Bree daniels and alexis fawx

Bree daniels and alexis fawx
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This is a story about explicit sex and other adult only things. If you are underage or offended by such material you should stop reading now. The story, setting and characters have been made by the author The Thundercloud and all rights are reserved. "Say after me," mayor Linden prompted.

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"I am saving myself for the forest." "I am saving myself for the forest," Jenny Linden repeated together with the others assembled. She and around fifty other girls stood in the city hall in front of the mayor.

"Once more," mayor Linden said. "I am saving myself for the forest," they said again. After who knows how many repetitions none did stutter at the words, but mayor Linden had no real trust in his eyes, just worry as he watched the group of girls in front of him.

Jenny suppressed an annoyed frown from her face and looked back towards her father. Why did he have to stare at her like that? From the looks of his pale face it seemed like he believed Jenny intended to disgrace the family by joining some traveling circus.

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In fact it was the exact opposite, friends to Jenny had revealed that more than a few families considered it a great shame that mayor Linden had sent Jenny with the children last year. Everyone knew that a girl would flower long before she turned 18 but kept the charade to avoid the young girls having to participate in the festival.

That Jenny from a noble family that ate good food would not be had her bleeding the year she turned 18 was an obvious lie. Now a year later her father had no choice but had to accept she was a grown woman. Jenny felt relief as he diverted his gaze from her. He inspected the other girls assembled, more than a few blushed nervously in the uncomfortable silence.

"Know this young girls," mayor Linden said.


"If the ancient laws allowed us to change them you would not be allowed to attend to the festival." More than a few of the girls seemed impatient for him to stop stalling, but Jenny kept her face even. It sounded like a very bad idea to make her father see how eager she had become for the festival to start.

"A brief history lesson. After the second plague 1236," mayor Linden told. "King Waldemar II gave the city a new law. The population had grown small, and few dared to make children due to memories of the suffering during the famine. Thus he ordered that the day before the second full moon after the solar solstice should be a festival of lust. Every person ripe to carry or conceive a child must meet the others nude on the streets of the city and no normal family ties apply." Mayor Linden stared at them for a while until he continued.

"Please realize that you will not just be seen by lads that you dance with a summers eve, but with every male in this town. The penalty for breaking away from sex when it has begun is death. How little you care for the male does not matter. The only way for you to change partners when skin contact has begun is that some other partner join in and you have sex with them instead." "I am saving myself for the forest," Linden shouted. "That is the only phrase to use if you want to avoid a mans touch.

Law requires that those who remain on the streets when dusk falls be driven into the forest totally nude to survive in the wilds as punishment, yet none may demand sex from you after you have said that phrase. If he ignores you saying the phrase his life is forfeit." Mayor Linden had lost his breath and took a short break. Around her Jenny saw some girls with wide eyes, herself she kept her calm. She had forced every detail from the serving maids working at her father's house.

"Furthermore the law dedicate that if two unmarried persons conceive a child this day they are to be married. Of course with human nature as it is, many persons chose to sleep around outside of marriage so we used to have plenty of young girls with bastard children that had great troubles to find somebody to marry later.

The responsibility for the child ends on the mother and in the long run on the city if she can't support herself and the child. The city council cannot change the laws of the festival, but instead selected to counter the problem by providing all unmarried girls with free renswood extract that prevents any pregnancy. The only bad side effect are that you young girls are even more wanted by male crowd when they know you don't risk any child.

Mayor Linden stared at Jenny now, his eyes filled with worry. Jenny lowered her gaze to avoid it. "One last warning before we supply the extract. The mixture is not fail proof, at times it has happened that girls become pregnant even after they have taken it so try to chose your partners wisely." Jenny felt a rush of excitement; she had indeed made sure to learn every aspect about the renswood extract.

The moment when she would loose her virginity finally approached. With a tremble she accepted the small cup offered to her. The red liquid smelled very foul. She paused and looked to those around her, many of them mirrored her expression. She noticed that her father stared at her and she blushed as she held the cup with both hands and straight arms. Mustn't he shame her by approaching and checking that she emptied the cup. She felt relief when he stayed at the center of the meeting hall. Beside her two girls had collapsed coughing after drinking the whole contents of their cup.

