Ebony titty fucks and fucks

Ebony titty fucks and fucks
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I had written a true story earlier. That involve Kelly and myself. That "fun had stopped after Kelly's friend had found out somehow. Kelly got scared and stopped it. It had run it's time. I had totally enjoyed screwing this young teenager, but her personality was too young and she was getting too expensive.

Kelly really knew how to give great head and had some incredible orgasms by the time we finished. About 12 weeks after we stopped, I caught up with Kelly at a shopping mall. Kelly started seeing a guy 2 years older than herself. He is an electrician and she is deeply in love.

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She told me she is now teaching him things in bed. It was now 8 months after the break up with Kelly. Things had not been going great financially lately. I had lost a few jobs and was only now working casually. I had to work out a plan to get some extra cash. I was talking to an ex girlfriend on Facebook one evening and she suggested renting out the spare room.

I was very nervous about doing it. I loved my freedom and living the way I do. She suggested a site called craigslist.com. After a few days agonizing over it I decided to give it a go. Never know who will apply.

I set the site up and decided that I will not bother about it. If someone replies, well good. I never thought about the site for weeks. I checked up on it after about 2 months and it was still running. Had a few bites but no reply.

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Oh well I was thinking. Let it continue. I suddenly started to get some replies. After investigation and questions, I found most to be on line scams. It was really pissing me off. How stupid do these idiots think I am. I kept finding each one out. It was beginning to be a bit of fun over the net.

I knew what I was doing and would not give out any info about myself. Most had a link to Nigeria so it was pretty easy to delete a few. One I thought was a scam, kept returning my emails. Her mane was Caraline and came from Findlay Ohio USA. She was suppose to be 21 and studying at Uni. I decided to send her a demand that she send a pic of herself holding a secrete number. I waited not expecting any reply.

It must have been a few days then I noticed her reply in my email list. I opened it and all it read was "attached pic on request". I thought, what the hell. As I clicked on the attachment and started downloading, I became very inquisitive. I opened the picture and was stunned with what I saw.

Caraline was sitting on her lounge dressed in a tight fitting orange t-shirt and jeans holding the secrete number. She was damn cute. Permed brown hair just pass the shoulders, small amount of makeup, blue eyes, smooth skin and tanned face.


Her tight shirt indicated she was carrying a nice size set of twins. This was one cute piece. I wanted to be sure. I am not going to be fooled easily. I sent a reply telling her I wanted another sign and her to be wearing something red. Better to be sure. About 3 days latter I get another email from Caraline. The reply was a simple "open with pleasure". Not understanding what the message meant, I opened the attachment.

My eyes popped wide open when the pic came up. Caraline had sent me one very interesting pic. Here she was wearing a tight red 1 piece swimsuit laying on a towel with a house in the background. She was bending up with the camera pointing straight between her legs. Obstructing my perfect view was a sign with the secrete number and PLEASE written in large letters. I could see her perfect shaped tits and they were giving me an eye full.

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This was not the pic I was expecting. Caraline was dam gorgeous. Wearing no makeup her hair pulled back. Hot smile. Wow. Now I was interested. I sent back a cheeky email saying "is that all you got". That evening I noticed another email from Caraline.

I opened it and the message simply read "NOPE". I opened the attachment and when the pic came up I was stunned. Caraline was laying on her bed wearing a tight red see through top and matching thong. A sign next to her read "more red 4 U 7070 PLEASE take me in. I sent a reply saying "very interesting".

Within minutes I had a email back saying "I hope it is". Something caught on and I messaged her back to see if she would be online at a certain time. She answered within 10 minutes. I asked her if she had Facebook. Within 15 minutes I had Caraline's facebook up on my screen.

She was damn hot. Not many pics, but enough to know she looks like her younger sister. We spent the next few weeks getting to know each other. I was really just sussing her out. Ever thing she said seemed truthful. I informed her of the payment details and she said she will pass them onto her dad. He was loaded. Had a very popular and thriving hardware store in town. He was never home and her mum was a head high school teacher.

