Teen cutie olivia nova blows her hung stepbrother

Teen cutie olivia nova blows her hung stepbrother
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[i]I would like to apologise to the readers for the delay. I didn't write through Christmas and new year. Shortly after a fault on my computer, erased all the progress I had made. I had to write the chapter from scratch. The story is close to conclusion and I think you can expect 2 or 3 more chapters. I hope you guys are enjoying this story as much as I have enjoyed writing it. I have a few ideas for other stories that I look forward to writing.

On that note enjoy! Author's note[/i]. Daniel's POV Morning after the night before. My mind is spinning. I have lots to prepare for. I may need some help from Katy. If I really wanna pull this off, she's the best person to go to. I wake up early at 7:00, it's still dark but the sun is creeping over the clouds. Thr sky is a beautiful purple that morphs into orange as the sun rises.

I look behind me at my beautiful girlfriend lying in bed, her beautiful red hair flared over the pillow. I'm dressed in my white top, jeans, and leather jacket as I lean down and kiss her forehead. Before I leave her to sleep, I leave her a note that reads: To my beautiful princess, Sorry you had to wake up without me but I've got important things to plan. Don't worry it's nothing bad, just make sure you dress in your most beautiful dress by 5:30 since we have dinner reservations for 6.

Love you lots, Daniel x I grab a slice of toast and climb into my rental car. No one's awake yet as I creep out of the house. On my way to the office I smile as I think of what I have planned for the evening. Yeah Katy's definitely the go to girl. I stop at a set of traffic lights and look both ways. I stop as I look right and remember that it's the low end of town that im looking at. I remember when Rick took me down there and showed me all those people who need help.

The light turns green and without even thinking, I turn the wheel to the right and turn the car down the street. I park down the road and lock the car up as I start to walk towards June. The elderly homeless woman who was screwed by her own son. She's walking around with her shopping cart full of bin bags. She notices me and looks fearful.


As I approach her, she steps behind her shopping cart. "Hi." I say and she just looks at me. I put my hand in my pocket and she steps back. I raise my hand to tell her it's ok.

I pull out 20 dollars and hand it to her but she doesn't take it. Maybe through fear. I drop I in her trolley and walk away. I look back and see her take the 20 and smile a little. Walking further down the street I see Tiffany the hooker. She sees me approach and looks me up and down. She gives me a seductive smile and says "Hey stud!

I'm not about to break any laws am I?" I chuckle at her joke and tell her no. "I just wanted to tell you something important." She looks at me oddly and says "Ok?" "Your son still loves you." I tell her and she looks at me slightly angry. "What?" She asks in an irritated tone. "Whatever you have to do to look after him, I promise he still loves you." I say again and I see a tear in her eye. "Who are you?" She asks and I smile at her and walk away. Looking back I see her watching me and I swear I see a small smile creep across her face.

I get back in the car and head to the office. I like to think I've done some good today and that thought stays in my head as I drive. I arrive in no time at all and I say hi to Tyrone and David who are stood outside the building smoking.

As I get on the elevator Michelle walks in. "Hey Michelle." I say and she smiles. "Hello Daniel." "How are you?" I ask. "I'm great, I love it here. What are you doing here?" She asks and I chuckle.

"I came to talk to Katy I need her help with something." I say keeping it simple. "Oh yeah? What's that?" She asks interested.

I smile and whisper in her ear. When I stand back and look at her, I notice her face has gone bright red. "Well. Umm. Good luck with that." She tells me uncertain what to say which makes me laugh. The elevator doors open and its my stop. "laters." I call out and walk down to Katy's office. I walk into Katy's office and I really wish I'd knocked. I walk into see Katy on her knees in front of some guy, sucking his cock.

"Oh Geez! Katy!" I say as I just turn and walk put shutting the door behind me. A couple of minutes later the guy walks out avoiding eye contact with me as he walks down the hall. I knock this time and I hear an irritated Katy tell me to come in.

"Have you heard of knocking?" She says sat behind her desk as I walk in. I shut the door behind me and turn and say "Have you heard of locking?" I sit in the chair opposite her as she says "This better be important, I need my daily load!" In a frustrated tone. "Daily load!? Katy! It's a man's cum! It ain't a cup of instant coffee." I say and she shakes her head.

"What do you want Daniel?" "I need your help with something." I say and start to go through my plan. As I tell her some of my ideas she starts to brighten up and offers some advice. She tells me the best location and even offers to get the place set up for me which I accept gratefully.

She tells me to give her a few hours and that she'll text me when everything's set. It's noon when I get out of Katy's office and decide to go for some lunch before I head home. You better be ready for this Holly. Rick's POV back at the house. I wake up and go downstairs for some coffee.

