Sweet brunette babe moan in pleasure in a worthy anal

Sweet brunette babe moan in pleasure in a worthy anal
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Tami was the first to wake up the next day; she panted at the intense heat in the tent and rolled away from where she was cuddled against Greta. She was dressed in a tank top and panties because in the middle of the night the heat had gotten to her and she'd tied her dark hair up in a messy ponytail.

Climbing off the cot she and Greta shared she made her way to the tent flap and opened it moaning softly as the cool morning breeze washed over her hot body.

She stepped out of the tent and over to the burnt out fire-pit to start the fire for their breakfast.


There weren't any horses around but that was probably because it was still early. As the fire spurted to life Tami went back to the tent to get out the breakfast supplies and food. While preparing breakfast she enjoyed the peacefulness of the valley, why had she and Greta never camped here before? It was beautiful in the early morning! Once the eggs were done she put a pot of water on for coffee and went to work on preparing the baked potatoes. As she neared finishing breakfast Greta stumbled out of the tent dressed in a spaghetti strapped nightgown.

Her hair was mussed from sleep. "Morning love," Tami greeted finishing the potatoes.

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"Morning," Greta grunted plopping down in a chair and grabbing a plate of food offered to her. The two ate in peaceful silence, overhead some birds cawed loudly and off in the distance they could hear thudding of animal herds running about.

"You know what we should do," Greta said after sipping her coffee.

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"What?" Tami asked as she ate her eggs. "After college, we should build a cabin out here." Greta stated. Tami chewed thoughtfully and thought about this. It did sound like a good idea. "Sounds awesome, it'll cost a lot of money though and will take a while to build cause we'll need supplies and a design." "Yeah but think about it, every morning waking up and making breakfast and coming out to enjoy the peacefulness of nature and our neighbors would only be our animal friends.

No nosey neighbors or annoying parents bugging us." The red head said eating her baked potatoes.

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Nodding in agreement Tami finished off her breakfast. She set her dishes aside and walked towards the creek stripping as she went. She tossed aside her tank top and slipped out of her panties and dove into the creek. When she surfaced she wiped her hair out of her face and soaked her hot body in the cool water. Greta rolled her eyes at her best friend's antics and cleaned up the breakfast dishes. When everything was clean and stowed away Greta decided to take a dip herself.

She shed her gown in the tent and made her way out to the creek. Diving into the water she splashed her best friend who giggled and splashed her back. A splash war ensued and ended with the two making out. They swam back to shore to dry off and went to the tent to dress in breezy sundresses. Tami had brought her laptop with her on the camping trip and a couple of replaceable batteries for it.

She sat with Greta on a two person lounge chair and pulled up a video of two girls being fucked by horse cock. It started out with two hot girls making out on a blanket beside a pony and turned into the first girl on her hands and knees and her friend putting the pony's hot cock in her pussy. "Oh my god that's hot," Greta panted leaning closer as the camera zeroed in on the cock stuffed pussy, the girl's friend released the pony's cock and watched as the pony proceeded to do the fucking himself.

"His cock looks so great in her cunt." As the two watched multiple videos of girls getting their cunts stuffed with horse cock they fingered themselves.


For a good hour and a half they watched videos and read stuff that Tami had saved on her computer for how to go about getting fucked by horse cocks. They even acted out how to properly get the cocks into their pussies by taking turns with the strap on but then ended up fucking each other into the lounge chair.

Stowing the laptop away they laid out by the creek to tan. After lying there for a while they heard hoof-beats approaching.

Looking up they saw the leader of the Yen herd leading the charge to the creek. He was honey brown with white spots and he was called Kane. The two were giddy with excitement and nervousness.

They watched as the herd separated to graze, drink and rest. A few stallions approached them and nuzzled their shoulders in greeting. Peeking under they saw their cocks just dangling there. Trading smirks they got on their knees and took turns sucking and jerking each cock, switching every now and then till all three shot their loads and covered the girls with their cum.

The girls French kissed as they watched the three stallions leave and kept their eyes peeled for ponies. They spotted one over by a mare on the opposite end of the creek. They hopped in the water and swam to the other end of the creek. The mare was a beautiful black one with a brown nose and white spots on her rump named Missy.

The pony was black like his mother, except he had brown spots on his flanks, his name was Prince. Greta rubbed his mane and kissed his soft nose in greeting. "Hey handsome, you are a lucky boy. You get to pound some a hot girl's cunt today. Gonna lose your virginity." She cooed in his ear. "So who goes first?" Tami asked stroking Prince's mane.

"I'll get the camera and you can go first, it was your idea." Greta said pouting, she wanted to be first but it was only fair to let Tami go first since it was her idea. Nodded Tami rubbed Prince's sides and slowly moved her hand under his stomach until it touched his soft, leathery sheath. Greta was back minutes later with the camera with a nod she pressed record and Tami slowly massaged around Prince's sheath till his cock started to peek out. Once his cock flopped fully out Tami got on her knees and latched her mouth to it.

Sucking heartedly on it she made sure he was good and excited before getting on her hands and knees. Greta held the camera with one hand and used her other to gently insert Prince's cock into Tami's waiting cunt. "How does it feel?" she asked breathlessly.

"Oh god so thick and warm, ooh he's fucking me." Tami moaned clutching the grass. Indeed Prince was fucking Tami, he wasn't moving very fast but just enough to give her friction and white hot pleasure.


