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Ali stood there in her full five foot two inch glory with an 8 inch cock hanging out of the crotch of her panties - my wife of thirty years. She slipped her top over her head to reveal a bra with no covering on her nipples. Had she gone a little potty you hear of women who get sex crazy in their later years. I didn't know what to think - much less what to say.

She had just spent the better part of an hour explaining in graphic detail how her two best friends, Jess and Robin had seduced her. How she had been eagerly sucking and fucking them for the past six months.

The images swirling around my head were making me dizzy. From the moment she started I was rooted to the chair and at times found it hard to get a breath. Now that she was standing there having finished - all I could feel was raw lust I so badly wanted to fuck her myself.

Never since my prostate operation - that made my cock lifeless - did I want anything so bad. Then she stepped closer to my chair. "Do you want to touch my cock John?" I drew back in the chair and cleared my throat. "Say again." Quite slow and deliberately she repeated herself.

"Do you want to touch my cock?" As she lifted it a little she was massaging the balls that hung between her legs. A little semi clear fluid seeped out and as she stroked it from head to base- it made the damn thing glisten.

I took a better look and could see blue veins running the length and the swollen head was a purplish colour. There was plenty of pubic hair. "Let's start a little slowly when is the last time you touched a cock?" She had me here.

I had never told her - but a few years before my operation when I was fully functional - I had touched a cock. I felt terrible about not revealing my infidelity.

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My only thought was that it wasn't with another woman. Funny how the brain can justify actions to suit your emotionally guilt ridden needs. Actually I had done a little more than just touch a cock.

It was at a conference in Manchester. I had met up with her friend Robin's husband Richard purely by accident.


We were at two separate conferences in the city. Manchester United was playing a German club in a European final and the city had been fully booked by away fans. Richard and I were lucky to find a double room to share. We had a meal and probably a few too many whiskeys before we retired to our room. I showered first and threw on a robe to watch the news.

Richard took a shower, but instead of coming out in a robe he stepped out of the bathroom totally nude. Richard is a big man 6 foot 4. He looks a lot like Liam Neeson big boned and sure of himself. He carries himself like the ex-naval officer that he is Falkland war veteran and all. He can be a pain at cocktail parties after a few too many drinks - he starts assuming the alpha male role as he did this night.


I'm a senior lecturer at a top London University with seven books and over a hundred academic papers to my name on economics but I don't blather on about it. He walked over to the chair where I was sitting and commented about the Sky News presenter how she had cock sucking lips. "Robin has cock sucking lips.

She used to be a news presenter after she stopped modelling her tits got too big for the designers. Maybe they only pick women who can suck cock to read the news." If I'd heard the story about Robin's amazing tit growth once I'd heard to a hundred times.

Richard had been stroking his cock and it was now almost fully erect.

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It was a full 9 inches and fatter than a child's arm with a cock head the size of a small fist. He looked at me rather quizzically and lifted his cock. "You know John now that I take a good look - you have cock sucking lips." And without warning he put the head of his cock to my lips.

He reached around and put his hand on the back of my head and pushed my head forward. I was petrified and couldn't move. I opened my lips as he applied pressure and he put the head in my mouth. "Watch your teeth you pussy I don't want to explain a cock cut to Robin." I couldn't believe myself as he put a couple of inches of his cock in my mouth. "Suck on it John don't just put your mouth around it. Jesus - Ali must be a pretty poor cock sucker if you don't remember how she sucks your cock." I wanted to protest and as I opened my mouth to speak he shoved more in my mouth must have been four of five inches now I thought I was going to gag at any second.

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He reached under my chin and massaged my neck muscles. "Just fucking relax it'll be easier." With that he was able to put even more in my mouth.

I was always admiring of how Ali used to deep throat me. All she had to play with was 6 inches. This monster was now a good 7 inches or more in my mouth and it was up against the back of my throat.

I gagged and brought up a load of spit from somewhere. He pulled back a little and shoved in again until he hit the back of my throat. He was fucking my mouth the dirty bastard.

My mind was spinning - was I being raped did I somehow ask for this. Richard was in total control. He lifted me out of the chair and as he led me to the bed he took off my robe. He laid me down on my back and lifted my legs. He spit a gob on my asshole and started rubbing it in. More spit and he was pushing his middle finger up my ass.

