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Gorgeous babe dildoing and fingering her pussy
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"None Richer than I"—the sequel to "The Third Richest Man in the World." The story will be posted in three parts. I had so much fun writing "The Third Richest Man in the World" way back in the summer of 2014 that I thought it merited a sequel—what happened with my impish "wives" once our relationship became public knowledge and they were exposed to high society in New York.

There have been a few interruptions for other stories so I've worked on it off and on for almost a year. Although this is a continuation of "The Third Richest Man in the World," it can be read as a stand-alone story if you wish. Either way, I hope you enjoy. For those of you who don't want to read the earlier story or who don't remember the story very well, here's a list of the main characters.

Sr. Longo. John Scott Philips—the "hero;" the third richest man in the world. Sheena and Bianca—John's wives. Alonzo—John's personal assistant and confidant. Champ, Sheila, Sid, and Amanda—members of John's security team.

Jack and Beth—general manager of one of John's companies and Sheena's Mum, now married. Dr. Thad—surgeon in Honolulu who enhanced Sheena's and Bianca's breasts. CHAPTER 1 When one has great wealth everything one does brings a reaction. When one is the third richest man in the world, well…as you can imagine, the reaction is all that much greater.

I was deluged with requests for interviews and photos when the story of my two wives became public knowledge. In truth, even I had grossly underestimated the reaction. I've always thought that the New York Morning Star was a real rag—the worst newspaper in the city-- and it's owner/publisher Robert Manning an irresponsible sensationalist so I wasn't at all surprised to see a huge headline, "BILLIONAIRE BIGAMIST!" printed in a 100-point font above my face.

Worse, page three showed my front and side photos photo shopped in front of a background used by police to show one's height in mug shots. I could have demanded a retraction, but that would be ridiculous. They'd print a tiny paragraph on page fifty, but the damage would be done. Instead, I sued—for two hundred million dollars--charging libel, defamation, and a host of other charges only lawyers could dream up; I had more than fifty working for my corporations and a slew of personal attorneys, too.

Even better, I had the story leaked to the N.Y. Times and the Daily News, the Star's biggest competitors.


Paparazzi had gathered on the street outside the gate in front of the house and initially my mother and my wives were extremely nervous and intimidated so I decided to take the bull by the horns. Taking Sheena and Bianca by the hand we walked with Alonzo and Janet, my cook, to the front gate one morning. Alonzo carried a big urn of hot coffee; Janet carried a silver tray of pastries along with some milk and sugar.

I had a stack of Styrofoam cups and a trash bag tucked under my arm. Sheena carried napkins and Bianca a roll of paper towels. The gate slid open automatically as we approached and we stepped cautiously through.

"I guess you'd like some shots of us, eh guys?

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Have some coffee and a bite to eat then we'll pose for you and even answer some questions. Before that, though, I want to be sure that nobody's from the Star." They laughed like crazy. "We might sell an occasional photo to them, but Manning's ordered them not to print anything—not even a single word.

He's really pissed about your lawsuit." I already knew that. I had a spy on their staff, someone on my payroll, just as I had people in almost every news organization who would feed me information before it became public. Sheena and Bianca were really getting into the idea of posing. There was one shot of them kissing me—one on each cheek while I grinned like a madman--and another of them on their knees "proposing" to me.

"Honest, guys—I proposed to them." "Why two, Mr. Philips?" "Well…take a look at them--they're gorgeous, sexy as hell, and I love both of them completely. As much as I tried I couldn't put one above the other." "What about…you know?" "You mean sex," Sheena jumped in. "We do everything together. Isn't that every man's dream—a threesome? We have threesomes every day—emphasis on the plural. Personally, I don't understand all the commotion.

What about Hugh Hefner? He's had multiple girlfriends for years." I leaned over to give her a little kiss, but that never happened with Sheena. She gripped my head, pushed her tongue into my mouth and held the kiss for more than a minute. I could see the photographers' flashes through my closed eyes until she broke it.

"See what kind of distractions I have to put up with?" Everyone laughed, especially Sheena and Bianca. I was ready to go in until Bianca stopped me. "I think you owe me one, John." I turned to her, a smile on my face, as she imitated my other wife kissing me deeply for more than a minute before breaking it.

I was about to ask if anyone wanted more coffee or another pastry when one of the reporters commented, "You're a lucky man, Mr. Philips. I'll bet you're the envy of every man in the country…maybe even the world." Now I laughed.

"No bet! I completely agree with you." Taking my lovers' hands in mine we returned to the house. "See? Was that so bad?" "No, John—most of them seem like regular people." "That's because—my little Scottish darling—they are. They're married and have families just like everyone else. They can be persistent and even annoying because they have to be to get some photos in order to earn a living. But, by going out and posing, the value of ours will drop like a rock.

They won't like it, but we're in control this way—not them. They make their money by getting the photos that people want, but nobody can get. Follow me?" "Everywhere, John." Even Bianca laughed then she added, "I know where I'd like to follow you now." "Again?

Didn't we just get up an hour or so ago?" "That's ancient history, John. I agree with Bianca. I think we should take a vote." "Nothing doing," I said with a chuckle. "I know a losing proposition when I see one. Okay…I guess I have no choice." Bianca grabbed my left arm and Sheena my right as they whispered simultaneously, "No, you don't." "Poor Celeste will just have to make the bed again," Bianca continued.

We went up the curved grand staircase on the right side of the entrance hall and were almost at the top when Celeste emerged on her way down the opposite side. "Sorry, Celeste—we're going to mess up the bed again. We'll make sure that John gives you a bit extra this week." "That's quite all right, Miss Bianca.

I hope you enjoy yourselves." Then she laughed her way down to the first floor even as I was led to our bedroom. It was by far the biggest room on the second floor. My closet was a hundred square feet, bigger than some bedrooms in many houses.

Bianca's and Sheena's combined closet was more than twice as large; I had it constructed from one of the nearby bedrooms. The room itself was exactly five hundred square feet—twenty feet by twenty-five.

It was dominated by the king bed with four massive posts at the corners. I had an armoire for underwear and socks and what-not. Each of my women had a triple dresser with a mirror, but then they had a lot more underwear than I did—panties, bras, negligees, peignoirs, stockings, garter belts, and…well, you get the idea. I'd spent more than a hundred thousand each on their clothes and even more on their jewelry; I'd gladly spend a hundred times more.

