Amateur straight teen sucked on deeply

Amateur straight teen sucked on deeply
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It had been a couple of weeks since Mary and I started seeing each other. We had actually started going out as a real couple, not just fuck-buddies. Don't get me wrong though, we were still fucking like bunny rabbits, it was just that the relationship had grown to a real, grown-up relationship.

We did all the normal couple things, like go out for dinner, or watch a movie on the sofa, she even introduced me to her parents when they came in town to visit. What her parents probably didn't realize is that even though it looked like we were a sweet, innocent couple, we were in fact one of the naughtiest pairs you could ever meet.

Every day we would fuck at least twice, if not three times a day. And being the sci-fi/fantasy nerd that she was, she surprised me one afternoon when I got back to my apartment by wearing a Slave Leia bikini from Star Wars Episode VI (and nothing else).

She was into everything, roleplay, fucking in public places, even bondage. She was like nothing I had ever even thought of. One night after I had just shot a load in her pussy, we were both cleaning up when she asked, "Hey sweetie, am I making you happy?" "Of course you are, I could have never expected to be in a relationship with someone like you." I said as I gave her a little kiss.

She looked at me and said "Well, why do I make you happy? Is it because you enjoy spending time with me, or is it just because I'm the first girl to ever sleep with you?" Without thinking, I said "Both" She looked at me angrily and said "Oh, so if I was just another girl you had slept with, we may not be together?" Knowing I was in trouble, I said "No, it's just that you were the first girl I had ever done anything with, you were the first person to show any kind of interest in me that way, and I'm grateful for it, but I'm even more grateful just to be able to be with you." As her expression slowly turned from anger to a happier look, she suddenly burst out "I have an idea!" "What?" not knowing if this idea was going to be good or bad for me.


"Let's find another girl for you to sleep with" Shocked at what I had just heard come out of my girlfriends mouth, all I could do was let my mouth hang open for a couple of seconds before finally asking "Are you serious" "Yeah, not only would it let you experience someone new for a change, but I've also always been interested in watching a guy I'm with fuck another girl right in front of me." Knowing that I should tread carefully, I asked one more time "Are you sure you're ok with this?" She smiled and said, "Of course I'm ok with this, you'll have fun, I'll have fun, whoever you fuck will have fun, and hopefully, by the end of this, we'll see that our relationship is strong for the right reasons.

Now come on, let's go to bed and in the morning, we'll find someone for you to fuck." I went to bed, dreaming about what my girlfriend had in store for me.

The next morning, after we had a quick morning fuck, we got dressed and headed to campus for our only class together, Acting 101. While walking to class, anytime a girl who was even half way attractive would pass by, Mary would point and ask "How about her?" Each time, I'd just say no. After saying no to about the 50th girl, I finally said "Look Mary, I know what you're trying to do, and I'm flattered, but I just feel weird about going up to a girl and saying 'Hey, want to have sex while my girlfriend watches?

It's just awkward." "Alright, if you don't feel comfortable asking, then I will, but that means I get to make the choice on the girl. Deal?" Realizing this was the only way anything was going to happen, I stuck my hand out and said "Deal." We went in to our classroom, which wasn't actually a class room, but a somewhat large room in the bottom of the fine arts building painted in all black that we called "The Black Box", and sat down as our teacher gave us the assignment.

We were to get into groups of three and rehearse a scene from any Shakespeare play we wanted.

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Of course Mary and I knew we would be in the same scene, but we didn't know who we would pick for our partner. Suddenly Mary asked "What about Stacy?" To get an idea of Stacy, when I say that Mary and I were nerds, we were nerds that looked kinda normal, but Stacy was a full on, stereotypical nerd.

She was short, had red, curly hair that went to her shoulders, glasses, a somewhat mousy face, and pale skin that was almost milk white. Basically, she looked a little like a shorter, ginger version of Tina Fey. The other major difference was that while Mary and I liked Star Wars a little more than the average person, Stacy was a full on Trekkie, complete with a Starfleet tattoo on her left wrist.

