Juicy cunt stuffed by ramrod

Juicy cunt stuffed by ramrod
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Mindy finished her gymnastics lessons and took a quick shower in an individual stall at her club. She had just turned 16 and her lessons were part of her birthday present from her parents.

She had taken off her pink leotard and tights as well as her bra and panties. Throughout her lessons, she examined Mr. Lester's crotch, wondering how big his cock was as compared to her Daddy's and her sister's boyfriend, Brian. She couldn't stop thinking about what Daddy had done to her before her lessons (ready Episode 1) and how he had shot his white stuff all over her titties and even into her mouth.

As she soaped herself up, her little clit was beginning to tingle with excitement, reminding her of that same sensation hours earlier as she sat on her Daddy's lap. She had never seen a boy or man's cock before, with its purple helmeted head. As she soaped-up her apple-like cones, her excitement grew inside her tight pussy. It was almost like there was a connection between her mind, titties and her tingling clit. The slippery soap had added to this sensation that was beginning to build inside her body.

She pinched her tittie and began to rub her clit at the same time. She was getting closer and closer to that ultimate feeling she felt earlier in the morning, having been bare-chested and sitting on her Daddy's lap. But suddenly her ecstasy was interrupted. . by the voice of her friend Jennifer. "Mindy are you about ready? I just talked to my mom and she wondered whether your Daddy could take me home? I guess mom's car needs a new muffler. " Mindy immediately let go of her pussy and her titties.

. worried that Jennifer might see what she was doing. Then she laughed to herself remembering that Jennifer was much more sexually experienced than she was and had probably brought herself off all the time.

. and maybe even had brought off her brother too. She wished she had a brother. . and then she remembered Brian and the way he looked at her body in the car. Maybe she could get him to do a few things for her or to her.

. boy would that get Laura mad. "I'm just rinsing off Jenny, I'll be right out. I'm sure Daddy wouldn't mind. Maybe you could even come over this afternoon," she said as she turned off the spray. Her nipples were still erect and she felt unfulfilled not bringing herself off. Oh well, maybe she could get Daddy to help her out again. . she giggled to herself! She opened up the stall door and looked down at her bag, underwear and her pink gymnastics outfit. Then she looked around and didn't see anyone.

She went inside her bag and brought out her towel and began to quickly dry off her naked 16-year-old body. Her rigid buds were still popped up and she carefully dried them. She finished and reached for her panties, but they were still damp with perspiration from her workout. She picked up her thin bra with its small cups and noticed it was even worse, having been laid in a pool of water from a previous girl's' shower. She couldn't just wear her leotard home.

. could she?

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She smiled to herself and said, "Why not"? Mindy thought for a moment and then realized she could put her towel around her shoulders until she got inside the car and then display her next to naked body at her Daddy.

That thought was exciting. . .but what if Brian came along? That would be even better, she fantasized with a smile on her face! What the hell, she said to herself and she grabbed her leotard top, slipped it over her head and pulled it down her naked body.

She carefully snapped the garment under her hairless pussy, placed the rest of her items in the bag, got on her shoes and headed out of the locker room, with her towel hung over her shoulders partially covering her pink gymnastic suit. She soon caught up with Jennifer who was patiently waiting. "We gotta hurry Jenny. Daddy doesn't like to wait." She grabbed her hand and they headed out into the parking lot. She was somewhat relieved that the Caravan wasn't there.

They sat down on a bench near the curb, watching other girls being picked up. "Are you sure your Daddy will take me?" asked Jenny suddenly focusing on her friends barely clad body. Mindy found her friends wording somewhat naughty for some reason.

"It's no big deal. . he's taken you home before," said Mindy looking at her friend. Jenny had placed a light blue parka over her gymnastics outfit. "Where's your tights," said Jenny pointing at Mindy's bare legs, "and what's with the no underwear look?" teased Jenny. Mindy began to turn red. "I didn't bring another pair and I didn't want to put on those sweaty things," said Mindy. Jenny laughed and opened up her parka for a quick inspection. "Me either," said Jenny as Mindy quickly placed her hand to her mouth.

Jenny's slightly larger titties almost were visible in her white leotard. She hadn't dried off enough and her damp skin had begun to show through the thin material of her leotard top.

Her nipples were literally visible. . pink and rigid as Mindy examined her chest. Jenny had put on her tights, but Mindy was almost certain her panties were still in her gym bag.

"Shit, I thought I was daring," said Mindy. "I always go home looking like this. That's why I bring this parka so no one sees me underneath. Let me see your body. . you nasty little girl." And with that, Jenny grabbed the towel from around her neck and pulled it aside. "Give it back," whined Mindy, lurching for the towel. Jenny deliberately threw it over her back.

Mindy began to get up but realized Mike Tobin a classmate was passing by looking for his sister who also had gymnastics. Mike stared in admiration at Mindy's tell-tale body. Instead of getting up and retrieving the towel, she elected to stay put. She began to cover up, but Jenny stopped her. "Hi Mike, what do you think of Mindy's outfit?" she asked suggestively.

"Very hot. . .and WOW!" he offered as he glanced at Mindy's rigid nipples and the image of her pussy lips that smiled at him from down below. The girls knew his mom was waiting so they waved him on and began to giggle as he went away. As embarrassed as Mindy was, she was certain she saw the traces of a boner in his pants, which excited her.

