Soft sex gay men and men with big ass holes porn movies xxx Jeremiah

Soft sex gay men and men with big ass holes porn movies xxx Jeremiah
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The World's First Futa's Daughters Futa's First Naughty Awakening Chapter Two: Alyessa's Naughty MILF Affair By mypenname3000 Copyright 2018 November 12nd, 2045 Alyessa Howards "So you just had your first time with a MILF in your neighborhood," said Adelia Tash, the beautiful talk show host that was interviewing me about the book I wrote, Accepting Being Futa in a Post Becky World.

She had such gorgeous coffee-brown skin and a lovely smile. I saw why my futa-mother, President Becky Woodward, liked to come on this show. Adelia helped me feel relaxed and free to talk about my life. "Yes, with Mrs. Adams," I said, lying about the name of the woman. Her real name was Mrs. Minx, my best friend's married mother, a woman I'd known my entire life. "It was passionate, incredible, and it scared me." "Scared you?" asked Adelia, leaning closer.

Her perfume filled my nose. My dick swelled hard in my panties, cut and styled to be worn by a futa and fit our extra bits.

I didn't tuck my dick any longer. I was past that part of my life. "How? It sounded like you loved it." "Well, the genie was out of the bottle," I said, wincing at using such a cliched phrase. I was supposed to be a writer now. I mean, I had my own book. It was on the New York Times Bestseller List and was number one in numerous categories on Amazon. "I had discovered how amazing my futa-cock was. It frightened me because I wanted more and." "And?" Adelia asked.

"Well, I don't want to spoil it for your audience," I said, glancing at the cameras streaming our interview across the world. "Let's just say, she gossiped. She told all her friends about it, including Ms. Bates and Mrs. Carson." Other fictitious names. I didn't want to reveal what some of the women in my town were up to. Jefferson was small, and several of them were married. "Give us a taste," Adelia said, a big grin spreading across her plump lips.

I shuddered and remembered back seven years ago when I was eighteen. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ August 18th, 2036 Two days after losing my virginity to Mrs. Minx, I was sitting on Jasmine's bed. "I just have to take a quick shower," my friend said. Of course, she wasn't ready when she told me to show up.

"I'll be right back." Jasmine darted out of her room and scampered down the hallway. My friend didn't know the meaning of "quick." She would have to do her makeup. I was in for at least a twenty-minute wait. We were supposed to be shopping. "She's such a scatterbrain, isn't she?" purred a sultry voice from the doorway. My heart sped up.

I looked up to see Mrs. Minx leaning in the doorway wearing a silky robe that clung to her busty figure. Her blonde hair spilled about a hungry, mature face. Her blue eyes twinkled. Nipples hardened against the thin cloth. My taped up futa-dick twitched against my shaved pussy. It was the first time I'd seen the MILF since our backyard romp. She'd known I was a futa all my life. Hiding my girl-cock hadn't worked on Mrs. Minx. She wanted it. She was aching for it. She hoped I'd come onto her.

When I didn't, she'd arranged her own seduction. I could still remember the feel of her breasts beneath my hand as I rubbed tanning lotion on them. Her nipples hard against my palms, her flesh so soft beneath my clenching fingers. My pussy grew wetter, my dick throbbing against the tape. "Mrs. Minx," I groaned as she sauntered into the room, my cheeks burning. I squirmed. "Are you getting hard and wet?" she asked, licking her lips.

Her fingers casually undid the ties holding close the royal blue robe. It opened, revealing her naked flesh. A strip that ran from between her lush mounds to her shaved pussy.

Not a tan line to be seen. Her juices glistened on her engorged labia. A bead of her cream ran down her thighs. I groaned as my futa-dick shot to its full erection. I had it tucked lengthwise along my pussy and taped in place.

It grew painful as it fought to break free, held in place by my normal pair of panties I wore beneath my skirt. "Mrs. Minx!" I gasped as she sauntered closer, her breasts swaying, flashes of her dusky areolas peeking out. "Your daughter's in the house!" The shower hissed on. The house was old. You could feel the water gurgling through the pipes, shuddering for a moment.

"She's busy," the MILF moaned, her robe sliding off her shoulders, her tan, lush body unveiled to me. Her wedding ring glinted on her finger. "Mmm, and you can't go shopping with a hardon. Let me take care of you. I wouldn't want Jasmine to figure out what you are." "Mrs, Minx," I groaned, whimpering.

