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Novinho da rola super grossa
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"Fuck me harder!" Cynthia Young screamed at her new husband. It was their honeymoon, they were in Paris, France and they were staying at a fancy hotel.

Cynthia's husband was George Young, he was the son of a famous musician and was himself a successful lawyer in California. At 22 years old Cynthia was younger than the 35 year old George. They met at a party held by a mutual friend and fell in love. A year later they were married and owned a house in San Fransisco. Cynthia was on her hands and knees in front of George as he slowly plunged his stiff cock into her warm pussy.

At her request he picked up the pace and the bedroom was filled with a loud slapping noise as his pelvis slapped against her big butt. George reached forward underneath Cynthia to grab each of her wonderful D cup tits and used them as handles to force her back onto his rod. Cynthia began to moan as she neared her orgasm, George didn't slow as her vaginal muscles began to constrict around his pulsing tool.

He didn't get in many more thrusts before she came with a powerful orgasm and a loud scream. This drove George over the edge and he came hard, deep into his wife for the second time that day. Once George finished cumming he pulled out his softening cock with a slurp sound from his satisfied wife's cunt. He lied down on the bed and pulled his wife into an embrace and they kissed before crawling under the covers and falling asleep.

The week had been a busy one for the couple as the wedding and the flight had kept them tired and separated until today when they made love for the first time in a month. The rest of their weekend had some fun planned for the couple involving museums, food, and of course plenty more sex.

By the time they were at the airport preparing for the ride home they had fucked a dozen times over the three days. They were in first class and they planned on having sex one more time before they were back in California. During the flight while everyone else was sleeping they made their way back to the restroom and had a quickie so they could say they were members of the mile high club. They went back to their seats and went to sleep like everyone else.

After the plane landed they got their bags and headed out they got in the car they had called and the driver took them home. Their new home was a gift from George's father as a wedding present, it was a beautiful two story building with three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms. George only had the week off, while Cynthia didn't work anymore. They spent the week together having plenty of sex but George was distracted thinking about work the next week.

The next week George went back to work and Cynthia spent most days alone. She went for walks and met the neighbours and was invited to join a group of housewives to get together twice a week. At first Cynthia was fine with her alone time and used it to learn how to cook and she read many of the great books she'd heard of but never read herself.

By her fourth week back she had morning sickness and she wasn't feeling very good most of the time which limited the amount of activity she could do. Cynthia went to store and bought a variety of pregnancy tests she tried each one and all but one had the same result.

She was pregnant. Cynthia scheduled an appointment with her doctor and thought about what was next. Her appointment came up and her doctor did some tests and confirmed what the store tests had said, she was pregnant. Cynthia went home and waited for George, when he got home she shared her news with him. He was very excited by the news and they called their parents to tell them about the recent development in their lives.

Everyone was happy for them and their parents were excite to be grandparents. The couple did all the usual baby things like the shower and the ultrasound. Cynthia was very happy that George had found the time to be with her through the pregnancy and that he was still willing to have sex with her. Nine months later she gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

They decided to name him Matthew after Cynthia's deceased older brother. ----------------17 years later--------------------------------- "Mom! Where's my red hat?!", the now 17 year old Matt yelled to his Mother in the other room. He was on summer break from school and had been spending most of his time with his friends.

"Did you check the hook?", Cynthia yelled back to her somewhat spoiled only child. "Found it! Thanks Mom!", With that she heard the door open and close as her son went off to his friend's house. She took this opportunity and opened her nightstand and took out her vibrator.

She stripped down and began rubbing her nipples with the vibrating toy as she thought about Hugh Jackman from a movie she had taken her son to.

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Since the birth of Matt the amount of sex she had with George had dwindled and recently they only had sex on birthdays and holidays. This had caused quite a bit of desire from Cynthia which she tried to squelch with toys. She took the toy down below and rubbed it against her clit before sliding her toy into her hot cunt. She let out a little gasp at the intrusion and quickly brought herself to an orgasm and put her toy away before the pool guy could come by.

Almost on cue as she was putting her bra back on there was a knock at the door. She opened the door and there was their pool guy Jake, he was only 23 years old and was a lifeguard when not cleaning pools.

