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The World's First Futa Futa's Wild Day Chapter Three: Futa's First Wild Party By mypenname3000 Copyright 2018 April 17th, 2047 "Now this sounds interesting," Adelia Tash said. My interviewer leaned forward, her caramel face alight with curiosity. "What could have happened in your dorm room to so change your outlook on your futa-cock?" I shifted in my seat on the couch, glancing at the studio audience watching.

I could feel the breathless anticipation buzzing through the air. I didn't fight the smile growing on my lips as I felt their eagerness. Even now, almost thirty years later, I still drank in the attention women gave me. Being the world's first futa was winning the ultimate lottery.

And it still paid out. "I started an orgy," I said, my pussy so wet, my futa-dick throbbing beneath my skirt. "I didn't mean to, but." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ October 1st, 2017 Dr.

Senior had no answers for me. He couldn't explain why my clit had sprouted into a cock or why my presence drove women so wild with horny lust that they had to have sex with me. He claimed it was all impossible despite the evidence, my massive futa-dick, to the contrary. It left me feeling crushed. How could I live my life if every woman I came across wanted to have sex with me?

Were driven to fuck me. It had to disrupt their lives. They didn't appear to have any self-control. It compelled them to have sex with me or with others. To do things they would never do. Normal people didn't just dive into an orgy during college, like what happened during my first class this morning, or cheat on their spouse with a strange patient they were treating, like my nurse Rhea had during my exam.

Should I become a hermit? Should I stay away from women? Maybe. Maybe it was the only way. My cock didn't like that idea as I rode in my Uber ride-share car back to my dorm. A man drove it.

I had no affect on them. He hardly looked at me in my baggy sweatpants. He had no idea I had a huge cock tucked into my panties aching and throbbing to feel a woman again. Hot pussy, sucking mouths, tight assholes. I wanted them so badly. My pussy grew so wet, my poor panties struggling to absorb the flood. I didn't want to go into exile. I wanted to have fun with my cock. Sex with my clit-dick was amazing. It felt so wonderful to slide into a woman, to pump my cock, and then to erupt my cum into her depths.

But if the women didn't have a choice in the matter. If my presence overruled their self-control, did I have the right to be around them? To take advantage of them? Guilt rippled through me. I shifted in the back of the car. Lust and unease battled in me, swirling through my guts.

My hands rubbed at my sweatpants as my heart thudded away beneath my chest. My nipples ached. My dick throbbed. My stomach churned. I had to go into hiding. I didn't know how it would work. Where I could go. I just had to get away from women. I had my hand. I could jerk off my dick and finger my cunt. It wasn't as good, but. The car stopped. "Well, have a nice day, Becky," the drive said, giving me a nod from the front seat.

"This is the right place, yes?" I blinked, looking up and realized we were at my dorm. The sun was setting, evening deepening around the building. Students were streaming out, including female students.

They were talking, looking at their phones, or just hurrying alone. None of them had any idea of the potential to change their lives with my cum. My fertile, motile cum. "Thank you," I said to the driver. "This is it." I took a deep breath. "Well." the driver said, his forehead furrowing. "Are you. getting out?" Heat warmed my cheeks. "Sorry." My hand shaking, I grabbed the handle, pulled, and darted out. I had to move fast, skirt around any women, and then get into my dorm room.

I needed to pack up my things and flee to my parents' house. I'd have to tell them and ask for their help. At least my mother, who I saw last night, wasn't affected by me. I had reached a full sprint by the time I reached the door to my dorm.

I darted around a group of guys and wrenched it open. The elevator opened ahead and a group of girls stepped out. I cursed and darted towards the stairs.


I raced up them, taking the steps two at a time. My breasts and futa-dick shifted beneath my clothing, stimulating my hard nipples and sensitive tip. My heart beat faster and faster.

A hot flush washed over me as I passed the second floor and reached the third. Music washed over me as I reached the third floor.

The dorm next to mine had an open door, people crowding it, including two women. A party. I swallowed, hearing the sounds of laughing. I stared at the women, the unease twisting into dread in my stomach. Both were beautiful, a blonde with big tits stretching out a tight sweater, and a short-haired brunette with a nose ring. They lay between me and my dorm. I took a deep breath, preparing myself.

My hand fumbled out my keys. I felt around, found the one for my door. Then I hurried ahead. I needed to move fast. The girls had their backs to the hallway. If I got into my dorm before they really noticed me. I could do this. The music thudded louder and louder. I skirted wide, my shoulder almost brushing the far wall of the hallway.

