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Legal age teenager girls cunt porn
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College Daze - Chapter 2 "I need an honest answer, Keith" my girlfriend, Cassie Mansden, let out in a quiet and sombre tone. "Is there someone else?" "Yeah, I think there might be, Cassie.

It's too early to tell yet, though." Cassie? I never called her Cassie. It had always been my favourite nickname, Kitten, since two weeks after I'd first met her, four years ago. That fact wasn't lost on her either. I watched the joy leave her face, along with some of the colour. In that one moment, I would have killed to be anywhere but under Cassie's scrutiny. Here it comes! I told myself. The one question I just know you're going to ask, and the one I really never want to have to answer.

Please, Cassie, for the love of God, don't ask! It was almost as if she'd heard my thoughts, and asked anyway, out of spite. "Anyone I know?" she almost hissed, and I felt my little world fall apart. How was I supposed to answer her question? How do you tell your girlfriend that she's been replaced? And by your own sister? I had no idea. "Yeah, I think you know her" my sister's voice drifted across the room. "There's no easy way to go through this, Cassie, and I know you asked me to disappear.

But this affects people that're very special to me. I can't just stand here and ignore what's happening." "You knew about this?

Cassie snapped at Tandra. "You knew he was going out with someone else, and didn't do anything about it? What the hell kind of a friend are you?" "One that loves you, that cares about you, that still wants to be your friend.

But I'm kind of caught in the middle here. He's my brother, damn it, and I love him too! If you think I'm going to just sit on the sidelines and leave him out in the cold, you'd better think again." "So, are one of you going to tell me who my competition is? Or do I have to guess?" Her voice was angry, and her tone forcefully subdued.

I really couldn't blame her. Hell, if I was in her position, I'd be just as furious, and probably looking for someone's blood. And that scared me even more, because I knew whose blood she'd want. "Me" Tandra declared in a quiet but authoritative voice. Cassie just sat and stared, her vision moving between my sister and me, the shock of it all almost choking both the life and the voice out of her.

No one said a word for what felt like forever. "You?" Cassie finally managed to hiss. "You're your brother's. . ? His own sister? But that's. . " She'd defined the problem in the fewest words possible, and still managed to achieve maximum impact.

I looked for something to hide under, like a dust mote. Damn my sister and her vacuum cleaning! The place was spotless. "Shit, I don't believe you two!" Cassie's anger eventually started to come out.

"Brother and sister, and you're fucking each other? How long has this been going on? Since last spring, I'll bet!" "Kitten, we've been drifting apart for a long time, you and I" I tried to keep my voice rational, "and for all of that time, I've tried to wait until you had an idea of where you wanted your life to go. I've prayed that somewhere along the lines, we'd overcome whatever road blocks showed up between us.

I even took the whole summer to think about just how much I want my architectural degree. Shit, I was just about ready to abandon my education to try and keep us together. But in all honesty, I can't do that and not have any regrets. And I can't ask you to give up your dreams either." "And I suppose that when you told me you loved me, like this afternoon, it was all a lie?" "No, it wasn't," I fought to keep my voice as soft and quiet as I could, "because I do love you. I think I have since we started going together, and I probably always will.

So no, I didn't lie to you. I never have, and I'm not about to start now. You mean too much to me to go down that road of deceit." Cassie continued to stare at both of us, some of her shock slowly being replaced by her obvious anger as the pain began to sweep into her system.

"You fucking bitch!" she exploded at Tandra. "Some friend you turned out to be! Stealing my boyfriend behind my back? Jesus fucking Christ!" "Kitten," I had to jump to my sister's defence, "please don't call my sister names. If it was anyone but you, I'd deck them, male or female. But it is you, and I can't. I still care about you, maybe more than you know.

That part of our relationship still exists, and always will, for as long as you want it to." I had no idea if my words had any meaning for Cassie.

Given how she probably felt inside, I had my doubts. She hurt, badly, and seemed to want to lash out at anybody or anything that would help relieve some of that pain. I couldn't blame her, because I would have been the same way, only worse. "Go fuck your hat, Hayes!

Both of you!" Cassie erupted, her anger now controlling her voice. "Stop it, Mansden!" Tandra snapped back, her own anger at my ex-girlfriend's vehemence becoming unleashed. "Put yourself in our shoes for a minute.

I'm sitting here watching my brother, the man that I love mor than life itself getting his ass fried by my best friend, all while knowing that I'm the cause of this fight.

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You think this isn't tearing me apart? My best friend's hurting, and all I want to do is hug her, hold her, and try to make her understand that after the pain, the anger, and the feelings of rejection heal themselves, the sun will come out again. On that day, maybe she'll see that it's all for the best. I want to, but as I'm the other woman in Keith's life, I owe him as much loyalty as I ever owed you. It's because of that, that I'm hoping and praying that you and I can still work on being friends.

Just don't ever ask me to choose between the two of you, because if you do, you'll lose. He may be my brother, but he's also the man that I love. I've known him a hell of a lot longer than you have, and wanted him long before you ever arrived on the scene." There was a pregnant pause while silence reigned supreme as Tandra fought to regain a modicum of control over her emotions.

Cassie continued to stare at my sister, and I was still looking for somewhere to hide both of us until the storm blew over. "You may love him," Cassie murmured quietly, "but that doesn't change the fact that I think you're just a slutty fucking bitch!

Your own brother, for chrissake! When the fuck did you become such a fucking pervert? Some friend you turn out to be!" "Kitten," I just had to inject, "I've asked you nicely. Now I'm telling you. The next time you call Tandra a bitch, I'll slap you! Not because she's my sister, but because you're hurting my second-best friend, a girl that I love, and that means more to me than you seem to realize.