His physique was like a lifeguard on television and Cynthia occasionally thought about him instead of Hugh Jackman. She led him out back and opened the gate so he could get to the pool.

She went back inside and watched him from her bedroom window, he took his shirt off and began cleaning the pool. Cynthia got really turned on and began playing with herself as Jake cleaned the pool outside. When he bent over to test the ph of the water she got a view of his butt and she decided right then that she was going to sleep with him next week.

George came home an hour after Jake finished and Cynthia explained that Matt was at a friend's house and would be back for dinner.


She was still kind of horny so she hoped the now fifty year old would join her in bed for some fun. She whispered some dirty talk in his ear and asked him if he wanted to go upstairs. He complained of being tired and was going to go to bed after dinner and he walked off to his den for a drink. Cynthia was disappointed but not surprised and this just strengthened her resolve to sleep with the pool boy. The week flew by and before she knew it, it was Wednesday again.

The boys were gone until late in the evening so she took out her bathing suit and put it on. She still looked great in her two piece suit with her tight body and her DD tits.

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She went out back with a towel and relaxed by the pool and waited for Jake. Within twenty minutes Jake was at the door, she heard him knock and she called out that she was out back. She got on her stomach and waited for him. Once she heard the gate close she could almost feel his gaze on her beautiful ass, almost exposed beneath her skimpy suit.

"Do you mind putting some sun screen on my back?", she asked the nervous poolboy as innocently as possible. "Sure", Jake said nervously as he put down his net and picked up the bottle of sun screen. He went up to her and squirted some into his hand he was about to start when she reached back and undid the knot in her top allowing the strings to slide to her sides.

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Jake was even more nervous now as he applied the sun screen with a full view of this beautiful MILF's side boob. He felt his cock swell and his pants tighten, but he thought he hid it well from his boss. He finished her back and went to walk away when he heard her say something, "Can you get my legs too?" things were going exactly as she planned.

The boys cock was eve bigger than she expected. She got a good look at his boner when he was rubbing her back. "Yeah", Jake was starting to get excited. He had seen enough porn that he had an idea of where this was going. He played along and rubbed the lotion on her legs and when he got to her thighs he intentionally touched her pussy, Which was hotter than he expected. He finished her legs and went to walk away again, "Turn around big boy." He heard his boss say behind him, he turned around and he saw the most wonderful thing he'd ever seen, a pair of huge naked glistening tits.

Cynthia was done with her teasing, Jake touched her pussy when applying the lotion and she knew he was interested in feeling the inside. She stood up and called out to the young boy as he walked away. He turned and his jaw dropped. She sauntered over to him and kissed him deeply on the lips. He kissed back and they began running their hands over each others bodies.

She broke the kiss and led him to her room, she shoved him down onto the bed, threw her swim suit onto the chair in the corner and went about peeling the boys clothes off.

It was at this point Matt snick back in the house. He forgot something in his room and since he didn't see his mom, he figured she was sleeping. Matt walked to his room and picked up his controller and was on his way down stairs when he heard a slurping sound from his mom's room. He used a worm like spy cam he got for his birthday to see what was happening. He slid the camera into his mom's room and was shocked when he saw his mom giving the pool guy a blow job.

He quickly got his camera out put it back in his room and left the house as quietly as possible and walked back to his friends house. He had a boner he couldn't explain and weird thoughts in his head. The next Friday Matt pretended to be sick and stayed home while his mom went shopping.

He took a wireless pin camera and hid it on the wall across from the bed. He used his laptop to position it properly and set it up to record an hour long video every hour onto an external hard drive.

He went back to his room and hid his computer and hard drive before slipping into his bed and pretending to be sick. His mother came home and checked on him before carrying on her way. Matt pretended to get better as the day went on and eventually had a full recovery. The week was normal for Cynthia as she looked forward to Wednesday, all Matt got from his mom was video of her changing and masturbating every other day. Then Wednesday night Matt saw something that surprised him. Jake knocked on the door and Cynthia answered immediately because she was standing at the door waiting.

She opened the door and Jake got a big smile because his boss was only wearing a robe and he could see the tops her tits. She pulled him inside, upstairs, and into her room.