My legs carried me fast. My skin felt tighter and tighter as I came closer and closer. The slender brunette stiffened. Her head turned as if she looked for something. The blonde shuddered, nipples dimpling the front of her sweater. The felt me. I hurried faster. I hunched my shoulders as I passed them. I just needed to take a few more steps and— "Becky!" a familiar voice called out.

Harry, from my Psychology 101 class where Professor Rider had sucked me off and fucked me before everyone, spotted me. He had joined in the orgy my presence had caused, making the women so horny that they needed to satiate their pussies with their own fingers or with others, having sex with people they never would have.

"It's her. It's the futa I was telling you about." The two girls heads snapped around, focusing on me. Their eyes dilated. Both let out whimpering moans at the sight of me. Harry stood by them, the shaggy-haired guy grinning at me as he raised a red plastic cup to me. "You got to join the party. That was so awesome what happened today in class. I got some great pussy thanks to you." He grinned.

"I wouldn't mind some more." I shuddered. "She really has a dick?" the blonde asked, licking her lips. "Yes, she does, Kaelea," Harry answered as I darted for my door. "You have got to see it. It thrusts from her pussy. Made every girl in class so wet.

Even that nerd Chris got some pussy." "Yeah, Tiffany mentioned that," the brunette said as I jammed my key into the lock. The two girls advanced on me, the brunette's jeans whisking as her thighs rubbed together. Kaelea's big breasts jiggled and bounced in her tight sweater. It fit her like a second skin, stretching over those lush mounds. I wanted them so badly. I could just surrender. I could just have so much fun with them.

Why was I running away? They wanted me. I could just have fun and. They didn't have a choice. I twisted the key. The lock clicked. I barreled through my door and slammed it closed behind me.

I pressed my back up against it, twisting the lock, my breasts rising and falling. My futa-dick throbbed in my tight panties, pulsing against them. My pussy itched. Lusts assaulted me, begging me to relent. The girls knocked on my door. "Becky," Kaelea moaned, her voice liquid sex, "let us see your dicks. It sounds so hot. Me and Dona want to see it so badly." "So badly," whimpered the brunette, Dona.

"Just the idea is making me so wet. A chick with a dick. Tiffany raved about it. She wished she had a chance to enjoy your cock." "I know," I said.

"That's why she fucked Chris. She must hate that now. She never liked the guy." "Not what she said," Dona said. "She had a great time with Chris. She came hard on his dick during class. And now she's out on a date with him. I couldn't believe it, but she sounded into it." I frowned at that. "Can't you just let us get a glimpse?" Kaelea asked, her voice so throaty, so in need. I wanted to relent and open my door so badly.

She sounded so wanton. So in need of my girl-dick. How could a single peek hurt? She would want more. She would be driven to need more. She wouldn't have any control over herself. I couldn't do that to her. "I'm sorry," I said. One of them twisted my locked doorknob, rattling it. Then she hit my door. "Come on, Becky, be cool," Dona said. "Just let us see it. That sounds so hot. You really have a pussy and a cock?" "Listen," I said, my pussy clenching, my juices flooding out of me, "you're not yourselves right now." "Really?" Amusement sounded in Dona's voice.

"What does that mean?" "That my dick is controlling you." "Controlling?" Kaelea giggled. "Why, because the idea of you having a dick is so hot it turns us on?" "That's not controlling us," Dona added "Well, it's influencing you," I said. "It's making you so horny. You're not thinking straight." "Mmm, you sure? I can't think straight because I'm horny?

Does a hot guy influence me when he me makes me wet and want to have sex with him?" "Guys don't make you this horny. If I whipped out my dick, you'd have sex with it." "So hard," Dona moaned. "I'd be such a slut for you, Becky." "See!" I turned around, facing my door.

I pictured the two girls on the other side, their bodies shifting and shuddering. Their faces flushed. Nipples hard. Pussies wet. "That's not normal. Would you just be a slut for a guy because he's hot." "Well." Kaelea's words trailed off.

"Maybe not, but that doesn't change what I want right now. I want to see your cock. To have some fun." "What's wrong with having some fun?" Dona asked. "Nothing. But it's just my pheromones or something affecting you. This isn't who you are normally." "And?" Dona had such a flippant tone.

"We want this bad. Why do you get to decide that our desires are wrong. That we shouldn't be horny for you. Why are you speaking for us?" I blinked my eyes. "We can make our own decisions, Becky," Kaelea said. "And this is our decision. Right, Dona?" "Oh, yes. We want this badly. We're adults.

