Police first time she was apprehended and brought to the backroom for questioning

Police first time she was apprehended and brought to the backroom for questioning
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Jared and I were sitting on the couch, still naked after our first and intense sexual encounter. My body was still covered with sweat, my freshly shaven pussy still covered with my juices as was my face with the remains of Jared's enormous load of cum. Next to us on the couch was the velvet with the dildos Jared had gave to me for further training.

As I slowly recovered and the arousal diminished I started to feel the side effects of my first ever slut fuck. With every further minute passing by my torn apart cunt felt more and more sore, as did my finger fucked anus and my squeezed tits. I looked over to Jared who in the meantime had lit a cigarette and just kept looking at the ceiling, enjoying the aftermath of taking my virginity.

Realizing I was watching him he turned towards me. "You're alright?" he asked. "I think so, but I guess it was a little much for my first time. I loved how you took me hard, but my body is telling me, that he wasn't prepared for what just happened." "Feeling sore?" he smiled.

"You bet I do. What have you expected I would feel like after you've ripped tiny virgin snatch apart with that big cock of yours." I bent over and kissed him gently. Jared grinned.

"You took it better than I thought. But in the meantime, why don't you take a shower and when you're done, there's a bottle of a soothing lotion in the cabinet above the sink that you can apply on your sore parts afterwards." I got up from the couch my legs barely able to carry me.

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Taking the first few steps I became more and more aware of my soreness. I must have looked like John Wayne, or perhaps more like Jayne Wayne, after a long ride into the sunset as I walked towards the bathroom. The hot water of the shower made my pussy, ass and tits hurt even more, but when I applied the shower gel gently on my skin, I could feel the pain ease away slowly.

My cramped muscles relaxed and when I washed the foam of my skin, most of the sore feeling was gone. As I gently cleaned my pussy the porn clip with the girl getting pissed all over came up my mind. I turned of the shower and leant against the shower glass door.

My fingers were gently touching my pussy lips as I tried to relax. Pissing was nothing I ever took into detailed evaluation. When I had to, I did it and it had never came to my mind that there would be something sexual in it. As I tried to relax more, the first drops of urine ran through my cleavage, then running down my leg in a tiny trickle.


I had never pissed myself since the time I was a baby and wore diapers, but that was a time I couldn't remember. The small stream of piss running down my leg felt surprisingly warm, a lot warmer then I had expected. As my fingers pressed apart my pussy lips the trickle sprayed out like a little yellow fountain.


I moved my hand so that the piss splashed right into my palm and spattering back against my open pussy before dripping into the shower. I held back my piss for a second and lifted my piss covered hand to my face. Carefully I took in the smell, but to my surprise couldn't smell almost nothing at all. I would have expected something like the odor of a public toilet but there was nothing like it. It almost had no smell at all.

As I licked my finger carefully I realized that there even was no taste at all. There was a kind of saltiness, maybe something undefinable organic.

'Not so bad' I thought to myself. 'Not really tasty but also not disgusting.' From behind me I heard the sound of Jared clearing his throat. I turned around and saw him standing in the doorway naked, his cock already half hard again. "I just wanted to tell you that I ordered us some pizza" he said with a lustful smile on his face. "But it looks like you're having an aperitif already.

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Do you want a little appetizer, too?" I grinned at him as he started stroking his dick slowly, making it harder and harder. "Sure why not. Isn't that what sluts do?" Jared opened the shower door and stepped inside.

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As our lips met we started kissing our tongues wandering around each others mouth. His cock was pressing between my legs when he let go. "Is there any of your piss left?" I nodded.

"Let it go. Spray it over my cock my little piss bitch." Feeling his cock head rubbing my cleavage I relaxed once again and let go. This time it was not a trickle but a solid fountain, hitting his cock, spraying all over the little gap between us.

Just as my piss ran dry, Jared took me by my shoulders pushing me on my knees gently. "Now clean of the mess you made" he ordered in a kind of harsh tone. His piss dripping cock right in front of my mouth I couldn't resist licking him up from his balls up to his glans, tasting the remainings of my fresh piss mixed with his precum on his cockhead. Wrapping my hand around his cock I started jerking him slowly, sucking his cockhead simultaneously.

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Jared started to moan as his prick grew harder in my mouth. He gently put his hand on the back of my head, pulling me onto his cock. His hips moved back and forth, his cock fucking my mouth first slowly, then with increasing speed and length. As I tightened my lips around his hard-on he pushed deeper and deeper, finally hitting my uvula forcing me gagging. "Relax" I heard his voice from above. "Take it easy. Try to swallow the next time I push forward." Jared pulled back a little, then pushing forward into my throat again, making me gag again.

I tried to swallow as he hit, just making me cough and gasping for air. "You almost have it. Let's try again" Jared encouraged me. I tried to shook my head, signaling him that he was going too far but then hesitated. 'If you want to be a slut' I thought 'you'll have to manage that sooner or later, so why not now.' As Jared pushed forward again I tried hard to be relaxed as possible, expecting the gagging and coughing feeling desperate to ignore it this time.

His cock head hit my uvula, I swallowed, and this time his cock went all the way down my throat. It felt like being strangled and ripped apart from the inside. I tried to inhale through my nose only realizing that it was impossible for any amount of air to pass his cock blocking my throat. I panicked, pushing me away from Jareds cock but the hand on the back of my head hold me tight.

Jared had begun moving his cock inside my throat as I pushed him away harder. I could feel his cock starting to swell, starting to pump. Suddenly he let me go, making me fall on my bump. As I was gasping for air Jared took his cock and jerked it hard. Pulling me back on my knees with his hand in my hair he rammed his cock into my mouth instantly shooting out big streams of hot cum.

I a reflex a stated swallowing, letting his salty creamy juice run down into my bowels. When his cock finish pumping delicious streams of jizz into my mouth I started sucking him, harvesting the last remains of my appetizer out of his balls.

Jared stood above me smiling. "Hell, you are indeed a slut. A greedy cum eating slut." I let his cock slip out of my mouth and took a deep breath. Before I could say anything I felt the hot trickle of piss splashing into my face. His cock in his hands Jared stood above me, aiming his stream of piss directly in my face.

"Open your mouth you dirty piss whore.

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Here comes your little extra." As soon as I opened my mouth, his hot and golden liquid filled me up. The taste was different but not unpleasant as well. Having my mouth filled I tried to swallow, making half of the piss splashing out over my chin and then running down over my tits and my belly towards my snatch. Filling my mouth up once more with his piss Jared aimed down, letting his hot stream splash on my nippels.

I swallowed his hot champagne again, letting out some of it all over me again as he finally aimed for my cunt massaging my clit with his hard spurt while I rubbed my tits with his warm shower. As the last drops emerged from his cock head he gave me a big smile. Helping me up he hugged me, covering us both with his piss and gave me a passionate kiss.

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"I hope I wasn't to hard forcing my cock into your slutty throat?" he asked in a gently tone. "You probably were, but it doesn't matter" I replied. "That's what it's like to be a slut, isn't it?" "In some way for sure.

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But you managed it well. I'm sure you'll become a great slut one day. But now let's have a shower together and dinner afterwards. Teaching you is really exhausting, you know. And we only have started."