It isn't long before I'm joined by Jodi and my aunt Jade. That sounds so weird. They both say good morning as Jodi pours coffee for herself and Jade. I swear Jodi's got abit more life to her this morning.

I guess it's having Jade here. "Are Daniel and Holly up yet?" Jade asks. "Nah, I guess they're staying in bed today." I say which raises Jade's eye.

"I hope not, me and Holly are supposed to be having some girl time today." Jade says and that's when we hear someone coming downstairs. "Hold that thought." I say and Holly peaks round the corner to the kitchen. "Hey sleepyhead." Jodi says smiling. "Where's Daniel?" Jade asks and Holly walks in carrying a note. She has a big smile on her face and her eyes are sparkling. She hands Jade a note which she reads and smiles.

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"That son of mine is such a charmer." Jade says as she hands the note to Jodi. I read it over her shoulder and she laughs while I shake my head smiling.

"Jade I was hoping while we're in town today, you could help me pick out something nice to wear." Holly says and Jade's eyes light up. "It'd be my privilege." She says and they make plans to leave in an hour.

Jade and Holly leave and Jodi says she's going to meet some friends for lunch, so it's just me in the house since Jake and Ashley are out doing they're own thing.

I decide now would be a good time to do some digging. I hate having to investigate my own cousin but I must to protect him. He won't tell me the truth which means he doesn't trust me enough.

So if he finds out he can't really pull the trust card on me. I don't know what I'm looking for but I figure i could start by trying to figure out what brought him here. I know it wasn't just a pleasant visit or he would have at least called first. I get on my laptop looking into the history of the town he grew up in.

Daniel told me once how bad it was but seeing pictures and reading stories hits me hard. I'm looking through newspaper articles and it goes on endlessly about murders, rapes and assaults.

My cousin really is a tough guy to survive all this. I keep reading until I see something that catches my eye. "Crossblade Vigilante!" Click on the link and it talks about an unknown man stopping crimes throughout the city. The detective in charge, Ellie Bishop, was assigned to stopping Crossblade but was unsuccessful. After a riot in the streets, the cops seized control of the guns and drugs in the city.

After that Crossblade disappeared. The last known sighting was about a month ago. That's just before Daniel came here to Woodchip. I hack into the police files, it ain't that hard security is seriously underrated these days. The description of Crossblade is consistent with the suit that Tyrone described to me. It's all starting to make sense. That's why Daniel came here, to avoid the cops.

I sit there not sure what to do with this information. The protective side of me is telling me to scold him for being so reckless. A, that would push him away. And we've just got the family back together. B, I can't deny, the progress he made is astounding. I sit there for a moment thinking of what to do about this. I know Daniel won't be deterred from this but if I just let him carry on then it's gonna get him killed or jailed.

Then again! He wanted to work for Private Heroes, maybe he wanted Crossblade to go straight. My only option is to talk to Daniel and try to work this out. But first I need to find that suit. I need proof of what I found before I confront him. I search through his closet, draws and bags. There's nothing,until I find a small bag under his bed with a padlock on it.

I pick the lock and open the bag. Inside is a black skintight suit there's two swords in a crossblade formation on the chest. Under the suit I find a mask and There's no doubt anymore. Daniel is Crossblade. Daniel's POV. So it's been a pretty good day so far. I haven't heard from Katy yet but it's only been an hour. I've got nothing to do so I decide to go home. When I get in, I see the house is empty except for rick who's sat on the couch watching tv.

"Hey." I say sitting down next to him. "Hey" he says kinda bluntly. "Where you been?" He says and I tell him I've been preparing for my date tonight.

"You ok?" I ask him sensing there's something on his mind. "I'm fine. I just got alot on my mind." He says bluntly again. "The job?" I ask and he shrugs. "Among other things yeah." He says and his vague answers are starting to annoy me. "Like what?" I ask trying to have some sort of conversation with my cousin.

"Not important. I'll figure it out." He says and I decide to give up. It's kinda awkward when I'm trying to conversate and he's just being blunt or in some cases ignoring me completely. I'm guessing it's something about me and figure that he'll tell me when he's ready.

We sit and watch tv for an hour when the girls come back. Holly's wearing tight jeans and a tight t shirt with roses in a pattern. Mom's wearing a black knee length skirt and a red blouse with a white vest top underneath.

Holly and mom are carrying alot of bags. It amazes me how Holly's been out shopping almost everyday this week and she always finds something else to buy. Holly and mom walk in laughing and joking until Holly sees me and immediately hides the bag behind her back. "Don't peek." She says smiling as she runs upstairs to hide what she's bought. Mom hugs me and kisses my cheek which I rub off. She slaps my arm playfully and tells me I'm never too old for a kiss from my mom.

