Big ass teens humping shafts in foursome

Big ass teens humping shafts in foursome
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We spent the rest of the afternoon in mom's bedroom, fucking and sucking in various positions, including with mom on top, riding me, which was great, as I could watch her ample full boobs jiggle and bounce as she rode me. Fuck that was good! I must have cum at least another four times over the course of the afternoon. One of my favourite times was when mom knelt on the floor on her elbows and knees, and let me pull her buttocks wide open so I could lick and finger fuck her asshole.

I opened it up wide and also let a few gobs of my spit enter her butt-hole, to help ease my finger in. I think she enjoyed it from the way she moaned and groaned with pleasure. To be truthful, I was becoming increasing aroused by the sight of mom's asshole and wanted to stick my prick in there.

But although mom had mentioned this in her "dirty talk", she'd never actually said I could, and I did not want to push things too far, too soon. But from the way she had reacted to my fingering it, I had hopes she would let me fuck her ass sometime soon. During our sessions during Sunday afternoon, mom never collected my cum. She either swallowed it if she sucked me, or let me cum inside her, and then let me watch it drip out of her pussy, which added to my excitement. In the evening whilst we were eating, mom reminded me that we had to see Dr Taylor again the next day.

"And remember," she said, "We mustn't tell the Doctor just how far I have gone in helping you to cum." I nodded in agreement. I knew it wasn't something we could talk about in front of other people. After our meal we both sat in the living room to watch some TV before going to bed. I was wearing my 'house-gown' with my boxer shorts on underneath, whilst mom had 'dressed' since our earlier fuck-fest in her bedroom, but sill quite sexily -- wearing the tight fitting soft-jersey type material grey shorts with a low cut bright red blouse without a bra, which showed ample cleavage, and her nipples protruding through the thin fabric.

She looked pretty hot sitting there! Since mom had been helping me cum all weekend, the ache in my balls had been much less. But with the working week starting for her tomorrow, being a Monday, I wondered how I would manage. "Mom, I'm going to feel a little strange during the daytime this week, as you won't be able to help me cum like you have this weekend," I said. "I know dear," mom replied. "I've been thinking about that too. I have to go to work and you have to go to college. We'll speak to Dr Taylor tomorrow and see what she says.

How are your aches now?" "Well, I've been feeling pretty good this weekend as I've been regularly cumming." "We'll have one session tomorrow morning before I go to work and I'll have to collect a sample like we were doing before. Today has just been an exception." She smiled at me as she finished the sentence. We idled the time away watching a movie and soon I was feeling sleepy.

Mom looked over at me and said, "Time for bed I think young man. Do you need to cum again before sleeping?" I felt I could, and my sleepiness started to disappear at the thought. I nodded. "As I haven't collected your cum all day, I think one last time without won't matter too," said mom as she stood up. "What would you like to do?" Seeing mom standing a few feet away from me with her tight figure hugging shorts which were pressing sexily into her crotch, I felt like touching her there and feeling up her ass.

"I'd like to play with that wonderful ass and pussy of yours again mom," I said. "I just can't get enough!" Mom walked sexily over to me, swinging her hips, and stood in front of me as I still sat seated on the sofa chair. "Go on then," she said, smiling, "Do what you like." I placed the four fingers of my right hand on the area of her crotch and just ran them along her pussy mound several times, up and down.

I could feel her pussy hairs and slit through the soft thin material of her shorts as I did so. Mom reacted with a slight moan of pleasure and pressed her pussy mound back against my fingers. Then, satisfied for a moment with that, I said, "Turn around please mom." "That's too polite," replied mom teasingly.

"You'll have to ask me in a different way, if you want me to do that. Talk dirty." I looked up at mom and decided to oblige. "Turn around and show me that juicy thick fuck of an ass, mom." "Mmmm.yes," replied mom, "That's better." And with that mom turned 360 degrees on the spot and presented me with her curvy large butt, which was just about level with my face as I sat, if not a touch higher.

I rubbed my hands over each buttock, through the soft material of the shorts, groping and cupping the flesh there greedily. Then, I pulled the material that was covering each ass cheek inwards so that it caught in mom's ass crack, making her butt look even sexier as it tightly hugged her ass with each buttock partly showing.

