Bo Barebacks and Breeds Ethan Palmer

Bo Barebacks and Breeds Ethan Palmer
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" GIVE ME THE DAM T.V REMOTE YOU LITTLE SHIT" Jazmin yells at me as we fight over the living room t.v (Me and Jazmin are always fighting I don't know why, but hey it's not my fault she always starts it and she makes me angry causing me to end up in a shouting competition with her sibling huh) "No I got here fist you can wait until I'm done watching the flash!!" I replied calmly trying so hard to keep my cool but she now stands up in front of me blocking the view of the t.v which I didn't completely mind Jazmin was a very fit girl from running track, and playing volleyball, she had on a pair of her blue skin tight volleyball short shorts that really showed of her perfect round ass, her athletic toned body was the sexiest body I've ever seen so close Mich better then any of my previous girlfriends and her tits where as good as her ass from my current view I can't decide but they look like a 36 C cup breast, and the best part was that I could easily see her nipples through her tank top I get lost in her beauty blonde hair green eyes perfect tan complexion.

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"Are you deaf or are you stupid" she yells at me interrupting all mi inner thoughts "You know what fine here I'll just go over to our aunts house" I get up and leave the controller on the couch "Really" she looks at me surprised as this is the first time I let her win without a fight "Thank you!" She smiles at me as she jumps on the couch and opens the Netflix app and I just think to myself wow you could have watched that whenever you wanted I walk into the kitchen where mom is preparing dinner and I get and amazing look at my mom bending over picking up a spoon from the floor, for having three kids my mom was in amazing shape from all her yoga she had on some white see though leggings I could easily make out the outline of her pussy mom had such an amazing ass she has a pear shaped ass with a great amount of giggle when she walks, I can see my mom is beginning to stand up straight she walks over to the sink and places the spoon with the dirty dishes she turns back around and sees me standing there "High sweetheart can I help you with something?" She as as I stand there frozen for a second admiring her body mom had an hourglass figure with creamy white skin and that looked like 34D breaths perfectly round about to jump out of her sports bra, mom had dark brown wavy hair that went down just beneath her shoulders and beautiful hazel eyes she was the definition of a milf "I uhh" I try to regain my composure " I was wondering if I can go over to my aunts" I ask as I continue to admire my moms body "Yea sure honey just don't be late for dinner and do me a favor and ask your aunt if her and your cousin want to come over for dinner" she winks at me and smiles " yea no problem mom" I begin to walk Into the living room were I see my younger sister Ashley walk in with Jessica bit of them are the same age and just finished high school they look so similar at times that sometimes they ask them if they're twins, Jessica was wearing yoga pants that really showed of her small cute bubble butt she had the smaller ass out of everyone but it was cute and round for me, her long curly brown hair went down to the middle of her back she had an amazing smile and and 36B sizes breast that i always imagined myself sucking, like my mom she had the perfect cream white smooth skin ,when we were younger I always had a crush on Jessica as we were always playing together until I got to busy with homework and weightlifting and couldn't spend much time with her I forgot how attractive I found her, and in the other hand my sister was was a a bit darker with her caramel toned skin from tanning also with the long curly hair except my sister was blonde blue eyes every guys fream standing there with also 36B breast and a perfect little peach ass they were both beginning to make me even harder "Hello James" they say in unison as they smile at me and walk over "Hi how are you girls doing" I ask as I try to hide my boner " where good we just got back from the mall we did some shopping!!" They say excitedly as they wave their bags back and forth in front of my face "That's great sounds like fun well Jessica my mom said you and my aunt can stay for dinner if you would like" "Of course I will!!" She says smiling at me " but can you go ask my mom I have to go upstairs and try something on with Ashley" she winks at me and smiles "Yea no problem I was about to head over there and watch some tv eitherways" I reply " great see you for dinner " they run upstairs and I can't help but look at their asses as they climb the stairs wow everyone has such a nice ass ( i get my keys and beginning walking over to my aunts you might be wondering where is my uncle and my dad right?

Yea fourth wall break we'll my dad is a dead beat that left as soon as my younger sister was born saying he can't handle three kids, and my uncle got caught cheating by my aunt and she send his ass out the house and told him never to come back I'm getting closer to her house so I'll let you guys/gals go sorry the first chapter is always the hardest because of the introductions enjoy) Being so close to each other my aunt and my cousin have a key to our house and we have a key to their house in case anything happens or an emergency, I knock to be polite first though "Who is it" my aunt yells out she sounds like she could have been drinking a few shots "It's me James aunt scarlet " I reply as I wonder why she has been drinking "Come In James use your keys honey" I open the door and walk-in to see her laying on the coach with a bath robe on and a glass of wine in her hand, I freeze up and can't believe her robe is semi-open, my aunt is the exact same body frame as my mom as they work out together only difference being my aunt has blue eyes and dyed red hair that I have always found so attractive she lays there on her side you can easily see every sexy curve on her body " hello honey what being you over" she smiles at me as she puts the wine down on the table in front of her " oh well I.