Older girls took one sip at the time to ease the task of swallowing the mixture. Jenny smiled smugly as she brought the cup to her lips and emptied it as fast as possible. It tasted horrible, but she forced it down without much effort. She looked up and saw more than a couple of girls staring at her with surprised faces. Jenny did her best to ignore them; she didn't want to draw attention to herself. Eventually the girls turned to the task of drinking their own cups. One of them tried to empty the last of her cup in the same way as Jenny had drank hers, and she ended on the floor clutching her throat.

Servants of the city council walked around collecting the cups and making sure none had accidently spilled the contents. Five young girls were prompted to take another cup when servants found they spilled far to much of the renswood extract.

Finally the assembly calmed down as the mayor prepared to speak again. "When you leave this room you must be nude and remain so out on the streets until you have had sex or dusk has fallen. Use the phrase to protect yourself from unwanted partners. If bad luck happens to you try to remind them of your lack of experience so they go easy on you," mayor Linden said.

Awkwardly everyone started to drop their clothes. Jenny faked some trouble with the dress so she could drop the contents of her hand. She froze with fear when she had done so.

Her left hand was red from the red renswood extract she had handled, far too red for it just be an accident. The patch of cloth she pushed into the cup had collected most of the contents of her cup, but left a tell tail sure trace.

Had she worn underwear she could have used it to wipe herself, but she didn't. It had not seen worth it for the short use and the risk some servant would do something dirty with it.

Thus she stood nude with all her clothes on the floor infront of her. Blushing she pulled her hand tight and tried to pretend like nothing had happened. None around her reacted and she guessed they thought it were the stares on her nude body that embarrassed her. Girls started to leave and Jenny moved to follow them to get outside. The only problem was that her father moved to intercept her. He seemed intent to speak to her and she felt dread. She didn't dare to consider what her father would do if he found out she had not drunk the whole cup.

With a shudder of discomfort she placed herself in a sexy pose with her hands on her back. It pronounced her round breasts and small waist.

"Jenny Linden, you will be wanted out there. Many that have lost in cases where I have been judge will long to claim you. Same goes for commoners that are obsessed with claiming a noble today," he said. "I am saving myself for the forest," Jenny said. Her father jumped back as he realized he was staring at her nude for the first time in many years. He blushed deeply, and tried to divert his gaze. Please don't make him do anything that forces me to show my hand, Jenny prayed. She felt relief as he moved out of the way so that she could exit.

"Take care of yourself," he called after her. "I promise," she answered the moment before she came outside. The hot air of the summer day greeted her. It felt great to have the sun light one her white creamy skin.

It seemed likely she would suffer from sunburn, yet this could not be helped. Something that happened to almost every noble lady during the festival.

To her right she saw fat Tuggins approaching her. The young boy had his right hand rested on his cock. Wetness dripped from it as he slowly yanked it. Jenny had never seen a cock more than momentarly, but her curiosity was not that great that she would risk Tuggins coming close to her. "Tuggins, I am saving myself for the forest," she said. He frowned disappointed and drifted away. None other stood close and Jenny took the time to look around.

Lots of boys and few men had gathered close to city hall, perhaps to get a chance on young girls that had been given renswood extract. More than a couple had turned red as they stared back on the young girls that equally blushing crowded close. Unsure about how to get the boy they desired. Jenny groaned with irritation, she needed to get past the crowd to the man she wanted to take her virginity.

She felt a tingling in her tights as she thought about the possible outcome. The limited renswood extract she had taken would not prevent her from having a child.A child that would ensure she could avoid the boring husbands that her father intended for her. Yet she needed to reach Brian if she wanted his seed inside her young fertile womb.

The crowd had still not made any moves to part. Two couples had been formed so far. A boy and a girl that seemed pretty in love had without much hesitation hugged and kissed each other and now walked away.

