Blonde girl caught in library and amateur intern blowjob breakin attempt suspect has to

Blonde girl caught in library and amateur intern blowjob breakin attempt suspect has to
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We eventually arrived at a residence…and I had to assume that it was her home. Much like the home we just left…her home was beautifully landscaped.

It was huge in comparison to my home…she drove into the garage and turned off her engine. She got out of her car and I had to assume that she was expecting me to get out as well. Standing in her garage, she turned to me and told me to follow her…she also had told me to remain silent. From the garage, we entered a mud room…into a spacious kitchen. She reached into a cabinet and retrieved a wine glass…she then poured herself a glass of wine.

I remained quiet, passive…seemingly standing alone in this woman's kitchen. She didn't ask me if I wanted a glass of wine. Without speaking, she turned and left the kitchen…in the distance, I heard a television.

She was walking towards the commotion and of course, I was walking in back of her. Her home was beautiful…the artwork, the furnishings…everything about her was meticulous. At long last, we entered a living room and seated on the sofa was a man. It became clear to me that this was her husband.

They kissed each other…she chose to sit next to him on the sofa. He turned the television off and said, "So this is your toy for the weekend. I must say, I'm impressed." The woman didn't let her husband steal the show.

Her voice was directed towards me. "Stand before me JoLyn. I've waited long enough…I want to see you naked." And her next sentence revealed that she expected me to remove my clothes. I took the few steps until she motioned me to stop. I was within 5' of where she was seated. My knees were trembling. I was nervous, apprehensive…scared.

I glanced at the man…her husband…he was smiling from ear to ear. He was enjoying this moment. I had no idea where he fit into the equation. Equation?? I began to ask myself… What was I doing…standing in this woman's living room, a perfect stranger…and yet; she had known my husband's name. I kicked off my shoes…my pussy was tingling…the thought of removing my clothes excited me and glancing towards this man's crotch, it became apparently clear; he wanted to see me naked.

Focusing my attention to this woman, I unbuttoned my blouse and removed it…next, I lowered the zipper to my skirt; the fabric fell to the floor. My pussy was in full view…and her husband gave his moan of approval. Unhooking my bra, the garment fell to the floor.

I took a few deep breaths and felt their eyes on my naked form. I was trembling in place…she told me to stand with my arms to my sides. "Your pussy is quite beautiful to look at…there's no need for you to cover your pussy with your hands." Her voice was soft, comforting…and still, she was being very direct.

She wanted to know the size of my breasts. "I'm a 32b Maam." She wanted to know if my nipples were sensitive to the touch. Without question, they were and so…I politely told her so. My stomach was flat…I was 32 years of age; I worked out in the gym on a semi-daily basis. My husband and I had been married for 8 years. The BDSM lifestyle was practiced within our marriage; my husband owned me. He was loaning me out? In the back of my mind, I knew that this man, this woman's husband was going to fuck me.

Was my husband aware of this? I continued to tremble in place…when she told me to turn around. I simply obeyed her.

When she directed me to bend over at the waist, I complied with her wish. When she told me to reach behind, to spread my ass cheeks far apart…I obeyed her. I was in this position when she asked me, "Do you enjoy anal sex?" My eyes were closed and every muscle in my body was tighteneing.

I answered her by saying, "Yes Maam." My husband long ago, had explained to me what the purpose of my asshole served. In a vanilla setting…it was used to defecate. In a submissive state of mind…it was used to grasp his cock, my rectum was to store his cum when he would reach his orgasm.

When she told me to turn around…I couldn't help but notice; her husband was massaging his crotch. His eyes looked different…he was seemingly drooling at the lips; he wanted to fuck me. As if this woman was aware, she said. "You're going to satisfy my husband later this evening. You're going to enjoy the flavor of his cock and you will feel his cock in your body." My attention was brought back to her voice.

"My husband is a sexual animal…he can be very demanding. When the time arrives; you will obey him. If you fail…he will punish you." Her voice was final…there was no room for debate.

A few moments passed…the reality of the moment was settling into my brain. "I promised you that you were going to be punished. Your punishment is going to be uncomfortable…I dare say, you will never want to question my authority." She stood up and approached me.

Her fingernails caressed the side of my face…they trailed down my neck, she circled my nipples…the sharpness of her nails were felt on my stomach…she circled my belly button and eventually; she played with my pussy lips. "Your pussy is primed for a good old fashioned fucking. But…is your ass prepared? Is your rectum clean?

We're going to find out…and if you're dirty, you will be properly cleaned." As she said these words, her fingernails were tracing the crack of my ass. I shivered in place. Her fingernails then began to trace my lips…voluntarily, I opened my mouth.

"Your mouth will be used and enjoyed this weekend." She then asked me a very direct question. "Do you enjoy sucking cock?" I felt my head move up and down and then in a weak voice, I said.

"Yes Maam." "Well, Frank…we're going to have to see…just how good of a cock sucker she is." Her voice had been directed towards her husband. She stood to my side; she whispered this message into my ear. "This weekend, you will remain silent. If I wish to hear your voice…it's because I asked you a question, therefore, I'm expecting to hear an answer. Do you understand me? In a weakened voice, I heard myself say, "Yes Mistress." "If you utter a simple word, a simple sentence…you will be disciplined." Her voice was sharp…my body shivered; I believed her.