I shouldn't be doing this. I should be running out of here, not grabbing my skirt and pulling it up my thighs. I couldn't help myself. I had a taste of the true pleasure my cock could give me. My pussy had been teased. This naughty MILF had popped my cherry with her fingers while I pumped my cock in and out of her pussy. Right there in her backyard. Now that I knew just how amazing sex was, my body wanted more even as my heart squeezed beneath the guilt.

If Jasmine found out I was fucking her mom. That I was lying to her about what I was all these years. I didn't want to hurt my friend. I was so aware of her just in the other room, washing her nubile body as her mother sat down on the bed beside me. Mrs. Minx leaned back, her pillowy breasts forming two jiggling mounds. Her legs parted. That exciting, sweet delight filled my nose. Her pussy juices made my dick throb. "Just pull it out and slide it in," moaned Mrs.

Minx. "I need you in me again. You're incredible. I've always dreamed of having a futa. You were better than I could imagine, Alyessa. I need more.

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Look at how wet I am. I don't need foreplay." She gave a wicked giggle. "After all, we're in a hurry." I glanced at the wall. Groaned. I'm so sorry, Jasmine, whispered through my mind as I stood up and bunched my skirt around my waist. The MILF licked her lips, staring at me as I shoved down my cream colored panties. I unveiled my cock taped to my pussy, my juices marinating my shaft. The beige costume tape holding my cock in place ripped free.

I gasped in relief as my engorged futa-dick sprang out before me. A flick of precum flew from the tip and splattered across the MILF's heavy tits. She swept up a drop and brought it to her lips, moaning in delight, her legs spreading wider. "Come on," she moaned, squirming on her daughter's pink comforter. "Just slide into me. Make me explode on that dick." I pounced on her, a slave to my lusts. She grabbed my futa-dick with greedy delight. I groaned as she pulled me towards the wet folds of her pussy.

The moment I felt her engorged labia caressing the tip of my cock, my hips thrust forward. I buried to the hilt in her juicy cunt's depths. She groaned as I speared into her. Her pussy clenched around me. A wave of heat surged down my shaft to my snatch.

This pounding thudded in my chest. I whimpered, my pussy clenching and relaxing as the rapture surged through me. I groaned as I buried into her, that wonderful pussy sliding along my cock. Pleasure rippled through my body. I whimpered as I slid deeper and deeper into her cunt. My breasts swayed in my bra and blouse as I leaned over her. I stared down at the naked, married woman, joy bursting across her face.

"Yes!" she moaned, her pussy squeezing around my futa-dick as I bottomed out in her, my pussy lips rubbing against hers. Her thighs locked around my waist. "Mmm, fuck me, Alyessa! Pound me." "Shush!" I hissed, glancing at the wall even as my cock drew back, sliding through her juicy, married depths. "Jasmine!" "Mmm, right, right," the MILF moaned, her pussy caressing my dick.

The friction turned into rapture that flowed down my shaft and into my pussy. "It's just. you're so big. So hard. Ooh, fuck me, Alyessa!" She moaned too loudly as I rammed back into her. Her breasts jiggled as my pussy smacked into hers. A tingle ran through my labia, meeting the rush of ecstasy spilling down my cock.

My heart hammered, the fear of getting cock feeding my excitement. Jasmine could finish her shower and find us at any moment. She could walk in and see me pumping away at her mother's cunt. I thrust harder, the bedsprings creaking as Mrs. Minx shuddered beneath me, her pussy squeezing and relaxing on my dick. "Yes, yes, yes, fuck me with that cock!" the MILF moaned, her hands sliding up my beneath my tank top fingernails caressing my skin.

"Mmm, ram that dick into me! I've been thinking about your clit-dick since we made love!" "Quiet!" I whimpered, my cock pumping in and out of her, that aching swell growing at the tip, my pussy growing hotter and hotter. My ovaries drank in the sensation of plunging again and again into her juicy snatch. "Please." "I'm sorry it's just. Yes!" She shuddered, a huge smile crossing her lips. "You're incredible, Alyessa! Don't be ashamed of this cock! Love it!" I had to muffle her.

I kissed her hard on the mouth to silence her. I sealed my lips over hers and thrust my tongue into her mouth. I shuddered atop her, my hips pumping away at her as I kissed my friend's mom with passion.

The shower hissed. I heard Jasmine splashing in there as I pumped away at her mom's cunt. I buried over and over into Mrs. Minx's depths. Her pussy caressed my dick. That silky delight engulfed me again and again. It brought me closer and closer to my eruption. I groaned as our tongues dueled. She moaned into my mouth, her thighs squeezing around my hips. She moved beneath me, working that juicy cunt around my cock. I was going to erupt in her.