Also one of the younger girls of noble blood had moved too close to one of the young men and he really seemed to enjoy himself as he spread her cunt for the all the people around to see.

She was red from shame but knew better than try to break the contact. Jenny moved forward carefully, it looked she just might pass on the left side of the crowd. The boys standing there were younger, and hopefully not so experienced.

She walked forward, using the phrase whenever any of them looked towards her. Some of the older boys on the right side of the crowd recognized her and seemed to consider if they could rush her faster than she said the phrase.

Fortunately Jenny moved fast and was free of the crowd before they decided. She slipped into an alley, two of the boys started to follow, and she gave them a tired stare. The alley beside the city hall was deserted and she waited until the boys came there and told them the phrase. They turned back and Jenny started to walk down the small alley. From some of the houses came moans that indicated couples had already started to have sex.

I could stumble into father or mother nude, she suddenly thought. Her face going crimson, she hoped they would chose each other as partners and be out of the streets and not come looking for her.


She turned into another alley and suddenly realized that she was standing in touching distance from a nude man. She opened her mouth to say the phrase, but the words froze in her mouth.

It was Edwin, fifth son of one the cities rangers that guarded the roads to other towns. She had never seen him that much before. He had a rather plain face, dark hair and eyes that never seemed to miss a single detail. Yet without his clothes his whole appearance changed. Never had she imagined that he would have such lean and muscular body. Rather hairy, and muscular in a way boys on the square could never compete with. Still even more eye catching she found his cock that raised to hardness as he glanced down on her.

He must be perhaps two heads taller than her. "You smell nice," he said and backed away from her with hands behind his back. "Thank you," Jenny replied and continued down the alley. She arrived on a more busy street and to her irritation the path to the right was blocked. A number of people seemed to have stumbled into each other and now spent time to kiss a group each other while they argued about who should go with whom.

Jenny did not dare to dart past them, she could not be sure the tell them all that she saved herself to forest. Jenny walked left, that direction would take her to destination also even while it would take a bit more time.

She turned into another street and heard a surprised yelp from her left. A woman stood pressed to the wall as a man played with her breasts. From the look of it she didn't mind very much even though she had been surprised. She bent forward and kissed him as her hand slowly slipped down his chest toward his maleness. "Gwen!" a man shouted and came rushing towards the couple.

"Sorry, husband, but he surprised me when I was distracted," the woman responded as the man grouping her had placed himself behind her and spread her pussy for the husband and Jenny to see.

The husband hesitated for a moment, his face crimson red, then he stepped forward. The man grouping his wife stood behind her and before he could react, the husband had moved in and pushed his eager cock into her drippingly wet cunt. The other man was caught towards the wall and grunted in irritation as the wife switched her attention to her husband. The man and wife ended on the ground fucking each other while the man that had initiated the encounter pulled himself loose and stepped towards Jenny.

"I am saving myself for the forest," Jenny said, and he grunted in anger and walked away. Jenny kept standing a bit watching the couple fucking on the street. She had only seen animals, like her fathers dogs, do it before and she found it fascinating. Finally she continued down the street, a couple of males drifted in her direction, but most gave up after she just given them a hard stare.

After a couple blocks Jenny walked down a rather empty street. Suddenly a door on the right burst open and a large man charged in her direction. "Time to compensate Tom for loosing the court deal," he barked. "I am saving myself for the forest," Jenny shouted back. He did not stop but caught her into his embrace. His fingers digging into her breast as he roared in triumph.

Jenny did not know what to do as his handers violated her. His body smelled of cheap ale even while he seemed mostly clean and Jenny felt panic fill her. She lacked the strength to break free from such a brute. "Tom, you fool.The girl said the phrase before you touched her. That you are angry on her father won't matter if she learns your full name and makes a complaint to the town council," a woman growled from a nearby door. With regret the man let Jenny go and she stumbled over to the woman filled with relief.

