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Cuties penetrate lovers anus with huge strap on dildos and splash jizz monstercock hardcore
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I Gave It Away.To Buster This is a true story that happened to a friend of mine, she confided this in me and asked me to write it for her It was lunch time at Laura's school and she was sitting with her group of friends chatting it up like usual when the subject of sex had came up, Laura froze.

All of Laura's friends had already had sex at least once and were all seniors on the cusp of turning 18 or already 18, they all trusted each other to keep it secret otherwise, they'd all be labeled sluts but Laura had not found a guy suitable for her to lose her virginity to.

Laura wasn't bad looking, she had long blonde hair that went down to her waist, small but pert breasts, nice butt, long legs, and a nice little sway that would bounce her butt when she walked.

Laura didn't want to lose her virginity to any guy because she knew whoever she had sex with, would go around bragging about it to all of his friends because Laura wouldn't have sex with anyone even after she had a few drinks. So she stayed a virgin, Laura had been involved with a couple of boys but she never let any of them get past 2nd base.

And for her, it was good that she did such a thing because whenever a guy figured out that she wouldn't let them get past 2nd base, they would leave her almost immediately to find some slut that'll do what she wouldn't. As her friends talked about how their first times were, and how great it felt, Laura kept quiet until her friend Josie brought her into it. Josie started by saying "So Laura, what about you?

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When are you finally gonna let some lucky guy into those panties?" and Laura replied "Well Josie, when I meet a guy that won't use me up, then throw me to the dogs like that great beau of yours did to you, i'll be sure to let you know when I let him in to my panties?" and Josie responded "Yeah whatever." then Laura's other friend Cathy started "Oh come on Laura, we all know that you're dyeing to have some guy pleasure you till your toes curl so why don't you find some hot guy, fuck his brains, then forget about it like the rest of us." and Laura replied "Because, my virginity means more to me than that." and Cathy responded "Oh so your pussy is worth more than mine because it hasn't been penetrated yet?" and Laura replied "No, I didn't mean it like that.

I just don't want to have some pervert use me up then never talk to me again after." and Cathy responded "Yeah whatever, save your excuses for someone who wants to hear them." After that, Laura began to feel unwelcome as all of her friends glared at her as if she was some kind of outsider because she hadn't let some guy desecrate her beautiful flower to earn the acceptance of her peers so she left prematurely from school during her lunch break.

And as she walked home, she thought alot about what her friends said.


She thought about her friends possibly being right that it was time for her to lose her virginity, and how maybe they were right about her wanting to have sex. Laura had fantasised of having sex before but whenever she did, she could never put a face on the guy she wanted to have sex with.

She got home upset and distraught a few minutes later after discovering in herself that she really did want to have sex but not with a guy who was going to 'use' her for sex then leave her for someone else. Laura had a major dilemma and she didn't know how to handle it or go about with dealing with it.

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After a long time standing in the doorway of her home, she finally walked in. Trying to forget about her problems, Laura decided she was going to take a nap and hopefully her mind would be a little clearear when she awoke again.

Laura closed the front door and walked upstairs. She entered her room, and went right to bed.

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Laura decided to undress completely because of the hot summer day. Laura occasionally slept in the nude when it was too hot to have clothes on and today was one of those days. She left the covers up and went to sleep in her bed in the bare-nude with nothing covering her. Laura knew that her parents wouldn't be home until later that night and her brother would be at soccer practice the whole afternoon and they wouldn't walk in on here without knocking so she didn't worry of anyone seeing her naked.

Laura fell asleep quickly. Laura dreamt of many things, many of them were of a sexual nature and some were foreign to her nature and indescribable.

She dreamt of a huge beast of a man towering over with his huge biceps, firm-protruding chest, and chizzled stomach raised above her and on top of her slowly but intently, making love to her. Laura was pleased with this but was puzzled by the fact that the man towering abover her had no face.