I hammered her harder, faster. I had to finish this as fast as possible. Not just because of Jasmine catching us, but because I wanted that wonderful eruption. I wanted to explode in rapture. I buried hard into her. I plunged to the hilt in the married MILF. Her fingernails scratched at my back through my tank top. My nipples throbbed in my bra, feeling her lush tits pressing against them. I pumped hard, fast. I slammed my dick into her, the ache growing and growing while my pussy grew hotter and hotter.

Our labia slapped together. My ovaries grew tighter and tighter. The shower turned off. The shower curtain rattled as Jasmine stepped out. I groaned, desperation animating my pumping. I had to cum now. I worked my cock in and out of the MILF's cunt with all the force I had. Our flesh slapped together. The bed creaked. My ovaries brimmed with cum. It just had to erupt out in the MILF. Mrs. Minx bucked beneath me, groaning, her fingernails biting into me through my tank top. She moaned into the kiss, whimpering, her pussy squeezing around me.

Then she came. Her cunt grew so hot. Her flesh spasmed around me. I plunged into writhing heaven. She screamed into the kiss. I kept our lips locked as I thrust over and over into her convulsing sheath. My ovaries tightened. My pussy clenched. That ache swelled and swelled. I exploded into Mrs. Minx as Jasmine bustled in the bathroom. Pleasure slammed through my body.

My pussy convulsed just like Mrs. Minx's did around my futa-cock. My cum fired into her depths. I shuddered as she clutched me. My nipples throbbed as my bra-clad tits rubbed against her naked breasts. Our tongues dueled as she milked my ovaries dry. Her pussy writhed and massaged my cock.

I shuddered atop her, grunting, groaning. Jolts of rapture and waves of ecstasy washed through my body. They all spilled over my mind.


It was incredible. It was a treat. I didn't want this to ever stop. I loved my friend's mom for this one moment. I reached the peak of my ecstasy. My cum fired into her. It was perfect. Wonderful. I hung there, my pussy convulsing so hard.

My dick spurted one last load of girl-cum into Mrs. Minx's snatch. Then I heard Jasmine in the bathroom. I ripped myself from Mrs. Minx, my softening cock popping out of her pussy. I groaned as I watched my cum spill out of her snatch.

My spunk spread the wet spot staining her daughter's comforter. The air reeked of pussy and sex. "Oh, my god," I moaned, panic settling in. "Oh, my god, oh, my god! She's going to know." "Calm down," Mrs. Minx said, rising. She casually scooped up her daughter's bedding.

"These need washing anyway. Just open the window and air the room out. It's getting stuffy in here." "Right," I moaned, darting to the window and wrenching it open. Mrs. Minx bustled by, pausing to scoop up her bathrobe. Then she swept out into the hallway, humming in delight. I heard her going downstairs as a breeze rustled through the room.

The bathroom door opened. "Ooh, I'm so ready for this," Jasmine called. "I heard that The Polka Dot Dress has got in a cute pair of jeans." "Yeah," I moaned, spotting my panties on the floor. My dick flopping before me, I stepped into them and jerked them up my thighs.

I had no fresh tape to hold my cock in place, my panties would have to do. I shoved my soft dick up against my pussy and yanked my panties up fast. Footsteps padded down the hallway. I seated my panties and ripped my hands away, my skirt tumbling down past my hips and swaying about my legs as Jasmine entered, a big smile on her face, wearing a pair of jean shorts and a V-neck, pink blouse.

Her blonde hair spilled dry around her shoulders. "Shall we?" she asked. "Yeah," I panted, my heart racing. Her nose twitched. Then she frowned. "Where's my bedding?" "Your mom. wanted to. wash them." I panted, feeling out of breath from my exertion. Jasmine gave me a funny look. "Were you doing. push-ups in here or something?" "Just. trying to stay in shape," I said. "You know, cardio's important." "Right," she said.

She grabbed a bottle of body spray. "Might want to spritz up. It's a little ripe in here." Fifteen minutes later, we were walking into The Polka Dot Dress, the only clothing store in Jefferson, the small town in Central Oregon that we lived. It was a farming community of just a few hundred. It existed as much for the truck stop off I-5 as the surrounding farms around it.

The store got shipments of new clothes once a month, the owner trying hard to get fashionable items for people of all ages. It was dominated by the girls' section. "Oh, my god, they are cute," moaned my friend as she flew to the new rack of jeans. She pulled one off. "Look at the stitching on the back pocket.