That would be you. So please stop it, let yourself cool off, and try to work with me to resolve some of this. . this shit that I've stirred up. Okay?" "You two take the fucking cake, do you know that? Shit, brother and sister, and you're busy fucking each other!

I suppose you're thinking of moving in with him, too! Wouldn't that be the end-all, be-all?" "I already have" Tandra confessed, still fighting to keep her voice low and unthreatening. "Mom and Dad wanted us to split an apartment while I go to college.

I guess I fibbed earlier, because I'm enrolling this year in first-year English, and with a full course load. I want this, Cassie, just as much as Keith wants his B. Arch., and you want that Fine Arts degree.

Whether you two were still lovers or not, I want that degree. Trouble is, I want Keith, too, which doesn't change the fact that I want you as my friend, and I want to still be your friend, too. Maybe it's a case of wanting my cake and eating it too, and maybe it's a little idealistic. But I still want it. The question for you is, what do you want? What does Cassie Mansden want for herself, for my brother, for her friend Tandra Hayes?

When you can give me a good answer to those questions, we'll all be ready to talk. Until then, all that's going to happen is we'll scream at each other, try to hurt each other, and make ourselves just as miserable as we can. Personally, I can do without that shit, and I think both of you can do without it just as much." The silence returned, just as heavy and suffocating as the last time.

I desperately wanted to break through it's confining entrapment, but couldn't find the words. "I can't handle this," Cassie finally broke through the pall of our inability to communicate, "not now, anyway. I'm just too fucking angry, in too much goddamned pain inside. Right now, I'd love to just beat the shit out of both of you." The tears had started to run down Cassie's cheek, and almost instinctively, I reached over to wipe them away with one finger. It was something I'd always done for the four years Cassie and I had been together.

She slapped my hand, hard, and pulled as far away from me as the chair would allow. "Get your fucking hands off me, Keith Hayes! If you think I'm going to let you put a finger on me that's probably been up her cunt, you're even more perverted than she is!" There was a resounding slap that echoed throughout the apartment as Cassie's head spun from the force of the blow.

I looked up to see my sister now standing, her hand ready to repeat its assault on her friend, and the redness of her exploding anger almost glowing on her face. "Stop it, Cassie" Tandra commanded.

"Keith's asked you to keep a civil tongue, and now I'm demanding it, for the same reasons. Your hurting my friend, my very good friend, and I'll be damned if I'm going to sit here and watch you hurt someone I love. So unless you get off her ass, I'll hit you again, and I'll keep on hitting you until my best friend Cassie is safe from your hurt, your anger, and your pain." Tandra walked around the back of Cassie's chair, then wrapped her arms around the seated girl's chest and kissed the crown of her head.

"I do love you, Mansden. Maybe not as much as my brother does, but I still love you. So does he. The only difference is that while you may be in love with him, he's no longer in love with you. If you care about him, really care like you have for all the years we've known each other, you'll keep on loving him, but let him have the space he needs to find his own life. When the day comes that you're over this shit we're all finding ourselves in, and you will, just remember that we're both still here for you, that we'll do whatever we can to help you get through, and that our doors are always open.

I truly am sorry for what's happened, and for the pain I've caused. If it was anyone besides you or Keith, I wouldn't give a shit. But it is, and I do." Something that my sister had said had struck a chord in Cassie, because I saw her hands move up and grasp Tandra's forearms, pulling and holding the offered consoling tighter to herself.

When Cassie didn't fling those arms away, I wondered if my sister had found that place in my ex-girlfriend's heart that cried for salving. "I'm too close to the trees to see the fucking forest" Cassie admitted. "This is all a little much to handle. Shit, I come over here to make love to my boyfriend, and get dumped instead.

Thrown over for his sister, for fuck sake! You two sure know how to hurt a girl, don't you?" Some of Cassie's anger was slowly dissipating, and there was some relief as the veil of heaviness started to lift. I knew that we just might survive our disagreement when Cassie slid a hand across the tabletop as she sought mine. "This doesn't hurt us any less than it does you, Cassie" Tandra murmured to her friend. "We still need you, to be our friend, to be there when we need someone.

Hell, I need to be your friend, still. I'm really hoping that one day, you'll forgive me, and we can go back to being what we were. Is that possible, do you think?" "Maybe," my ex-girlfriend offered, "but it'll take me some time to get over the fact that my boyfriend's in love with his own sister.

No, maybe that's not quite correct. I'm having a hell of a time accepting that he's not in love with me any more. But you're both right, in that I still love him. It's his sister that I'm pissed at. Stealing my boyfriend? That's going to take me a while to get over, Tandra. But yes, I still want to be friends." She lifted my hand and kissed the back of it, then leaned down and kissed Tandra's forearm that was still wrapped around her chest.

"I've got to get out of here, before I start crying. I'll talk to you guys when I'm a little more rational, okay?" "Kitten," I finally found my voice, "can I call you sometime through the week? I really need to know that you're okay. I don't expect you to go through this crap with a big smile on your face.

Shit, if it was me in your position, I'd be ready to demolish something. But I do need to know that you're alright." She squeezed my hand once more, then lifted it to join the other as she eased Tandra's restraining hold of arms off her. "I'll call you, Keith. Okay? I need some time to get my head straightened out." then turning to Tandra, she went on. "And I'm still pissed at you, Miss Hayes. It's going to take me some time to forgive you for what you've done, and even more to accept that you're fucking your own brother.

But I will, eventually. Trust me, I will. You two have been my friends for too long to just throw it all away." "What you need, Kitten, is to remember that you're loved, that you're cared about, and that you matter to someone. I'm all those things, and so is Tandra. Focus on that reality, and maybe it'll help" was all I could offer.

"And you'd better call," Tandra added, "or I'll phone you until your mailbox is full, then keep it full until you return my call. That's a promise, not a threat. You hear me?" "Yeah, I'll call, if Lover-boy here doesn't call me first. But it'll still take me a while to forgive you, Tandra. You may not like it, but get used to it." With that, Cassie stood and prepared herself to leave.