Suddenly a horn honked and the two girls got up. Mindy quickly reached for her towel, picked up her bag and put it in the back of their Caravan. Neither of the girls suspected that Jerry, Mindy's Daddy would be staring at their outfits, and as a result, sporting his own 7"boner in response. He was already excited to see Mindy without any underwear, but Jenny was an added treat.

Her opened parka proudly displayed her 16-year-old titties, which were still wet, making it almost like a voyeur's teen peep show. Jenny slid in the passenger's seat next to Jerry as Mindy hopped into the backseat. Jenny was conscious of Jerry's looks of lust and was tempted to keep his spirits high on the way home. She instantly recognized his erect cock, which he made no attempt to cover. The muscle shirt he was wearing showed his tanned stomach and she was certain with the right motivation, his boner might make a surprise appearance above the elastic of his shorts.

"Thanks for taking me home Mr. Wallace. I hope it's okay. . mom called me on the cell and said; she was at Midas getting a new muffler. It's a little warm in here," she said dropping the parka from her shoulders and opening up the front. The result was a lewd and exciting display of her large apple-sized titties.

She was slightly more developed than Mindy but the most thrilling sight was her erect nipples that were fully rigid and poking out the front of her leotard. Jerry pulled away from the curb, but kept looking sideways at her damp and almost naked breasts. "No problem Jenny, it's great to see you," placing emphasis where it should be. "Do you want to come home with us and have some fun this afternoon? I can take you home later." "That's what I hoped for," offered Mindy from the backseat, suddenly conscious of her Daddy's attention to her best friend.

The sun visor was down on Jenny's side with the tiny mirror aimed towards her titties as they must appear to her Daddy's eyes.

She knew her friend was a flirt, but she didn't think she would try it on her own Daddy! Maybe she should do some of her own flirting from the backseat.

She laughed to herself as the car sped away. "Are you guys hungry?" asked Daddy. "I could eat just about anything!" said Jenny rather suggestively as she glanced at Mindy's dad's cock that was still growing.

She was determined to have the purple head of his raging hard-on. . sneak out and say hi to her. "Me too," said Mindy, "how about a Whopper?" "I'd love to eat a whopper right now," giggled Jenny continuing to look at Jerry's blossoming shorts. "No problem girls." He forced himself to look at the road, realizing his carnal cravings might get them into an accident.

He looked up in the rear-view mirror after a few minutes and suddenly stared at the image in the back. Mindy was looking right at her Daddy, but the 16-year-old girl was kneading her left breast, rubbing the underside of her developing tits, tweaking the hardening nipple and caressing the still forming aureole underneath the pink material of the leotard.

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She pinched her nipple, knowing how this excited her Daddy earlier in the morning. He turned slightly red but managed to make it to Burger King. He went through the drive through and because of the close proximity of the building and customers; the girls halted their lewd actions. When their meal came, he pulled ahead slightly and dug into the small pockets in his shorts, taking out two pills. "Girls, before we eat, why don't you guys try these pills.

They will give you much more energy this afternoon." Jenny inspected the tablet and smiled. She popped it in her mouth and Mindy followed her lead. Leaning over the seat, Jenny asked, "Mindy do you know about Vigor 2000, you know the pills we just took?" "Are they like vitamins?" asked Mindy innocently.

"Well, they'll sure do more to you. . than give ya lotsa energy!" "What do they do Daddy?" But before Jerry could respond, Jenny blurted in. "They make you fucking horny. . don't they Daddy!" said Jenny looking at the older man sitting next to her wondering how he would handle that label. "It can baby. . but I think you guys are old enough to handle it, aren't you?" "I know I am," bragged Jenny. "Me too!" said Mindy, not wanting to be out done. After that everyone ate their food in silence, each fantasizing what the afternoon might entail.

Soon they arrived home. "Girls, I think you will enjoy the afternoon. I'll call your mom Jenny so that you can enjoy what we have planned. I'll be honest, we only expected Mindy, but I'm sure things will work out even better with the two of you downstairs." "What have you got planned for us, downstairs?" asked Jenny with a smile on her face. "Well, let's just say I had fun this morning with Laura and her boyfriend.

Mindy can probably imagine what went on but it involved a story I wrote. All they had to do was to act out the parts.

So after we finished, we decided to write another story for Mindy. But now, we'll just have you both act out the parts and I think you'll enjoy what happens.

. unless you guys are too young for that sort thing. It's kinda an adult game, but I promised them you could handle it. . am I right? "No problem!" chimed in the girls in harmony, as they unsnapped their seat belts. "This Vigor stuff is already making me happy. . as if I wasn't already," said Mindy winking at her Daddy. Two Blindfolded Girls Get Very Horny "I'm going to go downstairs for a minute girls and let them know Jenny is here too.

I'll be right up." He flew down the steps. "Mindy did you see your Daddy's hard-on?" kidded Jenny. "Not as good as you could. I can't believe you starred at it the whole time we were in the car." "Well shit, it almost popped out of his shorts, I couldn't help it," said Jenny sitting down and looking at her best friend.

