Blonde sends herself as a gift to a guy for Valentines day

Blonde sends herself as a gift to a guy for Valentines day
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I figured the night could only get better. I sat down a little bit later than Shauna did, back at the table. She only sat there with a smile on her face. And as i kept staring at her, my cock started getting hard again. I took my eyes off of her and looked around the table.

Both Ashley's and Dani's shirts were off while Kevin and Alex were trying to act cool in the situation. In my current state of mind i was sex-crazed. I hadn't really taken notice before but Ashley and Dani were very cute. They looked much less mature than Shauna because of their perky little tits. -Ashley was a gymnastics girl.

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During some of the practices she would attract the guys by doing some stretches or flips where you know all the guys were thinking the same thing: "Damn, I would loooove to fuck her." Dani was a little different. I think she's pretty well-known for her insanely short shorts and skirts she likes to wear to practices. All the guys at the practices can basically tell what she could look like without them on. They barely cover anything. But the weird thing was that you could call her a little gothic or emo.

She just had that look about her. and she worked it so well. This whole time thinking i had realized i had just been staring at their teenage breasts for a good 45 seconds. I lifted my eyes up and shook my head. I smiled and asked "Who's next?" The girls giggled and then pointed to Alex. "Truth or Dare!!!" He looked around for a moment and said ".dare." Dani whispered to Ashley for a bit as she giggled. I gazed at her as her perky tits jumped.

She slammed her hands on the table and said, "Masturbate in front of us." He quickly came back with, "Well what am I supposed to jack off to?".

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Without saying a word, Ashley leaned over and took Dani's head. She turned it and started making out with her. At that moment Shauna started cracking up, me and Kevin had our eyes plastered to Ashley and Dani, and Alex started whipping it out.

They started caressing eachothers tits, and I quickly became hard again. I looked back at Alex and he had already begun doing his thing while mindlessly staring at the two. I kept looking around and I met with Shauna's eyes. She had been staring at me and I think she knew that I was hard again.

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She smirked and then slowly got up from her chair. I started undoing my belt but she stopped walking when she got to Alex.


Alex was still sitting in his chair and she stood right in front of him, completely naked. She smirked back at me one more time and then straddled him. I merely looked at her as I faintly heard the sound of his cock plunging deep into her. I got a little jealous but then I realized that I was very, very horny. I stood up from my chair and saw Ashley's eyes open and break the deep kiss. She gazed at my shaft then looked up at me.

Dani was attempting to divert her attention by kissing her and licking her nipples, but she was horny, and so was I. She stood up from her chair and took me into a long deep kiss. Her tongue was so very tender and I pulled her closer to me. I heard Shauna moaning in the background but I didn't really care.

All I could think about was Ashley.


Everything about her was now perfect to me. Her figure, her eyes. everything.

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After quite some time our deep kiss broke and she smiled up at me. I smiled back until she looked back at Dani, still sitting in her chair, and grabbed her arm. She pulled her up from her chair, then soon after commanded her to lay down on the ground on her back. Dani did as she was told and then she grabbed my arm. She bit her lower lip and pointed me to kneel above Dani's head, my hard cock pointing down her body.

Ashley finished the puzzle by going in a 69 position with Dani. She told me to "fuck her doggy style". I did as I was told and slowly eased my hard length in her tight little pussy.

Dani had a perfect view from underneath, her mouth was gaping wide open as she closely watched the full length tunnel into her friend's pussy. Ashley lowered her head and started eating out Dani. I started thrusting my cock into Ashley as Dani reached her head up and licked Ashley's clit and the length of my cock as it pummeled Ashley.

Every thrust my sac hit Dani right in the nose.


I thought it would bother her but I think it got her even hotter. I kept thrusting harder and faster each time, hearing the loud slap of my balls colliding with Dani's face. She was so horny, she screamed out. "Yeah! Slap my face! I'm such a bad girl!!!" This took me by surprise and I think it even took Ashley by surprise, but Ashley kept licking away and I pulled out my cock. I knew what Dani wanted. She was into rough sex. So I lifted her head and tilted it back. She opened her mouth and I started face-fucking her.

She held her own head up and I started prodding Ashley's pussy with 3 fingers. I kept a steady rhythm, pumping my hips into Dani's throat while fingering Ashley forcibly. I felt myself about to cum and pulled my wet cock out of her mouth.


She looked up at me and grunted, "Cum on my face." I started wildly jacking myself with my right, while still riding my fingers into Ashley. She wasnt even licking Dani anymore because she was about to cum.

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I gave myself one finaly pump and shot out a sream of cum all over Dani's face. The second stream shot right over her face and onto her chest. Ashley started cumming and soon her juices started to drip and pour onto Dani's face.

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I kept unloading onto Dani and when i was finished, she sucked on my cockhead. We cleaned ourselves up a bit (especially Dani), and we sat back down at the table. Shauna and Alex were obviously finishedand they were just staring at the 3 of us, so was Kevin.

We looked at eachother and looked back at them and we all said.

"What?" To be continued.