She assisted him in taking his clothes off before she pushed him down and removed her robe. Jake's 9 inch tool immediately sprang to life and she straddled his face as shove dove mouth first onto his veiny rod. She bobbed her head up and down as she devoured his cock and he licked her desperate pussy.

The attention on her crotch caused her to moan onto his cock sending shivers down his spine with the vibrations.

When Jake reached his full potential Cynthia moved around to face him as she slid down onto his massive cock. When she reached the hilt she bent forward and kissed him deeply on the lips.

He grabbed her boobs and gently massaged them as he slowly began ramming his dick into her warm pussy. She let out a low moan with each thrust and Jake began increasing his speed while he nibbled and sucked on her sensitive pink nipples. Jake continued speeding up and the volume of Cynthia's moans increased. Jake let go of her tits and watched them bounce as he powered into her cunt.

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Until she came and her moans stopped as she squirmed on top of the boy slowly pumping his dick into her cunt. When her orgasm subsided she climbed off and knelt in front of him in her favourite position waiting for his stiff cock to enter her wet pussy.

He got off the bed and pulled her to the edge of the bed and slipped his rod into her waiting hole. He went slow at first, holding her tits and twisting her nipples between his fingers. He began speeding up using her breasts to add momentum by forcing her back to meet his cock. This move caused Cynthia to remember her honeymoon and she regretted her affair with this stud, but she moved on after remembering her relationship lately.

Jake powered into her cunt and soon he came deep in her pussy which brought up her second. Cynthia wasn't worried she'd get pregnant again because the doctor had told her after her son was born that she had a disorder that had killed most of her eggs by that time.

After she told George they saved some eggs at a bank and tried to have a baby but couldn't do it before the last of her eggs died a year later. Jake put his clothes back on and went out to clean the pool while Cynthia slept. When Matt got home Jake had left two hours before and his mother was starting dinner. Matt went to his room and checked the footage and found what he'd been waiting for. His mother was getting screwed by the pool guy and he had been getting hard watching his mother cheat on his father with the help.

He rewound the video and jerked himself off while watching the video. After he came he felt ashamed of himself but wanted the real thing nonetheless. The next day Matt decided to confront his mom about the video.

He made a DVD of the video and hid a few copies in his computer under different names to keep it safe. He took the DVD and put it in the player in the living room.

He called his mom in and began playing the video. When she saw the video her jaw dropped, she had no idea she was being filmed and was humiliated and ashamed that her son had filmed her infidelity. "Mom I know what you've been doing", Matt said with a misleading stern look on his face. In the video his mom was sucking on Jakes cock and moaning. "Please don't tell your Father. Please, I can't have him leave me." Cynthia pleaded with her son hoping to convince him to keep her secret.

"I'll keep your secret mom. On one condition", Matt said with a bit of a grin. "I'll do anything just don't tell your dad", She said desperate to keep her secret. "Great!

You will do whatever I say whenever I saw am I understood?" Matt said cheerfully. "Yes Matthew I understand", she said happy her secret was going to be safe. "First thing's first, you're done having sex with Jake", "I understand, I'll tell him on Wednesday" "That is all for now. I'll call for you if I have anything else. One more thing, when we are alone you will refer to me as Master.

Understand?" "Yes Master, I understand." Matt turned off the DVD and took it back to his room and hid it. He had big plans for his new slave but he was going to take his time. He opened his computer and opened notepad. He wrote out a quick timetable for his progression: Day 1-5: Establish dominance.

Demand small favours (Meals, beverages, chores) Day 6-10: Demand driver service for me and my friends. Day 11-15: Demand alcohol and money.

Day 16-25: Nudity, Hand jobs, and Blow jobs Day 26-35: Sex Day 35: Anal Matt saved his file into a folder hidden in his computer. He could always edit his timetable if anything were to happen to force a change of schedule.

Matt went downstairs to find his mom. She was in the kitchen smoking a cigarette when he found her. "Mom I want pizza for dinner tonight", Matt demanded in a casual tone to test his mother. "Yes Master", she said with a smile thinking this was all he was going to do with his new power over her. Matt went into the living room and turned on the television he found a movie he liked and got comfortable.