She couldn't help feeling the effects of the pill as she looked at Mindy's breasts. She had never thought of Mindy as being desirable, but her young titties looked like they needed to be pinched or sucked inside her pink leotard. "Do you think we should change?" asked Mindy. "Naw, I kinda don't think it matters too much. I mean we probably won't be keeping these leotards on much, if I know what's gonna happen." "I'm kinda scared though.

. .I haven't like had any experience before. My mom doesn't let me do or wear anything. Have you ever messed around or anything. . you know with guys and stuff?" asked Mindy somewhat knowing the answer. "Uh huh. . but not too much. My brother and me have done some stuff. . and one of his friends came over real high on dope and wow did he ever act wild with me!" "What did he do?" asked Mindy inquisitively. "Well, I can't tell you his name cuz he'd kill me if you ever told anyone. . ." "Shit I won't tell.

. what happened?" "My brother and him sneak in the garage sometimes and smoke dope together. They usually don't do it when mom and dad are home, but I guess they think I'm stupid and they do it when I'm watching TV. Anyway, last week Mi.I mean this guy my brother knows, is in the garage by himself cuz my brother was upstairs taking a shower, and the weed stench was so heavy, I smelt it in the family room. So I snuck over to the back door that goes into the garage and opened it just a little bit.

He's like over by the door that goes to the garden and he's smoking away. But he's got his. . thing out and he's jerkin away on it." "He had his cock pulled outside his pants?" "Yep and he's like pullin on it, like there's no tomorrow. I'm like getting all damp in my pants watching, you know while watching this guy.

And then the weirdest thing happens. The cat jams his way into the little opening, like screams and heads into the garage. Like the guy freaks out and puts his boner back in his pants and looks over at me.

"Were you scared?" "No, just embarrassed to the max, that's all." "And what happened next?" asks Mindy. Jenny smiles and continues. "Well, he looks at me with his buzzed out eyes and says, 'Come on over here little sister, I got something to show you." Mindy eagerly jumps right in. "He showed you his cock? I mean he just pulled it out?" "Uh, huh and that wasn't all.

. ." "GO ON!!!!!" screamed Mindy, not realizing how loud she was. Jenny couldn't see under the table but Mindy had unsnapped one of the snaps under her crotch that was guarding her hairless pussy, and she was beginning to dip her finger into her moist love tunnel dying to hear more of the story.

"Well," said Jenny, pausing and looking around, "I knew what he wanted to show me and god damn it, I wanted to see it. So I walked over and stood next to him and I said, 'What do you want me to see?' And I looked in his eyes and they were all blood shot and he was like bozoed to the max. But he smiled and said, 'It's in my front pocket, could you get it for me?' I was kinda scared but I said 'sure'.

So I slowly slipped my hand into his pants and felt for the bottom of the pocket, but all I felt was like bare skin and then some like or fucking hair and that kinda freaked me out, cuz I hadn't ever touched a guy before." "But he said, 'keep looking' and he was like smiling and I said to myself, shit why not, he had obviously cut out the pocket in his pants so that he could jack off or somethin.

So I kept going down and since he had on these cargo like pants there was a lot of room and all of a sudden my hand is touchin the top of his. . COCK. So he like jumps a little and I think I hurt him, but he puts his hands over mine that are in his pants and holds them there." "I kinda laughed and he said, 'I think you found it little girl, why don't you take it out and play with it for me'.

Well, I'm real excited and. . I know you'll think I'm like a slut or something but I said, why don't you pull down your pants and then I can play with it real good." "Did you really? Your one horny little bitch," said Mindy, now having unsnapped two of the buttons and inserted two fingers into her pussy.

"Yeah, so he like freaks me out and pulls out my hand, unsnaps his pants and pulls them down to his ankles. And shit suddenly I'm looking at his big ole wiener and it's all red and purple and there's stuff leaking out of it and everything.

I was like hypnotized watching it bob up and down and stuff and he takes my hand and opens it up and puts it around his cock and then starts moving it up and down." "I'm like saying to myself I'm a freshman and I've got this 18 year old cock in my hand and I don't know what to do. So he like shows me and then starts humping his cock into my hands, like I was a hole or something. And then. .

this is kinda embarrassing. . he tells me he needs to make it more slippery cause it wasn't moving too good anymore. Soooooooo he says, 'Get on your knees and lick it for me!" "You licked his cock?" said Mindy, at this point rubbing her clit to beat the band. "Yup and it was real wild. I got down like he said and I'm looking at this footlong pole bouncing up and down and he says, 'Lick it Jenny, you'll like it!' Well I'm in my night shirt with no bra on and my nips are sticking out and I know this guy is digging it so I get close to his cock and stick out my tongue and it was like spongy but soft and I coated my spit all over it and then I feel his hands on the side of my face and he pulls me closer and his big cock slips into my mouth." Then he's moving back and forth and yelling "Suck my cock.

. SUCK MY COCK LITTLE GIRL. . and before you know it, he's shooting this gooey stuff into my mouth and all over my face and yelling. I like pulled my mouth off his cock and I was like laughing cuz I never expected it to happen and the weirdest thing was I looked to the side and my brother is there with his cock outside his pants and he's jackin off too! I mean he shot his wad all the way over to where I was kneeling and it hit me on the side of the face and started drooling down my cheek." Neither girl realized that my Daddy had heard the entire story and was cumming on the stairs as Jenny was finishing.