I bent forward and kissed each cheek in turn and then ran my tongue over the skin, savouring the taste and sensation. Fuck! This was good, and my cock getting was hard!

Then, I grabbed mom's shorts at the waist and just yanked them down, giving her a bit of a surprise. "Fuck, yea mom," I said, "Your juicy ass is so fucking hot, I could play with it all day and all night." Mom didn't say anything, but just stepped out of her shorts, so now all she had on was her bright red blouse which went to just above her hips, leaving her glorious backside and legs fully exposed and naked.

Then she wriggled her ass as she stood on the spot, knowing how much it excited me to see the flesh on her butt cheeks wobble and jiggle. By now my dick was fully hard and wanting some attention. I stood up behind mom and rubbed my cock along her ass crack, again slightly surprising her and making her exclaim, "Ooh, that's nice." I slapped my hard on against mom's butt cheeks for a bit longer, and then said, "I'd like to follow you upstairs with you like this, so I can watch your cheeks move, and then maybe you can suck me off and swallow my cum." "Ok," replied mom, still with her back to me, and rubbing her butt sexily back against my hard on.

Then she started walking slowly away from me toward the door, her hips swinging, so that her ass looked even hotter as she walked. Mesmerised, I followed her. When mom, got to the stairs she started walking slowly up them, again swinging her hips as she did so. Man what a sight! I was half drooling as I watched her climb with her butt almost in my face as I followed closely behind.

I could not help slapping her ass once or twice with my hand. "Fuck yea mom," I said, "Fucking hot ass." Mom reached the top of the stairs and walked down the corridor and into my bedroom, and sat on the bed.

My hard on had been swinging wildly as I'd followed her, and now I just presented it to her face as she sat down. Greedily she took it into her mouth and started sucking me. "Oh fuck yea mom," I said, responding to the way she was blowing me. She grabbed the base of my dick with both hands and really went for it, taking all my shaft into her mouth almost to the hilt. Then she started playing with my balls, with one hand. I let my right hand wander down of mom's left boob for a moment and then I just grabbed her head as she carried on sucking me hard.

Then she let my dick out of her mouth for a moment and ran her cheeks along the side of my shaft as if savouring it's length along her face. "Talk dirty to me while I bring you off," she said. "You know how much I like it." And without further ado she took my dick head into her mouth again and started sucking on me. Happy to oblige, I said "Yea suck that dick bitch. Suck it hard and let me see you swallow my cum. I know how much you like it now. You're a cum swallowing slut aren't you?

You just love taking my cream inside your mouth and swallowing it, don't you?" I grabbed her head and started pushing my dick into her mouth in time with her sucking, so that I felt like I was face fucking her.

I could feel her breathing hard through her nose as she sucked on me and she seemed in total ecstasy. Finally, I felt the cum rise in my balls and grabbing moms head hard, I thrust hard and deep and spurted in her mouth with a loud groan. "Ohhhhhhh.Ahhhhhhhhh." I said out loud. Mom had clamped onto my dick with her mouth firmly as I came, making sure that this time she would not spill a drop. And indeed she didn't, as she seemed to be swallowing the lot!

After she'd milked me dry with her mouth and cleaned all the cum off my dick, she smiled up at me and said, "Mmmm. that was lovely, I love the taste of your cum," and she licked her lips, letting her tongue linger outside her lips momentarily to show me how much she enjoyed it, like she had been eating some delicacy. Fuck, she knew how to tease me! "Now have a good sleep and I'll collect another sample first thing in the morning before I go to work, but I'll have to use the semen beaker again from tomorrow." I nodded, and smiled back at mom.

She stood up, her tits wobbling in her red blouse, kissed me on the cheek and said, "Goodnight, hon. Sleep tight." And with that she strolled out of my bedroom. Again, I watched her naked ass swing sexily as she walked away. Fuck! I curled up in bed, and in no time at all fell sound asleep. --------------------------- I looked at my watch. It was 3.30pm.

I was about to leave my college campus and head for Dr Taylor's Clinic, which was a short bus ride down town. Mom had told me in that morning she would leave work a little early, and meet me there. That was after she had wanked me off into the semen beaker of course, before she left for work.

