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It's been a weird couple of weeks since Father's Day. My family has been coming together supporting one another. There has been a few other changes which have caught my eyes.Simone and Vanessa. Both have well been flirting with me, and showing me affection other then a niece to her uncle.

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I have been a bit worried about the way they come up to me in front of my wives and loves placing their arms around me and kissing me.

It's at those times I hear giggles. I look to see Simon, Lisa, Savannah, and Megan to see them smiling at me. I don't know what they expect to happen, but I shake the thought from my head. I have even told those that have my heart my thoughts to only get smiles with their feelings being 'Whatever happens let it happen'. I look to Renee, Jessie, and Tessa asking them what they thought. Tessa told me that her granddaughters couldn't pick a better man then me to love in their hearts.

Renee and Jessie agreed with her which I should of known they would. I let the subject drop taking their words as advice. I truly didn't know what to think really, but wasn't going to push, or hurt those that I was married to or loved in the bedroom meaning my loves.

Hell I had so many that loved me in every way. My beautiful wives Jasmine, Diamond, Hannah, Jessie, and Tiffany. My beautiful loves Allison, Renee, Faye, Jackie, Tessa, Ellie, Verna, Kiko, and Mom. I have slept with Michelle and Selena to let them be mothers since Adam and Chris couldn't due to unfair circumstances.

I admit Chris's situation was due to my uncalled for temper as I kicked him a bit too hard between the legs. They think Lil Heath was a miracle to keep their love together and strong. Just a week ago Travis confronted me asking me to help with Kaye. I asked him if you really wanted me to be with Kaye in that way. He responded with a smile saying if she was happy to be pregnant, and experience conceiving a baby then so be it.

The baby would still have our blood line regardless. I told him I would think about it. I needed to figure out my feelings about the matter and told him I needed to talk with my loves. Today was July 4th and like the past years Ron, Gina, and Tracey have put on their fireworks shows on the beach. This year they asks Adam, Jack, Justin, and Nicky to help. They each told them they would love to help. I thought about a few things to only smile as this would be Allison, Lindsey, and my Alabama family's first year to witness a beautiful sight.

During the afternoon Adam and the guys went to help Ron and William set things up for the night. The kids were all excited about what tonight was going to bring. Karen and the others were filling Lindsey in making her eyes go wide. I chuckled as her expression was priceless.Simone and Vanessa were both hanging with my ladies and I. I could see they were looking at me like love struck young women.

Although I remembered what my loves told me, and just stayed calm until things seemed to cross a line. And the day went by with the family all celebrating on the beach with Simone and Vanessa staying close to me getting me a beer here and there plus a burger after Jack got done cooking them.

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I could see the women of the family smiling at the two showing me love in their own way. The kids were all playing in the sand while my loves held our other little ones under the big umbrellas to shade them from the sun. The guys were all playing Volley ball while their ladies watched on. I chuckled as Ellie, Verna, and Kiko had smiles seeing their husbands sweaty bodies glisten in the sun.

It was after dinner that everyone gathered beach towels, refilled coolers, and the baby carriers. We all ventured down to the beach. I was helped by Renee and Tessa because I was still a bit sore in my ribs.

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Once down on the beach I was sat in my lounge chair with my ladies all next to me on either side. Lindsey got in my lap, because Karen insisted since it was her first time to see the show. Karen and the boys sat with their mothers. Everyone got situated before Gina spoke up on her bullhorn. " HELLO EVERYONE, FAMILY, FRIENDS, AND GUEST. LIKE EVERY YEAR MY FAMILY HOST THE FIREWORKS SHOW!" She says getting a applause before going on " THIS YEAR WE WOULD LIKE TO WELCOME OUR NEW FAMILY MEMEBERS.


NOW WITH NO FURTHER ADO PLEASE ENJOY THE SHOW!" She says before the first firework is lit shooting up into the night sky at 9 o'clock that night " Oh wow it's so pretty daddy." Lindsey says with a beautiful smile We hear the little ones giggle while watching from the carriers.

It is a wonderful night with everyone having fun. Lindsey laid her back against my chest to look up at the sky being lit up. All my kids enjoyed themselves as did the adults. Damon was recording the whole event so we would have something to remember by.

Kevin seemed to enjoy the show also, but was more in the line of standing watch. I guess after everything was told to him Kevin brought it upon himself to be my bodyguard. " You enjoying the show baby girl?" Allison asked our daughter with a smile " Yes I am mommy are you?" Lindsey answers only to ask in return " Yes I am as this feels like a celebration for us being with your daddy and our new family." Allison says taking my hand in her right since she was sitting on my left Lindsey nodded agreeing not taking her eyes off the sky.

I squeezed Allison's hand letting her know I was happy they were here. After the next two hours went by the show was over. My family gathered up the kids and stuff making their way up to the house. " You coming baby?" Allison asked being concerned " No thinking I'll sit for a few moments listening to the waves.

Go on ahead I'll be in shortly." I answer telling her to only get a kiss on my lips As she made her way taking her towel in tow. I scooted my lounge chair around to the ocean to watch the moonlight shine upon the water.

I thought of how the day went to only smile. Just like the kids I had fun along with the family. I hadn't had so much fun in awhile. I closed my eyes just to relax them since I haven't all through the day. Before I knew it the last thing I heard was the ocean waves clash with the rocks in the distance. The next week and a half went by with the family preparing for the up coming birthdays: Lil Heath, Lindsey's, and mine.

I thought of what to get the two for their birthdays. It had to be something very nice. ========================================================================================================================================== From here on the story is in Nick‭'‬s point of view I have been missing my family for so long that I thought a surprise visit would be nice.‭ ‬I have called Savannah everyday except for Tuesday but I never got a answer from her or Megan.‭ ‬It‭'‬s Thursday a day before little Heath‭'‬s birthday around‭ ‬3‭ ‬in the afternoon that I pull up in front of the house that my family came to stay.‭ ‬The last I talked with Savannah she told me Simone has fallen in love with Heath and Megan and her planned to give‭ ‬her to Heath as a birthday gift.‭ ‬I am outright mad but she tells me Simone is eighteen and can choose her own man.‭ ‬I also get informed that Vanessa has fallen in love with Heath and Lisa planned to do the same.‭ ‬Before I can object Savannah hangs up.‭ ‬I had‭ ‬Heath‭'‬s birthday gift on the trailer along with an old promise I made to Kevin.‭ ‬I planned to talk to both and try to bury the hatchet because I was so lost without my family.‭ ‬I I NEEDED them back in my life.‭ ‬After getting out of my truck I made my way to the front door only to stop dead in my tracks.‭ ‬I noticed the door was open a bit but I didn't hear any voices.‭ ‬There was a foul odor coming from behind it.‭ ‬I pulled my Smith and Wesson from it‭'‬s holster.‭ ‬I placed my hand on the door to just push it open hearing it creak.‭ ‬The odor got stronger while I placed my left hand over my nose.‭ ‬I made my way in just to stop dead in my tracks again,‭ ‬but this time my eyes went wide.‭ ‬The scene in front of me looked like a living nightmare with bodies everywhere.‭ ‬I thought they were all playing a joke on me for all the shit I had pulled before Mother‭'‬s Day and had to laugh.

‭"‬ Ok you all this isn‭'‬t funny.‭"‬ I say only to get silence except for some whimpering before I continued‭ "‬ Really you can get up now this isn't funny.‭" I took a few steps to come up on Kevin laying on the floor with his eyes open.‭ ‬I kneeled down to place two fingers on his left wrist.‭ ‬There was no pulse while I looked at the bullet hole between his eyes.‭ ‬I felt a sick feeling in my stomach and I looked around to notice more and more things that just shouldn't be.‭ ‬I heard the whimper again,‭ ‬but listened to find it coming from the back sliding door.‭ ‬I lifted up my gun pointing it in the direction while I stood.‭ ‬I made my way over while not trying to step on those I loved so dearly.‭ ‬Once over I see it‭'‬s Batty.‭ ‬He is badly hurt,‭ ‬but still fighting to stay alive watching over the other dogs who have been shot and passed.‭ ‬I see him licking his wounds,‭ ‬but the body he is by makes me drop my gun while‭ ‬I go to my knees next to her.‭ ‬I pick the body up to find it stiff.‭ ‬I feel my heartbreak as I turn her in my arms.‭ ‬I see her eyes are closed while I move a strain of hair from her face.‭ ‬It was my dearest Savannah.‭ ‬My heart that gave me so much.‭ ‬I shake my head back and forth while feeling my anger build.

‭"‬ OH GOD NOO‭!"‬ I yell at the top of my voice before hearing a faint voice ‭"‬ Nick‭?"‬ I hear coming from the floor I turn to look and see it‭'‬s my little Karen.‭ ‬I place Savannah softly on the floor,‭ ‬but give her a kiss on the lips one last time.‭ ‬I feel tears start to form,‭ ‬but fight myself to stay strong.‭ ‬Once I place my dearest wife down I pick Karen up.‭ ‬Her clothes are soaked in blood and urine while I turn to look at Savannah to see a few bullet holes in her chest.‭ ‬I shake my head pulling Karen to me while she cries.‭ ‬I hold her close so she knows she is safe.

‭"‬ I am so sorry I wasn‭'‬t here baby girl.‭"‬ I say feeling her arms around my neck ‭"‬ Why‭? ‬Why.did he do all this‭?"‬ She says through her sobs ‭"‬ Who honey‭? ‬Who did all this bloodshed‭?"‬ I ask hearing her cry so hard It‭'‬s at that moment she says one name I will always remember for the rest of my life.

‭"‬ Jaime.‭"‬ Karen says while I sit back on my feet holding the only survivor that I know of except for Batty ‭"‬ Karen I need to look around for the others.‭ ‬I need to see if anyone else is alive.‭"‬ I say feeling her head shake back and forth ‭"‬ NO DON‭'‬T LEAVE ME.ALONE‭!"‬ She screams out while I rub her back ‭"‬ I am not going to leave you baby girl.‭ ‬I just need to know if any of our other family members are alive.‭"‬ I tell her while hearing Batty still whimpering ‭"‬ promise‭?"‬ She asks in a very sad voice ‭"‬ Yes I promise,‭ ‬but first you need to get cleaned up.‭ ‬How long have you been under.under your grandma Savannah‭?"‬ I ask while smelling urine and feces ‭"‬ Two days.‭ ‬I couldn‭'‬t get out from under her because I was so scared that he would come back.‭ ‬Batty stayed by me.‭"‬ She explains while I turn to see him so badly hurt ‭"‬ He must of held up for awhile‭?"‬ I ask stating to get a slow nod ‭"‬ He did grampie after.after grammie Vannah tried to save me he fought Jaime,‭ ‬but he got hurt protecting us.‭"‬ Karen exclaims while I nod ‭"‬ Then we need to take care of him,‭ ‬but you first.‭"‬ I say while she slowly nods ‭"‬ I.I need clothes,‭ ‬and but I am to scared to go get them.‭"‬ She says while I think of what to do ‭"‬ Tell you what I will go up and get them,‭ ‬but I need you to promise me you will not leave the bathroom until I come back.‭ ‬Do you understand baby girl‭?‬" I exclaim asking to get a quiet nod I hold onto her while standing up before I make sure she can‭'‬t see all the bodies that surrounded us.‭ ‬I was used to carnage but this even made my body quiver with disgust and sadness.‭ ‬I could only image what she would‭ ‬feel.‭ ‬I made our way to one of the bathrooms on the first floor.‭ ‬I came to what was Jack,‭ ‬Sierra,‭ ‬and Mandy‭'‬s room.‭ ‬I don‭'‬t see anyone inside while I put her on the bed.

