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Pagou o conserto do celular com sexo
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His laughter rang throughout the dimly lit room in a menacing, villianous tone. He stood at the side of a bed, wearing nothing but a twisted smile on his face, belt in hand. The bed was filthy. Dried blood stains, cum stains, piss and dirt covered the linens. It had been well used, for purposes that most never even dreamed of. The sickest nightmares couldn't compare to this man's reality. "Wake up, little girl," he cooed, nudging the sleeping figure on the bed with a large, calloused hand.

She had long, black hair that went down to the small of her back and tanned skin. She was short for her age; being 18 and 5'2. As she began to awaken, the man slipped back into the shadows, waiting for his little victim to begin panicking. This was his favorite part. The girl's eyes fluttered open with a soft groan and almost immediately, she was aware of the dull ache in her skull. It felt as though someone had hit her with a bat.

She opened her eyes wider and gasped, trying to process her surroundings. Her eyes ran across the room in a panic. She couldn't make out much. The room was shrouded mostly in darkness. She attempted to sit up and realized her hands and feet were bound tightly with thick rope to the bed.

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Her legs were spread wide and to her horror, she was completely naked. "What the fuck? Where the hell am I? HELLO? Is there anybody there?!" she screamed. "HELP!" Little did she know, she was far from civilization and nobody was coming to her rescue. She was all alone, save for the man in the room.

Her cries for help fell on deaf ears, succeeding only in hardening the cock of her capturer. He licked his lips, waiting for her tears. He loved it when his victims began crying. They looked so helpless. So beautifully helpless.

It wasn't long until she began crying. "P-please, somebody, help me!" she yelled, twisting and thrashing in the ropes.

All she managed to do was injure her wrists and ankles. The ropes held taught; she hadn't even gotten them to loosen.


Her crying quieted down when she heard a thick, deep voice. "Hello, Alyssa," the voice said. Immediately, the girl tensed. Her breath caught in her throat and she turned to the corner of the room where she thought the voice was coming from. "Who's there? How do you know my name?" she called out, focusing her eyes to try and see in the dark. Slowly, footsteps inched toward her and the man revealed himself. "I've been watching you," he said simply. The sight of his nakedness, the belt in his hand, and the scar that covered half his face made the small girl scream in terror.

She began struggling in the ropes again, screaming over and over. He looked to be out of a horror movie. The left side of his face appeared melted. His left eye socket was also empty. The burnt flesh ended at the top of his mouth, allowing him to grin wolfishly, showing teeth.

His face hinted at an age of 40 or older. As her eyes fell from his face to the belt, she also noticed the hard-on he was supporting. To say it was huge was an understatement. "Now, now. Settle down, little girl. Or daddy will have to punish you," the man said in a matter-of-fact tone.

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Alyssa was far too gone in her panic to listen. She continued her screaming, calling repeatedly for help. Irritated, the man lifted the belt to strike it down hard on the bed right beside her, shouting loudly. "SHUT THE FUCK UP, BITCH!" That did the trick. Alyssa froze, peering large, shocked eyes up at him. She whimpered, unable to stop the tears from coming. "I'll do anything, don't kill me please. I'm only eighteen. I don't want to die," she begged, crying. Her terrified eyes met his cold, dead ones.


There was nothing there to bargain with. His sanity had left him. He had no conscience. There was only the urge to dominate, to destroy, to kill. Some part of Alyssa acknowledged that, but hope led her to believe that she might be able to convince him somehow to let her go. As if she could be so lucky.

"I'm not going to hurt you," he lied. "Just listen to me and do what I say, and I'll let you go." Alyssa nodded feverishly, hysteria rising up in her throat. "Anything, I'll do anything you say! Just please, please let me go. I won't tell anyone, I promise." The man smiled, settling himself down on the bed beside her. She flinched, her heart beating a mile in her chest. "My name is Alex, but you're going to call me Master," he said, reaching out to grip her jaw in a crushing grip.

"Understand?" The frightened girl nodded, stuttering a timid reply. "I-I understand." "Open your mouth," he said. "Why?" "JUST OPEN IT!" he bellowed, his temper flaring. He hated having to repeat himself. Quickly, Alyssa complied, parting her lips wide. Alex quickly pushed three fingers into her mouth and down her throat. Gagging, Alyssa attempted to jerk her head away. "Stay still," he commanded, using his other hand to grip her hair painfully tightly to keep her head in place.