It was a little disappointing not to have her suck me off properly and let me cum in her mouth, but we had to use the semen beaker again to get some measurements, as we'd given doing that a miss, completely, on Sunday. As I sat on the bus going towards the clinic, I wondered what Dr Taylor would say, and if my blood test results would show up anything. I still had a slight ache in my balls everyday, but as I mentioned before, this would normally clear up after I'd cum several times.

I thought back to our first visit to see Dr Taylor. I suddenly remembered the way she had looked at my dick and licked her lips. Then I remembered mom doing the same thing several times before she had actually started to suck me off. An image of my dick in Dr Taylor's mouth flashed through my mind quickly and I smiled.

'Don't be stupid,' I said to myself! Doctors don't do that with their patients! Soon, I reached my stop and got off the bus. A few minutes later I was climbing the steps up to the Clinic front door. I saw a mid-thirties looking attractive blonde receptionist at the desk and introduced myself.

"Afternoon, " I said. "I'm Jacob Addington. I have an appointment with Dr Taylor for 4.30pm." The receptionist looked down at her diary, and as she did so I could not help but look down at her quite ample cleavage which was showing. She was wearing a white nurse type uniform which had quite a low cut top, and her boobs were pushed quite firmly up to create quite a sexy cleavage. She looked damn hot!

"Oh yes," she smiled back at me.

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"Please take a seat. Your mother is already here." As I walked into the waiting area of the clinic, I saw mom had got there before me and was sitting in a chair reading a magazine. She looked up and smiled at me. There were no other people waiting, probably because we had the last appointment of the day, although I think the clinic had two or three other doctors too.

I gave mom a kiss on the cheek and sat down next to her. The receptionist was a about 10 feet away from where we sat at one end of the waiting area, near the front door. She smiled reassuringly over at us. I couldn't remember seeing her the last time I was here.

The image of her ample cleavage still lingered with me. Then mom said in a low tone so no one else could hear, "Remember Jacob, you mustn't say anything about how far we have gone in our cum collecting sessions. Let me do most of the talking." "Ok, mom" I replied, as quietly back to her.

After a couple of minutes the phone rang by the receptionist, and after answering it she said out loud, "You may go in now." Mom and I got up and went over to the consultation room door. Mom knocked, and I followed her in. "Ah, Mrs Addington and Jacob, do come in said Dr Taylor smiling broadly, from behind her desk, standing up in a white doctor's coat, welcoming us. She shook both our hands and beckoned us to sit down on the chairs in front of her desk. Dr Taylor was a mature lady, of around 50 years, stocky in build, chubby and buxom with it, and with greying hair.

She wore glasses, but as I looked at her I noted again, like the first time we had met her, that she had quite a pretty face and wonderful deep blue eyes, which had almost a playful sparkle in them. As we sat down, Dr Taylor first looked at my mom and then me, and still smiling and looking quite jovial said "Well how are you both, and how have you been getting on since I last saw you?" Mom took the lead and said quite enthusiastically, but a little hesitatingly as if slightly embarrassed, "We've been doing fine Dr Taylor. been helping Jacob in getting some measurements for you, as you suggested. I have them here." Mom pulled out the records sheet, which she had shown me on Sunday morning, and handed it to the doctor. "That's excellent," said Dr Taylor smiling.

She took the paper from mom's hand and put it on the desk in front of her without reading it. "I'll look at this in a moment. I'm so glad you felt able to help Jacob, as it can be difficult to collect samples," she added, as if to provide some reassurance.

Then Dr Taylor looked hard at me and said, "Tell me Jacob, how are your aches down below?" I cleared my throat and said a little timidly, "I do still have them, but it does help a lot when I .you know masturbate. I mean when know, spurt my semen." "Good," replied Dr Taylor still smiling at me. "I'm glad that you do get relief at least." "Now," she continued, "I do have your blood test results here," she said pointing to a blue folder, which was on the desk in front of her.

"But first let me see your semen measuring record." Dr Taylor picked up the sheet of paper mom had given her and read it carefully. "Yes, I see you have been producing quite a lot, but from the totals you've worked out at the bottom, I can see it is generally within a similar range every day." She paused for a moment looking at the numbers.