Jodi comes back soon after and looks at mom with a determined look. Mom nods at Jodi and I wonder what's going on. "Family meeting!" Jodi says as she walks into the kitchen. Me, mom and Rick all gather in the kitchen and sit at the table when Mom says "I want Holly here too." Which surprises me.

"Agreed." Jodi says and I call Holly down. She comes down and looks nervous when she sees all of us sat at the table. She sits beside me and I'm wondering what this is all about. "Holly this is a family meeting. You're dating my nephew, you've helped him, looked after him and that makes you family too." Jodi says and Holly sits there with a shocked expression. It's me, Holly, Rick, Mom and Jodi all sat in a circle around the table.

"What's this about?" I ask and both mom and Jodi look nervous. Mom takes Jodi's hand and nods at her. "honey, me and your mom and I have been talking and we decided that we need to tell you the truth. We don't want anymore secrets in the family." Jodi starts and mom continues.

"You're aunt Jodi and I were very close as kids. We spent all our time together and I took my role of big sister very seriously. I did my best to look after her which was pretty easy. We were both born here in Woodchip but when I was 7 your grandfather and grandmother divorced. Jodi was 6 at the time. I ended up moving with your grandfather to London. It wasn't a bad place to live back then. I remember the day we left.

Me and Jodi were hugging each other crying for nearly an hour until your grandfather put his hand on my shoulder and told me it was time to go." "I chased the car as it went down the street. When it disappeared out of view, I ran to my room and cried all day." Jodi says with some tears and mom rubs her back and carries on. "Every few months Jodi would come to London to visit and they were the best times of my life.

After she adopted Rick, she'd bring him with her and I was so happy for her. A few years later I met your father." Mom says and both women darken. "He was a good man to begin with. Or at least I thought he was. He got along very well with Jodi. Soon after I had you and your aunt was overjoyed to have a nephew. She spent as much time with you as she could." Mom suddenly stops and I need to know more.

"What happened?" I ask and Jodi takes over telling the story. "That was when your father revealed his true colours. He started making moves on me. I refused. I loved my sister and I didn't wanna destroy my family. You're father told me that if I didn't I'd regret it.

I refused him again and then he just stopped. I found out later that he'd told your mom that I was.doing things to you. At first she didn't believe it but your dad stopped me from seeing you and I swore to your mom that I wasn't doing what he said I was. But he kept making up more lies about me and slowly your mom started turning against me.

That's when the fighting started. I felt betrayed. Things were said that can't be taken back. Jade I'm so sorry." Jodi finishes the story and breaks down in tears. Both Rick and mom try to comfort her me and Holly just sit there with disbelief written all over our faces.

Holly looks at me and takes my hand. Jodi keeps muttering how sorry she is to my mom, who keeps shaking her head. "Sister you have nothing to be sorry for. I should've trusted you but I loved that man. I let him manipulate me and turn me against you. When he started hurting me and Daniel I knew then that everything he said about you was a lie but I was too proud.

To proud to admit that I was wrong. I was weak and I let that man tear us apart even after he died I wasted so much time." Now mom is crying too and the two crying women hug it out.

I'm still trying to process what I've heard. I know my dad was a piece of shit so making up some bullshit like that isn't a stretch in my imagination. Scumbag! I hope he's burning in hell. I've never felt a hatred so strong for someone in my life.

He tore our family apart. Jokes on you jackass, we're together again. Both mom and Jodi walk to me and hug me tightly. "I'm so sorry I never told you baby! Please forgive me!" Mom says and it tears at my heart strings. "It's ok mom I forgive you." I stand and we have a three person hug.

I don't know how long we're like that but it feels like in an eternity where nothing else exists, just the moment. Both women look at me and smile as they wipe their tears away. I tell them all to sit down and they do. Time to tell them the truth. "Since we're all telling the truth, it's my turn. Some of you already know this. Rick I think you do too." I say and he looks at me curiously.

I tell them about Crossblade. What I did, what happened to George and why I came to Woodchip. The only one who looks shocked is Jodi. Mom and Holly already knew, I think Rick figured it out. We're all sat there in silence when Rick decides to break it. "I did know. I did some digging and it wasn't that hard to figure out. I didn't know what to do. What you're doing is dangerous and you could get yourself killed." He says and I nod. "I know, that's why I wanted to join Private Heroes.

I thought I could do what I'm good at, legally." I say and he nods his approval. "I can't believe this." Jodi says still shocked. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you. I thought it best, to protect you." Mom and Holly both have looks of pride and even Rick looks proud of my decision to tell the truth. When Jodi eventually gets her head straight, she smiles at me and comes round to hug me. "I have a family of heroes." She says proudly.