"Mom get me a coke!", Matt yelled his latest demand to his mother. A minute later there was a can of coke in front of him and his mother was waiting for any more demands. "Do my chores for me." Matt demanded his mother. "Yes Master", with that she was off to his room to tidy up and make his bed. The rest of the day went similarly well for Matt and he went to sleep having had his favourite food for dinner and not having to do any work. The next few days were similar to the first, then on day 6 Matt demanded a ride for he and his friends to the mall.

His mom was fine with this so they got in the car and went to the mall with Matt's the friends. He made similar demands for the next few days with his mothers cooperation. Then on day 11 he demanded a bottle of scotch.

At first Cynthia was going to protest but she just gave him another "Yes Master" and was off to get his scotch. When she got home Matt demanded $50. This was one of his easier demands, she simply took her wallet and pulled out two twentys and a ten then handed them to her son with the alcohol. That night Matt got drunk and in the morning regretted his decision.

He told his mom to get him whatever her favourite alcohol was and $100. He went to his bed and lied down, pretty soon his mother was back and she gave him a dozen cans of hard lemonade. He left them in the mini fridge in his room and fell asleep. Matt abandoned his plan for days 11-15 and rested off his hangover instead. On day 16 Matt built up all his courage to complete his task. He called his mom to his room, he was shaking because of how nervous he was.

When his mother arrived she looked kind of boring in her baggy clothes. Matt knew from the video there was some awesomeness underneath her clothes."Take off you clothes" Matt demanded with a tremble in his voice.

His mother was shocked by this command, "Honey, Think about what you're saying. I'm your mother that isn't right." "I know what I'm doing slut, now take of your clothes!", Matt yelled at his mother in the firmest tone he'd ever used before.

With a look of disappointment and disgust she responded in a tone of rejection, "Yes master". Then she quickly removed her shorts and baggy t-shirt to expose her bra and panties. She held her hands out as if to say "Is this enough". "All of your clothes slut!", Matt demanded of his mother with a bit of the tremble back in his voice. Cynthia quickly took off her panties and bra and covered as much as she could with her hands.

Matt peeled off his clothes and sat down on his bed. "Do a dance", Matt demanded with a firm grasp of his dick. She started swaying back and forth with her hands covering her privates. Matt picked up a remote, pressed a few buttons and some music started. "Move your arms when you dance", Matt told his mother as he began stroking himself. She dropped her hand to her sides and Matt got a full view of his mother and he almost came right there. Her big tits swayed back and forth as she danced along to the music.

Matt's eyes went down to her crotch where he noticed she hadn't shaved since he told her to break it off with Jake. "Come over here", Matt demanded his mother.

She was hesitant but went over anyway. "Give me a hand job", Matt said casually while leering at his mothers massive breasts. "Matthew, this is very inappropriate.

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Please reconsider", Cynthia begged her son not to make her do such a thing. "I've thought about this since the day I found you sucking on Jake's dick, now start rubbing" Until now Cynthia had managed to avoid looking at her son's developed penis but now she couldn't stop staring.

He was much larger than his father and almost as large as Jake. She reached down feigning disgust but now she wanted it. It had been over two weeks since she'd had sex with a man and now she was thinking of the unimaginable, which was having sex with her own son. She began stroking his long cock as she pretended to be disgusted by the act, giving her son a look of derision while inside she yearned to be filled by his young cock.

Her focus was broken when her son gave another order,"Touch yourself while you suck my cock". Without thinking she grabbed the thing at the base and lowered her mouth onto it.

As his dick slid down her throat she reached down and began rubbing her clit with one hand while she braced herself against her son's leg with the other. When Matt grabbed her by the hair and began forcing her head to increase the speed with which she sucked his dick, she slipped two fingers into her slick cunt and began slowly fucking herself with her fingers to try and suppress her desire for his organ. Before long he shot his load down her throat and forced his cock all the way into her mouth as he came.