Barely, but we're still eighteen. We can make our own decisions on who we have sex with. You don't get to tell us that it's wrong for us to want you. You don't get to dictate who we're attracted to and what we do about it." I frowned at their words. They wanted this. They sounded so serious. They didn't sound like they were drugged. None of the women I had sex with dead. They all had clear eyes, they just really, really wanted to have sex with me.

They enjoyed it. Even Tiffany. enjoyed what she did with Chris. What if I didn't make girls so horny they had to have sex, but somehow I took away that societal guilt over being promiscuous? That pressure placed on girls not to be sluts, to not act on their desires like guys could.

That leftover morality from a time when birth control wasn't possible, when pregnancies could so impact a girl's life. So maybe. I wasn't controlling them so much as. as freeing them. I wanted them. They wanted me. It was. consensual. Just like a girl who sees a hot guy and decides to have a one night stand with him.

This was no different. My hand twisted the lock. Dona threw open my door, a big smile on her face. Her nose ring glinted as her dark eyes focused on me. Kaelea, a blonde with darker hue than my own golden locks, let out a purr as she advanced into my room, stalking me like a hungry lioness.

"Do you have any condoms?" I asked. "Nope," Dona said. "I'm on the pill." "Me, too," Kaelea groaned, her eyes locked on my crotch. "Show us! Show us that dick!" I couldn't wait. I hooked the waistband of my sweatpants and my panties. I shoved them down hard. My futa-dick popped out, thrusting out of my blonde bush. My pink labia wrapped about the base, glistening with my juices.

My sweet musk filled my nose. This wonderful, tingling delight rippled through me that left me shuddering. Dona's nose ring twitched a she inhaled. Her tongue flicked across her mouth. Her hands grabbed her t-shirt, a band's logo stretched on the front, and ripped it off. She exposed small breasts not clad in a bra, her nipples pale-pink and hard.

"Oh, my god," Kaelea said, her breasts jiggling as she shivered. "That is so awesome. You can see her pussy lips." "Yes!" groaned Dona. "Oh, wow, I got to enjoy that dick." Kaelea nodded her head then she pulled off her sweater, too. Her lush tits jiggled in a purple bra. Her flesh looked so lovely.

I groaned, joining them, pulling off my top, my round breasts free of any bra. I hadn't bothered putting it on after my exam. My nipples ached, thrusting hard from my tits. Beyond them, Harry watched in the doorway. I didn't care. Let him watch.

That just made this more exciting. The two topless girls fell to their knees before me, Kaelea's tits bouncing in her purple bra. Their hands grabbed my dick. Their faces pressed together. Their lips nuzzled on my dick as they both stroked my girth. The two girls flicked their tongues out, caressing the tip of my cock. Pleasure shot through me. I groaned, my pussy clenched, and juices soaked my bush as my pleasure surged through me.

"That's so hot," Harry said. "You have no idea," I moaned, my dick throbbing. "It's so amazing having two girls suck your dick." "I bet," Harry groaned, such envy in his voice. "Oh, wow," a Korean girl gasped, peeking around Harry. "She's got a dick." "Uh-huh," Dona moaned before she sucked on the side of my dick. Kaelea nursed on the other side. Their lips both sucked on a portions of my thick crown.

Dona sucked harder while Kaelea's lips felt plumper and softer. I shuddered, the two different delights on my dick's tip shot pleasure down to my pussy. Their hands tightened on my girth, pumping up and down my long shaft.

Their hands brushed each other, each only stroking half my length. It was so hot. The pleasure spilled through me. It swirled through my pussy, warming up my ovaries.

Futa-cum built in there as I moaned. I squeezed my breasts, kneading my round tits as my cock drank in their sucking passion. I rubbed my nipples, massaging them, playing with them. "That's it," I groaned. "That's how you please a woman's dick. Ooh, yes, yes, yes, you're just going to be my slut." "Oh, yes," Dona moaned, her nose ring twitching as she flicked her tongue across the tip of my dick.

"Yeah, they're your sluts," groaned Harry. "Right, Young-Sook?" The Korean girl nodded her head, her slanted eyes so wide. She had pale-olive skin, her breasts large despite her petite stature. Silky-black hair spilled about her features. She gripped my doorjamb as she whimpered in delight. Her hungry, watching eyes spurred my lusts. My fingers rolled my nipples. Tingles raced down to my pussy then shot up to my cock.

I whimpered and groaned. The pleasure building and surging through me. I sucked in a deep breath, my ovaries growing tighter and tighter as the two sluts sucked so hard on my dick's tip. They loved it. They bathed it with their tongues. Their lips kissed and nuzzled it.

