Gorgeous Teen Has Her Tight Little Butthole Nailed Up Against A Wall

Gorgeous Teen Has Her Tight Little Butthole Nailed Up Against A Wall
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Time Line: PRESENT DAY {Monday, June 11, 2012} (CODY DAWKINS) My name is Cody Dawkins and I am 26 years old.

Dana and I have been dating for 2 years and 3 months. I would have to say we are just as happy now as we were when we first met. To be honest things couldn't be better.

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Dana is one of the hottest girls I have ever dated. She is 23 years old and like me is caucasian with emerald green eyes. Dana also has long thick straight black hair that flows half way down her back. Dana is very petite but not anorexic skinny. Best parts about her is her dd breasts and her rounded butt. She is 5"3" and has one of the most gorgeous faces I have ever seen.

It should come as no surprise that she is a model. I'm proud to say I'm not so bad on the eyes myself. Not that I mean to gloat but. I am dam fine. I have a athletic muscular build but not juice head muscular. I am 6"1" with shaggy curly light brown hair. My eyes are the lightest shade blue I guarantee that you will ever see. What does my face look like? Well I am what women would call a pretty boy.

I shave my facial hair daily. I have light amounts of light brown hairs on my arm and legs. My abdominals are clean shaven and toned well. I have a six pack of abs and have the v shape groin definition. Not to brag some more but my dick is huge. My cock is circumcised. The head of my cock is actually beautiful. The head of my cock is huge with a perfect mushroom shape.

I know it sounds dum but trust me it looks amazing. My pubes are short and well trimed. I measured my penis from top to bottom and flaccid its 8 inches long and 2 inches wide. When fully hard my cock is 11 inches long and 3 1/2 inches wide. My shaft is magnificent with beautiful not bulging light purple veins. I am caucasian so I tan myself naked so that my cock always matches my deep dark tan.

My low hung big balls are what would catch your eyes quick. My balls are gigantic inside a completely hairless scrotum. Enough about me and my good looks though. We are currently in the state of Kentucky on our way to West Virginia. My girlfriend insited we go through Kentucky on our way. Dana grew up in Kentucky. She wanted to see it on our way up even though it made our trip much longer. The reason we were going to West Virginia is to visit my brother and my parents.

My dad got a transfered to West Virgina by his job. They moved away from California about 2 and a half months ago. Me and Dana both live together in Los Angeles, California.

Like my mom, dad and brother I was born in Los Angeles, California. Its 9:30 PM and we are about 2 hours away from being out of Kentucky when my car suddenly died on a wooded back road. We didn't have any cell phone reception. We are kinda annoyed by the situation but we decide to walk down the road until we find a place with a phone. After about an hour and a half of walking we find a place.

It is a creepy looking motel surrounded by nothing but woods. We decided it was getting late and we might as well stay there. The motel seems to be only one floor.

I count the rooms as I walk by. Its not really big at all only 20 motel rooms for guests. I notice though that there is a huge lobby area and another two big sections of the motel are connected. This motel looks beyond run down. It is colored red and white and badly needs a paint job. Before we enter the motel I see the name of it on a sign.

The sign reads Little Paradise Motel. I scough to myself "yeah right". We walk into the lobby and I can't believe who I see sitting behind the front desk. The guys name is West Cumberland. West like me is now 26 years old. We both had went to middle and high school together. Me and him were nothing short of arch enemies. We both played on our high school baseball team.

We hated each other not for fault of me not trying to get along. Me and West didn't really meet until our freshmen year in high school.

West did so many fucked up things to me that I can't really say them all. I eventually found out that he fucked three of my girlfriends in high school. He drugged me before the biggest baseball game of the year. I had scouts looking to recruit me in the stands that day. I know he drugged me because he told me after the game was over. When he told me what he did I flipped. We basically had the same amount of muscles and the same muscle definition.

I didn't care though. I beat the shit out of him when he told me he drugged me. Not that it stopped him from still messing with me for the rest of our time in high school. Besides the obvious reason for are hatred of eachother there was the obvious reasons as well. West and me were hands down the best looking guys in high school and the most popular. West though I hate to admit it; but he was considered to be a pretty boy by girls in high school back then too.

Like I said earlier he has the exact same build as me except he is 5"9". West isn't Caucasian though. West is mixed and you can tell by looking at him that he is. West's mom is Caucasian and his dad had been born in Spain. His skin color is a dark olive shade. His eyes are a light green color. Like me he always shaved his face daily. West had long shaggy thick black hair when we were in school.

Seeing him all the way out here in Kentucky was unbelievable. West just like me looked exactly the same way as we looked in high school. Except now West has a small black goatee on his chin. Once West saw me enter the lobby he leans back in his chair. He gave me a cocky grin and said Cody "long time no see". I decided to just be cordial and said "yeah". I explain to him that me and my girlfriend are traveling and my car broke down. Basically West tells me he has a room available.

He told me that he will send one of his staff to collect our luggage from our car. He charges me $500.00 to stay for 3 nights. It is bullshit. However I understand me and Dana's situation we have no choice. After all where could we go? Tomorrow I will call a tow truck.

Me and Dana get our keys and went to our room. Our room is actually really nice. Our bedroom has a small kitchen and nice furniture. The walls are navy blue with what looks like new blue carpet. We have a king size bed as well. I went ahead and start telling Dana all about West. She helped me feel better by telling me she agrees that he is an asshole. The fact he gave us such a nice room didn't change my mind about him one bit though.