She then took my hand in hers…she directed her voice to her husband. "The next time you see her…she will be cleaned inside and out." She then led me out of the living room. With my hand in hers, she led me through her home…up a flight of stairs to the 2nd floor, down a hallway and into a bedroom. The bedroom was scarcely decorated…I guessed it was a queen size bed, the mattress was protected with plastic…a bathroom was within a few feet of the bed; I was nervous.

She led me to the side of the bed. She instructed me to lay flat on my stomach…and to spread my legs apart. The plastic felt cold, but I wasn't going to dis-obey her. I was placing myself in a vulnerable position.

I had experienced an enema on prior occasions…my husband was very prone and proficient in preparing my ass for a good fucking.

Of course, I had never received an enema from a woman before. "You're nervous." She said to me. "You're in very capable hands." She was standing to the side of the bed, looking down on me. "You look like a helpless child…soon you will be clutching your tummy and your face will grimace as the cramps race through your body…your bowels are going to become full…you're going to squirm helplessly, begging and pleading for relief…and so starts your punishment." She went into her bathroom and returned wearing a rubber glove.

She sat by the bed and her movements were very decisive. I buried my face in the plastic…my body was shaking, shivering; I was scared. She didn't have any lubrication and so, she didn't apply any lubrication to her gloved finger, and too, she didn't apply any lubrication to my anus. I'm not sure if my pussy was wet or not…but she elected not to check; she elected not to use any natural lubrication.

Instead, she spread my ass cheek apart…I felt the cool air against my anus…then I felt her finger against my anus. She was very deliberate…she began to twist her finger into my anal passage…working her finger into the lower part of my rectum. It was very tight…and I squirmed on the bed as her finger invaded my body.

She used her finger like a plunger…my eyes were watering, the pressure was getting intense. I was on the verge of tears for only one reason; I knew that my ass was dirty. She was digging deeper and deeper, forcing her finger into my rectum. When she withdrew her finger from my recturm, I heard her say, "JoLyn, look at my finger." I didn't want to turn my head in her direction.

I was pressing my face into the plastic, wishing that I had pooped before leaving for the party. I had the chance, but I was running late and my husband didn't tolerate tardiness. Not reacting to her instruction…I felt as sharp slap on my right ass cheek. I cried out. Reluctantly, I lifted my head and looked in her direction.

She was showing me her finger, the finger that had been in my rectum. It was stained. This was the beginning of a very humiliating experience…one that will never be forgotten. "I will not tolerate a dirty slave." She pulled the soiled glove off her hand and discarded it in the bathroom.

I heard some commotion in the bathroom…and I became very fearful. When she returned to the side of the bed, my eyes grew wide. She explained to me that the capacity of the enema was a full gallon. Dangling from the bag was a hose, and at the end of the hose a rather large and menacing black nozzle.

She was setting up the device for my entertainment and if she had looked into my eyes; she would have noticed my fear. "JoLyn, you have a delightful little ass." She began to caress my ass cheeks as she spoke…she also traced the crack of my ass. "Small, sensitive to the touch…and I'm already aware that your darkened hole is tight. Both my husband and I are going to enjoy your asshole.

In doing so, we want you to be clean." She continued with the preparation, and what she said next made my whole body shiver in fear. "You will be receiving a full gallon, today." "B b but that's huge! That's too much! Steve has never given me that big of an enema before." I said.

She looked directly in my eyes and turned away…entering her bathroom; she left her bathroom holding a rather large hairbrush.

My eyes grew very wide when she sat on the side of the bed…I tried to move away. She brought me back on my stomach, she placed her free hand on my back…I never saw her arm being raised; my face was pressed against the comforter. "You were told to be silent. You were told to be obedient…you were told that I was your owner for the rest of the weekend." And as she spoke…the hairbrush was making an impression on my ass cheeks.

I cried out…I pressed my face into the comforter trying to suppress my screams. She was using her strength and the impact of the hairbrush was very painful.

I was sobbing…the onslaught seemed to end. Her words were crystal clear, "You will not argue or complain…you will submit yourself to me; you will serve me in an unconditional way." Again, this woman must have raised her arm high into the air…because, the next few swats were terribly painful.

Again, there was a pause and I heard her say, "Do you understand me?" Sobbing, I heard myself say, "Yes Maam." Moments later, the woman got up from the side of the bed. I noticed that she had placed the hairbrush on the night table…close proximity, in case it had to be used again.

I watched her squeezing a few big squirts of liquid soap into the empty enema bag. As if she knew that I was watching her, she said. "Adding soap will have an irritating effect…making your bowels become even fuller and the need to expel even more intense…the intent of the suds will be to bloat your bowels.

You're already packed with crap…so I will enjoy testing your endurance." Using a pitcher, this woman than began to fill the enema bag. Quart by quart, I remain in position…becoming more fearful by every passing minute. The swollen, heavy bag now filled with four very warm quarts of sudsy water looked menacing.

At that particular moment, my emotions were at best conflicting…between immense intrigue and almost palpable horror. The woman placed a stainless steel stand close to the side of the bed. She lifted and placed the heavy bag…hanging it high from a hook.

The clamped hose, along with the nozzle at the end…dangled like a dangerous snake. "You should be thankful that I'm even considering using lubrication." With that being said, she placed a fresh glove on her hand.

"Reach behind, and spread, open your ass cheeks up." Maybe the hard slap to my ass was a result of my moving too slow. I felt exposed…my fingernails were in the cleft of my ass cheeks…and I was using my strength to spread, to keep my ass cheeks apart. I knew my puckered hole was visible, in perfect view…a glob of lubrication was applied to my anus. The woman began to tease the opening to my ass…little by little, she was applying pressure.