"Yes, that's all fine," she added. "Thank you for keeping this record. I hope it has not been too difficult," she added, looking first at mom then me.


For the first time I think I saw mom blush at that remark, and she replied quickly, "Er. no been quite an experience as it's something a mother is not often asked to do, if you know what I mean." "Yes, yes Mrs Addington.

May, I call you Margaret." "Well, my friends call me Marge. That will do." "Marge it is then," replied Dr Taylor. "Yes I do understand, and I'm sure Jacob has been grateful too." Mom looked slightly uneasy but just smiled back at the doctor.

Dr Taylor looked at me and said. "Aren't you Jacob? You must be thankful your mom has been able to help you." "Yes, sure I am," I said, in a tone more relaxed than I thought I would say it. Mom then said, "Are you able to tell us what the problem is Doctor?" "Yes, I can," replied Dr Taylor. "I am pleased to say the blood tests have given us an answer to what is going on. So in that sense it is good news. However, the treatment I am going to suggest maybe a little more.," she paused for a moment, "A little more unusual and perhaps difficult." I felt a tinge of concern and looked at mom, who I could see was also looking worried.

Dr Taylor saw our anxious expressions and said, "Oh, please, I did not mean to worry you like that. Once I've explained, you may not think it is too much of an issue to overcome." "Please tell me what's wrong with Jacob?" asked mom. Dr Taylor straightened up in her chair a little as if she was about to say something important. "Mrs Addington.I mean Marge," she said looking at mom, "The blood test show Jacob has a condition which although I would not describe as rare, is a little uncommon.

I will not bore you with the name of the condition, and we did send the samples to another laboratory for confirmation. Luckily the condition is detectable through the blood tests. I will try to explain it as simply as I can." Dr Taylor looked at me then mom as she spoke. "As you may know, men and women both have bacteria present in their genital areas, which are kept at an optimum level though various means, including the body's own immune system.

In certain cases in men, the balance of this bacteria overwhelms their balancing mechanisms and can lead to aches in the scrotum area, which in effect has happened to you Jacob," she said, looking directly at me and smiling reassuringly. "But, the good news is that it is curable. Our medical history records show that virtually all young men who have had this condition have been completely cured. However, the recommended method is.well.slightly unusual." "Well, it's a relief to know you know what it is, and that Jacob can be cured.," said mom.

"But in what way is the cure unusual?" she added, almost taking the words out of my mouth. Dr Taylor paused for moment. Then looking at mom directly she said, "Because of the slightly unusual nature of the treatment, you may prefer that I speak to you directly and in private first, Marge, before telling Jacob." Mom listened and thought for a moment before replying. "Er.well, no doctor. It's all right. I know Jacob is mature enough to listen to what you will say, and I would like him to be present.

He's my son, and I know he will be ok with whatever you might say," she replied, firmly. I felt kind of pleased that mom had spoken up for me like that. But I guessed it was partly because of the sexual intimacy we had already shared. "Alright," said Dr Taylor, looking at mom and then me quite seriously.

"Occasionally, men much older than Jacob in their fifties and sixties can get this condition, but for them we normally prescribe tablets, which they then have to be take once a week for the rest of their lives.

However, the best treatment for this condition, in a young man of Jacob's age, is to naturally lower the imbalance of bacteria in the male genitals. The way to do this normally, is for a man is to have sexual intercourse frequently with a woman, as the different bacteria that are present in a woman genitalia, naturally help to restore the imbalance in the male, as they get passed on during intercourse. Mom and I both listened in silence without saying anything.

You could have heard a pin drop. And I felt a twitch in my dick as the doctor spoke the last sentence. "Now for this to work," continued Dr Taylor, "The intercourse must be without a condom, as obviously we require the male and female genital fluids to mix." Dr Taylor paused for a moment. Then looking hard at me, she said, "Do you have a girlfriend at the moment Jacob?" "," I replied, rather embarrassingly.

"Well, here is where the slightly unusual recommendation for treatment I have for you comes in, in that case." Dr Taylor paused again. "To be blunt Jacob, you need to have sex with a woman daily for the next 2-3 months, and then regularly thereafter, to restore your body's balance and get rid of your aches.