At least he didn't seem to flirt with Dana when I introduced them. I hear a knock on the door we were given our luggage and the key to my car back. (WEST CUMBERLAND) I couldn't believe my luck that prick Cody has no choice but to stay at my motel. This is legit luck that he got stuck here.

I mean what could the odds have been like a million to one. No matter because the room he was in was bugged with audio and video feed over every inch of that motel room. All of my motel rooms were bugged out like this. There is not a place they can go in there room where I don't have it monitored.

Little do they know I am watching and listening to there conversation right now. I am in a room in the huge football length basement under my motel. Of course this basement is not accessible to any of my guest.

I am watching them on a huge 40" hd tv screen that is controlled by my apple computer in the room. I watch them all day now it is 11:37 PM. At this point they start to make out on there bed. I hit a few buttons on my computer. An invisible gas starts streaming in there motel room. With 3 min'tutes they are both passed out alseep. They won wake up for 8 hours.

This gave me plenty of time to do what I had to do. I went up to there room and place them in whatis a HUGE rolling garbage recpectacle. Of course I never used it for garbage so it is clean. Once inside it I bring them down what I call my surgery room in the basement. I layed them both down on my operating table. You see I am a genius no I really mean it. After high school at 18 years old I went off to college.

I got science and technology, engineering degress in almost anything you can think off. I did this all and graduated in 6 years. I am a genius that's how I blew through college so fast.

Every piece of technology in my motel I use I created. My parents were always rich and I was an only child. Sadly my parents died about three years ago. A tragic car accident took there lives. I inherited from them a little over five hundread million dollars. Both Cody and Dana were laying sedated on my operating tables. I am going to implant a microchip about the size of thumbnail with the width of a penny into both of them. These microchips are my greatest creation by far.

I have named the microchips B.O.L.T chips. The B.O.L.T stands for Biology Operating Life Transformer chips. The BOLT chips are the shape as well as size and length of the average human thumbnail. As you can imagine the BOLT chip's thinness being that of a human thumbnail which makes them razor thin of course. I implant them in a subject by shooting the BOLT chip into the subject's neck. The BOLT chip is shot toward the top of the neck right where the brain stem of the subject is.

The BOLT Chip then latches onto the brain stem. Once the BOLT chip is attached to the brain stem I am in complete control of everything about and inside the subject's body.

Its very simple the BOLT chip is controlled by a computer program that I developed to allow me to control the subject's entire biology. S.C.R.E.W Driver is the name of the program that basically operates the BOLT chips. The program name S.C.R.E.W Driver stands for Sophisticated Control Remote Efficiently Wireless Driver. I must login to the SCREW Driver to operate the BOLT chip that manipulate the subject's biology. I start up my white apple computer the same way anybody would.

Then I click on the screw driver icon window named SCREW Driver. Once I do this the computer screen in front of me scans my eye's unique print so to say. This is added security that just can't be beat. Once my computer detects through the eye scan that its me I can login. I enter my username and password for my SCREW Driver. I am then sent to the main page of the program. SCREW Driver allows me to control the mind, body and biology of the peoples the BOLT Chips is inside of.

This is done via powerful wireless singles sent to the chip from my computer. I use the injector gun and inject a BOLT Chip implant into West and Dana. The process only takes seconds. Once I am done I return them to there beds and left there motel room. I locked there motel room door behind me as well. I went to my motel room that I live in and fell alseep. Before they woke up the next morning I would have there car towed to get fixed. However once fixed it would be brought to a secret warehouse of mine.

{Tuesday, June 12, 2012} It's 7:50 AM Cody comes up to me asking to use the phone. I inform him that I already had his car towed at 6:00 AM. He asks me "how long did they say it would take to be fixed"? I falsely inform him 3 days from now at noon it would be ready. I have read a lot of his mind at 5 AM this morning to find out new ways to torment him. Through SCREW DRIVER i accessed most of West's memories as well as his girlfriends. It only took me 2 hours and 15 minutes to program everything that would happen over the next few days.

My program includes trigger phrases, set actions and mind manipulations to begin at certain times and when events happen. West acts annoyed to even have to talk to me.

When he turns around to walk away from me I speak. I say "so I heard you lost your advertising job". I laugh loudly after I say this. Cody turns around at me and gives me a pissed off glance. Cody replys in a sturn loud voice "that's none of your fucking business"! Then Cody walks back to his motel room. I watched and listened to the couple most of the day. Cody and Dana just hang out in there rooms and watched tv most of the day.

Neither one notice the almost invisible like tiny cut they had on the back of there necks. They did mention how stranged out they were by last night. They discuss and wander why they passed out so suddenly like that even though they were tired. Dana decided to call it a night since she is bored and goes to bed at 9:18 PM. What happens next is due to the some of the commands I put in SCREW Driver earlier this morning.

Currently Cody makes the decision to go swim in the indoor swimming pool. However Cody just thinks that he just felt like taking a swim in the pool. Cody then undresses himself. He then puts on a dark blue and lime green stripped bathing suite. He grabs a white towel and puts on some white flip flops and heads to the pool. (CODY DAWKINS) I felt like having a swim so I headed to the indoor swimming pool.

I don't remember who but somebody told me they had one. I was thinking how strange it is that since me and Dana have been here we haven't seen one other person. Well except for motel staff of course we saw a couple of them.