We spend the rest of the afternoon talking. Rick asks about Crossblade and I tell him I wasn't looking to be a superhero. I just wanted a suit that would make it hard to spot me. He laughs hard at that. Suddenly, I look at the time and realise it's 4:30. "Holly I think we'd both better start getting ready." Holly quickly checks her watch and like a mad thing, darts out of the kitchen. I follow her up to the stairs and see her head for the bathroom.

I push my way in before she shuts the door and she looks at me confused. "Daniel we don't have much time. I need to shower!" She says and I shrug.

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"So do I. I guess we'll have to shower together." I tell her and watch her smile naughtily. In a flash, we strip out of her clothes and Holly starts the shower. I nearly trip on the wet surface as Holly grabs my arm and pulls me under the water and jams her lips into mine. I know we don't have time but I have the sexiest girl in the world, completely naked, kissing me and rubbing her wet body against mine.

There's no blood in my head. Well I guess there is, just not the right head. I grip her hair and pulled head back as I kiss her neck while I squeeze her right breast. She giggles as I lick neck. The water hits us both and there's something amazingly hot about watching the hot water run down her naked body. Watching the water drop off her hard nipples.

I reach behind her and slide my hands from the top of her wet body, down to her ass and squeeze making her groan. She wraps her arms around my neck and holds me. I squeeze and slap her ass making her yelp. She runs her hand down my chest, to my manhood. She starts stroking it gently. No! I tell myself. We have to get ready.

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So I pull away much to Holly's dismay. "Babe we need to get ready. We don't have time." I say. I get a pouty face for that but I promise that she won't regret it later. We wash each other and get out. I dress in Jodi's room while mom helps Holly with her make-up. I dress in a black suit with a white shirt with the top two buttons undone, No tie.

While this isn't something I'd normally, I look in the mirror and think "Damn! I'd fuck me." I spray on some cologne and head downstairs to wait for Holly. Jodi sees me and her eyes light up. She walks over to me to tidy up my collar and says "Oh my god!

Daniel you look so handsome." I smile and say thanks. That's when mom comes down and freezes at the sight of me. I smile at her astonished look and walk up to her. "what do you think mom?" I ask holding my arms out. It's then that I see her eyes watering as she hugs me. "Baby you look incredible!" I hug her tightly as she's in child separation mode. I'm growing up and she's having trouble accepting it. We break the hug and she smiles sweetly at me as she wipes her tears away.

I look at the clock and see that its 5:35. "Is Holly nearly ready?" I ask her and she smiles. That's when we hear someone walking slowly down the stairs. I look up and see the red haired goddess that is my girlfriend walking down the stairs.

I stare with my mouth hanging open. She's wearing a dark blue evening dress. Her hair is curled and hanging down by her shoulders. She has rose red lipstick on. Her heart pendant around her neck. Her breasts are happily contained but the dress is tight and her nipples are pointing out at me.

She's so beautiful. No words are spoken as I make my way over to her and take her hand and kiss it. She smiles and I say "You look beautiful Holly." She blushes and says "Thankyou Daniel you look handsome!" I smile and hold my arm out to her and she wraps her arm in mine. We say our goodbyes and as I pass Rick, he slips something into my pocket. I look back at him questioningly and he just smiles and winks. I nod at him and we leave the house.

Once the door is shut I put my hand in my pocket and pull out the keys to Rick's charger. I hide my excitement well but in my head I'm going nuts. I always wanted to drive Rick's car. Holly tries to walk towards our rental car but I pull her back. "This way honey." I tell her leading her to Rick's car.

She looks to me for answers and I hold the keys up for her to see and her eyes light up. I open the passenger side door for her and shut it once she's sat. I fire up the car and the engine roars like a lion, making Holly very excited. We have reservations at a nice Italian restaurant. All eyes were on Holly as we were taken to our seats.

I pull Holly's chair out for her which she appreciates. Gotta be a gentleman. I order lasagna and Holly orders spaghetti and meatballs. A bottle of wine is brought to us for our wait.

I pour both of us a glass and we have a toast to finding each other. "So how's you're training going?" She asks and I have to admit I really don't wanna talk about work but I say "It's a killer. I can't wait to start working." She smiles and says "Well I can tell you, all that hard work I starting to show." She says nodding at my body. I thought I was starting to get bigger in the arms and chest but I thought it was my imagination.

Our dinners arrive and we both tuck in like hungry demons. I have to laugh as Holly looks up at me with tomato sauce around her mouth. "What's so funny?" She asks smiling. I don't wanna embarrass her so I just push a napkin towards her.

It takes about a second for her to figure it out and her face goes red. She quickly wipes her mouth and screws the napkin up, throwing it at me. "It's not funny!" She says smiling.

