Blonde granny blowjob and teens craving cum compilation Basketball

Blonde granny blowjob and teens craving cum compilation Basketball
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Hannah woke up to another warm, lazy day. The night before had been so hot, almost 90 degrees, and her air conditioner was broken, so she found herself, once again, grateful for living so far from everyone.

She lived so far out in the Florida plains that, on days like this, it was absolutely okay for her to sleep and even walk around naked. Since she wasn't expecting anyone to show up around her house any time soon, she slipped out from under the thin sheet covering her slim figure and went to get ready to go outside.

After raking a brush through her waist-length auburn curls and another across her teeth, she was ready to go out. On her way out of the door, she grabbed a trowel and a few bags of seeds. As she stepped outside, she stopped and took a high breath, tasting the earth and sky.

She could hear the cicadas buzzing, and almost taste honeysuckle on the breeze. Completely relaxed, not to mention naked, she bent down and went right to work.

Burying her hands in the soft soil, she feels completely at ease. She doesn't even notice the young woman hiding amongst the tall grass. Lorraine was her name, and she had been watching Hannah for quite some time now. She absolutely loved watching Hannah get on her knees, ass up, almost like she was presenting herself for her.


But it was a confusing pleasure, her entire life she has never so much as looked at another woman, and it angered her to no end that this one big-breasted whore evoked such a response in her. What was so attractive about her?! Was it her full, heart-shaped ass? Or was it her DDD tits?

Fuck, she didn't know. She just wanted her. It was almost dusk by the time Hannah looked up from tending her garden. She wasn't finished yet, she still had at least seven more bulbs to plant, but that could wait until tomorrow.

After all, she was only 22. She had all the time in the world. Or so she thought. As Hannah was walking into her house, she tripped on the welcome mat. She ended up falling on her wrist, spraining that, and twisting her ankle. As she cried out in pain, Lorraine realized exactly what she wanted from this big-titted bitch.

Hannah was crying, she was in so much pain. She knew she couldn't walk because of her ankle, or crawl because of her wrist.

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Suddenly, a terrifying thought occurred to her: how was she going to get to the phone for help? She realized she was going to either have to drag herself to the kitchen or hope that someone would come along and help her. She knew that the chances of someone coming were slim to none, but the thought of dragging her naked body across a few yards of carpet was so daunting that she decided she should wait a while.

In the meantime, she figured she might as well get comfortable. She tried rolling over, but it hurt so much she involuntarily let out a scream of pain and started crying harder.

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At that moment, Lorraine snapped. She got up and sprinted over to the helpless Hannah. Hannah didn't even notice anyone was there until she felt a warm, slender hand on her shoulder. She started and tried to raise her hand to defend herself, but only succeeded in losing her already precarious balance and smacking her head on the floor.

Her vision swam and she tried to moan and ask who's there, but her mouth remained slack. She could feel her unknown savior attempting to lift her, but then giving up upon realizing how heavy she is. In the end, her savior just ended up dragging her across the carpet. Somewhere in the back of Hannah's mind she wondered why her savior is dragging her to the kitchen instead of just getting the phone.

Her mind couldn't actually process the thought, however, as she just ended up blacking out. She woke up in her own bed to the sound of crickets and a sore body. She groaned and almost tried to roll over, before remembering that she sprained an ankle and wrist.

Thinking it would probably be better if she checked to see how they were doing first, she tried to lift her arms. That's when she realized she was tied down. Hannah froze for an instant as her panic rose up in her chest. Before she could scream, however, she heard a wry chuckle right next to her head.


She got lost in her fear. She pulled on her restraints and screamed, lost in the panic of the moment. She was so scared, her brain couldn't register the pain from her abused limbs. *Smack!* Her head snapped back from the force of the blow. She was so stunned, she stopped screaming immediately. Whoever was by her bed grabbed a fistful of her hair and yanked her head around.

"I just want to make this very clear, you know how far out we are. You can scream as much as you like after I let your hair go, but you of all people know you will never, ever be heard." Her once-thought savior growled in her ear.

Hannah froze in confusion and shock.


Up until this point, she assumed whoever was by her bed was a man, she assumed she was going to be raped and held hostage for weeks, maybe forever. But this was no man, this was a woman!