We both walked her to the door, our arms around each other's waists. Despite the show of unity, Cassie kissed each one of us on the cheek, her show of affection feeling genuine. As the door closed behind her, we both just stood there and stared at it. "That went well" Tandra's sarcastic tone announced. "God, I thought she was going to rip your balls off, then use them to beat the shit out of me! I know I would have, if I was in her position. I may have wanted what she had, and I may even be able to hold onto the man I love, but I still hurt for her." There was a moment of silence before my sister finished what was on her mind.

"And I still love you as much right now as I did when I woke up this morning. But I've got to get the fuck out of this mausoleum! Buy my a coffee?" I grabbed a jacket for each of us and almost herded my sister out the door. Just sitting in the coffee shop felt like a ton of weight had been lifted off us, and that warmth of our love began to flower again. I took the time to detour to the courier company, successfully negotiating a schedule that would work for both them and me.

Tandra was almost ecstatic with that fact, and the reality that we'd have an income to keep us going. But we'd run out of activities to keep us out of the apartment, and neither one of us was ready to immerse ourselves in the gloom that it represented. "There's a park a couple of blocks from home, isn't there?" my sister asked. I acknowledged that I thought I could remember seeing one, complete with groves of trees connected with a series of walking paths.

"Can we go for a walk? I'm not ready to handle the shit and heaviness of the mausoleum yet" she pleaded. I thought it was a great idea, and headed for that urban oasis of calm in the middle of a sea of turmoil. As its peace and serenity wrapped around us, we started by walking hand in hand, but were soon holding each other around the waist, our time together isolating all the cares that the rest of the world might create.

I lost track of time and distance, and there's a good chance that we covered some of the trails more than once. Neither one of us wanted the afternoon to end. Unfortunately, what we want and what we get are usually about as far apart as possible. "What time is it, Keith?" my sister broke the silence that had enfolded us.

I looked at my watch to check. "Just about six. Why? You have somewhere you have to be?" I tried to tease some life and love back into our little enclave. "No, but we've got to eat sometime.

You want to go out for supper, or chance getting food poisoning from my cooking?" I had to chuckle at that. Tandra was a pretty good cook, a lot better than I was. But I understood just how badly she didn't want to go home to the gloom that seemed to have become our third roommate. Unfortunately, wandering the trails of the park and the sidewalks of the streets wasn't a viable option.

We had to face our fears eventually, and this was as good a time as any other. "I'll take a chance" I conceded. "The worst that can happen is that it'll kill me, and once I'm dead, it won't matter any more, will it?" "Asshole!" she growled. "You'd let yourself die off and leave me with the shit to clean up after you, wouldn't you?" There was an element of truth to her statement, but a lot of caring and warmth in her tone.

There was a lot of trepidation in both of us as we made our way upstairs to the apartment that we had hoped to call home. I was almost afraid to unlock the door for fear that the gloom would rush out and crush us both before we had a chance to run from it. Tandra's look told me that she understood, but that we were still a unified front that could stave off anything life threw at us.

I opened the door, then took her jacket from her as I hung up my own. "Keith? Did you clear the table before we left?" "Umm, no. Why?" Tandra was staring at an empty dining table, then moved into the kitchen, opened the fridge, closed it again and went to one of the cupboards.

"Shit, that's weird. You didn't wash the dishes, and I didn't either, but they're all clean and put away. Even the coffee pot's been dumped, and the grounds thrown out. If you didn't do it, and I didn't, then someone's been in here! I can only think of three people that might come in, and two of them are three hundred miles away" she vocalized her theory. Following her logic, I came to the same conclusion. "If it was Mom and Dad," I started to conclude, "they'd have let us know they were coming.

Shit, I don't think they even have the address yet. That only leaves. . " "Cassie?" we echoed each other in unison. "Call her, and check" my sister insisted. "If we've got an intruder, I sure as fuck want to know who it is!

The thought that someone has a way to get in here while you're not home scares the shit out of me!" I walked into the bedroom to grab my phone, and saw a piece of paper on the dresser that hadn't been there when we left.

I picked it up and read the words written on it, instantly recognizing the handwriting. Still shocked at the implications, I returned to the dining room and gave the note to Tandra. "Keith and Tandra I came back to talk to you guys, but you were out. I had the manager let me in, and washed up for you. It's the least I could do after my tirade earlier. First off, I'm sorry for being such a total bitch today.

I guess I knew, deep in my heart, that this day would come along. I've taken Keith for granted, maybe too much and for too long. If I was in his shoes, I'd probably have done something similar but not with my own brother! Of course, not having a brother, I can't say for sure. And if I did, I doubt he'd be as wonderful a guy as Keith is. Tandra, it's going to take me a while to forgive you for what you've done, but I will, some day.

I hope it's not so far away that you won't be there when I do. We've been good friends for all these years, and I'm not ready to throw that away.

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I do love you, in spite of what's happened. Keith, I'm so sorry for what I've done to you. Please try to forgive me? You've been the guy that I measure all other men against, and I haven't met one that's your equal. Ever. And despite the fact that you broke my heart, I still love you. I really believe that you love me too.

Tell me I'm not wrong? In closing, I want to wish both of you the best. Lots of love, happiness, and that special magic that only lovers understand. I do love both of you, very much. Love, Cassie" Tandra read that note about fifteen times, letting the words seep into her mind as the almost-surreal message scrambled to make itself understood. "Son-of-a-bitch!" she exclaimed. "That's the last thing I ever expected.

You think maybe we underestimated her?" "I don't know what to think, Sis. This is a hundred and eighty degrees from where we were earlier." "Fuck it! I'm going to take a shower, and see if I can wash this shit out of my mind.

