Faith is a great fuck

Faith is a great fuck
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Now, everybody has heard the story of poor little Cinderella who was mistreated by her ugly stepsisters and stepmother. This is total bullshit. She wasn't forced to do all the chores in the house or anything like that. Her stepmother simply asked her to clean her own dishes and keep her room tidy. And who did all the real work? The maid. The ugly stepsisters and stepmother were not in the slightest bit ugly.

They were utterly gorgeous. You know those old cartoons with the wolf going nuts when he sees the girl go up on stage? Thats how men (and some women) were around Cinderella's family. They just got the ugly reputation because Cinderella is the one who won in all this. Stepsister #1 Antasia; Age 19, 5'5, 125 lbs, long red hair down to her waist, perfect hourglass figure, 36B breasts, round bubble butt. Stepsister#2 Drusilla (Dru for short); Age 17, 5'7, 110 lbs, glossy black hair past her shoulders, hourglass figure, 26B breasts, perfect heart-shaped ass.

Stepmother Lady Tremaine; Age 39, 5'6, 120 lbs, strawberry blond hair down to her waist, dangerously curvy hourglass figure, 36C breasts with no sag, round, firm ass. Basically a MILF. Cinderella Age 16, 5'3, 100 lbs (anorexic), plain blond hair to her shoulders, no curves to speak of, 14A breasts, tiny butt. Oh and her face was none too pretty either. The Prince Alex; Age 20, 6'2, 185 lbs, black hair, pure muscle, 9" cock.

Now as well as being gorgeous, Cinderella's family members were the nicest people you could ever meet. They rarely argued, gave to charity, were very nice to Cinderella, and didn't really ask much of life. On the other hand, Cinderella was an evil conniving bitch who got lucky and got to tell everybody her story with her as the kind one.

So here's how it happened: Cinderella wanted to go to the ball that was coming up so she could maybe get fucked and impregnated by royalty, thus entitling her to a life of luxury.

She was after the prince but didn't really have her hopes up. She asked Lady Tremaine if she could go with them when they went shopping, but Tremaine declined because she didn't want to see her daughter turned down by everybody at the ball. She didn't want Cinderella to torture herself. The second her family left, Cinderella saw a bright flash of light. And there in front of her was her fairy godmother, who actually looked about 23 instead of thousands of years old.

She was wearing a sexy strapless black dress that stopped about mid-thigh.

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"Good evening, Cinderella. I'm your fairy godmother, Alice. I sensed you were royally pissed so I came to see if I could make it better. Anything I can do to help you?" "You could make me better looking than my family and get me to the ball so I can get me some royal cock," said Cinderella.

"Hmm, I could do that. It'll cost you though," said Alice.


"Sorry I don't have anything to give you." "Sure you do. You have that nice tongue and those fingers. How about this: I make you sexy, you make me cum." "Oookay. I guess." And with that there was a flash of light and in front of Alice stood an amazing beauty, with gorgeous curves, large tits, a tight ass, a perfect face, and a sexy red dress. She was only infinitesimally more beautiful than any of her family members, but that was good enough for her.

"Now it's time for you to return the favor," Alice said with lust in her voice. Alice walked up to Cinderella and gave her a long, passionate kiss. By the time they broke apart, both beauties were wet.

Cinderella started to undress Alice, dropping her dress to the ground, revealing her amazing C cup tits. Her nipples were already hard as they continued kissing. Cinderella stroked her fingers around Alice's quarter sized areolae, making her shiver.

Alice pushed Cinderella's head down, making her suck on her beautiful breasts. Cinderella set about the task with glee. She had always wondered what it would feel like to touch a woman, and she was eager to please this woman who had made her beautiful. After a few minutes of sucking on her nipples, Cinderella moved Alice to her bed. She had Alice lie down and removed her lacy panties, revealing her perfect pussy with the small thatch of hair above.

Cinderella began kissing Alice's left calf, teasing her. She wanted to draw this out, not just because Alice was so beautiful but because she was gathering her nerve, having never done this before.


Cinderella got to Alice's thigh and paused, making Alice squirm in anticipation. She finally dove in, licking like a woman possessed. Cinderella loved how Alice tasted, so sweet and all around pleasant. She loved the smell; the musky, purely feminine smell. She started inserting a finger slowly, teasing. She inserted another and began speeding up, making Alice moan in pleasure.

They paused for a minute so Cinderella could take off her dress, revealing her naked body. They got into a 69 position and began eating each other out. When one would add something new, like another finger, or a tongue on the other's asshole, the other would reciprocate. They were both flying towards their orgasms, moaning unashamedly. Five minutes, and many moans, later, Alice came with the force of a category 5 hurricane. She squirted her juices all over Cinderella's face, making her cough, having not seen it coming.

As soon as Alice was done, she got off Cinderella, who had been mere seconds away from cumming.

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This pissed her off and she tried forcing Alice to continue. "Don't even try getting me to finish you off, and don't do it yourself, or I'll take your looks back. The deal was that I cum, you become beautiful. If you cum, then you'll owe me again. And the ball is gonna end in two hours," stated Alice with an evil grin. Cinderella pouted, incredibly horny. "So I have to go to the ball like this, all hot and bothered?" "Nobody said you had to go.

If you don't go, I'll be more than happy to let you keep your looks and make you cum over and over. But if you don't go you'll never get to fuck the prince. Your choice.

And if you do go, you're going horny.