Caraline informed me that there will prob be a little extra just to be certain the room is booked. Within days The transfer of money was in my account. A bit extra. ha, about $2,000 more.

Caraline organized her travel arrangements, and application to Uni in my town. Took a few months, but all was set. She gave me her flight details ect. I had arranged for an airport shuttle bus to pick her up. Although Caraline and myself talked regularly on Facebook and things were terrific, more than I thought they would be anyway, I was not going to get up at 4am, travel for 5 hours, pay excessive parking fee's and find out it was a scam.

If she arrived at my door then I would believe. It was the day of the expected arrival. I had the place looking sparkling clean. One thing I would at east get out of all this with Caraline is a clean house.

I looked around and was proud of my cleaning. I showered, made a coffee and decided to get on the net. In my email was a letter from Caraline titled "sorry". "Oh, Ok" I thought. "This is interesting.

Sorry for what". I opened the email and it read. "Flight was late from San Fran. I just arrived in Sydney 2 hours late. Missed bus due to customs.

I will be getting the next one. Leaving in 1 hour. I'm very excited. CYA soon. XXX Caraline. I worked out with the speed of the bus and time left, she should be here in 4 hours. Aprox 3pm. "Cool, lets just see" was my response in my head.

I had become bored with the internet and went and had some cones. I was getting a little nervous. I was buzzing and decided to lay on the lounge. A doco about the life of a lion was on. I got comfy and relaxed. About 2 hours till expected arrival. The doco got pretty boring and switched over to some sport. I laid back watching American baseball. The affects of being stoned had taken affect and I drifted off to sleep.

I awoke with the sun fading through the blinds. I looked at the clock and it read, 4.17pm. I had slept for over 3 hours. Already 2 hours late and no sign of Caraline. I got on the internet to see if Caraline had sent a message. nothing there. I was beginning to consider it a scam. Well I got $2750 and a clean house. I got off line and made a sandwich and settled back.

Suddenly I hear voices outside in the street. I peep through the blinds and see the shuttle bus. At the rear of the trailer was an old man talking to a female. My first thought was "Holly shit, She is here". I went to the door and waited. Caraline came in after a couple of minutes and greeted me at the door with a tight hug and kiss on the cheek. I responded my squeezing her a little tighter. I could feel her tits against my chest. Caraline was wearing a loose blouse and a mid length pleated denim skirt.

She came inside and I closed the door. Caraline looked firmer and shorter than her photo's. She must be aprox 5'6" at most. I'm exhausted she huffed. I showed her around the house. Put her bags in her room and settle with a fresh coffee.

After going over some house rules and agreement's Caraline wanted a shower and bath. Although she was feeling jet lagged,she just wanted to freshen up. She had slept uninterrupted for hours on the plane. I showed her where the towels were and left her to own means. About 1 hour latter Caraline comes back into the lounge room.

She was wearing her P.J's and gown. We talked for about 20 min and Caraline asked me if I smoke pot. "Yeah, on occasions, I might." "Do You have any now". "Yeah I do". "Damn Cool. Lets have some". We went into the laundry and I showed her where it is. Caraline had 3 cones and returned to the lounge. I had 4 and followed. We resumed our positions and continued to chat. We talked about what she had to get to settle in. Her dad was paying and did not care how much she spent. Even told her to get a car.

She explained her financial situation and how rich her parents were. Caraline reassured me not to worry. About 1 hour latter, Caraline had fallen asleep. I went and had some more cones. Woke her up and she went to bed. She slept late the next day as expected.

Being a Saturday, I decided to lay back and relax till soccer that afternoon. About 11am Caraline comes out. I show her where the food ect is. "Chris, you know what we have to do ?" "No". "Well after I unpack, we will have to go get some food and things for the house. Don't worry, it's paid for". I informed her that we will have to either go soon, or later after soccer.

