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British Amateur Pawg getting fucked doggy by BBC
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Way Too Sticky: Special Note: My slugs are not real slugs and do not follow regular slug-like rules. I thought that'd be apparent when they up and decided to fuck some bitches, but just putting it out there clearly: This story is totally fiction.

I just use the word slug to present an easy to follow image. The first thing I feel when I wake up is an incredible orgasm tearing through my body. The next thing I feel is a slug slithering out of my pussy. I shudder, half disgust and half pleasure. The shudder triggers more activity. I look down at my considerably swollen stomach. I can feel slugs stirring. Two more slugs force their way down my vaginal tunnel and slither out past my labia. I can feel my stomach and my womb stirring with countless worms and soon there are more emerging from me.

The sensation of slugs leaving through my asshole feels only slightly similar to shitting. This is a lot more pleasurable. I can feel my asshole stretching in the most tantalizing way while my pussy is similarly affected.

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It isn't long before I'm cumming all over the exiting slugs, giving them more lubrication for their mass exodus. I suddenly feel my throat close up for a moment before another slug crawls up out of my esophagus and into my mouth. I can taste more of their slime, and my hands are suddenly teasing my nipples and my clit furiously without any input from me.

I moan loudly around the escaping slug as I squirt cum powerfully. After several minutes of endless orgasm, they're all out of my body. I sit up tenderly, my entire pelvis area a bit sore. They're all just sitting there on my floor, surrounding me.

I cautiously pick one up. What else could they do that they haven't already? It sits there in my hand, wiggling a little. Out of nowhere, I decide to try something. I set it down on the floor and try to order that one slug to do something. I project an image at it, a thought.

I envision it crawling up my leg and slithering all over my pussy and my clit without entering me. It starts to move. My eyes nearly pop out of my head as it crawls up my leg as quickly as it can. My knees buckle and I fall onto all fours as that wonderful slime hits my clit.

I moan loudly and cum all over the little slug. I feel disgusted for starting to actually like these slugs, but doesn't everybody have some kind of kink?

I hesitantly order two more to crawl onto my breasts and tease my nipples. It doesn't take them long, and I cum even harder. I know that I'm officially lost when I order one into my mouth so I can suck the slime off of it. I start squirting cum everywhere as I nearly lose consciousness.

I order all of the four slugs off of my body before I pass out and they all go back into me. I don't know what to do from here.

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I guess I should try to get on with my life. I silently order the slugs to disperse, and they do. While they are out of my sight, I can feel their presence nearby. If I call, they'll answer. I take a nice long shower and scrub away the slime as well as I can.

It's all over my apartment too, but that can wait. I get dressed in a red knee length skirt with no panties and a white button up shirt with a red lace bra underneath. It's pretty visible and I get hot just thinking about it. I'm not usually so naughty in public, but I just got violated hundreds of times. I have no shame left. The next few days are hectic as I play catch-up. I had only been incapacitated for one day and one night, but that was long enough for me to be pretty far behind.

I manage to catch up on all of my missed work, but it's exhausting. In that time, people also notice my new way of dressing. I get a lot of attention from men and women due to my body and my new and improved outlook. I could deal with all of the stresses of schoolwork now because I had the ultimate way to blow off steam. The slugs were nice and incognito. I could have one wriggling around in my pussy all day and nobody would notice unless they saw my orgasmic reactions.

And there were quite a few of those. Over the following week, I had mastered control of the slugs. I was fond of having them go in an out of different holes, and the feeling of ten slugs all trying to cram into my pussy at once was always enough to make me squirt. And my favorite thing was, there were hundreds of slugs, so they could be everywhere. Most of them stayed in or near my apartment, where I did all of my openly lewd stuff, but I was never very far from a few of them.

At any given time, I could call at least ten to myself from the surrounding area. It's about three weeks after my first time with the slugs that it happens.

I had been eyeballing a hot blonde woman in one of my anatomy classes for about a week. I found out her name is Natalie. She's damn near perfect in my eyes: sexy, smart, and bisexual to boot.

I had flirted with her a little and she had returned my interest. I'm debating asking her out one evening while I do homework and order three slugs to stimulate my clit and my nipples. I ride my orgasms a bit more smoothly now, able to suppress my explosive reactions. A darker thought suddenly enters my head.

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What if I get her with my slugs? Is it even possible? And if it is, how would I do it? But I couldn't do that.

But even as I'm thinking about seducing her through my slugs, my pussy weeps tears of joy and I climax again. I decide it'd be best to ease her into it. Do her like the slugs did me. So one day, in class, I send a slug onto her wrist and hand. It takes her a second to notice. She looks surprised, but she removes it very calmly. I thought a slug almost the size of a banana would've scared the shit out of anybody.

