2 Schwänze für missy munster

2 Schwänze für missy munster
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I walked out of the pool, opening the door for Ashley. She picked up her purse and walked inside the house.


I followed her to the stairs, and I directed her to the master bedroom. She set her purse down as we walked into the shower.

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Ashley paid no attention to the mirror that was sitting on the floor leaning up against a chest, conveniently in line with the shower door. I opened up the shower, and we stepped inside, leaving the door open. I turned on both the water and steam and Ashley stepped under the warm water, letting it flow down over her beautiful breasts. I could see that her breasts were not bulging as much anymore.

Losing all of that milk must have been a great release for her. I fixated on her beautiful, pregnant belly as I watched the water run over it. I took hold of her and brought her in for a kiss. She threw her arms around my neck and held on tightly as we passionately locked lips. I ran my hands down her sides, and caressed her belly, before moving down to her hips, and finally taking a firm hold of her ass. Ashley broke the kiss, and buried her head in my shoulder, holding herself tightly against me.

When she let go of me, I turned around and picked up the bench that was in the far corner. I positioned it under the water, and helped Ashley lay down on it. I adjusted the water so it landed on her breasts, teasing her nipples. I got down on my knees and lifted her legs over my shoulders.

I looked over her beautiful kitten, parting her lips with my fingers. I took in view of her wet pearl, above her tightly closed entrance. I moved in closer, and started to run my tongue over her pearl. Ashley squirmed a little as I teased her, flicking it gently, circling around it, and rubbing my tongue flatly over it. Her sweet scent got stronger as her juices started running again. I kept the pleasure going until another orgasm swept over her.

I stopped touching her clitoris and moved down to her entrance, tasting the juices coming out of her. It was some of the sweetest flavor I have ever tasted on a woman, and I kept licking until I had gotten it all. I started to push my tongue against her entrance. She was still very tight, and I was barely able to get my tongue inside of her at all. I backed away, and let Ashley's legs down. I moved around and started kissing her again as I ran my hand over her belly.

When I backed away, she got up and stood in front of me. Ashley had a trusting look in her eyes. She started to tell me the things that she had mentioned in the exam room during her original chat. She said that she loved having me suck on her breasts, drinking her milk intimately while relieving the pain from the pressure. She then talked about the other thing that she was hoping to have a man help with.

She was glad to see that I didn't have a bad reaction when she described how she wanted her kitten to get stretched over the next month, so the birth would go more easily. She asked if I would be okay with it, and I said that I wouldn't have any issue helping her with that. She smiled, and asked me to go look in her purse. I stepped out of the shower slowly, listening closely to see if I heard any footsteps scampering out of the room.

I intentionally didn't look at the mirror as I went into the bedroom to grab her purse. I opened it, and with a little bit of surprise, I saw a rather large cone shaped sex toy.

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I picked it up, and the tube of lubricating gel. I walked back into the shower with them, and also a big smile on my face. I told her that this toy looked to be a little ambitious.

She smiled a little bit and told me that was why she thought she would need some help! I set the toy on the bench, and pushed it down to make it suction tight to the bench. I asked her how she wanted to try this. She said that she had tried straddling it, but she never got it inside of her at all.

I said we would start by her showing me what she tried. I turned the shower off and let the steam keep running. I squeezed some lube onto the cone and spread it around. I had her go ahead and demonstrate her last try. Ashley straddled over the bench, and started to lower herself down.

She touched her kitten to the toy, and she instantly stopped there. I got down close and took a good look at her kitten. The blunt tip of the plug just pressed against her tight little hole, and she said that it was too painful to put anymore weight on it.

I told her that it looked like she had to keep her muscles too tense to stand there with her legs spread apart like that. I had her stand up and put her feet together, then start to sit back on the toy. I reached in from behind and spread her lips apart by hand, as she put her kitten down on the toy once more. She put most of her weight on the plug once again, but it was hard to appreciate the tiny gains we made with the position.

I felt her ass while she squatted over the toy.

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I told her that it felt like she was still too tense. She stood back up, and asked if there was any chance of this working. I looked her in the eye and promised her that if she wanted to be ready in the next month, that I would make it happen. I told her that I had an idea of how we could give this toy one last try, and if it didn't work, we would have to take a step down from this monster. I sat down on the bench with the toy sticking up in front of me.

I told Ashley to turn around and sit down in my lap. I lifted my legs up on my tip toes so that when she backed up and sat down on my lap, she wasn't touching the toy. I put both hands on her belly and told her to relax. She did her best to let go of all the tension in her muscles.

I reached forward, under her kitten, and felt around to get her lined up over the toy. I kept her lips spread with my fingers as I started to lower Ashley down onto the toy. She flinched a little when it made contact with her kitten. I gradually moved down, putting more pressure onto her kitten from the toy.

She moaned as the toy pushed harder upon her entrance. She seemed to be doing okay when I got all the way down, until all of her weight was on the plug. I felt underneath, and she put a hand down there to feel as well.

Just the tip of the toy was bigger than any cock she had ever had, and then it just got wider from there! We could feel that the toy had mad it inside of her, to the point that her entrance was opening up all around the tip, but it had stopped stretching after half an inch was inside.


I lifted her back up off of the toy, and she stood up. Ashley had a very disappointed look on her face, but I told her not to worry. We were simply going to start a little smaller. I slid the toy off of the bench and set it aside.