Care to join me?" Another one of those unrefusable invitations, and just then, I think I needed the cleansing sensation as much as I needed my sister. The cascading water flowing over my body felt good. The girl pressed against me felt even better. I allowed myself the sensuous luxury of my hands roaming all over her gorgeous body as I spread the soap's lather from the base of her neck, down over the curves of her back, then around and between the firmness of her ass cheeks.

Tandra moaned a little louder as my caresses followed the delicious curves and hollows, then spun herself around to face me, her arms entangling themselves behind my neck, and her lips mere fractions of an inch from mine. "Isn't this where we came in?" Tandra's soft voice wafted over the sounds of falling water. In response, I slapped her ass lightly, then pulled her lips to mine.

Her tongue immediately began to probe against my lips, almost driving past as she sought to duel and entangle with my own tongue. I could feel the heat of our passion rise, and wanted her almost as much as she seemed to want me. We held that kiss for long and wondrous moments. "God, I want you, Keith" she cooed in my ear as she pulled her lips from mine and nuzzled against my neck. "I'm just not sure whether I want you in here, or in our bed." "Why choose?" I teased. "We could always try for best two out of three, you know." "Yeah?

Where's the third?" "Where would you like it to be?" "Asshole!" she growled as her diamond-hard nipples pressed themselves into the skin of my chest.

In retaliation, I began to squeeze and knead the firm globes of her ass, pulling her pussy against the straining heat of my erect cock. "Mmm, you feel good, big brother" she hissed in my ear. "God, I want your cock inside me, so bad right now! Make me wet, then fuck me, hard and deep." I moved a hand off her ass cheek and slid around her hip until I had one finger poised at the top of her slit.

Tandra eased her hips back just enough to allow me access to her pussy. As I parted the lips of her labia, she groaned in delirium at the touch on her rising pearl of passion. I searched for her opening, dipping inside her as I retrieved some of her juices to smear over her knotting nubbin, then began to lightly swirl around her hardening clit. As soon as I touched that magical feminine bump, Tandra almost slammed herself against my hand as her hips involuntarily trapped me in place.

I strummed on her love button for several minutes, the sounds of my sister's gasps spurring me on in an attempt to make her cum for me. God, how I wanted to feel her climax, to give her all the pleasure I could muster in her. She began to hump herself against my hand, almost driven by a primal force from deep within her. "No! Not yet!" she howled loudly. "I don't want to cum yet! I want to wait until you're deep inside me! I want to cum together with you!

Please Keith?" At her wish, I slowed down my finger's movements, now just lightly circling the base of her clit, dipping inside her every once in a while to relubricate the tip of my finger. When Tandra wrapped her soft, delicate fingers around my shaft, I had to yield my perch on her pussy so that she could rub me up and down her slit and get me wet enough to penetrate her love canal.

As partial compensation for the desertion of my finger, she began to rub my purple helmet from the bottom of her slit up to and over her now-erect and hard pink pearl. I rocked my hips back and forth as I humped against her sex, setting an initial rhythm for our eventual joining. Suddenly, I felt my sister straining to feed my cock into her entrance. Cupping both her ass cheeks in my hands, I lifted her up and over the tip of my cock even as she raise herself on tiptoes to take me inside her.

My purple helmet entered her, and was immediately washed with her juices and her heat. She eased herself back down until she had me buried to the root, her sensuous and velvety lining caressing my entire manhood. I surrendered to her tightness and the grip her vaginal walls had on me, instinctively beginning to rock my hips slowly as the beauty of our coupling drove both of our lusts into flames of pure passion for each other. In moments, I could feel Tandra's vaginal walls begin to flutter, almost cursing as I was still not close to being on the edge.

"Lean back, Sis" I told her. "Get your clit off my cock. When I'm close, I'll let you know, and we can try to cum together. Just lean away with your arms around my neck. She did as she was told, her walls relaxing enough to let her hold back her orgasm. As a bonus, the repositioning put a little more pressure and created more friction on the rim of my helmet, thus sending me a little closer to the edge. It wasn't long before my balls lifted and my cock began to swell with the load of semen gathering at its base.

"Now, Tandra" I groaned as I pulled her back tightly against me. "Hold me tight, now." The trick worked, because not only did her walls start to flutter again, but her breathing changed to a sensual and gasping fight for air. I was almost at that point of no return when her cunt suddenly clenched and grabbed my shaft, almost immobilizing my manhood in her love tunnel.


I thrust hard to keep the friction going, slamming into her nubbin in the process. That was all the trigger she needed, her body trembling and shaking in reaction to the sudden pressure on her clit.

"Oh God, Keith! Take me! Fill me up, I'm. . ", and she let out a joyous howl of ecstasy as her climax exploded inside her. I felt that first pulse of pure pleasure gush up the length of my cock, then almost spray as it left the hole of my cockhead. As I erupted, Tandra squeaked from the impact inside her of each spurt of my seed.

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Her cunt relaxed just enough to let me push as deep inside her as I could reach, her clit now almost buzzing as it rested on the juncture of my base and my cock. As my second string shot forth, I felt the gush of her girl-cum burst out from inside her, bathing us both in her copious juices. God, that was a sensation that I knew I'd never get to feel anywhere near often enough! It was all I could do to remain standing, and Tandra's weight against me almost bowled us both over. I leaned against her for support while the delirium of our post-orgasmic rapture flowed through our consciousness.

It was a good four or five minutes before my head cleared enough to be able to hold my sister up, and another few minutes before she could stand on her own two feet. "Wow!" was all I heard Tandra exclaim. "Yeah. Couldn't have said it better myself" I managed to agree.