"I take it you're enjoying the food." I ask and she nods her head quickly. "It's incredible, I've never been to a fancy restaurant before." She takes my hand and says "Thankyou for tonight, I've never felt valued like this before." I place my hand over hers and tell her "I want you to know how much I love you. Besides, the night is still young." She smiles wondering what else I have planned for her.

She's never gonna figure it out and the thought has me smiling. Shortly after I get a text from Katy, simply saying "It's done." She makes it sound like I asked her to murder someone.

I send her a text that we'll be there in an hour, to which she replies "I'll be waiting to let you in." Me and Holly finish our dinners and order desert. I have a slice of chocolate cake and Holly orders vanilla ice cream. I tell Holly that need to pick up the pace if she wants her surprise and that's all the motivation she needs. She powers through the ice cream and I'm amazed she doesn't get brain freeze.

Once we're done with desert I pay our check and we leave. I have the address from Katy and Holly is driving me nuts with all her questions. "Where are we going?" "What are we doing?" "Is it this?" "Is it that?". I just tell her to wait and see. It's a 20 minute drive to the address Katy gave me and Holly looks confused as we pull up to a warehouse outside of town. I see Katy stood outside the building waiting with her arms folded.

She smiles wide as we exit the car. She's wearing a loose, black top that says "Queen Bee" with a pair of dark jeans and black boots. "Wow! Look at you two all dressed up." She says and Holly walks up and hugs her. It's a weird image for me considering the last time I saw them talk, Holly was calling her a bitch, slut, whore.

"So you two are besties now?" I ask smiling and Holly explains. "Katy called me the morning after our little game and wanted to clear the air. I told her it was fine and we got to know each other a little better.

I feel a little relief that they've sorted things out considering I'm gonna be working with Katy soon. "Everything set up?" I ask Katy. "Yep here's the code to lock the place up when you leave." She says handing me a piece of paper. I read the code and fold the paper up and put it in my pocket. "Well my job is done, I'm going home!" Katy says walking to her car.

Katy drives away and now Holly wants answers. "Ok I'm really confused. Set up what!? What was Katy doing for you!?" She says and I smile. "Take a look." I say opening the door for her. She walks in and I shut the door behind us and lock it. The inside of the building is nearly empty except for a couch at the far end of the building. There's a large red carpet on the floor and a table beside it.

On the table is everything I'm gonna need. Ball gag, blind fold, handcuffs, rope, Hitachi and a but plug. I look at Holly staring at the table and her face is bright red but she's biting her lip. "I said I'd make it up to you?" I tell her smiling. She looks at me and says "I've been curious about this kind of thing. How did you know?" She says looking skeptical.

"I got a glimpse of some of the books you brought with you, 50 shades of grey? wasn't that hard to work out." I tell her and her face is almost as red as her face. She wants this but she's nervous.

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"Do you want to continue? If you say yes there's no turning back, you become mine to do with what I want. But I will make you feel better then any man has ever made you feel." I say and she thinks for a minute. "And if I say no?" "Then we'll lock this place up and simply walk away. This is for both of us." I say and she starts thinking again. Eventually she looks up at me and says "I want too." I lead her to the carpet and push her gently push her too her knees. I look at her with a hardened expression and order her "Put your hands behind you're back." She obeys without hesitation and I decide to explain things.

"There are rules!" I tell her and she nods. "1. Everything you say to me ends with sir. 2. You don't cum without permission. In fact you don't do anything without permission! 3. If you want something, you have to beg for it. And 4. There are 4 words you need to memorize. Green means you want more, orange means calm it down, red means stop doing what you're doing and black means stop everything. Do you understand?" I ask her and she says "Yes sir." I nod to her and walk to the table.

I grab the blindfold, the ball gag and the hand cuffs. I put the blind fold on her and push the ball gag against her lips. "Open!" I say and she opens her mouth as the ball slides inside. I tie it on and finally put the cuffs on behind her back.

"Stand!" I order her and she rises to her feet. I kneel at her feet and pull her heels off her feet. Once her shoes are off I slowly run my hand up her leg, under her dress, up to her thigh. She shivers at my touch as I take time to worship her body.

I stand up slowly, running my hands up her sides to her face. I stroke her cheek, her skin is so soft that my hand practically surfs over her skin.

She's shaking as I lick her neck while I run my hand over her hips to her ass. I kiss up her neck and she's moaning slightly. Suddenly, I grab her by the back of her neck. Not to tight but tight enough as I pull her over to the table and bend her over. I push her head down onto the table and lift her dress up, revealing her light blue panties. I kneel down and gently grope her ass, squeezing gently.

