Teen Ebony Slut Fucks White Cock in Eye Glasses

Teen Ebony Slut Fucks White Cock in Eye Glasses
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The school bus came to a stop on the side of the deserted country road. Cindy and Megan stepped off and waved good-bye to the driver. The doors closed and the bus pulled away, leaving the two girls alone on the side of the road.

It wasn’t that far to each of their houses and they could walk together for most of the way. So they set off. Cindy and Megan were neighbors. They’d been neighbors their entire lives. The two 16 year olds were best friends for as long as they could remember. Living out on a farm meant there was very little to do but talk (when there weren’t any chores to be done).

The girls talked about everything. Everything, that is, except sex. Sex was not generally a speaking point because both the girls lived fairly sheltered lives. It was something that never really came up. But the girls were growing. Both girls had begun to develop and each of them began to feel certain needs.

But neither of them could explain it, so neither of them spoke of it. On this particular day, the girls merely spoke of how school had gone, how certain boys were acting strange around them, and how much homework there was to do. The girls reached the crossroads and waved good-bye to each other. Cindy headed towards her house and Megan to hers.

They would meet here tomorrow morning at seven o’clock and start the new day. ----- When Megan arrived home, she heard a strange noise coming from the guest house. It sounded like moaning. It almost sounded like someone was in trouble, yet there was something peculiar about that sound. Something told her that whoever was making that noise wasn’t in trouble at all, yet she couldn’t quite put her finger on it. Megan stalked her way slowly over to the guest house.

She snuck up onto the deck and worked her way towards the window where the noise was coming from. The moaning was coming from the bedroom. Megan crawled over under the window and slowly lifted her head to see what was going on. What she saw shocked her! Megan was barely able to contain her gasp as she quickly dropped back down onto the deck. Inside the bedroom, Greg, the farmhand, was naked with Glenda, Megan’s older sister. He was. He was. He was ramming his private parts inside of her!

Despite the awful images she had just seen, Megan felt strangely about whatever it was he was doing to her sister. She took a deep breath, swallowed, and slowly stood up beside the window. Megan gradually moved her head to see inside the window.

They had switched positions. Greg lay on his back, his privates standing straight up. To her, it was massive! Its purple head glistened in the light. It throbbed visibly. Glenda moved slowly over his body, planting kiss after kiss on his chest.

She took hold of Greg’s manhood and began to stroke it; gently at first, but soon picking up speed. It seemed it was Greg’s turn to moan. Was this hurting him? As if to answer, Greg closed his eyes, turned his head over on the pillow and smiled. He gently placed his hand on Glenda’s head and guided her downwards towards his crotch. Megan suddenly became aware of a funny feeling in her own crotch.

She felt wet, but not like she’d had an accident. It felt very warm and inviting. Her crotch also had a funny sort of itchy feeling.

So she obeyed the command that only an itch can give, and guided her hand down inside her jeans. Megan’s finger reached her mound. She began to rub it lightly to alleviate the itch when suddenly a shot of intense euphoria shot through it and up her spine! Not wanting this new sensation to stop, Megan rubbed herself some more. The pleasure continued to surge through her.

She looked through the window at Greg laying naked on the bed in front of her. All she could do was stare at his manhood. She wanted to touch it. Each moment she didn’t have his privates in her hand was another moment of agony for her. Yet at the same time, the pleasure continued to mount. Her hand still inside her pants, Megan watched as Glenda began bobbing her head up and down on Greg’s crotch. Glenda’s hair hung down, so Megan was unable to see what exactly Glenda was doing to it.

She imagined Glenda’s was kissing it like she had kissed his chest. Evidently it pleasured him immensely as he groaned with obvious pleasure. Megan’s crotch was getting more and more wet.

So much so, that a small wet spot had begun to show on her jeans. But she didn’t care. Megan was experiencing far too much pleasure to care. She never wanted this feeling to end. She wanted to burst in and join the fun. She wanted Greg to touch her. Suddenly there was a noise in the trees behind the house! Megan snapped back to reality and spun out of view of the window. She ripped her hand from her pants and looked out into the trees.

Nothing. Just a deer, she supposed. Not wanting to take any more chances of getting caught, Megan crept away. ----- Later on in the evening, Megan was outside doing her chores.

To the casual eye, she was in the stable feeding the horses, but in actual fact, she was far, far away. Megan was in a dream land. She could not get what she had seen (and what she had felt) out of her head.

She replayed the brief encounter over-and-over in her head. Greg naked. Glenda naked. Glenda kissing Greg’s manhood. Greg sticking his “thing” into Glenda’s.

Megan still felt that strange itching feeling. In the hours since the incident, the itching got stronger and stronger. There was no two ways about it.

Megan had to scratch that itch. And now she knew how. When Megan was done feeding the horses, she found a quite corner in the stable. She looked around to make sure no one could see. When she was sure she was alone, she slowly unzipped her jeans. Little by little, her hand moved towards her mound. She could feel her sex getting wetter and wetter in eager anticipation of her gentle touch.