I closed my eyes, every muscle in my body was tightened…a moment later, she pushed the nozzle into my rectum. I groaned deeply…I arched my back; I released the grip I had on my ass cheeks. The hose was un-clamped…and immediately, I began to feel the enema rushing into my bowels. "Ahhhhhhhhhh," I could only moan and remain passively in position on top of her bed& the first rush of warm water gushed into my bowels.

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The woman was monitoring me…I felt her hand on my back, my ass cheeks…my thighs. I had spread my legs earlier and they remained spread apart. In her own leisure, she would slip a hand between my legs to feel my pussy. I knew that my pussy was very moist and aroused. In time, I felt my breathing become deeper and harder…and I began to feel my face contort and grimace…I began to bite my lower lip.

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When I began to whimper, the woman said. "You've got a ways to go. You've only received at best, a quart of the enema." She continued to caress my body.

I was squirming on top of her bed…first on my back, I then moved on my side, bringing my knees close to my chest. I wanted to reach behind and pull the hose out from my ass. The nozzle was deep in my rectum…when I did reach behind, when my hand touched the tube; she was quick to react.

"JoLyn, you have no clue as to the meaning of the word full." Her voice was menacing and at the end of her sentence, she slapped my ass cheek hard.

This caused me to squirm even more…and my moans were becoming more intense. When I moved from my side to lying on my back…the woman pinched each of my nipples, which caused me to scream out in pain. Aside from pinching my nipples, she slapped my tits…and my eyes began to water.

"Oh, ohhhhh!" I squirmed on top of her bed. I was constantly changing my positions. When my ass became visible, she would slap my ass cheeks. When I was on my back, when I opened my legs apart…her strength was felt on the inner side of my tender thighs.

"Oh please, please! Could you stop it for just a minute, clamp the hose shut…for just a few moments so I can get used to it" I heard myself pleading, begging…and out of the corner of my eye, I saw her reach for the hairbrush.

"You truly have a hard time being obedient. I do not expect you to speak…I expect you to serve me in an unconditional way." I had very little fight left in me…my attention was on my bowels. When she turned my body, when I was lying flat on my stomach, the onslaught began.

She rained my ass cheeks with the hairbrush and I screamed out. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! One after another…she seemed ruthless, evil…and yet, I knew that I had overstepped my bounds. I knew that If I had remained quiet…she would have continued to caress me in a gentle way.

I have no idea how many times the hairbrush connected with my ass cheeks…but when she stopped; I was sobbing. I was on my side, again; I had brought my knees to my chest…the spanking had ceased. She sat by my side and in a soft voice said. "You need to focus. You need to give to me…everything you have to offer.

I want you to listen to me very carefully…I'm going to take everything that I want from you." As she spoke to me, she was caressing my shoulder. When this woman stood up, out of the corner of my eye, I watched as she clamped the hose. I took several longs breaths…relieved for the moment…and I tried desperately to become used, at the very least, acquainted with the pressure that I was feeling down below. "That's long enough, don't you think, JoLyn?" A few minutes at best had passed, once again; she unclamped the hose and the enema began to flow into my bowels.

I remained on my side and clutched my tummy with both of my hands. In due time, my face was locked in a grimace. My moans were consistent. This woman looked down upon me and said. "Cramping?" What a stupid question! "Just so that you know, you've taken half of the enema…two more sudsy quarts to go. " She said this with a smile…and the first of the serious cramps began to race through my bowels.

"Oh my God!" I cried out as a monstrous cramp seemingly took over my entire body, and this woman just looked at me with very little expression on her face. Her hairbrush was nearby…but, it just didn't matter. "I can't take any more, I just can't!!!" I cried in a quivering voice. Once again, I reached back, trying to pull the nozzle out of my anus. But this woman was quick…as if she was anticipating my movements; she grabbed hold of my wrist.

"You're a very, very naughty girl!" As she was spoke she began to spank me. Her hand alone was enough to get my attention…but, I knew that she had reached for the hairbrush. And once again, that painful stimulus was felt on both of my ass cheeks…relentlessly; she began to strike my ass cheeks. She was definitely strong…she held me in place, on my stomach…repeatedly telling me that I was a naughty girl.

It's a strange sensation to have water being delivered into your bowels…while at the same time, having to endure painful stimuli. You can help but to react…and so, I moaned deeply, while at the same time; I cried out in pain. Was it a dozen times…maybe more, she continuously brought the hairbrush down upon my ass cheeks; I became very much aware that my ass was on fire. I lost the fight in me.

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I laid sprawled out on her bed…crying like a baby. The spanking stopped…the enema continued; she got up from the bed. A few moments had passed, this woman grabbed my wrists…she forced my arms in front of me, pressing my wrists together…she hand-cuffed my hands together. "Try that move again…if you can." Her words were followed by a hard slap to my ass. And I buried my head into the comforter and cried.

I knew that I was helpless…and I'm sure I looked quite pathetic. The sheer embarrassment and humiliation of this ordeal…and too, I had to continue to deal with the unendurable sensations…my bowels were filled and I was bloating. My moans were endless…tears were streaking down my face. And then I heard the magical words, "You've taken every drop of the enema." I had this fleeting hopeful look in my eyes…I looked behind my shoulder…this ordeal was coming to an end.

But a cold wave of stark terror quickly overtook me…I saw that this woman had picked up a huge butt plug…and I continued to watch in horror as she applied a large glob of lubrication to it.