Once he released her head she stood up got dressed and went into the master bathroom. She ran the shower but she had no intention of washing, instead she took her electric toothbrush and slid it into her pussy and masturbated with her makeshift vibrator until she came. She rinsed her hair, dried off and got dressed and went back downstairs to make some lunch for her son. Matthew couldn't believe what had just happened, he had forced his mother to give him a blow job and for a while she seemed to actually like it.

He started to rethink his plan a bit. If his mother was so willing to do this, maybe it won't be long until he fucks her. With that thought Matt showered, dressed and went downstairs to find his mother making him a grilled cheese sandwich. He ate his sandwich in silence occasionally he caught his mom staring at him with a look that to him seemed to be a look of desire.

He had another bold demand for his slutty mother, "Tomorrow morning after dad leaves for work you will wake me with your best blow job." "Yes Master", once again she made her body lie with a look of disappointment about her sons actions. She couldn't wait for tomorrow, she felt she would need to masturbate before giving her son his blow job so she doesn't explode with desperation.

The night went as usual as George came home, ate dinner, worked on a case and fell asleep on the couch in his office. The only thing unusual was the fact that instead of Matt masturbating it was Cynthia while imagining her son.

They both slept well that night excited about their futures. The next morning Cynthia saw her husband off to work. Then once he was away masturbated frantically to get off before it was time to wake Matt.

Matt was so excited about his blow job that he had woken up twenty minutes before his father left and waited patiently for his mother to come service him. Matt waited thirty minutes and became worried when she didn't show. But two minutes later she was opening his door and she was wearing the sexy robe she was wearing when he filmed her with Jake.

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She lifted his sheets and she saw his half hard cock. Even in this state it was more impressive than his father's. She stood beside his bed, knelt down and placed his cock in her mouth. She sucked slowly and carefully at first but once he was hard she increased her speed and worked to try and get him to cum in her mouth. She found it strange that he didn't seem to wake until he came in her mouth. "Morning slut", Matt said cheerfully as his mother stood up and one of her tits fell out.

Without thinking he reached out and removed the sash from her robe, it fell open before she could react and Matt got a full view. He focused on her crotch and was surprised to find she had shaved her pubes into a short rectangle above her lips. "Was that for me?", Matt asked with a smug look on his face. "No it's for me. I like it this way.", she lied trying cover her tracts before he realized the truth. "Open up! Let me see it", Matt said, confident that he would be fucking his mom by the end of the day.

She opened her robe and dropped it to the floor in a pile around her feet. "Come join me", Matt said patting the open side of his bed after scooting to the far side. Cynthia hesitated before joining her naked son in his bed. Once she was beside him he grabbed her by the chin and they had a deep kiss.

To Matt's surprise she didn't push him away.


This was going to happen. He reached down and began rubbing his mom's pussy and she still didn't move away he slid two fingers in and rubbed her clit with his palm as he fingered her pussy.

Cynthia couldn't believe it was happening, she was done pretending and she was going to have sex with her son. He began playing with her pussy so she repayed the favour and worked to get his cock back to it's earlier rock hard status. Once he was hard Matt removed his fingers and lifted his mom to straddle his upper thighs just below his balls.

In one quick move she leaned forward and moved her hips to take his cock into her pussy. She waited a moment while leaning forward and her son took a nipple into his mouth. Soon he released her nipple and she sat upright. She had become accustomed to her intruder and began bouncing up and down on his crotch. Her giant tits bounced with her as they threatened to hit her in the face on each bounce. Matt thrust up to meet his mother's pussy at the bottom of her bounce increasing the force.

It only took a few minutes of this movement before she came and she came hard squirting a little bit onto his chest. He rolled them over so he was on top, he began thrusting in and out slow at first taking his time then he did quick bursts of rapid thrusts before returning to his slow pace. He worked this alternating rhythm for ten minutes before his mom had her second orgasm this one wasn't as powerful as the first but she was almost screaming with each thrust so he stopped and gave her a break.

After playing with her tits as she relaxed beneath him, Matt pulled out and lied on his side and pulled his mother into his embrace and slid his soaking wet cock back into her hungry pussy. She moaned as he slid into her sensitive opening and she shuddered a little when she reached the end of his rod. He pulled back and began thrusting into his mother from behind, he could feel his own orgasm coming so he sped up to get her to her a third orgasm, then he came, it was the hardest he had ever cum in his life.