But if you do not have a girlfriend, then that is a problem." I sneaked a look at mom, who obviously was not going to say we had been doing it, and neither was I. Then, I was shocked at the Doctor's next lengthy statement. She looked at mom and said, "Marge, I want you to know I am also a sex therapist and counsellor as well as a medical doctor. I see many different types of people who visit me in that capacity, and who tell me all kinds of sexual fantasies and fetishes.

So nothing surprises me anymore. And of course the relationships between a sex counsellor and the client is completely confidential." "Er.yes.I understand that," replied mom, slightly confused. "So what I am try to say, is that one possible solution to the fact that Jacob has no girlfriend currently is .," Dr Taylor paused, "For you to perhaps go a little further in helping him with his treatment, if you know what I mean." I saw a streak of red run across mom's neck and cheeks as she realised what the doctor had just suggested to her.

I think I must have blushed too. Mom stayed silent. My dick twitched again. Then trying to be more reassuring, Dr Taylor said, "As I mentioned, the relationship between a doctor and the patient is strictly confidential. I can only suggest what is best for the patient and it would go no further than between us, if it helps Jacob get over his little problem, or until he meets a fine young girl in the future hopefully." Dr Taylor smiled as she finished the sentence. Mom regained her composure a little and said, "Er.yes.I see what you mean doctor.

I shall have to think about it." She obviously didn't feel comfortable enough to tell the doctor we had already fucked! "However, I have an alternative option," continued Dr Taylor. "Over the years during the course of my sexual counselling, I have seen a number of women, similar to your age Marge, who also have certain sexual issues and problems because their husbands' can no longer perform sexually. I have handful of such women on my books now. All they require is to have sexual intercourse once or twice a week to help them overcome their problems.

Dr Taylor paused. Then continuing, she said, "I Also have a number of men a little older than Jacob -- in their early twenties, who also come to see me with their sexual problems, for example, shyness in approaching women, or lack of experience in the sex act, and require just some initial guidance and prompt in the right direction.

Now, being a 'hands on' type of sex counsellor, what I do, with the permission of all involved, is, I link up these young men to these older women, who have their husbands' permission of course. And so the young men can resolve their sexual issues and gain some confidence, whist at the same time satisfying these mature ladies. It is a 'win, win' situation. The key is also that before I link up the young men to the mature, experienced women, I make sure both parties are completely free of any infection or STDs, so that they are able to enjoy themselves to the fullest extent, without worry.

And I do follow up checks too. So what I am saying, Marge, is if you feel unable to help, I could link Jacob up to one or two of these ladies I know." As the doctor had been speaking, and what she had been saying sunk in, my dick had become semi hard. I couldn't quite believe my ears. Dr Taylor could put me in touch with some older ladies of mom's age for me to fuck to help cure my problem! Fuck! I thought mom would blow up either in embarrassment or rage at the idea, but strangely enough when I looked over at her to see her reaction, see seemed quite calm.

If anything, calmer than when the doctor had started talking. "I see," mom replied. "Well, Dr Taylor, I am so pleased to have chosen you as our doctor, as I can see your approach to treatment is very 'hands on' as you put it, and you have the best interests of the patient at heart, even if the treatments are slightly unusual.

I'm also glad that you are so frank with us in your explaining the situation, and offering an alternative solution. I shall have to think this all over, as it is quite a lot to take in. But at least we know what's wrong with poor Jacob," mom paused, looking at me, "And how best we might be able to help him." Mom smiled back at the doctor now, clearly much less tense and more relaxed in her chair.

Mom's reaction surprised me and my dick was still snaking around in my pants at the thought of all these suggestions. I was trying to hide it by holding my hands over my crotch! "Good," replied Dr Taylor beaming back at mom.

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"I'm so glad we have an understanding." Then looking at me, Dr Taylor said, " I hope you will feel comfortable with the suggested treatment Jacob and not feel shy. I'm sure you will appreciate it." I thought I detected a glint in her eyes as she spoke to me. I decide to play all innocent and I piped up, "Er.yes. sure Dr Taylor, anything that helps me get over my problem." Then, feeling a little braver and to add a touch of spice to the conversation, so that Dr Taylor might perhaps think I was more of a man than she knew, I added, "It has been quite nice and relieving at times when mom has been helping me, so I'm sure help in other ways from mom and from other ladies might be good too." I definitely saw a sparkle in the doctor's eyes this time as I spoke, and my dick twitched again.