I flirt with her a bit more after class and wait until the next day. She shows up, but I can tell from her constant shifting that she's very horny. I approach her after her class and she nearly jumps me right there! But I convince her to keep her clothes on until we get to my house. Where thousands of slugs are hiding. I shudder in delight as I think about the upcoming fuckfest. As soon as I close the door to my apartment Natalie strips and starts viciously masturbating with four fingers, babbling about insane needs and how she just couldn't help herself.

I wasn't even sure she was talking to me at this point. I decide to throw subtlety out the window, her sanity's already halfway there. I call one hundred slugs out of various hiding spots and sick them on Natalie's writhing body.

They almost can't get into her pussy past her pumping fingers. But as soon as the first one touches her lower lips, she locks up in a tremendous orgasm. She just looks too delectable. I order the slugs to leave her mouth for me and call a few into my mouth and pussy. I moan and finger my asshole as my pussy and throat quickly fill with slugs.

I get down on the floor and thrust my slime covered tongue into her mouth. The effect is immediate. She seizes my face and nearly breaks my nose against hers as she kisses me with desperate need. Her tongue drills into my mouth with the urgency of a drug addict getting a fix.

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My pussy becomes a fucking waterfall of juices. I know that she's now bound to me on a deep level. She's mine now. I call a slug up from my throat and into my mouth to share with Natalie. She has an explosive orgasm as it touches her tongue and more slugs stream into her lower orifices. I can barely keep my lips to hers as she convulses like she's having a seizure.


We share the slug and its delightful excretion. I push it into her mouth with my tongue and watch the bulge slither down her throat. She moans and climaxes again, and as she comes down, her eyes finally focus on me. She recognizes me. And I see submission in her eyes. She knows she's mine too.

Her eyes fog back up as a particularly large slug crams into her pussy. I take the opportunity to slide my body upwards and position my pussy over her mouth. I lower my hips and start grinding against her face. It only takes her a second to start sucking on my pussy, and the worms inside of me start squirming out. I hear her muffled moans as more worms pass into her mouth from my pussy.

It isn't very long before I feel my climax building up. I moan and grind against her face harder. As my climax builds, the worms get excited and squirm around intensely, and Natalie gets the best of it with all of the worms in her body. I call a few worms up and out of her mouth and make them shove into my pussy particularly hard. I let out a loud groan as I cum all over Natalie and the worms penetrating me. Natalie and I both pant in post-orgasm bliss and we shift to lie next to each other.

I look over at her and she looks at me with a look of adoration and devotion. I roll over onto her and kiss her hungrily. I grind my pussy against hers at the same time. I decide to try something immensely erotic with the worms.

As Natalie and I wrap each other up in our arms I call a large amount of worms and have them enter my asshole in singles and groups over and over.

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It'd take hours for all of my lovely worms to squeeze into me, but that's not what I have in mind. Worm after worm slithers up and into my body, and they slowly crawl up and into my stomach. They stop there and wiggle a little bit and Natalie giggles when she feels them moving.

I silence her with a deep kiss as the worms slowly start crawling up out of my stomach. I moan into Natalie's mouth as the worms come up my throat and pass through my mouth and into hers. She clutches my face to hers desperately as worms continuously enter me, go through me, and exit directly into her.

But it's not done yet. They slither down and into her stomach, then further down and out of her asshole. Then they turn around and start fucking their way into our grinding pussies. We both moan in ecstasy as the worms violate all of our holes and start to group up inside of our wombs. More worms keep cramming into my asshole and going through my and Natalie's bodies. Natalie and I both start cumming over and over as groups of worms force their way into our pussies. I can feel groups of five and six worms just cramming into my hot pussy at once.

I can tell that the same thing's happening to her as she squirms uncontrollably in my arms. Our stomachs start to swell as more worms build up in our wombs, and the last worm finally passes into my asshole. After a couple more minutes, all of the worms are in my and Natalie's wombs. I moan as my swollen stomach rubs against hers. I let the worms swish around in our tummies until we've had our fill of constantly cumming, then I call them out.

The feeling of hundreds of worms exiting through my pussy is wonderful and I orgasm three more times before they're all out. Natalie and I cuddle with each other and kiss softly for a while afterwards. Some of the worms crawl over us and rub us delightfully, but nothing intense. We fall asleep in each other's arms. . Natalie becomes my little sex toy after that day. Aside from my constant masturbation with the worms, she comes over every couple of days and we fuck each other like animals, both with and without the worms.

I also loved molesting her covertly with a few worms during the day out in public. She didn't bother wearing panties anymore, she wants the worms to have easy access to her holes. These little worms have really made me into a pervert. My grades stay fine and I have Natalie now. Life's looking pretty fun right now.

I can't help but wonder though, will these worms always be mine.? And does Natalie only like me because I seduced her with the worms.? So many questions.


Hmm. I have a lot to consider. The biggest question I have is a lot darker though. Can I enslave anyone with these worms?


I entertain that thought as I suck sticky slug slime off of my fingers and let ten slugs fuck their way into my pussy.