"Thank you," Jenny mumbled. The woman had simple blue dress and Jenny stared at it confused. "My husband and I made an appearance on the street and then had sex with each other inside. Our neighbour saw the evidence afterwards so it is totally safe for me to wear clothes," the woman said. "Would you like some water to drink and wash yourself before you continue?" "That would be nice," Jenny mumbled and woman fetched water from inside.

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After Jenny had used it she continued down the street. "Try to stay out of trouble," the woman told her. "Lots of men that would like to ravish mayor Linden's daughter." Jenny walked more carefully now, but did not suffer any new assault.

Many tried to approach her, but she was ready with the phrase and they would turn away in irritation. Finally Jenny saw her destination, the smithy where Brian served as apprentice. By now the street had turned pretty desolate so Jenny could walk faster. On the front side only one woman stood waiting, she seemed to be considering her options. "Brian must have placed himself around the corner, he would expect me to come straight from the city hall," Jenny mumbled to herself.

The woman standing on the street had begun walking towards Jenny's direction. Jenny moved past her and around the corner, but to her surprise it was equally empty around the corner. "Darn, he went looking for me," Jenny cursed. Yet even as she said the words she registered the sound of a female moan. Jenny froze, she recognized that voice. She had of course never heard it like this, but it must be flirty Jill Sand that had danced with Brian on the summer fair when Jenny had been stuck with keeping her family company.

Jenny slowly approached the open doors to the dark smithy. Most of all she wanted to run away, yet she needed to know. At the dirty floor, barely inside the smithy, like they had been overcome by lust before the reached longer she saw lots of nude skin.

She could not really see Jill, her beloved Brian's broad back concealed everything beside her legs as he with powerful grunts thrust deeply into her. If he had felt any regret about it being Jill instead of Jenny he seemed to have forgotten them now. Jill was older and had not been on the assembly to take renswood extract, yet she could have done so on herself. Why am I trying to fool myself, Jenny wondered.

Of course flirty Jill had not ignored to be given free renswood extract, but instead hoped to carry Brian's child. Jenny turned and walked away with heavy steps. A man, perhaps fifty or slightly more, approached her. "I am saving myself for the forest," Jennifer growled and the man scowled as he continued down the street.

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Jennifer look up towards the sky, dusk did approach fast. The persons left on street by now must feel the fear of having to suffer a night nude outside in the wild forest. Jenny halted her step as the realization hit her. All the good looking people had by long been taken, if she wanted to avoid a miserable night in forest she would need to accept some ugly or old fellow that everyone else had rejected.

Suddenly Jenny felt a warm finger touch her ass and playfully rub over her pale skin. She whirled around, yet she knew the law did not allow he any exit, her life was forfeit if she backed away from sex after actual skin contact. To her surprise she found it was Edwin, the ranger. He had a real smug smile on his face as he moved closer her. "Haven't you found somebody else?" Jenny asked surprised.

"There is a certain phrase I been using, good to use when you are looking for more noble prey like you," Edwin responded. He caught her hand and pulled it to his mouth so he could kiss it.

"You turned away earlier, I thought you did not want me," Jenny mumbled. "Why make a try when you obviously thought about using the phrase to divert me," he mumbled and pulled her into his embrace. Jenny had no choice, but to accept him. His hardness touched her stomach and Jenny felt butterflies fill inside her.

With him being a head taller than her she fit perfectly in his arms.

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She breathed in and could not help smelling him; strength, vitality and lots of lust. She felt her legs going weak. "Where do we move to have sex?" she asked with a hoarse voice. "You want to chance a night in forest?" Edwin asked back as he seductively let his hand drift down her back and grip her ass.

Jenny understood what he meant, the serving maids had made it clear that every couple must have had sex before dusk if they wanted to be avoid being sent away. If the guards found anyone while having sex they would throw them out through the city gates and spread the news to anyone asking.

"Let's move to the city garden on the next street," Jenny reasoned. In the garden the risk for the guards to stumble over them would be less, sparing herself of the horrible gossip that would follow if the guards found her having sex on the street. He did not respond, but instead hugged her closer to his nude muscled body.