He pumped so much into her that some was leaking out around his cock. The warm sensation was enough to send his mother over the edge and she came with him, she fell asleep after recovering from her third strong orgasm in half an hour. Matt was very happy, he had achieved his goal in half the time he expected and made it a memorable encounter in case it was their last.

He left his mom to sleep for a while but woke her so he could clean his bed and avoid his father's suspicion. She gathered her clothes and left the room closing the door behind her. Cynthia was ashamed of what she had just done, she gave in to her desires and committed incest. She showered and dressed before heading downstairs, she made some coffee and poured some whiskey into hers.

She sat on the couch and waited for her son to come down. Five minutes later Matt made his way downstairs to talk to his mom about what had just happened. "Hey mom", Matt said to Cynthia sounding as calm as possible. She didn't even look up, she just gave a wave and took a sip of coffee. Matt could tell his mother didn't approve of what they had done.

He didn't understand why, they both loved each other and they both enjoyed it, but his mother was moping on the couch. He sat beside her and put an arm around her. "What's wrong?", Matt asked his mother as if he didn't already know the answer. "We committed incest!", Cynthia barked at her son. "You forced me to suck your.thing and then you fucked me!" Cynthia said again using a hushed tone laced with anger. "You didn't need to get in my bed. You could have at least protested, but you didn't, you wanted to do it as bad as I did.

Now you're trying to defend yourself by blaming me for your actions!" Matt tried to use a calmer tone than his mother's but his emotions won out he found himself almost yelling at the end.

"Just because we wanted to, doesn't mean we should have. It was wrong and we should be ashamed of our actions." she said while averting her gaze from her son toward her coffee. "I am not going to be ashamed of having sex with a beautiful woman I love. You should not be ashamed that you sought comfort in the only person in your life who still loves you." Matt's sentiments brought a tear to his mother's eye and she hugged him.

Matt could tell that his mother was done with their affair, for now he'd have to wait until she was ready. He hoped that day would be soon so he could once again be with the woman he loved. The next week Cynthia got together with some of the neighbourhood housewives. Since she moved in Cynthia had become the leader for their little group. Many of the women who were there when she moved in were gone and now there was a new group of women in their 30's and 40's with nothing better to do than drink wine and talk.

The group consisted of five other women; Judy (31 years old, One daughter (7), 5'5", brunette, DD breasts) Barbara (34 years old, no kids, 5'6", blonde, C breasts) Megan (35 years old, One son (10) and One daughter (12), 5'3", blonde, D breasts) Susan (40 years old, One daughter (17), 5'9", ginger, DD breasts) Heather (45 years old, Two daughters (20, 22), 5'6", brunette, DD breasts) Most of the other women in the group had work done, and were all thin women.

All of the women had husbands with fancy jobs but none worked themselves. When the girls started talking they started with their families. Heather's two girls were off at college.

Megan's daughter was dating Susan's son and Susan's daughter was starting high school at the same school as Matt. This got Susan talking to Cynthia about Matt and her daughter going out some time.

Cynthia felt like dismissing her but decided to tell Matt and let him choose. Eventually the wine loosened up the ladies and they began talking about their sex lives. Some of the women were in the same situation as Cynthia seemed to be in, no sex from the husband. They were talking about how they relieved themselves when Judy revealed that she thought about Matt. A hush fell over the room until Cynthia started to laugh. Susan asked "what was so funny?" Cynthia drunken response was, "You should see the real thing!" The women were curious about what she was talking about.

Cynthia explained the whole story including her affairs with Jake and Matt. The women in the room were stunned. Heather was the first to speak up, "So, what are they packing?" Everyone turned to Cynthia waiting for a response, they didn't need to wait long, "They're pretty big.

Jake's probably nine or ten inches and Matt's maybe an inch shorter." The women were intrigued by this news, they asked for Jake's number and left. The only other women remaining were Megan and Barbara who apparently had great sex lives. When Cynthia got home she told Matt about Susan's daughter being interested. Matt got excited by the news and went to call her. Matt called Susan's daughter, Amanda, and set up a date for Saturday. Saturday rolled around and Matt picked up Amanda in his car for their date.

