Yearning for a hardcore gratifying

Yearning for a hardcore gratifying
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Act I Ananya's last month of high school.her parents decided to have a party. And being the Indian parents that they were, ones who treated education as a real big deal. "Please come, you're family to us," said Sangeetha. "Please," said Ananya. I opened the gold leaf envelope and read the invite. "I.I just don't know. Isn't there supposed to be--" "A big storm, yes yes. But we're having it anyway, so why not?" asked Sangeetha. I gave both ladies a stare and a conceding smile.

Sangeetha was very happy as she grabbed her purse and headed for work. "Email me after you're done, with updates yes?" "Yes," I said. The door slammed and Ananya and I listened intently to the van get further and further away from the driveway. "So you have a persuasive essay, right?" "Five pages," Ananya said. "GMOs. Which way you wanna work? One or two?" I looked coyly at her. "Which way do you?" She looked back equally as coy, and we both said, "One." Ananya brought her laptop and all the articles she planned to use to the table.

She prepared. So did I. Shirt off, pants and boxers to the floor. My super hard cock sprung forth and remained erect as I sat down in front of the laptop. Took a seat. One. The idea got me so pumped. Ananya smiled at me, placing her notes next to the laptop. She unhooked her bra, unbuttoned her top.

I slid my chair back a bit from the table and she scooted in between me and the laptop. Ananya looked over her shoulder at me as her panties slid down to her ankles. Her hands spread her beautiful cheeks wide, and she lowered her moist hot pussy onto my cock.

She eased herself into my lap. We both sighed in satisfaction. One. Ananya opened her laptop. "Google Rebecca Kin," I said as I sat there, inside of her. "Oh I saw this," she said. "The one where she owns that jerk about labeling." "Good!" I said. I thrusted.

She twerked back. We sat there. One. Clicking and digging the depths of the Internet. I had no trouble maintaining my hardness for the next 20 minutes of work. And she had no trouble receiving my hardness that entire time. Just two people sitting on each other's laps. Nothing wrong with that ;) We had just finished her second body paragraph when Ananya told me that she needed a "snack".

I sat there, a real fool, scanning the kitchen, when in one swift move Ananya lifted herself off of me, probed her asshole with my pussy juice-covered cock, and plopped herself back down--my cock now settled comfortably into her tight ass. "Not that kind of snack," she said. I excitedly thrusted. She excitedly twerked. "Oh that's a naughty type of snack," I said. She grooved her ass on my dick. "Oooh yeah, let's make it real naughty," she said. I dropped the notes in my hand and grabbed her hips.

I started ass fucking her real hard, and we both grunted. She stopped grooving me and picked up the notes. "No, no, back to work!" said Ananya. And then she simply sat there in my lap, occasionally squirming, but for the most part silently accepting the "position" we were in. Five minutes had passed and she said, "Popcorn's done." Being the brilliant man I was, I looked at the microwave in the kitchen.

Ananya looked over her shoulder only to shake her head in disappointment. The gooeyness, our lap juices, exposed to the air as she got off me.

I looked at surprise at the juicy, sweaty, ass-covered concoction concocted upon my cock. Like a quickly melting popsicle on a hot summer day, her juices flowed down my shaft, and she was quick to drop to her knees and run her tongue across every drop dribbling down. Ananya gathered the spicy tang into her mouth.

She got up. "Mmm see it?" she said, rolling the contents around and around. Her gulp was sexy. She grunted with ferocious confidence. "Look at how much I can handle now. And look how much you can handle," she added. "I think we're gonna have to up this at the party!" I stretched my arms out in bewilderment and told her I didn't think we could top the level we were at. That's when she walked into the kitchen, grabbed a note from her purse, and tossed it on my lap.

"Nava," she said. "She'll be at the party. I think she could be like Chelsea." My boner came back up, enough that Ananya noticed a little juice she missed under the head of my dick. She dropped back down, licked it up, stood back up. "But that's the thing. Chelsea is always game, as you know," said Ananya with her side smile.