That is going to have every guy staring at our asses." I nodded my head. I pretended I was into guys. "Yep. Come September, every guy at Oregon State's going to be drooling over our butts." "God, yes," moaned Jasmine, holding the jeans to her chest, a dreamy look spilling over her eyes. We were both going to Oregon State up in Portland.

Our summer vacation was nearly over. "Ooh, new tops!" I smiled as I joined her. I didn't have to fake excitement for new clothes.

We were tearing through the racks, looking at the blouses. They all had airy sleeves, puffy, either V neck or scoop neck. They came in a range of colors from a vibrant magenta to a soft periwinkle blue. I grabbed a scarlet one, which would set off my green eyes and go great with my strawberry-blonde hair, currently gathered in a pair of pigtails.

"Oh, I bet that would look so cute on you," said a woman's voice. I turned around and my cheeks went scarlet. My dick throbbed and my pussy clenched. My civics teacher, Ms. Evans, stood before me. I had such a crush on the Black woman my senior year, trying hard not to drool over her. She had such large breasts, currently in a stretchy top that left her ebony arms bare. "Oh, thanks, Ms. Evans," I said, my voice strangled.

My hardening cock swelled against the gusset of my panties while fresh juices flowed. "We're going to wear them with these jeans," said Jasmine, holding up a matching pair to the one slung over my arm. "Oh, my, those look tight," Ms. Evans said and her eyes flicked down to my crotch. I shifted, my white tennis skirt swirling about my thighs. Her eyes were. searching. She licked her lips. "Wouldn't want that at all, would we?

Might be. uncomfortable." "Mmm, I like my jeans tight," said Jasmine.


"Makes my butt look cute." "You can get that same effect by wearing a nice skirt," said Ms. Evans. "Like what Alyessa has on." "It's a cute skirt," Jasmine agreed, glancing at me. "But there's nothing like stretchy denim to hug your ass. Unless you're wearing yoga pants." "Yeah," I said, blushing, unable to help but stare at the tight jeans Ms. Evans wore. They clung to her shapely legs and hips.

"Well, for some special girls, I bet they like the freedom of a skirt," said Ms. Evans. Then she turned and snagged a pleated, black skirt off the rack. "I think this would go great with your top, Alyessa." I swallowed.

There was something in her eyes. It was like she. knew. "I hear you're doing chores, too," Ms. Evans said, sliding through the rack of tops. "I heard you took care of Mrs.

Minx the other day." I stiffened, my dick fully hard, straining against my panties. "Yeah, she mowed the lawn for my mom," Jasmine said, browsing through another rack.

"Ooh, this is cute." "Yes," Ms. Evans said. "She told me that you were very. satisfying." I swallowed. I coached my voice low. "You. know." My former teacher winked at me, my dick aching, throbbing, pulsing in my panties. I couldn't believe that Mrs. Minx would tell anyone about me. Didn't she know I wanted to keep it a secret? I wanted to be a normal girl, not a freak like my futa-mom.

Science didn't even understand how futas came to be. My biology class in my sophomore year had gone through all the major theories about how Becky evolved or mutated or was created. Ms. Evans sauntered away, my eyes following those tight jeans she had. She had such a nice rump. She was in her early thirties, a sexy, older woman. She bent over. My dick warred against my panties while my pussy grew wetter and wetter.

Cheeks burning, I threw myself at the newest rack and started browsing, hoping my erection would go down while I fought the urge to offer my services to my former teacher. I wrenched through the hanging clothes, my heart racing. This couldn't become my life. I couldn't succumb to such perversion. After about a half hour, my erection was still painfully trapped in my panties, my futa-dick now thoroughly soaked in my sweet juices. I swallowed as I followed Jasmine to the three changing rooms in the back.

"Ooh, we have a great haul," my friend said before vanishing into hers with an armload of clothes. I nodded my head. I slipped inside, eager for the freedom of it. I closed the door behind me and let out a sigh of relief.

There was no distraction in here. Just me and a mirror. I hung up my new clothes and peeled off my tank top, my breasts constrained in a cream-colored bra. I unzipped my skirt and slid it down my waist when my door opened. Ms. Evans slipped in, holding a finger to her lip, signaling me to be quiet. I stiffened as she fell to her knees before me, my skirt falling down to my feet. My cock throbbed and twisted as this beautiful, Black woman knelt before me.