"If you bite me, I'm going to rip out your teeth one by one. If you throw up on me, I will gut you alive," he stated in a hard tone, pulling out the three fingers now coated in saliva only to push them back down her throat. He built a quick rhythm, pulling his fingers out only to delve them into her throat again. She choked and gagged, thankful her stomach was empty.

When Alex was satisfied, he grinned and pet his cock, circling his large fingers around his thick member to coat it in the girl's saliva. "This is going down your throat next." Staring down at his enormous cock in horror, she shook her head and cried in dismay. Alex scowled, backhanded her cheek hard enough to bruise. "This is when you thank me for letting your slutty mouth pleasure my cock.

Say it, bitch." Alex slapped her again, the loud smacking sound filling the room along with Alyssa's sobbing. "Thank y-you," she whispered, tears blurring her vision. "Wrong, bitch. Whenever you speak to me, you address me as Master." Looking down at her, Alex was getting so aroused. She looked so helpless and worn down, as if the world had turned its back on her.

Her tears made his cock twitch. He wanted to fuck her into submission right there and then, but told himself that it would be sweeter with the wait. Getting off the bed, he gripped the belt tightly in one hand, supporting another sick smile. "We're going to play a game. Each time I hit you with this belt, you're going to say 'Thank you, Master.' And if you fail to do so, that's another scar that's going to ruin your perfect skin." He walked into the shadows and returned with a fairly large knife.

It gleamed even in the dim light. "Get it?" he asked, leaning down to run the edge of the blade lightly against her cheek, cutting her just a little. A drop of blood welled up and trailed down her skin. Eyes wide with fear, Alyssa cried and nodded.

She was crying so much, she could barely reply. "Y-y-yes, Master." Alex straightened and curled the belt around his hand to get a good grip on it before lashing it down to meet the girl's breasts, leaving a painful-looking red welt.

She let out a loud scream, unable to get any words in between before he hit her again. "Two scars," he said, lifting the belt to strike it down yet again. "Thank you, Master!" she yelled out, which was met with another hit from his belt.

"Thank you, Master!" she said again, repeating those words until her torso was covered with angry, red welts. She was left sobbing and whimpering, squirming in pain as Alex sat down beside her. "There, there," he said, admiring his work. She was bleeding and bruised in various places. "Now, for those scars." Trailing off, he reached for his knife and pressed it just before her collar bone, cutting deep enough so that she was bleeding profusely.

Lines of red dripped down her bare breasts. Alyssa cringed in pain, looking away from the knife in his hand. She had never handled gore very well. Unluckily for her, Alex moved the knife to her forehead, slicing through the skin just below her hairline. Head wounds bled a lot and soon, Alyssa had to close her eyelids not to let the blood from the cut get into her eyes.

She wailed in pain, tugging on her hands and feet. While Alyssa was trying to cope with the stinging pain of being cut so deep, Alex climbed onto the bed and stradled her chest. Sensing the movement and then the pressure of Alex's body, Alyssa opened her eyes to find the man's cock staring at her. Her eyes widened and she opened her mouth to scream, but the sound was muffled as Alex grabbed her head and shoved his cock into her mouth.

He thrust in deep, shoving all of his meat down her throat. He felt her throat muscles convulse and contract in panic and moaned in pleasure. Looking down, he saw her eyes watering and her lips fitted around his fat cock like a vice. "Whore," he said, slapping her cheek and pulling out. Alyssa gasped for breath, coughing and sputtering. "D-don't!" she managed to say just before Alex pried her jaw open and thrust in again.

"You think you're in any position to tell me what to do, whore?!" he screamed down at her, pulling his cock out only to stuff it back into her mouth, giving her only a second to get a breath.

He continued that fast, rough pace, fucking her throat as though it was her cunt. Alyssa's chin dribbled with saliva and her face was covered in blood and tears. It hurt having her throat stretched so wide and Alyssa's lungs burned, starving for air. "You walk around, thinking all highly of yourself. I saw you turn that guy down yesterday. He was twice your size. Had he any brains, he would have cornered you in an alley and fucked your brains out while he slit your throat, whore.

You think women have power? You think women can make any real choices? Well, you're fucking wrong. Men let you think that.

