Lustful lesbian blondes sensually touching each other

Lustful lesbian blondes sensually touching each other
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This is the sequel to "Sarah left me1-4". Next morning I woke early and decided to give my two darlings a surprise. I started between Sarah's legs, licking her slit very gently in case she was still sore from her weekend orgy. Sarah woke up quickly and pressed my head firmly into her crotch, which I took to mean 'don't hold back.', so I kept licking her labia, tongue fucking her and sucking on her clit until with a soft moan she came, thrashing about on the bed.

"Oh! Thank you Phil. That is a nice way to wake up." "You're not still sore, then?" "A little sore, but somehow the mild pain only added to the pleasure." "Oh! Oh! Oh! What time is it? What's happening? Why was the bed bouncing?" "Good morning sleepy head. The bed was bouncing because your mother was enjoying my eating her pussy.

It's still early enough that I have time to eat yours too, if you would like. Would you?" "Can we do a 69? I would like that best." So we moved around so that I was on my back and Angie was on top of me with her face in my crotch and her crotch in my face.

We each went to work on the other while Sarah just lay beside us watching. We both came after a few minutes of oral activity. Angie swallowed all my cum and I managed to collect and swallow the juices that came from her cunt when she came.

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"You know? I think that my leaving you two was great for all three of us. I'm sure that, if I had stayed, none of this could have happened. I can't imagine the people that we were then having any of the fun that the people that we are now are having. What do you two think?" "Well. As soon as you left us, Dad, I mean Phil, decided that I should have complete sexual freedom. So I guess that you're right.

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The sex is great, but I still miss you when you're not here and I know that Phil does too." "How would you two feel if I were to spend most of each week here with you? I would still want to disappear each week-end. What do you think Phil, Angie?" In response I went to the drawer where I had put her keys on the day that she left us and presented them to her. "Sarah. I'll have you back on whatever terms I can get. Please feel free to come and go as you wish.

Will Dick and Doris miss you? Or you them?" "No. I don't think so. I don't love them and I don't think that they love me or even each other.

We just all share an overpowering addiction to sex.

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I think that they would miss me if I did not show up on Friday nights, but for the rest of the week I don't think that they will notice if I'm there or not." Sarah had been naked under her raincoat when she arrived so to get ready for work she went through her wardrobe, most of which she had left behind when she moved out.

She had taken all her sluttiest clothes with her so now she was reduced to wearing something much more demure than she now preferred. I was in the kitchen organising breakfast for the three of us when Sarah came in dressed in smart jeans and a shirt which covered most of her upper body.

There were still funny little lumps poking into her shirt due to the piercings in her nipples. "I see that you didn't bother with a bra. There are plenty in your drawers that you left here when you moved out." "I haven't worn a bra since I moved out and I don't intend to start now. Thank you Phil for being so tolerant, letting me come and go like this without any complaints. I don't think that many men would do that. I'll try to make you and Angie happy from now on." Then she kissed me.

"Well, as you said last night, your leaving caused us all to experience exciting sex.

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I hope that your coming back, even part time, will make us a happy family again." That night when I got home, Sarah was in the kitchen, naked and cooking a meal.

We kissed very affectionately. "Welcome home Phil. I hope that you don't mind that I've invited a girlfriend for dinner tonight? She should be here soon." "OK.

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Should I keep my clothes on then?" "No! She wants to meet you and Angie as you are. After I left you I told her all about my life with Dick and Doris. She was fascinated but when I suggested that she join in she wasn't game. Then I told her about how you had turned Angie into a slut ." "I didn't turn her into a slut. I just set her inner slut free." "What ever! She wants to meet you and Angie because she thinks that you have a better take on life than she does. She wants to see you as you are, and that means naked.


Angie is trying to finish her homework before she gets here so that she can party with us." I went to the bedroom, we mostly only used the one bedroom now, and undressed, then went to my study to greet Angie. She kissed me. "Did Sarah tell you about her friend coming tonight? I'm trying to finish my homework before she gets here.

I'm hoping that she will be fun." Back in the kitchen I poured a glass of chardonnay for Sarah and another for myself. "So what's this mystery friend's name?" "Lilly. I hope that you will be nice to her because she has been a good friend to me since I left you and I think that she could be a good friend for all of us." "So how do you want me to be nice to her?" "I'll just rely on your good judgment for that.

Just don't be too stiff, is all." "What do you mean too stiff?" "Like we were with each other for all those years that we were together." Just then the door bell rang, and Sarah went to open it for Lilly.

Lilly turned out to be a stunning young woman, a few years younger than Sarah and me. She came to me with a big grin on her face, wrapped her arms around me and gave me a big sloppy kiss. "Hello Phil. I feel as if I know you already." I couldn't resist sliding my hands down to her bum and giving her a little squeeze. "I'm afraid I can't say the same.

For some reason Sarah has been hiding you from me, possibly because you are so very beautiful." "And where's Angie. I've got to meet that girl. I wish that my father had encouraged me to fuck my boyfriend when I was 16." "Here I am." "Well.