"Where'd you learn that trick anyway? Both of us coming together like that while still standing up?" "Umm, on the internet?" she giggled. "I was surfing on some porno sight, and saw a couple screwing while in the shower. She came first, and he came while she was still climaxing. God, it looked hot! So I wanted to try it. Think we can pull it off again?" "Maybe, but not tonight, Sis. After the intensity of that orgasm, and all the love we made last night, I'm not sure I can cum one more time.

My nuts feel like you drained them bone dry!" "Damn! I was hoping to ride you one more time before we go to sleep. You're going to crap out on me, aren't you? What happened to that best two out of three idea?" she complained. "Tandra, I'm just a guy, not a fucking satyr! And if you don't behave, I'll turn you over my knee and paddle your pretty little ass!" I teased her.

"Promise?" was all she replied before I captured her lips in a bid for clemency. Tandra almost melted in my arms, both of us oblivious to the water splashing and cascading over our bodies. I could feel my skin beginning to pucker up from all the water that had drenched us, and suggested that we get out and dry off before I became a candidate for one of those breakfast cereal commercials. "You mean the one that goes, 'I heard it through the grape vine'?" my sister teased me.

I swatted her butt, and the bratty little twerp stuck her tongue out at me. Some people's kids, I tell you! "Come on, let me get something put together for supper" Tandra strongly suggested once we were dry. As there would be nowhere that we had to go that night, getting dressed made no sense. Pretty scenery like my sister's body would make for a delightful mealtime divergence anyway. But she did put on an apron while in the kitchen, just in case of grease splatters.

I sure wouldn't have wanted to see that gorgeous view ruined, and she looked cute and sexy in an apron. Just to keep my mind on important things like eating, I set the table and did what I could to help. It was the cook that I found to be the most important of those "important things" though. She almost burned supper while I nibbled on her neck a few times.

Supper was great, although I'm not sure if it was the food that Tandra had whipped up, or the company I kept that made it so enjoyable. Whatever it was, it made for a relaxing start to a wonderful evening, especially after all the tension that we'd fought off from the afternoon's confrontation with Cassie. I had no idea how to handle my ex-girlfriend, and tonight wasn't the night to even consider thinking about it. Tonight, it was just my sister and me, and to hell with the rest of the world.

After washing dishes and cleaning up, I sprawled on the sofa Tandra had found for us. It was actually quite comfortable and in good condition. It was also just the right size to have my sister curl up beside me as she wrapped herself under my one arm.

She had her legs pulled up on the sofa with her heels resting against her butt cheeks, her head on my chest, and an arm around my belly. We almost bathed ourselves in the tranquillity of the room's silence, the warmth of our bodies on each other lulling us into a welcomed trance.

"This is what I needed, after this afternoon" my sister murmured. "To be close to you, to feel you holding me, and to let your love wrap around me. I could stay here like this for the rest of time." My nose gently rubbed against the silky texture of her hair as I kissed the top of her head in reply. Tandra took good care of those locks of hers, and they were always soft and inviting to the touch. I ran my fingers through them, luxuriating in the feel as I combed them with my fingers.

She hummed in response, elevating her appreciation to a happy moan of contentment every few minutes. "If you don't stop feeling so damned good, Keith, I'm going to fall asleep right here on the couch" she let me know. "What time is it anyway?" "I have no idea," came out of my lips, "but as a guess, I'd say somewhere around nine-thirty. Why?" "We do have a clock in here somewhere" Tandra reminded me.

"You mean that one you hung in the foyer that I can't see from here because it's around the corner? That one?" "Yeah, that'd be the one" she chuckled at herself. "Got your watch on?" "No. It's in the bedroom on the dresser. I put it there when we went for our shower and haven't retrieved it yet. Not sure I want to bother with it tonight, either.

If I sleep in tomorrow, I won't feel guilty about staying up too late if I don't know what time it is" she was introduced to my faulty logic.

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Tandra just wriggled her head as she tried to burrow deeper into my chest, not saying a word or making one of her usual derogatory comments. I think I missed her sarcastic bantering at that moment, although her closeness more than made up for it. We must have fallen asleep like that, because it was a few hours later that I woke up with a sore neck and Tandra still pressed against me.

Somewhere along the line she'd gotten up and pulled a blanket off our bed, because I was nice and warm between that and the closeness of her body.

I let our positions lull me back to sleep, not wanting to disturb my sister or have to move myself. When I shed the cloak of sleep the next morning, it was to the sensations of my sister gently playing with my flaccid cock, her fingers lightly twirling it around as she seemed to be mesmerized by its soft skin.

What she was doing felt good, even if it was almost mindless, but I'd be hard soon if she kept it up. When that happened, I wasn't sure what I'd do next, and pushed the decision out of my mind, enjoying the attention instead. But to let her know that I was now in the land of the living, I did kiss the crown of her head, and that silky blond hair of hers tickled my nose in retaliation. "Morning, Keith" she greeted me without moving or changing the pace of her fondling of me. "I think we needed that sleep.

How's your neck?" "It's okay, although I woke up with it being stiff earlier. Did you get up and grab this blanket while I was in the Land of Nod?" "Yeah. I tried to wake you up, but there was no way you were moving. So I snatched a blanket off my bed and curled up again.

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Slept like a log, too. I think I've found another good use for my big brother. He makes a great pillow" she teased. "I love you too, Tandra," I mumbled, "but if you keep playing with my cock like that, my neck won't be the only thing that's stiff around here. Feels good, though. Can I assume that you're enjoying it as much as I am? How long have you been awake, anyway?" "Maybe fifteen minutes," I was informed, "and whether I'm enjoying it as much as you are depends on just how much you're enjoying it.

Personally, I find it fascinating, but I'm waiting until it hardens before I'm going to stop." "Mmm, I give it thirty-four seconds, tops" she heard my estimated schedule, based on the fact that I could feel myself becoming erect already. I think I was a little too generous, because my cock was fully inflated and standing up within a lot less time than that. "Mmm, that's better" Tandra cooed. "It's my breakfast time, and I've got something special in mind for myself." "Breakfast?