I fought a whimper, so aware of Jasmine in the other room as my teacher's ebony fingers slid up my thighs towards my panties. I wanted to cry out, to beg her to stop even as my dick ached for her to continue. My sexy former teacher tugged down my panties. Inch by inch. I whimpered as my dick flexed forward, able to swing more and more outward until it sprang before her face, almost smacking her in the chin. A naughty grin shot across my teacher's face as her dark fingers seized my pale cock.

She didn't even say a word, just engulfed my dick in her mouth. I gasped as she sucked on my cock, her lips sealed around my dick. "Oh, my god, Alyessa, I look so cute in these jeans," Jasmine cried out in glee. "Uh-huh," I moaned, my pussy clenching with each powerful suckle from Ms. Evans. The Black woman's tongue ran across my dick's crown. The sweet scent of my pussy filled my nose as I trembled against the changing room wall. My teacher's head twisted from side to side as she bobbed her head.

As she gave me a blowjob. I clenched my fists, the pleasure spilling through me. I wanted to groan out with a loud moan, but my friend was just on the other side of the wall.

She was changing out of her first outfit and into the next, humming in delight while my breasts jiggled in my bra. My dick throbbed in my teacher's mouth. Ms. Evans sucked with hunger. She stroked the base of my cock, her hand brushing the lips of my pussy on every downstroke. Her tongue danced around the crown, caressing it. Pleasure shot through me. My cunt clenched again while I balled my hands into fists.

I clamped my jaw shut. I wouldn't moan. I wanted to moan. Jasmine hummed on the other side of the thin wall oblivious to the naughty delight happening in here.

Ms. Evans sucked hard, her head bobbing, working that hot mouth up and down my cock's shaft. My tip drank in the wet heat, my ovaries boiling with a load of futa-cum. The danger pounded through my chest. I licked my lips, my heart screaming. I wanted to shout out in rapture. To release the build-up of ecstasy in me. Instead, I bottled it up. I forced it to swell faster and faster in my pussy.

My ovaries quivered. Ms. Evan's tongue fluttered around my crown. Then she sucked hard. I stared into her dark eyes. She was hungry for this. Her hand fisted me faster, brushing my labia. My body shuddered. I let out a little whimper, unable to contain myself as the ache reached that feverish throb at the tip of my girl-cock. "I know," Jasmine said.

"Great find on the clothing." "Yes!" I gasped as I came. My cum fired into Ms. Evan's hungry mouth. The teacher gulped it down. Her ebony cheeks bulged as she struggled to keep up with the powerful blasts of futa-jizz firing from my clit-dick.

My pussy convulsed, the sweet musk of my pussy growing stronger and stronger. "Oh, my god!" I moaned, stars bursting across my vision. "You love those jeans, too, don't you?" Jasmine moaned. "It's amazing!" I gasped, my body bucking, my cock spurting more cum into my teacher's hungry mouth.

Ms. Evan's sucked all the cum out of me. I shuddered as she swallowed the last blast. My pussy's convulsions slowed. My head swayed. I felt dizzy, out of breath.

My body buzzed from the rapture of this moment. The MILF popped her mouth off my dick and smiled at me. She winked then rose and slipped out of the stall. I swayed, dazed as I listened to my friend try on her clothing.

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My heart raced in my chest. I blinked. Then I noticed something on the floor. A piece of paper covered in Ms. Evan's precise cursive. I snatched it up, blushing as I read: "I have chores for you, too. Stop by after your done shopping." I shuddered at the sort of chores she had. "Ooh, this skirt looks great on me," said Jasmine.

"How about you, Alyessa? You finding any surprises." "Yeah," I croaked. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "I'm sorry, it slipped my mind that I promised Ms.

Evans that I would do some yard work," I lied to Jasmine as we finished paying for our purchases. "Oh, no biggie," she said, shrugging. "Got to have some party money for college." "That's not it," I groaned, blushing, my cock throbbing against my juicy pussy.


It was so painful to keep it tucked. "It's for books." Jasmine shrugged. "Try not to work too hard. I'll see you later on tonight." "Sure," I said. I won't be horny then. Ms. Evans would take care of that. I tried not to run to Ms. Evans house. I did. But. That horny itch in my pussy, that ache at the tip of my girl-dick, compelled me.

It was uncomfortable. My underwire was digging into my breasts as I ran and my poor cock wanted to be free. It throbbed, protesting being bent over. My flip-flops smacked into the bottom of my feet and my new purchases jostled in my hand, cloth handle of the reusable bags digging into my fingers. Finally, I reached it. A ripple of trepidation washed through me. I was trying to deny what I was, not. enjoy it. But that itch begged for satisfaction. I couldn't ignore it. Not now that I knew how amazing it was.