She's moaning as I massage her ass cheeks. I take time admiring her perfect ass, kissing, groping, squeezing. Holly's loving every second, moaning loudly. Finally, I pull her panties down to see the her pussy is soaked. Her juices shine in the light and I lick it up. Holly's head comes up and she moans softly. I place my hands on her hips and bury my face in her pussy licking up and down, round and round, licking up all her juices. Holly's legs are starting to shake as I continue my work and I know she's close.

"Don't you cum yet!" I order her with a menacing tone. Straight away she starts mumbling something and I take the ball gag off, leaving the blind fold on. "You're going to have to repeat that." I tell her and she looks at me with pleading eyes.

"Please sir! Please I need to cum! Can I cum now sir!?" She says desperately. "You can.After I count to ten!" I tell her grinning.

Her face hardens as she tries to hold back her orgasm. I take a few seconds to eat her pussy before I say "1". Another few seconds of licking before I say "2". I get to 7 and she's squirming away. Like she doesn't want me to eat her pussy til I get to 10. I hold her in place and continue counting as I finger her. I get to 9 and she's right on the edge calling my name, begging me to let her cum. Finally I say it. "10" and like a volcano she squirts all over the place, screaming in absolute bliss.

She lays her head on the table as she pants. It's such a sexy sight. My beautiful girlfriend, with her hands cuffed behind her back, blindfolded, gasping for air as she comes down from her orgasm. I remove her blindfold and say "Stand!" In my dominating tone. I watch as Holly tries to stand on shaky legs and stands before me.

"Do you enjoy being treated like a slut?" I ask her in flat tone. She looks up at me with a dazed expression and says "Yes sir!" ""You wanna repay me for making you cum so hard." I say as less of a question and more of a statement.

She nods and says "Yes sir! Let this slut please you to say thankyou sir!" Slowly I unzip my pants and I can see her mouth watering. She licks her lips as I pull out my hard cock. I hold it in front of her lips and she tries to take it in her mouth but I pull it away. She looks up at me desperately and without being told starts to beg. "Please sir! Please can I have it. I want it in my mouth sir." Seeing her so desperate to suck me off has me harder then steel, I push my cock into her mouth and she goes to work, bobbing her head on my meat.

Drool is leaking from her mouth and at one point, she tries to push my whole cock down her throat which makes her gag and cough. She pulls herself back and gasps for air. My dick is wet and I get an awesome idea. "Are you ready to get fucked slut?" I ask her and she looks up at me grinning. "Oh yes sir, please fuck me like a slut sir!" I smile at her and walk back to the table.

I grab the rope and look up the hook on the ceiling. Holly looks confused until I uncuff her hands and use the rope to tie her hands in front of her. I throw the rope over the hook and pull on it which pulls Holly's hands above her head. Once the rope is tied to a pipe on the wall, I look at holly. She's stood in the middle of the carpet, still with her dress on and her hands tied above her head.

She looks at me expectantly as I walk up to her smiling.

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In one move, I grab her dress and yank it down her body. Thank god it's strapless.

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Her dress quickly slides down her body to her feet and she steps out of it. Now she's standing in her light blue bra and panties. Fuck she's sexy. I grab her bra and pull it below her tits. "Please sir I'm so wet please fuck me sir!" Smiling at her, I step behind her and slowly pull her panties down to her thighs. With my dick in my hand, I rub the head up and down her slit making her moan and tug on the ropes.

Her legs shaking in desperation. "Please sir, stop teasing me and fuck me! I'm you're slut and I need to be fucked." That's all the motivation I need. I thrust my cock inside her and begin pounding at her pussy. Holly goes crazy on my cock almost instantly as she throws her head back so she's staring at the ceiling and howls. Her tits are bouncing back and forth and her hair whips me a few times as she's throwing her head around. My dick is coated in her juices as I slide in and out of her.

"Fuck me harder sir. Make me you're bitch and fuck me harder!" She shouts and I pull out of her much to her dismay. "Please sir don't stop I love you're cock." I walk round so she can see me and stroke my cock as I look at her. "What was my third rule slut?" I ask her sternly. Holly looks confused and thinks back. Suddenly her eyes go wide and she looks at me nervously. "What was the rule?" I ask again and she answers "If I want something I need to beg for it." I nod and continue stroking my cock.

"If you cant follow the rules. Then you don't deserve to be fucked. Once I cum on you're face we're going home." Holly gives me a look of horror and begins to plead with me.

"No! I'm sorry sir! I'll be better I promise. I just forgot and I promise I'll be a better slut! Please don't waste you're load. I'll give you anything. My mouth, my pussy even my ass! Just please don't waste you're load." Her offer of anal shocks me. I had thought a couple of times about asking her about it. Now here she is willing to just give her ass to me just so I can fuck her. I keep my shock hidden and hold her chin. "You have to be punished." I tell her and she nods desperately.