He pulled his cock into his pants and made some loud noises with his feet and came into the kitchen. He was just in time to watch Mindy pull her fingers out of her pussy and nervously try to snap her outfit back up.

"Okay girls, things are all set. I'm going to join you guys in a little while, because I need to call your mom Jenny. But, I promised to put these blindfolds on you first and take you down stairs." "Blindfolds?

How come Daddy?" whined Mindy wondering what she was getting in to. "Don't worry, you'll love the experience, once it begins and it's more exciting this way I promise." "Go ahead Daddy," said Jenny, still horny from her story. Jerry was carrying the blindfolds with him and he placed it over Mindy's eyes first. He placed his index finger to his lips warning Jenny to be silent. Jenny's blue eyes twinkled with excitement and she nodded her head.

"Pumpkin, can you see anything?" "Nope, it's all black." "That means you can't see me do this right?" he asked playfully as he raised his hands and cupped them over her titties and began to squeeze. She jumped back. "Shit Daddy, what are you doing?" grasping his hands and pulling them downwards.

Her naked nipples began to grow rigid under her pink leotard. "Just making sure honey. Sorry if I scared you. Just stand still for a moment and I'll blindfold Jenny." He placed the black material over Jenny's eyes and tied it in back. He had waited for this minute, now that his daughter couldn't see him. He quickly pulled down his shorts and let his newly rejuvenated rod bounce up and down and moved even closer to the 11-year-old.

"Let me see if you can see Jenny," and he pushed the young girl down on to her knees. He moved forward and holding his cock in his hands rubbed it back and forth over her nose, lips and cheek. "Jenny, can you see anything?" He said aiming his cock so that it touched her moist pink lips.

She smiled and pushed forward swallowing his healthy sized boner into her mouth for just a second. She licked it around and around and then he pulled it out. "I can't see anything Daddy! But something certainly tasted great." She tried to relocate his bobbing cock but he pulled her back upwards. When she was standing, she felt his hands grasp both her titties, causing her pussy to begin leaking her forbidden nectar.

He pinched her nipples and instantly the flow of blood increased their size. His naughty antics had made both girls look truly HOT in their gymnastics outfits. "Ok girls, I'll put my arms around your necks and let's head down stairs." The girls giggled with excitement as they slowly negotiated each step. Their titties bounced slightly as they followed his lead. When they got to the bottom, Jerry moved his hands under the scooped necks of their leotards and cupped each of their bare titties.

As he moved them closer to the couch and love seat, he fondled and twisted each of their nipples, twirling them to resemble rock-hard jellybeans in appearance. What they didn't know was Brian and Laura were waiting for them, with nothing but mischief on their minds.

Laura couldn't wait to see her boyfriend strip the inexperienced girls buck-naked and fuck their teenaged mouths and maybe even their pussies. She had taken two more tablets and she was one horny bitch. "Okay girls, I am going to sit you down and make my phone call. I'll be feeling you up a little later," he laughed, as he loudly went up the steps. "Hi sissy, you're looking REAL HOT in that pink leotard. You should see your boobies girl. And who's your friend?" "Hi Laura, this is kinda weird.

. with the blindfold and all. . this is Jenny." "Hi Jenny, your nips are sticking out too girl. . My horny Daddy must have warmed you up!" "Yup, in lots of ways!" giggled Jenny. "What do you mean?" asked Mindy, accidentally looking in the wrong direction when talking to her friend. "I'll tell you later. . let's get started, cuz I'm getting real excited thinking about this." "Okay girls, here's the deal.

I am going to read a story and you guys will act out the parts. And Brian is gonna help you. Jenny you'll get to know Brian in person in a little while.

For now, your gonna have to fanaticize a bit. But I promise, you'll love what he's gonna do to you both. "Hi Jenny," says Brian, "let me introduce myself.

Why don't we shake hands!" Brian winked at Laura and walked up to her. "Go ahead and stick out your hand," he said as he pushed his hips closer to her. He had changed into a pair of silky red boxers while they were gone.

His stiff cock was sticking out and as Jenny pretended to shake his hand, he directed his thick boner into her grasp. Jenny was suddenly shocked at what she was grabbing, but knowingly wrapped her fingers around his stiff cock and began to squeeze it suggestively. Brian took advantage of her actions and began to fuck her dainty hand.

"VERY glad to feel. . I mean meet you Brian," giggled Jenny realizing the length and mass of his thick rod. Brian pulled backwards not wanting to cum just yet and moved over closer to Mindy. "How about you sis," said Brian as he bent down and kissed Mindy on the lips. She was shocked by his actions, having never kissed a boy before. She felt his tongue penetrate her lips and spin around wildly inside her mouth.

He playfully dipped his tongue in and out, paving the way for his long cock in a few minutes. He also fondled the titties he had fantasized about in the car earlier. "Okay Brian, let's not overdue it," said Laura, somewhat jealous of his style.

"It's time to begin girls, so get ready to follow along. We kinda rewrote some of this stuff real quick cuz we thought we would only see Mindy this afternoon. So here goes. . Once upon a time, there were two sisters who hadn't done much of anything with boys before.