As I get close to the pool I see a really hot chick walking back from the swimming pool. She stops by me to greet me. "Hi my name is Alice Carpenter" she says. Alice shakes my hand and I reciprocate. "Nice to meet you my name is Cody". This girl is very hot. She has what must be double dd breats on a petite frame. I judge her as being about 5"4" in height.

This girl has sexy long bleach blonde hair down a few inches past her shoulders. She is fucking HOT in a pure sexual way. Her dark blue eyes are amazingly pretty. I don't mind the red bikini she is wearing etheir. We chat for a few minutes and I find out she is 18 years old. After talking for a few minutes we part ways. I finally reach the swimming pool. Its a pretty big room probably takes at least a third of this motel up.

I shut the door behind me as I walk in. Like everything inside of this motel it's VERY nice. I start to think how funny this is. The outside of the motel is run down and plain ugly. Inside though this motel is stunning looking and well decorated.The entire pool room is covered in baby blue tiles. The undeground pool is a little larger then an average pool. There are 4 huge windows in the pool room as well. The pool room is also pretty well lit. I put my white towel on one of the many white pool chairs there are.

I flipp off my flip flops and approach the pool. Half the pool is 9 feet deep and the other half is 4 feet deep. I jump in the deep end and just swim around and chill. All of a sudden I fell really really hot. I find this weird since the pool is pretty cool. I decide to just swim it off. I start swmming laps. As I am swimming I start getting really horny.

It quickly gets to the point to where my cock is tenting in my bathing suite. I don't give this much thought and keep swimming laps. As I am swimming all of a sudden I start thinking about Alice.

It starts off slow with me just thinking about her face. Then my thoughts just turn sexual out of nowhere. I try to not to think about Alice but I can't stop. After a few minutes of this I end my laps around the pool. I'm now standing up in the shallow end of the pool. My face has a completely confused look upon it. My thoughts get more sexual as the time goes by. I'm imagining Alice masturbating herself on the beach. I am still rock hard and I am getting more turned on by the second.

I am getting frustrated I can't stop the thought of her masturbating herself naked on a beach. My upper body has become drenched in sweat. I growl in anger about a lack of why I'm so turned on by her right now. My penis starts to feel strange. Its actually throbbing literally throbbing. Its like it has a pulse and is pulsating in and out.

I just start shaking my head back and forth. I let out a soft low moan. My dark pink nipples feel horny now. The feeling in them is so strong I moan again involuntarily. I look down at my nipples.

They grow to half an inch in length and become rock hard. And I do mean rock rock hard! Then a feeling hits me that I never felt before. I become so horny that it almost hurts. I just had to have release. I tried to fight it for a few seconds. After all I don't want to wank off at this pool.

Staff or anybody could just walk in and catch me in the act. At the same time I am concerned I am also horny. The thought of Alice won't stop. I start breathing really heavy.

Beads of sweat start to roll down my face. My arousal is so excruciating. I have no choice I take a quick glance around the pool room to make sure nobody is around. I slowly pull down my bathing suite in the pool. I take it off threw one foot at a time. Once its off I put it down next to me in the water. My mouth is wide open from complete shock.

I slowly move my right hand around my penis underwater. I wrap my hand around the top of my penis. The moment I do the feeling in my penis gets so intense my legs give way. I fall to the bottom of the pool and my butt lightly taps the floor. I use every ounce of strength I have to propel myself above the water.

Once I do this I'm standing up again. I start to slowly jerk myself off to the thought of Alice's hand fully inside her pussy. My breathing intensifies a little as I close my eyes. Then I'm thinking of her playing with her breast with one hand while masturbating the other. I slowly start to pick up speed while I am jerking off. Then all of a sudden my fantasies change from Alice masturbating to West taking off his clothes in a bathroom.

As soon as this thought enters my head I just Calmly try to imagine Alice again. However I can't my thoughts of West continues. I open my eyes and say loudly "what what what the fuck"! I immediately let go of my penis which is excruciating to do.

I take my two hand and clutch both sides of my head. I am shaking my head violently back and forth while I have my hands on them.I start pacing back and forth in the pool. I try with all my mental will to stop thinking of West undressing. I can't It starts with him removing his shirt then shorts. Lastly I imagine him taking off his briefs. At first I am disgusted by this. I'm not gay I'm 100% straight I never have fantasized about dudes before.

Not to mention how strongly I hate West period. Then I think of West entering a shower and starting to lather his body with soap. All of a sudden I start paying special notice to his body's features. I imagined West with an 8 pack of abs. His chest and stomache are hairless. I start paying attention to the fact he has no arm pit hair. He does however have short black hairs on his arms and legs.

Then I start thinking to myself that he is really sexy. At the same time I am angry and furious that I am even thinking about West in this way. I stop pacing back and forth in the pool. I grit my teeth together and growl loudly. I am so horny at this point I can't ignore my cock any longer.

I have to jerk off I was so horny my penis is aching. I remove my hands from my head. I put my right hand underwater and start jerking my big cock. I keep thinking about how hot West is. I start fantasizing about what his flaccid penis looks like.

It appears in my mind to be bigger then my flaccid penis. I imagine West's balls are bigger then mine too and hung just as low. I envision West having a big black bushy public region while I stroke myself. I become totally wrapped up in this fantasy and at the same time hating every minute of it. I jerk myself off for what I guess is 30 minutes. I am moaning loudly and gasping for breath at this time I'm still admiring West's body in my head.