I took her hand and had her lay on the bench once again. I spread her legs apart and enjoyed the view of her clean shaven kitten tucked below that beautiful trio of belly and breasts. I picked up the lube and put some on my fingers. I gently rubbed it onto her kitten all over, until she was very slippery.

I put some more onto my fingers and set the lube aside. I stood to the side of Ashley and placed my hand intimately on her pregnant belly. She reached over and put her hand on my rigid manhood, and gently started stroking me as I slowly slid one finger into her kitten.

I wanted to ensure she was relaxed again, after three painful attempts, so I wanted her to cum before I tried anymore stretching. I curled my finger up and rubbed hard against her washboard.

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She started to lift up off of the bench as I put powerful sensations into her body. Her eyes were tightly closed, so I turned to look out the shower door at the mirror sitting on the floor, and I smiled at what I saw in the mirror.

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Ashley started to moan with pleasure as my finger rumbled along that sensitive washboard inside of her. I moved my hand from her beautiful belly, and started to softly rub over her nipple. She stopped stroking my cock and held on tight as she started to clamp down on my finger, and let the shower walls echo her orgasmic screams.

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She released her hold on my finger, and I withdrew it from her as she melted in her after climax bliss. I picked up the lube and put more on my fingers. I put three of them together and slowly pushed them inside of her.

She was very tight, but I was able to push in all the way to my last knuckle. I smoothly pulled out and added the fourth finger, pushing back inside of her.

The tightness gave a lot of resistance, so I slowly started to stroke in and out only going as far inside as I was already, and every now and then, sneak in a little bit more. It was an interesting experience as Ashley would flinch and let out little painful noises, but then she would tell me yes, and beg me to keep going with a tear forming in her eye. I told her to let me know when to stop. I put more lube on my hand and kept working it inside of her. Eventually I was to the point where my hand was all the way inside of her until my thumb was tight against her kitten.

I could just barely feel my middle finger touch the bottom of her canal as I put my thumb against her clitoris. After Ashley got used to the size of my hand, her pain started to go down, and her pleasure went up. I would squeeze her breast and massage her nipple in time with my thumb hitting her clitoris, and soon all of her painful noises were gone and she was making pleasure moans once again.

I started to pick up the pace to give her more contact on her clitoris, and it wasn't long before I was feeling her try to crush my hand with her kitten, as I felt juices fill in the spaces around my fingers. When she came down from this orgasm, I asked her if she was ready to stop, or if she wanted to do more. She looked at me as she thought about it a little. Finally she said that she wanted to go a little further this time around. I removed my hand from her, and before she could tighten up too much, I folded over my first two knuckles on all my fingers and tucked my thumb against my fist.

I pressed the smallest part back into her kitten, and kept pressure against her as I twisted my fist around, back and forth as it slowly started to disappear inside of her. I kept twisting as I poured more lube onto my hand.

Ashley wasn't showing much pain at all now as my fist finally disappeared inside of her. I smiled at her and she smiled back as she realized what we had just accomplished. I pushed and twisted more as more of my arm went inside of her. I was amazed when she started to moan with enjoyment once again. After I was pretty deep, I started to pull back and stroke my fist in and out of her. The more I pumped, the more of my arm would gradually make it's way inside of her.

I was very pleased when I felt my knuckles hit bottom! I had filled Ashley's canal all the way up with my fist! She was loving it and was incredibly wet.

I started to pump faster and harder, until I was pulling all the way out, and the punching my way back inside of her until I hit the bottom. Ashley screamed her lungs out in orgasm, but I didn't stop, I just kept ramming my hand inside of her. She WANTED to be stretched open, and I was going to make sure that she WAS stretched! I enjoyed myself as she came over and over again. Ashley was stroking my cock in between her orgasms, before she flipped on her side and started to curl up, pulling my cock toward her mouth.


I twisted to let her start to suck on the head of my cock as I kept pounding my fist into her. After two more orgasms that were increasingly hard to reach, I was sure she was completely spent. She was barely able to concentrate on sucking me anymore. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and rolled her on her back once again. I stroked my cock with my free hand while I slowly worked my fist in and out of her.

I lowered myself and started to force my knees under her legs getting her to bend them up. She held onto her legs tight against her pregnant belly as I fisted her pussy a few last times.

I started to stroke myself faster, and I was just about ready to blow. I pulled my fist out of her, and pointed my cock at her wide open entrance. I switched hands and stroked myself quickly until I finally shot several ropes of my cum inside of her without ever touching her kitten. I lifted my cock up and shot the rest of my cum across her bulging belly. I watched as my cum ran deeper inside her kitten, and also trickled down her creamy, tight bulging belly.

I rubbed my cum across her belly, working it into her skin. I turned the shower back on, and got out the hand sprayer. I rinsed off the cum that hadn't soaked into her skin, and then started to spray the stream into her open hole.

I watched as it filled up with water, and then when I took the stream away, the water rushed out, letting my cum flow out with it. I figured she would rather not have it soaking into her seat on the drive home. I turned off the water and helped her up from the bench.

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She was definitely weak, but the soreness of what I had done to her had not yet set in. As were walking out of the shower, I picked up the cone shaped toy and took it over to the sink to wash it off. I said I was sure that she didn't want to put it back in her purse all covered in lube. Ashley turned back and asked: "Is it okay if I just keep it here?"