Well, they were sitting together on a couch and they were all excited when they found out a boy was coming over to see them. So before he arrived, they kinda fooled around with each other a little bit." "Laura, are you a pervert or something?" said Mindy somewhat disturbed at the direction the story was going in.

"Mindy, don't fucking get in the way you little bitch! If you're too little to join us, go upstairs with your Barbie. Now, if you want to have a good time, just do what I say." "Sorry. . go ahead," replied a startled Mindy. "Anyway, they were sitting next to each other and one of them had on a pair of tights, that would get in the way with their action, so the other one offered to take them off for her.

(Pause) Go ahead Mindy, say your line." "Uhhh, Jenny can I help you take off your tights?" "Sure, Mindy why don't you get down on your knees and unsnap my leotard for me, so that you can pull these tights down?" Mindy reached over to where she thought Jenny was and her hand landed on her knee. She squeezed it, stood up and then moved over, feeling for a position in between Jenny's legs.

She tentatively moved her hands up Jenny's thighs to the center of her crotch. She successfully found the snaps and popped them open. Jenny lifted her little butt upwards as she felt Mindy's fingers work their way to the sides of her tights and curl her fingers under the elastic band at the top. Slowly she pulled the skintight garment down her legs, past her knees and down to her feet.

Jenny had slipped off her shoes so Mindy could pull the fabric off her feet and toes. Jenny teased her audience and opened up her legs, showing off her hairless pussy to the couple in charge.

Brian's erect cock, which was still out of his boxers leaped upwards in approval. Laura smiled with the power she had acquired, to get the girls to do exactly what she wanted them to do. She was getting more horny anticipating making the girls into little sluts before the afternoon was over.

She couldn't wait to see Brian's cum all over their faces. "Okay Mindy, back on the couch. We've got to continue our story." Mindy felt her way back to her seat, wondering whether she should mention that she had forgotten to snap up Jenny's leotard.

She wondered what Jenny looked like with her bare naked pussy open to everyone's view. Her own juices began to flow at the thought. Jerry had secretly slipped down the stairs while this was going on.

Laura and Brian knew to keep quiet, so as to not interfere with their story. "Mindy and Jenny were getting horny. . anticipating all the fun and they couldn't help but give each other a hug." The two girls hesitated, but moved next to each other.

Jenny brought up her arms and circled them around Mindy. Her caress gave Mindy courage to duplicate the affection. "While they were hugging each other, Jenny raised her lips and kissed Mindy on the cheek." The girls broke their hug and Jenny placed her lips together and moved to where she thought Mindy's lips were.

"Turn your head Mindy, so that she can find you," said Brian beginning to enjoy the mini-lesbian coupling. Just as the couple had hoped, Jenny missed Mindy's cheek but found her waiting lips. Jenny laughed but went ahead and kissed her friend deeply and passionately. At first Mindy squirmed to get away, but when Jenny stuck her tongue into her mouth like Brian had done minutes before, the sensation was so erotic and she placed her hands behind Jenny's head and moved her closer.

"The girls continued to kiss, and their pussies were starting to get real moist by the heavy action. Mindy envied Jenny's bigger titties and as she played tongue wars with her friend, she dropped her hand and desperately tried to find the older girl's titties. She had never done anything like this before, but when she found Jenny's breast she gently squeezed it and rubbed little circles around her nipples." Laura was beginning to get super excited and grabbed her own titty and mirrored what her sister Mindy was doing to Jenny's breast.

The two guys had their cocks out and had moved to within a foot from the girls to watch them play with each other. "Jenny had wanted to touch Mindy's titties for weeks and brought her hand up to the 16-year-olds boobies, exploring their cone-like shape.

Mindy too rubbed her older friend's titties getting more and more excited with what was happening. The girls continued to kiss and explore each other's breasts but there was one more taboo that had to be conquered before Brian came over. They kept kissing each other passionately, fondled each other's breasts, but with their free hand moved down the opposite persons tummy to her bare pussy under the snaps of the leotard.

Once they had the bottoms unsnapped, they gently explored their friend's PUSSY lips with their fingers and having had experience late at night with their own little clits began to rub their friend to orgasm." Whether it was the Vigor, the kissing, the fondling of the little titties or the excitement of touching a girl, both teens were hotly pursuing the commands of the story. Both girls began to moan as their partner rubbed their hairless pussy closer and closer to climax.

Laura stopped reading for a minute and rescued the digital camera that her Daddy had sitting on top of the big screen TV. She tip-toed over to the couple, past the guys who were wanking off and took several shots of their actions. Both girls were dipping their middle fingers up the love canals of their friends. Mindy began first, as her body shook with joy and rapture.

Jenny feeling her friend's reaction began to shake as well. The girls suddenly stopped finger-fucking each other and hugged in ecstasy. Laura gave them a few seconds to calm down and then elected to keep reading. "Brian came down the steps," the girls unglued themselves almost automatically, "and the girls separated back to their original positions. He approached the two and was immediately aroused by the sight of their naked little pussy lips that were dripping with love juice and relief from their orgasm.

He wanted that same relief and didn't know which one to choose. He said hi and asked them which one would be first." Brian stepped closer. "Hi girls, you look so naughty there with your pussies waiting wide open for me. I can't wait to sink my cock into both of you. But which one should I choose?" asked Brian. Jerry moved over in front of Jenny bending down to admire her naked hairless pussy but was especially turned on by her titties.