My dick throbbed in their stroking hands. They poured so much pleasure through me. I sucked in a deep breath, my cunt clenching hard.

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"Yes!" I howled as I came. My futa-dick pulsed in their hands. Pearly jizz splashed on both their faces. It spilled across their upper lips and cheeks. It splashed their noses. My thick girl-cum coated them as they both moaned.

Kaelea's tits jiggled in her bra as she moaned out in delight. Dona whimpered, her nose ring coated in my spunk. Their tongues flicked out, gathering my jizz as the pleasure spilled through my body.

I groaned, the pleasure spilling through my mind. So much delight filled me. My heart hammered in my chest. Ecstasy washed over my mind. "She can even cum," groaned Young-Sook. "That's the hottest thing I have ever watched in my life!" "Oh, wow," a new guy said. Others crowded the hallway as my orgasm peaked through me. A final spurt of cum fired from my dick and splashed on their faces. I shivered, my pussy spasming, unleashing a flood of rapture through my body. Young-Sook darted into the room, falling down beside Dona.

The Korean girl acted on her awakened lusts, wanting to experience my cum. She nuzzled into Dona's cheek, lapping up the cum staining the brunette's face. Young-Sook moaned as she tasted my spunk. She licked again and again, gathering more and more. Kaelea, cum dripping down her face, just leaped at me. She gained her feet and almost tackled me. We stumbled back as her bra-clad tits pressed into my naked breasts. Her hot lips found mine. I tasted my salty cum on her mouth.

My dick throbbed against her bare belly as her arms went around me. Her tongue thrust past my lips. I shuddered in delight, backing up and hitting my bed. We fell on it, Kaelea squirming on top of me.

My hands caressed her back as my cum dripped off her face onto mine. I shuddered, my futa-cock throbbing against her stomach.

It felt so amazing. I caressed her skin down to her skirt-clad rump, gripping her ass as my dick throbbed harder and harder. "Oh, my god, you're so hot," Kaelea moaned between kisses. "I'm on fire." "Uh-huh," I whimpered and then licked up a line of pearly spunk off her cheek.

My salty cream tasted so good, my fingers digging into her ass. "Oh, I need you in me," whimpered Kaelea. "This cock. Oh, I need this cock in me. I've never wanted to feel a guy cum in me before. But you. I want to feel you in me." "You are on the pill?" I asked. She nodded her head. "The new one." "Good!" I groaned and kissed her hard. As we kissed I yanked up her skirt. I found her panties, feeling so sleek and satiny beneath my grip.

I ripped at them, drawing them off her as fast as I could. I just had to be in her pussy. Hot, silky, juicy pussy. It was the best thing in the world. I loved having one. I loved being in others. She wiggled her hips as I drew her panties farther and farther down her thighs.

She kissed me so hard, thrusting her tongue into my mouth and whimpered. She wanted to be in me so badly. She squirmed on me, grinding on my girl-dick. Pleasure tingled down my shaft to my pussy. And then her panties were free. I threw them towards the sound of girls moaning, Dona and Young-Sook making such wanton noises.

I didn't care what they were doing as Kaelea rose, her purple skirt spilling about her thighs. She rose, shifting, my cock vanishing behind it. Her tits swayed in her bar, so heavy, begging to be free. She held my futa-dick, holding it up to nuzzle at the shaved folds of her pussy. "Ooh, you want this so badly," I groaned, loving the feel of her silky flesh.

"Yes!" she groaned and slammed her snatch down my cock. I. Loved. Pussy. My own cunt clenched hard as her juicy twat engulfed my dick. Her silky, hot flesh caressed my girl-cock. Pleasure rippled down my shaft and through my body. I shuddered, my breasts jiggling as I grabbed her hips. "Holy fuck, you're huge!" Kaelea whimpered. Her back arched, thrusting her bra-clad tits forward. Her blonde hair spilled about her face twisting with rapture.

"Jesus, fuck, I love this cock!" Before I could say anything, she rode me hard. She worked that cunt fast up and down my dick. Her silky flesh gripped me, clinging to my shaft. Her twat massaged my futa-cock, the tip drinking in the friction of her snatch sliding past me.

I groaned, my back arching and my toes curling against the amazing pleasure rippling through me. She groaned as she rode my cock. Her face twisted with rapturous pleasure as she reached behind her. She fumbled and then her bra came loose.