"Yes sir. I was a bad slut and I deserve to be punished!" I smile and kiss her before grabbing a whip from the table. I show her what I'm holding and she looks nervous but also excited. "When I whip you, tell me why I'm whipping you." I order her and she nods. I raise the it above my head and whip down. I can he's it cut through the air as it makes contact with Holly's left tit. "Aaah!" She cries in pain. "You're punishing me cause I was a bad slut!" I raise my hand again and whip her right tit.

"AHHH! I was a bad slut!" I whip each tit five times and her legs are shaking. Her tits are red and I can see her juices running down her leg. She's panting hard and looking at me.

I drop the whip and gently rub her tits. She flinches at my touch but relaxes once I start rubbing up and down."Do you have something to say." I ask her and she wastes no time. "I'm so sorry sir! I forgot you're rules and you punished me for it. I promise I'll be a better slut!" I smile and kiss her. Once again I stand behind her and thrust my cock inside her. She moans and I continue where I left off. Mercilessly pounding her pussy.

I grab her hips watch her tits bounce as I fuck her. I pull my cock out and see it coated in her juices before I push it back in. I honestly don't think Holly could cum anymore but sure enough her pussy clamps down on me and she goes it hysterics as she orgasms. As she starts to calm down i can feel my balls burning. "Where am I putting my load?" I ask sheepishly and Holly looks back at me and starts pleading.

"Please sir cum inside me. I wanna feel you're cum inside my slutty pussy." Her dirty talk is enough to make me burst as I shoot load after load into her. She throws her head back and moans as I fill her up.

We're both sweaty and panting hard. I have to sit down for a minute to catch my breath. I takes me a minute to remember Holly's still tied up so I grab a knife from the table and cut her down.

She rubs her wrists and shakes her hands to get some blood back into them while I go back to catching my breath. After a few minutes I stand and pull my pants back up. I turn to talk to Holly only for her to jump into my arms. She wraps her arms and legs around me and kisses me hard. I think it's safe to safe to say she enjoyed herself.

With her dress on It's time to go. "Let's go home I tell her." Her eyes are sparkling and she's smiling ear to ear. She nods and we lock the building up after calling Katy to tell her we're all done.

Katy wants details, so I pass the phone to Holly who goes into a very long and very detailed story of what happened.

Their conversation lasts until we get home and Holly promises to call Katy tomorrow for more details. Once we're out of the car, me and my beautiful girlfriend walk arm and arm into the house. I leave Rick's car keys on the kitchen table. No one's awake so we go to our room for some much needed sleep. Holly strips down to her panties and I strip to my boxers. Holly's in serious cuddle mode as we drift off. Today was a good day. Rick's POV just after Daniel and Holly left.

I gave Daniel my car for the night because I trust him to look after it. Plus it goes with the look. Hopefully it'll help him get lucky tonight. That thought has me chuckling to myself.

Now it's just me, Jodi and Jade. They're having a girly talk so I offer to cook dinner which they both eagerly accept. Chops for dinner sounds good, so I roll my sleeves up and go to work. While dinners cooking I hear Jade tell Jodi to go with her somewhere. Not ask. She Tells Jodi to follow her. "Jodi follow me!" She says sternly.

What's weirder is Jodi's reaction. She smiles and eagerly runs after her. I decide not to pay to much attention to it and focus on dinner. I decide to make a call to have something made especially for Daniel. Talking to my friend who's nice with that sort of thing.

I tell him exactly what I want and he says it'll be ready for tomorrow. I thank him and promise a big pay check for his best work. Dinner is served and on the table waiting. Jodi and Jade still haven't come down so I decide to let them know dinner's ready. Heading upstairs, I wonder how Daniel and Holly's date night is going. I walk up to Jodi's room and as I'm about to knock I hear something I never expected. "Oh Fuck bitch! Eat my pussy! Make you're mistress cum!" I hear Jade say.

That noise literally knocks me out mentally. My mind goes blurry. My aunt is domming my mom. Unsure of what to do, I knock the door and the noises stop.

There's no sound for a second until Jodi weakly says "Yeah?" I decide not to enter so I just tell them that dinners ready and walk away. I can hardly focus as I set the table and pour some wine for everyone.

It takes a minute for the women to come down. Jade keeps her composure as she sits at the table and places a napkin in her lap. Jodi on the other hand. Her face is bright red. She sits down next to Jade and we eat. No words are spoken as we eat and drink and I decide to address the elephant in the room. "So. You too seem to have bonded alot." I say and jade places her knife and fork on the table. "Okay. Let's get this out of the way.