"I'm not 100% certain on Nava." "So what do we--" "Flip the note," she said. 325 Green Street. "Her parents are out until 6. She's there right now. Says she'll prove to you that she's worthy." I laughed. "What the fuck is this, mission impossible?" "Your mission, agent." she whispered. "When did you all of a sudden--" "--this note will self destruct in 5.4." "Jeesh.

So now you're this, this total sex-driven operative mission specialist thingy person?" I asked. She laughed. "'Thingy person'? Great tutoring skills," she said.

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"You and I both know this essay is done. Don't you wanna have a little extra fun at the party?" "At the party," I said. "At the party with your family and your aunties and meemaw and a million cousins, how are we gonna." But then the entire narrative fell into place in my head, so blatant and simple and nearly poetic in how easily it should unfold. "The storm," we both said. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Act 2 As I pulled up to 325 Green Street I looked around to make sure the FBI or NSA or Chris Hansen weren't strolling around the neighborhood on this particularly serene afternoon.

I rang the bell. A girl. Straight black hair, a light skin tone similar to, thick-rimmed glasses. I saw a strong resemblance to the pornstar Mia Khalifa. I immediately wondered if she was just as kinky. "Nava?" I asked. "Heyyy, yep that's me. Annie sentcha ya?" I hesitated. "Ah-nahn-yahh, like you probably say it," she said with a smirk. I reciprocated the smirk and walked into a house that looked a bit different but felt exactly the same to Ananya's.

I followed Nava, a bit hypnotized by her tight denim shorts that barely contained her small but fit ass, and realized that she wasn't messing around as she led me directly to a bedroom. "So.'Ah-nahn-yahh' told you what's up?" I asked. She faced me, flipping her hair, wafting the scent of spring air. An intoxicating aroma. She looked at me sharply through those trendy hipster glasses. "How bout," as she bit her lip, "I show ya if I know whatsup?" "Sounds good to me," I said. And with those words Nava dropped immediately to her knees and violently ripped my pants down to my ankles.

She forcefully grabbed my cock and took it into her mouth, sucking aggressively, spitting as much as she could onto my shaft. "Is this good enuff?" she asked. Even though I was on the brink of bursting, I concentrated and calmly let out a "No".

She whimpered as she slapped my cock against her cheek. Nava took it again with a strong grip, this time opening her throat and slowly shoving all of my penis all the way to the back of her throat. The girl coughed and pulled herself off my dick, gasping for air. "How bout now?" she eventually gasped out. "Nope," I said. A little more of a grunt this time.

She looked at me with slight frustration. But she didn't give up. Nava took me back into her throat, but this time she grabbed my ass cheeks with both of her hands and forced me to thrust into her throat, in and out, in and out. I groaned with pleasure.

I took Nava's straight black hair and started shoving her head onto my cock, over and over and over. Uhh ugh uhhh. She was really fun to face fuck. It was so smooth with her, so easy to thrust really quickly. "Oooh, now we're getting there," I said. She pulled off of me and grunted with her perfect teeth. "Get me there," she said. "Do me like you do Annie." I was so frickin pumped. I lifted her upside down and she squealed. I tossed her onto the bed so her head dangled over the edge, upside-down.

Just like Ananya on the stairs at her place, on the couch at my place. I knocked her glasses to the floor while I glided my cock all the way to the back of her throat. My thrusts began as I layed over her still fully-clothed body. My face hovered near her crotch and I gathered my senses to take in her scent. The thrusts picked up the pace, and soon I was throat fucking Nava faster than any girl I had ever facefucked before.

She made lots of gagging sounds. I couldn't help but nuzzle my nose into the narrow strip of denim that covered her panties. "Mmm you smell tasty," I said. Nava fell off the bed exhausted.

She was smiling as she got her breath back. "So do I pass the test?" I nodded my head in disapproval. "On the way," I said. "But we need to really get in there to truly find out." Nava looked at me curiously but seemed open minded.