I am furiously jerking off as fast as I can. My stomache begins to start ripiling in and out involuntarily.

I can feel I am coming close to cumming. Now I am thrusting myself foward while at the same time jerking off. I let out what could only be described as an extremely loud animalistic growl. Then I yell out "shit". When these words scream out of my mouth I cum. I shoot 11 long ropes of cum out of my penis. As soon as the last rope is shot I quickly walk in the water to the edge of the pool. I collapse my arms and head on the ledge propping myself up.

Finally I have control of my thoughts again. I hate West and can't believe I just jerked off about him. It pisses me off even more that It was the most intense orgasm of my life. I am gasping for breath from the intensity of it all. I hear the door to the pool room open and West walks in. To say I fell humiliated would be an understatement. West stares at me a few seconds.

Then he looks behind me at my bathing suite floating on top of the pool. West yells at me "WHAT THE FUCK DAWKINS"!! Anybody who looks at me can tell I have just had an orgasm. West yells at me "GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE POOL". I grab my bathing suite and put it back on while I am still in the water. I quickly get out of the pool and leave my towel and flip flops there. I feel so humiliated I don't even want to take the time to get the rest of my stuff.

I walk right past West to get to the door. He turns at me and says "listen Dawkins I swear to God I will have you arrested if I ever see any shit like that again while your hear"!! I just continue walking past him and go back to my motel room. All I know is I can't wait to get the hell out of this motel. Once I get to the inside of my motel room I change into dry clothes and fall alseep. (WEST CUMBERLAND) I didn't watch Cody's jerk off session actually take place.

Dudes jacking off isn't my thing to say the least. After Cody's jerk off session I walk back to my video surveillance room. I have the whole thing on video from every angle of the pool room. Hell I even have underwater video cameras at ever angle.I can easily post the video online at www.xnxx.com and embarass the shit out of him. Which of course is exactly what I do. {Wednesday, June 13, 2012} I spend most this day doing my own thing.

At 8 PM I know its time to have a little bit of fun with Dana. I make Cody decide to go for a 4 hour jog through the woods. I put on a red wife beater and black running shorts.

Then I head outside barefoot.


I am standing next to the front door of the motel outside. I am leaning against the building smoking a cigarette. Dana feels like she needs some fresh air and she walks out the front door to get some. Once she spots me with an attitude she says "hello". I exhale my cigarette and say "what's up"? (DANA READ) I decide to go outside and get some fresh air.

I run into West smoking a cigeratte. I feel for some strange reason I should give him a chance. I question myself for a brief second. After all this is the guy that is my boyfriend's old high school enemy. For some unknown reason to me I speak to him outside. After West's question I reply "doing good can't complain t much".

Then West follows by asking me how I liked the motel. I tell him "now that I'm here I think its pretty cool". We start talking about anything and everything you could imagine. I'm starting to feel uncomfortable though. I start feeling this attraction to him. I love Cody though and would never cheat on him. However I can't stop thinking about how sexy West is.

West asks me with a sly grin on his face "do you want to go for a walk in the woods"? I know I should say no after everything he has done to my boyfriend over the years. I just can't help myself. I want to continue talking to him. I fear if I refuse this walk in the woods then he will go back inside.

So I smile and say "sure why not". We talk and laugh in the woods while we walk. The walk is about over I feel like I might be falling in love with him.

While we were laughing hysterically in a moment of passion I kiss him. Then I start making out with him. After a few minutes of passionately kissing him I break the kiss off. West says to me "what's wrong girl"? I tell him that "I am in love with Cody but I might be falling in love with him to".

West nods his head in a cocky way and says "ight so"? I continue "so. I wanna have sex with you but I don't want Cody to find out". I plead with him "please do you promise not to tell"? West says "yes I promise I will never let Cody find out".

I lightly peck him on the lips with a kiss and thank him. West smiles at me and "says meet me in the basement in a room numbered 18 tonight at 1:01 AM". I stare at him shocked and say "there is a basement"? West goes on to explain yes and tells me the way to get there.

No wonder nobody knows where the basement is. If West didn't just tell me where the basement is I never would have known. Hell nobody would know unless they are told where the entrance is. I go back to my motel room and get ready for my date with him tonight. I am SO EXCITED!!!!! However I can't but to think I can't tell Cody about this.

{Thursday, June 14, 2012} (CODY DAWKINS) I am almost back to the motel from my jog. I can see it ahead of me. I can't help but to feel there is something strange going on at this motel. Why would West put a motel out here in the middle of nowhere. He obviously doesn't get much business that much is apparent. All day today I have been trying to block out what happened in the pool. I am thinking about how I can't wait to see Dana.

All of a sudden I feel really tired and dizzy. I stop jogging and try to recompose myself. I can't though no matter how hard I try. I lay down on the ground on the side of the road. Once I lay down I fall alseep and black out. I slowly start to awaken from my black out. I feel weird something doesn't feel right at all. My whole body feels strange. I open my eyes and can't believe what I see. I am not me at all.

I quickly glance around the room I am in. On the wall to the left of me is a mirror about 8 feet tall and 5 feet wide. I jump out of the bed I am in and practically plummet into the mirror. Next I scream.