We agreed after soccer. We sat around for about 2 hours and talked some more. We talked about our families ect. Caraline's only sibling is her sister who was 15. I disappeared for soccer and Caraline spent the time organizing herself into the house.

Shopping was a blast. Caraline and myself joked about anything. she brought a stack of food. Loading the car Caraline looked at me and said "Even with all this food, I could not be bothered cooking or washing after you, so lets get takeout and something to drink.".

"Sure" I replied. "I want to stock up on some alcohol, I don't drink much, but like some there". "Fine" Caraline brought a decent amount. We will be well stocked for sure I thought. Caraline looked at me and said, "oh I want some wine for tonight with the Indian food" Caraline asked for some suggestions and we picked out 4 bottles of wine.

"These are for our private house warming party tonight" Caraline looking at me and smiled. "Oh can you get more pot on the way home". We went about paying for the alcohol and picked up the Indian dinner. I was thinking on the way home that Caraline seems to be adjusting, even though it has been only 24hrs since she landed. We seem to have made a connection. The night started out innocent enough. We had both had some cones and were well stoned.

We were starting on the wine. Caraline was relaxed and drinking at a good pace. We sat in front of the T.V and ate dinner and drank some more. Caraline was well on her way. She was giggling alot and getting flirty. I would see her every now and then, rub or adjust her tits. She was wearing a greenish button top and a short pair of sports shorts. The top had the first couple of buttons loose which gave off some cleavage. Tight enough to also show she was definitely carrying a nice size set of sisters for her size.

At about 9pm we had drank 2 bottles of wine. I was definitely well tipsy and Caraline had begun constantly cuddling me. I was beginning to get turned on. Caraline jumped up in a drunkish way and said she is going to shower. I watched as she walked passed me and smiled. As Caraline was showering, I changed into my boxers and T-shirt with a silky dressing gown, had some more cones and went back to the lounge.

Caraline came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel. Her hair also covered in the way females do. Caraline grabbed her wine and drank. "Do you mind a refill"? she asked. "Gladly with a cherry on top" I responded. I filled her glass and she then asked for a cone.

There in my laundry was a damn sexy 23 year old wrapped in a towel, drunk and stoned.

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My cock started to get firmer. I could feel it. Caraline had 3 more cones and turned to me and said "I'll be back in 15 minutes, wanna dry my hair and get into something comfy". Caraline was looking down at my cock. "Oh take that gown off.

relax. I love a man in boxers". Caraline disappeared and within seconds, I could hear the hair dyer going. I had another drink and 2 more cones. My head was buzzing.I was pissed and stoned. My cock was getting excited. I returned to the lounge and sat back. I was watching some comedy on T.V.

Caraline returned wearing a hot red dressing gown tied at the waist. Caraline grabbed the last bottle of wine and met me at the lounge. This girl was amazing. Her sweet smell drifting past as she sat down and poured another drink.

As she bent forward, her gown slipped open and gave me a huge eye full of cleavage. My cock was by now on it's way to full working mode. It was pressing hard against my boxers. Caraline got up and went for another cone. She offered me to join her but knowing how obvious my cock would be, I declined.

Caraline jokingly complained the entire time she was gone. When she returned she stood right in front of me. She looked down at me and said "you did not have to be embarrassed about your dick getting hard.

I could see it was". Caraline then sat on my lap and with a smile she said, "besides, I thought you would like to see my red outfit in person".

She then released the knot on her gown and let it fall from her shoulders. Right in front of my eyes appeared a set of tits any guy would enjoy. Wrapped tightly in the same red top she sent me on the internet. I reached out and rubbed my hands over each breast. My cock was now straining. It wanted to be released. "Wow, they look damn hot babe. Even better in person". Caraline reached down and planted a kiss on my lips.

Her hips began to roll on my shaft. Sliding all along. Her tongue entered my mouth and started to flick mine. I slipped my hand inside her top and squeezed her erect nipples. Caraline started to moan. Releasing my mouth, I moved in to kiss and suck her cleavage. I reached around and lifted her top over her shoulders. As she reached up to take it off, I reached in to hold her naked breast. Caraline flung it aside and pushed my face harder against he breast.