As her fingers grew closer, the itch got stronger. Megan slipped her finger down over her mound and let out a soft moan. Her fingers were almost immediately soaked. She rubbed herself; slowly at first, but faster and faster. She imagined Greg standing there, looking at her while she did this. She imagined his hard manhood staring down at her.

The pleasure began to mount again. Without even realizing, Megan’s other hand had started to unbutton her shirt. As she undid the last button, she shuddered as the cool breeze blew over her breasts and hardened her nipples. Her breasts were not yet big enough for a bra. With one hand rubbing her sopping mound, the other hand began to explore Megan’s chest. She took her breast in her hand and pulled it upwards.

A new hint of pleasure ran down her spine and her crotch got even wetter.


Megan fondled her breast, intensifying the pleasure. Meanwhile, Megan became aware that she had started to slowly slip a finger between the lips of her crotch.

The finger seemed to know exactly where it was going. It slid itself as deep inside her as it could go, came back out, then went back in again. The feeling was unbelievable. She arched her back as the pleasure began to take over. Megan’s hand began pounding her crotch faster and faster while her other hand tweaked her nipples.

She started to moan. She closed her eyes. The thought of Greg again. Her crotch felt as though it were swelling.

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The wanted him. She wanted to touch it. She wanted him to touch her. She tweaked her nipple. “AAAGGHHH,” she screamed! The intense pleasure shot through her body. Megan arched her back even further and jammed her finger inside her as far as it could possibly go. Her crotch dripped as she continued to moan loudly. The euphoria was intense! She continued to clutch her breasts and finger herself. Gradually her panting slowed and she released herself.

She lay flat on the hay. She opened her eyes. “Did you like that,” asked Marcus. Megan jumped. She quickly closed her shirt and did her best to zip up her jeans. She wasn’t sure what to do. “I saw what you were doing,” he said. Marcus was another farmhand. He must have been seeing to the horses and caught her. Still unsure though, Megan looked at him guiltily. “Everything,” she asked.

He nodded. Marcus was 18. He was cute and helpful around the farm. He was always nice to her. But lately he’d been acting very strangely around her. Today, he had a strange look on his face. He knelt down beside her. His hand reached out and touched the soaked crotch of her jeans and smiled. His touch sent another shiver through her. “Leave me alone,” she said, almost playfully.

Marcus smirked. He looked at her and took off his jacket. “I got something for you.” Megan looked up, puzzled. She asked him what he meant to which the response was another smirk.

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Marcus began to undo his pants. “This,” he said as he reached down and pulled out his manhood. “It’s a cock. Ever seen one before?” Megan lied and shook her head. Marcus reached out and took her hand. “Here,” he said, “touch it.” When Megan resisted, Marcus just pulled her harder; she had no choice.

She submitted and he put her hand on it. Another flutter went down her spine. “There, not so bad is it? My dick won’t bite.” Despite having seen her sister do it earlier that day, Megan seemed to instinctively know to stroke Marcus’s cock up and down the shaft.

His cock clearly liked it as it got harder and harder, bigger and bigger. Megan began to get more and more excited with each stroke.

He grunted with satisfaction. Megan stroked his dick faster and faster. She enjoyed his obvious pleasure. Something about this made her feel so good. But she wanted more. She wanted his cock to touch her. She wanted to kiss it like Glenda had kissed Greg.

She wanted him to put it inside her. Marcus stood up and pulled Megan up onto her knees in front of him.

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He pushed her hand away and motioned her towards his crotch. Megan was confused. “What do you want me to do with it,” she asked. “Nice girls like you suck on it.” Megan smiled widely. Marcus gently took her head in his hands and guided her towards his dick. Excited, Megan happily opened her mouth and took it. She lowered her mouth over the head and wrapped her lips around Marcus’s shaft.

Megan instinctively knew to bob her head up and down on it. Her lips slid back and forth over the shaft. Marcus groaned.


Megan’s tongue lashed around the cock’s head each time she came close to the top. Then she’d go back down. She challenged herself to take as much of the dick in her mouth as she could without choking. This seemed to pleasure Marcus, which only made it better for her. The crotch of her jeans were now nearly completely soaked. Her itch was stronger than ever.

As she bobbed up and down on Marcus’s stiff dick, Megan moaned with pleasure. She loved the way it tasted. She loved how warm it was and how wet it had gotten. She reached up and took his butt in her hands so as to get better leverage. She bobbed faster and faster. Her tongue lashed against the head with more and more exuberance.

She sucked on it as spit began to drip down her chin and onto her jacket. After a few minutes, Marcus pushed Megan away from him. “Let’s take our clothes off and do it,” he said. Megan was confused as to what he meant by “it,” but her itch was so strong, she was up for anything.

They lay back down in the hay and removed their clothes. Marcus’s dick glistened in the light in almost the same way as Greg’s had earlier that day. It throbbed too. Megan wanted to touch it and kiss it some more.

Despite that feeling, Megan was suddenly aware of her own naked body.

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Her small boobs exposed in front of a boy, her crotch out in the open and dripping. She made to close her legs, but Marcus stopped her.