The hand gripping her ass moved forward, a finger brushing over her pussy. Jenny jerked in surprise as she felt the touch, she could not understand how that light touch could play so much with her mind. He guided her to turn away from him and pulled her into his embrace again. This time she felt his rock solid member push into her back. His strong lean arms played over her exposed body. Jenny leaned onto his strong shoulder and felt his fingers probing her wet folds.


His other hand moving around her nude torso, close, but never quite on her round breasts. Suddenly Jenny froze in fear, how could she have forgotten she had not taken a full cup of renswood extract. If she let him penetrate her she risked to have child, possible ending married to this poor son to a simple ranger. She needed to avoid that at all cost. "I want to suck you off?" Jenny whispered. Her hand reaching behind her back to touch his malehood.

He moaned in pleasure as she hesitantly tried to move her hand up and down like she imagined boys did when jacking off.

He moaned in lust as she increased her pace, she slipped out of his arms and sank down on her knees. The potent cock of his was already wet with precum. Closing her eyes so she need not to see the masculine member she moved closer. She opened her mouth to breath on the cock. He responded by pushing into her mouth. Jenny opened her eyes in alarm, staring into his hairy muscular abdomen, yet there was little she could do. His large cock filled her mouth and she did taste him. She had never imagined a man would feel so large as he thrusted into her mouth.

He pulled out of her and she bent forward to take him into her mouth again. He pulled her forward and she lost balance. She fumbled after him to catch herself, but he slipped past her. Yet his strong arm caught her with a sure grip the moment before she would have hit the ground. "What?" Jenny mumbled. Still in truth she didn't need to be told, she was down on the ground on her knees with him behind her. His maleness touching her down there.

With a satisfied grunt he found her opening and started to slip inside.

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Nothing could have prepared Jenny for the sensation. She had more than once used her finger during the last two years, but it could not compare.

She had clenched her muscles as he slid in, and it felt like heaven. Wet and ready her cunt accepted him inside. "Are you as inexperienced in this as you are at sucking?" the muscled ranger asked as he held her still, her cunt filled with his cock.

Jenny felt embarressment, of course she understood her mouth service had not been great when he had not let himself be caught by it, yet for him to say it so openly. His had slipped below her and played circles over her nipples. Jenny trembled as she felt her nipple turn diamond hard between his fingers. "Nev." she began, but then he pulled out and slammed back inside.

It felt unreal, he moved so fast, thrust with such speed and strength. He must be on his third trust before Jenny really registered that he was indeed fucking her. Jenny moaned, as he took her without showing much effort, drilled her faster than her finger ever had moved when she had musturbated late at night. "I could ummh never imagine," Jenny groaned as his fingers guided her to meet his trusts. Jenny didn't need much encouragement. She again started to clench her muscles around his hard cock, and she could hear that this felt even better for him than it did for her.

Not that this seemed possible. He was almost in a frenzy, his fingers digging into pale skin, rarely touched by the sun. Jenny did not mind, the slight pain could only highlight the pleasure as he again and again made her excitement reach new levels.

Suddenly Jenny screamed as her whole body shuddered in extasy, it was almost to much, as he continued to drill her hole her body trembled from pleasure coming from her sex. Jenny felt her mind clear from the glorious climax, he had given her a fucking beyond anything she had ever dreamt about. She had collapsed down on the ground during the climax, his strong fingers guiding her flower to be ready for his spear.

She slowly raised her head, then shook it to clear her vision. On the far side of the street there was a large dog, so big that Jenny first thought she still must be dazed. The dog watched her.

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Staring right to her as a mighty cock slid out of its sheet. The cock could not be described as anything else than a monster, nothing compared to Edwin that still fucked her from behind. Suddenly he shuddered as his cock exploded inside her, she felt him pump cum into her cunt. He pulled her close and kept her impaled on his throbbing cock. "It's a huge dog," Jenny whispered, Edwin only grunted in response as he enjoyed the sensation.