There were lamps on the night stands and one on each triple dresser. I also had dimmable recessed lighting in strategic parts of the ceiling. The wall opposite the bed held a huge flat screen TV—an eighty-five inch Sony that set me back $25,000, but the picture was fantastic. Sheena especially loved it. Her mum had only had a tiny set in her flat. Now that was history. Jack had sent me a video of the house they wanted to buy.

It was 500,000 pounds—roughly $800,000—but I would have spent double knowing how pleased Sheena would be. The pride of the master suite was the bathroom which was fashioned from yet another bedroom.

Like the bedroom itself it was huge. There was a long vanity with two large basins and a long enough space between them to accommodate two stools which Bianca and Sheena loved to use when applying their makeup or doing their hair. The mirror was glued to the wall and it was twelve feet long by four feet high.

I had a big Jacuzzi at one end and a commode room at the other. The wall opposite the vanity led to the shower. It was one of the new ones without a door and shower heads on all four walls—some at waist height and some at seven feet. All told there were twenty-two heads and they were all thermostatically controlled.

We skipped the shower for now, heading instead for the massive bed. Bianca and Sheena stripped me with much practiced efficiency and just as much delight as they had exhibited on the island.

In return I was pleased to remove their clothes, kissing every inch of their incredible bodies. Bianca's abdomen was just beginning to swell; she was almost five months into her term. If anything, she looked even more beautiful than she had before and it was only mid-June. Sheena, ever impatient to make love, ripped the comforter from the bed as she and Bianca pulled, pushed, and physically overwhelmed me with their breasts, arms, legs, and every other body part at their disposal as we all laughed hysterically.

Before I knew it I was flat on my back with Sheena's hard nipple in my mouth. Recalling what she had said to Dr. Thad in Honolulu I asked, "Am I sucking on them enough now?" Sheena giggled, "No, John—it's just not possible for you to suck on them enough, unless, of course, you want to do it 24/7." She gave me her pixie smile just before leaning down for another long searing kiss. She broke it to tell her best friend, "Your turn, Bianca.

Why don't I get you wet so you and John can make love?" She kissed Bianca briefly before moving down between her legs to lick Bianca's cunt. Sheena had indeed learned to share. Knowing that Bianca's opportunities to fuck were numbered—her doctor estimated that she'd have to stop during the seventh month of her pregnancy—Sheena often deferred. Now Bianca groaned with rapture as her lips first met mine. We kissed for more than a minute while Sheena worked her cunt furiously.

Sheena actively denied any lesbian tendencies, but that never stopped her from licking Bianca or even nibbling her clit. Her face was covered in Bianca's goo when I broke the kiss. I laughed even as I lowered Bianca onto my pole. I was savoring her warm wetness when I pulled Sheena to me. "Anyone who would do that for a friend deserves a reward." Lifting her tiny body I spread her legs and gently lowered her to my mouth.

I was just about to lick when she jumped up to spin around. A second later as I began to kiss her thighs and gently lick her outer labia Sheena kissed Bianca and rolled her nipples, twisting and pulling them.


I was moving with Bianca as she ground her clit into me. I could feel her as she arched her back to increase her ecstasy. I knew she was rubbing Sheena's tits and pinching her nipples between her fingernails. I'd seen her do it before and I knew how much Sheena loved it.

Bianca suddenly increased the speed of her movements, bucking at twice the speed we'd begun at. I moved my tongue into Sheena's tight little tunnel. This delightful triad was coming to a swift climax—no pun intended. I moved to Sheena's clit, sucking it between my teeth and causing the most powerful and enduring orgasm.

Sheena shook as her body was wracked with spasm. Only my hands on her body prevented her from falling. I lay her gently on the bed next to us. Now I was able to concentrate on my other love; she was rutting like an animal. This was all for her. They had fucked me until I couldn't move only three hours earlier and, contrary to reports, I wasn't Superman. I was through cumming until tonight, at least—maybe even later. These two could really wear me out.

Gripping Bianca's hips for leverage I drove into her deeply with every thrust, exactly the way she loved it. When she arched her back again I bit her nipple. It was as though I had lit her fuse. She hesitated for about three seconds then screamed for all she was worth as her orgasm reigned over her body.

Completely sated, Bianca collapsed onto my chest. I was running my fingers through her lustrous hair when she whispered, "I'll never tire of that, John. Thank you. I love you so very much." I kissed her cheek then moved her to the opposite side of my body.

I pulled Sheena to me as she pulled the blanket over us. It was time for another nap. I had never napped before meeting and "marrying" Sheena and Bianca. Of course, I had never cum as often or as strongly as I did with them either. My times on the island were usually spread out a month or more with the interims filled by business and occasional masturbation.

I had rarely dated. Either I was too busy or I just wasn't interested. Now I was cumming daily—usually more than once. We often made love early in the morning followed by a short nap and again in mid-afternoon, napping until it was time to clean up and dress for dinner.

This one was short; Alonzo phoned just thirty minutes later. My attorneys needed to conference with me. I dressed and sat before my computer where I could see as well as hear Steven Young, my personal attorney. "Morning, John—the Star has suggested a settlement." "What a surprise! I'm shocked!" Steven continued once he had stopped laughing.

"They're offering a page five retraction and one million. I think we should tell them to shove it. Do you want to make a counter offer?" "I agree—no deal, but I'm not yet willing to negotiate. Let me know when they offer page three and ten million. Meanwhile, leak the story to the Times and the Daily News.

That'll really infuriate Manning. Anything else?" I signed off once he said he was done. I met with Alonzo about tomorrow night's trip to the city. "As you requested I've purchased six tickets.

Best I could do was row K on the aisle, center section—seats 101 to 106." "Champ and Sheila ready?" I always took Champ and his wife. They were both registered and licensed to carry in New York and they actually enjoyed the opera which Sid and Amanda hated.

"Okay, I think we should leave here around 4:30 which should give us an hour to get to The Post House. Then I figure ninety minutes for dinner and a half hour to get us to the theater by 7:30." Alonzo knew these instructions by heart.