I knew what she was going to do…I didn't say a word; my ass had been assaulted enough. I was looking at her; my eyes were pleading with her. She lightly patted my ass…and smiled in my direction. In a quick motion, she pulled the nozzle out from my rectum and replaced it with that huge butt plug.

I felt a few drops leaks out from my ass…and then I heard my cry of pure anguish. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhrrrrghhhhhhhhhhh!" I cried, loudly enough to wake the dead, surely; her husband had heard my shrill.

That massive plug was forced inside my rectum. "Now JoLyn, your little shithole is plugged." I was staring at her…in dis-belief, in pure shock…tears continued to roll down my face. "If you choose to say a word…just one word; I will take a strap to you." She then walked over to the closet…returning to the side of the bed; she was holding a very thick razor strap. I was beyond shame and humiliation…I was in a world of utter desperation. My once slender tummy was now showing signs of being pregnant.

I broke out in a profound sweat…so soaked; you could smell my sweaty body. And if that wasn't enough…I had to pee. I cried as a strong stream of pee was felt against my thigh…under me on the plastic mattress, a puddle of urine had collected.

The scent of my bodily sweat was now mixed with the scent of my urine. I cried out in horror…pure humiliation; my face contorted in desperate anguish. My face turned an even deeper shade of red…and all the while, this woman stood comfortably by my side. At some point, she helped me off from the bed. I could barely stand on my feet…I sensed that my ordeal was coming to an end.

In a slow and yet, progressive way…she led me into the bathroom. I was thinking…hoping that she was going to assist me, in sitting down on the toilet. Instead, she helped me to my knees…she stood to the side and removed her dress.

She lowered her panties…then she took her place on the toilet. She spread her legs far apart…she told me to look at her pussy; she then let out a strong explosion of piss. I was close enough to her to see the last droplet of pee hit the water in the toilet…I so badly, wanted to trade places with her.

She reached out with her foot and began to massage my tummy…and this woman began to torment me, she said. "I'll unplug you…but first you need to lick my pussy clean." My wrists were hand-cuffed…I smelled terrible; I needed to poop. I needed to empty my bowels…I just nodded my head, as if I understood what she had said to me. She led me closer to her pussy…she remained seated on the toilet with her legs spread wide apart…the scent of her un-cleaned pussy met my nostrils…I didn't hesitate; my tongue began to lap and thus, I began the task of cleaning her pussy.

She pressed my head, my face against her pussy and without being told, my tongue darted in and out. She was possessive in her pursuit for pleasure…and I allowed her to control me.

My tongue flicked against her clit…I licked the outer lips to her pussy; I sucked her clit. For a moment, I forgot about my bloating, my pains…instead, I focused my attention on her.

She continues to rub her pussy against my face, my tongue remained active…when her body began to convulse; I knew that she had reached her orgasm. When she stood up, she became very gentle. She helped me up on my feet. She told me that I had her permission to release the enema.

Once on my feet, I almost doubled over…it was hard to stand from all the strain. I was squatting over the toilet…she had placed her hand between my thighs; she ripped the plug out from my ass. I fell on the toilet…immediately the enema began to roar out of my ass. Now that I had found relief, sudden relief…I became aware of my surroundings. I was naked, seated on a toilet…drenched in sweat and in my own pee…emptying my outrageously copious and messy enema.

This recognition brought on another wave of humiliation…it was a loud moment; the eruption from my rectum. I sat on the toilet and sobbed. "My, my…she must have really earned this punishment." It wasn't "her" voice…and when I looked up; I saw her husband standing in the doorway. I felt so ashamed to have been seen in this environment. "She was naughty." Looking down at me, this woman cupped my face in her hand. "You're still going to get a proper spanking…a spanking that I hope; I will not have to repeat." She and her husband then left me alone…they closed the bathroom door.

I was told to shower, to wash my hair…to report to the living room. The enema had been so large…it looked as if I would never stop expelling and pooping. But I eventually had expelled the enema…I looked at myself in the mirror and I felt so ashamed. Still, I stepped into the shower and washed myself, my hair…and when I stepped outside; I felt clean and refreshed.

I knew that she was going to give me a "proper spanking." I was ready to greet her, to greet her husband…and when I left the bathroom, her bedroom…I wanted to serve her.

I stepped into the living room naked…the aroma in the room was that of being clean. I knew that she had showered; her hair was wet and undone. She wasn't wearing any make-up…and her skin was beautiful. She was dressed in pajama's…she smiled when I walked into the living room. Her husband was wearing only boxer shorts…he had an impressive chest. He nodded his approval when he saw me.

I couldn't help but wonder…just how large his cock might be. She motioned me to approach her…standing on her right side, without any words spoken; she took my hand.

She led me over her knee and without putting up a fight, I complied to her wishes. She placed her palm across my round, firm bottom. The blemishes from the hairbrush were long gone…there were no lasting reminders of my earlier spanking.

Her hand was very warm and soothing…it gave me a calm-before-the-storm sensation. She continued to caress my ass cheeks…her long fingernails were sharp…eventually they made their way into the cleft of my ass; she was empowered to do anything and she knew that.

I braced myself when I felt her hand leaving my bottom…I pictured her hand high into the air. My mouth opened when I felt the initial SMACK…she had brought her hand down hard and fast. I cringed…it did in fact, hurt. She had raised her hand again. I trembled under the force of her fiery smacks…and she continued to spank me harder and faster, the speed was relentless.

I began to twitch back and forth, as if I thought I could avoid the line of fire by trying to move my buttocks wherever her hand wasn't.