‭"‬ Now stay in here until I get back sweetheart.‭ ‬I will go get Batty and bring him in here so I know you both are safe.‭ ‬So get out of those clothes.‭ ‬After you're done put a towel around you until I get back.‭ ‬Promise me you will stay in here.‭"‬ I explain to see her nod ‭"‬ I promise grampy,‭ ‬but please don‭'‬t leave me in here alone I am so scared.‭"‬ She says while I give her a quick hug ‭"‬ I promise now go take a bath and get cleaned up.‭ ‬I will go get Batty for you.‭"‬ I say letting her go.‭ ‬I turned making my way out only to pull the door to but still a bit open so I could bring Batty back I made my way back seeing Sasha and Lucy‭'‬s throats slashed and bullet wounds in their chest.‭ ‬My sisters that I cared for where done the same as everyone else.‭ ‬I notice Lisa and Shelby are the same.‭ ‬I cry remembering growing up and when I thought Sasha and Lucy were‭ ‬my real sisters to find out years laters is was Lisa and Shelby.‭ ‬The adoption when Sasha and Lucy became my sisters again.‭ ‬It hurts that I wasn't here to protect them.‭ ‬I notice my dearest Megan was face down in a puddle of blood.‭ ‬I pick her up to kiss my other love one final time to place her back just as I had found her.‭ ‬Again I held back my tears getting over to Batman.‭ ‬I squatted down to gently pick him up to hear a whimper.

‭"‬ I know boy your hurt,‭ ‬but I need you in the same room with Karen.‭ ‬I promise to‭ ‬be gentle picking you up ok‭?"‬ I say seeing his sadness but know he is hurt more emotionally than physically.

I could only imagine how he felt seeing the family he protected all this time all laying dead on the floor.‭ ‬I stood trying to hold him comfortably in my arms.‭ ‬Making it back to the bedroom my oldest daughters once slept in.‭ ‬I pushed the door open to hear‭ ‬water running.‭ ‬I went over to the bed to only place a brave soul upon it.‭ ‬He let out another whimper in the process.‭ ‬I sat for a moment to show him I cared for him.

‭"‬ Shhh I know boy,‭ ‬I know just relax here.‭ ‬You and Karen are safe now.‭ ‬Just keep a eye out for me ok.‭ ‬If you hear anything bark as loud as you can.‭"‬ I say to see his eyes show understanding For as long I have known him he still amazes me.‭ ‬I got up from the bed to only go to the bathroom door.‭ ‬Karen left it open a bit which I was glad so I could make sure she was ok.

‭"‬ Karen I will be back but you stay in this bedroom ok.‭"‬ I say with a heavy heart hearing her cry ‭"‬ Ok.‭"‬ She says while I shake my head trying to wonder why of all days this little girl had to cry I made my way out of the room to return to Savannah‭'‬s body.‭ ‬I kneeled down to pick my gun up putting it back in it‭'‬s holster.‭ ‬I stayed there for a moment to look in her ghostly eyes that were not blue any longer.‭ ‬I reached down to close them.

‭"‬ I will always love you my dearest heart.‭"‬ I proclaimed only to stand up feeling lost as she was always the light in my heart along with Megan I looked around at the bodies Ellie,‭ ‬Verna,‭ ‬Kiko,‭ ‬and Megan were a few steps from Savannah.‭ ‬My guess shielding her,‭ ‬but at a cost that ended horribly.‭ ‬Gray was slumped in a chair with his head lowered.‭ ‬Gina,‭ ‬Tracey,‭ ‬and Ron looked like they were trying to save Lindsey and Serena,‭ ‬but didn‭'‬t accomplish that situation.‭ ‬Both girls were just limp in Gina and Tracey‭'‬s arms.‭ ‬Simone had Dakota while Vanessa had Lil Greg.‭ ‬Lil Heath was just steps away and I see he took a couple rounds to the back.‭ ‬It looked like they tried to help the boys get away towards the kitchen I presumed,‭ ‬but didn‭'‬t get far.‭ ‬I go to kiss the heads of my two youngest daughters.‭ ‬I know Vanessa wasn't‭ ‬mine but I helped raise her like Jessie and Renee.‭ ‬There was blood every where.‭ ‬I see Justin,‭ ‬Nicky,‭ ‬and Damon slumped into chairs or against a wall.‭ ‬They didn't even get a chance to fight back.‭ ‬I notice Mike,‭ ‬Ricky and Nate are shot quite a few times and‭ ‬guess Jaime thought they'd just quite after being shot once or twice.‭ ‬I decided to make my way up the stairs to see if just maybe anyone else survived,‭ ‬but a part of me knew that no one did.‭ ‬Once upstairs I made my way to the kids room.‭ ‬I stopped at the door to see two words‭ ‬' Bad kids‭'‬ written in blood.‭ ‬I grabbed the door knob holding my breath with that hopeful feeling.‭ ‬I turned the knob opening the door.‭ ‬I stepped in to see Jack and Adam face down on the floor.‭ ‬I looked over at the bed to see Sierra,‭ ‬Mandy,‭ ‬and Michelle all in bed as if protecting their kids,‭ ‬nephews,‭ ‬and nieces.‭ ‬I felt my anger turn to something that I did not want to come out.‭ ‬I went to my daughters to only place a kiss on their foreheads.‭ ‬I kiss Michelle since she would be my youngest‭ ‬sister by marriage but also she felt like a daughter.‭ ‬I shed a tear while I look at the evil actions of a man I promise to kill one day.

‭"‬ I am so sorry I was not here to protect you all.‭"‬ I told them while seeing all the babies laying in blood I felt sick‭ ‬as I turned and threw up on the floor.‭ ‬I was strong,‭ ‬but seeing‭ ‬9‭ ‬defenseless babies laying in a blood soaked bed was too much.‭ ‬I made my way to the closet to get Karen some clothes.‭ ‬I really didn‭'‬t know what to grab so I grabbed a sundress that Savannah‭ ‬and Megan got for her.‭ ‬I went to the dresser and grabbed a pair of panties for her.‭ ‬With both in hand I made my way out of the room.‭ ‬I stopped to grasp what I was going to do.‭ ‬I know I needed to call the police,‭ ‬but also I needed to get a idea of what happened.‭ ‬There was so many questions unanswered.‭ ‬I turned to look at a bedroom door I was very afraid to look in.‭ ‬With a very broken heart I made my way to the room that was Heath‭'‬s and the rest of the family.‭ ‬I walked in and suddenly without notice dropped to my knees.‭ ‬The scene was so graphic that I threw up again.‭ ‬To the left in a chair was Heath tied up with duct tape over his mouth.‭ ‬His head was supported back as if he was made to watch.‭ ‬On either side of him was E.P.‭ ‬and Jax laying dead on the floor.‭ ‬To‭ ‬the right in another chair was Chris not just tied up but with Selena in his lap.‭ ‬They both were shot in the head,‭ ‬but for some reason something felt off about the two.‭ ‬I got back to my feet to make my way to Heath.‭ ‬His eyes were wide open with a look of fear and anger mixed.‭ ‬His chest was craved up with words that were untrue.‭ ‬I turned to look at the women that I loved as sisters and mothers.‭ ‬All stripped of clothing and their humanity.‭ ‬Jasmine‭'‬s legs were spread with a broom handle up inside her and I saw‭ ‬blood knowing she died because of it.‭ ‬Hannah and Diamond were taped together but someone had viciously caved their heads in together.‭ ‬I notice Tiffany had her eyes removed before almost being beheaded.‭ ‬I felt tears while each one that had a baby in them were the same with something up inside that should of never been there.‭ ‬Maggie was slashed up and down with her breast hanging on barely.‭ ‬What really made me start to feel such rage was my dearest mother‭'‬s face was blown off.‭ ‬There was no way to recognize her except for the tattoo of dad‭'‬s name on her breast.‭ ‬What was the most horrible in that room was Renee.‭ ‬Her face showed so much hurt,‭ ‬fear,‭ ‬and hate.‭ ‬In her right hand was what looked like a fetus.‭ ‬I followed the cord that was going down to see it come out of her stomach.‭ ‬I couldn‭'‬t believe what I was seeing.‭ ‬Her unborn child was actually pulled out of her and placed in her hand.‭ ‬I noticed something in her other hand.‭ ‬I made my way around to only take it out of her hand.‭ ‬It was a letter of some sort.‭ ‬I opened it to only read it.

‭"‬ Nick if your reading this then you have seen what I did for you and me.‭ ‬You don‭'‬t have to worry about them making life hard for you now.‭ ‬You don‭'‬t have to worry about the grandbabies turning into their parents with the incest and intermixing.‭ ‬Well got to go have a nice day.J‭"‬ Reading his words fueled my rage.‭ ‬I look back to notice everyone of the girls had words carved into them of SLUT,‭ ‬WHORE,‭ ‬CUNT,‭ ‬CUM DUMPSTER.

He took my life from me and that was my family.‭ ‬I crumbled the letter letting it fall.‭ ‬I looked around at those that were my family.‭ ‬I thought of Karen at that moment.‭ ‬I had to gather up what would be the most important thing to remember them all by meaning her parents.‭ ‬I took all the wedding and promise rings that Heath gave to them.‭ ‬When I got to Tiffany I could see she was holding something.‭ ‬I opened her hand and there was a picture of her and Karen.‭ ‬I placed it in the pocket of my vest to give to Karen later.‭ ‬I placed all the rings in my back left jean pocket because‭ ‬I wanted to give them to Karen one day soon.‭ ‬I took all the necklaces because once again I know they would mean more to Karen.‭ ‬I had to focus and not break because her and Batty needed me to be strong,‭ ‬but one thing was for sure Jaime was going to get his‭ ‬if I ever saw that punk again.‭ ‬I turned to Heath taking the few steps to him.‭ ‬I took his wedding ring and necklace tucking them safe in with the other rings before I went to one knee looking up at his face.

‭"‬ I swear little brother I will get vengeance for what has happened to our family.‭ ‬I swear on all I am that I will make him pay.‭ ‬I vow to you and those that were Karen‭'‬s mothers I will keep her safe.‭ ‬I will never forget you little brother because you were right about us being a family.‭"‬ I say with tears‭ ‬until I hear Karen yell for me I quickly stood wiping my eyes before making my way back down to her.‭ ‬I took the rings that Eillie,‭ ‬Verna,‭ ‬and Kiko had on that were the same as the others Heath took into his heart.I also notice Selina has one and chuckle because Heath had added one more.‭ ‬I made my way to the bedroom to see Karen standing in a towel just a few steps inside.‭ ‬I dropped the clothes to only pick her up in my arms holding her tight.‭ ‬She held onto me.

‭"‬ Daddy and mommy are dead aren‭'‬t they‭?"‬ She asks while I sadly nodded ‭"‬ Yes baby girl I am so sorry I could not have gotten here sooner.‭"‬ I say feeling two hands on my face making me remember the time I had killed Gail and Sierra saving me from my own pain ‭"‬ It‭'‬s not your fault grampy.‭ ‬He would of killed you too.‭ ‬Don‭'‬t leave me grampy Nick.‭"‬ Karen says with tears as I hold her tight ‭"‬ Never honey because we only have each other now.‭ ‬Why don‭'‬t you change while I make a call.‭"‬ I say letting her down and she picks up her clothes I had gotten her ‭"‬ Who are you going to call grampie‭?"‬ She asks while I turn my back to her ‭"‬ The police sweetheart.‭"‬ I say while Karen hugs my leg I look down to see she is dressed and a graze across her forehead.

‭"‬ Oh sweetheart your head.‭ ‬Does it hurt baby girl‭?"‬ I ask to get‭ ‬a nod ‭"‬ Yeah,‭ ‬but not as much as my heart grampie.‭"‬ She says while I nod in agreeing I hear,‭"‬911‭ ‬what is the matter of your call‭?" ‬the voice says while I respond.‭ ‬I tell the person that my family is dead and I need the sheriff here asap.‭ ‬The dispatcher keeps me on the line while sending officers to the house.‭ ‬I tell her I need a paramedic since the only survivor needed some tending to.‭ ‬After a bit I hear sirens.‭ ‬I hang up to wait for them to pull up.‭ ‬I go over to pick Karen up having her place her head on‭ ‬my chest and promising me that she will not look.‭ ‬I walk out of the room past all the bodies to the front door.‭ ‬I step out seeing the sheriff and his deputies.‭ ‬They all surround Karen and I guns drawn.‭ ‬He walks up to me asking what have I done.‭ ‬Karen speaks up for me.

