm kinda used to this "live in the wild thing", as I used to be a scout and camp a lot with my father. You'll have to do better than that." I said in a cocky way.

"Oh, is it so? All soft and delicate like that? I think I'll see how you do naked in the woods" he said threateningly, suddenly grabbing me and carrying me outside while I did everything I could to get free of him. "No! Noooo Owen!" I squealed, half laughing, half panicking. I couldn't stand the thought of being naked outside, where anybody might see me. Even knowing that we were at night in the middle of nowhere.

But he tightened his grip while I struggled and it was useless to resist.


He reached the front door and left with me, then held me backwards and took off my jacket, not worrying if it was hurting me or not, throwing it away. "Don't make me rip the rest, I really like the outfit but I'll do it if you don't cooperate" he said whispering excited in my neck.

I didn't want him to rip my clothes and I knew he would do it if I refused to do as he said. So I calmed down and he let go of me. I turned myself to him, looking him in the eyes. "Ok, if that's what you want." I said trying to control myself. That strip-tease fail came to mind and I didn't wanted him to be disappointed again. I wasn't meant to dance or something again, just to show courage and take my clothes off.

It wouldn't be that hard, or at least I tried to think that way. So I did it. I took off one piece of clothing after another, firmly looking into his eyes and feeling my insecurity go away as that fire burned in his eyes more intensely for every portion of my white skin he could see.

My inner struggle, maybe the feeling of getting naked in the open and being so ashamed in front of him, made my eyes teary, but I've never felt so determined in my life. When I got to my panties he stopped me. "No, wait. I'm doing that." He said crouching in front of me and slowly taking my panties down, instantly noticing the difference. "Fuck, look at this. You got ready for me" he said caressing the shaven skin of my most intimate part as I stroked his hair with both my hands.

"Do you like it?" I asked innocently. I really wanted to know if he liked it, but I noticed how provocative it sounded. The arousal had made my voice turn into some kind of luxurious mewl.   He didn't answer, just grabbed my ass cheeks firmly and pressed me harshly against him, his unshaven face scratched my bare and sensitive skin and his tongue probed deeply into my inner lips.

"Ok, Deb. You were right. I owe you one." I thought. I moaned loudly, something like a contained scream. He was devouring me, insistently trying to make his tongue reach further into me, forcing his jaw up and moving strongly against my clitoris. In no time I wasn't able to stand erect anymore. I bent over him, part of me delighting, other agonizing, as my legs started shaking and weren't able to sustain me anymore. But he didn't stop, just supported me with his strong hands and continued.

"Oh m-my Go-od. Owen. Owe-en don't. Ahhh." I whimpered, feeling all my body reacting to him and my juices running down his fingers and my inner thighs. He felt I was just about to come and stopped, what I received with regret and relief at the same time, watching him stand, taking off his jacket and shirt and lift me, crossing my legs around his waist and getting further into the woods while I softly kissed his tribal tattooed shoulder and neck, then he leaned me my nude back against a tree.

I could feel the tree's rough bark in my skin and hear our furious breathing while he was getting free of his trousers and pointing himself to me. Then the feeling. That feeling of me giving passage to him. I couldn't blame him for getting himself completely into me in a single thrust, we were too turned on by that moment. So much that I greeted that initial pain, while I'm not yet used to his size inside of me, with the most pure joy. "Augh. Ah. Auugh!" I moaned and squealed with every movement in and out.

His thrusts becoming more violent every second until I felt my skin getting sore by the contact with the tree. "Owen. Ah. The tree. The tree is hurting me. It's hurting me.". I begged unhopeful of having any aid from him and preparing to get my back scratched to the flesh. But he moved his forearms behind me, changing places with my back, letting only my butt against it and humping me even fiercer.

I could see the top of the trees and feel the wind freezing the sweat over my body, hear the rustle of the forest mixing with my whimpers and groans. I felt myself getting tight around him and I knew what was coming, I was about to come with him for the first time. "I'm.

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I'm coming!" I announced. I don't know what made do that. Maybe knowing that he probably stopped eating me while I was so close for that reason. And I was right, because his movements became frenzied, like he wasn't only finishing the job, he was getting himself ready to come with me.