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just." I lose all train of thought " came to ask if I can watch tv. oh and see if you wanted to come to ver for diner" I finally regain consciousness of what I was there for " oh well certainly honey come sit next to your old aunty" she sits up right her robe open up and I can see my aunt big tits, perfectly round gift from her genetics with tiny pink erect nipples I cannot stop staring "Oh my I'm sorry about that honey" she covers up and begins to laugh and motions me over to sit down, I walk over nervously breathing heavily as my aunt gave me a fully hard on cock by just flashing her breast " sorry about that I know young kids don't want to see old lady breast" she starts to laugh "They're not saggy" I whisper "What was that honey" she raises her left eyebrow and gives me a seductive look I begin to stutter not knowing what to say I just continuously talk not making sense "Well your not old aunty, and I just meant you have a perfect body that anyone would want, you're in such good shape your breast aren't even saggy they're perfect" I look the opposite way avoiding eye contact as I finish my sentence "Oh really" I can sense her stand up I do everything n my power to avoid looking in her direction but then sense her in front of me she sits down on my lap and lays her hands on my shoulders I can feel her warm pussy against me I cannot believe what is going on, she slides her hand down my chest and abs bringing them back towards herself she undoes her robe and lets it slide of her body slowly as it hits the floor I'm not sure how much longer I can look the opposite way as she can obviously feel the tent she has created in my pants She leans in and whispers in my ear "I thought I had a sexy body.

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then why aren't you looking" she lets out a small laugh as her smile gets bigger "Because you're my aunt and I'm Not sure. I.if. if I should look" I can feel the warmth from her pussy making me get harder and more nervous at what she could possibly be planning She places her hand on my cheek and starts moving my face towards hers I begin to breath a bit heavier knowing I'm only seconds away "I don't mind at all" she whispers in my ear and there I am looking at my aunts hot body I can't believe my eyes her breast look even better outside her bra I immediately start scanning her body starting at her breast and slowly moving down till I can see her well trimmed pussy "You know honey." she keeps her hand on my cheek "I have always found you attractive, and trust me I'm not the only one" she winks at me I begin to wonder what she could possible mean "I men's look at you with your nicely chiseled body, your rock hard abs you're more of a man then your uncle ever was, and I can feel that you're way bigger too" she giggles and smiles at me.


She grabs my hand and placed it in her thigh slowly running it up her abs on to her breast and they were the softest, roundest tits I have ever touched "So what do you think" she whispers into my ear "Your tits are am.ama.amazing" I feel like a complete idiot opening my mouth "We can do whatever you want you know" She places her hand at the top of my pants I loose control and immediate lunge in for a kiss feeling my aunt lips against mine felt so good but wrong we continue to passionately kiss as she begins to undue my pants she slides her hand down my pants and pulls out my fully erect cock I look up at he as she bites her lip wanting it as badly as I do "You know we don't have much time today I have to get ready for diner why don't we skip the foreplay today and you give aunt scarlet that hard cock of yours" She begins to slowly stroke my cock I can find the right word to say as I am frozen I just nod my head and can't believe what is about to happen She smiles "don't worry you don't need a condom I'm on the pill to regulate me" she winks She leans upward toward me placing her tits on my face, moving her hand down towards my cock placing it in position, I take her small pink nipple in my mouth and can feel how turned on she is, she places my head at the entrance of her pussy I can already feel how warm and wet she is she slowly start going down on to my cock letting out small moans "Oh yes you're the biggest I will have inside me honey" I place my hands on her thighs slowly moving them back towards her ass, surprised at how firm her bubble butt is, she begins to slowly start moving up and down my cock, I know I won't last long as I've never been inside such a tight pussy I can feel every inch of my aunt walls surround my cock as she begins to pick up the paceI can't help but stare at her tits as they bounce up and down in front of my face "Oh yes fuck your aunty she really needs this fuck me james" Her breaths start becoming heavier as she starts moving faster but I want to enjoy this more I bring her in closer to me and wrap my hands around her hips and begin trusting my hard cock faster and harder deep into her tight pussy "Oh yes James just like that, fuck your slutty little aunt" I begin to pound her faster knowing that I'm close and can't keep up with this pace, the warmth of her pussy is way to good for me to last long, i can feel the last strokes begin to take place as I begin to pump my aunt harder my thighs smack against her ass and I can feel me about to cum "Cum inside me honey finish inside your naughty aunt" I give a few last strokes before burying my cock deep into her pussy and releasing a huge load inside my and this was the best sex I have ever had she colapses on to me as she regains her breath " fuck yes James" she leans in and kisses me "You don't know how badly I needed that"she begins to stand up "Any time aunt scarlet" not believing what just happened "Well I might have to take you up in that honey" she winks at me "ok go home i need to freshen up I'll be over soon" She winks at me as she gets up and walks away "lock the door honey in the way out" I can't help but get one last look at her body from the back what just happened.

End of part one next one out soon (P.S don't be afraid to criticizes and tell me what I can improve on I want to make this a long series for you to enjoy sorry on my deion will be getting better with that hope you enjoyed)

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