Interracial anal pounding with amazingly hot stunning chick

Interracial anal pounding with amazingly hot stunning chick
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I'm Connor Newkirk; I'm a premed student and in the top 5% of my class for far with wanting to be a research scientist with the emphasis being on cellular regeneration and construction. My class that I'm taking now is Phycology 201; it's a boring class but one that is needed to proceed with my studies so I endure it and carry on.

The professor is a female and that's the only thing that makes it bearable in that she's got a nice set of tits and normally wears something opened at the neck and a short skirt that allows us all to see her little panties which she says is part of the learning curve in that she sees who is day dreaming of taking her to bed or listening to her lectures.

Her name is Professor Loren Kendall and she's every bit a looker and she knows it being she wears such revealing clothing and is comfortable in doing so. At the beginning of her class she posted on the chalk board her measurements and weight so that we gentlemen and some women wouldn't speculate on them and they are 34d 28 34 and at 127 lbs.

Now to me she perfect and I'm almost certain all the others in the class can agree on that one. Tomorrow she's going to teach us hypnosis and the effects on people and what can and can't be done to the subject so that should be fun or totally boring if it goes as she says. She tells us that no one, no matter how intense the hypnosis will not do anything that is against their normal actions or beliefs no matter what it is.

She says you cannot tell someone that is a passivize to go out and kill someone, they just can't do it, or someone that is shy and an introvert to go out and be the life of a party, it won't happen. So we're going to learn how to hypnotize someone and we're to practice on each other either together or alone to see what we can determine to be true or false. For this project we're to break up into fours and that way there will be one that is the hypnotizer and one that is to hypnotize so the other can observe and document the findings.

In my group there is myself of course with Jason Linderman, Teresa Halstead and Jillian Frosteder. We've more or less stuck together thru all of these courses and been nicknamed the rowdy bunch. That is because when we go out to tip a couple back the group causes such a ruckus that most times we're either asked to leave or tone it down in the sense that sometimes the ladies will get rowdy and take off their clothing and dance around making all the other men want to have sexual adventures with them and believe me, they can be some wild times in bed or wherever we're at, at the time.

We've done foursomes, threesomes with one of the ladies and the two men double penetrating them and such, and the college says it's just normal hormones and they overlook it and ask us to be professionals at all times. So when we got into class the next day Jillian was at another class for a project and had that time off so Professor Kendall sat in with us and observed our techniques and all. Jason went first putting Terry under and she went fast making this an easy one for him and us.

Hell she'd do anything on the spot so he had her stand up and flash the class her 34b cup tits and say come and get me boys if you dare. Well that wasn't what the professor wanted so she says ok, let's see what we can do here and she says someone put me under and I'll demonstrate what I mean so I volunteered and off we went with the entire class watching me. I had her sit there and stare at the clock on the wall, she smiled saying not to original but ok and she looked, I then in a deep soft voice talked to her saying watch the minute hand, see how it sits there not moving forever and ever, watch it want to move but can't like it's stuck and wants to show us it can move and bam, she was under and damn was she ever.

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I wrote on the chalk board to the class to write down something they'd like her to answer in front of us or do and so they all got busy as I talked to her in a normal voice and tone making sure she was truly under as she told us in the beginning by trying to make her do something she wouldn't do at any point in her life and the one thing I asked her to do was to take a pair of scissors and cut the American Flag up and she wouldn't do it, she just stood there with the scissors in her hand.

One person wanted her to tell us the person that was in front of the class in grade and she told us being Jason for now but Jillian was close to him. We all wowed him and said lucky bastard. One person wanted her to take off her top and I asked her too and she stopped saying it's against school policy for me too.

I said ok, let's go on a trip, we're in a car, we're driving to the Grand Canyon and we're in Arizona when our car breaks down and it's 115 degrees outside, we're all sweating and dripping wet so we try to make a shelter to block the sun and we've all decided to take off our shirts to help with the shelter so let's do that and make the shelter and she takes off her shirt and her little bra that we've all seen is barely holding her tits in. The class is getting louder and I asked them to quiet down and Jason says make her take off her skirt.

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I said Loren, there isn't enough above us, so we've decided to take off our pants and skirts to help out ok? She says sounds logical let's do it, this heat is unbearable for sure and she was actually sweating now. After she takes off her skirt she says I'm thirsty, what do we have to drink? I said well the last of the water is gone, do you have any suggestions? She says no but without something to keep us hydrated we won't last too long out here in this heat.

I said yes we're all saying the same thing. I said what if, now what if you ladies all suck the guys off and drink our semen would that make up for some of the liquid needed. She says not sure about that, it is proteins and other things, it might, we can give it a try. I said ok we've all agreed, here, come suck me off and then later I'll lick you're vagina for your juices.

