My homey bullet vkkr and angei from hp california

My homey bullet vkkr and angei from hp california
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( i do not own this story, all credit goes to the original author, the author posted the story for everyone to see on a totally free story website ) ( side-note: i changed the ending of the ex boyfriend part of the story series.


i felt WAY too bad for him) thanks for reading mah intro, now onto the story!! Deep within the Dr. McNickle's lab her section was closed down and locked from the rest of the building. It wasn't that shocking, she often closed her lab down when working with some of her genetic experiments to ensure that there'd be no accidents or escapes.

So the world outside the lab went by without any worry about the situation. Yet past those doors a very different day was starting for her experiments.

One she hadn't even considered as more than a handful times and even then it was with the normal talk and exchange of ideas that scientists considered. What ifs, might bes, half formed ideas. Yet here she stood in the midst of her lab with a stool drawn up right towards the edge of one of her largest aquariums.

The observational set up was completely clear, even the underside was set on a clear hard plastic stand so that if needed she could look beneath it. Inside the container a pair of snakes was courting as she had seen a hundred times. Only this time one of them wasn't a changed mouse or even a normal snake.

The female seemed frantic and twisted to try and get away from the so eager male that embraced her and caught her up in his coils. The scaled forms stroked and twisted against each other roughly while the smaller of the pair kept trying to twist herself from the hemipenis that was pushed out from his slit.

She tried not to breath faster than normal, tried to ignore the flush that started to creep up along the curves of her cheeks, but it was almost impossible. All she knew was that as the minutes ticked by she grew more and more aroused. She leaned forward on the stool so that her panties were wedged up tightly against her soft mound and she could feel the fact she was growing slick. When it had been simple animals, she had watched everything with a scientist's eye.

Yet here she saw her cheating ex boyfriend getting what he deserved. His virginal form caught up in an animal's as the twin shafts started to push out further from their home inside of the male.

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The doctor looked down at the clear base of the aquarium and stood up to pick up a smaller handheld camera and arranged the tripod beneath the tank. She turned it up and had to kneel down so that she could ensure the shot was captured perfectly.

For a moment the movements of the forms pushed Greg's slit up right against the glass so that a streak of wetness was seen from the earlier lubricant. Or perhaps it was from the drugs that coursed through the serpent's body ensuring that she would make a fertile mate for the snake she had placed into the container. She would find out either which way in just a few moments.

++++ Greg flickered her tongue out into the air while his body was trapped close against the males and he felt the form coiling itself around her own. The scales scraped against his hide and rubbed along the underside of her broader belly. Something thick and slimy scraped against her lower body and she jerked back. What was that? What the hell was that? She tried to look and the movement pulled the male's body forward.

It was a mistake, the moment she had bent her upper body over on itself the snake clenched down and pinned her in place by sheer weight and she found herself looking at something her mind refused to process for the first few minutes. The slit was parted and had expelled a pair of heavy twin cocks. They were nothing like a humans, they were thick and heavy around the base and bristled with barbs and hooks that looked as sharp as a cactus'.

They glittered wetly as the bases expelled a thick drop of viscous wetness from the internal sheath. The male pushed and ground up against the underside of her scales so that she felt how the barbs plucked and tugged against the scales.


She writhed and tried to jerk her head back as the tip of one splattered out a hot pearly drop of precum that hit against her nose.

Without a thought her tongue forced out to lick against her scales and the salty hot taste seemed to roll along her tongue so that she gagged slightly. "Relax, Greg, I think you'll like this. Snakes are far more interesting in shape then a human." The voice mocked her until she wanted to cry, this couldn't be happening! She watched as the cocks pushed down along her form and probed roughly just along the edges of her still lubricated vent.

They spit out hot globs of precum while the male tightened and balled himself up around her. Her body was forced into loops and she tried to jerk her head away from the sight of the tips digging and nudging right against the soft outer folds. The movements made her feel the conical tips as they pushed just under the ridge of scales that protected her vent.

A furious rush of fear ran through her as the tips started to wedge into her body and she felt her passage being strained open in a lewd O to hold them. Thick globs of precum leaked from the tip and spread the heat of the pre to run along the passage. The male clenched his muscled form around her as she felt the hips dig in and she tried to rear her head back with a soundless scream of pain.

The cocks drove into her passage and forced the silken inner walls to stretch open painfully wide. Oh god what was he doing to her? She could feel them grinding against each other as the wedged into her body and her walls stretched to the point pain shot through her.

