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FTM Transman Solo Jack Off
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"Roommate wanted, rent £200 per week." I pulled the sign off the notice board, this is exactly what I was looking for. I dialed the number on the bottom of the sign and made all the arrangements to view the flat and chat with my fellow roommates.

I knocked on the door of what was I hoped could be my new home. I heard shuffling and i suddenly realised I was not wearing what could be seen as polite i pulled my cardigan tight around me but it still didn't help much.

The door opened and stood before me one of three new roommates.

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He was tall, tan, and kind faced. His eyes glanced over me and i felt i twinge as he stared. "Hi I'm Roxie, I am here about the room." I put my hand out for him to shake. His grip was firm but his hands were soft, he smiled at me and replied "I am Kevin, This is Nate." as he pionted to the man on his left, "And this is Paul" pointing to the man on his right. I nodded in each of there direction and walked into the large living room. There was a large corner sofa and three arm chairs.

The laminate floor was cleaned and the rug was plush. The kitchen was joined on to the living room and was very modern but looked like it wasn't touched much.

The rest of the flat was unknown to me. I sat in the seat shown to me trying too keep myself covered. The man known as Paul, was shorter than me, but was very well dressed. Nate looked to be asleep so I paid him little attention.

"Well Roxie before we conider you as a roommate we have a few questions we would like to ask you, is that ok" Kevin asked me in kind tone. I nodded in agreement and glanced at my watch, I hope this doesnt take too long. " Do you work at all?" he asked "Yes I do, I am a tattoo artist, a barmaide in a local pub and i work half nights at a club down town, which reminds me, I have to bee there at six" they nodded and i settled in my seat feeling relaxed.

"You don't mind a shared bathroom, we have a shelf each and space for your things in a cuboard ect ect." Kevin continued his questioning, he seemed to be very interested in his questions, no doubt wanting to get the best possible new roommate.

"I do not mind in the slightest. as long as there is a ashower im good" they chuckled slightly and Nate opened his eyes suddenly, "What did i miss?" wiping drool off his chin. the other two looked at him then looked at me trying to hint.

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Nate looked at me and stared, "Hi, I'm Roxie." he just nodded and stared, he was cute, with an unshaved face, brown eyes and hair to match. he seemed tall and muscular and smelled of liqur. "Lets continue shall we" Kevin said rolling his eyes at Nate. "Are you single?" Paul blurted out. "yes i am, But do you guys have a problem if I wanted to bring someone around?" I asked, wondering of all the different possiblites.

"Not at all as long as you put something on your door handle, we tend to barge into each others room." Nate said trying to sound funny but failed. The interview continued and i was shown the rest of the flat.

the bathroom was like one of those like in a schools pe changing rooms, One walk in shower with a toilet and sink. the bedrooms were all about the same size. spacious. once i was given the grand tour, I was left alone for awhile and then came in the three boys. "when can you move in?" Paul says handing me a set of keys. I squealed and jumped with joy which lead my cardigan to open and the boys to see my breasts jumping up and down in my corset.

I ran and hugged each of them, squeezing my breasts against their chest. "I can move in after my shift at the club, you can come if you like, I can talk to the guys to set you up a tab and booth to sit in if you wanted?" they nodded in agreement and followed me down the stairs and into my car.

i slid behind the wheel, while they sat in the back. "I am sorry about the mess all my belongings are in the boot just move what ever you need to." as I said this Paul picked up my bag and out fell a pair of my thongs. I laughed at his face. "don't worry they're clean." it was a short drive to the Minx Club, and I was suprised to hear that none of the boys have been here before. " Do you guys mind waiting out the front, I'll get Bert to let you in and get settled and I'll be with you in a short while." They nodded in agreement, and i ran into the club through the side door so, i can get ready.

"where have you been Rox, we are on in five minuets."Lottie asks as I pulled of my cardigan and added a feather boa, and fans. The music began as we stepped on stage and began to do our dance, I caught glimps of the boys in a booth at the back, I glided towards Lottie, " I need to talk to the boys, lets skip the next bit and do our tease for the customers." I said in her ear.

She nodded and walked to the other side of the room and i sauntered towards Nate and the the others, sexily weaving between all the other customers, I was being followed with wolf whistles and hows off attention. I reached the booth that the boys were sitting on and looked at the the boys. "I am sorry that I did't tell you that I am a bulesque dancer I didn't know how to put it." "It's ok Roxie, it's fine honestly." Kevin replies.

"I my shift finishes soon, this was a last minuet thing so I can meet you by the car in ten." the other customers were looking slightly suspsious, so I turned and kissed Paul on the lips and walked away.