But my efforts were all in vain…she spanked my entire bottom, striking both my right and left cheeks…top and bottom…and she was deliberate when her aim touched my upper thighs. The distribution was very unpleasant.

She occasionally stopped…it became a moment for me, allowing me to catch my breath. I felt my eyes watering…it became a very humiliating moment…looking upwards; I saw her husband smiling at me.

He was still in the process of massaging his crotch. He was waiting for his opportunity…he was waiting for the signal, the nod of approval from his wife; he wanted to fuck me.

The rest period…truthfully speaking, it wasn't meant for me.


It gave her a moment of time, to rest her hand. She resumed the spanking…and what seemed like an eternity; it came to an end. She marveled at her handiwork. Her voice seemed happy and content. "Your bottom JoLyn, it's now red as the evening sun." The tears in my eyes were real and genuine. "You may get up now, JoLyn," she said. "I'm done spanking you with my hand. If you touch your bottom…I'll bring you right back over my knee." A sense of relief was felt. Once I was off from her lap…her words then seemed to settle into my brain.

My spanking with her hand was complete. But not my spanking… "My husband is holding a hairbrush." I looked over at her husband and sure enough, he was holding a hairbrush in his hand. "Yes, it's the same hairbrush." I was wondering if it was the same hairbrush.

Her husband stood up, he had a very serious look to his face. Around his crotch area, there was no denying his state of arousal.

"My husband is going to give you a spanking…you will submit to him. I enjoyed listening to your screams when I applied the brush…now my husband wants to be entertained." A sense of fear engulfed my whole body…this wasn't going to be good.

I took many slow steps…at long last, I was standing to the side of her husband. I then leaned over, and placed my belly across her husband's thighs. He placed his hand on my bottom…and I felt his engorged penis pressing against my body. That alone, sent shivers through my spine. "Your bottom is very warm…Christine did a fine job." Her name was Christine!!

I never truly felt his hand leaving my bottom…hearing him say his wife's name; I was completely lost in thought. He held my body steady, there was no means of escaping…the first time the hairbrush connected with my already reddened and sore bottom; I yelped out in pain.

The impact emanated throughout my body and left my bottom stinging with pain. His hand was raised high into the air…and the spanking began. His strength was more severe than his wife's…and he seemed determined to hear me scream. He spanked me hard and fast…and when he spanked me with the spokes of the hairbrush; I did in fact, scream out in pain.

Tears were rolling down my face…his hard-on was felt and I was squirming in a frantic way. He spanked me again and again, leaving no part of my body untouched…the pain got so intense, that I began to lose grip of myself…my eyes were forming tiny droplets that poured down my face. Although my tears had no impact on the ferocity of the spanking…both he and his wife were aware that I had received a message.

That message was…I was to obey or be disciplined. I tried to be as still as I could…but the thrashing of the hairbrush was overwhelming. I kicked my legs and squirmed…and finally, I heard myself say, "Please stop.

Please stop!" He ignored my pleas and continued to punish me. It was Christine that prompted him to continue. "She is to remain silent. She dis-obeyed me…make the next 15 swats painful." Her voice sounded so cruel…and yet, the hairbrush and the strength of her husband were much harsher than her voice. When I was told to get off from his lap…I simply slipped off and fell to the floor.

I was crying with such energy…my bottom was seemingly on fire; I knew that it was beyond just being red. Christine came to my side…she took my arm and encouraged me to stand. With tears rolling down the side of my face, she said. "I cannot tolerate you dis-obeying me. You were told to remain quiet…the hairbrush didn't teach you enough." She then led me to the arm of the sofa.

She persuaded me to bend, to lean over the arm…and so, without a word of complaint; I obeyed her. I never saw the belt. I just felt its sting…I heard my voice, my scream; my body slumped over the arm. The belt once again found its mark…my already reddened, tortured ass was being assaulted with a very harsh implement.



"You will learn to be obedient." Whack! "Maybe this (Whack!) strap will keep your mind (WHACK!) focused." I howled and screamed…the leather seemed to tear into my flesh. I fought back the urge to scream…I fought back the urge to plead. But once again, I failed.

"Please Mistress (WHACK!) "Aaahhhhhh Please, please no more!" (WHACK!) "Once again, you're showing me signs of defiance…and for this, you will pay the price." Her voice was cold.

The strap once again found its mark…I wailed, cried…screamed; tears were rolling down my face. Again and again, the strap arched through the air and landed on my ass…often, my upper thighs were struck. At long last, she stopped. She was standing behind me…I wept openly.

My arms were over my head, I was grasping the side of the sofa, I was grasping the seat cushion…my ass cheeks and upper thighs were burning; I felt the welts forming. Her hand began to caress both of my cheeks…and at long last, she patted my ass cheeks. "Your husband said that you could take a lickin…I'm impressed." Her voice was no longer cold…the gentle side of this woman had returned.

"I'm going to give you ten more strokes, and I want you to count them out loud and say "thank you, Mistress. If you make a mistake, if you become forgetful in your ability to focus, to count; you will be caned." Her voice was very clear and I sensed that she was going to deliver 10 very hard strokes.

SWISH! WHACK! My head shot up from the sofa…the lash of the belt had caught my right thigh. "o-one…thank you Mistress." Every muscle in my body was tense…I felt her presence behind me.

My body ached…in an instant; my voice bounced off the walls in the living room. SWISH! WHACK!