Its not my own scream its the scream of a women. Looking back at me in the mirror isn't myself its Alice I met in the motel. To say I am panicking would be a HUGE UNDERSTATEMENT. I am somehow in Alice's body and I'm completely naked. I take time and look around the room I am in to see were I am at.

I am in a square room about the size of an average master bedroom. I am currently standing at the back of room in the left corner. In front of me hanging on the wall is the mirror.

The room has 3 walls one left wall one back wall and one right wall. The walls are painted red as is the ceiling. The floor is made up of the most comfortable cushiony carpet I have ever set foot on. The color of the carpet is a light pink color. The forth wall which is in the front of the room isn't a wall at all. It is a transparent very thick plastic divider.

The divider starts from the celing down to the floor and from side to side. Looking throught the divider I see another room the exact same size as the one I am in. The walls in the room opposite me looks completely different. The color of its walls is baby blue as is the celing in that room. The floor in that room is made up of dark maple wood. I stop looking at the other room for a few minutes since there is no person in there.

I examine my room some more. In the back right cornor of this room there is a red door. I run to go open it. Of couse the door leading out of my room is locked. The bed I was laying on is shaped like a giant heart. It is covered with a fluffy red blanket and 4 pillows with red pillow cases. The end of the bed is about 3 feet away from the divider. The bed is also set in the middle of the divider. Likewise there is a normal looking king size bed in the other room.

Like in my room the end of the bed is about 3 feet away from the divider on its side. The other room has a bed that is also centered in the middle of the divider of that of that room. The blankets and pillow cases on the other bed is baby blue. As well the door leading out of that room is diagnolly across from the door leading out of the room I am in.

Both rooms have white ordinary lights on the ceilings. I quickly figured out there is no way to escape without somebody opening the door to my room. I raise my hands to my blonde hair and pull at it frustration and from being frightened. This just isn't possible you can't just turn somebody into somebody else. Here I am in the dam blonde Alice I met.

I stayed in the room breathing heavy. I am pacing back and forth for 15 minutes. I knew how long because there is a red heart shape clock on the front left side corner.

The clock is mounted high on the wall. I am pacing back and forth trying to calm myself down. Then I saw the door in the room across from me open. My mouth dropped wide open. West Cumberland walks into the room across from me. West is wearing a tight all white silk like gym shirt.

West also has on white silk like gym shorts wearing a pair of white tenis shoes. However West had changed his appearance a bit. He has cut his hair off. Now he has a cropped hair style to what looks like only being a 1/2 inch in length.

The moment he entered the room he gave me an evil smirk. I walked right in front of the middle of the divider. I start shouting at him and cussing him out. It didn't take me long to figure out that the divider is sound proof we can't hear eachother.

I see West sit at the end of the bed which made him be directly in front of me. West then smiles at me and waves hello. Then West nods his head as if to say what's up. My face shows my anger as I stare at him. West bites his upper lip and starts using a fingering motion at his own crotch. It didn't take me more then a second to understand what he is trying to tell me. He is trying to tell me to play with myself.

I shake my head no while yelling "HELL NO"!!!!! West juts his head back and his face gives off a look as if to say why not. I just give him what can only be called a death stare. West smirks at the stare I give him. He motions with his arms up in the air as if to say o well.

West then stands up directly in front of me. He starts to pull off his white shirt. Revealing his toned hairless body. I can't help but to look at his 8 pack of abs and outee belly button. I start to panic in my head. This mother fucker didn't just give me a woman's body. He made my sexual attraction like that of a woman. While he stripped his shirt off I think of Dana naked. I am shocked I don't feel turned on at all not even by the slightest.

Not only that but I kinda think of her naked and all women naked as groce. I start to show the panic in my face. It seems like West changes his whole demeanor at this point. Once he pulls off his white shirt he never breaks eye contact with me. West throws his white shirt behind him on the floor. His face now has a very serious seductive look on it.

West them chucks off his shoes and throws them on the floor behind him as well. I can't help but look at his large feet they are bigger then my own body's feet. I quickly start shaking my head trying to get these thoughts out of my head. West continues stripping by taking off his socks and tossing them on the floor as well.

Then he moves his hands down to the waistline of his gym shorts. He slowly pull them down till they fall to the ground. Once they are on the ground he simply steps out of them. Topping it off by then kicking his gym shorts across the floor. My heart is racing and my nipples are starting to get hard. It feels so strange to me getting sexually aroused as a woman. Truthfully its indescribable but I feel my attraction to his body in my pussy. Still not breaking eye contact with me he slides his white briefs down to his feet.

Then West steps out of them and kicks his briefs across the floor. My eyes grow huge as I am now staring at him completely naked. His flaccid penis is huge much bigger then mine when its flaccid.

I uncontrollablly turn my gaze from his eyes to his circumcized penis. Frightening is the fact that my vision of what his body looked like in my fantasy is true. His testicals are bigger then mine to.

His scrotum is hairless. However he has a bush of black pubic hair. The head of his cock is much bigger then mine and is bulbous in shape. I read West's lips to which he is saying "12 1/2 inches long by 3 1/2 inches in width". Everything about his penis and balls being bigger then mine infuriates me on another level. I can't deny to myself though that right now I am turned on by his naked body. He breaks eye contact wit me for a moment while he sits back down at the end of the bed.

He is of course still directly in front of me. He uses his right foot to manuever something from underneath the bed.