He wanted to have them in his mouth and suck on her nipples. Brian, having said his lines wanted to play with Mindy, who he secretly lusted for, despite Laura being in the same room.

What both girls didn't realize was that Jerry was going to pretend to be Brian as Brian concentrated on 16-year-old Mindy. They waited for Laura to continue. "Here goes girls," said Laura, " both Jenny and Mindy wanted to have Brian touch their young body first.

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So they stood up and took off their leotards and waited for him to choose." Jenny didn't need any encouragement as she leaped off the love seat, grabbed the bottoms of her leotard and yanked it upwards, past her tummy exposing the bottom of her large apple-sized titties that were hidden by the bunched up material.

She adjusted her grip and pulled the garment over her head, proudly displaying her nakedness to the trio. The sudden movement caused her firm titties to jiggle slightly, showing off her stiff nipples.

Laura had to admit, this girl had a young body to be proud of. "Ta-Daaaaaaaa!" screamed Jenny as she wiggled her shoulders, titties and hips to who she hoped was Brian.

What she didn't know was Jerry was there to receive her developed treasures with wide-open eyes of lust. He wanted badly to pinch her rigid nipples with his fingers, but held back as agreed upon earlier.

His tongue longed to lick her entire teen body, but especially her hairless pussy, which begged him to enter. Seconds later, he glanced sideways and watched his younger daughter mirror her friend's actions, displaying her immature body to everyone's gaze. Although he had sampled her titties earlier in the morning, she looked even more desirable all naked with her slippery slit pouting it's way into the major competition.

Her developing titties looked like large peaches with small brown buds on top. "Touch me Brian!" was what Mindy exclaimed looking right at the boy she wanted. Both guys had pulled up their boxers for the next activity as Laura prepared to keep reading. "Brian moved closer to the girl he had selected," said Laura as both Jerry and Brian moved themselves forward directly in front of their chosen mates.

"Both girls reached forward to find Brian's shorts so that they could reach inside and touch his long cock. The girl who couldn't find her guy knew she had to remain silent for the next few minutes." Both girls reached out their hands simultaneously and of course joyously found a pair of shorts with a huge boner inside. Jenny opened up her hand and felt Brian's cock through the folds of his boxers.

She felt rewarded having been the one selected by the young boy, but of course it was Mindy's Daddy's cock that she felt in her excitement. Having never seen Brian's boner before, she easily believed it was his rod she was going to be shining with the palm of her hand. Jerry couldn't believe the aggressive behavior of the horny girl.

She gripped the head of his cock and playfully squeezed and softly twisted it, causing him to move closer yet and be fondled by the teen nymph even more.

Similar emotions swept through his daughter's mind as she too found Brian's erect member, dripping precum juices on the front of his shiny boxers. Laura watched all the action and had by now stripped off all her clothes. She sat in the recliner near the orgy of groping and began to finger her own clit.

Her teenage titties were rising and falling with excitement. She knew she must continue to keep the con alive. "The chosen girl celebrated in being selected, by yanking down the underpants Brian wore to cover up his nakedness.

All the girl wanted, was to plant kisses onto the huge cock that was sticking up in front of her." Again both girls followed their roles in the story and within seconds everyone was nude. Without being asked, the young girls dipped onto their knees and moved their mouths in the direction of the erections they were told to kiss. Jenny moved her hands up Jerry's legs until she ran her fingers through his mound of pubic hair and then to the base of his rigid cock.

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Jerry bit his lips together for fearing to yell in ecstasy as she held on to his wagging cock and moved her lips to its head. She pecked 8,10 12 times with her moist lips all around the purple head.

The fact that she was doing it to the cock of a 45-year-old man, didn't interrupt her enthusiasm because of course she didn't know whose cock she was about to suck.

Meanwhile, inexperienced Mindy, with her proud titties winking at Brian, tentatively moved her head forwards and planted the first kiss on to the tip of his cock. She tasted his clear nectar and mentally compared it to her Daddies cum from earlier in the day.

It wasn't as thick but the heat of his loins and the excitement made it worthwhile. Brian meanwhile could barely contain himself, knowing she was not only a virgin, but that he was the first boy she would ever suck off in her young life. Her titties and bald pussy made her attractiveness even more spectacular. She began to plant little kisses all over his purple head and when she lifted his cock up and kissed his glans penis, he lurched forward, almost spilling all of his cum all over her face.

With incredible precision, she continued placing little moist pecks around and down his shaft all the way to the pubic covering at the base of his stomach. As he savored the moment, Laura continued. "Brian was beginning to get very excited and wanted to touch the little girl in front of him.

So he pulled her upwards and began to rub and touch her titties much to her excitement. He cupped both breasts and gently squeezed the erotic flesh in-between." Both couples were keeping up with Laura's remarks and Jerry was using his experience to tease and torment Jenny beyond words and he pinched and pulled her nipples outwards, causing them to grow rigid with desire.

Brian, not as experienced but possibly more excited, not having ever touched any girls titties except for Laura's earlier in the day was thoroughly attacking Mindy's smaller cones.