"T-two, thank you, Mistress!" SWISH! WHACK! Oh how I wanted to plead with her…but there was no way I was going to utter a word. "Three, thank you, Mistress!" I cried openly…the pain was excruciating. But there was no way that I was going to lose count. I wanted my punishment to come to its end. SWISH! WHACK! "F-four, thank you, Mistress!" The belt rained down on my ass and thighs; my ass was on fire.

When the 10th stroke of the belt had met my ass cheeks, I simply fell backwards and onto the floor. I curled up into a tight ball and simply cried like a baby. She knelt down beside me…her hand touched my shoulder, her voice was gentle. "When you mis-behave, you can rest assure…I will punish you. Do you promise to be a good girl from this moment forward?" In a weak voice, amidst my crying, I heard myself say, "Yes Mistress." She helped me to stand…she walked me to a corner of the living room.

"You're going to remain in this corner for awhile. If you remove your nose from this corner…you will be punished. If you reach behind, if you touch and or caress your ass cheeks; I will punish you." I uttered my words of understanding…and as my nose touched the corner of the walls; I cried.

My ass was literally on fire.

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My thighs burned…I couldn't see my ass or thighs, but I knew they were bruised and marked. There was no way…at this point in time, that anyone would find my bottom to be attractive.

After a short amount of time, I felt a cream being applied to my ass cheeks and thighs. It was cold…very soothing; her touch was very gentle. She whispered in my ear as she continued to apply the cream. "We want to keep your beautiful ass cheeks nice and soft." I cringed when she seemingly began to trace the welts on my ass cheeks with her fingernails.

In such a loving way, she massaged the cream into my tender thighs. Little by little, the pain seemed to subside…my crying turned into sobs. I rested my nose in the center of the corner; I felt my pussy tingling. She walked away from me…somehow; I sensed that she had returned to the couch. And when she called me away from the corner; I approached her.

Out of the corner of my eye, I had noticed that her husband had removed his boxer shorts. His cock was standing tall. Her instructions were very precise. "I want you to kneel between my husband's legs and suck his cock until he cums. If you don't swallow every drop of his orgasm…you will be punished." A moment later, I knelt between his legs.

He had a very serious look on his face. He was ready to shoot his load.

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His voice was soft. "Open your mouth and use only your lips to stroke my cock." I moistened my lips and did as I was told. My mouth opened…I didn't touch him, I placed my hands down on my knees…the end of his prick came into contact with my lips, my tongue.

I swirled my tongue around the head of his cock…I tasted his pre-cum; his sperm tasted salty. Opening my mouth a bit more…I slowly began the journey of tasting his shaft.

Inch by inch, I pulled his cock into my mouth…the more of his cock that I took into my mouth, the louder and more intense his moans became. I felt the pulse of his cock in my mouth. "You're doing very well. I can see that Steven has trained you well." His voice was very gentle…he was caressing my face, the lips to my mouth. With his cock in my mouth, he was looking into my eyes. "I want you to lick up and down the sides of my cock…and don't forget to lick my balls." This man then settled back into the comfort of the sofa…his legs were spread wide apart.

Christine was seated close by, watching closely. She was playing with her clit…and I could sense her state of arousal. I was going to perform as a submissive should…to perform in a capacity that I was accustomed to; I was owned. Half of this man's cock was in my mouth…I began to move my tongue up and down along his shaft. I wanted to give myself to this man…and slowly, in a progressive state…while my tongue continuously licked his shaft; I felt the head of his cock in my throat.

When I pulled my mouth free…I gasped for air, my saliva was between my mouth and the head of his cock. I plunged my head downward…taking every inch he had to offer me.

Licking his pinkish head…the tip of my tongue traveled along his shaft…and my head went further south. I tickled his balls…lovingly; I took his balls into my mouth and gently sucked them. I went further south…and when my tongue made contact with his anus; he didn't utter a word of discouragement. His moans were consistent…somehow; I sensed that he was getting close to his orgasm.

I darted my tongue against his puckered hole…pushing it in, as far as it could reach. I then began the journey of pushing him to his orgasm.

My mouth engulfed his cock and the rhythm of my head jerking downward, than upward…in time, it proved to be too much for him. He reached for my head and with a firm stronghold…he was using my face, my mouth; he began to pump me with such fervor. His voice rose suddenly…his body quivered…I felt the sudden explosion of sperm hitting the back of my throat.

I held my lips tightly against his shaft…I could feel the gooey liquid slipping down my throat; it was a salty flavor. "Lick it clean…my balls too." His voice was sultry. And like an obedient slave; I obeyed him.

Mistress Christine praised me. She patted me on the head…she kissed my cheek. She then informed me that it was her turn…she sat in a recliner with her leg up on the arm of the chair. Her gleaming pussy was exposed. She motioned me to crawl to her by using her long fingernail. "Spread my pussy lips. Coax my clit out of its sheath with your tongue." She then settled back in the recliner.

I brought my face ever so close to this woman's pussy and inhaled…her aroma, her sexual arousal smelled wonderful. I felt my tongue leave my mouth…my head inched closer and closer and eventually…I felt my tongue move in small circles around her clit. She was salty and sweet and I felt so alive, as I ran my tongue along her inside folds. Suddenly I felt a small, smooth nub emerge. "Oh yes, that's perfect." Christine moaned deeply.