We must have done the same itinerary fifty times, but this was our first time with Bianca and Sheena. Bianca, especially, was thrilled to see "La Traviata," Verdi's masterpiece. She'd spent a week explaining the opera to Sheena. We left on time the following day—no small feat considering we had four women--pausing to wave and pose for a few photos in the limo—me in my best tux and my women in formal gowns with some of their finest jewelry.

Both wore their mink jackets, as well. Mother's gown was concealed by her full length mink coat. I had given up trying to reason with her. The coat room wouldn't take expensive furs because of the liability and sitting with a big coat was confining, at best. I never wore a topcoat even in winter knowing that we'd spend fewer than ten minutes in the cold winter air.

Now it was late June; the weather was warm, but the limo was air conditioned and I knew from experience that the theater could be cool. I wouldn't want Bianca, especially, to be chilled. Sheena was from Scotland where many days were cold and rainy.

I doubted she'd ever be cold here in Long Island. Dinner was splendid as expected with fantastic food and excellent service. Sheena had a cocktail even though she was legally underage, but Bianca drank iced tea. I warned both women not to overeat. "I'd hate for you to fall asleep during the performance." They laughed. "That will never happen, John," Bianca commented. "I love the opera and it is in Italian so I can translate to Sheena." We left on schedule and arrived at Lincoln Center by 7:20.

Champ exited first followed by Sheila who scanned the sidewalk before signaling me. I helped Bianca then Sheena and finally Mother out of the huge vehicle. We walked together into the theater where we lingered in the lobby while Champ bought champagne and ginger ale. We stood there drinking and talking quietly when I spied Victoria Chandler striding our way. She was in my opinion the quintessential high society snob even though she had horrible taste in clothes and worse in jewelry.

She looked as though she had just stepped out of the dressing room at Goodwill. She approached until she was about three feet away. Looking straight into my eyes she spoke in her haughtiest tone, "Really?" I was about to respond, but I never had the chance. Mother stepped forward, "YES, REALLY, Victoria, not that it's any of your god-damned business. You always were a snobby bitch and I can see that you haven't improved with age.

If anything you're even worse than you were as a girl and you were incredibly insufferable then." Victoria huffed and puffed before spinning around and moving away at a furious pace. We heard some laughing as she crossed the lobby and one guy even suggested that she learn to mind her own business. I thought he added the term, "you old hag," but I wasn't sure. A minute later she was replaced by her husband Warren, a bigwig in municipal bonds at Merrill Lynch.

"Sorry about that, John. Your mother's right—she can be an insufferable bitch at times. Personally, before tonight I thought you were the envy of every man I know. Now that I've had the chance to see your two beauties I'm convinced." I spent a minute introducing him to my wives.

We spoke for a minute or two before walking into the theater. Champ entered the row first followed by Bianca, Sheena, me, Mother, and Sheila. I doubted we'd have a problem with this crowd, but I always wanted to be prepared. I was barely seated when Sheena took my hand. "This is so exciting, John.

I understand now what you said about being in high society. The closest I've ever been to the stage was way back in the balcony." "Wait until next week," I whispered.

"I'm taking you to an auction for the United Way. There will be dinner and dancing before the auction begins. I've been several times and it's always a lot of fun.

It should be at $1,000 each, besides, the proceeds go to good causes here in the city." I closed my mouth as the overture began. Sheena held my hand throughout the entire performance, releasing it only to applaud. I was pleased that Bianca translated and explained to Sheena, but only in the lowest whisper possible. I usually took Mother to a nearby bar for a few drinks after the opera, but Sheena was still a bit underage and Bianca was pregnant with our first child.

Champ phoned for our limo and we went straight home. I found it interesting that a number of business and social acquaintances were in attendance, but not one of them made any negative comment about my wives even though we said hello and, in some cases, chatted for several minutes. I doubted that Victoria would ever comment again either—not after Mother's put down in front of dozens of people—all members of the rich and famous—the highest echelon of New York society, several of whom had obviously reacted to her scornfully.

We were back at home in less than an hour, retiring to the study for drinks, but went up to bed twenty minutes later. I never expected to be rewarded for the things I did, especially for routine things like dinner out and the opera.

I'd done them dozens of times, but for my wives everything was brand spanking new. Moreover, their poverty before meeting me made each new event an exciting discovery. So it was when we entered the bedroom. They were all over me in seconds, not that I complained. My tux was thrown over a chair, my tie and shirt found the floor. I stood there naked while Bianca and Sheena undressed each other. Their only concern was their jewelry which was worth more than $100,000 each.

They literally pranced from their closet which was comical considering Bianca's growing belly. "We want you to do our asses, John." Anal sex—ha! I was reminded of Bianca's first visit to her OB/GYN.

I had thought that Mother's doctor was too old for either Bianca or Sheena however she did have an associate—Dr. Cathy Perry—who was board certified and only about thirty years of age.

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She was the doctor who had confirmed Bianca's pregnancy, but I'll bet she'll never forget that first visit with Bianca. She wanted to know how long she'd be able to have vaginal sex, although the word she used was "fuck." Dr. Perry, once her red face had faded, explained everything patiently, even going so far as to cover oral sex which could be done almost up to the delivery date. However, there was no way she could have anticipated Bianca's next question—"How long can I do anal?" I would have laughed had Bianca not been totally serious.

"You mean…penetration of your anus?" "Of course—I love it and so does Sheena. So…how long can I do it?" "I honestly don't know. Nobody's ever asked that question before and it's never come up in any of my courses.

I will ask Dr. Kirkpatrick if she knows and get back to you at your next visit." The rest of the appointment was as normal as anything could be with Bianca and Sheena and soon I was back in the car with them. "I hope you know that Mother will hear all about that conversation in spite of the privacy laws. She and Dr. Kirkpatrick are close friends. I doubt she'll quote you, but Mother will certainly get the idea." "I don't care, John.

Your mother likes me and what we do sexually isn't her business. It is only between you and me…and Sheena, besides what I do with my ass is up to me. I love when you fuck it." "Me, too," chimed in Sheena, not wanting to be left out. Now I was facing two lovers kneeling along the side of our bed, heads down and asses wiggling in the air while they giggled incessantly. "May I inquire who's going first? Or am I entitled to make a decision here for a change?" "Sheena's been so nice, John…I think she should go first.

I'll just kneel here patiently until you finish." I had to laugh. Bianca knew all too well that she'd be involved either with Sheena kissing her and twisting her nipples or with Sheena asking her to move so she could eat her tasty pussy.