Once he kicks it out from under the bed he picks it up off the floor while never getting off the bed. I quickly see that it is a bottle of lotion. He uses the noozle to dispense a few globs of lotion into his right hand. With that same serious, seductive look on his face. He slowly starts to jerk himself off in front of me. He jerks himself off staring right into my eyes. I muster up the strength to turn my head away from looking at him. That strength quickly subsides.

At this point I am more horny then I was that day in the pool. I can feel my pussy getting wet and some of the juices are starting to flow out of it. I look down to see a beautiful hair less vagina. As he starts to pick up pace I can no longer resist. I hate this more then anything and my face shows that while he looks at me. At this point though I am so horny by this I sit down on the end of the bed in my room. I slowly move my right hand to my dripping wet pussy. My face shows my internal frustration.

As West sees this happen he continues to jerk off and cocks up his right eye brow at me. I am more scared then anything that I won't be able to handle the pleasure my pussy will give me if I enter it. I take two fingers and insert them deep. I start slowly massaging my clit and my pace quickly speeds up. As I speed up so does the speed and strength of West's jerking.

I eventually put my entire fingers inside myself. I am lightly moaning as I do this. West is smiling at me shaking his approvingly. This only goes to anger me even further but I can't stop. After a few minutes of us doing this in front of eachother West stops. He motions with his hands saying giving me one second. Now that he finally stops jerking I rip my fingers out of my pussy. I figured out the reason West stops jerking off.

There is a knock on the door in his room. West quickly put his white gym shorts back on himself. I then watch him open it I can't believe what I see. Dana dressed in a short red dress with red lip stick on and black high heel shoes. She has gone and done dolled herself up for him. My heart felt broken. I got up from sitting on the bed and punched the devider with my fist. Quickly I lept back from huge pain I forget for a second that I am a women.

Alice obviously has never thrown punches. My hand is currently in intense pain. Not to mention that my punch didn't even make a scratch in the divider. I see Dana and West talking they look happy and I can see they are laughing. I become deranged at this point yelling and muttering words that don't even exist.

I know that if I would be in the same room with West I would no doubt kill him. I mean I would litterally kill him. In Alices body I felt no attraction to Dana or any women.

Even so I knew that if I got back into my real body that I would love her again. I still remember the happiness me and her have together. I still know that she is my girlfriend. Although at the moment I'm really pissed that she is flirting with West. Then it happened they were both standing up in front of that room's door.

There while standing they started making out. West slowly started to undress her. Once Dana was fully naked she laid down on her back on the bed.

Her head rests at the end of the bed which is rightt in front of me. However she is laying flat on her back not on her stomache. So I don't see much of her face. For some weird reason I feel compelled to lay down on the bed in my room.

Not only do I feel like laying down. I end up laying down the exact same way she is laying down on the bed on the other side. I can still see Dana and West. As you can easily imagine I am currently seeing them upside down because of the way I am laying down on the bed and my position on the bed. My mind is scrambling. I'm trying to comprehend why I have decided to lay down in the same way Dana has on the other bed. As I watchthem further I clearly see that West has taken off his gym shorts.

West is now naked again. It's then that I start to think that West is controlling Dana somehow. It may be a radom time to think this but it must be true. She would never behave like this after just meeting a guy for the first time. Let alone to the fact that she loves me and would never willfully cheat on me nor would I cheat on her.

Her pussy is itching to get fucked

I see West get on the bed and lay flat on his stomache. His face is mere inches away from Dana's vagina. I am furious with him that he is gonna mess around with my girlfriend.

I don't wanna watch this but I can't stop though. I decide to try to get up and get off this bed. Its strange and I begin to freak out even more. Its like I am paralysed. No matter what I do I can't get up of the bed or change my position on the bed.

Its like I'm frozen where I am at and I'm being forced to watch West and Dana. I see West move his lips and saying something to Dana obviously. Then I see Dana spread her legs wide apart in the air. By Dana doing this she is giving him full access to her vagina. With Dana's legs spread I spread mine in the same exact way. My mind is racing what the hell is going on? What is this to accomplish making me copy her exact actions? I see West's face before he goes down on Dana.

West winks at me and gives me a sinister smile. At the same time he looks at me. As he does these things he licks his lips with his HUGE TONGUE. Then with him lying flat on his stomache on the bed he lowers his head to Dana's vagina.

Then I see his head literally go down on her. I scream "FUCK NO NO NO NO NO"!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel his tongue plunge deep inside my vagina. Now I know why he is making me copy everything Dana does. West isn't just going to mess around with Dana. He is going to mess around with me too. I start yelling "NO NO NO STOP"!!!!!!! I am still watching them. I feel everything he is doing to Dana as he is doing it somehow to me as well. All I can see at this angle and the angle he is at is West's eyes staring at me.

While his tongue is fucking Dana. I then start to feel like West's actual head is in between my own legs. I can feel his head bobbing up and down as he tongue fucks my vagina.

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I then feel his hands squeeze my thighs. Its like he is actually eating me out except his body is physically not in the bed I am in. I start to moan from the pleasure he is giving me though I try to fight it. I see Dana move her hands and press down on his head.

Which pushes him further into her vagina. As soon as she does this my hands move to where I can feel his head. I can feel it in my hands and I push down on his head just like she is doing. I can even feel his hairs as I push down on his head.