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She twisted and arched as she tried to pull away from him but the moment she did the barbs flared out and scraped along her tender passage making her body shudder in pain. Her passage burned as the barbs were used to actually hold the cock inside of her before he started sinking back into her again with a lewd squishing noise.

To her horror she felt them start to swell wider inside of her almost immediately. She lunged and rolled against the grip of the male's scaled body around her as they started to strain her wall. They grew large enough that she felt a burning pain start in protest until her walls clenched down in attempt to push him back out of her.

The male jerked his tail back and the spines that lined the shafts flared out and dug into that tender skin. Between the barbs and the sheer swollen girth of them Greg realized even as she jerked her tail and lower body she could tear him free from her body.

The male seemed to realize it as well as he start short clenching movements of his scales that forced her to endure short painful thrusts. ++++ Ann moved her hand down to slide along her thighs, her fingers curled a little bit as she watched the male's cocks plunge into Greg. Her walls stretched so wide that even she had to wince for a virgin snake to be taken so roughly by the larger male. She checked the video and watched as the snake drew out and the red maw of the female's jaws spread open to show the dark inner lining as she felt exactly what those barbs could do.

The doctor knew what they were for, A snake didn't have legs to help hold onto a mate, instead the barbs gave him the traction he needed. No matter how painful it appeared for the newly changed Greg. The snakes coils almost completely balled up around Greg while her head was being forced down so close that it was impossible for her to miss the penetration.

Even from here she could see the wetness being forced out as the female got her first taste of the male. Ann moved her fingers upwards lightly until she was stroking just along her inner thigh.

She looked around, the room only had a few cameras and those were the ones that she controlled the angle of. She let out a breath and finally let her fingers move up to stroke just over her covered mound.

She let her finger tips dance against the soft silken panties and could feel the slight damp line from her own arousal. Some part of her couldn't help but feel the thrill of watching Greg getting her comeuppance after spending the better part of the last few years dealing with his infidelities.

Every emotionally smack in the face, every time she'd come home to find the sheets twisted about and the scent of another perfume on her pillow. It all had injured her one way or another, but she'd ignored it, all until he'd tried to blackmail her into letting him cat around.

She curled her fingers just against her mound and stifled a soft indrawn breath before shivering it out again as Greg was clenched all the tighter in the powerful boa's muscles. Maybe it would change his attitude about women if he was forced to act like a female.

The sort he wanted. A female without a say in what happened to her body and who listened to the male in her life. ++++++ "Oh god, this can't be happening.this can't." Greg thought franticly to herself as she felt the wetness being forced out from her passage and the slickness trailing down her scales. "Ugh s-so deep, why doesn't that bitch stop him!" The male that held her had bunched himself up around her so tightly she could barely move.

His neck twined several times around her own so that she was held close into her body. Each flicker out of her tongue tasted the rank thick musk of his body marking her own as the twin cocks forced deeper into her body. The penetrations weren't the worst of it, it was each time the snake pulled back and she felt the sandpapery flesh abrade her passage that she nearly twisted and writhed around.

The pull backs and the barbs that ran along the twin shafts pulled some of the viscous wet precum out from her so she could see the strands webbing between their bodies. "Interesting, the male subject is using his hemipenis as a single penis on the female.

Subject 'greg' seems to be in some distress from the penetration, although no injury appears to be occurring." The sound of Ann's voice made him feel a rush of shame at what was happening, as if she had to narrate her very rape! The male's twisted form rolled and forced her to move so that she was pushed snugly right up against the glass.

Part of her scales flattened there until he heard the camera being moved and realized that there was a clear shot of the hooked cocks sinking oh so deeply into her body. Her walls clenched down around them and grew slicker while the drawback sent a rush of pain through her again.

Her entire lower body ached until she wanted to start sobbing for it to stop. The taste of hot reptilian sex on the air just made the situation all the worse.

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Every breath sucked in the sexual scents and made her body respond as the males squeezing thrusts started to move faster and harder against her. "You should feel very special, Greg. You see most snakes only use one cock at a time when mating, but you seem to have attracted your new friend's eye quite a bit." The voice taunted her through her humiliation.

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The faster the male worked, the less time she had to try to try and deal with the way her body ached and clutched around him. Instead of the twin shafts being held snug together the tips seemed to want to spread apart inside of her so that her passage was partially gaped open to hold him. Another twist of the snake's body and her head was pushed up against the glass so that one eye saw the video camera trained in on them. Her jaw's gaped in a silent scream as the tips thrust started to come in pulses and she felt how they started to grow in girth.