"Very good," replied Dr Taylor. "Now, Marge, you have a think about what I've said and let me know how you might want to proceed.

And remember this is all completely confidential between us only." "Thank you, Dr Taylor," replied mom. "Now, before you go today, I do need just one final test to perform which is to take a fresh sample of semen from Jacob.

Once the treatment I've just suggested to you has been started I will also have to take fresh semen samples twice a week as we monitor progress through regular semen tests and blood tests. You no longer have to take daily cum measurements from Jacob now. Is that ok?" I felt relieved we didn't have to use the semen beaker at home again, but I think I must have not been listening properly to the first part of what the doctor had said as mom asked, "You mean you would like a sample now from Jacob?" and looking a little perturbed again.

"Yes. That shouldn't be a problem should it? Do you feel you can provide me with one Jacob?" "Er. yes," I said." I guess so." The truth was, aside from being semi hard already, hearing what the doctor had suggested, my balls were aching a bit, and cumming was just what I needed, as I'd only cum once that morning with mom helping me. "Good," replied Dr Taylor. "Excuse me one moment." Dr Taylor picked up the phone and said, "Cynthia, as Mrs Addiington and Jacob are the last patients for the day, and it's almost 5pm, you can go home now.

I won't be needing your assistance further today." I realised Cynthia must have been the name of the hot looking receptionist. Dr Taylor listened to a reply and then said. "That's right, we'll be fine. Have a nice evening - bye," and put the phone down. "Right, would you like to follow me to my inner consulting room?" Dr Taylor got up and beckoned us to follow.

I had not noticed another door in the doctor's room on the first visit, but the doctor led us to the far side of the room where there was indeed another door. She opened it and we all went in. The doctor then closed the door and bolted it from the inside.

"I like to make sure we have absolute privacy," she said. "Welcome to my inner consulting room. This is where I see clients who have sexual issues or problems of various sorts, and I try to counsel them and help them resolve these issues." As I looked around the room I noticed it had a much more cosy and informal feel to it compared to the doctors main consulting room. This was more homely and even intimate.

There were matching lampshades, a luxurious beige carpet with a large roomy leather sofa and a separate sofa chair. At one end of the room a very comfortable looking milky chocolate coloured leather bound couch/examination table was placed in the centre space so you could walk around it, where I guessed people could lie down.

There was also a door to another room attached to this one! As I entered the room, for some reason my hard on had gone down completely.

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Perhaps it was the thought of what I might have to do in front of the doctor, rather than in private with mom, which is what I was used to. "Now, Marge, I've brought you in here too because I thought it would be better if you might like to help your son produce his semen sample, like you have been doing at home. I would like to watch and assist if you wouldn't mind so I can make sure everything is in order from a physiological point of view.

Is that ok with you both?" "I guess so," said mom, but I could see she was a little embarrassed. I just nodded. "Now Jacob, see that door -- that goes to a bathroom. I'd like you to be nice and clean, so would you like to take off your pants and underwear in there, leave your t-shirt on, and give yourself a good wash of your privates, wrap yourself in a towel, and then come back out here.

I nodded again and walked over to the bathroom door. Dr Taylor asked mom to sit down and offered her a soft drink. "Jacob before you go, would you like a drink too?" "Just water is fine," I said. I went into the bathroom and closed the door behind me. Fuck! I couldn't believe this was happening! The bathroom was very nicely fitted with a bath and separate shower cubicle, and luxury tiles on the walls and floor.

Next to the wash basin were a number of cream coloured towels of different sizes. I took off my trousers and boxer shorts and gave my dick and balls a good wash using a small towel and soap. Then I rinsed myself off by wetting another small towel, and finally dried myself using a larger one. The large one was big enough to go around my waist, so I wrapped the towel around my hips and walked back into the room where Dr Taylor and mom were waiting.