I reached her door and rang the bell. "Is that you, Alyessa?" Ms. Evans called, her voice a throaty purr.

"It is," I said, swallowing. The door opened. I groaned. My teacher was naked, her ebony body as beautiful as I imagined. Her bountiful breasts swayed before her, nipples a shade of coal darker than her tits. They thrust hard from oval areolas. She had curving hips that swept down to long legs.

A trimmed, wiry bush glistened with her juices. A tart aroma filled my nose. "Mmm, I've been aching for you to show up," she said, taking my hand and pulling me inside. "Just wanting to play with that cock again. Your cum tasted delicious." "Um. good," I said, not sure what to say. The door closed behind us. It was cool inside, the AC keeping back the summer heat. "I just. I mean." "I understand," Ms.

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Evans said, her dark fingers gripping my pale hands as she led me into her living room. "Being different is so difficult at your age.

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You want to fit in so desperately, but when you're one of a kind." "I'm not the only futa in the world," I said. "I have loads of sisters." Thousands and thousands of them that I'd never met. "I know. But you're the only one in this town." She released me and grabbed my tank top. She ripped it up in a flash before her hands went for my skirt. "And that's scary.

But I'm here for you. I support you." "You just want to fuck me," I muttered. "And?" she asked, tugging down my skirt, revealing my panties again. "Don't you like what I did to you? What you and Mrs. Minx did together." My cheeks burned. "Yes," I croaked. "I. I. just tried to fight my. my impulses, and now. Now I don't think I can. I've been lying to everyone for so long, I'm scared to tell the truth." "Do I look like I'm mad at you for lying?" she asked, tugging down my panties, freeing my cock, soaked in my pussy juices, to bounce out before her.

It felt so wonderful to have my dick untucked, to let it thrust before me. "I guess not," I said, swallowing. I reached behind me and unhooked my bra, baring my round breasts. I stood as naked as she was. "People will understand," Ms. Evans said as she stroked my cock. "They'll accept you." But what about Jasmine? We shared everything, or at least, she'd shared everything with me. I'd lied to her every day. "I wish it was true and. Ms. Evans!" I gasped, her tongue licking the tip of my cock. "They will.

Trust me," she purred and then pushed me back. I hit a chair and sank down on it. She crawled closer, pillowing her tits on my lap, soft and dark on my pale thighs. "And if they don't, then they weren't truly people who cared about you." I bit my lip then groaned as she wrapped her breasts around my cock.

My throbbing futa-dick was sandwiched between her pillowy breasts. I groaned as she rubbed them up and down my shaft. My pussy clenched. This wicked thrill ran through me as those ebony tits massaged my girl-cock. She stroked up, engulfing the sensitive crown of my dick.

My cock vanished between her dark breasts.

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Then she slid down and my swollen tip emerged. The pleasure shot down to my pussy while her nipples rubbed into my stomach. "Ms. Evans!" I moaned. "Oh, wow." "Mmm, I've always wanted to give a futa a titty fuck," she moaned. "When I was your age, I wish I had the courage to go meet your futa-mother. To do this to her." She pressed her tits tighter together around my breasts.

She worked her boobies faster, her nipples hard against my belly. "I'm not wasting this chance with you, Alyessa. You're gorgeous. Futas are amazing." My clit-dick felt amazing as she rubbed her tits up and down my shaft. I squirmed in the chair, my pussy getting wetter and wetter. My round, freckled breasts jiggled. I grasped them, kneading my own boobies as she loved my cock with hers. My fingers caressed them, finding my nipples.

I twisted and tweaked my nubs, groaning at new delight spilling through me. Her hands squeezed her ebony tits harder about my cock. Her nipples massaged my stomach as her breasts slid up and down my clit-dick. My pussy clenched, drinking in the sensations. I squirmed, the rough fabric of the chair rubbing on my back and rump. "Mmm, yes, yes, Ms.

Evans!" I gasped, my toes curling. "Oh, wow, that's just." I was struggling to find the words to say. "Wonderful?" she asked. "Do my big, soft boobs feel outstanding around your cock?" "Uh-huh," I moaned. "Your beautiful, wonderful, amazing cock," she moaned, working her breasts faster. Her words made me smile. Made me feel special. My toes curled as she rubbed faster and faster up and down my cock. I squirmed from side to side, my heart thundering in my chest.