They went to the theatre to see a new sci-fi movie, but they didn't end up watching much of it. At the beginning of the movie they were holding hands, twenty minutes in and they were kissing, by the forty minute mark Amanda was stroking Matt's cock and he was fingering her warm pussy.

They were at the back of the theatre but still made sure no one was looking. An hour into the movie and Amanda had replaced her hand with her mouth. He came in her mouth and she had her orgasm which got the attention of the rest of the theatre.


They quickly made their way out to the car, Amanda's parents were gone for the weekend so they went there. They went inside and made their way to her parents room. They pushed the door open, Matt grabbed Amanda and began kissing her deeply, they made their way to the bed where she pushed him down.

She pulled his shirt off and his pants down, she turned on a CD player in the corner and set it to a sexy song. She began dancing for him slowly peeling off her clothes revealing her wonderful D cups.

She pulled down her skirt so all she had left was her g-string panties and she climbed on top of him and began kissing his body. She made her way down his neck, onto his chest and down his stomach to his boxers.

She peeled them off and got her first view of his powerful tool. She wrapped her mouth around his cock and worked the length of him down her throat. She worked his shaft up and down for several minutes until he was hard as steel.

She stood up and finished her tease by facing away from him, and bending over as she lowered her panties to the floor exposing her freshly shaven pussy to her horny neighbour. She picked up her panties and climbed onto Matt's lap she shoved her panties into his mouth and took his cock into her needing pussy. She lowered herself slowly until she was at the end, she waited there for a moment as she adjusted to the large tool in her cunt.

Then she began bouncing little slow bounces at first, but then she began taking bigger bounces. She rose so only the tip remained inside then slammed back down each time a low moan escaped her lips as she neared an orgasm. Matt was in awe of the young woman straddling his hips. Amanda's red hair flowed around her head down to her shoulders, perfectly framing her beautiful pale face and her sharp blue eyes.

Matt snapped back as Amanda reached her orgasm, her light spasms and deep rolling moan caught his attention as she halted her rhythmic bouncing in favour of small gyrations. When her orgasm subsided she rolled off his cock and took the soaking wet tool in her mouth and tasted her own juices off his pulsing member.

Matt removed Amanda's panties from his mouth and tossed them aside, he picked her up and placed her on her hands and knees he stood behind her and plunged into her warm love tunnel. He made long slow thrusts removing all but the head before slowly thrusting back in he repeated several times before he began to speed up.

As he increased speed he grabbed her hips and began forcing her back against his thrusts. Matt soon felt the familiar tingling in his balls signalling his nearing orgasm. "Where should I cum?", Matt gasped with each powerful thrust, "I'm on the pill, so cum inside me." she had even more trouble speaking as he rammed his cock into her tight pussy. That was all Matt needed and in the next thrust he was cumming.

He kept thrusting forcing his cum deep into her. The room filled with a sloshing sound as Matt's sperm began flowing out of Amanda's pussy. Matt pulled out and more of his love juice poured out onto Amanda's parents sheets. He stood back as she whipped around and began lapping up the cum off the sheets. Once she got all she could she moved to Matt's cock and went about cleaning their juices off.

Once she was done she got up and went to the bathroom. While she was gone Matt lied down on the bed and waited for his lovers return. She came back into the room and laid down with her lover, they spooned for a few minutes before they fell asleep. The next morning Matt was awake before Amanda. He went into the kitchen and made some eggs for himself and his lover. Before he finished cooking she made her way downstairs and greeted him with a kiss.

She sat on the couch and waited for him, they ate breakfast and Matt explained he had to leave. He gave her his phone number and drove his car down the street to his house.

He went inside and attempted to sneak into his room unnoticed. He failed. His mother intercepted him at the top of the stairs. "Where have you been?" Cynthia asked the startled young boy. "I was with Amanda." Matt said as confidently as possible. Then he slipped away from her and went to his room. He hoped Amanda would text him soon so they could be together again. It was a week before he got a message from her. It said, "Come over to my house I want to see you;)", Matt was excited by this.

