Outdoor male piss free gallery gay Scottie Can Do It Captain

Outdoor male piss free gallery gay Scottie Can Do It Captain
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I'm Crystal and hope that my stories can help others like me…understand why we are the way we are. Society says we are victims but, not all of us. Some of us have sought out the very thing that would be our undoing. By the time that I was 2 yrs old, my entire life till then was changed forever by my dad getting arrested for having child porno in one of his warehouses.

Dad was a thief who always maintained that he had robbed manuscripts from an art collector and that the kiddie pics found at the bottom of an old trunk had belonged to the collector.

Dad got sent to prison and his fame for never being caught finally came to an end. He pleaded out and got 15 years. Since he was never around most of the time, I didn't really miss him but, boy did everything change after that. Without dad's income we could barely pay the rent. One day, dad's brother and parents came to the house and convinced mom to move in with them.

Mom kept saying that it would only be for a couple of months till she found a job. Two months later we moved to West Virginia or better yet…to an isolated farm up in the mountains.

My first months were full of happiness and freedom. No one knew our story and even mom started relaxing from the past year's nightmare.


A year later my grandparents were killed by a drunken driver. After the funeral, Uncle Bill asked mom to take over the business end of the farm. One of her jobs was to travel to local markets and sell products from the farm. Mom hired a local woman to watch me when she wasn't home and Uncle Bill stayed on the farm to run the rest.

Our farm wasn't big but, we made enough from our dairy products and crops to survive decently even if it meant long days for mom and Uncle Bill. The year I turned 5, Uncle Bill started spending more time with me.

He was a tall, good looking, 48 yr old well built man. Even though he was bald, a lot of the women from town were constantly stopping by to personally buy from him. Mom had been dating (with Uncle Bill's approval) a fireman from another county and more and more often, Uncle Bill would babysit me in the evenings she went out. She had planned to go away with Jim (her boyfriend) to Florida for 2 weeks.

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I was more than happy about this turn of events cause it meant that Uncle Bill would let me secretly watch the cows and bulls mating. Mom usually made it a point to keep me away from anything interesting. The first night that mom was gone, I went to bed early and can't really say what woke me up.

At first, I thought I was dreaming because standing next to the bed was Uncle Bill who was moving his hand over something again and again. I was so sleepy that even when I felt my sheets being pulled down and hands pull my panties off, I just turned over on my side. I felt the mattress give as he sat next to me on the bed and then started to feel father like touches on my thighs and then on my little pussy. "Uncle Bill", I called out as I squirmed with his hands rubbing me down there. "It's ok, go back to sleep", he said as his other hand moved my nightie up enough to expose my titties.

It felt weird but nice and since he wasn't hurting me, I continued to lay there as his touching became more insistent. At one point, he started to suck my nipple and I started to get warm and feel funny. Uncle Bill went back to rubbing his cock and seconds later my entire chest was struck by something warm and thick.

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I felt Uncle Bill get up and then he came back with a wet towel and wiped me down, cover me up, and leave the room. After he left, I remember laying there and wondering what had happened till I fell back asleep. The next morning, I was woken up by Uncle Bill who told me to get cleaned up, put my pleated skirt on for our special day, and that breakfast was ready and that we had a big day ahead of us.

When breakfast was over I went outside and saw that there weren't any of the usual ranch hands around. When I asked why, he told me that it would just be us and that not only would I watch the mating, he was going to teach me how to milk a cow as well.

Even though yesterday had weird me out, I was so ecstatic that I almost fell running to where the bull was being kept. As soon as I climbed up the fencing to see better, Uncle Bill opened the gate and let the bull meet his new wife as I called her. He stood behind me and started to rub his front on my butt.

I could feel something push against me and asked him what it was. He told me that it was part of watching the mating and that for it to work it had to be a secret. I promised it would be and then he started to lower his zipper as he turned me around to face the animals again. The next time he leaned against me, he pulled my skirt up and I could feel something hard pushing against my panties. At this point I saw the bull mount the cow even though she was fighting it.

Every time the bull would thrust into her, Uncle Bill would do the same rubbing his cock on my butt. He slipped his hands under my tank top and began rubbing and pinching my nipples. Between watching the bull fuck the cow and what Uncle Bill was doing to me, I started to feel flushed and afraid.

Uncle Bill wasn't even listening as I tried to get him to stop. In fact, he started calling me awful names that grandma would of beated me for and began banging me against the fence as his dry humping went out of control.

By the time he came on me he was fast stroking my bent over body and was almost keeping time with the bull. He lowered me to the ground and told me to go change my clothes. When I came out with an old sundress on, Uncle Bill was waiting for me near the picnic table with some milk and cookies. He told me that he was sorry that he scared me but, that I was old enough to understand I had responsibilities too if I wanted to continue living on the farm with my mom.

He told me that he didn't have time for girlfriends and that one of their duties is to milk a man like you do with a cow. That if a man isn't milked every day, he becomes mean and maybe won't want relatives living with him anymore.

I got scared and started crying as Uncle Bill led me to where the cows to be milked were. I promised him I'd do the milking if he let mommy and me stay.

He told me that it could only work if mommy never found out, otherwise, if I told her or anyone else we'd be out on the street with no home or food. He led me to a stall where one of the cows was waiting to be milked.

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Telling me to wait there, he went back to the barn doors and locked them from the inside. As he walked back to the stall, I could see him stop at the sink and rinse his cock with water.

As soon as came back he unzipped his jeans and began openly stroking his cock while staring me down.


"Come here and sit on this stool" he barked out. I sat down and he moved closer to me so that his cock was almost eye level. "Watch how I do this and then it's your turn" he said as he started stroking his cock with his fist.

I first I tried doing it with one hand and then began to use both. He had me lace my hands together and began using them to go thru and touch my lips with the head of his cock.

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Every time his cock would touch my lips I could feel his cock get harder and bigger like it was going to explode from its skin. He put his hands on my head and told me to open my mouth a little. As soon as I complied, I felt his head enter a little and then my mouth and throat were covered in his cum. I couldn't move my head and almost choked on the cum that had ran down my throat. When he was finished, he took a handkerchief from his pocket and cleaned my face.

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During the two weeks my mom was gone I learned how to suck a cock with my small mouth by taking only the head in and pretend it was a tootsie pop. I let him use my body for dry humping and even learned how to swallow cum which really made him go crazy. After Mom returned he continued to visit me at night or on market days. Even after mom found an apartment in town, we continued to spend Sundays at the farm and mom trusted only him for babysitting.

I never told her what had happened even after the threat of losing everything was gone.