The slick drops of presemenial fluid leaked inside of her so she could feel the hot globs being splattered out inside of her. A sudden drive of the males form against her gave her the only warning she had as the muscled body clutched her so tightly she was almost sure she was going to be crushed.

The cocks swelled up inside of her and the hooks dug into her flesh with a flash of red hot pain. She tried to rear her head back as the first hot splatter of thick creamy seed erupted from them. The spurts pulsed into her body from both of the cock tips, each one gave little jerks inside of her while she writhed through the feel of the animal breeding her.

Her walls clenched down instinctively and she felt herself pulling the fertile seed deeper into her body as the male just kept his rough grip around her long curved form. Some part of her thought it was going to leak back out, but as she watched the bases pulse through each new spill of cum inside of her, she found that they stretched her tightly enough that it couldn't escape. All of it was being left inside of her! It felt slimy and filthy as it drooled steadily inside of her.

The male slowly let his grip loosen, though his tail kept it's firm hold to keep their bellies pressed together snugly through his orgasm. Greg knew that she could come quite a bit, but this single smaller snake was out producing her in just a minute! She choked on sobs that couldn't be formed in the snake like body, outrage and humiliation flooding her.

"Subject 'Greg' has been successfully bred, my hopes are for a viable mating, but our best chance will be to ensure a clutch of eggs through a series of breedings in the next twenty four hours." Ann's voice was like a cold splash of water to the former male.

Multiple sessions?! ++++ Ann forced her hand away from touching herself, her body felt swollen and heated with her own arousal at having watched her ex be taken by the male snake.

Even as she watched the dark red base of the hemipenis was pulsing and working on flooding the potentially fertile belly full of rich sperm. She stood up and smoothed her skirt down a little bit before she adjusted the camera and trained it just on the joining. The close up shot did nothing to hide the strained female flesh that looked reddened from the brutal penetration and mating.

It did nothing to stop a strange sense of satisfaction and control from running over her mind. She moved around the lab while the pair of snakes enjoyed their time together and started to carefully cover her own steps in regards to Greg the human. The first and foremost issue was that of his clothing, wallet and boots. She gathered them up and put them in a red bad before exiting her lab and went to the shoot that lead down towards the incinerator.

The handy disposal unit she had often shunned as being rather primitive proved just what she needed as she slipped his personal belongings down it. Carefully removing most of the metal that she could find so it wouldn't be left behind. The last thing she needed was for someone to question what had been burned so far. Next she stopped by the small cafeteria where most of the building ate for lunch and spent some time with a few of the other scientists that worked on something similar to her own work.

Not quite on the breeding aspect, but on the idea of genetically modifying species for an increased chance of survival. She pushed her tray onto the table and settled down before affecting a strained and upset appearance. It was harder then she thought, though she found it easier if she kept running through what Greg had told her last night.

His stinging words that had made her realize just why he had stayed with her along as she did. "What's wrong? Project's still not coming out with the right results?" Dr.

Lee leaned over towards her with a furrowed brow. The older gentleman looked ready to lend a commiserating here at least. "No, not that. We're actually quite successful at the moment. I have high hopes." She ran her fingers through her hair, "No, it's just my boyfriend.I mean ex-boyfriend." She trailed off and turned herself towards her food.

"Ahh, I remember him from the Christmas party." Dr. Lee's features wrinkled as he frowned, "The fellow that was flirting with half the interns?

About time you got rid of him!" Ann seized her opening and started to skillfully weave a story about what had happened last night from the original version. The way that she had him come into her very lab dragging their neighbor behind him and obviously set to use her work place as his own hotel.

How angry she had been and how he'd threatened to try and blackmail her with his own version of the 'truth'. To her amazement she felt her vision blurring with tears as she told her colleagues how she'd finally told him to get out of her house by the time she got home.

As they ate lunch she carefully set the plans to where Greg had gone should anyone miss him. Not that he had any real family or friends. Most of his friends were the sort that only came around when he was buying the beer or bringing the girls around. +++++ Greg felt sick to her stomach as she was left alone finally.

She should have felt some relief that Ann was no longer avidly watching her humiliation, but instead she was left alone with an animal. The video was still recording, of that she was sure and all she could do was lay there against the male and stifle back to urge to cry.

She finally tried to move away from him. Her body slithered against the ground as muscles along the underside worked and she felt her belly scales clench and relax to propel her. To her horror she only got half way across the tank before a gut wrenching pain stopped her and she felt herself pulling against the cocks shoved inside of her.

