Yoga loving teen stretched in cowgirl pose

Yoga loving teen stretched in cowgirl pose
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I was dreaming.I was dreaming that I was in bed with Bill and I was laying on my right side as he was ramming his cock in me. One of his hands was pulling my hair and his other was around my body, hold me tight against him.

I can hear his heavy breathing with every thrust. And I can also hear my ass slap against him, feeling his balls hit me.

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But no, it wasn't a dream. I slowly opened my eyes as I could really feel his grip on my hair.

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I'm letting out a "Ohhh Ohh OH!" as he fucks me. He know I'm awake now and doesn't care. I feel his thick cock slide in and out of me at a fierce pace. I start to fuck back. Moving my body with his rhythm, driving his cock deeper inside me. I can hear him say something with every thrust, ".wanna.go.out.and.fuck.huh?! How do you like this you slut!" He pulls my hair back and drills me even further. My ass feels like its on fire. He didn't use lube, only thing helping it was his cum.

But I remember what happened the night before, at the club. "Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahh! Ah!" was all I managed to say.

It was pain, but it was pleasurable. He knew I loved it. I felt him pull out and Bill climbed on top of me. He slaps me with his cock, smearing a bit of cum and whatever else onto my face. He then pushed his cock between my lips and frantically started to fuck me mouth. With his hands on the back of my head, he pulled me forward making it his dick go farther down my throat. I gagged but it didn't affect him. He continued to do it. As he violated my throat. I heard him say, "I'll teach you to be a fucking spoiled bitch." With one last thrust he tried to shove his cock as far as he could down my throat and withdrew it.

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I gagged and almost threw up. I got my head together and noticed he was stand by my bed stroking his cock with one hand and in his other hand he had a belt. "Get down on the floor and get on your knees Slut." He barked at me. I replied with a polite, "Fuck you." And in a flash of pain, the belt lashed out and struck my thigh.

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I yelped in pain and he repeated his command with clenched teeth. I did what he said as I rubbed my new welt. Bill walked into my bathroom and got the shower going.


I liked where this was going. "Crawl in here and get in the shower!" He barked again. I did so and as I passed him I was ready for another lash but it didn't come. But as I crawled into the shower I felt him move and there it came. Slap! Right across my ass! I jumped and nearly knocked all of my shampoo and conditioner bottles down. Slap! Again on my right thigh as he yelled, "Clean yourself up and that hole of yours.

You smell like dirty cum!" Bill pulls the shower curtain closed and the door closed. I did what he said and as I was reaching for my enema kit, I saw that I had a raging hard on.

I've never really had anyone in this much control before, and I liked. I quickly used the kit and washed myself off. I grabbed my shampoo and started to lather my hair when suddenly the curtains flew open and in a second I was pushed up against the shower wall, face first into it.

"I told you that I had family in town. All I asked was for a little understanding, but no. You had to be a spoiled brat and go get some other person's dick without my consent. Fuck you!


And your instructions! My turn now." Bill said into my ear as he spread my ass cheeks apart. He once again stabbed his cock inside me. Luckily, the enema helped, but it was still a bit painful.

As he fucked me again while pinning my arms up, he told me that he had taken a Viagra and that he was going to fuck me until he was satisfied. My god it felt good being violated. The sensation of his cock driving into me over and over again was so great, I just let go and was limp. I can still hear the sound of his skin smacking into me.

The water splashing everywhere as he tore up my ass. And once again all I could do was give "Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!" every time he drove his meat in me. And just when I thought he was done, he pulls out. And then I felt something slide around my neck. It was the belt, he tightened it and threw me over the tub.

As I hung over the little wall, I tried to get the belt loose but he had a firm grip on it. I had very little breathing room. Bill rammed his cock in my ass again. With one hand on the belt, he used his other hand to slap my ass has he fucked me.

Again and again drilling me with his cock. After a couple minutes he switched hands. He slapped my ass a couple more times and said, "Look at that fine ass! Great ass for fucking! Look at it giggle when I smack it!" And he slapped it again. My vision was a bit blurry, but I did notice a blinking red dot by the sink. It was the camcorder.

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"Oh shit!" Bill yelled and with a few last deep thrusts, he finally came deep inside my rectum. He with drew his limp dick and left the bathroom after taking the camcorder. I turned around and sat there in the shower as the water continued to spray on me. I could feel his thick cum leak out of my hole. I loosened the belt and then threw it to the side.

I smiled. I remembered thinking that it was kinda enjoyable. I liked him being in control. Well I washed up and went back into the bedroom. Bill was no where to be seen, but I did find a letter on my bed.

I opened it and read it. Looks like he had some instrustions for me to follow. I smiled and threw the letter back on my bed and got ready for work. All day that day, I was excited for what was planned out.I'll let ya know next time what happened.

Good night guys!