"God, suck harder. Yes Chris, suck me". I began to swap from tit to tit. Sucking, licking and kissing each nipple in turn. Caraline was moaning softly each time I sucked hard.

I reached behind and started to rub her arse cheek. Caraline's pace on my cock was quicker. I continued sucking each tit. " I want to hold your cock. Let me pull it out". Suddenly she reached down and out sprung my fully operational fuck mate. Standing with all it's glory and happy to be free. Caraline started to rub her finger over my tip. Feeling my pre cum she then smeared it all over my head and shaft. I was now sucking harder on her tits. My other hand slid down her bum and along her panties till it reached her love zone.

Caraline was breathing heavier. Her moans getting louder but shorter. I never stopped sucking on her luscious tits. Soft smooth skin, but firm and round.

Her nipples were over sized for her size areola's. My finger reached under her panties and felt the warm wetness of Caraline's pussy lips for the first time. This girl was soaking. I had plenty of her juices to rub over her lips. Caraline let out a long moan as I slid my finger past her entrance. "Shit, slide it in. I need it in me"Caraline said in a demanding moan. Her hand was wanking my shaft.

Sliding up and down faster as I slipped my finger inside. This babe was much tighter than I thought. Her moans increased as I slid my finger deeper.

I had her wetness all over my hand. As I wriggled my finger deep inside her and sucked on a nipple, Caraline leaned back and squeezed my shaft.

Her pussy started to convulse on my finger. Gripping it. Caraline let out a "Oh Shit arrrggg" as she exploded into her first orgasm. Her wet tunnel gripped me as she shook and moaned. Her pussy soaking my hand with her cum. Caraline took a few seconds to refocus. She was panting trying to get her breathe back. "God that was fucking hot. My turn to help you". Caralone gave me a deep tongue kiss as she started to rub my cock around her wetness.

I could feel the warmth of her orgasm around the top of my cock. I had released my finger and started licking her cum on my hand.

This drove Caraline crazy. The smell of her orgasm filling my nose. Caraline grabbed my shaft, and shoved her tongue into my mouth.

She released my lips looked at me and said " I want to swallow you. I am so dammn turned on.". Within a blink of an eye, Caraline had pushed herself to the floor and was kneeling between my legs. "Oh yummy, this looks like something I will enjoy. A nice big hard piece of man meat. Nothing pleases my mouth more". Caraline leaned forward and stuck out her tongue. She licked my shaft from my balls to my tip. One long wet lick. "I am right, it is big and hard".

Caraline said smiling at my face. Caraline returned to my cock and wrapped her lips around the middle of my aching to be sucked pole. Her warm moist mouth then began to slide up my shaft. Her tongue sliding along a sensitive vein giving more plesure. Suddenly, one big suck and my cock disappeared into Caraline's mouth.

She slid her head down further taking more. As she came back up, her tongue slid along the inside of my moistened dick. With the tongue work and her heavy sucking, I had raised my hips to give her more to enjoy. Caraline had started sucking the top half of my cock and wanking the lower part.

Every few minutes, she took a break from sucking to pay attention to my balls. Her mouth sucking, and kissing all over my larger than normal meat.Caraline would stick her tongue out and flick my pre cum smearing it over my tip. " Oh god girl, swallow it, take it, you suck it all in". I was panting as I was receiving one of my best blowjobs ever.

Caraline, looked up at me and said "let me try something". With that, Caraline took my cock in her mouth and kept sliding till her lips touched my pubes. She took all my 9 inches deep into her throat. Shaking her head from side to side, she slid back up sucking hard. Caraline took a deep breath and slid straight back down taking all of me again. She continued taking my shaft deep down. Her saliva all over my shaft and pubes. I could see she was she was sucking for a gold medal. I had never been sucked so deep down a girls throat before.