"Relax Robin takes it up the ass all the time I know what I'm doing I'll be gentle." As I laid there I tensed up unable to protest or move. Now I could answer the question many men ask about rape victims WHY DON'T THEY FIGHT?

It's a sense of helplessness pure and simple. Here was an alpha male towering over me about to fuck me and I couldn't do anything.

"Push your asshole out like you're going on the toilet." As I followed his instructions he slipped the head of his cock in my ass.

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I thought it was going to hurt more. There was an intense burning sensation but no pain. He spit on the shaft of his cock and pushed a few inches in. Then the pain started and I sort of screamed. "Don't be a bitch John take it like a man.

This isn't the first man hole I've had. You are nice and tight though put Robin's loose ass to shame." He pushed back on my knees almost taking them to the side of my head the promised gentleness was forgotten. He began thrusting the whole length of his cock in and out of my man pussy as he called it. After a few minutes he settled into a smooth rhythm.

The sound of his cock ramming into my ass almost became melodic. The mattress gave as he plunged into me again and again. Then a surprising sensation started to overcome me.

My groin seemed to heat up and it started to feel good.

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I was actually enjoying being fucked. I had never thought how Ali must have felt while I fucked her did she enjoy it as much as I was now. I have to say Richard sure had staying power he must have fucked me for twenty minutes solid. We were both covered in sweat the smell was intoxicating. To my utter surprise I felt like I was going to cum. Richard could see the glow on my face and a smile break across my lips."I told you, you'd love it silly bitch." "Oh don't stop please don't stop - I'm going to cum." I tried to tighten my sphincter muscles around his cock but it was no use - he was pounding me like an animal and I was loving it.

I had never fucked Ali like this.

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He turned me on my side and seemed to be able to get his massive cock in even deeper. It felt like he actually had a bone running down the centre of his cock. I could feel his groin bone and mass of pubic hair pounding against my ass cheeks. As he was still pumping away I began to cum.

Oh My God! - it was flowing in buckets full. I had never cummed like that in my life. "Don't stop mother fucker God damn you." Where was this language coming from? My legs were growing weak and I felt like passing out.

I felt Richard tense up and then he started cumming as well. "Jesus Christ you're cum is so hot God damn it Richard fill my pussy you bastard." He buried it to the groin and stayed there while he pumped more and more cum into my man pussy.

It was over flowing and running down the side of my ass and legs. I couldn't get enough - I was his bitch.

Finally Richard went semi hard and sort of flopped out of my ass hole. He stood up next to the bed while my legs slowly lowered onto the bed. He reached around my head again lifting me up and stuffed his cock back in my mouth. This time I eagerly sucked his cock running my tongue around the head like Ali would do with me.

How she sucked cock was coming back to me now - I wanted to please Richard. "Clean me up John I'm tired." I kept sucking his cock trying to get as much in my mouth as I could. With it going soft I was finally able to get it all in. He pulled out and sat down on the bed. "You're a good fuck John." And that was it - he lay down and was asleep within seconds. I wanted to keep on sucking his cock or licking his ass hole - something for God's sake - not just fucking goes to sleep.

What a thoughtless bastard. Then I remember all those times I rolled off Ali and went straight to sleep I'd never do that again. I reached around and felt my engorged hole not an ass virgin anymore. I strangely felt proud went from being a rape victim to be a full-fledged cock hound.

The next morning it was like it had never happened. We showered separately and dressed to have breakfast and catch the train back home. Together for a couple of hours on the way home and through all these years he has never even mentioned it again like it never happened. Obviously it had taken a lot of courage for Ali to tell me about her exploits with the girls. I figured it was my turn to pluck up the same courage and answer her question.

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"Yes I have touched a cock." It took a while for me to tell my tale and I was sure she was going to explode hit me or something. While I described my night of man lust she had sat on the arm of my chair still stroking her cock.

When I finished I looked into her eyes and apologised not for the sex with Richard but for not telling her. I sat back in the chair ready for her rage. "I know all about Richard fucking you. Robin told me." "What … that bastard.

I kept it secret all these years and he tells his wife. I suppose he boasted?" "Yes he told Robin you were a good fuck." Ali stood up still stroking her cock. "Let's see if you're still a good fuck sweetheart."