‭"‬ YOU LEAVE MY GRAMPY ALONE‭! ‬HE DIDN‭'‬T DO ANYTHING WRONG IT WAS JAIME AND THE BAD MEN‭!"‬ She yells catching everyone‭'‬s attention ‭"‬ You mean Jaime Lohr young lady‭?"‬ One of the deputies asks ‭"‬ Yes she does.‭ ‬I hate to ask but can anyone get a vet‭ ‬here because the family dog is in one of the bedrooms on the first floor and needs help.‭"‬ I ask while Karen and I cry ‭"‬ Yes I will get our vet here.‭ ‬Nick you and Karen need to sit while my people and I go in to see what we can find out.‭"‬ The Sheriff says while I nod ‭"‬ Sheriff Johnson‭?"‬ I say seeing him nod worried,‭"‬ will not like what you see.‭ ‬I threw up a few times after seeing such carnage.‭" He looks between Karen and I before he nods.‭ ‬Karen and I get escorted to my truck as I pull the tailgate down.‭ ‬A female deputy sits next to us to start questioning us both.‭ ‬Karen being the strong little girl answered to her best ability.‭ ‬I cried when she‭ ‬said that Savannah sacrificed her life to save Karen.‭ ‬That Ellie,‭ ‬Verna,‭ ‬Kiko,‭ ‬Megan,‭ ‬Shelby,‭ ‬Lisa,‭ ‬Sasha,‭ ‬and Lucy all stood infront of them to get Karen to the back door,‭ ‬but were shot down in one fell swoop.‭ ‬The deputy was choking up asking her questions.‭ ‬When Karen related that Kevin tried to stand up to Jaime he was the first to be shot.‭ ‬My son that always hated me was standing up for our family to only be taken down.‭ ‬While she explained all I could do was cry holding Karen in my arms.‭ ‬I never‭ ‬got to make things right and because of Jaime I never would.

Sheriff Johnson came over after a hour just as the paramedics were getting done checking Karen out.‭ ‬He had tears in his eyes.‭ ‬He took Karen from me to only hold her.

‭"‬ I am so sorry Karen,‭ ‬I am so sorry.‭"‬ He said to her as she held on to his neck ‭"‬ It‭'‬s ok papa Johnson.‭ ‬I am just glad grampie Nick showed up or Batty and I would of never been found and saved.‭"‬ Karen says while the Sheriff Johnson pulls me to him ‭"‬ Me too baby girl.‭"‬ He says as I hug them both After the hugs and he hands Karen back to me.‭ ‬He starts explaining what he saw that I didn‭'‬t.‭ ‬It seems William and Debra had their tazers in hand but never got to fire them.‭ ‬Simon,‭ ‬Caleb,‭ ‬Nicky,‭ ‬and Justin had their guns drawn but also didn‭'‬t get to fire them.‭ ‬All the phones were destroyed and the lines ripped from the walls.‭ ‬He in a short summary thinks there was way more then Jaime and a friend.‭ ‬That Jaime was the ring leader of them all.‭ ‬It makes sense because my brothers were battle proven‭ ‬and it would damn tough to take them down just being that little asshole.‭ ‬Karen looked down as if thinking.

‭"‬ Karen was there more then Jaime here‭?"‬ I ask to see her look up at us both ‭"‬ I can‭'‬t remember grampy.‭ ‬It happened so sudden.‭ ‬I was upstairs helping Grammie Vannah change.change Tina.‭ ‬Oh god Tina and Maggie May.‭ ‬My brothers and sisters are gone.‭ ‬What am I going to do now‭? ‬I lost everyone.‭"‬ She says breaking down in my arms ‭"‬ That‭'‬s not true honey you have Nick and I.‭"‬ Sheriff Johnson says with a calm voice ‭"‬ I know,‭ ‬but I don‭'‬t have anyone to play Barbie with,‭ ‬or Snow White with.‭"‬ She says while I rub her back ‭"‬ Karen honey I have a adoptive niece that will like playing Barbie and Snow White with you.‭"‬ I say seeing her look up at me ‭"‬ do‭?"‬ She asks getting a nod ‭"‬ Yes I do.‭ ‬You will meet her in a week.‭"‬ I say seeing a faint smile ‭"‬ Ok,‭ ‬but can.can I get my Snow White Barbie please.‭"‬ She asks while I look at the sheriff ‭"‬ Honey right now you or Nick don‭'‬t need to go back in there.‭ ‬Tell you what I will go get it for you.‭"‬ He says only to be cut off ‭"‬ No sheriff I will.‭"‬ His female deputy says shocking Karen ‭"‬ will ma‭'‬am‭?"‬ My little brave granddaughter says asking ‭"‬ Mhm where is it honey‭?

‬And you can call me Vivian.‭"‬ Vivian says with a small smile ‭"‬ It‭'‬s in Tina‭'‬s bed.‭ ‬I was letting her play with it.‭ ‬Could.could you get Lindsey‭'‬s Cinderella dolly for me‭? ‬I want to hold it like she would.‭"‬ Karen says with tears ‭"‬ Of course honey you just stay here and I will be right back.‭"‬ Vivian says while I see the coroner pull up ‭"‬ So how long do you think it will take to um‭?"‬ I try to ask but he cuts me off ‭"‬ I think most of the evening.‭"‬ He says with a sigh looking at the street and then over at Gina‭'‬s,‭"‬ Nick I know this is a bad time,‭ ‬but maybe you and Karen should stay over at Ron and Gina‭'‬s for a few days.‭ ‬It‭'‬s going to take a few days to get the smell out.‭ ‬I have all the windows open.‭" " You maybe right because it will take a few days or a week to get things taken care of.‭ ‬I need to get in touch with Heath‭'‬s lawyer.‭"‬ I say to see him nod ‭"‬ I‭'‬ll get a hold of Eric for you.‭ ‬I am sure he will need to get with Karen.‭"‬ He says while I sit with Karen on the tail gate and I remember something,‭"‬ Sheriff I wish I got up here sooner.‭ ‬I could of probably saved more of my family.‭" " Nick if you did,‭ ‬you might of died too.‭ ‬Don‭'‬t doubt yourself since you saved Karen from dying without food or water.‭ ‬Just think of how long this brave little girl was stuck under her grammie.‭"‬ He says while looking at Karen to continue‭ "‬Karen how long were you under Savannah‭?" " Since Tuesday night before it was time for bed.‭"‬ She says while Sheriff Johnson and I nod ‭"‬ At least that gives us a time frame.‭ ‬Damn I wish William was here.‭"‬ Sheriff Johnson says while I nod ‭"‬ Yeah I know,‭ ‬and I know where your going with that thought.‭ ‬Sheriff this is my kin and I will do what William can‭'‬t.‭"‬ I say seeing him shake his head ‭"‬ Nick I loved you all as my family also and still do.‭ ‬WE both will deal with this.‭"‬ He says while Vivian returns with a bag and a few dolls ‭"‬ Here you go sweetie.‭ ‬I didn‭'‬t know what clothes were yours so I grabbed them all.‭"‬ Vivian says handing Karen the Barbie dolls ‭"‬ Thank you Vivian and it‭'‬s ok on the clothes.‭"‬ Karen says with tears before she continues‭ "‬ Lindsey if you can hear me I love you sissy and always will.‭ ‬I have your Barbie and will protect it forever.‭" At that moment I noticed Vivian show tears before she dropped the bag.‭ ‬She came over and picked Karen up holding her.

‭"‬ I am sure she heard you honey.‭ ‬I am sure your brothers and sisters are smiling down knowing you are safe.‭"‬ Vivian says getting a nod ‭"‬ I know and hope they are.‭"‬ Karen says laying her head on Vivian‭'‬s left shoulder ‭"‬ Sheriff is it ok if I watch over Mr.‭ ‬Covington and Karen‭?"‬ She asks while he looks at her ‭"‬ Are you sure Vivian‭? ‬I am sure Nick can watch over himself and Karen.‭"‬ He says while I nod ‭"‬ Yes I am sure because he has a lot on his plate right now,‭ ‬and besides I.I care for them both.‭"‬ Vivan says while I see Karen seem peaceful in Vivian‭'‬s arms ‭"‬ Sheriff I think it will be alright.‭ ‬I will need a woman around to help me with my little granddaughter.‭"‬ I say to get a nod ‭"‬ Grampie I can dress myself.‭"‬ Karen says getting a giggle and chuckle ‭"‬ I know you can baby girl,‭ ‬but bathing you is one thing I won‭'‬t do.‭ ‬I always made your grammies bath the girls.‭"‬ I say getting her to giggle which I was trying to do ‭"‬ Your silly grampie.‭"‬ Karen says while I shrug After talking a bit more Sheriff Johnson went in to get Ron‭'‬s keys.‭ ‬They all had Karen and I stay out of the house.‭ ‬Once he returned he handed me the keys.‭ ‬Karen asked about Batty.‭ ‬He stated one of his deputies was with Batty at the vet‭'‬s and would bring him home when the vet said it was ok.‭ ‬She nodded saying thank you.‭ ‬I picked up‭ ‬the trash bag before heading over to Ron,‭ ‬Gina,‭ ‬and Tracey‭'‬s.‭ ‬Vivian followed with Karen not far behind.‭ ‬Once in the house I placed the trash bag of clothes by the coffee table.‭ ‬Vivian and I had Karen stay in the living room while we looked around.‭ ‬I pulled my gun out as I went upstairs with Vivian.‭ ‬We checked every room to find them empty.‭ ‬We returned to see Karen holding the Barbies in her arms.‭ ‬Vivian and I both knew she was hurting,‭ ‬but was trying to be brave.‭ ‬I went to get something to drink only to bring back a soda for Karen and Vivian.‭ ‬I had a beer feeling like I needed one.‭ ‬Vivian and I sat on either side of Karen.‭ ‬We chatted for a bit until Vivian said she had to go but would be back later and would bring us something to eat.‭ ‬She asked Karen what‭ ‬she would like.‭ ‬Karen said pizza with a small smile.‭ ‬Vivian nodded before leaving locking the door which made me chuckle inside.‭ ‬It was at that moment Karen tells me something that shocks me.

‭"‬ Grampie I like her can she be my grammie‭?"‬ She says while I sit there stunned ‭"‬ Karen what made you ask that baby girl‭?"‬ I ask seeing her look up at me ‭"‬ Because grammie Savannah and Megan don‭'‬t want you lonely.‭ ‬They talked to me last night when I was sleeping.‭ ‬I would wake up and was scared thinking I would die also.‭ ‬They told me that they will always love you,‭ ‬but knew you would need someone to be close to.‭ ‬They are sorry about the diforce thing.what is a diforce‭?

‬Is it a Jedi mind trick‭?"‬ Karen exclaims to get me to chuckle at the end ‭"‬ You mean divorce and no it‭'‬s when two people break apart and no longer want to be together,‭ ‬And no it‭'‬s not a Jedi mind trick.‭"‬ I say to get a nod ‭"‬ Oh ok,‭ ‬but still they want you to be happy and move on,‭ ‬but never forget they always loved you and always will.‭"‬ Karen says as I feel tears and a warmth in my heart ‭"‬ I know baby girl and I will never forget,‭ ‬but right now isn‭'‬t a time for me to bring another grandma into your life.‭"‬ I say to get a nod It got quiet between us for a few minutes until she spoke up again.