The dog seemed awfully large, Jenny was suddenly glad that Edwin was inside her. Who knows what a wild dog would do if it found her nude on her knees covered in cum. With dread she realized that Edwin had climaxed inside her, she must slip away to some fountain and see if she could clear out the cum before she turned pregnant and must marry him.

She made an effort to slip free and this time Edwin let her go. In her surprise Jenny ended on the ground. She sat up, realizing that the dog stood some distance in front of her.

It did actually stand on two legs! The slender wolf legs, since it was indeed no dog but a wolf, had turned more humanoid. Front paws had turned into claws. The only thing that remained the same was the large cock that the wolf slowly pumped with its beastlike claw.

Finally the word werewolf came up into her mind. She had heard the fairy tales, yet never imagined she would end nude on a street with a real one lusting for her body. This thought made her squirm backwards in panic. She bumbed into Edwin, and ended entangled with him. "Help me up," Jenny screamed, "there is a werewolf." Edwin burst out laughing as he pulled her close to himself.

"Do you really believe the stories about a werewolf that claim all that fail to find a partner during the festival?" Jenny struggled to get free, the werewolf made Edwin look tiny and he had yet not noticed it.

Only she was looking at the werewolf, and its obscene cock as it impossibly silent slipped closer to them. "No, I really mean it." Jenny screamed,"There is a werewolf here". He hugged her, and Jenny found herself unable to move. No matter how she struggled he had the strength advantage. "No, soon to be wife," Edwin said. "There are two or three werewolves here depending on how you count." Jenny froze, the hand that kept her arms locked had claws.

Claws with blood on them, her own blood from when he had kept her pinned during the fucking. It was the werewolf standing in front of them that broke the silence.

"Good choice of mate son, she is in the most fertile part of the month and does not stink from renwood extract. Sooner or later I will sample her as well." The werewolf turned back into the giant wolf and raced down the street. Jenny stayed frozen in Edwin's embrace, trying to make her head stop spinning. "Listen to me," Edwin whispered into her ear, "you might not have turned pregnant from this sex. Still, without doubt you have been cut by my claws, during the next full moon you will turn into a wolf.

Better make sure that you become pregnant with me or some other from the pack, you will need a husband that understand that you turn into wolf once every month." He released her and she managed to assemble herself to pull free. She looked at him, besides his claws his eyes had also changed. He looked back at her with yellow wolf eyes. "Within the pack it is up to the female to protect herself from sex if she does not want it. Remember this tonight," he told her. "What do you mean?" Jenny asked confused.

"I shall join the others to locate any fertile woman that has not found herself an mate and thus are sex prey for us tonight.

We want to do this before the guards are done having sex and start to sweep the streets," Edwin told her. "I don't understand," Jenny mumbled. "Do you really want the guards to gossip about you having claw marks on your ass and cum dripping from your cunt?" he asked.

"You want me to go to the forest to be chased and sexually taken by you werewolves," she whispered as she finally understood.

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"You will be a werewolf yourself next full moon so it in your best interest to join the orgy," he explained. She felt a tingle inside herself as she thought about it. "If I get pregnant, how will we know who is the father?" she asked. "By smell, just like I can smell your sexual lust now we can smell who the father is," he responded. "I could sneak back home instead," Jenny suggested. "If you think you can slip past your family," Edwin said.

He did not wait for the answer but dashed down the street as he turned into gigantic wolf. Jenny raised her gaze to look towards the forest outside the city. Dusk had finally come. Should she allow herself to be chased by sex crazy werewolves in the forest or try to hide the claw marks at home? In truth there was not much choice, her parents would demand to see the cum coming from her body so they had proof that she had followed the law and then they would also see the claw marks.

If if she went to the forest on the other hand she could claim to either have failed to find herself a partner or that she had stayed the night by Edwin's place. She started to walk towards the forest, her body tingled with sexual excitement. She doubted the werewolves would bother switch to human form if they managed to catch her, how would it feel to be taken sexually by a werewolf?

No doubt she would soon know.