Sophia rub her fat ass on stepbro cock

Sophia rub her fat ass on stepbro cock
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It was a long afternoon waiting until that knock at the door due about seven that evening, but my wife kept me busy with serving her drinks and helping myself to her home produced nectar all the time stark bollock naked as she was herself. There's something quite liberating about being naked especially when there are so many windows through which passers-by could have seen either or both of us.

It was a particular turn-on kneeling between her legs worshipping her juicy pussy knowing that anyone passing would have seen me in such a submissive position. "I bet you are hoping that Rita comes down the path and glances in, aren't you?", Margaret enquired of me "I've seen your admiring glances in her direction".

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"Why, would you like her to see me like this" I replied "down here serving you as I should be?". "Yes I would" she replied "she should know what a subservient cuckold you are and how, despite your deepest desires, you are never going to be permitted to make any advances on her. Unless, that is, she needs a good cleaner after her husband, or any other man friend she may have, has made a deposit".


Wow, she really knows (or is learning fast) how to keep me turned on. Anyway, seven o'clock eventually arrived and when that long expected tap on the door could be heard we both jumped out of our skins and looked at each other realising that we were about to turn a corner in our lives. "Open the door, then, Cucky" Margaret yelled "and let in my lover for the evening". My cock was still at full mast despite it being nearly twenty-four hours since my viagra so I rushed to the door to start the chain of events which would culminate that evening in the consummation of the biggest change in our lives together.

"Come on in, John" I gushed "Margaret is desperate to see you again".

"Get out of my way" he retorted as he pushed past me "and get that white dick out of the way, it will not be needed tonight". I had not heard that tone from John before but it made my cock throb even more, if that was possible!

M. jumped out of the chair and rushed across the room to press her naked body against John in greeting. "Get our guest a drink, Cucky" she snapped, breaking away from their open mouthed, tongue lashing kissing.

Whilst I did so, she was soon ensconced on the sofa with her soon to be lover with their arms wrapped tightly around each other. "So good of you to come and sort out my itch" she told John "this here Cucky has been trying but he does not seem to have enough reach, if you know what I mean". John unwrapped one of his arms to take his drink from me as he guided his soon to be latest conquest into the bedroom whereupon they both fell onto the bed still in each others arms.

"Leave the room and close the door" he ordered me "I will call you when I am ready for you to feed my big black dick into your wife's apparently eager pussy". Slam went the door and I could only just make out the sounds of a heavy duty snogging session.

What I did hear quite clearly was John's authoritive directive to "leave your little white cock alone". I had never thought of it as being little, at about five inches, but I guess next to John's it probably would appear to be so! Not long after that, John called out summoning me into their presence. "Get in here, hubby, you may now guide my big black pleasure stick into your wife's well lubricated pussy - go gently, as it must be quite tight after only your tiny offering" he instructed.

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I struggled to get my hands around his seemingly enormous manhood - it was not just the length of it as it had to be almost DOUBLE the length of my offering, but also the girth felt more like I was gripping a coke can. My emotions were all over the place and I was visibly shaking as I guided it towards my wife's now gaping pussy lips - already opened by his probing fingers - and gently slid it along M.'s lower lips to gain lubrication for what I knew would be quite a struggle.

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As it fully parted her lips, she edged forward easing it on its journey into her very core. "Now leave the room, Cucky" he added "but you may leave the door open so that you can see how a real man gives your wife a good seeing to and fucks the living daylights out of what is obviously a real woman".

"Do your very best" I replied "and give her the pleasure that I have always known she deserves - give that itch a jolly good scratch".

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As I left the room I could clearly hear the sloppy noises of him pumping in - out, in - out, as he worked his what must have been a nearly 12in jet black dick ever further into my sexy wife's poor old pussy.

Just then, there was another tap on the door so I quickly, but reluctantly, closed the bedroom door separating me from the activities I so dearly wanted to witness and be part of. Carefully opening the front door, while standing behind it to hide my nakedness, I discovered Rita our host.

"Don't worry about your nakedness" she smilingly said "I've seen it most of the day along with your wife's nude naughtiness. Yes, I saw her bring herself to the plateau of pleasure and, yes, I saw you perform your cleanup duties - several times!".

"What I came to enquire" she continued "was whether you actually realised that you had a potential hot-wife because if you didn't then she probably soon would be one.

I saw John arrive and knowing that he was the village lothario, and a very good one at that, thought that I should warn you that things in your marriage may well be about to change." I was about to confirm her suspicions and reassure her that we were both happy with the situation, when the wind blew open the bedroom door and we were both treated to the sounds and sights of torrid love-making.

We pressed into the doorway for a better view and watched avidly until Margaret erupted to an even bigger orgasm than she had earlier in the week, i.e. the best ever. "That's wicked" Rita said "I must go and find my husband, or some other willing and able man or I will be back for some of that".

With that she rubbed my cock and exclaimed "You dirty, filthy bugger - you've just stood here with me and watched you lovely wife experience what is probably her best ever orgasm at the hands of a jet black man who I know to be so well endowed and what do you do?

You bloody well spunk off". As she brought her cum laden finger to her mouth, she added "but it does taste rather nice".

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She went back for a second load and then shot out of the door leaving it wide open. I was tempted to leave it open so that the whole world could share my delight at the site of my previously faithful and somewhat stoic darling wife in the throes of her first (and probably not to be last) passionate love making session with a well endowed jet black handsome man.

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"Shut that outside door and get in here" a voice from within bellowed "your wife is in need of a major clean-up. She wants an encore, but I never enter a messy pussy so you will need to be available before every repeat". "Be gentle" my loving wife pleaded "I want to be able to manage a few of these". "Before I do so, may I get some more photos of your over-flowing pussy - it looks like there is even more cum running out than the other night" I hopefully requested.

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"I thought that you would never ask" M. replied "we must have a permanent record of this incredible occasion - I'm sure you will want to relive it as often as possible, especially if I'm going to deny your presence on some future occasion!".

My mind was in a complete turmoil as she made these comments and my dick was poring with pre-cum, I don't really know how I managed to get any pictures! My initial thoughts on how much cum was flowing from her were not far wrong as I found out when I knelt to drink the combined nectar.

If I had previously loved her nectar, this combination of her sweet juice with John's thick creamy spunk was absolutely out of this world so I licked and licked until there was no sign of any remaining. "Good job, son" John said "we are now ready for another round so you had better go and sort out some food for us lovers".


Their love-making continued for most of the evening, with me being called in frequently but only for clean-up duties, I wasn't allowed to watch another orgasm but I did enjoy the sound of several joyous unions with the best bits being Margaret's repeated requests to "Fuck me, fuck me harder" and "fill me, dump that load in me for Cucky to clean".

I don't know how I did, but I managed to refrain from tossing off all evening hoping for some sort of additional reward later.

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If there is sufficient encouragement and feedback, this series may be continued to cover later events that fateful week and beyond.