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You inferior bunch of sluts are good for only one thing: sex. You agree, don't you?" The way he spat those words while he throat-fucked Alyssa made it perfectly clear that Alex was misogynistic. "Nod, bitch." Pulling his cock out of Alyssa's mouth, he took some of the saliva dripping from her chin and smeared it all over her face.

She gasped for air and nodded obediently, grateful she could finally breath. The break didn't last long before he stuffed his cock back into her mouth. Using her hair as a handle, he pushed her head forward and roughly pulled it back to repeat the process, bobbing her head on his cock.

He continued doing this for another ten minutes before he sped up the pace, grinding her nose against him each time he pulled her head up to stuff her mouth with thick meat. His breath hitched and he pushed her head down and shoved himself all inside her, keeping himself there as he shuddered and pumped five loads of cum down her throat.

Alyssa began frantically struggling, her body jerking in the ropes as he came down her throat, blocking her airway and forcing her to swallow his sperm. He stayed there in her throat, choking her for a minute more. It wasn't long before she passed out, the lack of oxygen causing her to fade into blackness. Her eyes rolled back into her head and she collapsed, suddenly limp. Alex only laughed, pulling his wet cock out of her mouth. He walked out of the room, grinning. He couldn't wait until she woke up.

--- Half an hour later, Alyssa groaned and opened her eyes, thinking of the terrible dream she just had. As she took in her surroundings, she realized it was no dream. Alex was there in between her legs, his cock positioned to the entrance of her pussy. She opened her mouth to scream and noticed the aching pain in her throat. It hurt so much. That didn't stop her from screaming however.

Alex only laughed and slapped her hard, leaving a red mark. "Shut up, bitch." Before she could begin talking, Alex pushed himself against her, rock hard once more. The head of his thick, lengthy cock entered her tight pussy. She screamed in utter agony, feeling the hole of her cunt stretch wide to accomodate his girth. As a result of the brutality, it tore in two places, bleeding. He hadn't used any lubricant and she was completely dry from being so terrified.

He wasn't thinking of her pleasure in the least. Alyssa clawed at the bed, gasping and screaming. "OH MY FUCKING GOD, PLEASE STOP!" she screamed, fresh tears in her eyes. Alex responded by pushing her legs completely apart and giving a hard shove forward, burying his fat cock in her completely, the tip bumping painfully against her cervix.

The poor girl let out a howl of pain which was quickly drowned out as Alex bent down to kiss her hard, bruising her lips. When he pulled away and began thrusting in her painfully fast, her body heaved with sobs and she shook her head in denial. "No, no, no, nooo," she cried, shaking. Suddenly, Alex stopped moving inside her. He spoke in a soft tone, much different from how he had spoken to her before.

"You're letting yourself suffer," he told her. "Tell yourself you like it. You like what I'm doing to you. You were born to take cock. It's your true purpose in life. You want to be stuffed with my cock. Say it. Believe it." He reached forward with a hand and Alyssa cringed, though he only used the lightest of touches to caress her cheek; an odd gesture considering his cock was twitching deep inside her ravaged pussy.

"Say it," he said again, his tone a little harsher. Alyssa looked up at him, crying still and stuttered out the words between hiccups, "I-I want to be s-stuffed with your cock," she repeated. "Good girl," he breathed out, beginning to move inside her again.

She balled her hands into fists and clenched her teeth from the pain, trying her hardest to tell herself she was enjoying this. Anything to get the stinging pain to lessen. Because he didn't want his cock to chaf, he helped her arousal by rubbing two fingers in quick circles on her clit as he pumped in and out of her.


After a few minutes, she began responding to the stimulation, wetting his cock with her juices. It was easier now for Alex to pump her pussy like a piston, moving so fast that he rocked the bed.

Alyssa's breasts also bounced with the force of his deep thrusts. He dipped his head low while he fucked her, taking one breast into his mouth to rasp his teeth on the flesh. His tongue flicked against her sensitive nipple, causing it to harden. Despite herself, Alyssa moaned softly, her eyes glazed over. "Tell me who are you." "I-I'm Alyssa." "No, you're my slave." "I'm your slave." "What are you?" She didn't need to be told what he thought she was.

"I'm a whore, Master." Smiling, Alex thrust in extra deep to get a wince out of her. "Exactly." He continued to fuck her tight, wet pussy, curling his hand around her neck hard enough to choke her. The walls of her tiny cunt clenched all around him, trying to push out the intrusion each time he thrust in.