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It was a blank expression, no mouth, no eyes, no nose, no hair, nothing. She awoke in a panic as something shocked her back into reality. She awoke surprised, and somewhat scared at the image of the man with no face still in her mind but it was not the main thing on her mind. Laura felt something sleek and wet moving between her legs and couldn't figure out what it was until she turned over to see something rather than someone licking in between her legs.

She was relieved that no one had broken into her home and was begining to rape her because that was her first conclusion to what was happening, but she was also disgusted by what was 'actually' happening. Laura had left her bedroom door slightly cracked, and knew that Buster was running around the house while no one was home but she never expected him to enter her room.

Buster had made his way into Laura's room and smelled the aroma of Laura's wet pussy while she was dreaming of being fucked which immediately brought his nose to attention in between her legs and then started licking.

Laura's first instinct was to remove Buster from between her legs but as she reached down to move him, she stopped. Laura started to enjoy Buster's oral ministrations and his licking kept going. Laura decided if she was going to let this happen, she might as well enjoy it so she opened up her legs even more to allow Buster better access to her private area.

Laura loved the feeling of Buster's long tongue, the way it slid all the way up from the bottom to the top of her pussy everytime he licked, the way it gently flicked her clit every once in a while, and the way it felt when he licked hard and his tongue gently squeezed between her pussy lips.

Laura got wetter and wetter as Buster kept licking her, she could see a small stain of wetness growing on her bedsheets but that didn't matter to her at the time.

Laura just leaned back and relaxed as Buster kept licking. Soon Buster sped up a bit and was licking more rapidly, almost as if knowing that it was his job to build up her sexual excitement to its highest peak then to push her over the edge to have the best orgasm of her life. Laura started to twist and turn, and moan and groan as she got closer to her orgasm. She began to arch her back and let out little moans of "Ohhh" quite often as her orgasm just kept building and building up, and then finally as Buster flicked Laura's clit quite hard.

Laura moaned loudly "Ohhhhhhh, YES, YES, BUSTER, OHHHHHHH!!!!!" and she came. Her whole body tensed, her back was arched in to a complete arch, her pussy was excreting tons of pussy juice and girl cum, and her mind was blown away to how it all felt. Laura had the best orgasm of her entire life, she had borrowed vibrators from some of her friends who got them from their older sisters before but nothing compared to the intense orgasm she got by the inexperienced tongue of her dog Buster.

Laura closed her legs as she finally became aware of her surroundings again after coming down from the blissfulness of her orgasm. She gave her dog a nice pat on the head, and rewarded him with a treat for all his hard work, and as she got up to get one of his doggy treats; she noticed something odd about Buster.

Buster was panting quite a bit and it looked like his heart was beating quite quick. Laura thought maybe licking her was too much for Buster's heart to handle, and the extreme tone of the scenario was too much for him to handle until she looked between his legs. Laura could clearly see that his penis was out of its sheath and was completely swollen and red. She could see that the aroma of her pussy was a sort of aphrodisiac to Buster and it got him horny as well and she didn't know what to do about it.

She knew of the behavior of dogs and how they acted when they got horny, and she thought about how Buster would be if her parent's got home and saw that Buster was trying to hump her leg with a huge hard-on, they would know something is up. Laura thought of ways she could get rid of Buster's hard-on but couldn't figure out anything easy to deal with it then the thought hit her.


Laura thought long and good about what she was thinking about doing. She thought that it was a solution to her own personal problem, it would relieve Buster's pent up sexual tension, but also what she was considering was beastiality.

She knew that what had already transpired was technically beastiality but what she was considering, was intercourse. Laura spent some time thinking, thinking rationally of the pros and cons of the situation and finally made up her mind. She layed out a towel on her bedroom floor close to her bed then called Buster over. Laura could see that he was still very erect and his penis was very swollen.