She says a little unorthodox but it might work and she comes to me and as I pulled my cock out all the girls wowed me and giggled. Loren now squats in front of me and taking my cock into her hand starts sucking me off. She works me like a pro, or a normal woman I guess, when I finally tell her I'm cumming she sucks me harder and I let go with a grunt and a groan as she swallows it all making sure to take it all from me.

When she's done she says wow that was one large load. I said well I wanted you to stay hydrated and all.


She says ok your turn and she takes off her panties and lies on the floor with her legs spread wide saying come on, you need fluids too as I laid down and ate her pussy out for a long time. When I was done as she was begging me to stop because she couldn't cum anymore I got up, stood her up and brought her out of the trance letting her see what happened and how.


She was totally embarrassed at first but then the scientist kicked in and wanted to know how I made her do something that was against her will and normal behavior and I showed her on the video. During this entire time she was still naked and not caring at this point, her curiosity was too high to care now. As she watched the replay of the recording she was intent on it and it only, not knowing that every person in that class was devouring her nudity and wanting to have sex with her at that very moment.

Several times she stopped the video and asked me what made me think of turning this into a life and death situation to make her agree to do something she normally wouldn't do under any circumstances. I said I was trying to think of ways that you'd agree to do something that you'd not do and life and death was all I could think of. She says well that is the one thing that most professionals have been thinking for decades and you've proved it in a most unusual way I must admit as she wipes her lips some with a giggle saying but you've set the hypnosis program back several years now for them to rethink what they thought they knew then.

I looked her over, she looks down saying yes, ok, I think at this point I need to put some clothing back on so there is order in the class and we all said oh no please as he denied us that pleasure quickly. When the class was over she held me back, when the other's had left she smiled at me saying ok, now we have some things to talk over Mr. Newkirk. I said please Connor. She says like I said Mr. Newkirk, we have some things to talk over and I think that after classes today would be appropriate if you're free for that?

I said umm today, when exactly? She says what about 6ish here, we need to figure out things. I said that will be ok for today, so 6ish here see you then Professor. She says until then Mr. Newkirk as I walked out the door smiling to myself. When I came back to the class room at 6ish she was sitting at her desk looking at some papers.

She sees me, smiles telling me to come in and shut the door so I do. I head for her desk, she stays there not moving and when I got closer she says ok, here's what I believe should happen now. I listened. She says we should do more in depth research on this process and document it all with video and technical data from let's say an EKG machine to see what my brain waves are doing at that point do you agree? I said sounds good to me, but, what are we trying to accomplish, I mean I've already proved that a person can be made to do something that they'd not normally do and that disproves everything that the others thought for a long time.

She says this is true, but I've talked to some others and they want further proof that people can be made to do what they wouldn't do normally. I said so I'm to hypnotize other and make them do what you did or worse? She says they want to see normal people and what they'd be made to do with your techniques to see what ramifications would be later.


I said but I've already proven what I can do to you, by making you suck my cock and allowing me to eat your lovely pussy in front of the entire class. She says well yes about that, it has come to me that, that was a one sided enjoyment and that I was being made to think that was the only way to survive, is there another scenario that might make me think it was something else so I might enjoy it too as she smiled at me.

I said umm I can think of a few, yes.

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She says well by all means, can we pursue those for right now, in scientific research of course. I smiled saying of course, surely we can. She says excellent, shall we continue then. I said ok, but to make this a realistic experiment should we start at the beginning or continue where we left off?

She says hum now that is a viable question let's look at this logically then shall we? I said that's the best way I've found. She says according to the video that was shot from today I knelt down and actually sucked your cock right in front of the class and then I pulled off my panties and laid down where you proceeded in licking me for what looked like a long time is that correct?

I said every last drop. She giggled saying well yes, umm, ok then, but when you asked me to take off my top I refused at first as I should have, but it was the way you presented it to me the second time that made me go along because you made me believe we were going to die in the heat of the desert, correct? I said yes it is.

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She says that is incredible and even though I should have not still gone thru with it the video and the class cannot be dismissed. She says we really need to resume this line of hypnosis with other subjects and see what happens to them to make this a viable experiment don't you agree?

I said that would be the logical process for sure. She smiled saying good, now that we're on the same page, how do we go about getting other test subjects to volunteer for this, I mean it wouldn't be a viable test if we used only college students now would it?

I said hardly because getting us to take off our clothing is easy. She giggles saying well yes, umm ok. I said well we can put an ad in the paper stating subjects needed for safe experiment and full history will be asked and documented for test. She says that's the first step but how do we document them if let's say we get them naked to give permission to do so for this test. I said hum, yes I see that would be tricky and having them sign it while under wouldn't be legal either.