When we got into the car Paul stared at me with a sort of longing "sorry about the kiss Paul, it ws for the other punters." he nodded and then looked back at me. "Have you the numbers of any of the other girls?" he asked and i laughed, and nodded.


he settled down. we got back to the old warehouse, and I opened the boot of my car. "do you guys mind helping with these boxes please." as i said this a bent down and a began to lift my stuff out off the car and into their hands.

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I caught them A couple of times staring at my ass. I finaly finished unpacking around two in the morning and fell asleep in my pants, when morning came I got up and stretched and put on a black lace bra that was a size too small and very see through but in my tired state i didn't care i walked in to the kitchen poured myself some coffee drank it and got ready for a shower. the feeling of the hot water on my skin was amazing and i stayed in there a little to long.

once i stepped out i realised I had forgotten to pick out a towel from the cupboard and had i dilema, i wasnt ashamed of my body at all i just didnt want to show them everything all at once. i sighed i didnt care anymore, i walked out the bathroom and into the livig room, were Paul and Kevin were eating there breakfast.

"Morning Boys, its a nice day isn't it." they looked up at my greating and just stared as i walked past them naked. I smiled then out of no where i walked straight into nate, falling backwards landing with my legs wide open with evrything on show. "Take a good look boys, it maybe awhile until you get to see it again." i stood up and walked into my room.

God why did i just do that. There was no need for ot at all. But i put it behind me and got myself ready for work.

walking into the front again the boys were whispering, but suddenly stopped when i got intp the room. " Oh don't spare my feelings boys.

I'm a big girl now. say what you need to say." i sat opposite them. "are they real?" Paul asked in a hushed tone, "The ink or my boobs. to answer them both yes they are real.

next" "When are you working next." Kevin asked. " I have to be down at the tattoo parlour in an hourand with that i stood up, picked up my keys and left in a slight hurry. I dint want to make things too awkward on my first day there. At the studio it was a normal, day, had some regulars come in and a few first timers. Just as it was time to close upi saw a face I havent seen for awhile."Jen, is that you?" I asked a tall beautiful woman who had just walked in.

"Oh my god, Roxie, it's been awhile hasn't it." she said, pulling me into a hug. "God you haven't changed one bit." she said hugging me again. "Neither have you." i replied smiling.

Me and jen were old friends and its been about a year since we last saw each other.


"Do you wanna grab a drink in abit?" I asked. and so we walked to the nearest pub and drank and talked. around 3 hours later we stumbled out the pub. "Do you wanna come over to my new place?" i said slightly slurring my words together. she giggled and we staggered down the street to the warehouse. when we got through the door of the flat no-one was home so we wandered into my room.


I put on my radio and i tried to stick a tie on the door, but i think it fell off. I sat on the bed next to Jen and we looked at each other and began to kiss, slowly at first then more enthusiastically.

i ripped off my clothes and helped jen with hers, she had a beautiful body long legs, slim and breasts that i could play with forever. we rolled around on the bed as well as the floor, bashing into everything.

I felt her hands glide down my body and felt them between my legs, she slowly extended her finger and rubbed gently at my clit, I was lost in pleasure as she began to finger my wet pussy. i moaned in extersy over the music jen stopped rubbing my pussy and climbed onto me so her wet cunt was in my face.

within seconds my toungue was lapping up her juices as she did the same to me were rithing in pure lust of each others bodies. hours went by as we fucked and played with each other until we feel asleep in each others arms naked on the floor in the early hours of the morning. i was woken jens light snoring. I slid from her side and threw a a tshirt over my naked body and walked into the kitcen area, where the boys were sat.

"have fun last night?" Paul asked and giggles, i rolled my eyes and winced as my head began to pound.

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"coffee please, i have a killer hangover, and an aching body" i said holding my head. "So who was the lucky guy then?" Nate asked, as soon as he said this jen walked out my room and i turned around embraced her and we kissed for awhile. "I have to go now Roxie, Last night was amazing and we should defentaly catch up again next time im in town." she said smiling. I nodded and walked her to the door, all this time the three boys just stared.

I went back to the kitchen pored another cup of coffee and found my self being oggled by my three new roommates. "Pay up Nate, told you she was a lesbian." Paul said as nat handed him over the £10.

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I laughed. "Im, not a lesbian, I am bisexual. that means I like girls and guys." I said and that made them stare even more. "thank god i am not working today. I need a rest." i walked to my bedroom but before entering I pulled off my tshirt and threw on the floor.