She knew of the mating rituals of dogs before as she had soon two dogs mate before as a way of breedin knew where her place was to make Buster comfortable with the whole situation. While she contemplated the whole thing, Laura began to moisten and build up sexual frustration as she thought then she just went for it. Laura bent down and kneeeled on all fours then called Buster over. Buster smelled the aroma of her pussy calling to him again and saw that Laura was in a familiar position in where he knew what to do.

So without hesitation, Buster mounted her. His claws had found ahold of Laura's sides as he poked and probed with his penis trying to find the right hole. It only took Buster a couple of tries to get his penis inside of Laura. She expected the pain that was coming when he ripped through her hymen and held strong as she let it pass. Once the pain had faded away from memory, Laura felt the pleasure of having Buster fucking her. His penis would sink in and out of her pussy at an incomprehendable pace, he was fast, he was strong, he was everything she wanted in a man but he wasn't a man.

She loved the way his cock would push in deep and then deeper with every stroke and could not contain her excitement for it, she pushed back every time he pressed forward, hoping to feel it go in further and harder. During the whole ordeal, she could see why her friends had made such a big deal out of sex and she could see that they were right and she did need it, but not from a guy.

Her stud was strong, fast, good and she didn't have to worry about him ever leaving her which made her happy. Buster kept pumping in and out of her, sending little "Ohhhhs" and "Ahhhs" out of her in unmesurable intervals. As she started to feel her orgasm build up, Buster's knot finaly grew and it pushed deep inside of Laura. Laura couldn't believe how much extra that knot gave her, she couldn't hold back as Buster began to rapidly pump in and out releasing many "YESS, OH YES, YES BUSTER, FUCK ME BUSTER, FUCK ME!!!!" from Laura, as her orgasm reached its peak.

Again she came hard, squirting her girl cum all over Buster's penis and Buster came just as hard, he came and kept shooting his seed into Laura as if trying to make his offspring with her. Laura felt his doggy cum shooting into her and it felt weird at first but she didn't care. She was basking in the blissfulness of the whole scenario.

Laura was almost dazed from the whole incident that she didn't feel Buster slide out of her, and the river of cum that seemed to never stop flowing out of her.

After some time, Laura recuperated from it all and cleaned up. She put the towel that she knelt on in the washer, gave Buster a nice doggy treat, patted him on the head, then put him outside. Once it was all over, she reflected on what happened, she couldn't believe that she actually went through with everything that she did but she was glad to.

Laura could finally tell her friends that she had sex and that she was glad to.

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The next morning, Laura got up and got ready for school. She felt almost giddy as she trotted down the stairs, she kissed her parents goodbye and then left as swiftly as she had come down. Her walk to school was pleasant and very peaceful. Laura was very excited to finally tell her friends that she had sex. As she walked into her school, thinking of how her friends were going to react, she wondered who she'd tell them she had sex with but it wasn't of much concern to her at the moment.

Laura approached the bench where her friends were seated it and Cathy sat up and said "Look everyone, our goody two-shoes virgin for the power of God is back. So how did your sexless night go last night." and Laura coyly replied "Well actually this goody, two-shoes virgin got laid last night." and Cathy responded "Really? Congratulations, now do you see what you've been missing out on?" and Laura replied "Yes I do, now will you stop giving me so much shit about not getting laid?" and Cathy responded "Of course, you're one of us now, now and forever, friends forever, woooh!!" and Cathy added "I know you're not gonna tell us what guy you slept with, but at least tell us his name." and Laura replied slowly "His name.

uhh. his name is Buster." and Cathy responded "Well that's an odd name but whatever, I have to get to class, see you at lunch." and Laura replied "Yeah me too, ok bye, hey Josie wait for me." Laura caught up to her friend and said "So what do you think, me not a virgin anymore?" and Josie responded "I think it's good that you finally got laid, it funny though." and Laura replied curiously "It is good but what's so funny?" and Josie responded "It's funny that your lover has the same name as your dog, what a coincidence." and Laura replied, slight giggling "Yeah, what a coincidence."