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In disbelief, Hannah opened her eyes, only to see a pair of beautiful hazel eyes draped in a long, golden mane staring at her. Maybe she just wants my money, Hannah thought, no, prayed, to herself, "please don't hurt me, I'll do whatever you want!" she added aloud *SMACK* "First of all, I will hurt you if I DAMN well please you fucking bitch" even with her face scrunched up in anger, this woman was captivating, Hannah's jaw dropped and she felt herself get slightly aroused.

Because of this, all Hannah could do is stare. That visibly angered Lorraine. *SMACK* "DO YOU HAVE NOTHING TO SAY BITCH?!?!" This snapped Hannah out of her reverie, "what do you want, I-I'm sorry!!" she wailed. Her assaulter hesitated visibly, then got even angrier.

"I! DON'T! NEED! TO! TELL! A! CUNT! LIKE! YOU! WHAT! I! WANT! FUCK! YOU!" Each word was punctuated by a sharp slap, Lorraine wasn't even aiming by the end, migrating lower and lower with each slap. By the end of the sentence, Hannah's milky white skin was a painful, glowing red and her soft, tender pussy was wetter than it had ever been.

It seemed Lorraine could tell Hannah was getting aroused by this, and this got her absolutely livid. Why the fuck wasn't she cowering?! This bitch needed to be taught a lesson! She looked around the room for anything that might suit her needs when her eyes fell upon something interesting. She quickly snatched it up.

"Open your legs, cunt" Lorraine ordered. Hannah whimpered and shook her head. She could see what her attacker had in her hand. "I SAID OPEN THEM!!" With no other choice, Hannah slowly opened her legs. Lorraine decided after a split second that she wasn't quick enough and forced open her thighs. Upon doing this, Lorraine got a full view of Hannah's glistening, twitching pussy. She couldn't help but get aroused, and this made her angrier. She gripped what she had taken off her victim's desk and held her legs open.

"You know what I have in my hand." This wasn't a question, it was a statement of fact. Hannah nodded silently.

"You know what I'm going to do with it." Another fact. Hannah cried harder, but nodded again. Lorraine smiled at the pain she was causing. Suddenly, she rammed the fat dildo up Hannah's pink pussy to the hilt.

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Hannah screamed, and Lorraine launched herself across her body and grabbed her throat with her nails. Hannah's face went red as she struggled to breathe. Meanwhile, Lorraine was pumping the dildo in and out of her cunt with a vengeance. She was so angry at what Hannah was doing to her! How DARE this bitch arouse her like this!

How dare this bitch lay under her, tied up and crying, moaning and coughing while she gets her cunt fucked by her own dildo. How dare this bitch make her grind up against her stomach! How dare her make her want to cum!! Before Lorraine realized it, she was cumming.

Just the look on Hannah's face, the look of such fear and pain, made Lorraine's pussy explode in ecstasy. This was the best cum of her life, why had she not done this sooner? It went on for ages, it seemed like.

Eventually, Lorraine realized Hannah wasn't screaming anymore. Those screams where her! She looked down at the body underneath her, and saw Hannah's eyes rolling to the back of her head. Panicked, she pushed herself off of Hannah and leaned in to listen for breath.

She seemed fine, but then why did she look like that?

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Lorraine looked down at Hannah's crotch and saw why. Hannah had cum. She had squirted all over Lorraine's hands and stomach. Lorraine was appalled. How could someone cum from such abuse? Hannah looked so damn happy right then. Lorraine felt her rage subside. She finally knew what she wanted from this girl.

Smiling gently, she leaned down, pulled the dildo from the poor girl's abused pussy, and started tenderly licking it. It tasted so sweet, like cream. Lorraine cleaned up all the cum off Hannah's thighs and lips, then let her tongue flick over her stiff clit. She heard Hannah moan lightly, and licked again. Soon, Hannah was panting and arching her back while Lorraine sucked and flicked all around her clit. With one final suck, she had Hannah screaming and cumming all over her face.

Once she felt the orgasm subside, she gently sat up and lay back across her woman. Ever so gently, Lorraine pressed her lips against Hannah's, as if she were afraid she might break the poor, abused woman beneath her. That all changed when Hannah slipped her tongue into Lorraine's mouth and sealed the kiss.