I looked around at my other prospects, and said "Sure, don't see why not." "Alright, you go over into the corner behind the curtains, and I'll get Stacy." "Ok." I went over and waited for about a minute before Mary appeared with Stacy.

When Stacy got there, she began circling me, looking me up and down before saying "So, I hear you need a partner." "Uh, yeah, you're our partner right?" "Depends on if I like what I see" All of a sudden she thrust her hand against my crotch and squeezed tightly.

"Hmmm, you were right Mary; I think this will do quite nicely." "Umm, can someone tell the guy who's having his groin squeezed like a ripe melon what the hell is going on here?" "I found you a girl!" Mary exclaimed, "A girl for you to fuck." Having just realized that Stacy wasn't interested in Shakespeare, I quickly moved away and said "Stacy, can excuse us for a second?" "Sure, I'll be waiting" she said as she winked at me. I took Mary a few feet away and whispered "Mary, Stacy's a nice girl, but I don't know if I want to do this with her, I might be too rough for her." "Hey, didn't we agree that I got to make the choice on the girl?

Besides, I think it would be hot, watching as you fuck her hard the way you fuck me." "Ok" I said with a resigned look, "Let's go and tell her. " We both went back over to Stacy and talked about how everything would go down.

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We agreed that Stacy would come over to Mary's apartment that night around 7:30 and we would see how the evening would go from there. After class, Mary and I parted ways and went through the rest of the day like we normally would, except all I could think about was what might happen that night.

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I was afraid that Stacy didn't really know what she was getting herself into, probably not realizing just how rough things could get between me and Mary. After all my classes had finished, I decided to go straight to Mary's so I could get ready for that night. I arrived at Mary's and we just hung out like we would any night until right at 7:30, there was a knock on the door.


Knowing who it was, I got up and answered it, and there standing in the doorstep was Stacy, wearing an oversized trench coat. Normally that would have alerted me as something weird was about to happen, but it wasn't uncommon for Stacy to just wear a large trench coat around campus, so I wasn't bothered.

We let her in and showed her to Mary's room. When we got in the room, Stacy looked around for a minute before saying "Nice room Mary, this looks like a good place to fuck." As she said this, she removed her trench coat, revealing nothing underneath it. For the first time, I saw Stacy's naked body; it was skinny, with 32B cup breasts, and a neatly trimmed little ginger triangle right above her tiny pussy.

"Like what you see?" she asked with a naughty smile. Completely surprised, I said "Yeah, I had no idea." "Alright, let's not waist too much time here. Take off your clothes, both of you." We both stripped down, throwing our clothes in a small pile on the floor, and stood while Stacy watched both of our naked bodies in front of her.

Looking at my semi-erect penis, Stacy looked at Mary and asked "You fuck that every day? You lucky bitch!" Stacy then told Mary to sit in the chair in the corner and to "Get ready, the show's about to begin." Immediately, Stacy dropped on her knees in front of me and began rubbing my cock up and down, getting it harder and harder with every stroke, until it was at its full 8 inches.

She then began licking my balls up and down, sending shivers of ecstasy down my spine.

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As she as licking, I looked over at Mary, who had already began rubbing herself softly and moaning softly. At that point, Stacy slowly stuck the head of my cock into her sweet little mouth and started slowly bobbing her head back and forth, each time going deeper onto my cock.

After about five minutes of this, Stacy slid my cock out of her mouth and licked the pre-cum that was starting to leave my cock. "Mmm, I love sucking a tasty cock.

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How's he with eating pussy Mary?" Mary, who I could tell was already wet herself from her rubbing, said "Oh, I've turned him into a pro at that, haven't I, baby?" I nodded yes, thinking back to all the times I had savored my girlfriend's pussy.

Stacy got off of the floor and jumped onto the bed before lying on her back and beckoning me with her finger. I obeyed my new mistress and began rubbing her pussy to build up her excitement. Before long, after I knew she was getting wet, I stuck my tongue deep into her pussy and began thrusting my tongue in and out, tasting her sweet pussy with each thrust.