He was afraid she wasn't interested in a relationship with him. He walked over to her house and knocked on the door he heard a woman's voice yell from inside, "It's open! Come in!". Matt walked inside the house and saw something he hadn't expected.

Susan was lounging in a chair wearing lace underwear. Matt thought it was a mistake so he turned to leave when he heard her say, "Where are YOU going stud?" Matt took big gulp before turning around. He stared at her and couldn't think of anything to say. She spoke up again, "I saw what you did with my daughter last weekend. Good job." She had a big smile on her face, she picked up a video camera off the table and showed him her video. It was him and Amanda having sex.

"You filmed your daughter having sex with me?" Matt said stunned at this woman's boldness. "I told that slut what a big cock you have and she agreed to this whole setup." "How did you." his voice trailed off as he realized his mother must have told her friends. Then the other part hit him and he realized his night with Amanda was a sham.

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She didn't like him, she was just trying to trick him for her mother. He was disappointed about Amanda, he thought he was going to have a really hot girlfriend.

He was also surprised by Susan's trap to apparently force him to have sex with her. Of all his mother's friends, she was the one he found most attractive.

"So what are you going to do with me?" he said with an anticipated smile. "I think you know", with that Susan stood up and walked over to Matt. "Take off your clothes", she ordered, Matt quickly removed his shirt and his pants. When he went to pull his boxers down she stopped him.

"Allow me", she said and she pulled his boxers down to his ankles and was left at eye level with his exposed package. "Well look at you", she said with a smile before lifting his cock and inserting it into her mouth. She took the whole thing into her mouth and held it there for a moment. She moved her head back and forth, breathing through her nose.

Susan stroked Matt's cock with her mouth for three minutes, each time taking the whole thing so her nose was touching his pelvis. Finally she let his cock fall out her mouth and it was as hard as ever. She stood up and went over to the couch, she sat down with her legs spread and said, "Come over here big boy." With this Matt made his way over he knelt down on his knees in front of the beautiful MILF.

She moved her panties to the side, exposing her pussy. She grabbed him by the back of the head and forced his face into her crotch. He licked her pussy and despite it being his first time, he proved to be skilled at the art of cunnilingus.

He worked her pussy with his tongue and she got wet. He worked on her pussy for a few minutes until she grabbed him by the ear and pulled his mouth to hers, she tasted her pussy on his lips and it drove her even crazier. She pulled her panties off and grabbed Matt's cock, she directed him to her warm cunt and pulled him in with her legs. Once he was fully enveloped in her warmth he began thrusting, putting more strength into each of his thrusts, her entire body moved beneath him with each thrust.

Her body went tense beneath him and she let out a low screech with each of his thrusts. Matt started to slow his thrusts feeling every inch of her warm pussy as he drove his dick inside. She suddenly came back and rolled him onto his back, she sat on his cock and took a break to catch her breath and remove her bra. Matt was in awe, he had never seen fake boobs before, except on his computer, so Susan's were intriguing. Her husband had bought them for her on her 35th birthday.

Before she got implants she had a respectable C cup but when Heather got hers and Judy moved in she felt she needed bigger boobs.

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Susan started bouncing on Matt's cock, she went high enough so only the head was still inside then she slammed down.

He grabbed her tits and pinched her nipples, she enjoyed the sensation on her sensitive nipples and she writhed around on his lap as he played with her tits. Matt began thrusting up into her quickly and she bent forward and kissed him on the lips.

He kept thrusting and she started moaning into their kiss, he sped up and she jerked forward a bit with each of his powerful thrusts. Matt felt his orgasm approach and held Susan as he powered into the last few thrusts before he had a strong orgasm, which tipped Susan over the edge and they came together in a sweaty embrace.

Once they had calmed back down Susan stood up with some of Matt semen leaking from her pussy. She walked to the kitchen and lit a cigarette, she yelled to Matt in the other room "Get dressed! You can leave now." Matt was stunned he had just finished having amazing sex and now he was getting shooed out the door. He shamefully picked up his clothes got dressed and made his way home. He went to his bedroom and lied down, if the other neighbours react the same way as Susan he was in for quite the adventure.