Her tits bounced out of the cups, heavy and swaying. Silver barbells pierced both her pink nubs, sparkling in the light, adding such a wondrous delight to look at. "Ooh, wow," I moaned, my hands shooting up to those large tits. I liked them big. I dug my fingers into her flesh as she fucked her cunt up and down my cock. "Did these hurt?" "So badly," she whimpered as I played with her piercings. "But so worth it. Ooh, they make my nipples so sensitive and. Yes, yes, do that!" Her snatch clenched down so hard on my girl-dick.

I shuddered, the pleasure rippling through my body. My cunt clenched so hard. My dick throbbed in her depths as she bounced up and down my cock. Her tits heaved as I twisted and played with her piercings, stretching out her nubs. The pleasure built and built in my cunt. God, I really loved pussy.


I moaned and whimpered as Kaelea worked her hips around, dancing her snatch around my girth. The pleasure surged through me in hard jolts. The blonde moaned and gasped as she rode me, her back arching as she screamed out her pleasure. "Oh, damn, that is so hot," Harry groaned. "Jesus, look at her go. She's riding that dick. Weren't you dating her, Kurt?" "We broke up." I blinked, realizing my ex-boyfriend had joined the party. I shuddered, feeling his blue eyes on me.

He rubbed at his crotch as Kaelea rode me. I shuddered, squeezing my eyes shut so hard as my orgasm built faster in me. "God, but I could just watch her fuck any girl," Kurt moaned. "Yes, yes, watch me fuck her," gasped Kaelea. "This is so hot. I'm going to.

going to. Cum!" She slammed her pussy down my girl-dick. Her hot cunt writhed about me. I gasped, my eyes widening at the wonderful bliss surging around my cock. That spasming flesh worked at my shaft. My pussy clenched hard as the pleasure rippled through my body. My bed creaked as my back arched. Kurt watched me with those blue eyes.

The pleasure burst in my cunt. That wonderful moment of utter climax washed through my body. My back arched as the pleasure howled through me. I gasped and shuddered. My cock erupted. I fired my futa-jizz into Kaelea's orgasming pussy. "She's cumming in me!" howled Kaelea.

"Hot!" Harry groaned. "Uh-huh," I whimpered, stars dancing through my vision. "Oh, yes, yes, yes, slut! Take it!" "Slut!" moaned Kaelea. "I'm the futa's slut!" "Yeah, you are," Kurt groaned, squeezing his hardon through his jeans, his blue eyes smoldering as he watched me. I couldn't help smiling at him. "Oh, yes, yes, it's my turn to fuck her!" Dona moaned, hopping to her feet. She'd lost her jeans and her face looked smeared with pussy cream.

Young-Sook lay on her back, her jeans bunched around her ankles, her thick, black bush matted down with glistening juices. "Ooh, I want to just keep enjoying this cock," Kaelea moaned as she squirmed atop me. "She churned me up." "I bet you could use a little more stirring," Harry said, his cock out. He stroked himself, winking at Kaelea. "Oh, why not," the blonde moaned. "I could use another poke." Harry grinned at me. "I love you, Becky." I grinned back as he grabbed the blonde off of me, her pussy popping off my dick.

Harry kissed Kaelea hard as Dona sauntered to my bed, her small breasts jiggling. She had a landing strip of dark-brown hair leading to her tight slit, Her juices glistening on it.

I glanced at Kurt, watching me, squeezing his cock. I remembered the fun we had sharing his step-sister Friday night. "Want to enjoy her asshole?" Kurt grinned wider. "Not a lot of ex-girlfriends offer to have a threesome." "I'm just neat that way," I said. It felt so wonderful to not have any guilt, to let all that go. This was just fun. Dona glanced at Kurt. "Why not? He's cute." "And he made me into the futa before you," I said. "You really should thank him." "Letting him bugger me seems a good way," she said as she straddled me.

"Mmm, let me suck on that dick, big boy, and get you nice and wet for my asshole." I shuddered as Dona rubbed her shaved pussy on my cock. Kurt unzipped his jeans and pulled out his respectable dick.

He'd probably be considered big if I didn't have such a massive shaft. He proffered his cock. Dona opened her mouth wide and sucked on him, her glistening cheeks hollowing as she bobbed her head, giving him such pleasure.

He groaned, his blue eyes squeezing shut. My own clit-dick throbbed, glad he could get some pleasure. I sucked on two of my fingers, getting them nice and wet, then reached behind the slut grinding her pussy on my shaft. Her plump lips half-wrapped about my cock as she slid up on them, sucking so hard. She groaned as I pressed my saliva-coated fingers into her rectum. Her sphincter swallowed my digits, making her moan so loudly about my ex's dick. "Damn," groaned Kurt, his fists clenching. "She likes that." "I have a feeling Dona's was a bit of slut before she met me." Dona moaned a yes around his cock, her bowels clenching on my fingers as they pumped in and out of her back door.