‭"‬ Grampie where are we going to live‭? ‬I don‭'‬t want to be far from daddy and all my mommies house.‭"‬ She asks while holding the two dolls ‭"‬ Well honey right now the house won‭'‬t be good to live in.‭ ‬It will need to be cleaned up and new furniture to replace what is covered in‭ ‬blood.‭ ‬I was thinking we could go where I live and come here for Christmas and summer if that is ok with you.‭"‬ I explain to see her thinking ‭"‬ I guess that would be ok,‭ ‬but can I have daddy and mommies‭' ‬bedroom so I can feel close to them‭?"‬ She asks while‭ ‬I nod ‭"‬ Of course honey,‭ ‬I don‭'‬t see any problem with that.‭"‬ I say to see a smile that I have not seen in awhile Karen and I talked for the next two hours until Vivian returned.‭ ‬It was around‭ ‬6‭ ‬o‭'‬clock in the evening that we ate while getting to know each‭ ‬other.‭ ‬She was‭ ‬37,‭ ‬6‭'‬0,‭ ‬167‭ ‬lbs,‭ ‬with long shiny red hair and blue eyes.‭ ‬She stayed in shape because of her job.‭ ‬She couldn‭'‬t have kids due to being violently raped in college.‭ ‬I shook my head on that thinking whoever hurt her needed to be pistol whipped‭ ‬or worse.‭ ‬I knew then her reason for being around Karen and why.‭ ‬I had to admit talking to Vivian was helping me cope with the loss of my two beautiful wives.‭ ‬She was a beautiful woman with a most caring heart.‭ ‬It was around‭ ‬9‭ ‬that night that a deputy came‭ ‬over to say they had took the bodies to the morgue,‭ ‬but when he said it he had tears.‭ ‬He pulled me outside to give me his condolences.

‭"‬ I am so sorry for your and little Karen‭'‬s loss.‭ ‬Her poor siblings.‭ ‬What sick fuck would do such a thing‭?"‬ He says as I‭ ‬nod ‭"‬ Thanks and exactly he is a sick fuck.‭ ‬I appreciate you coming over to tell me.‭ ‬Is there anyway I can get a hold of the coroner to tell him we want them cremated‭?

‬It‭'‬s like a tradition in Karen‭'‬s family.‭"‬ I say seeing him nod ‭"‬ Actually if you will let me I will take care of that.‭ ‬I will make sure their urns are each marked with their names.‭ ‬We have their I.D.s except for the babies and kids.‭"‬ He says as I pull my phone out to tell him who was who of all the kids and babies He writes the names down and takes a visual picture of the pictures.‭ ‬Once done he gives me his number and tells me it will be about a week and a half.‭ ‬I tell him that was ok since I had a lot to take care of anyway.‭ ‬We say our goodbyes as I look over at the house.‭ ‬My memories start to come to me.‭ ‬That first time I met Heath brings a smile to my face of how he stood up against me.‭ ‬I chuckle knowing that day was the start of many happy days until I goofed up a few months ago,‭ ‬because of my stupidity.‭ ‬I let out a‭ ‬sigh returning back into the house.‭ ‬I shut and lock the door to see Karen is asleep up against Vivian.‭ ‬I go over and try to pick up Karen who says no don‭'‬t leave me.‭ ‬I see Vivian move spreading out a blanket on the floor just to place a small pillow at one end.

‭"‬ Bring Karen over here.‭ ‬I will lay down with her so she can feel a warm body next to her.‭"‬ Vivian says being logical I pick my beautiful little baby girl up only to make my way over to the blanket.‭ ‬I gently put her down on the blanket next to Vivian. ‭"‬ Grammie.‭"‬ Karen says with closed eyes as Vivian and I look at each other I look to see Karen holding Vivian‭'‬s arm. ‭"‬ I think she wants you as a grandmother.‭"‬ I say to see Vivian blush but nods ‭"‬ I guess but what do I do Nick‭?"‬ She asks while I shrug ‭"‬ Be one to her.‭ ‬Love her since she has lost so many that were a mother,‭ ‬aunt,‭ ‬and grandmother to her.‭"‬ I say to get a nod as she shocks me ‭"‬ Nick if I could be a grandmother to her I would love her everyday of my life and protect her,‭ ‬but I know now is not‭ ‬the time or place for us to begin something that I feel could be amazing.‭"‬ She says before pulling Karen to her I make my way to the front door to get some air.‭ ‬I make sure the door is secured before going to my truck with my glass of tea in my hand.‭ ‬I sit on the tailgate to just think of what a day it has been.‭ ‬I reach for my phone to look at all the messages that Savannah and Megan had sent me the past few months.‭ ‬Their words were of tough love towards me saying they loved me,‭ ‬but my attitude sucked.‭ ‬I knew they were right because I hurt those I dearly loved.‭ ‬I took a sip of my tea when I heard something.‭ ‬I turned my head to look at the door of Heath‭'‬s house.‭ ‬At the door was Heath motioning me.‭ ‬I didn‭'‬t know what to think.‭ ‬I stood up making my way to the‭ ‬door.‭ ‬I remember when mom killed Karl seeing my dad and Aunt Gail there to help her.‭ ‬Once to the door I opened it to see the lights on.‭ ‬I walked in shutting the door behind me.‭ ‬Making my way into the living room I saw all the blood marks.‭ ‬I looked over to‭ ‬see Heath motioning me again up the stairs.‭ ‬I followed without a word.‭ ‬Once upstairs I see him at his bedroom door.‭ ‬I make my way quickly only to enter.‭ ‬I see Heath and Tiffany standing by the computer desk with all the other loves on the bed.‭ ‬They point at something that was laying in plan sight.‭ ‬I walk over to see a manilla envelope.‭ ‬I look at Heath who nods.‭ ‬I pick it up only to open it.‭ ‬Inside are papers of a legal matter.‭ ‬I pull them out to see it‭'‬s a will.‭ ‬I glance over it to only go wide eyed.‭ ‬I see‭ ‬where they wrote out that if one was to die that the remaining spouses were to share.‭ ‬If something was to happen to all of the wives then the kids got everything.‭ ‬I look to see the order of aunts/uncles to take care of them if they were still underage.‭ ‬I smile sadly knowing everything Heath owned along with her mothers she would get because her siblings were dead.‭ ‬Seems they thought of every scenerio that could of happen.‭ ‬She was left the beach house,‭ ‬the house in Oklahoma,‭ ‬the cars,‭ ‬and bank accounts.‭ ‬I kept looking through the papers and found my name.‭ ‬I looked up at all of them.

‭"‬ Are you both sure‭?"‬ I ask getting nods before a bright glow caught my eye I turned to see another woman sitting on the foot of the bed with my Aunt Gail. ‭"‬ Aunt Gail what is going on‭?"‬ I ask seeing her smile ‭"‬ They want you to take care of Karen.‭"‬ She says with a heavenly voice ‭"‬ Nick they can‭'‬t exactly speak until they can rest in peace.‭ ‬All of them are in a void.‭"‬ The other lady says ‭"‬ A void‭?

‬I don‭'‬t understand.‭"‬ I say while Aunt Gail stands coming to me ‭"‬ They were murdered and tortured my loving nephew.‭ ‬Until their souls are completely at peace they will never be free of torment.‭"‬ She tells me as I shake my head ‭"‬ But I killed you and you should of been sent to hell for what you and Karl did to Lucy and Sasha‭?"‬ I say seeing her nod ‭"‬ Yes,‭ ‬but it was my helping Tessa that helped me come to talk to you.‭ ‬Nick they had forgiven you before they died they just wanted you to come back because you had matured.‭"‬ She says as I have tears ‭"‬ I am so sorry momma Gail.‭"‬ I say feeling a warmth on my right cheek ‭"‬ I know baby,‭ ‬but I forgave you.‭ ‬Savannah and Megan forgave you.‭ ‬They want you happy son.‭ ‬Don‭'‬t mourn for the rest of your life.‭ ‬Find love one day,‭ ‬but protect the little angel that you survived.‭"‬ Gail says with a smile ‭"‬ I.I will but what am I to do.‭ ‬I feel so lost with Savannah and Megan.‭"‬ I say going to my knees ‭"‬ Nick you are not alone.‭ ‬You still have those that care and love you.‭ ‬You have a caring heart that wants to help as she protects my great granddaughter.‭ ‬Accept her help and in time her love.‭ ‬Now stand up and feel loved by those that died because it‭'‬s your task now to keep love going in this house that my husband and I built.‭"‬ She says as I know who she is now ‭"‬ I will grandma May.‭ ‬Can.can you please give Savannah and Megan a message for me.‭ ‬Tell them I will always love them and hold them forever in my heart.‭"‬ I say seeing a smile and nod ‭"‬ They already know baby boy,‭ ‬they already know.‭"‬ May says before there was a flash of‭ ‬light and then they all were gone I held the papers in my hand knowing this was not a dream.‭ ‬I looked around the room to still see the blood on the bed.‭ ‬I had to get out of there.‭ ‬I took the papers with me so I could go over them later.‭ ‬Once back out of the house I felt a presence on my right.‭ ‬I looked to see Vivian standing there.

‭"‬ Vivian you ok‭?"‬ I ask seeing her walk to me ‭"‬ I am not sure Nick.‭ ‬I was laying with Karen taking a nap.‭ ‬I had a strange dream of two women.‭ ‬They both told me to cherish everyday with you.‭ ‬They both told me to take care of you and Karen.‭ ‬I told them I would try,‭ ‬but they told me to just take care of‭ ‬you both because you both will need me.‭ ‬I woke up feeling I needed to find you.‭ ‬What does it mean Nick because I am somewhat confused.‭"‬ She says while I embrace her after taking the steps to her ‭"‬ I think it‭'‬s those that loved me wanting someone that has already taken Karen and I into her heart to take over where they left off.‭ ‬Vivian I don‭'‬t know what to tell you except do what you feel is right.‭"‬ I say as she steps back ‭"‬ Nick I think I want to be there for Karen and you.‭ ‬If I stay I would miss Karen.‭ ‬She‭ ‬needs a woman around to help her.‭ ‬I feel in time that you and I could maybe have a life together,‭ ‬but I will not force anything.‭ ‬If it‭'‬s ok I would like to visit or maybe live close by to help you raise Karen.‭"‬ Vivian says with tears as I take her left hand in my right ‭"‬ I think I would love that.‭ ‬I think we need to get back before Karen thinks we deserted her.‭"‬ I say to see her eyes go wide ‭"‬ Oh shit I am so sorry I left her.‭"‬ Vivian lets go of my hand to only turn running back to the house In the moonlight I see her ass shake and start feeling a bit guilty until I hear a voice.

‭"‬ Don‭'‬t feel guilty because it does look sexy.‭"‬ the voice says with a giggle I just grin saying back. ‭"‬ You bad woman you.‭ ‬I will always love you Savannah.‭"‬ I say hearing her respond ‭"‬ As I you my love.‭ ‬Do not mourn long for Vivian is right.‭ ‬Karen needs you both to find happiness again.‭ ‬She has not really showed her pain yet my darling.‭ ‬I shall always be here for you.‭"‬ My first love says before I make my way to our temporary home Once back at the house I see Vivian rocking a crying Karen back and forth.‭ ‬I quickly went over dropping the papers on the coffee table just to get on the floor to hold them both.

‭"‬ What happen‭?"‬ I ask to feel Karen come to me ‭"‬ She had a nightmare when I came through the door.‭ ‬She was screaming no please no.‭"‬ Vivian says while I rub Karen‭'‬s back ‭"‬ Shhh your safe honey.‭ ‬Grandpa and Grandma won‭'‬t let anyone hurt you.‭"‬ I say and she leans back to look at us both ‭"‬ I heard all the screaming from my mommies.‭ ‬They screamed in pain begging for mercy.‭ ‬I heard daddy fighting to save my mommies and grammies until I couldn‭'‬t hear him anymore.‭ ‬The last one I heard was mommy Renee and she screamed yelling not her baby and then silence.‭ ‬I was so scared that I was going to die.‭ ‬Grammie.grammie Vannah saved me by covering me.‭ ‬Her.her last words to me was she loved me with all heart before she was shot in the head.‭ ‬That is why my head was hurt.‭ ‬Please grampie and grammie never leave me again.‭"‬ Karen explains with tears while Vivian and I have tears falling ‭"‬ Never darling I will never leave you.‭"‬ Vivian says looking from Karen to me ‭"‬ Likewise my brave little girl.‭ ‬I promise as I sit here.‭"‬ I say seeing her smile I held them both while we all cried.‭ ‬I think as we cried part‭ ‬of it was a healing moment for Karen and I.‭ ‬Although we both had a long way to go.‭ ‬She held tight to Vivian and I until I heard motorcycle engines going down the street.‭ ‬At that moment Karen screamed.

