Intense creamy orgasm with my toy insane orgasm)

Intense creamy orgasm with my toy insane orgasm)
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Holiday Sex Pt 1 - The Gang Bang Hi my name is Mandy and this is my story of when my friend Lucy and I was gang banged by six men on holiday. I am 26 years old and have jet black hair and have an hour glass figure with size 34DD tits. My pussy is fully shaved and is pierced. I was on holiday with my friend Lucy who is 24.

She is a size 10 figure with 36D tits and has a neatly trimmed pussy with a runway strip. We were on holiday in Cyprus and it was our third day there and we had been chilling out in the sun by the pool at the hotel when this cute guy who was staying at the hotel with a load of his friends walked by me. I lay on my sun lounger with my sun glasses on and saw him eyeing us both up. He went and joined his friends a little bit further away and was looking at us while talking to his friends.

His friends started staring then looking away and whispering things to each other. One of them eventually came over and asked if we fancied joining them tonight at a club as one of their friends was a DJ there. We started chatting and introduced ourselves. Hi I'm Mandy I said, nice to meet you. Lucy introduced herself as well. The guy then introduced himself as John. He told us about the club and that if we were interested in going we could get in for free if we went with them.

We agreed to meet later and went our separate ways to our hotel rooms to get ready for the night. In our hotel room we both got showered and changed. I put on a sexy little red thong with matching bra and over that I put on a pair of black shorts and black vest top then to finish off I put on a little pair of heels.

Lucy wore a little black thong under a pair of black hot pants. Up top she wore a black bra and a black t-shirt. Once we were ready we headed out to the club and met the guys there. One of them called there friend on the phone and he came out of the club and got us in after talking to the bouncer saying we were with him.

We entered the club which was only a quarter full and went straight to the bar and ordered drinks we all started off with shots then the boys all got beers while me and Lucy ordered cocktails.


We drank and danced for a while then the club started filling with more people until it packed out. After a few more hours of drinking and dancing I was getting a bit horny while dancing between John and one of his friends called Scott. John was behind grinding away with his hands on my ass while Scott was in front. Lucy was doing the same thing with two guys called Jimmy and Matt. I told the boys that I needed the toilet and asked Lucy to come with me and we headed off together. While in the toilets I whispered in Lucy's ear that I was getting horny and she admitted the same.

We both decided to take the boys back and have some fun. We went back into the club and told the boys we were going back to the hotel and that we would see them there. Off we went and about an hour later the boys all showed up and we invited them in. we had some drink in our room and continued partying. I was sitting on John's lap and was grinding away on him when I felt his hard bulge under his shorts.

I then told him I was going to my bedroom and that he could join me if he wanted. I got up and off I went to my room and John followed with loud cheer from his mates. I sat down on my bed and motioned for him to come closer with my finger and as he did he started unbuttoning his shorts I pulled them down followed by his underwear and out sprang a beautiful cock that was at least 9 inches long and nice and thick.

I slowly leaned forward and took him in my mouth and he moaned in pleasure. I started sucking his cock paying close attention to the head then slowly working as much as I could into my mouth. By this time I was getting really wet and took off my shorts + thong and started rubbing my pussy. I stopped sucking then climbed up on the bed and removed my top and bra.

John went straight for my 34DD's and started gently massaging one while sucking the other then switched around. I couldn't take it no more and got him to lay on the bed and mounted him cowgirl style slowly lowering myself onto his cock. God it felt so big and felt so good in my pussy. I started bouncing up and down and before long I started coming over his cock.

He then sat up and got me on all fours and entered me from behind and started pounding away at me. I don't know how long they had been there but Jimmy and Scott were standing in the doorway watching rubbing their cocks through their shorts.

I thought what the hell and invited them to join in. They both couldn't get naked fast enough and have their cocks in my face. Jimmy had a beautiful 8 inch cock and nice thickness as well.