"You gonna," as she darted her eyes down to the strip of denim, "get in there?" I stood her up and pulled her top off of her head.

Her bra unhooked quickly, revealing a nice pair of B cups. Unbuttoning the front of those denim shorts, I pulled them along with her sky blue panties down and off her feet. Completely shaven. And just when Nava thought I was going to take my time to check out her very fit body, I pulled her up against me, reached behind her and stuck a finger in her ass. Her eyes widened. I stared deeply into those bright white eyes as I plunged my finger deep into her asshole. I wriggled it around and around, and watched to see her switch between looks of surprise and lust.

I then pulled it out and presented the finger between both of our faces. It was light brown, coated in ass juice and an even more solidified layer of shit. I looked to see her reaction. She wasn't horrified. She wasn't excited. But she was somewhere in the middle. I looked at her intently. "What's this?" I asked her. "Y-your finger.?" "And what's on my finger?" She stared at me but hesitated.

I smiled a bit, and that's when Nava said it. "Shit," she cooed. "From my assss." I stuck the finger in my mouth and tasted her shit. It was less spicy than Ananya, but even earthier. It felt rich, sweet even.

Just tangy enough for me to know this was a sexy Indian teenage girl.

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Honestly, it was delicious. The naughtiest frosting I'd ever had on a cake. "What do you think of that?" I asked. "Hot." I opened my mouth slightly and leaned in for a kiss.

She embraced my tongue and looked surprised when she swallowed a flavor she deemed good. Nava stuck her own finger back into her ass and tasted it. Yep. She'll be perfect. I watched Nava suction her finger like crazy. "We're gonna have some fun on Sunday," I said. Nava jumped up and down and clapped her hands. She gave me a hug and we kissed again. The kissing got heavier, and heavier, and soon we were passionately tongue locked.

"C'mon," she said. "Let's celebrate." Her bed faced a giant mirror. So as I hopped onto the bed, and as she turned around reverse cowgirl, and as she lifted herself onto my lap, we both watched in that mirror as she guided my cock into her pussy. We were connected, and with ourselves as our own audience, I started thrusting into her super hot pussy. Surprisingly, for a girl of her size, I still managed to plunge deep into her depths.

"Oh yeah," I said. "Look at that cock go in there." She moaned. "Ya ya sexy, slide in and out of me ooooh!" For 30 seconds straight I jackhammered that pussy. We could both see a creamy froth where our naughty parts met. Nava swiped a finger on it and licked it up.

It was so naughty, so that's when I lifted her off my dick and raised her ass a little higher. "Watch me put this cock in your ass," I said. "Not yet," she said as she scooted her ass backwards up to my face. "Eat it," she said. "Pussy or ass?" I asked. Making eye contact in the mirror, she passionately said, "Eat my asshole." With her ass right in front of my face I grabbed both her cheeks and spread them nice and wide.

Once again, completely shaven. Her tight little butthole was winking at me, a dirty little smushing sound every time it opened up.

As I brought my tongue up to it I could smell it. "I heard what turns you on," she said. I flicked my tongue against her asshole and slurped up her naughty musk. "Oh yeah?" She smiled. "You like corrupted innocence." "Wow, that's um, precise." Her eyes stared into me further. "The more forbidden," she said, "the better." My tongue sunk past her opening and slid smoothly into her depths.

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She moaned as I wriggled it around. When I pulled out, Nava was quick to turn around and get a close look at my tongue. "Oh look at that," she said. "A little girl shouldn't have something so naughty come out of her." She sucked my tongue and swallowed.

"I'm a little girl," she said to me with a wink. "How little?" I asked. She knew I understood the game we were playing. "So, so little," she said.

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"What are you going to do to this little girl, mister?" "Little girl," I said, "can I fuck your ass?" "What??? My ass? And what do you mean by 'fuck', mister?" Her eyelashes flitted. "I mean," I said, "you see my penis here?" "Ohh, you mean this thing?" as she grabbed it and stroked rapidly. "Mmmmm," I said. "I want to put this thing inside your ass." "I'm just a little girl," she said. "Is it ok to put that thing in my ass?" She turned around and returned to reverse cowgirl, ourselves once again the audience to our own act.