I feel his hand move up my body and start to lightly pinch my big pink hard nipples. I am now ungulating on his tongue. He uses his tongue to tease and flick my clit.

Then he nibbles on it lightly. I am yelling and moaning at the same time I am panting. He plunges deeper and deeper as the time goes by. I keep trying to look at the clock on the wall. This body won't let me turn my gaze away from West and Dana's actions. My pussy is releasing lots of juices. My juices are being swallowed by his invisible head between my legs.

The all of a sudden I feel his tongue and his head back away from my vagina. I softly whisper a moan to myself saying "nooooooo". Then I stop laying down on my back. I sit up. I face the divder while I sit on my knees on the bed.

I see that Dana is on her knees just like me. She is facing his penis. West is on his knees too but since he is much taller then Dana I can see most of his body towering over hers. I see his lips move as tells her something. I already have a good feeling about what he is about to ask her to do.

I slowly start shaking my head no while he looks at me. He laughs a little while he looks at me. He shakes his head yes. I say aloud to myself "NO FUCKING WAY AM I ABOUT TO SUCK HIS DICK"!!!!!!! I am appauled at the thought of what is about to happen. I feel my stomache turn as I begin to feel very vomit like sick. He then has a wide grin on his face. At this moment like Dana I reach out my hand and grab his gigantic penis. I can feel it in my hand even though there is nothing on the bed besides me.

As I see Dana open her mouth and move his penis in her mouth I do the same. I start to gag with just 4 inches of it in my mouth.

I can feel his pubes brush up against my face. I can taste the muskiness of his penis in my mouth. It doesn't matter though cause just like Dana is doing I start sucking his cock. I use my tongue to massage it. I bob up and down taking more inches inside my mouth as I go on.

I can feel his hand rubbing my head for a few seconds. The whole time I am blowing him he is staring at me intently. I see him put both hands behind his head and smile at me while I blow him. I start to actually like it and started giving it my all. I was like me being a women taking pleasure in sucking his penis. I see him look like he is moaning. I am so horny that I start leaking juices from my vagina as I blow him.

I am literally pleasuring myself just by blowing him. I could tell by looking at him that he is starting to orgasm. I am currently massaging his veiny penis with my mouth the best I can. Then he pulls out of Dana's mouth ergo my mouth as well. The worst part of all this is that really a huge part of me doesn't want him to stop. I am somewhat enjoying this. I am horny and I need release. At the same time I hate him for doing these things to me.

Then I see his lips move some more. Then Dana switches positions again and of course so do I. She is laying down on her side. West is going to fuck her and me sideways. West will be behind us as we put one leg straight in the air. West's chest will be up against Dana's back.

He will fuck us from behind as he holds us in his arms. As I get in the same position I clench my eyes close. I am afraid of what is to come. When I open them I am no longer in that red and pink room. I am now in the same room and on the same bed as West and Dana. I am facing Dana in the same position she is.

Laying on her elbows with one leg straight in the air. The only difference is that West is directly behind her laying on his elbows. We all are now face to face with eachother. I yell "DANA DANA ARE YOU ALRIGHT BABY"!!!!!!! West speaks and says "she can't see you or here you Cody". He continues "nor can she hear anything I say that I don't want her to hear like right now for instance".

In a strong but broken voice I plead to West "West man please don't do this". He sounding annoyed he responds "don't do who"?."Dana or you"?

I Impateintly say "nethier of us". West starts to play with Dana's clit. Which of course means he is currently playing with mine. I moan softly as he does this. While West is playing with our clits he says "I will tell you what I will give you an honest chance to escape this situation for one of you".

West tells me "I will ask you a question and you must answer truthfully my decision will depend on how this will end". West looks at me and smirks another sinister smirk and says "do you want me to fuck you"? I bite my lip slightly because he is still fingering me. The other reason is because truthfully I am so turned on by him right now.

I need sexual release and I want him to fuck me. I shutter and tell him "yes.I.I.want you to fuck me". West somehow has forced me to tell him truth. He laughs a little and says "ight girl let's get ride of this middle woman shit then".

West then tells Dana "get dressed and go back to your motel room and fall asleep until noon". Dana gets out of bed and does as he says. With Dana having left the room it is just me and West now. At this point I am tired of fighting everything. I don't know what West has done. Let alone how West has managed to do this in the first place; but I'm horny real horny. While it groces me out to admit this to myself I want West to fuck me. Of my own free will I admit to West "let's just fuck and get this over with".

With this being said West gives me a coy grin. (WEST CUMBERLAND) To say I am estatic right now is a huge understatement. What I have done is very simple. The BOLT chip inside Cody's and Dana's bodies do a lot of things. As you know it can control there thoughts, actions and feelings. The BOLT chip also can control arousal. Basically it can control everything that goes on inside the human body. The BOLT chips get there commands from my computer program SCREW Driver.

With SCREW Driver I have made Dana get strong feelings for me. I also have made it that she and her body will do anything I tell her to do. I also had made it so that Dana's mind couldn't see or hear Cody while we were in the baby blue room. Or as I call it the Reflections Room. I haven't just put BOLT chips in just Dana's and Cody's bodies. I have put BOLT chips inside a few other peoples that came to my motel as well. Alice Carpenter has a BOLT chip inside her as well. Still wondering how Cody's and Alice's bodies have been switched?

Very simple really. I made Cody's entire conciousness (in effect his brain) download into the BOLT chip inside Alice's body.