Sure enough, I had barely begun to finger Sheena than she "suggested" that Bianca move so she could "warm her up" for me. Bianca's cunt was under Sheena's mouth in seconds. My hard cock found Sheena's tight tunnel as my fingers dribbled lube into and penetrated her ass. I continued to slowly fuck her—warming her for her anal experience even as Sheena did for her friend.

After five minutes I'd stretched her anus with three fingers. I was out of her pussy and into her ass in a flash. Sheena turned to smile at me as she always did when I slowly pushed all the way into her.

I wiped my hand on a towel then grabbed Sheena's hips with both hands as I started to drive into her, setting her ass on fire as her nerve endings set her whole tiny body to tingling. I could feel the tremors running through her body when I reached around her to pinch and twist her clit.

One hand abusing her clit and the other her nipple always set Sheena off like an M-80 on the Fourth of July. She screamed until her lungs were empty then she collapsed and might have hurt Bianca had I not pulled her aside. "Wow, John—you did some great job on Sheena. I hope I get one like that, too." Bianca moved up to seal my lips against hers as she moved into position. I broke the kiss to wash my cock and my fingers.

It was a rule I never broke no matter how horny I might be. Back again with Bianca I found that Sheena had done an excellent job of warming her up. Her cunt was oozing a thick aromatic cream when I pushed in easily. Fucking Bianca, while prepping her ass, always drove her crazy with lust. In no time at all I had three fingers in her and seconds later I subbed my cock for my digits.

Unlike Sheena who needed a fairly gentle approach until her climax was imminent, Bianca always wanted her ass raped forcefully. I pushed in with such force that I would have driven her across the bed had I not been holding her firmly. This kind of action always guaranteed that I'd cum hard and soon so I wanted to be careful—careful to bring her along so we'd cum together.

I waited as long as I could then nearly ripped her clit from her body. Like Sheena, Bianca was a screamer. On and on it went until she fell forward onto the bed. Then, and only then, did I cum into her bowel. Poor Celeste—the entire bed would have to be stripped all the way down to the mattress pad and remade with clean linen.

I moved onto the filthy linen, soaked with ejaculate from either Sheena or Bianca, or me and pulled my exhausted lovers to me. Somehow, I also pulled the blanket and sheet over us. They snuggled close, heads on my shoulders and knees over my thighs. I closed my eyes and ended an absolutely wonderful day—and an even better evening. CHAPTER 2 It was almost ten the following morning when we finally woke.

Taking even a quick glance at each other brought a smile. I was covered from my groin to my knees with either their juices or my own ejaculate or the remnants from Bianca's ass. Sheena and Bianca were even worse. Their hair hung in sweaty ribbons as I pulled them into the shower then we dressed quickly and walked together into the kitchen. Mother was there just finishing her morning coffee. "I don't understand you, John. You used to be such an early riser." "Yeah, but that was when I was sleeping alone and could get to bed at a reasonable hour.

Now I have two women who are after me all the time." "That's right, Mother," Sheena chimed in. "You know how much we enjoy John." "Personally, I never found him all that appealing. He was always involved in one business or another." "That reminds me—I really do have to work today. Mother, why don't you take Bianca and Sheena shopping for some baby clothes?" "It would help if you'd tell me the sex so we can get the right things." I looked at Bianca and she gave me a shrug of her shoulders that told me it was okay to share the information.

"Okay, Mother—it will be a&hellip." I couldn't resist holding back and making her wait "…a girl!" "Halleluiah! "No, Mother—'hooray' maybe, or even 'whoop-di-do,' but that hardly merits a 'halleluiah.'" "You're entitled to your opinion. Why aren't I entitled to mine? C'mon, gals—let's leave Mr.

Tycoon to do his work while we go shopping." Sheena jumped for joy—she loved to shop, especially now that she actually had money to spend. Bianca came to give me a kiss good-bye and a second later she was followed by Sheena. Then they were off to use the toilet and gather their purses while Mother phoned for a driver and bodyguards.

One of the things I insisted on was that they have ordinary clothes—jeans, sneakers or low casual shoes, and inexpensive tops and jackets—so they would blend in with regular folks. My security staff had special training so they'd look like anything but bodyguards. Blending in was the best security to be found, but Heaven help anyone who bothered or pestered either of my wives. An over-eager young man had learned the hard way when we'd been back from the island about a week.

Sheena and Bianca wanted to go shopping so Champ and Sheila took them to Roosevelt Field, probably the biggest and most extensive mall in Nassau County.

They had been there about a half hour, moving from one store to another, when a man in his late twenties apparently found Sheena irresistible. He began to follow her and eventually walked up to introduce himself.

"I appreciate your kind thoughts," Sheena responded, "but as you can see I am a married woman." "That's okay—I love married women. They have more experience, if you know what I mean." He never got another word out of his mouth.

Sheila moved between him and Sheena and kneed him in the balls as Champ spun him around, shoving him in another direction. Sheila and my wives walked away as Champ imparted several words of wisdom even as he pushed $500 into the guy's pocket.

He was last seen limping and grumbling away. Before the incident Champ and Sheila looked no different than dozens of shopping couples even though they were heavily armed, in top physical condition, and karate black belts.

Mother and my loves left ten minutes later and I looked forward to a quiet morning in my study. I juggled several long distance phone calls simultaneously while working at my computer.

Alonzo was silent as he brought a carafe of coffee which I acknowledged with a nod, never allowing my attention to stray from my work. I tied up a lot of loose ends that morning then spent an hour on the phone with one of my brokers. I had so many investments that I used several different companies including no-load mutual funds like Fidelity, Vanguard, and T.

Rowe Price. Even there my wealth merited private lines to senior brokers and I could get whatever assistance I needed 24/7. I was done when a clamor came from the main hallway.

I knew my loves were home and, frankly, I was surprised they were back so soon. I wasn't surprised, however, to see Champ, Sheila, and two of the gardeners walk in behind them laden with multiple shopping bags.

How many clothes can one baby use, anyway? I met them in the spacious living room and sat for more than an hour while they showed me every single item they'd purchased. I loved them dearly, but even that couldn't prevent me from an occasional yawn.