They were locked together like a pair of dogs! She finally just lay still as the male twisted and slide his body up and against her, his head coming up to rest right over hers so the heavy weight pushed her against the ground. As the moments pressed by she felt the splashes of cum move onto to a heavy drool inside of her.

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The thicker stuff pumped out into her with short blasts until she could feel it growing sticky and thickening right around the tips. Whatever it was spilling out seemed to be sticking in clumps right against the very tip making her more uncomfortable. She tried to jerk her tail only to feel the male grind down again in warning so that she stayed still again. It seemed as if hours had passed before the animal started to move himself again.

His body twisted away from her and she turned herself around slightly in the tank to try and yanked her tail free. She ended up close enough she saw the dark red cocks pulling and dragging from her body.

Her outer folds were drawn taut around him as inch by slow inch was drug out of her, they were slippery but at least less swollen then they had been before.

She saw for the first time the spines that ringed around him and had given him purchase as he twisted his tail about and gave one final yank that made her hiss and writhe in pain. The last of the barbs scraped over her tenderized passage until she knew if she were human she would have teared up.

The male left a final disgusting surprise for her as his tips pulled free. The thick gel that he had been pumping out had gathered around them so that when he pulled out it was left behind.

The wet gel like plug stuck partially out of her spread vent in a waxy looking mass that stained the scales along her belly. She could feel it hardening as the air touched it making sure all that seed was carefully sealed inside of her.

She tried to clench her walls down to force it out but the sticky stuff refused to budge and she felt silk just looking at it. She twisted her entire belly down onto the ground and moved to the corner of the tank away from the mail. A trail of wetness followed where her tailed moved as she trembled.

"Ah! I see he's left a plug! Excellent! Though not for our purposes I fear." She heard her ex's voice come from above the tank and felt a sense of dread. "We'll have to remove that for the next process." ++++ Ann looked down at the snake curled into the corner and couldn't miss the glaringly white plug that was sticking out from her sex.

She knew it was to deter other males from mating with the female, but she wanted to give Greg his chance at experiencing all that being a snake had to offer. With a careful move she dropped her hand into the tank and gripped the back of the snakes wedge shaped head and watched the coils twist in protest while the head tried to jerk to bite her.

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At least her former boyfriend still had some spirit left in her after her ordeal. She lifted the heavy body out and carefully avoided touching the plug as she moved to snake back over to the exam table. It took a few minutes to snap the long sinuous body into the restraints, each coiled inch seemed to try to bunch up to stop the treatment no matter how she shifted the form around.

She finally forced the head and neck into the stand and carefully positioned the lower body so that the snake had a close up view of her own freshly mated vent. The sticky strands of the gel plug had webbed around the outer folds and kept her firmly held open.

The doctor licked her lips a little bit at the way the females body had been so obviously mated and used while settling onto a stool. "Normally this plug would be used to ensure no other males could inseminate you, but today I'm going to see if we can provide multiple fathers to a single large clutch." She gave a slight smile.

"You see one mating can often times result in three different clutches of eggs as the sperm are stored inside of a female. It should stand to reason that if a single female were mated with multiple males a larger reservoir of potential genetic material would be left behind giving us clutches with multiple fathers." +++++ Greg stared down at her own vent with a growing sense of horror.

The scent of male was abrasive to her tongue and the goo was disgustingly sticky. There were places that it had streaked against her scales from her movements! Ann's words were more distressing then the sight of what had happened to her.

Did she really think that she'd become pregnant? The woman was out of her mind!

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There was no way she'd get pregnant! God she wished this was some sort of strange dream that she'd wake up from. Any minute now she'd jerk awake and be away from this awful place and the mad scientist that seemed to insist on using her for an experimental animal! She winched as a pair of white gloved fingers moved down and spread either side of her scales before a set of clamps were brought out. The probing metal tips pushed against her abused opening so that she tensed and struggled against the bonds to get away from the sensation.

It was horrifying and humiliating to be treated like this! Ann's clamps moved carefully in and sank into the flesh of the gel plug with a slight squishing noise that made Greg freeze in disgust.

Next there was a strange and horrible feeling of pressure and movement as the doctor pulled against the tools that gripped the edge of the plug. The plug moved slowly along her inner passage, it pulled against her vent as it was tugged and forced outwards. She had thought it was just a small plug, instead the white gooey thing that was pulled out inch by inch was nearly two inches long and jiggled sickeningly as it was freed from her body.