“My turn to touch your pussy,” he said. Marcus spread Megan’s legs wide and began to run kissed down her thighs. He slowly made his way up towards her crotch. Each time his lips touched her thigh, it sent a shiver up Megan’s spine.

As Marcus got closer and closer to her pussy, her itch grew stronger and stronger. She needed him. She needed him to scratch that itch. Any resistance to his actions that she may have had at the moment disappeared. Do with me as you will, she thought. As if to answer, Marcus reached her pussy and looking up at her, he said, “Now it’s my turn to kiss that delicious cunt of yours!” Megan felt a giant surge of pleasure blast through her body as Marcus’s tongue lashed out against her virgin pussy.

He sucked up her wetness. He seemed to eat at her as if from a bowl. It was Heaven. She writhed as he stuck his tongue inside her. She squired as he run his tongue in strong, quick circles around the very tip of her pussy. Each time he came to the tip, she felt intense pleasure. After a few minutes of this, Marcus lifted his head, her juices dripping from his chin.

He crawled on top of her. She could see his stiff cock coming towards her. She knew what was going to happen and she wanted it. She wanted it badly. Marcus began to kiss her passionately. Megan could taste her pussy juices on his chin. She licked and sucked the juices from his face.

She loved it. Then his cock reached her pussy. Ecstasy. Pure Ecstasy. Then suddenly Marcus rammed himself deep inside her.

The pain was terrible! Megan felt something inside her rip and pop. She grabbed Marcus’s back and scratched his skin. He smiled and looked down at her. He clearly was enjoying himself. Megan tried to push him off.

She wanted to cry. Marcus wouldn’t let her go. He continued to kiss her neck and then he began to pump himself in and out of her; slowly at first, but picking up speed. After a few seconds, the pain began to subside and Megan began to feel a new sensation. She’d felt pleasure when she touched herself. She felt pleasure when she sucked on Marcus’s cock.

She felt even more pleasure when he sucked on her pussy. But this new feeling was unlike any of those. The bliss she was feeling now was Heaven-sent. Megan grabbed hold of Marcus’s back. She spread her legs further apart and guided him.

Faster and faster he rammed himself into her. She moaned loudly now, as did he. Sweat began to bead on their foreheads.

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Megan closed her eyes and tilted her head backwards. She could feel the head of his dick against the walls of her pussy. She could feel it throbbing as it pumped in and out. She could feel her cunt swelling as juices escaped from her and ran down over her asshole.

They kissed passionately again. His tongue battled hers with no clear winner. Their groans grew louder and louder. The horses stirred in their stalls.

Marcus slowed down his pumping and gradually removed himself from her. Megan looked up at him with lust and also sadness. Why did he remove himself? He took her by the hips and motioned for her to get up on all fours.

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She complied and he turned her around. With her ass towards Marcus, Megan awaited whatever new sensation he could give her. And new it certainly was. He touched his cock up against her asshole. Megan shuddered. She didn’t know why, but she wanted him inside her butt. She angled herself and did her best to open her asshole for him. All lubed up from that dripping pussy, Marcus was able to gradually slide himself inside.

Megan moaned loudly again. Her eyes rolled back into her head as he pumped himself slowly in and out of her ass. With her butt in the air, Megan leaned down and rested her head on the hay.

She reached back with her hand and began to massage that extra sensitive part of her pussy. She moaned even louder. Marcus joined in the noise-making. Marcus rammed himself faster and faster inside Megan’s ass. His sack smacked against her pussy lips sending shudders up her spine each time.

Megan swirled her fingers vigorously on her cunt. She slid a finger from her other hand as deep inside her as it would go. She rammed her fingers in and out of her pussy; he smashed her ass with his cock. “AAAGGHHH,” she screamed for the second time that day. The pleasure was unbelievably intense! Juices shot from her pussy, spraying Marcus’s legs. Her back arched and she screamed again and again. The satisfaction her body enjoyed was more than anything she’d ever experienced.

The pleasure and squirting continued each time Marcus’s dick rammed deep inside her ass. As Megan’s pleasure subsided, Marcus suddenly stopped and removed himself from her.


He spun her around so her face was level with his cock. She was about to suck on it again when suddenly streams upon streams of white goo exploded from his dick and all over her face!

Marcus groaned very loudly and pumped his dick harder and harder with his hand. More and more goo escaped and sprayed her face, neck, and breasts. She felt some of it running down her belly and towards her pussy.

It was so warm. Megan reached up and spread the goo around on her chest. She massaged it into her breasts. She tasted it as some of it ran over her lips. It tasted so good. Marcus stopped spraying her and collapsed on his back beside her. Megan continued to rub the goo over her skin. She took some in her hand and licked it up, eating as much of it as she could. Megan had never experienced such pleasure.

She collapsed - exhausted - beside Marcus. “Tell me everything you know,” she said. ----- In the next parts of the story, Megan meets back up with Cindy and they teach each other everything. Cindy takes the lessons and applies them. If you want at least a part 2, please give this story good ratings and reviews. I wouldn’t want to waste time on a story you guys hate.