"Now wrap your lips around it. Tightly…now release…do that over and over." Her hand was felt on my head…she already was encouraging me to explore her pussy. She spread her legs even wider…allowing me better access. She began to roll her hips as my tongue flicked her clit…and often, as instructed; I brought her clit into my mouth, my lips tightening around the small bud, sucking gently. I took liberties…as my tongue swirled around her clit, I placed one finger, then another; I slowly began to finger fuck her.

Her breathing became heavier. Removing my two fingers, I then plunged them deep within her pussy. Removing my fingers, I saw that they were coated with her secretions…I brought them to my mouth and cleaned them…she saw this and her moans became more intense; my fingers then delved back into her pussy.

My fingers continued to work their magic…my tongue remained busy…her pussy juices were flowing; I was enjoying this moment. I began to alternate between licking her clit and caressing it with my lips…and when I did this, I couldn't help but notice that Christine was lifting her pelvis off from the sofa…and she began to gyrate against my mouth…faster and faster until she was practically thrusting.

"Fingers--inside me--" she managed to grunt despite her quickly-consuming pleasure. I slid two fingers neatly inside her sopping pussy. "More!" It was more of an order than a request. I gave her two more fingers and began to pump them in and out of her. My mouth, my tongue was away from her pussy…I was watching my fingers as they appeared, then would disappear in her body. "All of them, JoLyn! Do it!" She shrieked in passion. Trying to maintain my work on her pussy around my pumping and her thrusting, I squeezed my thumb against her pussy opening.

Her canal resisted only momentarily, then, as Christine let out a loud, hot moan, it relaxed and my entire fist was lodged inside of her body. I knelt before her in utter shock and amazement…I couldn't believe that my entire hand was now inside this woman's pussy. "Yesssssss." Christine hissed.

When I looked into her eyes, a look of pure wickedness on her flushed and sweaty face told me that she was close to her orgasm. "Twist your hand in me," she ordered. And so, I did.

Such an incredible amount of pussy juices were coated around my fingers and knuckles…large amount of her slime began to drip down around my wrist and arm. "Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!" Christine whined. "Make me come now, JoLyn!" My mouth was back on her pussy in an instant. I flicked my tongue against her nub relentlessly.

Almost instantly I felt a warm swelling in her clit. Her vagina contracted tightly against my twisting hand. "I'm coming," squealed Christine. "JoLyn—JoLyn, here it is!" The next few moments were filled with Christine's cries as she bucked up and down on my fist. I licked and nibbled her pulsating, orgasming clit. It felt good, so right; I had vowed to serve her in an unconditional way. When Christine's orgasm sub-sided, she fell back into the recliner.

I removed my hand, my fist from her pussy…leaning in towards her, she kissed me. Together, we licked and sucked her sweet juices from my hand…pausing every so often to share her secretions in a deep kiss.

Her husband was soon standing by me.his cock was hard and quite large. "Honey, I want to borrow her again. The show she put on…I'm horny and ready to fuck." He then reached for my hair…not wanting to fight his advances, I quickly got up on my feet. He brought me to where he had been seated…quickly; I got the idea that he wanted me to kneel. He stood in front of me…my mouth was already half open, I was expecting that he wanted me to suck his cock again.

Instead, he began to rub the head of his cock against my face He then straddled my chest, his balls were lying between my breasts…and he began to slowly stroke his cock. The head of his cock were only inches away from my mouth…my eyes grew wide; I wanted to feel his cock in my pussy.

It's as if he was able to read my mind. "Ahhhh I see that you want this hard throbbing cock inside of you?" Am I right JoLYn?" He asked. I nodded my head in approval and finally I heard myself say, "Yes Sir." He continued to stroke himself…he was aware that I wanted him.

He reached down between my legs…he placed a finger on my clit. I shivered when I felt his touch. My pussy was wet.

I knew that he was going to enjoy thrusting his cock into my tight wet pussy. He began to rub my clit in a circular motion…my eyes closed and I heard myself moan deeply.

I continued to kneel in a submissive posture. His voice was heavy, but everything he said was true. "Yes indeed JoLyn, you're ready for a good fucking." With one hand stroking his cock, his other hand stand between my legs; his finger slipped into my tight opening. He began to thrust his finger into me…hard and fast…my muscles seemed to contract around his finger.

My moans became intense and I began to thrust my hips against his finger. In a quick moment, he had stood up…with my hair in his grip, he encouraged me to sit on the edge of the sofa. My legs were wide apart…he was bending down, aligning his cock to my wet pussy.

He placed the head of his cock on the opening to my pussy…my body moved towards him and up, hard…I forced his cock into me.

With only a few inches of his cock in my pussy; I moaned deeply. His hands were on my ass…my body was slouched in the sofa…my pussy began to spasm as he entered me. Was his cock 7" in length…could it have been 9". It didn't matter…the size of a man's cock was never a consideration of mine.

I just wanted to know, to feel…that the owner of the cock, knew what to do with it, once it was inside me. This man knew what to do. I wanted to feel every inch…and he began to push himself further into my pussy, stretching me…my nails dug into his chest.

With one final thrust he had entered me… totally and completely. He began to thrust his cock in an out of my pussy…I was wet and so, with relative ease, he began to fuck me as if I was a cheap whore. The heat coming from his loins and from me thrusting against him…well, it proved to be too much. He laid his body against mine and began to pump his cock in and out of my pussy with such fury…my fingernails were dug into his back…my own orgasm, my intense scream was lost in his own orgasmic moan; he shot a load of cum deep into my pussy.