‭"‬ NO OH GOD THEY'RE BACK‭! ‬WE NEED TO GO GRAMPIE‭!"‬ Karen screamed while struggling ‭"‬ Shhh Karen they are not back.‭ ‬Whoever is riding are going down the street.‭"‬ I say as she stops to look at me ‭"‬ Really‭? ‬It‭'‬s not the bad men‭?"‬ She asks to get a no ‭"‬ Yes because the bikes are in the distance now.listen.‭ ‬So the ones that hurt our family rode bikes‭?"‬ I say asking while Karen listens ‭"‬ Yes,‭ ‬I heard bike noises before the screaming.‭"‬ She says while I turn to see Vivian look at me worried ‭"‬ Karen honey lets talk about this later.‭ ‬We all need some sleep.‭"‬ I say to‭ ‬get a nod I get up making sure the house is locked up before returning to the living room to see Vivian had gotten some pillows for us.‭ ‬I kicked my boots off,‭ ‬then take off my gun holster to place it by the coffee table just in case.‭ ‬I lay down next to Karen while Vivian lays on the other side.‭ ‬Karen looks between us before cuddling into me.

‭"‬ I love you grampie Nick.‭ ‬I am so sorry I made you hate me.‭"‬ She says shocking me ‭"‬ I love you too Karen,‭ ‬and I didn‭'‬t hate you.‭ ‬I was in the wrong state of mind.‭ ‬I just wish I could have told our family that.‭"‬ I say feeling her hand on my chest ‭"‬ I‭'‬m glad you're here grampie because I only have you,‭ ‬Batty,‭ ‬and Grammie Vivian.‭"‬ She says with tears ‭"‬ Yes you do princess and always will.‭"‬ Vivian says placing a kiss on Karen‭'‬s head from behind this little angel Vivian and I snuggle up to Karen so that she knows she is truly safe after a few days of being in hell.‭ ‬I hear Karen start to breathe softly knowing she was falling asleep.‭ ‬I didn‭'‬t‭ ‬know if I could really sleep after walking in on seeing my family dead then finding Karen alive.‭ ‬I reached over placing my hand on Vivian‭'‬s waist just as a friend so Karen could feel she was loved also.‭ ‬I tried to close my eyes feeling for the first time‭ ‬in years vulnerable.‭ ‬I had left my family on bad terms just to see them again without telling them I was deeply sorry for ever hurting them.‭ ‬I laid there with so many thoughts in my head to know the days to come would not be easy.

During that week Karen and I visited Eric who was Heath‭'‬s lawyer.‭ ‬He filled me in on all that Heath and the family had wanted.‭ ‬It seems that Mike,‭ ‬Nate and Ricky left their things to their wives and if they died to their kids.‭ ‬Ellie,‭ ‬Kiko and Verna was the same but their husbands‭ ‬and then kids.‭ ‬Adam,‭ ‬MIchelle,‭ ‬Jack,‭ ‬Seirra and Mande left everything to Heath.‭ ‬Chris and Selena did as well but also gave guardianship of Little Heath to Heath.‭ ‬Travis and Kaye left everything to Michelle.‭ ‬It seems my mom and stepmothers left everything they owned to Heath and his wives since Jasmine was with Heath and Kaye was living there anyways.‭ ‬Mom had split what she owned between my siblings and me but I would give back everything to tell them I was sorry.‭ ‬My sisters and brother-in-laws left everything to Heath for their grandbabies and I just smiled since Karen would be set for life.‭ ‬He explained the best he could to Karen telling her that everything was her's now.‭ ‬That her family gave all that was theirs‭' ‬to her.‭ ‬She cried so much while holding the‭ ‬two Barbies in her arms.‭ ‬She told Eric that she would rather have her family back.‭ ‬Eric and I had tears seeing this little girl who was in deep pain.‭ ‬He had me sign some papers turning guardianship of Karen over to me.‭ ‬I was like Karen just wanting our family back.

After some rearranging on the trailer I put the bikes that my daughters,‭ ‬sons,‭ ‬and brothers once rode on the trailer with the help of Vivian and a few officers.‭ ‬The last bike to go on my trailer would be Kevin's and it hurt because he was the one‭ ‬I wronged so badly to never get the chance to make it right.‭ ‬I put Megan‭'‬s bike in the back of my truck becuase I was going to pay tribute to them all my own way.‭ ‬Once that was done I hook the trailer back up to the truck.‭ ‬We gathered up Karen‭'‬s clothes and toys so she would have all her stuff.‭ ‬She wanted the two big snow globes that Heath had gotten her and Lindsey,‭ ‬but I just didn‭'‬t have any room on the trailer or truck.‭ ‬So Johnny,the officer that was helping with the remains of all the family members,‭ ‬told Karen he would have them shipped safely to Alabama.‭ ‬She hugged him tight thanking him because they were special to her.‭ ‬After everything was dealt with that Friday,‭ ‬a week later,‭ ‬Karen and I loaded up to make our way to her new home.‭ ‬Sheriff Johnson made it clear to me that as long as Jaime was still on the loose that Vivian was going to escort us back home.‭ ‬I just nodded knowing he deeply cared for Karen and I.‭ ‬Karen hugged him tight to only hand him her necklace.

‭"‬ I.I want you to have this to remember me by.‭ ‬I am sure daddy and the mommies wouldn‭'‬t mind.‭"‬ Karen says while he starts to show tears ‭"‬ I will never forget you my little angel.‭ ‬We will meet again honey just stay strong.‭"‬ He says before they both give one last hug It was a quiet ride home with Vivian escorting us to Alabama driving behind me.‭ ‬Once we got half way we decide to take a break.‭ ‬I made a few phone calls.‭ ‬I called Dwight and Yvonne telling them I was on my way not telling them why because I wanted to do it in person.‭ ‬I also called‭ ‬Savannah‭'‬s parents,‭ ‬Rick and Kara,‭ ‬telling them they needed to be at Dwight's tomorrow evening.‭ ‬Kara tried to get the truth out of me,‭ ‬but I didn‭'‬t budge.‭ ‬Once those calls were made I made another to Joseph,‭ ‬who was my rode captain.‭ ‬I told him that I needed all the club to meet me at the state border.‭ ‬He asked me why and I knew I had to tell him something.‭ ‬I looked over at Karen who was sitting in Vivian‭'‬s lap.‭ ‬I told him I had a precious cargo that needed escorted.‭ ‬He said it must cost a lot.‭ ‬I told him it‭ ‬was priceless to me and those that I loved.‭ ‬I hung up my phone going over to Karen and Vivian.‭ ‬I sat next to Vivian putting my arm around her.‭ ‬She snuggled into me while Karen cuddled into Vivian.‭ ‬While the big eighteen wheelers drove by the rest stop I couldn‭'‬t think of anywhere I wanted to be except here with this precious angel.‭ ‬I was the last of her family that she knew.‭ ‬I could never replace her father and never intended to,‭ ‬but I would try to be the grandfather that she saw me as.‭ ‬After another hour‭ ‬we got back on the road.‭ ‬Karen sat in the back seat of my truck sleeping with Batty while I drove watching the sun go down.‭ ‬I looked in my right side mirror to see Vivian staying close.‭ ‬I liked listening to rock music,‭ ‬but some how it didn‭'‬t fit what I felt at that moment.‭ ‬I turned the radio on flipping through the channels.‭ ‬Then a song came up that just set the mood.‭ ‬While it played I looked ahead down the endless highway to only thank those I loved to show me what love was.‭ ‬I felt a tear go down my right‭ ‬cheek while I looked up at the sky.

‭"‬ Thanks again Vannah and Megan for making me open my eyes.‭ ‬Please never leave my heart for you both shall always be there forever.‭"‬ I say softly so I didn‭'‬t wake up all I had left of both families in the back seat Hours‭ ‬later Vivian and I reached the border.‭ ‬She became nervous when‭ ‬45‭ ‬bikers were waiting.‭ ‬I pulled over followed my Vivian.‭ ‬Karen stayed asleep while I went to greet a brother of my heart.

‭"‬ Nick what is going on man‭?"‬ Joseph says while I hold him tight before breaking the hug ‭"‬ I‭'‬ll tell you once we're home.‭ ‬Just be patient with me a little longer.‭"‬ I say to get a nod ‭"‬ What‭'‬s with the escort prez‭?"‬ Ben asks while I turn to see Vivian by the truck watching over Karen ‭"‬ She is a good friend who cares about me.‭ ‬Now lets get going before the precious cargo wakes up.‭"‬ I say getting confused eyes ‭"‬ Wakes up‭?"‬ Joseph asks while I nod ‭"‬ Again I will explain once we reach Dwight‭'‬s.‭"‬ I say getting a nod again ‭"‬ Ok everyone saddle up.‭ ‬Prez wants us going as of now.‭"‬ Joseph says while I go over to give Vivian a hug feeling her shiver ‭"‬ What‭'‬s wrong‭?"‬ I ask to see her blush ‭"‬ I guess I got worried seeing all those bikes.‭ ‬I guess you really didn‭'‬t need me after all.‭"‬ She says looking hurt ‭"‬ Sorry and I do need you Vivian.‭ ‬Karen needs you also because she has taken you in as a grandmother.‭ ‬She will need a strong mother figure.‭"‬ I say to get a nod At that moment there was engines revving up.‭ ‬I walked Vivian to her car before going back to my truck to see Karen awake.

‭"‬ Grampie what.what is going on‭?"‬ Karen asks while I turn around to comfort her ‭"‬ Shhh it‭'‬s ok just a few of my friends are going to escort us home along with Vivian.‭ ‬Just go back to sleep baby girl.‭"‬ I say to get a small nod while she closed her eyes holding her Barbies tight I turned back around to start my truck.‭ ‬I reached out to give Joseph the signal.‭ ‬The first half of my club started forming up in front of me while the others formed up behind Vivian.‭ ‬It was like that all the way.‭ ‬Of course there was bathroom breaks and rest periods.‭ ‬My brothers and sisters all started to get attached to Karen.‭ ‬The ladies took her in as the club's daughter.‭ ‬I know they all were still confused,‭ ‬but I told them again wait until we reach home.‭ ‬We got back on the road being just‭ ‬a hour from home.

Once we drove up that afternoon a few hours ahead of time.‭ ‬I chuckle knowing it was Joseph pushing us all to know what was going on.‭ ‬I parked in front of Dwight and Yvonne's house seeing they were home along with Rick and Kara‭'‬s car in the drive.‭ ‬Vivian pulled up behind me while the club backed their bikes up on either side of the street.‭ ‬I got out of my truck with Karen in my arms.‭ ‬She held on to her Barbies not letting them go.‭ ‬I turned after shutting the driver door to see Vivian start‭ ‬over to us.‭ ‬I looked toward the house to see Dwight,‭ ‬Yvonne,‭ ‬Rick,‭ ‬Kara,‭ ‬Tiffany who is Joseph‭'‬s wife,‭ ‬and their daughter Heather come out.‭ ‬I got to the middle of the yard before they got to Karen,‭ ‬Vivian,‭ ‬and I.

‭"‬ Nick what is going on son‭?"‬ Rick asks while Kara looks at Karen ‭"‬ Who is the little girl honey‭?"‬ Kara asks while I smile ‭"‬ This is Karen.‭ ‬Karen meet your great grandma Kara and great grandpa Rick.‭"‬ I say while Karen nods ‭"‬ So this is the Karen that Savannah and Megan always would talk about‭?"‬ Kara asks to get a nod smiling getting the joy of being a great grandmother and getting to play with her oldest and unbeknownst to her ONLY great grandbaby.