This was incredible to experience. This was a wicked joy. A pure delight. Every time her pillowy breasts engulfed my cock, I let out another groan of delight. I was coming closer and closer to erupting. To spilling my jizz across her breasts.

It was a wonderful treat. An absolute delight to experience. I moaned in delight. I shuddered as my pussy grew hotter and hotter. My head tossed back and forth, my fingers digging into my smaller breasts. My fingers found my nipples. I twisted them, tweaked them.

Shot delight down to my cock. "Ms. Evans!" I gasped. "I'm going to erupt." "Good," she moaned. "Mmm, that's what I want. I want you to shower my tits with your jizz." "I'll do it!" I moaned, my toes curling. My pussy grew hotter and hotter. "Just fire all over those big breasts." "Coat them in your cum!" she moaned, pressing harder. The ache swelled at the tip of my dick. My pussy grew hotter and hotter. A wet spot formed beneath my rump as I squirmed. I bit my lower lip. This was all happening so fast.

I couldn't believe it. I wanted to explode. To erupt with such power. I would bathe her face in spunk. It would be such an incredible rush. I whimpered, my pussy clenching.

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My body shook as my ovaries grew tighter and tighter. I tugged on my nipples as my feet twitched. Her tits slid up and down my cock over and over, massaging my dick's sensitive crown. "Ms. Evans!" I gasped. "Just let yourself be free!" my teacher moaned. "Be open about how you are. Enjoy being a futa!" "Yes!" I howled.

My cum erupted. I gasped as my pearly jizz fired from up between her tits and splattered across her dark face. She moaned, opening her mouth. The next blast erupted while her tits were around my cock, my cum bubbling out from between her lush mounds. Then she slid her jizz-covered boobies down my shaft as I spurted again and again.

Every blast made me shudder. My pussy convulsed as my cum coated her face and fell down on her lush tits. I painted her in white. She moaned and gasped as the chair creaked.

My back arched into it as I squirmed. "Ms. Evans!" I cried out, free to be myself. A futa. "Yes, yes," she moaned. "Ooh, that was wonderful, Alyessa." I nodded my head, my eyes fluttering.

"It was, Ms. Evans. Oh, god, that was incredible. I never knew you could even do that." Ms. Evans giggled. "Glad I'm still able to teach you something." I shuddered then blinked. "Oh, no, I covered you in my jizz. Let me get something to clean it off." "Mmm, you got that tongue," she purred as she rose and before I knew it, was straddling me, my cock draping across her thigh as it went soft.

She hefted her jizz-splattered tits. "Just lick your spunk off." I shuddered. "My. spunk?" "You never taste it?" she asked. "Not really," I moaned, staring at her with hunger in my eyes. "My futa-mother always seems to enjoy her own so." I leaned in and licked at a large line of my cum that was dribbling down her tit. The salty flavor burst to life on my tongue. I shuddered, my pussy clenching and my dick throbbing. I followed the spunk higher and higher until I engulfed her nipple.

I suckled. She cooed in delight. My eyes flicked around her tits, seeing more drops and lines and puddles of my spunk to enjoy. This ravenous hunger I didn't know I possessed surged through me.

My tongue swept out, lapping up my spunk, gathering that salty jizz. "That's it, Alyessa," she moaned. "Enjoy what you are. Don't hide it. Revel in it." "Yes!" I groaned as I licked up another line of cum towards her neck. I licked up her neck. My tongue fluttered higher and higher. I gathered her spunk. I licked and lapped it up. I traveled higher and higher until I was reaching her chin.

Her cheek. I was gathering the spunk off her face. I followed a line to her lips. We kissed for the first time. I shuddered as I thrust my cum-covered tongue into her mouth, sharing my seed with her. My dick throbbed, already hard again, twitching as I traded my futa-spunk back and forth with my teacher.

It was incredible. And then it got better. Her hand grabbed my cock. She shifted her body as we kissed, her tits pressing against me. I groaned as I felt her wet bush caressing the tip of my cock. She nuzzled me into her pubic hair until I felt the hot kiss of her pussy lips. With a moan from both of us, she slammed her pussy down my cock. My second woman of the day took me to the hilt.

I shuddered, my dick throbbing inside of her. My tongue dueled with hers, dancing, swirling, teasing her. I broke the kiss, gasping as her pussy engulfed my cock. I stared up at her, my cunt on fire as her snatch rose up my dick. She smiled at me, her face smeared in more of my spunk. Then she slammed down, her tits rubbing against mine. "Ooh, you are huge," she moaned. "I knew you would stretch me open when I sucked your cock, but.

