Straight guy using my throat

Straight guy using my throat
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No good deed goes unpunished The insistent ringing of the telephone awakens me for a deep sleep. I glance at the clock as I reach for it, groaning as I see it read 1:37 A.M.

This better be good I think as I fumble with the receiver. "Hello?" "Donna, is that you? " I hear a sobbing voice ask "please God let it be you, it's Kim." "Kim, honey, what's wrong", I ask instantly waking up. Kim is my best friend, we have known each other since grade school, and there is nothing that we don't know about each other. How we became friends is a mystery to each of us. You see, growing up in Birmingham, Alabama and being a WASP, you never were to mix with those "Darkies" as my poppa put it.

"Dammit," he would say, "you may have to be in the same school as them, but you sure as hell won't have nothing to do with 'em." So he would rant when ever he had enough extra money to get a bottle of booze, which thankfully was not often. Kim's daddy had other issues. Years earlier, while he was a child, his grandpa was lynched and burned at the stake by the KKK, so he had no love, nor trust for any "Whitey" in his heart.

Kim and I had every class together, or so it seemed, we were constantly at the top of our class, and were always trying to out do the other. In early attempts to honor our fathers, we constantly bullied each other, said vulgar things to each other and ultimately ended up in a fight out side one of our classes one day.

As I rushed to a class that day, she stuck out her leg and tripped me; I hit the floor in a heap, books and papers flying. As I lay there stunned she started to laugh, all I saw was red.

I came up off the floor in a whirl, my fist flying for her mouth. Our teacher, who must have heard me hit the floor, had come out the see what had happened and intercepted my fist inches for Kim's face. "God dammed black bitch!" I screamed at her. "Fucking pig titted whore!' she screamed back. Mr. Kessler, grabbing us by the hair marched us to the Vice Principles office.

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"I've had it with you two idiots!' he yelled at us. "It's time for you to meet "Old Hickory". Old Hickory was the VP's paddle. Made of a one inch thick paddle made form hickory and had holes drilled in the "business" end. Why you ask? Less wind resistance is what the VP tells everybody. While we wait in the outer office for Mr. Kessler to let the VP know the facts, I am in a strange state of pain and arousal. My tits took the brunt of the fall and are throbbing in pain, but since I never wear a bra, (and thus the reason Kim always called me "Pig Tits" my nipples were engorged and puffed out causing a pain/pleasure effect that was driving me crazy.

Having recently discovered the pleasure of rubbing my pussy, it was all I could do to keep my hand out from between my legs.

"In you two go," Mr. Kessler said as he left the office to get back to his interrupted class. We enter the office, glaring with hatred at each other. WHAM!!! Damn near jumping out of our skins at the sound, we look at the VP and see Old Hickory flat on the desk top, and his pencil holder flying off the desk at the force of the blow. Meekly we sit on the chairs in front of his desk while he glares at us with a murderous glint is his eyes.

The silence is deafening as he glares at us. Finally he sits down and just lightly raps his palm with Old Hickory while he contemplates us. I am in agony as we sit there. Every breath causes my engorged and bruised nipples to send waves of pain and pleasure as they and rubbed by the fabric of my shirt. I feel wetness between my legs seeping from my pussy with each breath I take.

Needing a bit of sexual relief, I start to ask to go to the bathroom when I am stunned to silence with another slap of Old Hickory on the desk. I contemplate my shoes and suffer in silence knowing not to upset him further.

"Normally, I would just put a pair of boxing gloves on you two and let you have at it. But Kim, I think Donna here would kill you if I let that happen. So two things are going to happen here, first, "he says reaching into his desk, "you each will get twenty pieces of notebook paper from this stack, a paper bag and a single hole punch." Placing these items on the desk the VP continues," you will each take one sheet of paper at a time and punch holes in it.

Letting the punches fall into your paper bag. Once you have punched as many holes a s possible from al twenty pieces of paper, you will take the bags into the hall and dump all the holes onto the floor and pick each one up, one at a time and place them back into the bag.