The feeling of her mouth sucking hard as she came up was sending me deeper to my own sexual release. Caraline knew it was and continued to suck for all she could. I grabbed the back of her head and screamed," Take this girl, Taste whats coming". In one more deep suck, I sent a load of high pressured cum down Caraline's throat.

I moved my hips up and down wanting Caraline to keep sucking. She never lost a drop. All my cum was pumped deep into Caraline's mouth. She took the lot. I must have shot 5 heavy loads. As a true lady, Caraline swallowed it all. She kept my relieved cock in he mouth not wanting to waste any. This girl sucked my cock till I was drained and going limp.

"Mmmm, that was so damn tasty". Caraline said smiling looking up at me. She reached up and shoved her tongue in my mouth. I could taste the saltyness. My left hand started to squeeze her tit. Pinching the nipple between my thumb and pointer finger. I would give it a slight tug and Caraline would give out a soft moan.

I then realized this girl isn't finished. I broke the kiss, and with a huge grin, I whispered into her ear, "I ain't finished with you yet girl. Part 2 is starting". Caraline let out a soft "oh yeah, bring it on". I grabbed Caraline around the waist and stood up. Caraline had navigated her hand to my semi hard cock and started to pull on it. "How long is it going to be till it is more useful" Caraline said between each suck of my nipples.

"You won't have to worry about that. Your going to be busy in the mean time" I replied as I grabbed her arm and pulled her along to my bedroom. Caraline stood in front of me only wearing her red panties. This was a sight to believe. I had not seen her pussy before and was desperate to put and end to that. I pushed her back on the bed and Caraline fell back with her legs over the side.

I pushed my lips to her mouth and slipped my tongue deep into her mouth. Exploring every bit of her own tongue. My right hand had made it's way to Caraline's panties. She spread her legs wider to give me added comfort. I could feel this girl was still turned on. Her wetness had soaked the panties. I could feel her lips and started to rub. Caraline's hips had raised off the bed slightly as I quickened the pace.

I wanted to avoid touching her button till the right time. I slipped my fingers under her now drenched panties. They slid straight over her lips.

Caraline broke the kiss and let out a long "ohh yeah, oh wow". My fingers found her entrance without any trouble. I used my pointer finger to hold her pussy open as I slid my middle finger deep into her as I could go. Caraline had raised her hips higher and legs wider as I went to work. My mouth reached for her even more sensitive right nipple and sucked hard.

My finger was pumping fast into Caraline's tight love tunnel. I increased the pleasure by inserting a second finger. That's just what Caraline wanted. I finger fucked her fast as her legs squeezed together. "oh hell yeah, I'm going to pop'. Caraline said in a huffing tone. Her breathing had increased the faster my fingers worked.

Caraline arced back, in a screaming moan "oh fuck me, oh god yes". Her pussy gripped my fingers tight to stop any movement. I could feel her muscles pulse wildly. I wriggled my finger around flicking the back of an already orgasm fueled wall. This put another bolt of orgasm through Caraline. Her head rolled back and eyes closed, her pussy drenched my hand again. Although this orgasm was shorter, it left Caraline with little energy. "Damn you Chris, that was insane" Caraline panted laying back trying to get her breath back.

"Ha, still have not finished, you got more coming" looking into her eyes from her tit. "You men ya got more in you, I don't know about me". Caraline was saying as she was rubbing her face. I reached down and pulled her panties off. I could finally see what had been hidden from my view all this time.

Caraline has a very light covering of brown pubes shaped as the I, that left her lips free. Her lips had swollen due to the earlier intrusion. I could see the glistening of her wetness. My cock had now grown to its very useful capacity. I looked at Caraline and said, "You ok". 'Sure" with a shrug of the shoulders.

"Why, You want more hey. Your cock ready for more action?' With only the response I could give, I smiled at her and spread her legs wider apart. "Now my sexy, it is my turn to taste you".