"John," Bianca commented, mid-yawn, "we need to think about buying furniture for the baby's room and we'll need some extra things for ours, too." That comment brought a momentary frown to my face then I realized that we'd need to keep our daughter close by for the first month or more. Mathilde brought the yellow pages and we talked about what we might need. Of course, Mother had to put her two cents in, too until I suggested rather strongly that we could handle it on our own.

She was peeved, but it would pass. We made plans to shop over the weekend. I wanted to include Sheena thinking that we might buy two or three sets to plan for the future. That's exactly what we did—bought three baby room sets—crib, dresser, bureau, cabinet and changing table—one in maple, one in walnut, and one in oak. We bought everything else, too. Mattresses—who would have thought there were so many kinds of mattresses for babies?

Thank God we'd taken two of the Escalades. I thought everything was done by the date of the United Way Dinner and Auction. I had reserved an entire table for eight at a cost of $10,000.

I had always taken Mother in the past in addition to our security team, but now I needed even more room. We had just entered the ballroom at the Waldorf Astoria on Park Avenue between East 49th and East 50th in Manhattan when we were escorted to our table just off the dance floor. I had just arranged seating when I saw someone I recognized on the other side of the dance floor near the dais. "Sheena, Bianca—do you see the woman near the microphone in the dark blue gown?

Go over and introduce yourselves and would you please give her this envelope? Go ahead—she's expecting you." They gave me questioning looks, but did as I had requested.

I could see them speaking to Karen Morley, United Way Chairwoman, a few seconds later. Karen accepted the envelope then glanced my way and waved.

Sheena and Bianca were back at my side less than a minute later. "She's very nice, John." "Yes, she is; I know she was looking forward to meeting both of you." "What was in the envelope?" "I think, Bianca that she was looking forward to that almost as much as the opportunity to meet you. I always donate directly to the United Way in addition to the auction.

I wrote a check for five million. That's what I always give. Why don't you look around and see if anything tickles you?" "You already know what tickles me, John." Sheena was just incorrigible. "THAT is not up for auction," I responded. "Thank God for that," she retorted. I just shook my head. They began to walk to the side of the ballroom where the auction items were held with Amanda and Sid right behind them looking like an ordinary married couple even though they too were martial arts experts and heavily armed.

They never allowed Bianca or Sheena to get more than a few feet from them as they scanned through the donated art, jewelry, and artifacts. I'd already picked out several items I wanted, including a first edition Gutenberg Bible. We had a passable surf and turf dinner with custom broiled filets of about six ounces and a grilled lobster tail with mashed potatoes and string beans almandine.

Mother, Sheena, and I enjoyed a fine bottle of wine, Bianca, and the security team had ginger ale. I danced with Bianca first and then with Sheena and then we did it all over again. Finally, after an hour the auction began. I had told both wives that they could bid on any item, but not against each other and definitely not against me.

Early on Sheena jumped up to indicate a bid on a beautiful diamond watch. "I don't believe I know you, young lady. Do you actually have the money to support this bid?" Sheena never missed a beat. "No, but my husband does. I'm Sheena Philips…John Philips' wife…well, one of them, anyway." Everyone laughed and the auctioneer acknowledged the bid.

Sheena eventually won the watch for $52,000 which was a bit more than it was worth. I didn't mind; the money went to excellent use. Later Bianca bid on an exquisite pair of diamond and gold filigree earrings and matching pendant after identifying herself as John Philips' "other" wife. She won at $36,500. I sat silently until the Gutenberg Bible was placed on the block. I whispered to Sheena—she'd be my mouthpiece for this.

"I'd like to start the bidding at one million," the auctioneer began. Sheena jumped up as she had earlier. "FIVE MILLION." The room went silent in a second. "Excuse me, young lady…did you say five million?" "Yes, sir—that was my bid." "I'm sorry, but I forget your name." "Philips…Sheena Philips…um, hold on…TEN MILLION." "Any other bids?" "TWELVE," shouted a familiar voice from the other side of the room.

I was tempted to stop the bidding because I knew that a newspaper reporter could never come up with that kind of money. However, I was determined to play the game.


Every penny would be tax deductible and—truthfully—I needed plenty. Sheena leaned over so I could whisper. "Fifteen? Okay…FIFTEEN MILLION." The auctioneer banged his gavel. The bidding was over. I had overpaid by almost three times the value of the bible, but I didn't care. My businesses cleared more than ten million a week. I gave more than ninety-five percent of my earnings to charity. At least I would get something positive from my donations here.

I signed several forms, agreeing to make the monetary transfers within seven days. I'd do it tomorrow morning once the Gutenberg Bible had been delivered to the Metropolitan Museum of Art where it would be on permanent loan.

I had no sooner finished than I saw a shadow over the table. "Hello there, Marianne. I was sorely tempted to let you have the bible at twelve, but I couldn't let my favorite gossip columnist be embarrassed.

That's your job, isn't it—embarrassing other people?" "Now John…you know that's not true. I always veil people's identities unless I receive a direct quote. Can I help it if my readers jump to conclusions?" "I think you really mean 'accurate conclusions,' don't you?" I laughed. Marianne and I always sparred back and forth like this. She joined me a few seconds later. "Aren't you going to introduce me?" "Darlings, I'd like you to meet my favorite…um, 'society reporter,' Marianne Robbins from the Daily News.

Marianne, I'd like you to meet my two wives. This is Sheena and this is Bianca." They both rose to shake her hand then returned to their seats. "I'd love to print something special about the three of you, John. Can you give me anything?" I thought for a minute before replying. "Okay, Marianne—other than we're doing famously, it doesn't get any more special than this.

We're expecting." Then without identifying who was pregnant I swept my wives into my arms and we left the ballroom laughing. I thought that Marianne could figure it out for herself.

Sheena was as sleek as a cat and her gown was almost skin-tight whereas Bianca's was cut much fuller to hide her growing abdomen. I read her column in the Daily News at breakfast the following morning: "You heard it here first—one of John Philips' wives is pregnant.