I cried loud when he speared his last and rougher thrusts inside of me while I was clenching him so tight. He held me tighter and we came. I faced myself being fondled at the middle of a dark forest, where the only light we had was the gleaming yellow lights of the lamps coming of the cabin's windows. He kissed me for a while then looked down, with that malicious and domineering tone and asked: "Can I be really bad to you?" I felt one of his hands reaching the cleft in my butt and pressing against my back entrance.

"Now?" I asked frightened. "Yes" he said slightly separating my butt cheeks and pressing the already lubed head of his penis in me. "Now." "But it will hurt." I looked to him and fear was stamped all over my face, while his was pitiless and defying. My eyes were already teary from the apprehension, but my answer was "Yes.".

  He didn't spare me. Didn't had mercy or any caring feeling towards me. Just forced its way into my virgin ass and held me tight while I started struggling, trying to avoid that devastating pain I was feeling. So Owen stopped. "Calm down, it is just the head!" He yelled at me. "You need to relax or it will hurt three times more!" But his yelling just made me even more nervous and the pain become unbearable.

"It hurts! It hurts so much!" I cried and looked to him, my face full of tears. " Please, don't do this to me! Not like that!

I love you! Don't make me suffer that way!" I said crying so much that I was coughing, then I buried my face in his neck waiting for the worst, but it didn't came.

When I looked up again he looked stunned and I felt him taking himself off me. Then he touched my forehead with his and talked with a soothing tone. "I always get surprised how you just don't get mad at me" he said laughing, kissed me once while I was still sobbing and continued.

"Listen to me.


I'll start again, you handle it the best you can and if it hurts too much you tell me and I'll stop. Deal?" I was frightened to death.

Just a second ago I felt the worst pain I've felt in my life. Losing my virginity was a dumb joke comparing to getting anally fucked while unprepared. But as always I couldn't say no to him. I just looked down and nodded.

"You are mine, remember?" he said while kissing my neck and making me look to him again. "Yup. I'm yours." I answered and felt him attempting to get inside of me again. "Uuugh." "Shh. Just relax. I'm not forcing it. I'll stop at your sign, so relax." He said while spreading my ass with his hands a little more, which was my limit, and I felt it digging into my ass again.

The pain was a little more bearable this time so I let him continue. Little by little he was forcing himself into me. "Look at me, come on!" he insisted every time I cringed from the pain. Soon I he was inside enough to start humping and he did.

The last resistance of my sphincter made me feel like I was burning and I howled in pain but did the best I could to not stop him, as he was already moaning in pleasure. Our size difference never did so much damage to me. I could feel myself ripping. I kept looking in his eyes, but mine were numb, even when he kissed me. He was basking in my pain and I couldn't do anything about it, just accept that I owed him that for bringing me to a life where I was really important to someone, even in a kinky way.

So I tried to face that pain differently, I tried hard to enjoy it, and I figured that I could. My groans made him even stiffer and bigger, he was clearly happy and aroused by my reaction. It made him do me harder. "Augghh! Aaaaawwwww! Auuuugh!" I groaned louder and louder and gasped in a furious way, just like him. I wasn't able to tell if it was good or bad.

There was pain, lots of it, but there was pleasure as well. A completely different form of pleasure that, even then, when I was starting to get used to it, was still hurting me deeply and I wasn't able to bear it anymore. I was almost losing the game. Almost screaming for him to stop, as I felt my bowels burning. It was too much already. I did what I could and even crying openly and screaming weren't helping me to ease the agonizing pain.

But as I caught my breath to ask him to stop, he came. His seed gushed inside of me, covering my sore inner skin and felt like acid but still, he was satisfied and I was too. He held me more softly and took me away from the tree that was already hurting my back again then kissed me. Our bodies were completely sweaty and I could feel my entrances overflowing. A thing that once would have freaked me out, being defiled like this by some guy, was now one of the highest points of my life.

I didn't regret that. After all, what else would he try with me that would be worse then forcing entrance into me like that? I think I'm safe now. He was carrying me to the cabin with his habitual pos-sex caring behavior until he stopped. "I think I'll bring a friend to pass the night tomorrow." Owen said in that malicious and evil tone. . "WHAT!?" "Sammy, I'm never letting you relax. You're never safe with me. I'll never let you get bored with me and this weekend is just the beginning." ***