‭"‬ Yep.‭"‬ I say while Karen looks at them both ‭"‬ Are.are you my grammie Vannah‭'‬s parents‭?"‬ Karen asks in a soft voice ‭"‬ Yes we are honey.‭"‬ Rick says with a smile ‭"‬ Ok bro what is going on‭? ‬You seem to be avoiding the first two questions‭?"‬ Dwight asks being right.‭ ‬I was because it hurt to think let alone saying anything ‭"‬ Before I begin is there a place Karen can get something to eat‭?"‬ I ask while Tiffany comes over to me ‭"‬ Yes I can take her inside Nick.‭"‬ Tiffany says while I nod ‭"‬ Grampie Nick‭?"‬ Karen says looking up at me scared of losing me too ‭"‬ It‭'‬s ok Tiffany is a good woman.‭"‬ I say while her eyes shot open ‭"‬ She.she has the same name my mommy had‭?"‬ Karen says asking to get a nod ‭"‬ Yes baby girl.‭ ‬Her daughter there is named Heather.‭"‬ I say to see Karen turn to see them both ‭"‬ Oh my I guess daddy and mommy will never leave me.‭"‬ Karen says while I‭ ‬hold her ‭"‬ No my little girl they never will.‭"‬ I say while Karen asks to be put down I watch as she steps over to Heather.

‭"‬ you like Barbie‭?"‬ She asks Heather who nods ‭"‬ Yes I do.‭ ‬I have Tinkerbell and Repunzel too.‭"‬ Heather says while I hear Karen giggle ‭"‬ Do you want to play Heather‭? ‬I miss playing Barbie with my sister.‭"‬ Karen says sadly lowering her head ‭"‬ Aww I would like to play Karen.‭"‬ Heather says taking Karen‭'‬s right hand after Karen puts the two Barbies in her left arm Tiffany looks up at me while I mouth‭ '‬Tell you later‭'‬.‭ ‬She nods taking both girls in the house.‭ ‬Once they are inside I turn and make my way to my truck while the club gathers around.‭ ‬I reach getting the big manilla envelope before making my way to the center.‭ ‬I leave the window down so Batty can get some air.‭ ‬I stand by Vivian who takes my left hand to show me support.‭ ‬I look at everyone that knew all my family.

‭"‬ I am sorry I have been secretive,‭ ‬but I wanted to do this in person and only once.‭"‬ I say to get sincere nods and confusion ‭"‬ Nick what is it‭? ‬Your scaring me son.‭"‬ Kara says while I nod ‭"‬ Sorry.‭ ‬You all know I went up to surprise Savannah and our big family,‭ ‬but it was me who got a shocking and horrible surprise.‭ ‬I walked in to see.‭"‬ I paused trailing off trying to fight back my tears I felt Vivian squeeze my hand before I spoke up again. ‭"‬ I walked in to find them all dead.‭"‬ I say to get gasps and shocked looks ‭"‬ What.what do you mean dead‭?

‬My daughter can‭'‬t be dead Nick she can‭'‬t.‭"‬ Kara says while Rick pulls her to him ‭"‬ She is momma Kara.‭ ‬She died trying to save that little girl who she loved as her own.‭ ‬Kevin,‭ ‬my son,‭ ‬sacrificed his life to save the whole family to only take a bullet to the head.‭ ‬Your grandkids all tried to save those they loved.‭ ‬Karen‭'‬s dad and those she called her mothers were tortured.‭ ‬They all were stripped down and assaulted with foriegn objects stuck up inside their privates.‭ ‬Renee.oh god.Renee was cut open and her unborn child pulled out of her while she was alive.‭ ‬The sick fucks placed the fetus in her hands.‭ ‬ mother‭'‬s face was blown of.‭"‬ I say going to my knees in tears‭ "‬ I was to late getting there.‭ ‬I was too late to save them.I WAS TO LATE TO TELL THEM ALL I WAS SORRY‭!" Vivian kneeled by me placing her arms around me.‭ ‬My head was lowered when I saw two sets of feet in front of me.‭ ‬I looked up to see Rick and Kara standing there before she went to her knees to only hug me.‭ ‬I hugged her back while everyone around me cried.‭ ‬Rick asked what was in the envelope.‭ ‬I handed it to him while holding my mother-in-law.‭ ‬He opened the envelope up the see what it was before closing it up.

‭"‬ I‭'‬ll take care of this Monday.‭ ‬So when will the bodies be sent.‭"‬ He asked while I shook my head ‭"‬ I.I had them cremated.‭ ‬I didn‭'‬t want separate funerals when we could just have a memorial for them all.‭ ‬One of the officers said he would make sure they were handled with respect.‭"‬ I say to get an agreeable nod ‭"‬ Yes I can understand that son.‭"‬ He says before I help Kara and Vivian up‭ ‬while I stand ‭"‬ Again I am so sorry I never called to tell you.‭ ‬It‭'‬s just I had so much to get done before bringing Karen back with me.‭"‬ I say getting Yvonne and Kara‭'‬s attention ‭"‬ Oh no the poor girl.‭ ‬She lost all her family‭?"‬ Kara asks to get a sad nod ‭"‬ Yes except me and now Vivian who Karen has taken as her grandmother.‭"‬ I say to get a few nods ‭"‬ Thank you for coming with our Nick.‭"‬ Yvonne says while Kara nods ‭"‬ It was all my pleasure.‭ ‬I wanted to because I care for him and Karen.‭ ‬I couldn‭'‬t sit back and not help them.‭"‬ Vivian says to getting smiles ‭"‬ Well what now Nick‭?

‬What can we help to do‭?"‬ Rick says while I look at them all ‭"‬ Well in a few days there will be urns delivered along with two precious things that mean a lot to Karen.‭ ‬I need to figure out a new place to stay because I don‭'‬t know if I can stay in my old home now.‭ ‬There are just to many memories for me.‭ ‬I need to get Karen situated and start taking care of her.‭ ‬She has a trust fund for when she hits‭ ‬18,‭ ‬but an account for clothes,‭ ‬toys,‭ ‬and food that Heath and the others sit up.‭"‬ I say to get nods ‭"‬ Let me get with the lawyer up there to switch the account down here.‭"‬ Rick says while I speak up again ‭"‬ Thanks papa Rick.‭ ‬Heath and the mothers also made me Karen‭'‬s guardian.‭ ‬So they gave me money to help her if need be.‭ ‬She has the beach house and the house in Oklahoma.‭ ‬I don‭'‬t want to ask her about them right now.‭ ‬Plus her father's company in California.‭ ‬I don‭'‬t know what to do about that.‭"‬ I explain to see Rick thinking ‭"‬ Well I will get with‭ ‬you and Karen in a week and discuss it then.‭ ‬I think it would be best if she sales the business at a good amount for her future.‭ ‬The house in Oklahoma and Beach House well that will be up to her.‭"‬ Rick says while Joseph steps up with concern ‭"‬ Nick I think it would be only right if we pay tribute to our brother and sister bikers.‭ ‬I think if Karen is going to grow up around us that she has the bike you made for her father.‭"‬ Joseph says while the club members all nod ‭"‬ I actually was thinking the same Joseph.‭ ‬I have also been thinking of something else.‭"‬ I say while he looks at me confused before I sigh to speak up again‭ "‬ I want you to be my V.P.‭ ‬Since.since Caleb is gone I need someone that will have my back.‭" Joseph looks at me then at all the club before they state their acceptance.

‭"‬ I.I don‭'‬t know what to say Nick.‭"‬ He says while I shrug ‭"‬ Say yes because I need you more then ever now.‭ ‬I am still not over the lose of my family.‭"‬ I say to see him nod ‭"‬ I accept Nick.‭ ‬Let me look over the club.‭ ‬You have enough to worry about.‭ ‬So where should we park the bikes‭? ‬They don‭'‬t need to be on the trailer or in the bed of your truck.‭"‬ He asks while I start thinking to only see Dwight come up to us ‭"‬ You can park them on the side of the house for now until we find you and Karen a new place to live.‭ ‬And Nick to not saving our families.I say if you were there then Karen would be all alone with no one.‭ ‬She might of died just the same.‭ ‬You saved her to live if only to remember her families‭' ‬sacrifices.‭"‬ Dwight says while I nod ‭"‬ What did she mean about sister‭?"‬ Yvonne asks while I reach in my back pocket to pull one of the necklaces out I hand it to her telling her to open it up.‭ ‬She does while her eyes go wide.

‭"‬ Oh god no not the little babies‭?‬' She asks with tears ‭"‬ Yes sis even the babies were murdered.‭ ‬They left no one alive.‭ ‬Karen was shielded by Savannah‭'‬s body.‭ ‬The poor little angel was staying quiet.‭ ‬When I found her she was a mess laying in blood,‭ ‬urine,‭ ‬and shit.‭ ‬She was so scared they'd come back that she peed and pooped herself so they wouldn't know she was still alive.‭ ‬I had her clean up while I searched for survivors to find none.‭ ‬Oh shit Batty.‭"‬ I say while Vivian makes her way to my truck.

Everyone looks to watch her open the door to help Batty out.‭ ‬He starts limping over to me slowly.‭ ‬Everyone is amazed at his size but can tell he is a fighter.


‭"‬ Oh my I think there were two you helped.‭"‬ Rick says to get a nod ‭"‬ Yes,‭ ‬but don‭'‬t try to touch him.‭ ‬Let him adjust because he also lost the family that took him in.‭ ‬He will only let Karen and I touch him.‭ ‬On occasions he will let Vivian.‭"‬ I say to get nods ‭"‬ It‭'‬s totally understandable son.‭"‬ Rick says while I squat to hug Batty He looks around to everyone while Vivian kneels down.‭ ‬He sniffs her hand to only‭ ‬lick it.

The rest of the day was filled with comfort and tears.‭ ‬Joseph and Tiffany took to Karen right off the bat just as Heather did.‭ ‬Vivian stayed close to me watching over us both.‭ ‬I would have moments that I would break down for no reason.‭ ‬The other club members were busy with the bikes and the trikes making sure they didn‭'‬t get scratched.‭ ‬Karen would cry to only be held by Heather.‭ ‬I could see my adopted niece cared for her new friend.‭ ‬That night I slept on the couch alone until Vivian joined me.‭ ‬She told me‭ ‬she was not letting me out of her sight.‭ ‬That she was going to comfort me regardless.‭ ‬I held her close before I fell asleep to only have nightmares.

The days and weeks that followed were busy ones.‭ ‬Karen's snow globes arrived along with the urns.‭ ‬We put them in Dwight‭'‬s garage for the time being to one side so they wouldn‭'‬t get broke or damaged.‭ ‬The urns were taken to Rick and Kara's also for the time being.‭ ‬Dwight and Yvonne wanted to make sure the house they found was just right.‭ ‬Rick talked to Karen and‭ ‬I like he said.‭ ‬He explained things to Karen in which she finally understood.‭ ‬So she told Rick to sell the family company,‭ ‬but said she wanted her father's company to stay the way he imagined it.‭ ‬No one was to destroy it.‭ ‬Rick understood while she wanted to keep the house in Oklahoma for her new family to enjoy.‭ ‬She said her daddy would want it to be a home for those she loved.‭ ‬I smiled because she was accepting those around her now as her family.‭ ‬Rick said he would get on it while having a few friends help‭ ‬find some reliable buyers that would agree to Karen‭'‬s hopes for Heath's company.

It was a month later that Dwight found the right house for Karen,‭ ‬Vivian,‭ ‬Batman,‭ ‬and I.‭ ‬It was five bedroom and five bath.‭ ‬Karen would have plenty of room while Batty had a big back yard to roam in.‭ ‬A privacy fence went all around the back yard.‭ ‬It also came with a garage as big as the house and all the bikes would fit so they could be safe.‭ ‬Vivian and I would have a big bedroom to share since she wasn‭'‬t taking no as an answer.‭ ‬She reminded me so much of Savannah and Megan,‭ ‬but in one body.‭ ‬So I bought the house having the club help move all of Karen‭'‬s and my stuff into the new house.‭ ‬Karen was happy to be able to play with the snow globes letting Heather join her.‭ ‬I think having Heather around helped Karen so much plus Tiffany being around.‭ ‬I would catch Karen call Tiffany mommy a few times.‭ ‬I think Tiffany didn‭'‬t mind after me explaining why.‭ ‬She would just giggle hugging Karen for Karen to light up.