With a surprised look on her face, Caraline gasp, "What are you going to do. Go down on me. Oh my god, I have always wanted it. The 2 guys I have been with did not like doing it and wanted to fuck me more instead. Oh god yeah if ya want to that is.". On that note I did not need to speak a response. I slid between her legs and had a vision that will long stay in my memory. Another pussy that has never been eaten.

Caraline has hair free tiny lips that poke out and shows you where the hole that wants cock real bad is located. I reached forward and licked her lips from her arse to the top stopping short of her orgasmic button. I was able to open my mouth and suck all her wet pussy in. Caraline let out a loud moan as her hips raised to give me more. I sucked hard and then I slipped my tongue against her hole and pushed. My face was covered in Caraline's cum. She began to squirm as she slipped her hands around my head and pushed me harder.

"Oh nooooo. Eat me. Oh frigin hell, I'm cumming" Caraline's pussy gripped my tongue as I drank her cum. Caraline was grinding her hips into my face. The more she moved the deeper my tongue went. I released the sucking as Caraline came down. I continued to lick the entrance and lips. Caraline seemed to enjoy it. My god, this is just so relaxing. I could have this anytime. You can taste my cum.

Looks so fucking sexy with a man eating me out". Taking my time I explored Caraline's pussy. Drinking the wetness that never stopped flowing. She would give out soft moans and raising her hips as I suck and nibble on a sensitive spot.

I had been giving her a little time to recover for what I was forever desperate to do. I sucked softly on one of her lips as I slid 2 fingers inside her. Caraline let out a gasp as she felt her muscles stretch from my intrusion. She had raised her hips off the bed to help. Her moans were getting more frequent and louder. "Your going to make me cum again. Is that what you want?" Caraline squeezed out as she was rolling her head from side to side.

I released her lips and let my fingers do some work. I could smell the sweetness of her cum as I worked her tunnel. "Ohhhh god. Oh yeah, oh yeah". She was panting as I decided it was time. I flicked my tongue from my fingers slowly working upwards. I gave a hard flick as I passed her love button. Caraoline let out a loud "Oh yeah". I worked my fingers deep into her and started to flick them around as I reached with my lips and sucked her desperate clit into my mouth.

Caraline did not know what hit her. She instantly pushed her mound deeper into my face as she raised her hips high off the bed. As I sucked hard, my tongue flicked her swollen clit. Caroline let out a crying "Oh God" as she convulsed into the deepest, longest orgasm she has yet to experience. She had rolled her head from side to side. Her legs wrapped around my neck. Her hands gripping the sheets. Her pussy gripping my fingers, refusing to let them move. I could feel her tunnel sending heavy pulses.

"Oh suck me. Oh Fuck oh shit". The scream was intense. Her cum made a huge wet spot on the sheet. I continued to suck her love button.

Her orgasm carried on the entire time I sucked. Her legs squeezing my head so tight I had nowhere I could go, so I just continued sucking and licking her now inflamed clit. I sent her into 2 more quick orgasms. Caraline reached down and pulled my head up. Looking into my eyes, "Fuck me please. God I need you".

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I slipped my fingers out. her tight pussy giving out a sucking sound. I pulled myself above her. I wanted to fuck this girl just as much as she wanted to be pounded. My cock was more than the average size.


I knew this was going to be one explosive tight fuck. Caraline has started to lick her cum from my mouth. I slipped my tongue passed her lips. She sucked hard. I grabbed my cock and started to slide it over her wetness and teasing her clit. "For fuck sake Chris, Put it in me" "You mean you want me to fuck you now?" I said teasing her opening. "Oh god.

you bet. I want all of you". On that advice, I pushed the tip of my cock passed her opening. I could feel her tightness. I started to slowly fuck, just letting my tip pass her lips. Caraline was panting. I was busting to get all my cock into this cum scented pussy. I wanted to fuck her hard and fast.

I continued for a minute, fucking the entrance. Feeling it trying the best of efforts to suck all my cunt stretching cock deeper. Caraline was moaning oohh's as I pumped into her.