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Scott was about the same as John's and I took them in each hand. I started stroking their cocks then started sucking one then the other. After about 10 or 15 minutes they wanted more and Jimmy lay on the bed and asked me to ride his cock. I jumped on started bouncing on his cock while sucking Scott and wanking John.

John then got behind me and asked if I had ever been ass fucked. I told john I had and that I was waiting for it and there was lube in the bedside drawer. He took it out and squirted some in my ass and started working my ass with his fingers till I was able to take 3 with out any problems. Then he squirted some on his cock and slowly slipped it into my ass.

I was in heaven having 2 wonderful cocks inside at me once while I was sucking a third. As we were fucking Lucy came in the room with the other three boys Matt, Luc and Carl. Lucy was already naked by the time they entered and said that they had started before they decided to join us. They wasted little time as Matt got on the bed and Lucy mounted his beautiful 8 inch cock.

Carl got his trousers and underwear off and sported a 7.5 inch cock which was as thick as a large sausage. Lucy wasted no time taking him in her mouth and sucking like she was possessed. Luc at this point was jus finally getting his underwear off and as he did so I couldn't take my eyes off his cock. It had to be at least 11 inches long and almost as thick as a coke can.


Lucy started stroking it and then asked Carl to fuck her in the ass. He got the lube squirted it in her ass then slowly worked it with his fingers like John had done with me and then slipped his cock in her.

At the same time Luc then stuck his cock in her mouth and Lucy went straight to work sucking on his magnificent cock which puffed out her cheeks.

What a sight it must have been both me and Lucy on the bed both being double penetrated while sucking a cock. We must have been fucking for at least an hour Jimmy shouted he was going to come. I quickly got up and him put it in my mouth and fill my mouth with his warm cum.

It was a nice sized load and I swallowed every drop then licked off any excess cum from his cock. No sooner than that Scott had me lean back and came all over my face and tits.

His cock squirting at least 8 times. John then bent me over and entered my pussy doggy style.

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He fucked me for another 10 minutes hard and fast then said that he was going to cum. As he did he slammed his cock in as far as it would go and fired his warm seed inside me. Lucy then came over and licked up the cum from my face after I scooped up the load on my tits. Then she went lay back on the bed asked Luc to fuck her. Luc then got on top slid that magnificent 11 inch beast inside her till he was balls deep and started slamming into her making her cream all over his cock.

Matt and Carl then came over to me and I mounted Matt reverse cowgirl with his cock in my ass while Carl stuck his in my pussy. They then started fucking me in unison and had me cumming in no time at all. After a bout 15 minutes they both grunted and came in me at the same time. I had a massive orgasm of mine to go with it.

Looking over at Lucy she was moaning and creaming all over Luc's big dick. I looked at the end of the bed and saw that John, Scott and Jimmy were fully hard again and stroking their hard cocks while Matt and Carl weren't far behind.

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I shouted over to Luc I wanted some of his cock and he pulled out of Lucy's pussy and asked me to suck him first. I eagerly stuffed his cock in my mouth and sucked for all I was worth tasting Lucy's pussy juice from it. Controlling my gag reflex I then felt him start to slide into my throat until he was balls deep. I did this a few times over and over then he bent me over the bed and fucked me hard.

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The other lads and Lucy watched as Luc pulverised my pussy which was getting sore but feeling so dam good. I had one orgasm after another as he pounded me then Luc cried out he was going to cum. I got down on my knees and he stroked his cock and blew his load all over my face and tits. Lucy then jumped in started licking it up when the other lads all surrounded us aiming their cocks.

We both knew what was cumming and held out mouths open with our tongues out and one after another they all blew their second load of the night over both our faces and tits.

We swallowed whatever landed in our mouths then scooped up what we could from our tits and then Lucy and I snowballed it back and fourth to each other before we swallowed half each.

The lads left and then me Lucy headed to the shower together where we discovered we could also have fun with just the two of us but that's another story.

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This is my first time writing so hope I haven't done to bad. Comments welcome which might help with a second story.

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Thank you[/b]