"Excellent," said Dr Taylor as she saw me come in. I took a sip of my water which she handed me in a glass. "Please lie down on the couch over there, and we'll join you. Keep your towel over you for now." I did as instructed. My dick was completely soft now - my earlier arousal had completely gone! I lay down on the couch, which was in the centre area of the end of the room so that people could walk around it, with my t-short still on, and the towel covering me from below.

The couch was very comfortable and had a high back so as I lay there I could almost sit up. Mom and Dr Taylor came over. Dr Taylor was holding a semen-measuring beaker like the one she had given us to take home. "Just relax now Jacob. I'll just ask your mom to take a sample like she does at home." Dr Taylor then lowered the head end of the couch a little so as I was lying, my back was about at 30 degrees, and I could relax my back and head. "Right Marge, just do whatever you normally do to get the sample from Jacob at home.

I assume you masturbate his penis into the beaker?" "Er. yes, that's right," said mom, not giving much away.

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Mom stood on one side of me and Dr Taylor stood on the other as I lay on the couch. Mom pulled the towel way from my crotch and legs to reveal my dick. I was now naked from the waist down. I could sense Dr Taylor looking at me dick intently. Mom started to stroke my dick to try to get some life into it. I was still limp. And I thought I should say something about that.

"Sorry, I think maybe because I'm in a strange place, I'm not worked up enough just yet," I said truthfully. "Marge, do you provide any stimulation for your son? For example, do you let him touch you?" Mom hesitated for a moment. I could sense she was unsure just how much to let on. Then she said. "Well sometimes I do. I let him touch my bottom and sometimes my breasts too, as that can help him to cum quicker." "Well don't let me stop you then. Just do what you normally do," said Dr Taylor encouragingly.

Mom turned her ass towards me a little and I started to caress it through her skirt. My dick responded a little, but I was still not really getting properly hard. "I think perhaps you need some more stimulation," said Dr Taylor, after watching this for a few minutes, and seeing I was still not getting properly hard. "Tell me Marge, do you let Jacob see you partly undressed?" I knew mom was fighting her feelings not to tell the doctor too much, but to my surprise at her openness she finally said "Well as you been so frank and open with us doctor, I will also be honest with you and say yes.

Occasionally, I have let Jacob see my breasts and my bottom.


But I would always wear some panties to cover my crotch area," she added, lying. She obviously didn't feel comfortable to reveal any more just yet! "Well, may I suggest you remove your top and skirt in that case so Jacob can be properly stimulated? I think he does need more help, poor thing," said Dr Taylor sympathetically. Mom stopped wanking me and started to unbutton her white blouse. She then took it off, revealing a white full cup bra underneath. Then, she unzipped her skirt from the side and let it fall to the floor.

She was wearing quite conservative white panties underneath which didn't reveal much of the flesh of her ass. She picked up her skirt and placed it on the sofa with her blouse. She was now wearing just her white panties and bra with black medium height heels. She came back over to me, and not looking at Dr Taylor, perhaps to avoid eye contact because of how she was now dressed in front of me, pulled her panties into her ass crack partly, so as to make her ass look more sexy, and then began stroking my dick again.

"That's quite a nice touch, to make you look more stimulating," said Dr Taylor pointing to what mom had done with her panties in pushing the fabric into her ass crack. "Well, he does like bottoms a lot, so he tells me," replied mom, to my surprise, revealing one of my likes.

"Well that's quite natural," said Dr Taylor smiling at me. I started stroking mom's ass again, which was now looking much more alluring, but Dr Taylor looking on at me from one side was not helping my erection still. I think the doctor noticed my discomfort.

"I think we need to do something else here if we are to get you going young man," she said. "I did say I was the type of sexual counsellor who believes in a hands on approach, so what I can do if you like is to stand nearer you Jacob, and you may also touch my bottom lightly through the material of my skirt, as you like bottoms so much.

Are you ok with that Marge?" "Er.yes sure," replied mom. Dr Taylor removed her white coat to reveal surprisingly low cut beige blouse and dark brown knee length skirt underneath. She came and stood next to me about level with my chest so my right hand could reach her ass. She was much rounder in shape than mom, and more of a bubble butt, I noticed, despite her chubbiness. "Now don't be shy young man, you can squeeze and feel my bottom as you like whilst your mom does her bit." I couldn't quite believe this was happening.