She had a concerned look on her face. I slowed down and asked her if everything was alright. " It is now, but I don't know when you put it in me. I am going to hurt. I may have had sex before, but not for a while". 'So you want me to slide in deeper?

You desperate for some cock?" "Oh god yeah, I'm ready for your onslaught. Give it to be big boy". On that advice I pushed my moistened cock deeper and deeper with each stroke. Caraline was sucking her bottom lip, her arms wrapped around mine as I gave a huge plunge and pushed my rod all the way till I thought I would be getting a blow job as well.

I plunged hard and deep. My balls slapped against her tight arse. Caraline let out a long gasping moan as her pussy convulsed from the stretching it received. Her wetness was enough to help push past the tightness. I held myself as I let her adjust. Caraline had rolled her head back as I slide in. Her hands tightly gripping my arms. Her legs had wrapped themselves around my back, locking me in. I started to fuck her slowly.

I withdrew till my tip was at the entrance then slide non stop all the way back in till my balls slap her arse. I picked up the pace. I wanted to fuck this girl hard and fast. I wanted to hear her scream. I fucked her cunt faster and harder with each stroke. I lifted her legs over my shoulders and pushed deeper into Caroline's throbbing love hole. I could feel her walls try to grip me as I slid out. I continued to push harder. "Oh Goddd, Oh Nooo, Oh oh oh," Caraline Squeezing her right nipple.

"Oh fuck me, fuck me harder, Oh yeeesss" Caraline's pussy squeezed my cock so damn tight, I was getting worried for a second. Her muscles continued to convulse tightly around my trapped cock. Her orgasm shook her from ears to toes. Her head was rolleed back and her hands had grabbed a tit each.


Her orgasm was long and loud. Each time I started to fuck her, it would set her off again. "Oh just fuck me hard and let me cum again, please, Please" I slid my cock out and then plunged deeper and harder than ever.

I fucked her as hard as I could. Caraline leaned back and just looked me in the eyes and said "You making me cum". She threw her head back and all I could feel was her cunt gripping as much as it could grip onto as I slammed her throbbing cunt.

Her cum soaking my cock and balls. Caraline let out a loud, "Ohhh Please" as she shuddered from head to foot again. This being her longest and deepest orgasm. I fucked her as fast as I could. I wanted her head to explode.

All you could hear was Caraline moaning and the sound of me slapping into her. The smell of sex had filled the room. Her cum helped me push deeper quickly.

Her orgasm nearly making her black out. All I wanted was to fuck her guts out. I wanted a tight orgasmic cunt wrapped around my cock so badly and now here it is. I knew from all this excitement and my continual pounding it was not going to help me last much longer. Her now stretched pussy was having a dance of it's own around the thickness of my mate. I felt my cock expand as I shot load after load of my own cum deep into Caraline's already soaked cunt.

Caraline let out a long "oh shiiittt, I can feel you, oh yeah cum in me babe". She continued to squeeze and convulse around my shaft. Caraline had another quick orgasm when she felt my cock explode Her cunt sapping every last drop of my own wetness causing more to seep out. As I pulled my cock out, cum followed and seeped down to her arse. Caraline reached down and rubbed it all over her hole. She looked at me and grinned, "That is for latter" I collapsed next to her out of breath myself.

"Can I recover first?" "Hell yeah,I need a drink, God damn you made me cum so bloody deep. I don't usually have such intense orgasms but, wow, that was pretty good. I do have a few orgasms each time but not as powerful." was her responce in a huffing and puffing tone.

I could not fuck her again that night. We ended up on the lounge drinking and smoking some more. Her pussy was still too sore to fuck again. I ended up with second prize of a nice long blowjob. That was 8 months ago and we are both still living together and having the weekly "FWB" nights.

Her orgasms have never been that intense again, but she is still very orgasmic. Although there has been some disputes, we have had some great nights together letting loose and just having fun.

Since Caraline moved over there was a strange event that took place with a certain visitor. This is a story I am desperate to get out. I have already began writing it. .