Once you both are done, then and only then, you can go home." I am clinching the arms of the chair and rubbing my legs together during his instructions, barely following his instructions. I reach my climax just as he finishes and a moan escapes my lips.

Thinking I am sobbing in grief, he turns to me and says," If you're crying over this part, just wait until you hear the second punishment." Flushed in the afterglow of my release, I refocus on the VP and wait in dread. "Second, you will each get 1 whack from Old Hickory" he says with a grin.

"You started this altercation Kim, so you get the first. This is to be flesh to wood, so pull down you pants and panties and bend over the desk!" Pointedly focusing on Kim he continues, "Any hesitation dear and you get two!

Now drop 'em!" Jumping from her seat Kim unbuttons and unzips her pants, pulling them down to her knees.


The panties follow and she bends over the desk grabbing the other side for support. I am in a better position than the VP, in as he is standing to the side of his desk. I am looking on the first lack ass I had ever seen. Her pussy lips were showing in a beautiful inverted heart shape glistening with the sweat of fear. The slap of Old Hickory brings me out of my reverie as Kim cries out in pain. "Pull 'em up and sit" the VP commands.

Sobbing in pain and humiliation Kim gingerly pulls up her clothes and carefully sits on the edge of the chair. Quickly standing and starting to fumble with my belt, the VP says to me, " No, you were the recipient of the tripping incident, so you my keep your pants on for this." I tremble as I bend over his desk, waiting for my whack.

Even though I know it is coming, the shock and pain are such that I could not breathe, but realizing that mine was at least half as hard as Kim had received. With tears streaming down my face I also sit on the edge of the chair wondering just how much pain Kim had to be in. "Now off into the outer office for your hole punching. One sheet at a time and as close as possible, or you get another whack", he said.

The look in his eyes told us it was no idle threat. We grabbed or supplies and quickly stepped out of his office as the VP twirled Old Hickory in his hands. We were about half way done when Kim sighed in frustration and said to me, "damn Donna I am sorry for tripping you. I promise I won't do anything stupid like that to you ever again. God damn but it feels like my ass is on fire!

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Please forgive me!" The shameful look in here eyes told me she was truly repentant and the ice around my heart for her melted away in sympathy. "Shit," I said, " I know he hit me half as hard as you and I had my pants up! I can't imagine how much your ass must hurt." Smiling at her I continued, "but I gotta tell you, when you tripped me, I landed hard on my tits and they are stinging even worse that my ass is.

Plus I need to piss like a race horse right now!" "Shit yes," she says, "if I don't get to the toilet soon I'll piss myself for sure.

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Come with me." We step the VP's door and softly knock, he calls us to enter. "Sir, we need to go to the bathroom real bad.

May we please?" "Can I trust you to be civil?" "Yes, Sir!" we replied.

"Fine, but you must be in each others company the whole time." "Sure!" we called as we took of for the restrooms. "Kim, let stop buy my locker on the way, I need to get something!" I grab my school bag quickly and we head off. We each grab a stall and soon it sounds like Niagara Falls with the two of pissing up a storm.

I hear Kim snort in laughter next to me and I ask her what is so funny. "Okay, okay" she says, stifling her giggles and say in her most manly voice, "Damn but this water is cold!" Snorting as she finishes with a belch.


Realizing where she is going I reply, "Yeah and deep too!." The two of us laughing our heads off at the most stupid joke in the world, but a kinship between us is starting. We leave our stalls doubled over in uncontrollable laughter. Finally we get our selves composed and we glance at each other, she starts giggling at me and we end up sitting on the floor laughing so hard it brings tears to our eyes.

Once I get the tears wiped off my face, I start rummaging in my school bag. Kim asks what I am looking for. "This!" I cry in triumph. It was a tube of sunburn ointment. "This stuff is supposed to stop the stinging of sunburns, so I am going to try it on my tits and see if it helps." Knowing that school has ended for the day, I feel safe in taking off my shirt. I squeeze some of the stuff into my hands and start rubbing the lotion on my aching breasts.