What the hell? You make me hard as a rock, then tell me you're going to leave me high centred like this? You rotten wench! If I did that to you, you'd rape me, and you fucking well know it!" I cursed her. "Shut up, asshole" she snapped back. "You're my breakfast. I've got my heart set on a tummy full of guy cum. Yours." "Oh" I replied as she shifted herself into position to let her lips slide down my now-throbbing hard-on. Her lithe tongue caressed the rim of my glans as she took about half of me into her mouth and began to slide up and down on my shaft.

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"Oh!" I softly exclaimed, then gave myself to my sister's pleasuring of my manhood. Tandra sucked my cock for several delicious minutes, sending thrills all through me. But as much as I loved what she was doing to me, I didn't want to cum in her mouth. I wanted to feel her encasing my manhood as I filled her cunt with my cream. "God, Sis, that feels so good! But don't make me cum. Not yet. I want to feel you climax on me, so I can fill your beautiful little pussy with my seed" I let her know.

"Mmm, sounds like breakfast is going to be late this morning!" she remarked as she let me slip out from between that "O" that her lips had formed. "I think I like that idea even better!" We rearranged ourselves so that I was laying on my back, and Tandra pulled herself on top of me, then aimed my cock towards her entrance. She sank down on me slowly, letting her restrained progress tease the hell out of me.

As tempting as it was, I resisted thrusting myself up into her, letting her set the pace instead. God, she was hot, wet, and just about as horny as I was!

If there was any sleep left in my body, the sensation of her tight and velvety cunt drove it right out of my system. "Oh God, yes!" she hissed. "You have no idea how good your cock feels inside me! Mmm, I sure hope you've recovered from your over-fucking the other night, because I want to ride you until my cunt dries out!" She looked into my eyes while propped up on her arms, and I could see both the lust and the warmth of her heart emanating from hers.

Slowly she began to lift herself up until only my purple helmet remained inside her love channel, then eased back down until I was buried to the root, and her engorging clit pressed itself against me. She fucked my cock for several long and wonderful minutes before her walls began to flutter, her breathing becoming a sensuous series of gasps, and her lining clenched me deep inside her.

When she started to shake and tremble with the power of her orgasm, Tandra collapsed on my chest, her hips rocking rhythmically up and down as she succumbed to wave after wave of the glorious bliss of her cum. I waited for that lustful scream of pleasure that she always seemed to express her euphoria with.

But she allowed herself the luxury of a long and almost violent climax before she hit that peak on her plateau of pleasure. I felt her open mouth press itself tightly against my chest as she let her delight explode from her lips, a final push as she buried me to her full depths, and that unbelievable gush of her own ejaculate as she squirted over my cock. It was that final expression of her delight that not only sent me to the point of no return as her juices blasted past the rim of my cockhead, but took me over the edge as well.

My balls tightened, my shaft expanded, and my first three strings of heated semen erupted within the space of less than a second. The intensity of my own cum gave me no warning. One second, I was lost in the deliciousness of our coupling. The next second, I felt myself being catapulted to that peak of passion as flash after flash of bright light played over the inside of my eyelids. As though with a mind of their own, I felt my hips push up in a desperate bid to bury me as deep inside my sister as was humanly possible.

I had cum hard and deep, with a strength and force I didn't know could exist. Tandra continued to spasm for another minute or two before her orgasm reluctantly released her, the aftershocks pulsing through her body. I think I felt every one of them as they induced several similar reactive spasms of my own, forcing my still-hard cock to twitch inside my sister's saturated pussy.

We lay together for several more minutes, that bubble of connectedness insulating both of us from the outside world. It was something that I never wanted to escape, and Tandra didn't seem to be in any hurry either. But she eventually started to lift her weight off my chest. In retaliation for being disturbed, my hands moved from their position on her hips where I'd helped her to ride me, to the centre of her back as I held her in place while we waited for my cock to soften before is slipped out of her oozing love hole.

"I've got to move, Keith" she murmured. "This couch is going to be a mess. God, did you ever make me cum hard! I could even feel myself squirt! We'd better clean up the evidence." "Don't even think about getting off me, young lady," I ordered her, "and as for our juices on the sofa, I'll lend you a quarter. You an make a friend, and a phone call for all I give a shit. I need to feel you on my body more than anything else right now." Even with my eyes still closed, I could feel her lips seeking mine.

When they connected, her tongue forced itself into me, the heat of her passion obvious to me as it searched my mouth for a dance of lovers. She kept me locked to her for several minutes before she let me go again. "I love you, big brother," she whispered in my ear, "and as much as I'd love to just stay here like this all damned day, I'm leaking like a sieve. My poor little cunt can't seem to hold all your semen in me. God, how much cum did you spurt into me?

I lost count of how many times you went off! No wonder your balls hurt last night! You have any idea of what it's like to have you fill me like that?" "No, I don't" I let her know.


"All I know is that every time we make love, it's better than the time before. At this rate, I should be able to give you a runny nose by Thanksgiving! If you thought last night in the shower was intense, this morning was even more so. Damn you, Tandra Hayes!

You'll be the death of me yet, won't you?" "Asshole!" she cursed in a soft and endearing tone. "If you think I'm going to let a lover like you get away with something simple like dying of blue balls, you're out of your fucking mind. And if you do die on me, I just might fuck your corpse until they throw dirt on you! God, Keith, I've never felt anything like this before. My head wants to feel you make me cum again, right now, but my body's too tired to move." "Mmm, know what you mean, Sis" I replied.

"I think I just got laid by the most wonderful girl on the planet." We stayed where we were for a number of minutes longer, then reluctantly separated as the moisture of our combined juices cooled between our thighs.