Her internal walls clenched in protest of the movement so soon inside of her. Finally the last bit of the fleshy plug was freed from her leaving her vent gaping open for a moment until she could clench down.

She watched the scales ripple as she tried to seal herself but her former girlfriend wasn't finished yet. A damp cotton ball came down and swabbed over her scales bringing a new scent into play.

It wasn't male, it was oh so very sharply female. "Your former mate left pheromones behind most males would find less than appealing, so we'll refresh the scent of a female snake in season to let the other two have their chance to enjoy you." If the words were meant to be comforting, they weren't.

Greg threw herself against the restraints to try and get herself free. +++++ Ann watched the struggling snake and glanced over at the tank and the male that had curled himself up under the heat lamp with every evidence of having enjoyed himself.

She looked back at the twisting and angry female snake and decided that she'd remove the risk of the males being injured by her. The last thing she wanted was an endangered species being bitten or hurt by the unwilling changed female. She stood up from her stool after carefully disposing of the gel plug and went over to the snake enclosures. She looked over the various males and picked out two she hadn't used in any breeding projects yet.

They were due to have their attempt at mating a female. She easily handled the tame males, one on each hand as they coiled about her wrists and she kept them out of view of each other for now to prevent any fights. The presence of Greg should keep them from growing too aggressive each other when they were on the table.

After all they were known to gang up on females in the wild and here was one ready and presented for them to take their chance with. She placed the larger of the males up at the end of the table of Greg's head while the smallest was closer to her tail to let them both have a chance at her. The males unwound from her hands eagerly as their tongues started to dance on the air at the pheromones that laced the air around the bound snake.

"Our two male subjects have been introduced into the in season female. The hope is to achieve normal wild behavior and the two will take their chances at copulating with her with the strongest winning out.

This is hoped to have a more aggressive and successful mating." She recorded as she pulled her chair up to observe, but not of course, before making sure one of the videos was set up to watch the sight of the trio for her records. ++++ Greg watched in horror as a male slide free on the table near her tail and she tensed in her restraints. She wanted out! She couldn't even bite at him! The male's head nuzzled up along the slender curve of her tail while the tongue danced along the pale broad scales of her stomach making her ripple the muscles.

She didn't realize just how deep the hole she'd gotten into was until a blunt snout ran up along the back of her neck and a broad head came into view. The larger darker of the males started to coil himself up around the restraints and her neck as he moved and started to take in her scent.

Two males? She wanted to put two males at her?! A wave of disgust washed over her as the smaller male slide upwards and she felt the twin tongue tips dance right over her sore folds.

The blunt snout nosed against them before the head turned to the side and he started to push and wedge under her body to wrap himself around her. The movements dragged scale over scale on her so that she wanted to bolt away from both of them!

This was wrong, so very wrong! Why wasn't anyone coming to save her? She shuddered as the larger male started to slide along her side, his larger bulk rubbed against her as he seemed to mark her with his musk while he went. For a moment when the pair came near each other she expected them to hiss and fight, to leave her alone in a bout of male jealousy! Instead the pair barely acknowledged each other as the smaller of the two started to wrap her tail along her own and she felt the slippery twin cocks pushing out against her.

They left a trail of wetness against her scales and she threw herself back against the restraints in a panic. She was still sore, she couldn't do this again! The smaller male didn't seem to care as his tail coiled over hers and she felt something digging along her vent.

The spined tip bumped and pushed along her until she felt it scraping right against her tender folds. The larger male seemed to realize that he was going to lose his chance because suddenly the bulk of him twisted against her body and the other snake. A larger shaft jutted out and started to push against her demandingly as if trying to find her entrance as well and she pulled her head back as far as it would go in horror.

The moment of distraction let the smaller male take his chance and a sudden lunge and stab made her silently scream out in paint as her walls were strained open around his slippery cock tip, the other cock pushed lewdly right against her scales and leaked a trail of precum against her. The larger male didn't seem to care the other had gotten ahold of her first either.

He wrapped his scaled body around her bound one and started to try and wedge himself into her aching vent to join the other.

Inch by slow inch she felt the cock digging into her next to the other males, it forced her to stretch and strain until her world exploded in a rush of pain and some strange pleasure. The male's tail coiled against his rivals and hers until he hilted deep inside of her aching body. She could feel them swelling open wider to lock inside of her passage, and his second cock pushed against the side of her vent to drool his seed down along her dark scales.