Greta panted as she watched her best friend getting fucked by the pony, moving around Prince she zoomed in on Tami's cock filled cunt that was dripping with excitement. "Such a lucky boy you are," Tami moaned reached under to jerk Prince's cock deeper into her stuffed pussy. "You're losing your virginity to the hottie who always sucks your cock!" The feeling of fullness and hot meaty cock inside of her sent Tami in 3 hard orgasms, every now and then she would jerk at Prince's cock to drive him deeper and harder in her cunt.

Although Prince was still a pony and his cock wasn't very big it was still big enough to fuck her and fill her in all the right places.

Tami could only imagine a mini stallion's cock or even an adult stallion's cock inside of her! After her fourth orgasm she felt Prince's cock quiver inside of her, reaching back again she jerked him faster inside of her till he shot his warm, gooey horse cum inside her loving cunt!

Greta caught the scene of horse cum dribbling out of Tami's cunt perfectly on camera. She watched as the pony cum overflowed from Tami's pussy and ran down her legs. Slowly Prince stepped back which caused his cock to slide out of Tami's cunt and Greta watched it drip with their juices and slip back up into his sheath. Greta shut off the camera and crouched next to her best friend. "How was it?" she asked eagerly. "It was warm and wonderful! His cum filling me was the best part!" Tami moaned rolling onto her back and rubbing her breasts.

Greta slid her hand down and fingered her best friend's cum filled cunt. It was so warm and squishy! Tami moaned and pinched her nipples as Greta sped up her fingers. The horse cum in Tami's pussy made finger fucking her really slippery and made the red head's fingers go deeper.

She fingered Tami for several more minutes until the dark haired girl cummed for the 5th time in 20 minutes. Prince had long since walked off to play with a few other ponies so Greta looked around for a pony to fuck her. As she looked, Tami stood up and stroked Missy's sides, whispering dirty things as she did.

"I just took your son's virginity. His cock felt so good in my cunt. He filled me with his love juice." She murmured as she moved to rub Missy's rump. She ran her hand over Missy's soft, warm folds slowly. Missy made a snorting sound but didn't move which gave Tami cause to continue her rubbing. Leaning over she licked Missy's lips before diving inside her tasty folds. Greta turned from her search to watch Tami tongue-fucking Missy's cunt.

"Babe, as hot as it is to see you tongue fucking a mare do you think you could hurry it up please?" Greta begged with a smile. "I want a cock stuffed in my pussy before lunch time." Tami pulled her face from Missy's cunt long enough to give a hasty reply of agreement before speeding up her licking and even added some fingers for good measure. She couldn't just leave Missy unsatisfied, it was rude.

When Missy snorted loudly Tami felt her orgasm juice all over her tongue and made quick work of lapping it all up before going back to Greta. The two walked past Prince, he nudged Tami's leg as she walked. She smiled and stroked his nose before continuing to walk with Greta.

They walked to the other side of the creek where a pony with honey brown coloring and black around his hoofs stood sporting a boner.

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The two had sucked off Fritz before so clearly he wanted some pleasure. "There you go, let Fritz have your cunt. It's about time he lost his virginity." Tami said nudging Greta. "Plus he looks ready to go so it won't take a lot of effort to get him excited." Greta appraised Fritz before nodding with a wide smile. As she knelt to stroke his sides and nose Tami was getting the camera ready.

They had gotten addicted to videotaping what they do with the horses; they put the videos on both their laptops and even edited them a bit so there were no long filler parts. The red head turned to nod at Tami to record before gently clutching Fritz's cock and stroking it, she then turned and got on her hands and knees.

Holding the camera evenly with one hand Tami used to other to insert Fritz's cock in Greta's pussy then moved back to let him do the rest.

"Oh god Tam, he feels so good!" Greta cried as Fritz's slender yet thick cock was shoved in and out of her sopping cunt. Carefully stepping around Fritz's rear Tami got a Greta shot of Greta's cock stuffed cunt.

"Fuck her Fritz, fuck her good." The red head screamed loudly in pleasure, the thick cock filling her was just so good! He fucked her promptly as if to let to her know that her cunt was now his.

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Whipping her head to the side Greta moaned and forced her rear back against his cock to get rougher friction. Fritz certainly knew how to work his cock, even it was the first time he had sex he was certainly a great lover!

"Oh baby fill me with your hot cum. Sully my cunt with your hot sperm!" she moaned clutching the grass tightly. She felt his cock quiver inside of her and knew he was close. She worked her rear back against his thrusts harder until she felt his cock quiver one last time and he shot her full of his hot cum.

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"Oh yeah Fritz that's what I want!" Tami watched drooling as Fritz filled Greta with his cum. It overflowed and began to seep out of Greta's pussy that was still stuffed with his cock. She zoomed in on the cum dripping cunt. When Fritz's cum stopped shooting he stepped back and Tami got a great shot of his cock sliding out of Greta's pussy and the overflowing cum came out faster.

The red head fell over to pant on her side. Shutting off the camera Tami sat beside her as Greta had done with her earlier. "Did you enjoy it?" she asked already knowing the answer. "Hell yes I did." Greta answered with a smile as she got her breathing under control. "We are so doing this from now on!" This made Tami giggle and agree.

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She lay beside her best friend on the soft grass and basked in the lovely feeling of the warm sun on their bare bodies. "Wanna take the rest of the ponies virginities?" Greta asked eagerly looking at her best friend.

"Hell no, once was good enough for me." Tami said sarcastically with a smile. Laughing Greta jumped up and they rushed to find more ponies. *End of chapter 3! In case you were wondering how I can bust out new chapters everyday its because I already have the story finished, I've posted it on another site I just don't feel like uploading all the chapters at once.

Also, please do not troll for underage girls in the comments of my stories please. More of the story to cum*