She shuddered more and more on my shaft, grinding her hot cunt on my dick. The pleasure rippled down my shaft. My dick throbbed beneath her grinding cunt. I wiggled my fingers in and out of her asshole. In the background, Kaelea and Young-Sook were both moaning, Harry grunting in delight. Flesh slapped flesh. Guys whooped and hollered. Girls moaned. Like in class earlier, an orgy spread.

I didn't care. I just enjoyed myself. I ripped my fingers out of Dona's bowels and shoved them into my mouth. I sucked hard on them, loving the sour flavor of her asshole. The flavor was so dirty and nasty. It made my pussy clench, building another orgasm inside of me. I re-wet my fingers again then shoved them back into her bowels.

Her sphincter swallowed my digits. Dona whimpered about my ex's cock. Then she ripped her mouth away. "I need your dicks in me! Come on, stud, plant that shaft in my asshole while I ride your ex-girlfriend's bigger shaft." She giggled.

"That must suck. No wonder you broke up with her." "It did," Kurt said, shrugged. "But shit happens. Besides." He grinned. "I'm having fun now." Dona gave a throaty laugh as she slid her pussy up to the tip of my girl-dick.

"Yeah, we are. Mmm, I've never had two dicks in me before." "Enjoy," I grinned at her as she nuzzled the lips of her pussy against my cock's tip. She leaned low over me, pressing her small tits into my round breasts. "I will," she moaned then kissed me.

As I tasted Young-Sook's tangy pussy on her lips, her pussy swallowed my girl-dick. I groaned, reveling in the delight of another cunt today. She was tighter in different places than Kaelea and felt a little hotter. I loved the delight of her silky embrace.

My hands grabbed her butt-cheeks, squeezing them and parting them as the rapture shuddered through my body. The bed creaked as Kurt mounted it. While passion moaned through my room and the hallway, he loomed over us. I shuddered as Dona's pussy clenched hard on my dick. Then she groaned into our kiss as Kurt thrust.

His dick filled Dona's bowels. We both impaled her. Dona writhed in rapture on our two cocks. She swirled her holes around our shafts. Pleasure shot through me as she worked her pussy on my clit-dick. My cunt clenched, drinking in the sensation flowing down my shaft.

"Fuck," Kurt groaned as he hammered her bowels.


"That's amazing. She's got such a tight asshole. Oh, damn, Becky, this is amazing." I just shuddered and writhed beneath Dona, her tits pressed so tight against mine. Our tongues dueled as she bucked between us.

My dick ached and throbbed in her silky grip. The pleasure surged through my body, waves of dizzy delight washed across my mind. Stars danced on my vision as such ecstasy surged through me. It was such an amazing delight. My hips bucked up, thrusting my dick into her steamy pussy.

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She whimpered, her cunt clenching on my dick as she kissed me harder and harder. She squirmed atop me, her pussy growing hotter and hotter. She broke the kiss, moaning, "Holy fucking shit! Two dicks! A girl's dick! This is fucking hot!" "Uh-huh," I whimpered, staring past at her to Kurt.

Pleasure crossed his face, his blue eyes squeezed shut as he thrust hard. His red hair shifted about his handsome features. Once, I found him so hot, but things had changed. He held no attraction for me, but I still had affection for him. And it gave me such joy to share such pleasure with him. "Fuck!" he grunted.

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"Your ass, Dona!" "Cum in her," I groaned, pumping my cock up into Dona's cunt. "Just spill your jizz into her. Pump it so hard.

Give it to her." "Yes!" he groaned, face twisting with rapture. Around the room, more moans echoed. "Ooh, damn, yes, eat my pussy, Kaelea," Young-Sook moaned. "Ooh, this is so hot." "You should try her pussy," Harry groaned, flesh slapping on flesh coming from his direction. "Jesus, this is hot." "Ooh, Chris," another girl moaned.

"You're getting so good at licking pussy." "You just taste so good, Tiffany." I shuddered at that sound, the guy from my class obsessed with futas eating out that sexy brunette. More moans groaned. Other men and women having such a good time, enjoying all the delights their bodies offered, hedonistic rapture surging through the room. All because of me. My presence allowed them to enjoy such delights. My futa-dick throbbed in Dona's hot snatch. My nipples throbbed against her smaller nubs.

