Mad Fadila et les djinns

Mad Fadila et les djinns
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My sex with a man the first time. It had been a long week of sales calls, it was Thursday night and one more day to go before heading home. I had taken a hotel in the middle of the city, most central to my customers, on a quiet side street. For years, when travelling alone, I've had a little private ceremony, celebrating myself. Tonight I needed a pick up before venturing out for dinner. My trusty dildo was in the bag. I rinsed my rear with my water bulb, lubed myself and proceeded to have anal sex, all on my own.

This little procedure had, with time, almost become a routine. I was a married man and never sought sex with any other women for my entire married life.

But wanking off with a dildo inside me felt good and seemed totally harmless. Eating in the hotel was not on my agenda. Unfortunately, many hotel dining rooms are either outrageously expensive, or serve awfully mediocre food, or sometimes both. "Where is the nearest restaurant?" "One half block down the street." That sounded convenient and off I went. Sure enough there it was.

The menu displayed outside seemed varied and reasonably priced.

I stepped in. There was an armed guard standing just inside the door. Oops, this must be a really dangerous area of town.

I feel safe to be here, not that I have ever thought about dining under the eyes of a man with a gun before. The place was near full. I was offered to sit with two ladies. "Sure, I'd like to dine in your company." We had an amicable discussion about this and that and then we moved on to relationships. They were good friends, lesbians and lovers.

It gradually dawned on me, innocent me, this is a restaurant that caters to the gay community. I have never had much to do with lesbians before so I must admit, I asked a few rather personal questions about sex and relationships in general. The TV was showing the news over the bar. After dinner, I decided to linger at the bar, have a last beer, watch the news and then return to my hotel. There was a young man sitting next to me.

We started talking about the news on the TV. He told me that he was, 27, an amateur swommer, and in the bar waiting for his girlfriend to come pick him up after work.

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She'd call him when she was ready to come. His girlfriend would be late tonight and it was quite clear he would be there for a while.

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He had a great looking body, on the skinny side. I've always liked skinny women, but a skinny man? Something stirred inside me. This was an intriguing situation. Perhaps he was gay? I have never really met a gay man in private. Well, since we were in a gay bar, why not ask? I asked him if he'd like to come to my room, I could serve him a rum and Coke.


"That's a good idea, drinks are expensive here," he said. The walk was very short to the front door of the hotel. I felt a little guilty as we rode the elevator, I don't think I had ever had a visitor in my hotel room before.

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We seated us by the little table and I proceeded to mix our drinks. I stood against the desk with my back towards him. As I turned around, I was stunned.


There he was, stark naked with an erect dick pointing straight at me. I caught myself, released my belt, and let my pants drop. I wore no underwear that night, moved closer and put his dick between my legs.

We moved in and out but there was some friction, my skin resisted his dick. Next step, I reached into my vanity case and pulled out a condom. I quickly put it on his dick and added KY-Jelly, with an extra swipe around my ass-hole. Then I turned around and guided his dick into my welcoming hole.

I had just played with my dildo there earlier, remember? I leaned forward and he slid in, effortlessly, and started pounding my ass.

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It felt wonderful. But, I want to see your face too. Let's do the missionary position. No problem, I laid down on my back on the bed with one of the pillows under my hips for ease of access. That was absolutely wonderful. I am doing it. I am finally being fucked by a man.

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He held out quite a while, then he warned me, "I am cumming." "That's fine, do it." . and I ejaculated on my own stomach. He withdrew his dick, removed the condom, gave it a couple of strokes and added his cum to mine on top of my stomach. Wow, that was absolutely wonderful. Now I have seen and experienced a man's climax, other than my own.

I also learned, for the first time, that being fucked by someone else is so exciting that it can make me cum too. Yes, I was truly ignorant. The last time I saw somebody's erect dick cumming was when I was 14, in High School, when we boys had a competition to see who could come the quickest. He stayed for another hour, making small talk and finishing off a couple of drinks. Before leaving, he suggested that he would like to fuck me again.

"What? So soon?" This time was much less hurried. The sex felt even better for me. After all, I was sharing his experience of fucking me, heard his moans and I felt his contortions as he ejaculated deep inside my ass.

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After dressing again, his phone rang within minutes. "I will be there in 10 minutes." We parted ways after sharing our telephone numbers and email addresses with promises to find each other again. Unfortunately, I changed employer some time later. I never again had reason to go back to that city for any extended business trip again. But, I had learned that it was absolutely fantastic to be the recipient of a man's dick. It didn't change my appreciation of my wife's embracing arms, but gave me an alternative to my sole wanking, something different to strive for when travelling.

Now, years later I have a regular fuck-buddy, a married man like myself. We meet occasionally for mutual satisfaction. But, I will forever carry a "thank you" in my mind for this young man. He finally, after years of lingering doubt, proved to me that I am truly bisexual and can enjoy sex every which way. Yes, I am proud to be bi.