Flirty doll gets cum load on her face gulping all the love juice

Flirty doll gets cum load on her face gulping all the love juice
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"Please…No…Don't make me do this" I looked into his eyes in search for any trace of sympathy. He paused in the doorway, light forming around his silhouette dimming the darkness in my cell. My heart beat and for a second I had hope, but he just smiled. Tears began forming around my eyes, his face is menacing, and all I can see in him is lust.

He began making his approach, his shadow slowly encroaching on my own. Whimpering, I backed against the wall, lowered myself and closed my legs. It gave me a few seconds against the inevitable and some sense of security, however false it may be.

I looked up at him, towering above me, my lips quivering, tears running down my cheeks. He knelt by me, smiled, and gently hushed "Don't worry; I'm not here to hurt you." He touched his hand against my face and softly traced it downwards to my neck.

"You're so beautiful…" My heart was beating fast and my breathing was heavy; only serving to accentuate the size of my breasts with each breath. His hand made his way down to my chest, slipping through the neckline of my worn-shirt, feeling my skin.

I can feel his hands going around and cupping my breasts, his fingers going over my nipples. "Damn!


You've got a fine pair of tits" He chuckled and pinched my erecting nipples. "Pl-Please…No-o-oh…" I sobbed weakly and tried to push him away, to no avail.

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He continued molesting my breasts. I tried again with more force. "NO!" I succeeded in fending him off, his face showed no signs of anger, just calmness unnatural to my situation. My heart jumped as I heard the familiar sound of metal clinging. I looked up in terror as he was beginning to undress, unbuckling his belt. His pants fell down, exposing his huge, erect penis in front of my face. He grabbed his cock and touched it to my lips. "Take it in your mouth." I began sobbing again and whimpering "N-no, p-please…" He tried again, trying to force his cock into my mouth, but I kept my mouth shut and turned away.

"Alright, you fucking bitch, let's play it your way!" Angered, he lunged at my arm and dragged me to my feet. "NO!" I panicked and screamed.

Quickly he pushed me hard against the cold wall and muffled my screams. He began tearing through my shirt fully exposing my tits. He took one of my breasts in his mouth, sucking my hard nipples.

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I looked up the ceiling, not wanting to witness the rape that was happening, I felt his hand go under my skirt, going around my underwear and playing with my pussy. I screamed and begged "N-NO, I beg you!


Please, don't!" He pulled me away from the wall and spun me around, and pushed my back forward so I could lean on the wall. He grabbed my waist and I felt him press his bulge against my ass. "Oh, You're gonna' love me by the time I'm through with you!" He slapped me hard on my ass, and thrusted mockingly inside my skirt, prodding my covered pussy.

"Please…No, not again!" I cried, "I've had enough!" He lifted my skirt up, and moved my panties aside exposing my bare pussy.

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I felt the heat and hardness of his cock slide in between my legs. He leaned forward to grab my tits and turned my face towards his to kiss me.

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He forced his tongue in between my lips, invading my mouth and my tongue, all I could do was muffle in protest. "I paid quite the pretty penny to get you, now I'm gonna' get my money's worth." He held up and turned my chin around, "They weren't lying, you don't look a day older eighteen.

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I hope you haven't been in here for too long, I hope that pussy is still nice and tight. I felt his fingers spreading my lips.

He poked around the entrance with his cock and pushed in an inch. "Ooh, fuck this pussy is tight!" I cried and closed my eyes, waiting for his penetration and feeling the pre-cum from his cock lubricating my sore entrance.

In one swift motion, he pushed 6 inches to my vagina. "Ahhhhhhhhhh" I screamed. My eyes widened as he started fucking my pussy relentlessly. I could only hear the sound of his thrusting slapping my ass and my screams of pain echoing in this dark dungeon. My eyes closed, tears streaming down my eyes, his hard penis burning inside me, going deeper with each thrust. My mouth was open but it gave no sound, I was in too much pain.

All I could manage was grunt in pain. "Ugh, Ah, Ah," "Aaaahhh, your pussy is tight!" His penis was getting even bigger, and I could feel my hot pussy tightening around his cock, sucking and milking at it. He was fucking me harder and faster, I screamed a mixture of pain and pleasure, sensing his orgasm and mine. "Ughhhhh" He gave a loud moan, forcing my body against the wall and pushing hard against my ass, deep inside my pussy with his cock.

I felt wave after wave of his cum streaming into my pussy. Satisfied and finished, he pulled out of my pussy; I fell to the ground in exhaustion. I curled up on the ground, writhing, his sperm leaking out of my pussy. Again, I heard the familiar sound of his belt clinging, as he dressed. He got down and kissed me on the cheek, my face wet with sweat and tears.

"Thanks, I'll be back again." His footsteps echoed, becoming quieter and quieter until I could barely hear it over my sniffles. And the dim light that was present and stood witness, disappeared, as my cell door locked shut echoing deafly in my ear.