John attended the annual United Way Auction with both beauties--dancing and having a great time. Each wife successfully bid on jewelry items before John purchased an original Gutenberg Bible. This reporter has learned that the famous book is headed for the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Good luck, John—with two wives you'll need it!" I put the paper down and laughed like crazy. That brought Bianca and Sheena immediately to my side. They joined my laughter once they'd read the paragraph. Only Mother wasn't amused. "Have you seen that bitch's column in the Daily News, John?" "If you're referring to Marianne Robbins, yes—we've all read it. We think it's funny… hilarious, in fact." "I don't understand why you deal with riff-raff like her. All she does is cause trouble." I sat there in the study and said nothing.

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I knew better than to argue with Mother when she was like this. She'd rant and rave and prolong my agony. If I refused to respond the mood would be gone by lunch. I'd learned that the hard way many years ago. Instead, I turned my energies to my desk. Alonzo had sorted my mail as he did every morning into three piles—"urgent," "can wait a day," and "read if I felt like it." Today the latter pile was by far the biggest.

I skimmed through that pile in ten minutes as I began to focus on my businesses. I spent more than an hour on the "urgent" pile, but held off on the remaining work until after lunch. That was when I learned that Mother had gathered up Sheena to go shopping. I couldn't for the life of me understand what they could need. All I could do was shake my head when they returned. Sheila and Amanda walked in behind Mother and Sheena laden with bags, not that Sheena was empty handed.

They dumped more than twenty shopping bags on the floor in front of me. Then I sat amazed as I looked at virtually everything a baby could need.

Everything we already had—everything we could possibly need—was upstairs in the baby's room or ours. "What the hell, Mother? Don't we already have all we could possibly need for this baby? Why are you buying more?" Sheena bounded over and jumped into my lap.

"This isn't for Bianca's baby, John. This is for Mum's. She phoned me right after we left to tell me she's pregnant. Isn't that wonderful? She's four months along and it's going to be a boy! That's what we bought—boy stuff. It was such fun. Can we go and visit them? Please?" I pretended to think her request over, but I'd never been able to deny either Sheena or Bianca.

I sighed and gave in. "I guess we have to deliver all this stuff, don't we?" My reward was immediate. Sheena turned in my lap to kiss me madly even as Bianca and Mother laughed. I lifted my pixie from my lap and threw her over my shoulder.

My other hand went to Bianca. Together we walked upstairs to a well-deserved nap. That would come after a quick shower and some slow love making. Sheena was laughing and kicking as I held her, my hand just covering one of her ass cheeks. I literally threw her on the bed. "Can we go next week, John?" I realized then not for the first time that I'd married two foreigners.

"Not next week, sorry…Thursday's July Fourth—Independence Day. We always hold a huge cookout for all our employees.

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Everyone will bring their families and they'll have the weekend off." "Even Janet," Bianca asked hurriedly. "Yes, especially Janet; the feast will be held in the back yard and it will be catered. I realize this will be your first American Fourth. It'll be a great time—hot dogs and burgers with baked beans and salads for lunch. We'll have steak and baked potatoes and a bunch of veggies for dinner. There will be a couple of kegs of beer and plenty of soda for the kids.

We'll use the pool and set up all kinds of games like badminton and horseshoes on the lawn and we'll have contests like a sack race and an egg toss." "Egg toss?" "Yeah, we start out about twenty feet from a partner then we lob raw eggs and try to catch them. I give the winners gift cards.

You'll see—it will be a ton of fun although, Bianca, no games for you. You can be a judge. Sometimes that's even more fun than being a participant. You'll get to see all the rest of us make fools of ourselves!" "It sounds like fun, John." "It is, and once it's dark we'll have some big-time fireworks by the Grucci's. They're just about the biggest in the country. They'll do the Macy's fireworks from some barges in the East River.

They'll start setting up on Sunday so I'll want both of you to stay away from the beach and even the track down there. Understand, Sheena? If you jog you're going to cut the path in half. They know what they're doing but I recall reading about an explosion that just about leveled their manufacturing facility out in Bellport about forty years ago." "Can we go over the weekend, John?" "We'll see, darling.

I promise you that you'll see your mum soon." Sheena expressed her appreciation with a long deep kiss then she pulled me on top of her in the middle of our bed. Seconds later I felt my shoes, socks, and pants were pulled from my body. It was teamwork with Sheena occupying me while Bianca tore my clothes away. Finally, Sheena released me and pulled my shirt over my head. I knew I wouldn't have to do a thing with their clothes—they helped each other and in less than a minute we were naked together—rolling around the bed and loving the skin-on-skin experience.

We rolled and rubbed for almost ten minutes before they stopped, looked at each other and then at me. A nod was all that was needed. Sheena leapt up to spear herself on my cock while Bianca shifted her body so her cunt was just over my mouth. I loved Bianca and Sheena equally, but there was something special about fucking Sheena.

Her tiny body was so toned from years of exercise that she could hump all day without getting tired and her pussy was very proportional to her body. Her cunt was a velvet vise, so tight, so smooth, and so muscular. When she flexed her vaginal muscles there was no way for me to resist. Today, however, Sheena wanted it slow. I knew that they were teasing each other's nipples and clits as they kissed.

Sharing had become big with these two. More importantly, there was no indication of jealousy with them. Of course, I was careful to spread my attentions equally. We'd had some minor spats and disagreements—no different than other married folks—but I couldn't stay angry for even an hour.

More critical for our survival—neither could they. We always wound up in bed, regardless of the time of day, for some incredible make-up sex. Bianca and Sheena were on the payroll—I was paying them $175,000 a year to justify their work visas—so I put them to work with Alonzo coordinating the plans for the party. That freed me to deal with some production problems in our manufacturing plants in Sri Lanka and Malaysia.

While doing that I had a brainstorm! I was on the phone a few minutes later killing two birds with one stone. The gardeners set up the horseshoes pits where Sheena directed even as the Grucci's arrived with truck after truck of equipment.

I'd spend more than $200,000 on the fireworks and another $80,000 on the rest of the party and it was money well spent. I could never understand that some of my wealthy neighbors treated their servants like shit, and paying them even worse while expecting them to be outstanding employees.

I paid my people well—much better than anyone I knew because they filled a dual role—and I gave them fully-paid medical, vision, and dental insurance in addition to state-mandated workers' comp and disability.

My rich neighbors all thought I was insane, but I'd never had a good employee quit. I'd fired several who didn't work out, but even that was rare.

Of course, my employees had a broad scope of responsibilities that far exceeded anything my neighbors could imagine. Every one of them was ex-military and every one of them was armed while on duty. I even paid for them to practice at the County Range.