He watched Jerry's assault on her friend's pink rigid buds and picked up strategies that Mindy was beginning to enjoy immensely. "Brian longed to have his girls titties in his mouth and suddenly swallowed her young breast inside his hot and dripping orifice. He immediately swallowed the entire cone of her excitement and tongued her erect nipple playfully.

Soon the girl felt him suck her rigid bud and pull backwards stretching the sensitive skin outwards a couple inches or more from her chest. This was followed by a similar maneuver on her other breast. Back and forth, back and forth Brian's head traded nipples, causing the girl to moan in joy." Both girls had already begun sounding their approval ratings without being told.

They obviously didn't care that there was another voice sounding the same endorsement, inches away.


Both guys continued sucking titties and causing the young pink nipples to turn dark red with excitement. "Brian was now getting more and more excited and he lifted his lips up to her face and transferred his emotion to her panting lips above.

As he dipped his tongue into her hot mouth, he probed his anxious fingers into her tight dripping pussy below. Soon his middle finger was finger-fucking the excited girl at the same time that his tongue was pretending to be a long hard cock fucking her mouth. In and out lips, tongues and fingers entered the aroused girl, causing her orgasm to catch fire in her swollen clit.

Soon Brian went back to sucking her titties but decided to gently rub her love button alone, wanting her to shake and moan in ecstasy." The basement scene was so hot with excitement that Laura had to stop reading and focus on her boyfriend and Daddy's actions towards the girls.

She had never imagined herself being a participating voyeur, but the passion she was feeling caused her to pinch her own nipples to erection and slam two and three fingers into her dripping pussy with any lack of inhibition. All three girls were beginning to convulse in wild climax fueled by both guy's efforts. "Ohhhhhhhhh it feeeeeeeeeels sooooooooooooooo fuckkkkkkkkkkkking awesome," screamed Laura as she squinted her eyes but secretly watched her boyfriend continually molest her younger sister.

At the same time her Daddy was jamming his fist in and out of Jenny's pussy as orgasms filled the air. All three girls were screaming in ecstasy as their orgasmic energy filled the basement. Both guys looked at each other and smiled as the sweating girls' bodies showed their tempestuous emotion. After a few moments, the passion subsided somewhat in the three girls, but the guys knew it was their turn.

Laura surveyed the picture and stood back up.


She still wanted to watch her new boyfriend shoot yards of cum at her sisters face and her Daddy at least bury his cock in someone's saturated pussy, just like he did to her earlier.

"Time to wrap up the story girls. You haven't let Brian enjoy himself yet. You haven't felt his slimy cum on your lips or his hard cock inside your body. His erection needs to be satisfied and you're the ones to do it. Sit back on the couch and we'll begin our little contest. Brian wants you to suck his cock for him. . but you've got to beg him to do it. Let's hear it girls. . whose gonna be first?

Who wants to suck his cock in their mouth the most? Who wants to SUCK ALL HIS GOOEY, SLIMY CREAM DOWN THEIR THROATS??? CUM ON GIRLS, SAY IT, SCREAM IT!!! WHO WANTS TO SUCK A NICE LONG COCK?" Laura had suddenly revived everyone including herself with her outburst. The two blindfolded girls were becoming hornier by the second, their nipples almost rigid, egged on by her teasing.

They both had sat back down on the love seat. Almost like robots their legs spread apart until their knees actually touched.

Mindy dipped her finger in her mouth and coated it with her bubbling spit. She tweaked her nipples and let the moist finger enter the tight pussy that Brian had just left. "Brian, I want to suck your big cock right now!. Look at me! I'm dipping my finger deep in my pussy cuz I'm so fucking horny waiting for that cock of yours to fit inside my mouth.

Fuck my mouth you animal!" Mindy's words ignited Jenny and both guys. . as they stood tall in front of the girls.

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Then it was Jenny's turn. "Put your fucking cock in my mouth Brian. You want someone with experience and I've had six delicious cocks in my mouth and every time they emptied their load down my throat.

I want to taste your lumpy wads of cum. . I want to feel your juice splash over my face. . .I want to look like a slut with cream all through my hair. .

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.!" "Forget Jenny," cried Mindy, "and rub your cock all over my lips, rub it over my titties and shoot your hot cream on these nipples. See how hard they are? (She was pinching her titties and making her buds turn purple) Stiff nipples that need to be drenched with your sperm.

Fuck my face! Fuck my tight little mouth! Fuck my cunt!" Both guys couldn't take it any more as they grabbed the girls, leaned forward and drove their cocks deep into their screaming mouths. Both girls cooed in relief as the tandem 7" pacifiers fucked their tight little mouths. As the guys were feeding their cocks into Jenny and Mindy's mouths, the girls rubbed their dripping pussies and continued to fondle, pull and pinch their aching titties.

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Laura needed to get in on the action. She wedged her naked body in between Brian and Jerry eagerly watching the girl's mouths being fucked. She pulled Brian's free hand to her big apple-sized titties and he accommodated her passion by cupping and feeling her up.

Her Daddy looked sideways and decided to add to the drama. He laid his hand flat on her tummy and moved it downwards to the virgin grooves between her legs. Her lips were sweaty from excitement and he drove his finger into her love tunnel. Laura felt part of the wicked orgy now, and knew it would only be seconds before her boyfriend emptied his load into Mindy's mouth.