He only moaned, enjoying the constricting sensations. His hand around her neck felt like a vice; it tightened slowly and once again, he stole her breath.

She gasped for air and pulled on her wrists, burning them on the ropes. He continued to choke her as he used her, pulling out to the tip only to roughly pound himself back into her.

She wanted to scream, but couldn't. Feeling a familiar burning in her throat and lungs, she looked pleading eyes up at him. She felt herself losing consciousness again. Alex paid no heed to the desperate look on her face and fucked her relentlessly, choking her while he did so.

In and out, in and out, he fucked like he wanted to beat her cervix with his cock. Soon, his pace sped up even more and his hand around her throat tightened further.

He placed his other hand on her right breast and squeezed tightly, digging his fingernails into the flesh. Meanwhile, she was gasping for breath and clawing in her restraints, suffering helplessly through the torture. Gritting his teeth, Alex thrust in one last time with a loud groan, pumping her pussy full of cum.

He dumped load after load inside her, just as he had done with her mouth. The last thing Alyssa was aware of was the warm cum spurting inside her before she passed out, lying limp beneath him. Alex collapsed on top of her unconscious form and breathed heavily. He laughed, getting on his elbows to look down at her. She was a mess of blood, welts and bruises. Her neck had his fingertips imprinted in purple and blue. "Fucking beautiful," he commented, shifting to kiss her lips, delving his tongue into her unresponsive mouth.

It was like making out with a corpse, but he could feel her beating heart underneath his body. He planned to fuck her ass as well, but he would need to be patient. "Wait until you wake up," he murmured, getting off of her and stalking out of the room.

--- When Alyssa woke for a third time, she was instantly aware of the pain in her neck and throat. It hurt to move her head and it hurt to breath. The rest of her body ached as well, especially her sore vagina. She looked around the dark room in despair, crying silently to herself. "I'm going to die here. He's going to kill me," she sobbed in a tiny voice, too tired to fight against the ropes. "I'm not going to kill you unless you give me a reason to.

Do what I want and I'll let you live." The voice came out of nowhere and jerked Alyssa to attention. Alex stepped into the room and smiled at her, still naked from head to toe. He was supporting another hard-on.

Alyssa whimpered in fear, wanting to melt into the bed. "Why are you doing this to me?! I've never done anything to you!" she screamed, crying. She was shaking in fear and the anxiety in her stomach kept rising as he stepped closer. "Oh, the classic 'why me' response. You just happened to catch my interest while I was out in the city.

No fault of your own, really. I just had to have you." He sat at the side of the bed, looking down at her with one shockingly blue iris. "What do you think I'm going to do after I'm done fucking you? Cut you up into little pieces and scatter you all over the forest?" He grinned after he asked her, the scars on the burnt half of his face scrunching up. She shook her head in horror, crying.

"No, please, I'll do anything. Please don't kill me! I'll be your whore, I'll do anything. Anything you want, I'll do it!" Her voice rang in desperation, brightening her captor's smile. It was exactly the response he wanted to hear. "Really? Anything?" "Yes, anything, I promise!" "Good. Guess I won't have to kill you now." There was some humor in his voice. Alex stood up then, going to the headboard of the bed to begin untying one of her wrists.

She gaped up at him in disbelief. She wondered why in the world he was untying her. Grinning at her obvious expression, the man spoke. "I'm going to untie you now and if you try to run away, I'm going to take a bat and beat you to death with it. Do you doubt me?" he asked, turning to her as he freed her hand. Alyssa's eyes widened and she shook her head 'no.' Alex moved to untie her other wrist. Soon, he had freed all her limbs.

This allowed her to sit up on the bed. She looked down at her wrists and ankles. They were bloody and bruised from all the struggling she had put up. Unable to help herself, she looked around for an exit, her eyes darting around the dark room frantically.

There were no windows.

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Just one door. Noticing her wandering eyes, Alex spoke up. "I think you need a demonstration." Reaching under the bed, he pulled out a wooden bat.

Alyssa backed away in fear, shaking her head. "Oh god no, please! I won't run, I won't run!" she screamed, pressing her back against the headboard. She curled up into a trembling ball, clutching her legs to her chest and pressing her face to her knees. She lost all hope. There was no way she could make it to that door. It was probably locked too, she thought.

Alex dropped the bat and kicked it back underneath the bed. He climbed onto the bed beside Alyssa. Upon hearing the bed shift, the tiny girl tensed in anticipation. "You're going to kill me, aren't you?" she asked, unable to look at him.