I went out to inspect everything Wednesday morning. I wore a frown, but that was only for appearances. Sheena, especially, was nervous, but I'd already reviewed and approved everything with Alonzo. Finally, I broke the ice.

"Great job, my lovelies. Now you only have one more thing to do—act as official greeters tomorrow when everyone arrives." They jumped up and down as only women seem to be able to do then--mischievous looks on their faces--grabbed an arm each and marched me back to the house. I knew then that I'd have a long, but extremely satisfying, afternoon ahead. CHAPTER 3 I cooked bacon, sausage, and eggs for breakfast the following morning—July Fourth. Janet and the others would be off duty until Monday morning.

Sid and Amanda would work, providing security, but would get four days off next week. The caterers arrived around 10:30, setting up their grills, the canopies with their tables and chairs, the galvanized tubs filled with ice and cans of soda and kegs of beer. Sheena and Bianca took up their stations at the head of the yard by the track to greet the guests. Bianca was dressed in a loose silk blouse—teal with gold threads—and a pair of black shorts that, while form-fitting were actually modest when compared to Sheena's outfit.

Her blouse—a Scottish tartan—was spandex and skin-tight, showing her firm C-cup breasts to magnificent advantage. It was all too clear that she wore no bra—her breasts and nipples jutted out from her body. Her tan shorts barely covered her ass and seemed to be even tighter than her top.

I laughed my ass off when I saw her. "You do realize, don't you, that all the women will hate you once their husbands see you in that outfit?" "Why, John? They know I am yours and only yours.

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They may look, but they'd better not touch." "I'm more concerned by their dreams. I suspect quite a few will be wet tonight. Either that, or their wives will get the fucking of their lives." "Then I think they'll love me." She gave me her infectious grin and I melted. Picking her up and spinning around, I held her in my arms as I gave her a long loving kiss. I noticed some of my employees walk around the house so I shooed Sheena and Bianca away.

They walked over to greet the first families. I could see Janet's husband and teenage son give Sheena much more than a cursory look. I'd know Monday if it was a problem. Janet was nothing if not outspoken. Almost everyone had arrived by 1:00, but I was still anxiously awaiting my special guests. My cell phone rang at 1:20.

It was Chad; they'd landed and were en route in one of the Escalades that had been left in the General Aviation lot at J.F. K.—New York's busy international airport. He estimated their arrival in ten minutes or less. Thanking him I walked to Bianca and took her hand.

"Sheena, please wait here for our remaining guests. I want to get Bianca off her feet." I gave her a quick kiss as I led Bianca away.

"What is up, John? I am not tired." "Let's get a soda. I have a special surprise for Sheena. Let's sit in the shade and watch. Want something to drink?" She did; I got her an ice-cold ginger ale and I had one, too.

We were seated for only a few minutes when we heard Sheena scream, "MUM! OH MY GOD, I DON'T BELIEVE IT. MUM!" She ran as fast as her legs could carry her to her mother and Jack. She hugged her mother so tightly I thought she'd hurt her, but after a few seconds she turned to Jack and hugged him just as tightly. Hand in hand she led them to Bianca and me.

We rose and greeted them with hugs and kisses for Beth and handshakes for Jack. A few minutes later we were seated and enjoying the party. We ate—hot dogs and hamburgers with all kinds of salads--and too much, as usual. I was just about to help myself to a beer when the young man who had accompanied Celeste intercepted me to thank me for the invitation. "You're welcome. I hope you have a good time." "Are you really having fireworks?

Celeste told me the other maids said they're really great." "Yes, we'll have them, but you'll have to tell me later whether they're great or not." Just then Celeste joined us and asked for permission to introduce him to Bianca and Sheena. "Go ahead…you don't need my permission. Feel free to use the pool if you like, too." Celeste took his hand and led him away en route to my wives.

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I saw them talking and then they all ran toward the pool. Ah, youth! I had cabanas and suits of all sizes for both sexes. I had warned Bianca and Sheena to wear something reasonable because of the kids present.

I prayed they'd listened. Bianca emerged a few minutes later in a two piece that had a cloth drape that covered her midriff.

Sheena, however, wore the skimpiest suit that was legal. At least her ass was covered. They frolicked in the pool for a while until Alonzo announced that the sack race would begin in fifteen minutes. Sheena jumped out of the pool to ask me if I was going to race. "Sorry, but I can't jump like that any more." "Can I do it?" "Of course, but if you win you're not getting the prize. I'll make that clear before we start." She grinned then ran for her sneakers.

She was in the line with a dozen others when the race began. Sheena was in fantastic physical condition so she had no trouble winning by a large margin.

Celeste was second so she got the $250 gift card. She and her boyfriend were thrilled. Next was the three legged race. Again Sheena asked me and this time I had no excuse. We took the lead early as Sheena practically carried me to the finish line. Portly Janet and her son took the prize. Later, we all had a good laugh during the egg toss.

Sheena and I competed again as did Jack and Beth. They didn't last too long—just three tosses—until Jack let the egg hit his wedding ring. It cracked and coated his legs. Sheena laughed so hard she completely missed the egg I had thrown. It landed on her chest, breaking in the ample cleavage between her breasts. Bianca and I laughed like crazy, but nobody laughed harder than Sheena. My pilot Dan and his wife Claire were the eventual winners.

We just had time for a quick swim to clean off before dinner. I knew all these eggs would wreak havoc on the pool's filters, but I didn't care. Everyone was having a wonderful time. We dried off, dressed, and gave our orders for the filets. An entire ten-foot charcoal grill had been set aside for the corn on the cob and another, the baked potatoes. Three grills and three chefs handled the ten-ounce filets. I made sure we had some extras, knowing that Janet's teenage son would eat two just as he did last year and I had a feeling that Celeste's boyfriend would, too.

I'd save any leftover filets for tomorrow's lunch. They made a fantastic sandwich when sliced thinly. After dinner we played in the pool, setting up teams for volleyball in the shallow end. Sheena grabbed me by the hand, pulling me from my chair until we fell headfirst into the pool. There were more than fifty people at the party and almost all of them were in this game.

It should have been easy to bat the ball over the net, but at least half of each team had consumed a gallon of beer, or more. My teammates fell without even moving and the other team was even worse. Only Sheena was able to make any concerted effort at playing and I could see her competitive nature grow into frustration.