On finally arising, Tandra's earlier prediction proved to be true. There was a large puddle of our combined cum that was busy soaking into the fabric of the cushion. It could stay there, for all I cared, as we made our way to the shower to clean up the mess we'd covered each other in. The spray of water from the shower felt good on my exhausted body, but when Tandra sank down in front of me and took my cock into her mouth, I was still too sensitive to let her suck me.

I tried to lick her pussy for her, and she let me know that her clit was just as sensitive, and that it felt too uncomfortable to continue. We settled for lathering and washing each other, then got out and dried off. There was an element of disappointment in both of us, although the memory of the strength of our orgasms helped salve our desires somewhat. "I guess it's either quality or quantity with us, isn't it?" Tandra suggested. "Personally, I think I'd go for the quality part.

I love cumming that hard for you, Keith." I had to agree with her on all points, and told her so. We decided that, as it was Saturday, we'd get dressed and go "window shopping" for some of the little items that would give the place a mark of our personalities. Tomorrow being Sunday, I'd scheduled a shift with the courier company from seven in the morning until three that afternoon.

It would be the first day that Tandra had been alone in the apartment, and she had a list of chores that she wanted to put behind her. I felt a little guilty for not being available to help her out, but she let me know that she was looking forward to having the place to herself for a few hours. Not only would it give her the opportunity to put the main bathroom back into service again, but also to putter in the kitchen.

She wouldn't tell me what she had in mind for supper tomorrow, but whatever it was, I just knew it'd be delicious. Snooping in several thrift stores and second-hand shops yielded another desk for one of us, a decent entertainment cabinet, and a sound system that would be more than adequate for the size of the apartment.

Tandra kept looking for something else that she wouldn't tell me about, which diverted my concentration with the curiosity that she spawned in me. Whatever it was, I'd have to wait until she found what she was looking for before I'd have an idea of what it was. And by the time we got everything we'd bought into the van and home, then unloaded and upstairs, it was pretty close to supper time. Tandra got busy fixing supper while I arranged furniture and hooked up the stereo.

With two desks in it, the living room was getting a little crowded, so I moved the smaller one into my sister's bedroom, then got her to help me with the larger one as we moved it into the larger bedroom that we shared.

Our little apartment was beginning to feel like a home, and not just somewhere to have our mail delivered.

After supper, I washed and Tandra dried the dishes. We allowed ourselves the luxury of just sitting in the livingroom and listening to some music. I'd have to remember to bring my CDs from home when we went back for Thanksgiving, but there were a couple of decent local radio stations that we both enjoyed until then.

I went to put my feet up on the coffee table, only to remember that we didn't have one. That was something that we'd have to look for when we had some spare time. With my sister curled up under my arm, her warmth pervading my body, it was all I could do to stay awake. I think Tandra was just as exhausted as I felt, because I thought I heard her snort a couple of times as she fought sleep. In an effort to stave off some of my own lethargy, I kissed her forehead several times, and she responded by lifting her head to offer her sweet lips to me.

Again, one of those unrefusable offers, and I accepted it willingly. I don't know which one of us started that tongue duel, but the more we danced between each other, the more passion I felt inside myself.

It wasn't long before we were locked together as the flames of desire built and grew inside us. Tandra stood up unannounced and reached for my hand, then pulled me off the sofa and down the hall without uttering a single word.

She didn't have to, because I wanted her as much as she wanted me. Slowly but with a purpose, we headed for the bedroom, and once in it, she steered me towards the bed, pushing me onto it so that I landed on my back. Before I could regain my composure, she had my tumescent cock between her lips, her tongue doing things to me that no man could possibly resist. In no time at all, she had me hard, hot, and horny as hell.

Without letting me take any kind of initiative, my sister released my cock from her lips, then slid up over my torso until she had the tip of my cock touching the top of her slit. Using my spongy purple head, she rubbed me over her clit, then down between her outer lips as she spread our combined pre-cum over my cockhead and between her distending labial lips. Rocking her hips, she got herself ready to take my manhood inside herself, then placed me at her entrance as she started to impale herself on my shaft.

As I felt myself being taken to the root, Tandra's heat seared my cock while her moisture allowed me to slide to the depths of her love chamber. That velvet lining of hers caressed me sensuously, sending shivers of lust and desire all through my body. God, I wanted her, and the need to feel her cum for me and on me consumed every part of my consciousness. Soon she was sliding up and down on my shaft, with my own hips almost involuntarily matching her rhythm as I pumped myself within her.

With that unmistakable want of our lovemaking, I felt myself taking the lead as I set our pace. It felt like only moments later that my sister began to gasp for breath as she advanced closer to that point of no return, and once there, her walls began to flutter on my cock. Her vagina suddenly clenched me deep inside her, and her body began to spasm and tremble as her orgasm swept her up into the heavens of pleasure.

She came long and hard for me, the wonder of her climax drifting over me like a soft and warm blanket of lust and love. I heard her begin to mewl as she rose higher and higher on her journey to that spectacular peak of passion. I became aware of the tightening of my balls as my cock filled with my baby batter, then erupted into her as string after string of my potent seed rushed from me in an attempt to fill her steamy interior, resulting in Tandra jerking as she was assaulted by the aftershocks of her orgasm.

Each one elicited a sharp squeak at the receiving of another burst of my semen, eventually connecting to become one long and continuous howl of loving delirium.

I had to sing my own shrieks of joy, and our united bliss echoed through the apartment's confines. It was what felt like several minutes before we realized the apex of our climaxes, then began to drift back to that afterglow from our lustful joining, the warmth and connectedness enveloping both of us in a bubble of intimacy.

All I could do was wrap my arms around her and hold on for dear life. Tandra let her body collapse on top of mine as we embraced each other in an attempt to make the moments last even longer.