"Why don't we find out?" I asked. Nava lifted her ass cheeks and let me put the tip of my throbbing cock against her super moist asshole. "Ok, daddy, you can put that penis inside my asshole now." "Do it!" she yelled, as we snapped out of character.

We both groaned with pleasure. Her ass was thrilling. And filthy. I could feel her inside, and knew right then and there that she hadn't gone to the bathroom earlier. "Ohhhh look at that. It's in your ass, Nava.

Mmmmm look at that right there." Nava noticed once I started my slow pumps. "Oh my gawd look at your cock. It's getting darker. Ohh shit look at how filthy that is." "Covered with your shit, huh?" I said.

Nava grinned and moaned some more. "You are literally fucking the shit out of me." "Unhhh. Nasty nasty girl. Look at how ready you are." I was out of control, I started pumping as deep as I could, and listened as the pumps sounded wetter and stickier.


"Get it," she said. "Pound that ass. Oooh Oooh oh oh oh oh oh." "Uh uh uhh unhh uhhhh." She knew how to take it in her ass. A total pro. She grooved into me, and tried to push her body against me, getting my cock those extra inches deeper into her ass. "Is this what you do with Annie?" she asked. "Uh uh uhhh uhhhh.just you wait until Sunday," I said. ----------------------------------------------------------- I suppose I could tell you the whole story. Or the party on Sunday. Ananya and Nava, both there. when the party calmed down. Me, still there. the storm violent that it was unsafe to drive.

"Oh no, you can't go in this weather," they said. "We have a guest cot in the back," they said. Cut.To the middle of the night and everyone asleep. To when I entered the main house to use the restroom, to when I passed by Ananya and Nava's room and heard giggling. Heading back to the cot. No more giggling. But the light in my cot was on. The door slightly ajar. Cut. Copy. Paste.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Act 3 Entering the cot, I could hear the giggling again. But the giggling was interrupted, fractured, cut in-between by a lapping noise, like a dog with peanut butter.

I had my suspicions, but stayed outside the bedroom to hear that sound over and over. Whoever was doing it was fervent, and moaning with satisfaction. To the bedroom.The sight was everything I hoped for and more. Ananya.


Nava. Pajama tops still on. Pajama bottoms completely off. Ananya was on the bed, doggystyle, her legs and ass spread wide by Nava's hands. Nava was behind her, lapping her asshole rapidly with the entirety of her tongue. "Hungry?" asked Ananya. "Have something to eat." I flung my shirt off and scurried up next to Nava.

She turned to me and we made out, swirling the taste of Ananya's asshole between ourselves. We both turned back and took turns licking her juicy ass. Nava reached over and grabbed my cock through my boxers. "We gotta get you going," she said. Ananya hopped off the bed and both girls got to their knees in front of me.

Nava pulled off my boxers. They got fully naked. "Try our mouths," said Ananya. Both girls looked at me with innocent school girl eyes, but they simultaneously opened their mouths wide and presented their wanting tongues to me. It was such a sexy sight. "Fuck our faces," said Nava. I gleefully grabbed Nava by the head and guided my cock into the back of her throat. It slid in so smoothly. It was so warm, so comfy. I looked her in the eyes and started thrusting, all while grabbing her by her hair.

Ananya looked with a wide smile on her face towards her friend as my cock pounded her face and brought Nava to watery eyes and strings of saliva dangling from her mouth as I pulled out.

"Open your mouth Ananya," I said. Ananya made an "Ahhh" noise like a patient at a doctor's office. I slipped my throbbing slippery cock into her mouth. My thrust went all the way in, and Ananya held me by my ass cheeks to hold my cock deep against her face, into her throat.