Oh, Alyessa, this is amazing!" "It is," I groaned, my hands grabbing her rump, feeling her muscles flex as she rode me. I leaned in, my tongue lapping up her cheek, gathering up my salty cum. "Just amazing." I licked at her face, cleaning my spunk off of her as her pussy worked up and down my futa-dick.

Her snatch squeezed and relaxed, massaging me, teasing me. Pleasure rippled through my body as I moaned, the taste of my salty cum filling my mouth. She whimpered as I did, her hips swirling, stirring my dick around in her pussy. Her ass squeezed and relaxed beneath my grip as she rode me. I gripped her, my cunt drinking in the heat of her pussy sliding up and down my futa-cock.

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"Ms. Evans," I moaned before licking at some cum on her neck, my tongue dragging across her ebony skin. "Mm, yes, yes, your cock is stretching me to my limits!" she moaned. "Oh, Alyessa, is my pussy as good as Mrs. Minxes." "Yes!" I whimpered, the ache building and building at the tip of my cock. My fourth orgasm of the day. Fourth! That was more than I had most months. I kissed her, shoveling another tongue full of cum into her mouth. She moaned, her pussy squeezing around me.

I shuddered, the pleasure surging through my body. My heart pounded in my chest as I gripped her, squeezing her, loving the feel of her working up and down my futa-cock. My tongue danced and darted with hers. I flicked through her mouth, teasing her. It was this incredible treat. My fingers dug into her rump, massaging her. Her hips danced from side to side around my futa-dick.

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The silky friction made me moan. I kissed my teacher with such passion, our tits rubbing together, her fat nipples rubbing against the upper slopes of my boobs.

I clutched her rump, my ovaries growing fuller and fuller. I was coming closer to exploding. I broke the kiss, gasping, "Ms. Evans!" "I want you to spill into me!" Ms. Evans moaned. "I'm in my thirties. I'm not too old to have a child! Your daughter!" I groaned, those words sending this ancient, primal surge through me. My futa-mother's cum caused hyper-ovulation, but did mine?

Had I already bred Mrs. Minx? Was I about to breed my former teacher? I wanted that. This powerful ripple shot through me. I wanted to give her a daughter. A futa-daughter. She would raise her to respect who she was.

My daughter wouldn't have to be ashamed of being the only futa in town. A tremble raced through me. My fingers dug into her rump as I groaned out, "Yes, yes, I'll breed you, Ms. Evans!" The teacher's pussy went wild about my girl-dick. I gasped as her snatch spasmed and writhed about my girl-cock. Her passion sucked at my shaft. My ovaries tightened. My pussy clenched. She slammed down me, engulfing my clit-dick with her hunger. Her flesh massaged me. "Ms. Evans!" I moaned. "Cum in me, Alyessa!" she begged, her need surging through me.

I had to give it to her. My ovaries erupted. I groaned, the pleasure surging out of my cock as my cum fired into her pussy. I whimpered and bucked, my heart racing in my chest. This wild delight shot through me with each eruption of futa-jizz into her cunt.

This amazing pleasure screamed through my mind. My pussy convulsed like hers was. As she milked my cock, I bucked beneath her, gasping and groaning.

Stars burst across my vision as the dual pleasures of having a dick and pussy swept through me. Ecstasy washed into my thoughts.

Rapture fired into my mind. Ms. Evans pussy writhed about my cock, draining my ovaries of every drop of spunk in them. I groaned, my fingers clenching and relaxing. I shuddered, my eyes fluttering. This was an incredible delight to enjoy. A wonderful treat to experience. I sucked in a deep breath. I groaned, my eyes fluttering as the pleasure surged through my body. My head shook from side to side. The rapture fluttered around inside of me. I shuddered as the ecstasy filled me, my fingers biting into her ass.

"Mmm, I hope you did breed me," she moaned. "Ooh, it's the right time in my cycle." "I hope so, too," I said, speaking honestly for the first time. Maybe. having a futa-cock wasn't such a bad thing. Maybe I didn't have to be ashamed of it. But how would Jasmine react? I didn't want to lose my best friend. "I can't wait for you to do your yard work for Mrs. North," purred my teacher as I came down from my orgasmic high. "What?" I asked. Why would she bring up the reverend's wife?

I did chores for the Norths, actual chores, not. naughty things. "Mmm, we're all going to be there. Mrs. North is very eager to enjoy a futa." My jaw dropped. "What? The reverend's wife. That's. that's." "Hot?" asked Ms. Evans before she kissed me hard on the mouth.

To be continued.