I shuddered, kissing her hard on the lips again. My tongue danced through her mouth, tasting her sweetness as Kurt drove his dick into her hard. "Fuck, yes!" he groaned, his face twisting above us.

"Becky, thanks!" I realized he was cumming into Dona's asshole. The slut moaned into the kiss. Her pussy clenched down hard on my dick. Then she writhed about me. Her flesh massaged me, working around my cock. The delight surged straight to my ovaries. They ignited them. My cum detonated out of my cock. I screamed my rapture into her mouth, kissing her so hard. My futa-jizz pumped into her writhing snatch. I filled her with my cum as Kurt flooded her with his jizz.

Others were grunting and moaning, crying out as the pleasure surged through their bodies. "Holy shit, Kaelea!" Young-Sook screamed. "That's so good!" "Fuck yeah," Harry grunted. "Chris!" "Jesus," Kurt panted. "Jesus, that was good. I don't even know your name." Dona broke the kiss, her eyes fluttering. "Dona! Ooh, yes, stud, you were good. Mmm, yes." "And me?" I asked, breathless.

"You gave me what I needed," she panted. "That cum in me. Ooh, you're both just brimming in me." "Young-Sook!" Kaelea squealed. "Oh, wow, lick all that cum out of me." "Jesus, that's my seed and the futa's your licking up, slut," Harry groaned.

My dick throbbed in Dona's pussy as my pleasure swirled through me. Dona grinned. "You want some Korean pussy, don't you?" I nodded my head. The brunette laughed.

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"Go get her!" Kurt and Dona pulled apart from me. Dona kissed my boyfriend hard, pressing him down on my bed. Maybe something would spark between them. Or maybe they'd just have some fun. Either way, it made me smile seeing Kurt rebounding from our breakup. My dick, dripping with Dona's juices, thrust from me as I rolled off my bed. Young-Sook knelt between Kaelea's thighs, feasting on the blonde's bush.

She bucked her ass at me, that black bush beckoning, dripping with her juices. It hid her pussy. I threw myself at her, falling to my knees behind her. My wet cock smacked into her pale-olive butt-cheeks. She moaned into Kaelea's cunt, eager to feel me. Kaelea's blue eyes met mine. She grinned at me, licking her lips, urging me to fuck the slut. I did. I slammed into Young-Sook's pussy as I stared around the orgy writhing through my dorm room.

A Black girl moaned as a guy fucked her from behind. Her ebony tits bounced and jiggled as she took the White guy's cock. "Damn, Jacinda," he groaned, "you are dripping wet." "Uh-huh," she purred, glancing at me.

A redhead name Glory sucked on two guy's cocks, cum dripping out of her pussy. She looked so happy as she went back and forth like she was finally enjoying something she'd always wanted to try and never had the courage.

Not before me. I shuddered as I pumped away at Young-Sook's pussy. The pleasure spilled through my body as I pumped away, drinking in all the wonderful delights of her snatch. She bucked back into me as she licked Harry's and my cum out of the blonde's cunt.

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"Oh, Young-Sook, yes, yes, lick me clean," Kaelea moaned, humping hard against Young-Sook. The blonde watched me, her fingers tugging on her silver piercings, stretching out her pink nubs.

"Yes, lick every drop up, slut," I moaned, smacking Young-Sook's ass. Her pussy clenched while her butt-cheek rippled. I groaned, loving the sight of my handprint blossoming red across those creamy butt-cheeks. My pussy clenched, my lusts surging through me. I pumped away harder and harder, my hands groping her rump. My kneading grip parted her asscheeks, exposing her sphincter.

The sight of that puckered opening sent such an ache through my girl-dick. I had to enjoy that delight Kurt had with Dona. I need that velvety grip about my dick. I ripped my futa-cock out of Young-Sook's pussy and shifted up to her asshole. The girl gasped, throwing a look over her face.

Her eyes were glassy with pleasure, cream and cum dripping off her chin. "No, no, fuck my pussy!" "I want your asshole!" I moaned and thrust into her bowels.

Her slanted eyes widened wide. She let out a moan of rapture, her velvety asshole clamping down on my dick. She shuddered as I speared into the depths of her anal sheath.

The pleasure rippled down my shaft, the hot friction stimulating me, driving me to pump my hips hard and fast. "Yes, yes, fuck her ass," moaned Jacinda, the Black girl shuddering on the White guy's cock. "Ooh, yes, yes, yes, plow her." "Ooh, yes, fuck her ass!" gasped Kaelea. She grabbed Young-Sook's silky-black hair and hauled the Korean slut's mouth back to her pussy. "Ooh, don't stop eating me! I need to cum!" "Yes," I whimpered, my hips pumping away so fast, the pleasure spilling through my body.