She just kept it there. The wide-eyed Nava gasped. Both myself and Ananya, cock still deep in her throat, looked at Nava and put on a show for her, grooving in synchronization between my hips and her head. I couldn't believe how amazing it felt, so I took Ananya's head and treated it like a sex toy, rapidly thrusting into the warm orifice for a good 10 seconds. When I pulled out she finally gasped for air.

"You wanna try?" the teary-eyed, exhausted Ananya asked her friend. Nava gave a quick little nod. "Yes, please." I scooted back up to little miss Mia Khalifa. "Relax your head," I said. "Let me take it." Nava did as she was told, and so I took her head and objectified the shit out of it, pounding her mouth and her skull like a fiend, a madman.

I was very loudly grunting with each thrust. A moment of paranoia swept over me as I wondered if we were being heard, but it was very quickly swept over by the pleasure I felt from fucking her face.

Rapid fire. I moved to Ananya as she opened her mouth and dipped my cock in once. One dip. I pulled out and moved back to Nava.

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One dip. Back and forth. Dip after dip after dip. If you were there, all you would have heard would be Glug after Glug after Glug, emitted by each girl after each thrust.

It was beautiful.

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"I heard how dirty you two got last time," said Ananya. "Oh yeah?" I asked. "Felt like I was missing out. How about you hook me up with some of IT?" Ananya asked, motioning her eyes in Nava's direction. "You hear that Nava?" I asked. "What's that?" I stood both the girls up and got us all very close.

"Ananya wants me to fuck her face, but she wants my cock to taste like your ass. You got it?" Nava took Ananya by the hand and brought her to her knees.

Nava then got on all fours, her ass facing me, right next to Ananya. She took a hand and pulled one ass cheek, exposing her wanting brown butthole. "What do you think?" she asked me. On cue Ananya opened her mouth and presented her tongue, waiting patiently for my cock to be covered in Nava's ass juices. I got behind Nava and prepared to mount her. "Let's get this dick nice and dirty for you Ananya," I said.

My cock was agonizing to go into Nava's ass; I could see my precum already coming out onto Nava's butthole. And as I played around, rubbing the tip of my dick around and around the rim of her dirty orifice, I could smell an intoxicating tang coming right from that spot. I guided my cock and it smoothly slipped into Nava's ass.

I moaned loud and nearly came the moment I went in. I pulled out for a second and saw my heartbeat rapidly pumping through my dick. I slipped back in. Nava grabbed a pillow and moaned loudly into it while I pumped and pumped. The tang was intensifying. It smelled like sweet and spicy ass. And it was unmistakable. Ananya inhaled. "Look at that," she said. "So naughty.I want that cock in my mouth please!" I pulled out and presented my cock, covered in the dirty ass of Nava.

"Open," I commanded. Ananya went "Ahhh" once again and I started to face fuck her with that juicy cock of mine. She crinkled her forehead as the ass taste hit the back of her throat. I held my ground and continued to pound, pound, pound away. Ananya stopped me and slowly, half-inch by half-inch, let go of my cock while suctioning everything she could off of it. She sucked away at my cock head and finally let it go.

She eased back against the bed and slowly let the contents in her mouth drip down off her chin onto her boobs and drip down even further below.

The light-skinned Ananya looked very dirty in that moment, and she smiled at Nava while swallowing the remnants of her friend's ass.

Ananya stuck a finger in Nava's open ass and brought it back to her face. "Try it," Ananya insisted. But before Nava did, she took her own finger and put it in Ananya's ass. With her own finger covered in Ananya's ass, and Ananya's finger covered in Nava's ass, Nava held them in front of her face and said, "Let me see which tastes better." Nava tasted her own ass first. "Mmm, comfy, and kinda sweet." Then she tasted Ananya's ass. "Mmm much spicier!

Ooh it's hard to pick!" Ananya licked both fingers as well. "God they're both so good." Nava looked back at her friend. "So fucking good." I watched as they silently stared at each other for a second, both licking their lips. And just like that, as if they'd been practicing for years, Nava and Ananya jumped on the bed.