We know you heard and yes it was exactly what it sounded like." Jade tells me the story of their teenage activities minus the dirty details. How they wanted to learn about sex and used each other. Jade soon adopted a very dominant personality and Jodi became submissive. Whenever Jodi would visit Jade in London, they had fun. Outside and behind closed doors. At least until Jade met her husband. And now they're revisiting their questionable relationship.

Old habits die hard I guess. "I don't want Daniel to know." She says with authority. "Agreed." I tell her getting a shocked look. "Does he really wanna know about his mom's sex life?" I ask rhetorically. "So you don't care?" She asks astonished at my acceptance of their relationship. Who am I to judge. I used to enjoy Jodi's pussy. "As a wise woman once told me, as long as you're not hurting anyone I don't see the harm in it." Jodi looks up at me as she remembers it was her that told me that.

Jade still looks stunned but says "Thankyou." And we go back to eating. The atmosphere soon returns to normal and we joke and laugh until my phone goes off. I excuse myself and the girls carry on talking. I look at the phone to see David calling. "Hey David what's up?" I ask him. "Rick we got problems!" He says frantically. "Richard Parker's escaped police custody!" My face goes hard as David gives me the details. A fault in the security system knocked out the camera's and when they came back on Parker was gone.

Sarah! That's my first thought. I hang up and try to find my car keys. "Shit!" I say out loud. I gave them to Daniel. So I take the keys to his rental. Jodi asks what's wrong and I tell I Sarah's in danger I need to get to her. I run out the house to the rental. I cut through the streets occasionally jumping red lights until I pull up outside Sarah's. I hammer on her door and Sarah answers looking frustrated.

"Rick what on earth are you doing?" She says annoyed. Dressed in just a robe, her hair un brushed. "Richard's escaped. You need to come with me!" Her face goes from annoyed to scared instantly. "Get dressed I need to get you somewhere safe." Sarah races upstairs and changes into a pair of leggings, t shirt and trainers.

Once she's in the car and we're off, I start to feel better. Sarah however isn't. She wants to know what happened. What I'm gonna do. What's gonna happen. "I don't have all the details, but it sounds like someone broke him out. Until he's found you'll be staying with me." She looks at me scared but nods. "It's gonna be ok. I won't let anything happen to you." "I know you won't." She tells me.

Once we're back at the house, introductions are made. Jodi hugs Sarah and welcomes her. Jade shakes Sarah's hand and tells her she'll be safe here. I show Sarah to our room and she strips down and goes straight to sleep. When I get back to the girls, the questions start. I explain what's been happening with Richard and how he's on the loose.

Jodi folds her arms and looks at me worried. Jade has a few more questions since she doesn't really know what I do or how I met Sarah. Once all the questions are answered they have looks of determination as they promise to help me look after her.

I thank them and decide to turn in. The girls follow and go off to their own room. Once in my room, Sarah looks peaceful sleeping. I strip down and crawl in beside her.

I'm gonna need Daniel's help with this. Daniel's POV 12:00 the next day. Waking up alone is a strange thing when you're used to someone being there next to you. Holly's out of bed.

Her dress is hung up on the closet. Up and dressed, I go downstairs to see Holly dressed in a pair of brown basketball shorts and a pink vest top that shows some boob. She starts pouring coffee as I creep up behind her and put my hands on her waist and kiss her cheek. "Morning babe." Morning honey" she replies. I run my hands up her body and start groping her boobs as I grind into her. "Ummm Daniel!" She says. "What?" I ask. That's when I hear someone clear their throat.

I look behind me to see my mother sat in the living room with her arms folded. She's looking at us sternly. "Uhhh, sorry!" I say and her expression changes to a chuckle. I walk up to her and give her a kiss on the cheek. That's when I see a woman sat in the corner. She's got long blonde hair. She has a beautiful face. Dressed in a simple t shirt and leggings. Wait I remember her. That's Rick's girlfriend. "Sarah! Hey!" She smiles and says hi back. "What are you doing here?" Her face changes just for second to a serious before going back to a light smile.

"Rick's letting me stay for a while." She says. I can tell there's more to this story but I don't push her anymore. "Daniel, Rick said you have to meet him at the office when you wake up." Holly tells me and I sigh. I hate going out straight after waking up. I say goodbye to everyone and head out. Walking through the office, wondering what's so bloody important. I knock on Rick's door and I hear "Come in." I enter to see him writing on some papers.

"You asked to see me sir?" I say in a joking way. He doesn't even smirk as he looks up to me. "Congratulations. You're background checks came through, all clear, you're training passed and you are now officially a private hero." He says holding a black leather wallet out to me. I take it and inside is my id card and a badge. I wanna dance around the office. I made it. I passed. I'm a private hero! "There's more!" Rick says.

He reaches for something under his table and places it on the table. It looks like my crossblade uniform. But it's different. Rick looks up at me and says "Are you ready for you're first job?"