Mi flaca se viene conmigo gritona

Mi flaca se viene conmigo gritona
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This is my first story please be kind This is a true story that happened to me some years back.

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Hi I fix appliances for a living and run in home service calls. I am also very careful not to put myself into a situation where I am alone without a parent in the home.

I was marreied with two children still in school. I was not in a good marriage at the time and had found out my wife was cheating on me with a co worker.

His wife had called me and tole me she found the text messages on his phone. I asked my wife and she said it was all true and wanted a divorce because she loved him. Well who could blame her? We would go weeks and sometimes without sex and I also had mentioned to her when were dateing that I thought I might be Bi sexual. The day started just like all others I woke up the kids and got them ready for school. My wife worked third shift and would come home just beofre I would Drop off kids at school then she would go to bed and I would get my calls and leave around 8am.

I was home answering the phone and takeing calls when a lady called and said her gas stove was not working and needed it that day. She said she had to work but would have someone home to let me in and pay me. I said ok not asking anymore questions and went about my day as normal. It was after lunch when i arived at the house. We had no cell phones then and they had no house phone.

I knocked on the door and thats where my life changed as the dor opened. Standing at the door was a young man and he let me in and showed me the stove. Well I was kinda scarred too because here I was alone with a young man and he was very hansome.

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It was a school day and he was home so I thought he must be out of school and is older than he looks. The house was a shotgun home with no real bedrooms. His bed was next to the kitchen and he sat on the end of end of it and talked to me as I worked. He was real nice and had this high pitch to it and he talked gay. He asked me about myself and I told him all about me and the divorce and was getting ready to move out.


He seemed interested and kept talking to me. I was getting horney as hell and was standing behind the stove where he could not tell I had a rock hard hardon.

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I asked him if he had a BF and his answer was not at the moment. Well I was getting flush from all this talk and asked him where his mother was. He said she worked all day and had him home to let me in and pay me. As I was finishing up I asked him (like i needed too) if he was gay and he said yes. He said his mother does not approve and hopes it is a phase. We laughed and then as my heart ws in my throat I blurted out that I too was gay and as soon as the divorce was over I am going to find someone.

He was kinda in aww as I was telling him about me in the closet all my life and can't wait to get out my own place. I was just finsihing up and made out the bill. He came into the kitchen and paid me cash. I then gave him two twentys back and said for him to keep it. I asked him if he was leagal and he said yes.

He had hair all over his body from what I could see. It was around his shirt collar and his arms and legs were covered. I thought to myself he has to be telling the truth because of how much hair he had and not being in school on a school day. My toolbox was to my side but instead of picking it up i extended my arm to him and he jumped into my arms and wrapped his legs around me.

He was very petite and weighed nothing. He was kissing me so hard and me back.

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My heart pas pounding in my chest because I knew this was gong to go somewhere. He took off his shirt and OMG his chest was nothing but hair. It looked to good too and perfect. He went on his knees and unzipped my jeans.

I closed my eyes and leanded back against the stove while he wasted no time pulling my pants down past my knees. he then started to feel my hardon and then pulled down my underwear and had my cock in his hand and stroking it. It felt so good and wrong all wrapped in one. He licked the head and it sent a chill down my back. He then opened his mouth as I watched and he took my cock in his mouth and went all the way to my pubes with his nose.

He started faster and faster and this being my first blow job from a male felt awesome. I have not even had sex for so long that this was so hot. I could not hold it too long and started squirting into his mouth stream after stream. He didn't stop the whole time while I was squirting and he swallowed most of it and spit a glob on the floor. He stood up and was kissing me with my cum in his mouth.


I had jacked off alot but never even tried cum before this. Well it was not too bad because of his kissing me with this wild passion.

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I was so into this that I then dropped to my knees and looking at his chest and all his hair started to take off his belt slowley. He was moaning and he had a tent behind his pants that I wanted to see and taste. This would be my first cock and was kinda scarred and horney as I slowley unbuttoned the top button and pulled down his pants and he was wearing pasley boxers. I HAVE MORE TO TELL IF I GET POSITIVE RESPONCE IF YOU LIKE THIS I WILL KEEP WRITING MY ADVENTURE AS IT WENT FURTHER

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