With my left hand I was feeling up mom's ass cheeks as she stood in her underwear to my left and with my other hand I was stoking Dr Taylor's ass through the material of her skirt as she stood to my right! My dick started to become hard and responsive finally, although I still felt a little awkward. Dr Taylor placed the semen beaker on the couch so mom could get hold of it in time. Then to my surprise mom said. "Dr Taylor I hope you won't mind, but I'm going remove my bra so Jacob can see my boobs.

That normally does the trick at home." "Well, I am glad to hear you have such an informal arrangement," replied Dr Taylor looking more pleased now. Mom unclasped her bra and threw it on the sofa. Her glorious, full, melon like globes with large brown areole came into full view.

Mom's thick nipples looked exceedingly tempting and suckable. "And I must say you have a very fine pair of boobs," said Dr Taylor seeing them in their glory. "Thank you." Before going back to working on my dick mom lent over my face so her boobs were in reach of my mouth. I don't think she had planned to do this but just did it instinctively.

Seeing this, Dr Taylor said, "And I see you let him suck you too. Excellent! That should really do the trick. Look!" Dr Taylor pointed at my dick, which was now fully hard, as I had taken mom's juicy tit into my mouth as she let her boobs fall over and stroke my face, and she saw it's full length and hardness now for the first time.

"Jacob, you do have a fine erection. I am going to call it a cock if you don't mind, as I think it is easier to help you to cum if we use more common words." Dr Taylor keenly looked at my hard on, and licked her lips, and I could see she wanted to touch it. "Can I make a suggestion?" she said.

"Go on," said mom. "How about if you stand over Jacob like you are and let him play and suck on your fine boobs, and I collect the semen sample? It may make things easier," said Dr Taylor. "Sounds ok to me, " said mom. "You ok with that Jacob?" I nodded. It would be good to have another woman's hands on my dick. I was started to feel much more relaxed being in the doctor's presence now, as she seemed to be enjoying what we were doing too. She moved over to my left where mom had been standing and mom came over to the right of me, still leaning over me slightly so I could suck and play with her boobs or ass with one hand.

Mr Taylor started to wank me. The feel of her hand on my dick was quite exquisite and her technique arousing. She was clearly an expert in this from the way she was stroking me! My dick was now at full stretch, but I did not feel like cumming just yet. "May I touch your bottom again Dr Taylor?" I said, feeling brave. Without saying anything, Dr Taylor angled her ass back at me so I could reach it, and I started to grope at her fleshy ass cheeks through he material of her skirt.

"That's right. Feel my ass young man and cum for me," said Dr Taylor as she continued to wank me, whilst I felt up her butt. At that moment I would have loved it if either mom or Dr Taylor had given my dick a quick suck. But I did not feel brave enough to go so far as to suggest that.

Mom then surprised me again by saying, "Let me use my boobs on his cock for a moment. That should do it finally." Mom moved down the couch a little so she was now opposite to Dr Taylor a who let go of my dick, and let mom wank me with her boobs as she held them tightly around my prick and moved up and down. Dr Taylor looked on pleasingly. "I'm so glad to see you are so free with each other in this way," she said. Seeing mom do what she was doing to me in front of the doctor triggered something off inside my head, and I started to get extremely aroused now at the idea of mom sexually pleasuring me in front of someone.

I'd gone from being very shy about it initially, to now getting really turned on by it, and I felt the cum rise in my balls. "I'm gonna' cum in a minute if you carry on like that," I said out loud. Mom continued wanking me between her fleshy tit mounds for another minute or so and then stopped and let Dr Taylor take over.

The doctor grabbed the semen beaker in one hand and started pumping my dick hard up and down. She was just in time as after just few strokes I came, gushing into the semen beaker.

Er ist verdammt toc toc toc

"Ahhhhh.AHH.OOOOOHHH," I shouted out as I came, jerking my hips upwards several times as I did so. Dr Taylor continued to expertly hold my cock and pump me until my cum waves subsided and she'd collected all my cum in the beaker.

I pushed my head back against the couch and closed my eyes, enjoying the high of my orgasm as the doctor's hand still held my dick, and mom stood topless, wearing just her panties, next to her. Fuck, that was so good!