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She felt his hand touch her knee and whimpered. "Look at me." Alyssa lifted her head, knowing full well not to disobey him. His face was so close, she shrieked and tried to back away, but there was no place to go.

He stared at her with a lustful gaze, his eyes running over her blood-matted breasts. "If you continue to be a good little whore, I won't have a reason to kill you.

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It's only when you become useless that I'll want to get rid of you." He spoke softly, reaching out to pet her head. She wanted to get as far from him as possible, but used sheer will not to back away. "Will you do everything I say?" "Yes, Master." Alex lay down on his back beside her crumpled form on the bed. He easily pulled her to stradle his waist, making her sit on his erect cock.

Her cunt was still slippery from his cum and rubbed against his cock as he settled her in position. "You're going to take all of my cock up your ass. You're going to ride me as fast as you can, no matter how much it hurts. Got that, bitch?" Alyssa looked down at him in horror, but nodded eitherway. It was this or death. However, there was no way she would be able to take him dry. She wanted some sort of lubricant. Reaching inside her cunt which was still wet from his cum, she coated her fingers in the juices and rubbed them all over his cock and her own asshole.

Reluctantly, she gripped the base of his length and positioned the tip in between her cheeks. Alex settled his hands on her hips, grinning devilishly up at her.

Slowly, Alyssa pushed herself down on his cock, feeling the head get past her sphincter muscles. "It's so fucking big, oh my god." It hurt so much and she tried to stifle her cries of pain while she impaled herself, forcing herself to take more of his cock into her ass. She clenched her teeth and began sobbing, shaking her head. "I can't do it, fuck fuck fuck. It hurts so much!" "Do it or I'll kill you right now." Alyssa made a defeated, pained noise and pushed herself further down, taking more of his meat.

Losing patience, Alex gripped her hips tightly and pushed her down all the way, forcing her to take his entire cock. She screamed out in agony, breathing hard. "Ride it. Now." His tone was angry. He was tired of waiting for her. He didn't care what kind of pain she was in. All he cared about was his own pleasure. Alyssa closed her eyes and began rocking herself on his cock, feeling as though her ass was on fire.

His meat stretched her hole wide apart and her insides sprawled to allow each penetration as she took him in and out. The man groaned in pleasure and pushed his hips up to meet her ass, allowing for a deeper penetration.

"You feel so good, baby," he moaned, tightening his grip on her hips to bruise the skin. "But now, it's my turn to take control." Alex pushed her off his cock and sat up quickly, grabbing her by her hair to push her on her hands and knees. "Arch your back," he instructed as he got behind her.

Spitting on his cock, he shoved it back into her asshole, paying no mind to her screams. He began fucking her asshole in a rough, fast pace, causing his balls to slap against her cunt each time.

Once again, the bed creaked and rocked with their bodies and Alyssa's hanging breasts moved to the rhythm of his thrusts. Alex reached his arm around to play with Alyssa's clit while he fucked her asshole.

By now, she had stopped screaming. His fingers rubbed in quick circles around the sensitive nub, sending little waves of pleasure through her body. She focused on those sensations to get her through the pain. Soon, she was moaning wantonly, her eyes glazed over. She was utterly broken.

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The man continued to push his cock in and out of her asshole, picking up the pace as he felt his orgasm approaching. Alyssa too was on the verge of a climax. He kept fucking her and rubbing her clit as he came inside her ass in a torrent of cum. She cried out, tensing and squirming as the waves of pleasure consumed her and she came undone, reaching orgasm by the hand of the very man who had repeatedly raped her.

Alex pumped her ass a few more times before pulling out. She collapsed onto the bed in a panting mess and Alex lay down beside her, pulling an arm around her waist to pull her close. "Will you let me go now?

I did everything you wanted," she whispered, turning to look up at him sheepishly through her lashes. "Not a chance." He locked his arms around her back and pushed her breasts to his chest, pressing on the bruises covering her body. She sighed, wondering why she wasn't feeling shocked, angry or frightened.

Perhaps it was because she had given up hope. She accepted what was happening to her. She accepted that she was helpless. All she felt was fatigue and pain. Resting her head against his chest, she closed her eyes and began to drift off into a deep sleep. Strangely, she thought she saw him gently kiss her forehead before sleep took her.