When he stood up, when he removed his cock from my pussy; his wife was on her knees. "Give it to me baby." She said. In one smooth motion, his coated cock; my pussy juices were in the back reaches of Christine's throat. His cum was oozing out of my pussy…there was no controlling that; I was in awe in watching her oral skills. She cupped his balls in her hands…and in such a loving way; she cleaned his cock.

I stayed in position, slumped in the sofa…that is, until she took my hand in hers. It's time for you to come to our bedroom. You have one more hole that needs to be filled. And a moment later, I was following her up the stairs; she led me into a beautiful bedroom. Her husband was close behind us. Once in her bedroom, she held me in her arms…she whispered in my ear, "Kiss me JoLyn." I felt my body against hers…my arms wrapped themselves around her; my tongue was greeted by her tongue.

Her hand touched, caressed my sore ass cheeks…and she lovingly asked me, "Do you want me to fuck your tight little hole?" I replied in an honest way. "Yes Mistress, my asshole belongs to you." She released me from her arms…I watched as she walked over to her dresser.

Another quick moment, I had watched her; she attached a strap-on around her waist. She had placed a small plug into her pussy…and I knew it was for effect; for her pleasure.

The "cock" was large…perhaps, even larger than her husband's cock. My eyes grew wide. She approached me from behind…she kissed my neck, she nibbled my ear, I felt the "cock" against my ass cheeks. Fully aware, that in a moment's notice, it would be in my ass. She led me close to the bed…she moved up behind me and I could feel the "cock" working its way between my legs, she put her arms around me and took my breasts in her hands.

She caressed and lightly pinched my nipples and whispered to me, "JoLyn, I know your ass cheeks are sore and tender…but, I'm going to fuck your ass long and hard. Your ass has a purpose and I'm going to exploit that purpose." She then pushed me, encouraging me to get up on the bed. Her voice was commanding, "Get on all fours JoLyn, put your head on the bed open your legs and reach back and open your beautiful ass for me." I did as commanded, my breath coming in gasps, I couldn't believe that one of my fantasies was about to come true.

I wondered how much my husband had orchestrated this whole experience. I reached back and pulled my ass cheeks apart exposing myself to this woman. Suddenly I felt her hands on my ass cheeks…she was pulling them further apart. I then felt her hot breath softly blowing on my puckered ring. I knew she was going to lick my darkened hole…I grimaced in discomfort, the pain from her grasp; my bruised ass cheeks were being stimulated.

And then, a mixture of pleasure and pain seemed to settle into my brain…I moaned deeply when I felt her tongue run up my ass crack. She tickled my pussy with her tongue…her tongue then lingered and circled my asshole…then she ran her tongue upwards…slowly sliding her tongue back down.

Once again, I withered in pleasure when her tongue stopped at my small entrance…she began to put some pressure on my hole…I began to gasp when she started to fuck my ass with her tongue. I felt myself bucking backwards…as if I my asshole was greeting her tongue. Her hands came around to the front of my body, my thighs…she started to pull me back against her…the tip of her tongue works itself into my asshole; I moaned with pleasure.

My entire body shivered, when I felt something cool pour on top of my ass, then I felt her hand caressing the oil all over my ass cheeks. The coolness of the oil felt wonderful against my bruised ass cheeks…her fingers began to slide up and down the crack of my ass…I shivered again, when her finger began to work its way into my asshole.

I winced a bit…when her finger first slid into my ass…when her fingernail pushed past my puckered hole; I felt some discomfort.

That discomfort subsided…I raised my ass higher into the air, encouraging her to do whatever she wanted. She must have sensed this…because; she then pushed two fingers into my tight little hole.

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Pure lust took over…I began to hump her fingers…in my heart, I was singing a happy tune; my asshole was clean. She started to really work my ass over…finger fucking me with such energy…preparing me for her strap-on. Then her fingers were gone, I was starting to feel empty and disappointed when suddenly I felt the tip of the "cock" touch my puckered ring.

I tensed waiting for the pain of pleasure that was about to invade my body. Slowly she pushed the head against my ass…I could feel my ass ring slowly stretching as the "cock" slowly entered me. Suddenly it slipped in; I moaned as I felt my asshole release as the "cock" slipped all the way in.

At first, she began thrusting in and out…slowly, in a very gentle way. As if she was able to sense that my ass could accommodate her "cock," she put her hands on my hips and pulled me back onto her…and then she delivered the fucking that I was begging for.

She changed her pace and technique…slowly pulling the "cock" out and pushing it all the way back in. Her pace increased…her sexual energy was at its peak…she began to fuck me with such fervor. I was losing my breath as her "cock" began to assault my asshole…I knew the little plug in her pussy was doing its job; her moans were intense.

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I felt more lubrication being applied and noticed that her husband was assisting in that. I never felt him joining us on the bed…but it was nice to have him close by. Her voice squealed in pure delight…one final hard thrust; Christine had reached her orgasm. The "cock" glistened in the bedroom light…and I didn't hesitate in cleaning her "cock" upon hearing her direction. "Whenever you visit me in the future JoLyn…I'm going to always require a clean ass." My lips touched hers…our tongues danced together.

It was late in the night when we eventually fell asleep. In the morning…my husband greeted me at their front door. "Your husband is going to be picking you up soon. When he arrives, you should drop to your knees and thank him for this experience." I could only agree with her…her reasoning was accurate.

When the front door had closed…I was on my knees, undoing my husband's pants. He didn't argue…and he filled my mouth up with his cum.

We spent the day together…later that night; we all enjoyed each other's sexuality. My husband, my mentor and Master…provided me with a safe experience. One that I will never forget.