But she wasn't done yet. She wanted her little sister to see his cock enter her mouth and shoot his slimy juice all over her face. But she would have to beg for it. "Brian, pull that big ole cock out for a minute." He looked at her and reluctantly brought his saliva-covered boner out of her mouth. "Mindy, don't you want to watch Brian fuck your mouth? Don't you want to see him shoot off his gooey cream all over your face?" Mindy was so worked up; giving her first blow-job she had to catch her breath to respond.

"Yessssssssss. . I want to see his cock Laura. Please let me see it!" "That's not good enough little sis. . I mean it's my boyfriend who your fucking for Christ's sake. What else can you offer me, huh? What else will you do for me, you little bitch? "Anything. . but please make him put his cock back in my mouth. I want to feel his cock once again." "Anything works for me Mindy.

. I'm real horny right now and my pussy needs to be licked and your gonna do it for me. Lay back on that couch so I can sit on your face. But don't worry, Brian's gonna join me and lick your cunt some more so that I can watch my sister being fucked.

. in fact I want to watch you getting fucked by two guys at the same time you little cunt. Maybe we should call Daddy upstairs to help us." Of course Daddy was within a few inches of his young daughter but he was busy getting his cock sucked by Jenny who seemed oblivious to their conversation. He looked sideways and watched Jenny leap up on the love seat, spread her legs and lower her dripping young pussy onto Mindy's mouth. "Ohhhhhhhhh suck my pussy sis. Yesssssssss stick your tongue up my cunt.

You've kept Brian's cock out of my holes for too long. Make up for it bitch. Yesssssssss!" With Laura up in the air getting her cunt fucked by Mindy's mouth and tongue, the little girl's legs were wide open and Brian wanted to taste some pussy of his own.

He sank down in between her naked limbs, leaned down and began to playfully lick the sides of her open lips. Her hairless teen slit needed his full attention as he continued to lick her clit that had swollen with excitement.

He could tell she was excited as her hips began to buck with enthusiasm as his tongue slipped deeper and deeper into her pussy. Jerry was nearing the time of explosion as he watched his little girl suck Laura's pussy and as horny Brian was orally attacking her little mound.

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Jenny had perfected her cocksucking techniques as she leaned backwards and allowed the man to sink his entire cock down her throat.

He pulled it back as he felt the familiar sensation of cum rising. Suddenly he pulled it out. Without any notice he yanked her blindfold off. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhittttttt little bitch, here it CUMMMMMMMMS!" Jenny tried to adjust her eyes to the light, but as she did so his cock exploded and a thick rope of hot cream blasted directly onto her forehead.

She felt the heat of the gooey liquid as it dripped down past her eyebrows onto her nose and cheeks. All she could do was smile and reach out and aim the next load right into her open mouth. He had waited so long, that single shot filled her eager mouth and it drooled down the sides onto her chin.

As she looked downwards, her titties had begun to collect the grayish wads of cream and she playfully gushed the slimy turds in-between her fingers and rubbed them over her nipples. Suddenly her chest was white with cum as Jerry sprayed a third and fourth load on to her titties.

Jenny needed to show her appreciation and she engulfed his cock into her dripping mouth and began to clean his purple veined avenger for later use as it still quivered with orgasm. Meanwhile, Mindy was on sexual overload as Laura was riding her moist tongue like a cock as Brian brought her closer and closer to climax down below.


As Jerry and Jenny sighed with some relief, the erotic scene taking place next to them rejuvenated their genitals. All three were moaning with desire, but especially Mindy, who had never even kissed a boy before that day. Laura's body then began to shake with orgasmic convulsions as her sister finished her off.

She lifted her box off Mindy's lips and tongue and worked her way back to the floor. All that was left was a 16-year-olds sweating body, spread-eagled on the couch with Brian still busy below. Then Jenny got a smile on her face. "Mindy. . you need to be fucked girl. You need a cock inside you, don't you?" "Yesssssssss pleasssssssssssse FUCK ME someone!" yelled the blindfolded girl.

"Well, here it cums!" shouted Brian as he followed Jenny's lead and jumped up on the love seat. He looked down at the helpless girl, whose mouth was still wide open from having been the cock to satisfy Jenny's pussy.

He had to blow his juices off then and there, having waited so long. He held on to his cock and aimed it at Mindy's pink mouth. Once it's erect tip hit her lips, she brought her lips together and sucked the long organ deep into her mouth. That feeling alone caused her to initiate still another orgasm.

But something else was happening too. A second cock had entered her young pussy and was easing its way upward, thanks to Brian's earlier efforts of oral lubrication.

Suddenly a bolt of lightning shot through her mind as both men began to fuck her tight holes with their rigid cocks. In and out, almost in tandem, father and lover slammed their organs into the excited virgin with newfound energy. Jerry never dreamed the day would end this way. He looked up and watched the rippled ass of Brian as he jerked his hips forward, emptying cups of cum into her mouth.

Not knowing where the fluid came from, Jerry soon followed, breaking Mindy's hymen with the cock that made her and filling her young pussy with hot cum for the first time in her life. Jenny and Laura began to hug each other as the horny girl got fucked from both ends. Jerry's hot cum served as the lubricant between the girl's titties as they pressed their nipples together.