Such hot rapture filled me. It was so amazing. It had me gasping and moaning. The bliss spilled through my body.

It felt so amazing. It had me trembling and groaning, my pussy clenching. Juices dripped down my thighs as my cunt grew hotter and hotter.

Every thrust into her asshole built my orgasm in my depths. My pleasure came so quickly. I just wanted to keep cumming. To revel in the holes of every girl writhing through my classroom. Pleasures spilled through me. I grew dizzier and dizzier. Kurt groaned in the background. Harry stroked his dick, growing hard again as he watched us. Glory moaned as a third guy slammed into her pussy.

She kept stroking the other two guys' dicks, sucking back and forth as the redheaded slut was fucked hard. Tiffany writhed beneath Chris, hugging the nerdy guy to her body. I made this happen. My new girl-dick gave them all this pleasure.

"Young-Sook," I moaned, pounding so hard and deep into her bowels. "Oh, yes, I'm going to cum so hard into your bowels." "Uh-huh!" Young-Sook moaned. "Do it!" hissed Kaelea, her face twisting in pleasure.

She tugged on her left nipple while her right hand gripped the Korean slut. "Fill her bowels with your jizz. I'm going to lick her clean." "Fuck, yeah," Harry moaned. Kaelea bucked hard. She cried out in orgasmic rapture while licking her lips.

Young-Sook's bowels clenched down hard on my dick, eager for Kaelea to lick her clean. I shuddered and plowed deep into her bowels, my climax surging through me. Ecstasy slammed into my mind as I unleashed my cum into her bowels.

The pleasure surged through me so hot as I pumped load after load of jizz into her bowels. I shuddered, my tits shaking as I spilled my seed into her. I loved it. The pleasure had me swaying. I blinked, growing light-headed from cumming so much so close together. My entire body buzzed in delight. My thighs grew slicker with more pussy juices.

I whimpered as I pumped the last blast of cum into her asshole. I fell backward, landing on my back, my cock popping out of Young-Sook's bowels. The room spun around me. I blinked, dizzy darkness fuzzing across my vision. Jacinda's face appeared above me, a huge smile on her thick lips. "Yes!" she moaned and sucked my dirty cock into her mouth. I shuddered, my pussy, still spasming from my orgasm, clenched hard.

My entire body shuddered as the Black slut worshiped my dick. She bobbed her head, cleaning off Young-Sook's ass from my shaft. Things grew hazy after that. Pussy blurred into pussy. I kept cumming and cumming, pumping my jizz into mouth, ass, or cunt. It was wonderful. It was amazing. Guys high-fived me, enjoying their women. I remembered fucking Tiffany's cunt while she sucked on Chris's cock. I rammed my dick into Glory's snatch then finished off in Young-Sook's pussy.

I savored a few of the girls from my psychology class, plowing them so hard. I reveled in my first wild party. I savored it. This was my new life, and I never wanted to go back. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ April 17th, 2047 "And that's when I realized that I didn't have to feel guilty over having sex," I said to the audience while I felt my wife's blue eyes watching me from off-stage, giving me her loving support.

"I just needed to be freed of that same out-dated, repressive morality that has chained women for eons. Like my presence frees women, Dona and Kaelea freed me." "Amazing," Adelia said, her voice such a purr.

"I think we're all thankful for that freedom to just enjoy sex with whomever we wish." My dick throbbed so hard in my dress. Thanks to my wife's naughty blowjob during the last commercial break, I didn't have any panties on. It tented the front of my dress, aching. It was so hot talking about my past.

"Wanting to enjoy some with me again?" I asked her, arching an eyebrow. She laughed. "Always, Becky." "So after that night, I dove into my new lifestyle.

I became utterly hedonistic. I reveled in all the pussy I could. I was having a blast." "Literally?" Adelia asked, arching an eyebrow.

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My cock throbbed. "Well, my clit-dick was." The audience laughed. "But then, about a month-and-a-half later, Mrs. Albertson and Janice showed up on my doorstep with surprising news. News that would change the world." I glanced at the active camera, staring at those viewers watching the show streamed over the internet.

"They were pregnant." "Ooh, I bet that was quite a conversation," Adelia said. "And when we return from a message from our sponsors, we'll dive into the revelation that women could be bred by women. Stay tuned." I couldn't wait to tell that part of my life.

The END of This Tale of the World's First Futa