That's why I tackled her, dunked her under the water, and swept her into my arms. I was laughing when I stood up and after a few seconds she joined me. Then the game deteriorated into total chaos, made all the worse when Sheena decided it was a good time to thank me for bringing her mother for a visit.

She gripped my head fiercely and covered my mouth with hers. We must have swapped spit for five minutes to the hoots and howls of our guests before she broke it. "I'll need to thank you properly for bringing Mum here.

That was so thoughtful, John. I love you and tonight I'll show you how much." I kissed her nose and whispered, "I thought you did that every day." "I do, but tonight will be special…you'll see." She hugged me tightly as I carried her up the steps to the pool deck where Bianca was waiting with some big fluffy towels. The sun was setting and the air was getting chilly so I helped Sheena dry herself then she helped me. We donned sweatshirts and began to move the chairs out onto the lawn for the fireworks.

When I first hosted this party everyone tried to sit as close as possible, but we'd learned that first year that back, away from the beach, was better. The show started at ten sharp. I could see chairs lined up in our neighbors' back yards, too. I guessed that just about everyone in Sands Point would watch, but few would have the view we had. I had a reputation to maintain in the fireworks department.

Last year as a single man I had spent $100,000 on the show and it was spectacular. This year, as the husband of two wives, I had double the fun so I spent double--$200,000. It was worth every penny to see the looks on my guest's faces. Better yet were the expressions on the faces of Sheena and Bianca.

As every American knows the highlight of any fireworks show is the finale. This one went on for more than two minutes, ending with a barrage of aerial bombs that probably shook every window for miles. There was applause and cheering when it ended and there was a huge kiss for me from Sheena who was thanking me again and from my beautiful mother-to-be. I put Bianca and Sheena to work again, thanking everyone for coming and telling them to enjoy their weekend off.

Once everyone had gone I led Bianca and Sheena as well as Jack and Beth into the house. Their suitcases had already been placed upstairs in their room.

We kissed Mother good-night and walked up the curved staircase. Sheena and Bianca went to our room while I showed Jack and Beth to theirs. Like the master suite their room at the other end of the house had its own full bathroom and a recently made-up queen bed. I made sure they were comfortable before returning to my wives although I was sure that leaving them alone for so long would only mean trouble for me. I was right. Even Beth knew; she hugged me and kissed my cheek before whispering just loud enough for Jack to hear, "John, I'm sure that Sheena has something special in mind for you tonight.

You're the most considerate and kindest man I've ever known…after my husband, of course." She kissed me again and I left them for the walk down the hall to our bedroom. I was a bit surprised when I walked in. Sheena sat on the edge of the bed naked—that was hardly a surprise—her legs extended and her ankles crossed. What was a surprise was that Bianca wasn't with her. I found her completely dressed sitting in an upholstered chair in the corner. "What's going on," I asked, my voice showing my confusion.

Bianca smiled as she spoke. "I'm sitting tonight out so Sheena can give you her special thank you. I have to agree, John—bringing her momma here as a surprise was a wonderful thing to do. Only you would even think of doing something like that.

You don't mind if I just sit and watch, do you? I think I owe this to Sheena. She has been so considerate lately, letting me make love while I still can." I had just closed and locked the door when Sheena slinked to me, her tight body showing her muscles with every step. She was on me in a second, her slender but strong arms around my neck as she pulled me down for a long hot kiss. Her tongue was deep into my mouth as her soft plump lips pressed into mine.

I moved my hands between her legs and lifted her thighs until her head was even with mine and her legs were wrapped tightly around my waist. She slowly broke the kiss to nibble and lick my ear. "Carry me to the bathroom, will you John?

I want to wash you before I thank you." Bianca was laughing madly as I staggered through the doorway. I placed Sheena gently onto the floor. She was anything but gentle as she pulled my clothes from my body. Seconds later I was standing with Sheena under the jets of hot water. "You do know, Sheena, that you've washed me before, don't you?" She gave me her best pixie smile as she replied, "Not like this, John; sometimes I spend hours just coming up with new and novel things to do with you." She turned away from the spray and lathered up her breasts.

I marveled once again at Dr. Thad's surgical skill. Her breasts were perfect as were Bianca's—absolutely perfect. Once her breasts were covered in foam she turned quickly to rub them into my chest and abdomen.

Sheena was washing me with her tits! She moved all around my body, even pulling my head down and reminding me to keep my eyes closed. I couldn't stop laughing. Even Bianca laughed when she poked her head in to investigate the commotion we were creating. Throughout my shower Sheena had so far completely avoided my cock and balls. I realized now that she was saving them for last.

Kneeling in front of me she squeezed my cock between her tits, giving me a sensational tittie fuck. She finished by rubbing those glorious orbs into my balls. My cock actually hurt when she turned the water off.

Bianca helped Sheena dry me then she took a shower alone while Sheena led me to the bed. She moved me to the center before alternatively rubbing my body with her breasts and her oozing pussy. She finally got down to business taking me deeply into her mouth. Her eyes never left mine as her tongue licked its way down the top of my dick and back up the ultra-sensitive underside.

Damn! She was driving me crazy with lust. A low feral growl signaled my frustration. Sheena knew now that I needed a really good fucking and I needed it now. Releasing my cock, she slid up my body, her tongue sliding into my mouth at the very same instant that I penetrated her. She was so hot and so tight and so damned wet. I drove into her in a single thrust despite her tightness. Sheena moved slowly up and down my pole.

It felt heavenly, but so frustrating at the same time. Sheena pushed a nipple into my mouth as she whispered, "Now for the special part. I love you so much, John." Sheena stopped moving, but her cunt didn't. It pulsed as my cock was squeezed tightly from root to tip. She began slowly but her pace increased rapidly until she was fucking me rapidly without moving even a single inch. Sheena had been totally right; this was the most special sex I'd ever had. My cock blew. I'd read somewhere that a whale's exhalations were 200 miles per hour.

I thought that was slow compared to the speed my semen flew from my cock. On and on it went until I was completely drained. I looked up, my eyes barely able to focus. "I love you, Sheena." When I felt Bianca slide next to me I turned my head. "Thank you, Bianca; I love you, too." A second later I was sound asleep.