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"Oh yeah, he definitely knows what he's doing Mary" Stacy said as she brought her head up to look at Mary. However, Mary was paying no attention to what Stacy said as she rubbed her pussy harder, staring intensely at me tongue fucking this other woman. "That's it baby, eat her pussy out, I wanna see her cum like I do." While this exclamation from my girlfriend surprised me, it motivated me to eat this incredible pussy out as hard as I could, not knowing who I wanted to cum first: my girlfriend, or this new girl.

It didn't take long before Stacy pushed my head into her crotch and yelled "That's it, I'm almost there. Make me cum hard all over your face!" With a small flick of her clit with my tongue, her pussy exploded a river of cum onto my face as her body shook from her orgasm.

As Stacy lay there catching her breath, I licked some of Stacy's juices off my face, savoring this new flavor. It's not that it was better than how Mary tasted, but it was a pleasant change from what I was used to. I quickly went to the bathroom to finish cleaning off my face.

I returned to see Mary grabbing a dildo from her bedside drawer. "Hey, if she gets to have your cock fucking her right now, I can least fuck myself with a fake one." "I've got no problem with that, remember, I'm doing this for you." I whispered in her ear before giving her a quick kiss. I returned to Stacy, who was softly rubbing herself in anticipation. "Well big boy, you ready for the main course?" Despite how cheesy of a line that was, I nodded yes with a huge smile on my face as I climbed on top of her.

Looking back at Mary, who had already started slowly fucking herself with her dildo; I slowly pushed my cock into Stacy's pussy. Stacy was a little looser than Mary, but was still very tight.

I started out slow, doing my normal routine, when all of a sudden; Stacy looked at me and said "Alex, don't bother with all this slow stuff, I want to be fucked hard now." "Ok, if you insist." I started picking up speed, slamming my cock into Stacy's pussy.

"Oh yeah… that's right baby… fuck me hard like that." said Stacy through her moans. At the same time, I looked over at Mary, who was going to town on herself with her dildo. Wanting to put on a good show to my girlfriend, I turned Stacy around so that Mary could see Stacy's face as I rammed her pussy. "That's it baby, fuck her pussy hard; fuck her like you fuck me." yelled Mary. While still fucking her, I leaned down and started kissing her passionately.

Our hips began to move together in rhythm while our lips were pressed together. I pulled out and released my lips from hers, looking into her lust-filled eyes. Without saying a word, I turned her on her stomach and shoved my cock into her pussy for a second beating. At this point, I lost all control of my actions and, due to the simultaneous moans of Mary and Stacy, was driven into an animalistic state of being.

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As my speed began to reach its peak, I felt Stacy's body begin to shake. "That's it baby, I'm about to cum. I want you to cum inside me. I need to feel your cum inside me." Mary, also on the brink of an orgasm yelled "Yes baby, shoot your wonderful cum into her little whore pussy. Fill her up for me." Hearing my girlfriend order me to shoot my cum into another girl sent me over the edge as I began to shoot load after load of cum into Stacy's pussy.

Shooting my load started a chain reaction of orgasms in the room. Stacy screamed in delight as she came a few seconds after I started to cum, her juices pushing back some of my cum out of her pussy.

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Finally, I looked over at Mary, whose face was in pure ecstasy as she came. It was a good twenty minutes before we all caught our breath and cleaned ourselves up.

As Stacy, who had a small trail of cum down her thigh, put on her trench coat, she turned to Mary and said "Thanks again Mary for inviting me, I don't remember the last time I had such a good fuck." "It was my pleasure. Listen, you can fuck Alex anytime you want, right sweetie?" Mary asked as she looked at me.

"Yeah, as long as you're ok with it." I answered back; making sure this wasn't one last test. "Great, I'll see you later then, bye." said Stacy with a wink as she left the apartment.

After Stacy left, Mary and I talked for a while, deciding that even with another woman joining the party; our love for each other was still stronger than ever. Later that night, as Mary lay sleeping next to me, I sat and wondered about how normal it was for a guy to sleep with another woman while his girlfriend watched in order to strengthen their relationship.

I decided to not think about it as I started going to bed, only to see my phone light up with a text message. I opened the text, which read "Good night baby, I can't wait to see you again.

Love, Stacy." Uh-Oh…