Nicoli Cole cant resist Diegos hard cock

Nicoli Cole cant resist Diegos hard cock
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I have reposted this story as I had not used the tags and therefor not reaching those interested in this theme. This is story 3 of my tales as a cuckold with my lovely wife Sue. I welcome any comments and hope that you get as much pleasure and enjoyment from it as I do. Thank you in advance.

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"Its not like what I expected it to be," Quite a statement from Sue who is my wife and I am her cuckold having agreed that she could 'make love' to one of our friends. That's how it started and I think that I naïvely thought it would be a one off. One evening making love to a friend while I was present would be a thrill for us both, but then we were about to move house and home and that would be it.


But our house didn't sell as we thought and its been going on now for eight weeks, plus I'm having to spend longer periods away and Sue is seeing Ben more and they are getting more adventurous in their sex life. Sue has found a new lease of sex life and sometimes doesn't seem to be the woman I married. "Ben is a bit of an animal where sex is concerned, he's always got a hard-on, not that I'm complaining, I saw him in the supermarket on Wednesday he grabbed my hand and made me feel how hard he was.

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I don't think of making love any more, Its more like he takes me, and I let him. We did it in the garden one evening last week, the neighbours dog came out and must have heard us as it started barking, Joe and his misses came out to see what was going on, there was me naked being taken on the lawn with them just over the fence.

Ben didn't stop he just kept thrusting into me, he had to put his hand over my mouth to keep me quiet, it was quite exciting really". It was afternoon and we were on the bed naked, I had been away for two weeks and was catching up on Sues exploits with Ben.

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Sue was playing with herself dipping her fingers deep into her vagina and then buzzing herself with a vibrator I had a throbbing erection but she had tied my hands behind my back so that I couldn't wank myself but I hoped that she would be kind to me soon. Sue withdrew her fingers, looked at them, saw that they were coated with her juices reached across and touched them to my lips for me to suck, which I did.

She was surprisingly wet and kept offering me her juicy fingers and I eagerly sucked them clean. Suddenly she threw the vibrator across the room and said,"This things useless, I need a new one, a bigger one. Did you know that Bens bigger than you, of course you did, you've seen him in action haven't you, when he fucked me the first time.

He really fills my pussy with that hard hot prick, I just love feeling him inside me and when he cums Ohhh its heaven to feel him spurting his cum in my pussy, theres so much of it, sometimes it runs down my legs." "So how often do you see him." I asked, not really sure if I wanted to hear the answer.

"Mmmm about every other day, sometimes in the mornings, sometimes afternoon sometimes at night. We like to fuck in public places, its such a thrill thinking that we might be seen or even caught.

I've let him take me in all sorts of places. Sometimes if we meet in the day he insists that I don't wear any underwear, its exciting going round the supermarket or going to a cafe with no knickers on.

I've even started flashing if I see someone I fancy." " He stays hard, not like you a one cum wonder, he can cum usually twice once he came tree times, fuck was I sore afterwards." Sue almost drifted off in her sexual memories.

My god, She had changed so much in just a few weeks she was quite shy before but now she had transformed into a nymphomaniac. She lay back on the bed, her legs lifted into the air displaying her delightful pink pussy.


"Come on then you know what I want, lick me like you've never licked me before and I might be nice to you." It wasn't easy with my hands still tied to go down on her and keep my balance, but I managed, I traced my tongue along her slit, my god she always tasted so good.

My tongue opened the soft folds of her labia to expose her clit. I nibbled on the hard little bud, flicked it with my tongue and sucked it into my mouth, satisfied that Sue was making all the right sounds. She was very wet having been playing with herself, as I used my tongue to open and probe her almost drinking her juices.

I always loved doing this knowing I could always make her cum, as she had said, it was the one thing I was best at. I licked, sucked and probed her for what seemed ages, all the time Sue was making that purring sound, but I was getting desperate, I wanted to bring her off so that I could get my relief.

Then I felt her raise her hips to me, I knew that her climax was building and at last she was close, there was even more juices almost flowing from her.

Now I had her crying out, now you bitch cum for me. She grabbed my head pressing my face even tighter if that was possible, I could hardly breathe. I sucked harder used my teeth to nip her hoping that this would be enough to finally tip her over the edge and make her cum.


I'm pleased to say thats just what happened, her climax was so strong that she clamped her legs around my head, holding me there as I lapped up her sweet honey just like a bee on a flower. I rolled away so that she could put her legs down and relax a bit, but my hands were still tied, I even tried rubbing my self on the sheet but she stopped my pushing me onto my back.

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She had now got her breath back and straddled me. "Well was that good, did I taste good." "Yes, you always do." I replied hoping it was the right answer. "Did I tell you that Ben came round this morning to see me." "No, you didn't" I replied only then realising the impact of what she had said.

Ben would have fucked her, he never used a condom so his cum was probably still in her pussy and I had just been licking and sucking for all I was worth. She started laughing then at my humiliation.

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"OK." she said, "You can have a wank now." She untied my hands and like the cuckold that I am I obeyed and took myself in hand wondering just where this journey we had started would take us.