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It was three months from the day Karen and my families died that I had received a call.‭ ‬The voice was not familiar,‭ ‬but he said Jaime was arrested and that I needed to go take care of business.‭ ‬His words after were for me to avenge his families deaths.‭ ‬I tried to ask who he was,‭ ‬but the line went dead.‭ ‬I thought for a moment before gathering up my guns from the garage to get things ready.‭ ‬Vivian came out asking what was going on.‭ ‬I explain the call in which she thought it might of been a trap.‭ ‬I told her it might be,‭ ‬but I was going for the sake of a little girl so our family can rest in peace.‭ ‬Vivian nodded before giving me a hug and kiss on the lips telling me to come back to them.‭ ‬She told me to go and she would tell Karen something.‭ ‬I nodded before getting on Heath‭'‬s trike since‭ ‬I thought it would help me feel him close to me.

Before I got to the border I noticed‭ ‬10‭ ‬familiar bikes.‭ ‬I pulled over to see ten of my best members.‭ ‬Joseph was standing by his bike.‭ ‬I shook my head thinking Vivian told them.‭ ‬I told them to mount up and to follow.‭ ‬We rode all the way not stopping except for gas.‭ ‬Once we reached our destination I parked to only be met by Sheriff Johnson that early morning.‭ ‬He explained he received a call saying I was coming.‭ ‬I asked him who called.‭ ‬All he said was they told‭ ‬him I was to get vengeance for his family.‭ ‬I told him I was told the same.‭ ‬He then told me to drive out to the farm that William used.‭ ‬I told him ok before leaving the station with him following me.

That day was the start of revenge for me.‭ ‬When my eyes saw Jaime I started on him.‭ ‬I made him look at all the carnage that him and his friends did.‭ ‬He laughed saying Allison loved getting it in the ass by a shotgun while bleeding from her mouth.‭ ‬That Renee begged to just die while he cut her open.‭ ‬My biker brothers took over while I tried to calm myself down.‭ ‬Before long he started screaming out names and addresses that Sheriff Johnson wrote down.‭ ‬I remembered how Heath looked in the chair.‭ ‬I looked at the twins,‭ ‬AJ and RJ,‭ ‬both knew survival first aid.‭ ‬I had them sew Jaime‭'‬s eyes open.‭ ‬They grinned saying it would be their pleasure.‭ ‬Jaime begged Johnson who just told him he messed with the wrong family and smiled,‭"‬And I was never here.‭" ‬Jaime just barely survived being dragged from behind a chopper.‭ ‬I guess the‭ ‬ground was filled with rocks.‭ ‬After Joseph stopped dragging the limp body I went to see Jaime was barely breathing with his eyes open.‭ ‬I told Jaime the devil needed his due before doing something my second oldest son would do.‭ ‬I snapped his neck before stabbing his neck.

The next week and a half go by with my brothers and I getting vengeance for the family we loved.‭ ‬All six that helped Jaime had misfortunate accidents,‭ ‬well that is how Sheriff Johnson wrote it up.‭ ‬I thanked him for his help in which he thanked me for saving a little angel's life and bringing peace to our family.‭ ‬I just nodded before leading my club members back home.‭ ‬I did not feel any remorse or grief for Jaime and his friends.‭ ‬They deserved what they had gotten for taking away so many angels that lived in one big house.

The days turn to weeks,‭ ‬weeks to months,‭ ‬months to years.‭ ‬Karen was growing fast learning so much.‭ ‬She made friends in school,‭ ‬but Heather was her best friend.‭ ‬During those years Vivian and I started to become a couple.‭ ‬I told her I didn‭'‬t want to marry again in which she understood saying she just wanted to be here for me.‭ ‬I guess over the years we became like a married couple,‭ ‬common law that is.‭ ‬Karen kept telling us to just tie the knot which would make us laugh.‭ ‬Karen reminded me so much of Savannah,‭ ‬Sierra,‭ ‬and her mother Tiffany.‭ ‬Those blue eyes were just too much.‭ ‬Even Kara made many comments about Karen also.‭ ‬We never went back to the beach house but we would go to the Oklahoma house.‭ ‬I felt my brothers‭' ‬love from when they built this house for Heath and our family.‭ ‬It belonged to Karen but the club used it and Karen couldn't be happier.

It was during Karen and Heather‭'‬s prom of their last year of school that Vivian and I were sitting down by Karen and Heather an hour before they were to be there.‭ ‬Vivian took my right hand in her left while Karen and Heather stood holding hands.

‭"‬ What‭'‬s up ladies‭?"‬ I ask to see two nervous smiles ‭"‬ Well grandpa I want to tell you that I respect you and grandma.‭ ‬You both have made sure I never wanted anything.‭ ‬You both have showed me such love that I missed from my family.‭ ‬Grandpa you saved me that day you arrived,‭ ‬and I will never forget.‭ ‬Everyone has been so friendly and caring.‭"‬ She paused to let her words sink in before continuing‭ "‬ Heather has been my best friend all these years.‭ ‬She also has helped me become happy.‭ ‬So as Heather and I stand here.‭ ‬I hope what I am about to say doesn‭'‬t change how you both feel about us.‭" " Karen your grandfather and I would never think badly.‭ ‬Say what‭ ‬you have to my beautiful granddaughter.‭" ‬Vivian states asking while I chuckle ‭"‬ Uncle Nick and Aunt Vivian what Karen is trying to say is that her and I are lovers.‭ ‬We have fallen in love with each other.‭"‬ Heather says speaking up while Vivian and I sit on the couch looking at the both of them I lower my head thinking of all those years ago.‭ ‬Of what Savannah and Megan had told me before they went back to Virginia.‭ ‬I grin knowing that after all that has been going on that Heath was still showing me that love comes to the hearts that needed the other.‭ ‬I stood up making my way over to the two young ladies.‭ ‬I placed my right hand on Heather‭'‬s left shoulder while my left went to Karen‭'‬s right.


‭"‬ Karen,‭ ‬Heather I would never judge you.‭ ‬I learned my lesson years ago.‭ ‬If you both love and make the other happy that is all that counts.‭"‬ I say to see tears in their eyes while I place my arms around them both‭ "‬ I love you both so much.‭ ‬I have watched you both grow up being beautiful young women.‭ ‬I am proud of you both.‭ ‬Does Joseph and Tiffany know‭?" " Yes grandpa they told us we needed to tell you.‭"‬ Karen says while I nod letting them go ‭"‬ I‭'‬m glad you did.‭ ‬So what are your plans tonight‭?"‬ I ask while feeling an arm wrap around my waist on my right to turn and see it‭'‬s Vivan ‭"‬ Well Uncle Nick I was hoping to um spend some intimate time with my girlfriend.‭ ‬Dad gave me some money to rent a hotel room.‭"‬ Heather says while I look at her and Karen telling them not to comeback for the weekend.‭ ‬The giggle telling me ok.

I nod and ask if they had ever decided on where they were going to school.‭ ‬I had hoped they would go to Alabama University but deep down I know Karen wouldn't.‭ ‬I watch Karen lower her head,‭"‬I'd like to go to the same one my dad,‭ ‬momma Jasmine,‭ ‬uncle Adam and uncle‭ ‬Jack went to.‭ ‬Heather and I both have applied and been accepted.‭ ‬I just don't know how you would feel about it.‭" ‬I make Karen look into my eyes,‭"‬Baby you are grown now.‭ ‬You don't have to ask me for permission.‭ ‬The only thing I ask is that you call and come home once in a while.‭" ‬The girls both nod.‭ ‬I ask if they had plans for after school for the summer and they tell me no.‭ ‬I look to see old Batty and he has been a good dog all these years.‭ ‬I smile,‭"‬I think it is time to head back to the old beach house.‭ ‬When I left for those two weeks after bringing you here the guys and I cleaned it up and got new furniture.‭ ‬I have paid someone every year to maintain the house but I think we both need to go see it.‭" " Oh grandpa you don‭'‬t know how much that means to me,‭ ‬but I thought you didn‭'‬t want anyone to live in the family home‭?"‬ Karen says with tears only to ask confused ‭"‬ At one time yes,‭ ‬but I think you should move in,‭ ‬and besides it‭'‬s not far.‭ ‬We will come and visit.‭"‬ I say before Karen steps up to hug me tight ‭"‬ Thank you grandpa I love you so much.‭"‬ Karen says crying while I do the same ‭"‬ I love you too my little baby girl.‭"‬ I exclaim before breaking the hug‭ "‬ Now go enjoy the prom.‭ ‬Don‭'‬t get your dresses wet with tears.‭" " We will grandpa,‭ ‬but um our ride isn‭'‬t here yet.‭"‬ Karen says while I make my way to the door ‭"‬ Oh I think it‭'‬s here.‭"‬ I say opening the door They both come running over to see Heath‭'‬s trike out front.


‭"‬ What.what‭'‬s going on‭? ‬That.that is the trike you were going to give dad.‭"‬ Karen says while I nod ‭"‬ True,‭ ‬but I am giving it to you.‭ ‬I think he would want you to have it.‭ ‬Here is the key ring.‭"‬ I say seeing her tears ‭"‬ Oh god grandpa you surprised me so much.‭"‬ Karen says while Heather holds her love ‭"‬ Uncle Nick you have made her so happy.‭ ‬Thank you so much for bringing her into my life.‭"‬ Heather says with tears ‭"‬ Your welcome Heather honey.‭ ‬Now go have fun.‭"‬ I say to get giggles ‭"‬ Ok grandpa.‭"‬ Karen says giving me a hug while Heather gives Vivian a hug Once they make their way to the trike Vivian steps up on my left.‭ ‬We watch Karen get on then Heather.‭ ‬I blush seeing they have to hike their dresses up.

‭"‬ Um maybe this was a bad idea.‭ ‬They're going to get men staring.‭"‬ I say while Vivian laughs ‭"‬ Baby they can take care of themselves.‭ ‬They grew up around bikers and know what to do.‭ ‬You and the club have shown them how to defend themselves.‭ ‬And didn‭'‬t you say some of the guys were going to follow to make sure they are safe‭?"‬ Vivian states asking while I‭ ‬nod ‭"‬ Yeah I did.‭ ‬I guess I just didn‭'‬t want to see their panties.‭ ‬I don‭'‬t need to be singled out as a pervert.‭"‬ I say while feeling her hand on my right ass cheek through my jeans ‭"‬ Hey your my pervert,‭ ‬and you won‭'‬t be.‭ ‬Now since we have the house to ourselves how about giving your woman some love herself.‭"‬ Vivian says while I watch my baby girl ride off to just shut the door I turn to place my arms around Vivian.‭ ‬I look down in her eyes to see that love which has grown all these years.

‭"‬ You know after all these years we have not once be alone for a weekend.‭"‬ I say to get a nod ‭"‬ I know baby that is why I envoke the no clothes clause for the weekend.‭"‬ She states while I just grin shaking my head ‭"‬ You naughty girl.‭"‬ I say to get a giggle ‭"‬ I‭'‬m your naughty girl.‭ ‬Now make me your biker mama for the weekend.‭"‬ She says while I shake my head no ‭"‬ How about I make you my biker mama for life.‭"‬ I say seeing her eyes light up ‭"‬ Nick what.what are you saying‭?

‬I thought you never wanted to get married.‭"‬ She asks why I nod ‭"‬ At first I didn‭'‬t,‭ ‬but I have had years to think.‭ ‬Vivian Jenkins will you marry me‭?