She says hardly. I said well for the naked part we could use college students, and for other types of testing like say eating something they tell us they hate we could use regular people. She smiled saying outstanding, good, now you're getting this. I said now that we have this all lined out and yes we'll have to make adjustments as the experiment goes on I think it's time for you and I to have actual sex. She snaps her head back looking at me as I unbuckled my trousers and letting them drop for her to see my cock hardening she continues looking at me and my seminude state as I say well come on, take off your clothes now.

I stepped out of my trousers and pulled off my shirt, now naked I walked over to her, lifted her up and unbuttoned her blouse, then unzipped her skirt allowing it to drop to the floor.

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She doesn't move or resist, I turned her around and lifted her to her desk top and spreading her legs I went down between them to find she is indeed getting wet and fast I started licking her pussy again and this time she was moaning as a woman should and shaking too. When I was done I stand up, she slides off the desk and taking my cock into her hand she licks and sucks me until I came into her mouth as she shows me the results and then swallows it as she had done this afternoon she sits back up on the desk and spreads her legs as I guided my limp but recovering cock along her wet slit and then inside her she moans saying oh god yes, push it all the way into me, I want to feel you inside me so badly.

As I granted her, her wish and pushing into her until my cock was fully enveloped inside her I stood there letting her relish this time and then started sliding my shaft slowly at first then faster and faster in and out of her hot wet hole. We stayed in this position until I felt like I was going to cum, I pulled out and telling her to turn around and bend over and she obeyed that order as I aimed and went right back inside her and fucked her for another few moments until I couldn't hold off any longer and telling her so she says let me have it in me, give it all to me now damn it and with that I thrust fully inside her and unleashing my full load inside her pussy she growled and moaned with delight as I emptied my balls into her wanting hole.

I stood there myself shaking now as she clamped her muscles down around me not letting me go, she stands up and I grasped her tits with each hand as we stood there basking in the afterglow of that wonderful time together. When she released me she squatted down and licking me once more but this time to clean me off I got hard once again and she giggles saying umm now this is going to be more fun than I expected as she hops onto her desk and I fucked her once more like that.

As I pulled out once more she says if I suck you clean are you going to get hard again? I smiled saying probably why? She giggles saying well as she pointed to her pussy hole and it was oozing with my cum she says no more room in there for another load and there isn't a bathroom around here to relieve myself of some of your deposits so that's why I'm asking.

I said hum, ok, so what if we do it again and this time you suck it out of me and that way I'll be cleaned off and no more deposits for tonight. She says sounds like a plan, and she bends down cleaning me off and me getting hard once more and then fucking her doggy style on as she leans over her desk once again. When I got close which took longer this time I tell her and she pulls me out and spins around kneeling in front of me and taking me into her mouth as I pumped my forth load into her body and she smiled as that happened.

She wipes off the corner of her lips smiling and then giggling saying wow, now that is the way to have sex. We laughed as we got dressed and she was holding her panties for now saying ok, now here's how this must play out ok and she proceeded in telling me this has to stay our secret or she'd lose her job and that none of the others must find out about this or that could result in someone hearing about this ok?

I said you have my word as long as we get to repeat tonight many times over. She says absolutely, deal as she holds out her hand and I smiled pulling her to me and kissing her deeply and passionately.

As we left her room she stops in the women's bathroom and I hear a giggle saying damn it all and I chuckled. She comes out a bit later saying damn it Connor you certainly do put out the sperm. I smiled saying well I am a normal youngman you know as she laughs saying yes how well I know. All during the tests and consolations, videotaping it all and documenting it on paper making people eat, drink and have sex that they'd normally never do we took our findings to the board of medicine and they looked it over and read all the documents themselves and finally came back to us stating that these findings are remarkable and that it's changing the way hypnosis is going to be perceived and taught from this day forward.

It was maybe two weeks later as we were talking at lunch when three men in suits came to us, asked us if they could have some of our time to talk in private and when we agreed we went to the classroom and sat down, now since the starting of the study we had surveillance cameras installed in the vents of the classroom to document any other things that might help our study and am I ever glad now we did.

Because these gentlemen are from the CIA and NSA wanting to recruit us to help train their people in what we found and learned to help assist them in finding terrorists and assisting their agents in other aspects of their missions. They we more or less telling us we had to go with them or they'd shut us down and we both refused and as they left I tossed them a flash drive and as the one man caught it he says what's this?

I said a copy of the meeting we just had. He looks at us, then smiles saying well played, well if either of you change your mind you have our cards, and please, no one knows this meeting ever happened ok? We said ok, as long as nothing at all happens to us or our studies. He laughs saying you watch too much TV but its ok, we understand. I graduated from med school and am continuing my studies with hypnosis and phycology with Loren by my side and sex partner for sure.

We've never heard from those men again and I figured they've figured out how to use our studies for their use and as long as it's not used on us or in a bad way we're ok with that. She and I are having lots of fun in and out of bed and she's one hell of a lover and takes me all the time when we're alone or sometimes when we're not, but we keep it discrete as possible most times.