Our euphoria was interrupted by the ring tone of my cell phone, something that I had to admit that I resented. As tempting as it was to let the call go to voice mailbox, my sister's hand retrieved it off the dresser beside the bed, with her checking the name on the call display. "You know someone by the name of Bill Hudson?" she wanted to know.

"Yeah, he was my partner in Design 120 class last year. Why? Is that him?" "I guess so. That's what the display says", and she flipped the phone open as she handed it to me.

"Hi Bill" I spoke into the device. "What's up?" "Just wanted to make sure you hadn't dropped out on me" he greeted me. "You taking Jaffer's design class again this year?" "Umm, yeah. I think I have him three times a week at ten thirty, room 214 in the Schuler Building.

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, if I remember. You too?" "Yeah, same time and station. Think he'll let us partner up again this term? We worked well together last year. I doubt I'd have made it through without your help in that class, though.

Interested in teaming up again?" "Sure. Like you said, we worked well as a team. But what happens if he sets up teams of four like he did for Design 220 last term? Got anyone in mind for the other two team-mates?" "Yeah, I can think of a couple of guys that should be pretty good.

Twinkie's back again, and I think Hobson's back, too. Those two would be my first choices, especially Twinkie. That man seems to have a knack for putting things together that shouldn't work, but he makes them come together. That, and he's a hell of a hard worker. I've talked to him, and he seems interested in teaming with you and I.

Hobson can work with anybody, I swear." "I think you're right, Bill. Those two would make good team-mates, especially if Jaffer throws another one of his projects at us by the end of next week. He did last term, and we all know what a slave-driver he can be. But he's a good teacher, and he's probably forgotten as much as we'll ever learn. What else are you signing up for?

Structural 210? And what's with Classical Design 220? The course description is all changed from last year's calendar. Not sure who's teaching it, but I'm going to need that course if I want that 300 course next year.

Not sure what times I have on those two, and won't find out until Tuesday. Let's see if we can get into the same classes for those.

You're pretty good with Structural, so maybe we can get each other through this term." "Won't know much more until Tuesday myself. I'll be over at Bird Hall Monday morning about eight. I'll keep my eye open for you, and maybe we can sign up for everything together?" "Sounds good. By the way, how was your summer? You find enough work to pay for another year?" "Yeah, I did some contracting.

I'll tell you all about it after we get registration finished. Oh, I was going to ask you. Are you and Cassie still going together?" "No, unfortunately. Her course load makes it pretty tough to keep in contact. I think we're done. Why?" "Shit, that's no good. You really liked her, didn't you?" "Yeah, I did. Still do, to be honest. She's a pretty special girl.

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I miss her, even now." There was a long silence, and I wondered if Bill had hung up, or had the signal drop out, until he finally stuttered, "Umm, would it be okay if I asked her out? You know, for coffee or something? There's just something about her that I can't get out of my head, but I don't want to be walking on your toes, or stepping where I shouldn't be." "That's up to her, Bill.

But right now, what she needs is a good friend, and not a boyfriend. If you dive in there too soon, you're going to be the rebound, and neither one of you need that. Just don't go into this with the idea of being her lover, okay? I'm trying to let her down as easy as I can, but her and I both know that what we had is pretty well over.

Our lives are heading in different directions, and yours may be, too." "Yeah, well, it was just an idea.

God, Keith, how the hell could you let a girl like that slip out of your fingers? You've got to be out of your mind. Or did you meet someone else?" I had to think about how to answer his question. Bill and I had been more than just team-mates.

He was a good friend, and I liked him a lot. We even played basketball together, and were both trying out for the wrestling team this year, or so we'd told each other at the end of the previous term. He and I would be in different weight classes, but I couldn't think of anyone I'd rather practise with than Bill Hudson. "I'm not sure yet, Bill. I met a girl over the summer, and it could get serious if I'm not careful. This one I'm going slow on, but we seem to have a lot in common.

I just hope that she and Cassie don't become enemies because of me. Like I said, I still have deep feelings for Cassie. But if you can help her through this break-up, she's a fantastic girl. Who knows. You two just might hit it off, and get along better than her and I did." "Yeah, well, it was an idea. I think I'll just take it cool for a bit, and see how it goes. But I'll see you Monday, right? Keep an eye open for me, and if we miss each other, I'll call you Monday night. Might even buy you a beer after the melee's over at registration." "You're on!

After this week and next, I'll probably need a couple. Anyway, I've got to get going here, Bill. How about I call you Monday, and we'll meet up one way or the other?" "Sounds good.

Talk to you on Monday, Hayes." With that, I hung up, and was greeted by my sister's quizzical stare. "What, you're fixing Cassie up so she'll get off your ass?" Tandra immediately accused me. "That's pretty cheesy, Keith, and you know it!" "No, I'm not doing anything of the sort. But if Bill wants to take her out, and she wants to go, why would I stand in their way?

Bill's a hell of a nice guy. I might have even let him take you out, if I wasn't so head-over-heels for you myself. He just might be the guy that Cassie needs to get her through all this shit.

Not sure how I'm going to explain you to him, but something will come to my mind." "Yeah, that's going to work out real well! I can just see it when they get together, then start swapping notes on you and me! Good grief, the fan getting hit is one thing, but trying to explain why you and I are hanging around each other all the time?

Come on, give me a break! Cassie's not stupid, and if she's in a relationship with someone that you know, it's only a matter of time before everyone on campus hears about us.

Shit, for a big brother, you sure can be an asshole sometimes." My sister was beyond being just a little upset. She was downright pissed off, and her argument was completely valid. I had to wonder if I hadn't made a big mistake in agreeing that Bill ask Cassie out. Had I just screwed things up even worse, I had to ask myself?