Teenage pawnee gets banged from behind

Teenage pawnee gets banged from behind
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as i ended my first chapter of the story me and bobbie were just starting to get hot and heavy in my bedroom when she had flipped me over on my back and took over from there, as i said before my neighbor is a sixteen year old bombshell that has had a crush on me since she was 13 year's old and i admit i had alway's thought about getting my hand's on her body and my cock inside her.

well now i got my chance and as i was laying there on my back bobby turned around and looked at me and asked me what was my favorite position and i told her one of the best one's that i liked to use was sixty nine and she asked what was that?

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as i esplained it to her that the girl turned around and sat on the guy's face where the guy could get to her pussy and she could get to his cock at the same time she said really i wanna try it. so as she got up and straddled my face i could still smell her sweet virgin pussy juice that was still there after the tongue lashing i gave her earlier.

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As i started to lick and suck on her pussy lip's, clit i got a very big suprise when she was able to take my cock all the way in her throat as i could feel it at the back of her throat and she had no problem's with it either wich was good cause that meant that i could sit there and rock my hip's up and down driving my cock deeper into her throat as i ate out her pussy at the same time.

and if u ask me it just add's to the sexual feeling's if u can both get into a rythym with eachother moving the hip's in unison.

after about fifteen min's of sixty nineing and multipal orgasm's by the both of us and after even being able to get a couple of lick's in on her ass wich was wonderful cause it was also virgin and to hear her gasp in suprise when she felt my tongue running over her asshole was great cause she didn't do it out of pain but more of lust for more.

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After i let her recover from all the fun and excitement from the sixty nine i asked her if when i popped her cherry is she wanted to be on top or on the bottom and she said she wanted to be on bottom and let me use my body weight to thrust in her and pop her.

but i asked her if she was sure that she was ready and be sure that she didn't wanna be the one to control the force of me entering her she said hell no and rolled over onto her back and said i want u in me now, Whick by this point was not gonna be a problem cuase i was already hard again just by looking at her naked beautiful body in front of me,As i got ready to enter her i asked her to hold her leg's up in a cradle position so i could get better penetration and she said okay no problem as long as she was gonna enjoy it she didn't care what position i put her in.{ that will come into play in the next chapter if there is good comment's or request's for more}.Finally we were ready and as i leaned over her and lined by cock up to her entrance i asked her one more time if she was ready and all she did to answer me was to reach up and grab my cock in her hand and start pulling it into her and that's all the more permisssion i needed as i felt it start to enter her i looked at her and wispered into her ear oh my god i can't believe how tight u are and right as i said that i felt a block.

I looked into her eye's and said this is gonna hurt a little bit cause it's ur first time and all she could do was nod her head okay cause she was enjoying the feel of my cock in her already and as i started to pull out a litlle bit she opened her eye's as to say what are u doing and i didn't give her a chance to say anything as i slammed into her tearing through her hymen and eliting a scream and a loud moan from her clenched lip's as i popped her virgin pussy finally,as i lay their waiting for her to get used to having a cock in her she opened her eye's and looked at me and said thnk you i have been wating for that for long time ever since i was thirteen and realized that i wanted ur cock in me but couldn't have it cause i was to young and now i have it in me finally, at that point i looked down at her and said thnk you for finally let me get my hand's on ur beautiful body i have also been waiting for this for a long time ever since u started filling out at puberty and transformed into the beauty u are now.She looked at me and said ur welcome for everything but now that u have taken my cherry i want you to continue to fuck me and i did just that to pounding it in and out of her long into the nite and early morning,i don't remember what time we fell asleep but i woke up to two thing's happening, one was my phone going off and number two was bobby sucking my cock into her mouth like there was not tomorrow.

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as i looked at my phone my eye's grew wide when i realized that it was bobby's mom calling. when i answered it all i heard on the other end was mike i know bobby's over at ur house cause she didn't come home last nite and she ain't at anybody's elses house, ur the only other one where she would go.after she finished i said yeah angel she's here she is sleeping on the couch,as bobby looked up at me after just realizing that i was awake and on the phone she mouthed to me who is it and i mouthed back ur mom and she just blushed, at that point i told angel that i would send bobby home when she woke up and her mom said okay.


to be continued in the next chapter comment's and criticism welcome if u want more to this story