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Live with it." Okay, just so you know, the "spell ends at midnight" bit was total bullshit. Cinderella just wanted to make it seem like she didn't need the spell to get the prince. Anyways, Cinderella decided to go to the ball, obviously. She arrived in her pumpkin carriage, drawing eyes everywhere she went. She danced with several royals, looking for the prince or her family. She finally spotted her family getting drinks at the refreshment table.

She walked up to them and asked how she looked. They looked at her with "do I know you?" looks on their faces. Cinderella finally convinced them it was her by mentioning a rather embarrassing incident with a brush going missing (found later inside Dru's pussy while she was asleep). After the initial shock that their ugly stepsister/daughter was now beautiful, there was much hugging and congratulations, and all that other girly stuff.

You gotta remember though that Cinderella was an evil bitch that resented her family because they didn't need spells to be beautiful.

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So, naturally, after she went back to look for the prince, she began spreading rumors, saying her mother had crabs and her sisters were lesbians. Basically anything to make sure they didn't get laid or get boyfriends. Or both.

Cinderella was still ridiculously horny and all the handsome men in the crowd were making her drip. She wasn't wearing any panties under her thigh-length dress either, so there were mystery drops of liquid on the ground wherever she walked.

She decided that she needed cock now. If she couldn't find the prince, she'd settle for a duke or lord. And just as she was about to give up and grab the nearest man to fuck her brains out, she saw him, surrounded by about thirty women.

That was no problem for her though, she was the best looking girl in the kingdom (except for Snow White, but that clash is going to have to be in another story). She daintily glided up to him, through the throng of prospective and horny women, and grabbed him for a dance.

He, of course, didn't protest. With a perfect girl who is literally dripping horniness, what man would protest? They began talking and all that good stuff that a prince is supposed to do instead of taking the girl to an empty room and fucking her silly.

This pissed off Cinderella, so she began grinding on the prince, who's name was not Charming, despite popular belief.

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His name was Alex. So she began grinding on Alex, causing him to get a very noticeable bulge in his pants. This was what she wanted so she pulled him close and reached into his pants to squeeze his semi-hard cock. It went from half-mast to steel pipe in record time. She smiled at the reaction she got out of his 9" cock. He gave her a look of mixed emotion: shock, lust, nervousness, and anxiousness.

He couldn't decide if he wanted to keep his reputation as a "good" prince or just fuck her blind. She squeezed him and gave him a good stroke, causing his little head to take over. He grabbed her hand - the free one anyways, her other hand could stay right where it was and dragged her to his suite. He was a little unsteady because her hand was still stroking him.

She loved the effect she had on him, trying hard to not go too far in public. They finally got to his suite and he grabbed her roughly.

He practically tore the dress from her body and began pawing her large breasts. She moaned, now realizing that she liked it rough. He kissed her, forcing his tongue into her mouth. Their tongues intertwined and she began unbuttoning his shirt, fumbling clumsily.

He took pity on her and ripped his shirt off, none too gently. He then dropped his pants and boxers and told her to suck him. She smiled and dropped to her knees.

She had never done this before but she had heard about it from her sisters. She slowly took the head into her mouth and licked around it. She started pushing more and more of his beautiful cock into her mouth.

When it got to the back of her throat, she began sucking and moving her head back and forth. He groaned; she was a natural. She let his cock get to the back of her throat again and relaxed. She let his cock slide sown her throat and she swallowed. She began humming and massaging his ball sack. After a few minutes he pulled out, not wanting to cum yet.

He pulled her to her feet and said, "Holy shit! You're incredible! None of my other girlfriends deep throated me." She smirked and pushed him onto the bed. She crawled up to his face and sat on it. "Eat my pussy good and you may get to fuck it," she told him. He dove in eagerly, licking from top to bottom, focusing on her clit, trying to make her cum.

He parted her ass cheeks and began including her anus in his ministrations. She was soon dripping and moaning loudly. She was loud enough in her pleasure to wake the dead. But, alas, just before she came, he stopped. He gave her an evil grin and said, "You're not cumming yet. You're gonna cum on my cock." She nearly screamed in frustration. Why is everybody refusing to let me cum today?

she thought. So she bent over, ass to him and let him enter her. She was technically a virgin, so she was tight, but she had broken her hymen with a cucumber at the age of 12. He wasn't a virgin, but he hadn't had sex for several days. So he was just as horny as she was and began plowing into her with no mercy. She loved it, she felt like his little whore as he started smacking her ass.

She was practically purring from the pleasure and began thrusting back in time with his thrusts so that he could go faster and deeper. They switched position so that she was on top riding him hard, both getting closer and closer to their orgasms.

He reached up and tweaked her nipples which sent her over the edge. Her moaning advanced to screaming as she finally came on his giant cock. Her previously tight pussy got even tighter as her walls squeezed him. It became too much for him and he shot his cum in long, thick ropes deep inside her womb. The feeling of his potent seed blasting into her sent her over the edge again and she came once more. It was too much for her and she passed out.

They fell asleep with her on top and his cock still inside her. He woke her a while later and they agreed to meet in a week at her house.

And just so you know, the glass slipper thing didn't happen. She wore stiletto heels and neither of them came off. The shoe thing was just her excuse for seeing him again. They spent plenty of time fucking until they found out she was pregnant. This was just what she wanted because now she could tell everybody and he'd have to marry her. This is exactly what happened and she became queen. He was happy because he got amazing sex with a beautiful woman and had a lovely daughter they named Snow White.

Unfortunately she didn't really care about him, she was just after the kingdom. She got sick of him and he had an "accident" where he fell out of the tallest tower window. She put on a good show of crying at his funeral but it was really her that did it.

She was an evil bitch that got what she deserved when Snow White grew up.