Nava contorted herself into a piledriver position. And Ananya reverse squatted over Nava's face. They both scooted in closer to each other. And they started to eat. Eat, eat, eat away at each other's tasty assholes. Nava lifted her head to get good rimming access, and Ananya smothered her face into Nava's undercarriage.

I sat in a chair. I was stroking my cock in delight. Both girls were moaning, both kept swallowing what they ate. "Spicy," said Nava. "Sweet," said Ananya. I took a few quick strokes. "Eat it," said Nava. "Eat mine," said Ananya. Still stroking. Even faster. "Eat my shit, you fucking nasty slut," said Nava. "Fuck yeah, bitch. Swallow my shit too," said Ananya. I was stroking so hard I yelled out "Oh god," and the girls turned and smiled as they saw me jerking off.

Ananya hopped off the bed and came up to me. She spit on my dick and picked up where I left off with jerking my cock. "Oh yeah, you filthy boy," said Ananya. "We want you to cum." Nava came over. "We want to swallow every last drop." Still on the chair, I said, "Then let me pound those pussies." Both girls turned their backs to me and slightly bent over.

Still sitting, I took Nava by the hips and let her sit her pussy onto my cock. I started pounding her hard. I could feel the cum mounting. So I pulled out. My cock pulsed up and down, expecting to be thrusting into a pussy. Ananya was next.

Hips. Pussy. Pounding. Pounding fucking hard. "Unhh unhh unhh," was all I could say. I slammed Ananya from behind again and again. "Switch," I said. Back into Nava's pussy. She was yelping and Ananya was letting her suck on her nipples to muffle the sound.

I was right at the edge. "One more," I said. I entered Ananya and didn't hold back at all. Slap slap slap slap slap. Ass cheeks jiggling. My cock rock hard.

Slippery gooey sounds. I was building up and up and up. Slap slap slap slap slap. I pulled out of her pussy and put it in her ass. Ananya squealed in surprise. I fucked that ass real good.

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I looked at my cock; it was getting nastier and nastier with each thrust. I had already fucked the shit out of Nava. Now it was Ananya's turn. I could hear Nava whisper to her friend, "You ready for his cum?" Ananya whispered back, "You ready to taste my ass?" That was it.

I thrusted as hard as I could. Ananya's Indian ass was jiggling like crazy. The feeling in my cock was beyond words. All rhyme and reason and logic was rudely thrown out the window in place of animalistic sloppiness and uncontrollable ass fucking.

I pushed her off of me and we all witnessed as I shot my load directly up into the air--purely vertical. An exercise in Newtonian physics that was to be short lived. Eyes wide and hypnotized, all of us were, as my massive stream of hot cum was overcome by the force of gravity and free-fell perfectly down onto my shit-covered cock.

The girls looked at the sight of a supremely juicy, still hard cock, covered in those sexy anal juices and a load of my super hot cum. They attacked my cock like rabid wolves, sucking and slurping and swapping all that there was and all that there ever would be.

And in mere seconds, with a perfectly clean cock, I watched Ananya and Nava present their cum-covered ass-juice filled mouths to me, and simultaneously swallow it all. "Fuck," I said. The girls giggled. "Looks like we need more recruits," said Ananya. Nava licked up some extra drops off her chin. "Imagine that, yea? A whole line of horny teenage girls, bent over to take your cock in their ass." The girls acted out the situation, turning around and bending over with their assholes in my direct line of sight.

"You could eat all of our asses. Take the Pepsi challenge," said Ananya. I played with my exhausted cock, rubbing it back and forth on their respective assholes. Everything was still nice and wet, nice and sticky. "A blonde, a brunette," said Nava. "Sasha and Deisha.Oh, that Icelandic girl in your Lit class," said Ananya. "A little dessert," I said, as I gave them my dick and they did another cleaning job on it.

"United Nations of Ass," said Nava. "So hot." "I'd love that," I said. And that's when Nava went to her purse and pulled out a piece of paper. "Actually."