The disgusting feel of the viscous liquid made her shudder from her head all the way down to her tail. How could this be happening to her? How? How had this happened? The pair of males didn't care If she was unwilling, their senses told her she was fertile and in season. They started to clench and squeeze around her tail so that the spined cocks pulled in and out, the barbs flared open and abrading her channel that was already sore.

It hurt and burned as they worked inside of her. The smaller male would pull himself outwards just as the larger one dug his larger cock deeper inside of her and vice versa.

They pumped and rocked inside of her leaving thick globs of precum to lubricate her inner body. Horribly she could feel something wet and slippery being pushed out of her and watched in horror as the former male's semen was being pushed out around them. Her body was yawned open so wide she thought she was about to tear, but the males didn't care. They kept their squeezing thrusts while she watched their other cocks grinding and pushing against her scales.

They left slimy trails against her, the spines caught against the edges of her scales while their other cocks were sheathed firmly inside of her. Her bindings rocked as the larger male wrapped his neck around her own and started to thrust harder. Instead of out maneuvering the smaller male, it just coaxed him into matching his rivals speed.

A lewd squelching noise echoed in her ears as they crammed in deep and then pulled out as the pair started to work up in speed inside of her. She sucked in breath after ragged breath, she tried to turn her head away from the sight. The bubbling cum that was forced from her, the sight of the red cocks raping her and stabbing deep enough to make her walls clench down in protest.

The moment her head turned she found herself staring at Ann's avidly watching face. Her ex's eyes locked on the sight of watching the bound snake being raped. She wasn't even helping! Greg felt a harder stab inside of her as the smaller make drove himself in deep, the barbs flared open until they were digging in roughly inside of her velvety passage.

She wanted to deny what was going to happen, she wanted to stop it, but she couldn't. The cock swelled open wider inside of her as the tip tried to dig as deep as it could. The larger male didn't stop himself for his counterpart, instead he just kept messily thrusting. The sensations started to build up so that she couldn't ignore the sudden lurch of the smaller snakes cock. The first hot thick wash of cum bubbled up from him and splattered against the larger males cock.

The thrusts just forcing that seed deeper inside of her while she watched his humiliated terror at what was happening. The larger male hissed and clenched his coils around her roughly as he finally drove himself into her body. The rough movement forced her body to clamp around him as he grew swollen and heavy.

Her abused vent yawned so tightly around the pairs cocks she felt the steady ache and burn of the barbs digging into her. The larger of the cock ground in until she felt his scaled belly almost rubbing her own before he started to pulse in the first thick wave of seed was let out inside of her. Her walls tried to clench around him as the cocks pulsed in opposite time of each other.

The disgusting feeling of semen being flooded into her body made her want to be sick.

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Oh god, this couldn't be happening! It couldn't! Pulse after pulse, the cocks rubbed and stroked against each other. They flooded out hot ropes of cum that drooled into her passage to be drawn up into her. Somehow she knew billions of sperm were being let loose to ravage her, possibly impregnate her. Was this what Ann wanted as revenge!? Another pulse and another thick gooey glob of sperm rich semen splattered into her body followed by the second cock close behind.

Forming a cocktail of the three males come inside of her belly. She watched helplessly as they kept giving little clenching pulls to stir their shafts inside of her and rubbed against each other.

The spines stimulating her body weather she wanted it too or not. "The males have both successfully penetrated her and inseminated. Holding true for the species, they will likely use their other penis to mate her hoping to ensure the clutch will be thiers." Ann's voice came slightly breathy from behind her and she felt a sense of dread.

"We will allow the males to mate with her again if they show the inclination and then will introduce a serum to speed up the egg laying protest." There was a click as the recorder was turned off again and she felt the smaller male give a sudden lurch inside of her. She could almost feel the ropes of cum oozing deeper into her body weather she wanted it or not.

The disgusting trail of it staining her passage and making her want to be anywhere but here. Anywhere but held in the grip of two pairs of snakes while being raped with her ex watching.

Ann's voice came again and seemed specifically to address her. "You should sleep while you can, Greg,we're going to have a long evening. But don't worry, Terry will be here to help make sure your egg laying goes smoothly. If the serum works you'll be laying three clutches of eggs at once. Congratulations, Greg, you're my success.


My shining example to introduce to my backers and after they see this video I'll be well funded for the rest of my career." Ann's voice was lilting and pleased, while Greg just felt a bone deep dread.

Another hot splatter of cum washed inside of her as if to make sure she knew her new place in the scheme of the Lab's world.