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I think that you are such a lucky girl. I was still sneaking out to fuck my boyfriend when I was 20 and then lying about it when I got home." "Yes. Phil has been a great dad since Sarah left us. But it nearly cost me my mum. Now that she is back, part time, life is even better, because we are both sluts and proud of it. By the way, I like Phil's definition: a slut is anyone who's having more fun than him." "Lilly! I did tell you that we would all be naked here tonight.

Do you need a drink before you strip?" Suzanne asked. I took the hint and poured glasses of chardonnay for Lilly and Angie and topped up Sarah's and my glasses. Lilly quickly downed hers then put the empty glass down and pulled her skirt and top off. It turned out that she wasn't wearing anything else except her high heels which she kept on.

I refilled Lilly's glass and Suzanne proposed a toast: "To all the sluts in the world." "Oh! I wish that I were a slut. I don't even have a boyfriend anymore. I haven't been fucked in nearly a year." "Oh! Lilly! You poor thing. Would you like my dad to fuck you?" I was shocked by Angie's suggestion.

"Angie! Don't embarrass our guest." Lilly chose to ignore Angie's question, instead she said, "Sarah was boasting to me about an occasion when Angie, Harriet and she took turns being fucked in all three holes.

I can't imagine what that would be like. I don't think that I could do that because I've never been fucked in the arse. What's that like?" "Harriet and I 'practiced' doing anal with Phil a few times before our first 3-hole fucks. He was very gentle and now we both like anal as much as vaginal sex. But there is nothing sluttier than having three cocks in you at the same time.

You really should try it. But first, I really recommend 'practicing' anal with Phil so that you are relaxed about it." "Lilly, I'm sorry if my daughter is embarrassing you. I think that she thinks that because she enjoys being a slut, everyone should be a slut." "Oh, no! I'm not embarrassed. I really would like to have you fuck my arsehole, but only if you want to." Sarah chipped in, "How could he not want to?

You're young, you're beautiful, your naked, and you're offering yourself." Sarah was right, of course.

"I'll get the lube." said Angie. I realised that I had no choice, not that I really wanted one. I went to Lilly and pulled her to her feet then wrapped my arms about her and kissed her. She seemed very happy to have her naked body pressed against mine and she did not resist the kiss. Indeed, when I pushed my tongue between her lips she responded actively. Angie came back with the lube and proceeded to lube my cock, which by now was fully erect.

Sarah took the tube from Angie, got Lilly to bend forward resting her arms on the back of the couch, then poked a finger, covered with lube into Lilly's arsehole. Angie guided my cock till it was pressing against Lilly's anus, then pressed my bare bum forward, urging me to enter Lilly's nether hole.

The head of my cock went in fairly easily then I paused, waiting for Lilly to get used to the intrusion. She seemed to relax so I pressed forward about 1" and waited again. Sarah reached under Lilly and started to diddle her clit, which caused Lilly to moan and wiggle her bum a bit. I took advantage of her distraction to push most of the rest of my cock into her. Lilly was still moaning and moving her bum a bit, although she couldn't move far with my cock firmly inside her.

I decided that she was ready and started to stroke slowly in and out, while Sarah continued to diddle her clit. Before long I was pumping a load into her, and that apparently made her cum too. "Well? Do you like being fucked in the arse?" asked Sarah.

"Fuck yes. That is so much better than I expected. That is two firsts for me, I've never been fucked in the arse before and I've never been fucked by a team before." "What do you mean a team?" I asked.

"Well, it wasn't just you fucking me, Sarah and Angie played a part too." While we were eating dinner, Sarah surprised me again.


"Phil! I think that you should take Lilly out for dinner on Friday night and then bring her back here and fuck her brains out." "You don't mean that, do you Sarah?" "I most certainly do. I'll be out fucking. Angie will be out with Tom, Dick, and Harriet, probably fucking too.

I would hate to think that you were going to be home alone when you could be having fun with Lilly. And if Lilly's still here when I get home on Monday morning, that would be even better." "What do you say, Lilly? Will you have dinner with me on Friday night, then come back here to have your brains fucked out?" "That's the best offer I've had in about a year. Where are you taking me for dinner?" "We can go anywhere you like.

My favourite is Catalina, which is a restaurant built on piles over the waters of Rose Bay. The food's excellent and so is the view across the harbour. What do you say?" "Sounds good to me." While we ate dinner we talked about all the changes in our lives since Sarah left.

How she revels in the wild sex orgies that she is part of every weekend, about how happy Angie is that I encouraged her to explore her sexuality and how she likes the example that her mother has set her, and how even I have lost my inhibitions about fucking new partners. Eventually I had to ask: "So Sarah, was I too stiff?" Angie collapsed in a giggling fit.

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Eventually she stopped laughing long enough to ask, "How can a man be too stiff?" Sarah laughed then answered, "Not his cock, dumb dumb, his manner. And no, Phil, I don't think that you were too stiff.

I think that Lilly really enjoyed being fucked in the arse, and I think she is probably looking forward to Friday night. Am I right Lilly?" "I sure am." We sat talking and drinking wine long after we had finished eating. Eventually Sarah suggested that Lilly stay the night, so we all headed for our big bed. I fucked Sarah while Sarah ate Lilly's pussy, and then I ate Angie's pussy while Sarah and Lilly stroked each other and watched us. Afterwards we fell asleep together.

I doubt if anyone could feel happier than I did as I drifted off to sleep.