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‬Will you be the woman that has taken her life the past several years to vow to heal mine‭? ‬Will you be my wife‭?"‬ I ask to see tears ‭"‬ Yes baby I will be your wife.‭"‬ She says answering while I pull out a ring from my front left pocket It was a mixture of Savannah and Megan‭'‬s old rings.‭ ‬Joseph knew a jeweler who could make miracles.‭ ‬I took Vivian‭'‬s left hand to just put the ring on her wedding finger.‭ ‬She looked at it to see two angels on each side then forever on the band with a diamond on top.

‭"‬ Oh darling it‭'‬s so beautiful.‭"‬ Vivian says while I pull her close to me ‭"‬ Just one thing the lady wearing it is much more beautiful.‭ ‬I love you Vivian so much.‭"‬ I say to see her tears fall ‭"‬ I love you my wonderful baby.‭"‬ She says before I lean down to kiss her deeply That evening was the start of a long weekend.‭ ‬Vivian and I made love the whole time.‭ ‬She has always been a sensual woman.‭ ‬That weekend sealed a love that had grew through the years.

A few weeks later the club is here at Karen and Heather's graduation.‭ ‬We listen for Karen. ‭"‬Karen Summer Tompson,‭ ‬the daughter of the late Heath Thompson and.Is this right‭?" ‬Karen nods to the principal who continues,‭"‬and Tiffany Thompson,‭ ‬Jasmine Thompson,‭ ‬Hannah Thompson,‭ ‬Diamond Thompson,‭ ‬Jessie Lee Thompson,‭ ‬Renee Thompson,‭ ‬Allison Thompson,‭ ‬Vanessa Thompson and Simone Thomson.‭ ‬Guardian Nick Covington and Vivian Covington.‭" ‭ ‬We all clap and applaud while they get their diplomas.‭ ‬I‭ ‬had asked the principal to speak and he has allowed me to.‭ ‬I walk to the stage seeing Karen look at me and I speak.

‭"‬Karen I know your parents couldn't be here today but know they are in spirit.‭ ‬Your grandmothers and grandfathers loved you so much.‭ ‬If your‭ ‬siblings were here they'd have been cheering you on louder than the club.‭" ‬I hear laughter from my brother bikers but continue,‭"‬It seems like not long ago we were two strangers brought together but we became a family.‭ ‬We faced a great tradegy but like a phoenix rising from the ashes you have shined brighter than I could ever had imagined.‭ ‬All I can say baby girl is I love you with all of my heart.‭" I look to see her in tears while Heather hugs and kisses her lover.‭ ‬The next couple days we get loaded up to‭ ‬visit the old beach house.‭ ‬Vivan and I will take my truck so Batty can come and the girls ride Heath's.KAREN'S trike.‭ ‬The club follows because Vivan and I planned to get married here so my last real memory of the house would be good.‭ ‬Once to the beach house we park and get out.‭ ‬Batty is getting on in years and not the young spray pup he once was.‭ ‬I see Karen look at the house and she seems in a daze.‭ ‬I watch while she walks around the house smiling filling us in.

‭"‬My first time her mom,‭ ‬aunt Selena and uncle Chris left Heathie and me to find my dad.‭ ‬I knocked on the door and momma Jazzy came asking about us.‭ ‬Batty would take Greg and Dakota down to the beach while she scooped us up and ran down to find my dad had drowned.‭ ‬Then the hospital and mom getting‭ ‬mad at uncle Adam for losing me and me meeting my family.‭" ‬I see the pain in her eyes for her to tell of the cruise and Disney,‭ ‬getting several moms and tons of aunts and uncles.‭ ‬The fight when I came up with Junior starting it and then me being an ass.‭ ‬I‭ ‬hug her while she speaks,‭"‬This is all part of the house.‭ ‬The good times and the bad.‭ ‬The happy and sad.‭ ‬This is where I meet most of my family and this is where I lost all but grampie Nick.‭ ‬He would bring me back with grammie Vivian and Batty for me to gain another family.‭" ‬I hear some crying from the club and Karen walks to the door.‭ ‬She smiles,‭"‬I always thought this door was so big.‭" ‬She opens it to walk in while Vivian,‭ ‬Heather,‭ ‬Joseph,‭ ‬Tiffany and I follow.‭ ‬Karen starts laying out where everything was‭ ‬as she remembered and I must say her memory is damn impressive.‭ ‬She lays out where everyone dies.‭ ‬We go upstairs and she walks to her room and she smiles,‭"‬This was my room that I shared with my siblings.‭" ‬She walks to the bed that has never been used to sit there,‭"‬I remember fighting with them about playing army versus house with Serena,‭ ‬Lindsey and me.‭ ‬I miss them and wished that my little siblings could have survived.‭" ‬She visits each room saying whose was whose leaving Heath's for last.‭ ‬I think she wanted to confirm to herself that she was strong enough to be here.‭ ‬She looks at Heath's room,‭"‬This was my parent's room.‭ ‬Now that I think about it I shouldn't have had seven moms but six of my grandmothers and my great grandmother were also moms making fourteen.‭ ‬They had sex with my dad.‭" ‬I tell her that was correct but,‭"‬They loved him just as much as your moms.‭" ‬She nods and we head down and she smiles,‭"‬I hope to make some good memories.‭" ‬I tell her she will and then tell her of Vivian's and my surprise for tomorrow.

The next day Vivian and I were married.‭ ‬Karen was Vivian‭'‬s maid of honor while Heather was a brides maid.‭ ‬Joseph stood as my best man,‭ ‬but I had a feeling Heath,‭ ‬Kevin,‭ ‬Justin,‭ ‬Nicky,‭ ‬lil Gray,‭ ‬and Damon were standing behind me also.‭ ‬After we said‭ ‬our vows that was when Heather surprised us all by asking Karen to marry her.‭ ‬Karen cried saying yes.‭ ‬I smiled while holding my new wife.‭ ‬That day brought so much heart felt moments that I knew there were many up above watching.

The girls decided to marry‭ ‬on Heath's birthday and I would understand why.‭ ‬Karen wanted a reason to always be happy on that day.‭ ‬The bikers sat on Heather's side while Vivian sat alone with me.‭ ‬Joseph would walk to see names and he just smiles.‭ ‬I made sure that all of my late siblings,‭ ‬moms,‭ ‬kids and grandkids had their spot for Karen's big day.‭ ‬Vivian had worked secretly on Karen's dress incorporating parts of Jessie's,‭ ‬Hannah's,‭ ‬Diamond's and Jasmine's into Tiffany's original gown.‭ ‬Karen was surprised at Vivian's love for her by making the dress.‭ ‬Karen had got a picture of her dad and made pendents to hang on her shoes so he could walk her down the aisle.‭ ‬Once the proceedings start my mind goes back to all those years ago when Heath married his first five then my mom got remarried‭ ‬to Maggie,‭ ‬Faye and Jackie.‭ ‬My heart hurts knowing that day we became a family for it to only die months later from the act of a worthless little cowardly bitch.‭ ‬I smile knowing I ended his miserable life but still feel the regret of not being able to have‭ ‬my family around.‭ ‬I watch while my granddaughter exchanges her vows and the sun moves behind the clouds and I see something that warms my heart.‭ ‬Vivian sees it too.there in their seats are my mothers,‭ ‬sisters,‭ ‬brothers,‭ ‬grandkids.‭ ‬OUR family has made it to Karen's day.‭ ‬Heath turns to look at me and smiles.‭ ‬I know he is thanking me for not forgetting them and making sure they would have a spot.‭ ‬I turn to my right where was Savannah's and Megan's reserved seats.‭ ‬They smile back and mouth they loved me.‭ ‬I just nod while I hear Joseph.

‭"‬What the.‭?" ‬Karen turns and smiles ‭"‬I wondered if my family would show up.‭" ‬They all nod and I see her smile while she kisses her wife sealing the union and I smile seeing them all walk up while Karen hugs their outlines‭ ‬and introduces each to Heather.‭ "‬Baby this is my family.‭ ‬I'm glad you got to meet them.‭" ‬Karen starts to cry and Heath reachs out to wipe her tears away.‭ I am amazed that he is able to remove them and he speaks ‭"‬We are at peace baby.‭ ‬Live your life how you choose and just know we will be waiting on the other side.‭" ‬He kisses her cheek and Tiffany tells her daughter how proud she is.‭ ‬My other sister-in-laws do the same.‭ ‬The grammies are so happy as well as my brothers.‭ ‬Little Heath pipes in.

‭"‬That's unfair daddy Heath.‭ ‬Karen said she'd marry me.‭" ‬Heath speaks and know that everyone here feels it ‭"‬I know little buddy but our time differences are to much.‭ ‬We left this world while she stayed.‭ ‬She has lived another thirteen years while to us it is only a couple days.‭ ‬Aren't you happy that she got to be a beautiful bride‭?" ‬He nods before walking to hug her.‭ ‬Karen drops to her knee to return the love of her first love.

‭"‬I love you Karen and just know I am so happy for you.‭" ‬Karen smiles nodding before I watch while the family disappears ‭ ‬There is not a dry eye while I finally get to know that my family has moved on.‭ ‬We celebrate the summer before heading home leaving the girls and Batman behind.‭ Once Vivian and I made our way home I went up to Karen‭'‬s old room.‭ ‬I don‭'‬t know what it was,‭ ‬but it felt like I had to come in her room.‭ ‬I looked around seeing the Barbies she held on for dear life those days after the tragedy.‭ ‬The pictures she wanted saved after all the hurt and pain.‭ ‬The dancing shoes she wore while taking classes.‭ ‬The pictures of her playing Snow White in a school play.‭ ‬The picture of her and Heather dressed up as Snow White and Cinderella.‭ ‬I turned from her dresser to see something on her old bed.‭ ‬I made my way over to take a seat on the edge.‭ ‬I noticed a note on what looked like a book.‭ ‬I picked both up to see it was my baby girl's hand writing.

‭"‬ Dear Grandpa, This diary is for you because I don‭'‬t need it anymore.‭ ‬All my memories are locked up in my heart.‭ ‬I will never forget all these years of you and grandma raising me.‭ ‬I love you grandpa Nick because you are and have always been one my hero.‭ ‬Love your little girl Karen.‭" I had tears in my eyes as I held the note and diary to my chest.‭ ‬After a few seconds I placed the note beside me before opening the cover.‭ ‬The first page was written in crayon.‭ ‬I chuckled remembering how she loved to color.‭ ‬The first entry was around her‭ ‬5th birthday.

‭"‬ Dear Diary Today was the best.‭ ‬My family got me so much stuff.‭ ‬I have Barbies,‭ ‬a big globe that has snow,‭ ‬princess clothes,‭ ‬and shoes,‭ ‬and the best thing though is that my daddy was here plus a man that I think of as the best grampie ever.‭ ‬Grampie Nick took me for a ride on his bike it was so cool.‭ ‬I will never forget this day.‭" I closed the diary because my vision was blurred from my tears.‭ ‬I held onto the diary tightly looking up at the picture of Karen and I that she wanted at the age of six.‭ ‬I smiled thinking if it wasn't for one man and a fight this little girl would of never filled my heart or would of survived after that tragic day.‭ ‬I looked out of the window to the sunset to only say three words.

‭"‬ Thank you brother.‭" Heather and Karen went to college that coming fall leaving Vivian and I alone in the house.‭ ‬Those next four years were hard for me after having Karen in‭ ‬my life.‭ ‬I remembered all the scraps she would get from skating,‭ ‬or the fights she would get in protecting Heather.‭ ‬I guess then I should of knew they were going to get closer.

We would go up to visit but things never helped.‭ ‬I would missing her more and more each time.‭ ‬Batty would only live for a couple years after the wedding but I know he is with our family waiting on us to join him.‭ ‬The day Karen called I rushed up to help her with her grammie Vivian by my side.‭ ‬Heather fell in love with the ocean and‭ ‬they made a life there.‭ ‬The years have gone by and I know that A Family Betrayal is somethng that can never heal.‭ ‬To my death I will always wonder how things would have been different if I would have been the man Karen whought of me as and been there for OUR family.