Hollywood actors exposed gay porn Kyler Moss and Nick Duvall get into

Hollywood actors exposed gay porn Kyler Moss and Nick Duvall get into
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Its starts off like this my dad had just met this women whom happen to have 3 children, 2 boys and 1 daughter.

I met this oldest son first (the one who I would eventually put my cock inside) then I met the youngest son (who I still have sex with to this day), The oldest son shook my hand and gave me a look.

Now at the moment I thought nothing of it, but as I thoughtabout it some more I realized it was a look of interest. Later on in the week my father, his girlfriend and her daughter left for hours and left me, the oldest son, and the youngest home.

The youngest went outside to play hide and seek. On the other hand, me and the oldest son went to play a free to play game on my PS3 and then he began to watch porn on his phone. I watched it with him as the first porn came to an end I grabbed the phone and changed it to gay porn.

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He began to watch it with me and in the corner of my eye I could see his juicy cock hardening. So I told him "Is that a boner I see?" He looked at me in shock and said, "No its just the boxers!" I knew it wasnt.

So I began a play fight and eventually I pinned him down and sat on his cock. Thats when things began to get fun.


He took of my shirt and then his and held me as he put his tongue down my throat. I returned the favor. I climbed off of him and took my pants and boxers off and took his off as well.

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I turned off the PS3 and the lights and climbed back on him. We were bith naked rolling around in the covers.


That is until he slipped his fat cock in my virgin hole. I moaned so loud he had to cover my mouth with his. There we are, newly step brothers having great sex in the dark. We both hadn't had sex with anybody in a while so after a 15 minutes of non stop thrusting my hole he stopped and came inside me. He slid his fingers in my hole, pulled out some cum and put it in my mouth and then kissed me. I swallowed his cum and continued to kiss him. We switch positions and I put my dick with my huge head in.

As soon as the head went in he grabbed on to a pillow and began to bite it to hold in his loud moaning.

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After 30 minutes of thrusting my cock into him I felt my load getting ready to shoot. I sat him on his knees and jerked over his mouth until I my load came super close. I stuck my cock in his mouth as my load shot down his throat. He looked up at me and said I want more.

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But I was beat shooting that huge load into his mouth drained me. So he stood on his knees cleaning my cock of all the cum around it with his tongue. We laid down with me on top of him (still completely naked) and made out for 10 minutes.

After 10 minutes his younger brother ran in and jumped on top of us. Luckily the room was dark and we were covered by blankets. The oldest wrapped the younger one in the blanket long enough for me to get my clothes back on and then we switched so he could put his clothes on.

His brother didnt stay for long before running back outside the room and the house. We locked the door this time and stripped each other naked again and laid back in bed. By the time all this happened I was ready for round 2.

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He laid me down in doggystyle position and fucked me so good I almost came. His big fat cock pushing my walls out of the way and giving me so much pleasure. Since I knew we were the only ones home I moaned his name, "F.!" (Keeping his name private just in case someone I know runs into this) I yelled "MMMMM YESSS F. GIVE ME THE COCK BABY! FUCK MY TIGHT HOLE HARDER BABY! UGHHH THIS HOLE IS YOURS BABY CLAIM IT MMMMM CLAIM IT BABY!" All of my yelling must have triggered something because he began to show me just how harder he can fuck me.

And I enjoyed ever second of it.

He stopped thrusting and took his cock out, but before I could question why he stopped I felt a super wet tongue in my hole. This made me so horny that I came on the blankets.

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He rolled me over and said "this what I wanted to do to you the minute I saw you." I said "do what?" But I spoke to soon he lift my legs in the air and spread them apart. He put 2 fingers in my hole and then his cock and then his tongue. I looked at him and his moutg covered my entire asshole. I never felt so goodin my life.

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I grabbed his head and pushed it in more. Ibsaid "Mmmmm this must be what it feels like for girls to get their pussy eaten!" He told me he loved the taste of my ass and that he could eat it all day long if i'd let him. I responded with "Baby keep eating like this and I keep feeding you." He said deal and kissed me.

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We laid down next to each other to catch our breath and talked about how much we loved each other. Like the "I love you more" "no i love you more argument" It must have been our hornmoanes because we never would have said that to each other. I kneeled down and sucked his load out of him. I swallowed his cum twice in one night and we do it again if I could. We stood the rest of the night naked with his cock in my hole. We both knew we couldn't tell anyone about this or we'd be done for.

We also knew that this wouldn't be the last time we'd have sex. And it wasn't.