The soothing lotion works great and the pain stops soon afterward. I lean back on the wall and close my eyes as my hands slide over myself. I suddenly realize the pain has been replaced with great pleasure, embarrassed I open my eyes and remove my hands from my well lubricated chest. Kim is sitting there with a glazed look, staring right and my boobs. I ask her if she is alright and she lets me know that this is the first time she had ever seen white tits before. She tentively reaches for me, but before her hands touch me she says in a small voice, "My I?" I nod and watch in amazement her ebony fingers gently encircles them.

I have had many boys grope me but the gentleness of Kim's hands thrills me. She fondles me and runs my nipples between her fingers making them stand out for attention. I am transported on a wave of pleasure as her hands ensconce my breasts. "Is the pain gone?" he asks. I nod yes and look at her as she removes her wonderful fingers from me. "Would you try the lotion on me please?" I gave her a quizzical look, not understanding.

"On my ass please." She whimpered. She stood up and slowly removed her pants and underwear. Leaning on the sink I could see the mark left on her cheeks, welts of maroon on her black skin and yet circle of untouched skin where the holes had been drilled out of the paddle. I spread lotion on her cheeks and gently started to spread it across her rear end.

Kim winces at my initial touch but the twitches lessen the longer in continued.


"Oh yes, that is nice. That stuff is wonderful" she moans. Kim settles down on her arms and her pussy reveals itself to me again. "Prior to today," I said, "I had not seen a black woman in this way either." As my hands caress the sculptured body before me I marvel at the pink lips presenting themselves to me. My hands descend the backs of Kim's thighs and back up the inside of her legs lightly passing the flesh of her sex.

Kim spreads her feet apart in an inviting way and I can see past her kinky pubic hair a flat tummy showing as her shirt hangs down from her back. Kim also is braless, but with as small of tits as she had she probably would not need much, It seemed her tits were barely more than nipples they were puffed out and the tips were almost a half inch long.

Kim's pussy lips were swelling before my eyes and I could see dew forming in her.

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I ran one hand around her butt to the top and starting back down the crease of her slowly. My middle finger tracing the bottom of the cleft. Once it was nestled in her fold I slowed down and watched is amazement as juice flowed from her lubricating my finger and her pussy, Kim is moaning "Yes, Yes" as I gather her juices on my finger.

She bends her knees slightly and lowers her as a bit more for me. Her pink pussy open before my eyes. I lick off my finger and taste her sweet nectar. My lips are drawn to hers and I run my tongue across her. Kim's breathing has increased and her moans of pleasure egg me on. My tongue caresses the nub of her clit and then slide up to her opening. I lightly run the tip around her and lightly lap at her vagina.

"Damn Donna don't just tease me, stick a finger in there now!" I watch in amazement as I press my pointer finger into her. She is panting now and caressing on of her tiny tits with her hand.

Her pussy grabs my finger like it has a life of its owns, pulling me deeper into her. As I start working in and out of her the juices start running down her legs.

I feel her legs starting to trembles, my new friends is close to a mind blowing orgasm. At just the time I know it would work for me, I insert my middle finger into her glistening pussy the marvel at the reaction. Kim's body stiffens and she cries out in pleasure. For a moment I think she is pissing her self, but knowing we just finished that I saw my first ever squirter.

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She produces copious amount or cum and the floor is wet with her liquid. The first wave jets from her pussy and lands on my face. Her knees buckle as her climax subsides and Kim lands in her own puddle of cum, her eyes glazed over in passion. As her eye refocus she looks and asks, "God dam, what the fuck did you do to me?" "Hell if I know, but it's my turn next!!" I said with a grin.

"Going to have to wait darling, if we don't get back soon, we'll have conversation with Old Hickory again." We quickly cleaned up and hurried back to the office to finish our punishment. It's interesting how something bad can sometimes build friendship.

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