Cheerleader Mädchen Sugar Baby und Sie Szófia laden Sex zu haben

Cheerleader Mädchen Sugar Baby und Sie Szófia laden Sex zu haben
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At my work I'm the night manager and every night I work with 3 other people. I get along with everyone at work and we all seem to be friends.

The only problem is; I'm the only guy. I know it sounds weird, but that's just how it is. We work in a smaller scale retail store and it's locally owned. Everyone has to be at least 18 to work there as we've had problems with younger staff in the past. But for about 6 months I've been the only guy there. At any one given time there have been a maximum of 3 guys there.

I've been there the longest too. Anyway, there was this one night that I was closing with 3 of the cutest girls there. Each one was cute, funny and we're very sexy. They all had bigger boobs and a nice ass.


I mean their tits weren't massive, but they were probably at least a C cup or bigger. One was a blonde, Ashley, the brunette, Erica, and then a black haired Hispanic beauty by the name of Maria. I've always had a thing for Ashley, but in all honestly I'd nail any one of them. I was a little older than them, I was 23, and they were all 18.


We all got along really well and that night was a slow night, so we all ended up joking and chatting a lot.

Ashley was really flirty that night, and so I started to flirt back. All the flirting she, or anyone of the girls, had ever done was never really serious, but tonight seemed different.

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She was a little more touchy than normal, but I didn't mind. In fact I was enjoying it, a lot. I had fantasized a lot about all these girls, but none more than Ashley. Her boobs were large and jiggly, and she had a habit of bending down in front of me. We also had to wear a smock, and she kept hers really tight so sometimes it made her boobs look even bigger, especially when she was wearing a push up bra.

I'm sure that she knew I liked her, and liked it when she bent over in front of me and I think she did it on purpose, and that night all the girls were doing it. It was really weird, they were all really flirty with me and I was wondering why. This hadn't happened before, I mean we were friends, but none of them ever expressed any desire to date me let alone fuck me.


In fact, I was still a virgin at this point so the masturbation to all these hot girls at work was really out of control. We closed the store and I started my nightly paperwork and the girls started to clean and vacuum. I finished my paperwork and Ashley had finished her cleaning portion and asked me if there was anything else to do, so I asked her to help me take out the garbage.

We gathered all the bags of garbage up and took them out back. Once I locked the back door and went into the break room, Ashley spoke up. She asked me if there was anything else I needed her to do and I thought for a moment, and told her that I couldn't think of anything else, though she was newer, she was catching on to everything pretty quick.

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She then said that she could think of something. I turned and looked at her and asked her what it was and then she kissed me. It wasn't just a quick kiss; it was a long, passionate kiss. She stuck her hand on the back of my head to keep me there and then she stuck her tongue in my mouth. I enjoyed the sensations of her tongue flitting up and down in my mouth and then I did the same to her. She grabbed one of my hands and put it on her round, tight ass.

Then the other she placed on her perfect breast.

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She then placed her hand down my pants and began to fondle my hardening cock. She mentioned how hard I was getting and asked if I was enjoying what she was doing. I told her that it was a dream come true, which wasn't a lie. She told me that was good and resumed kissing me. We did this for a few more minutes and by then I was hard as a rock and she was gently stroking up and down the length of my cock. Then without warning, Maria and Erica walked into the back room and Erica asked us what we were doing.

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Ashley pulled her hand out of my pants and stopped kissing me and explained that it was nothing to worry about. Maria and Erica said they wanted to join so then Erica came and kissed me, and then gave Maria her turn.


When Maria was kissing me I happened to open my eyes and noticed that Erica and Ashley were taking their clothes off so I stopped kissing Maria and asked them what they were doing.

They explained that they had planned this, and they all wanted to fuck me, that night. So I let Maria take her clothes off, and then I took mine off. Ashley asked me if I had ever had sex before and I told her that I hadn't.

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They all smiled and admitted that they were all virgins too. This was more than I had ever dreamed of, this was more intense than some of the porn videos that I had seen.

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I had three busty, beautiful girls at my command. They all got on their knees and looked at my throbbing cock. Ashley was in the middle and on her right was Maria and her left was Erica. Ashley took my cock in her hand and began to rub it. Maria then moved to play with my balls and then Ashley put my cock in her mouth and then she put nearly my full length in her mouth and then she pulled back so just the head was in her mouth and then Maria and Erica put the sides of the shaft in their mouths and began to move up and down while sucking lightly in opposite motions.

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Ashley kept her tongue moving up and down on my head and I could feel myself getting closer and closer to cumming. I threw my head back and moaned in delight and then they stopped and Ashley kept rubbing my throbbing cock and then I grabbed it and began pumping up and down so that I could cum.

They all had their mouths opened ready for my hot cum. Moments later the cum shot out onto Ashley's face and then I turned to shoot my second shot onto Maria's face and then the third shot onto Erica's. Ashley then grabbed my cock as the smaller amounts of cum were dripping out and licked it, and then held my cock to Maria so she could lick it and then did the same for Erica.

They wiped off their faces and ate the cum and then Ashley asked if I wanted more right then or if we would wait until the next night we all worked together for more. I looked at the time and realized that we needed to go and sadly told them that this was all we had time for that night and that we would do more the next time we all worked which was in a couple days.

Then we all got dressed, turned off the lights and went home. I didn't have to jack off that night, but I had dreams of the blowjob that I had gotten from the three girls at work.