Alice's conciousness has been downloaded into his body's BOLT chip. Of course Cody's real body (his male body) is just in another room. I have pre programed all of these things to happen. Cody's mind to have a sexual attraction to men like a straight women does. This sexual attraction change was programed to happen durring part of the pool scenario.

It also has been set to happen right now of course. Cody's sexual attraction change will stop once his consciouness is back in his real body. Enough with the science of how I have done all these things. I decide to give Cody a little break. Yes he finds me sexually attractive right now. Part of him loves what I am doing to him.

However Cody has just asked me to fuck him. This is truthfully of his own free will in a way. I have been hopeing that he would ask. I don't need anymore of an invitation to what I already want to do. I think its important to point out I'm not gay.

If you think about it none of this is gay. After all Cody isn't in his male body. Cody's mind is literally inside Alice's hot, sexy body.

I have wanted to get Cody back for him never respecting the fact that I was the better man. Instead of respecting me he dislikes me and fought me in high school. The fight between me and him humilated me in the locker room. In front of tons of our peers.

Which of course has left me with a bruised ego for many years. What I have just done to him is allowing me to get my revenge in the best way.

I always wanted to fuck him over for the disrespect he showed me. Now I will literally. I grin to what Cody has just asked me to do. Cody wants me to fuck him. Right now he is horny and turned on by me. Especially with every sexual thing I have been doing to him thus far.

I tell Cody "bend over for what you want". With Cody's head facing the headboard he moves. Cody is now in a position poised for doggy style. I move right behind him. Slowy I position my rock hard 12 1/2 inches long and 3 1/2 inches wide cock to the entrance of his pussy. I slowly push my way inside him.

He is slowly breathing short, dragging breaths. I am fully inside him and Cody's female voice let's out a moan of pleasure. From here on out I start fucking him with all my strength. My knowledge of how to best pleasure the female body is whats most at play here. I have my hand on the sides of his butt while I pound the shit out of him. Cody is moaning and yelling from the pleasure I am giving him.

After fucking him for a while I move my right hand from the right side of his butt to his lower belly. I slowly glide my hand up to his right breast and expertly play with it. My right hand then stops from playing and cupping his huge breast.

Now his long hard pink nipples on his right breast is what catches my attention. I squeze them gently yet roughly. Cody is really getting into our fuck session.

He shows this by pushing back onto my cock with each thrust I give. We have been fucking doggy style for about 30 minutes at this point. All of a sudden Cody speaks.

In Alice's voice Cody in a weak almost inaudible tone says "I.I.I. want to get on top and ride your dick.mmmmhh". I respond quickly gasping I say "yeah sure bro". I quickly pull out of Cody. I then lay down flat on my back. I lift my upper body up just a little bit using my elbows for leverage. Cody's pussy is dripping with vaginal juices which as leaking out of him and onto the bed. In these thrity minutes we have been fucking Cody has had 3 powerful orgasms.

With a lustful look in my face and eyes.

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I look at Cody. I can't help but wonder to myself how he must be feeling right now. Cody is a macho, tough guy like me. At this moment though Cody is trapped inside a woman's body. He is experiencing a level of sensuality and sexual pleasure he has never felt before. All that of which he is experiencing is threw the sexual organs of a female body. Not to fail to mention the fact that he isn't just experiencing all those things; but Cody is also feeling sexual attraction to me a man. Shit a man that he has hated with a passion for years.

Attraction to men is something that I have never nor do I ever want to experience. Cody is letting himself run with his vaginas's new wants and desires of my body. A person he hates to say the least. Yet he can't ignore that I'm sexy and not to be egotistical laugh out loud but gorgeous.

I know why he wants to ride my cock. I have fucked enormous amounts of women so I know why. He wants to experience more pleasure. Riding my cock will give him the power to give himself more pleasure. At the same time he must hate it. The simple reason being of course is because now he will have to face me directly while we fuck. Likewise he will have to give me the pleasure of seeing him face to face while we fuck as well.

It just goes to show his contempt of me isn't strong enough to deny his female body and female sexual attraction the pleasure of screwing me. No matter what. As the scientist slash genius slash engineer that I am I can't help but find this interesting.

That being the need for raw sexual pleasure in the human body. It's definately strong there is no denying that. For some reason maybe that one but still to me unknown. This is the most erotic and intense sexual pleasure I have ever experienced in my life. Maybe its neither maybe it's because of the control and revenge aspect of this. Regardless of the logic of it all. This is hot and I am prime and ready to continue what we are doing for sure. We are both drenched in sweat even more then before.

Sweat is dripping down every point on our bodies. On my body sweat is rolling down my upper lip into my mouth. I take a few seconds to really look at Alice's body. To paint a vivid picture of our current situation. Looking at Alice's body of course it is so much smaller then my own. She is 5"4" in height while I am 5"9". I am muscular and well toned. While Alice's body is very petite. Wait let me rephrase that Alice's body is very petite except for her double dd breasts.

Her nipples being unusually long. These rock hard light pink nipples stand on top of pretty light pink wide aurelas. Right now like me Cody is drenched in sweat too.

Before I continue with what Cody is doing to me. Cody's hair was nice and neat. Now his long straight bleach blonde hair is kinda of messy. Messy partly from the sexual activites. The other part being because his hair is drenched in sweat. Its not ugly messy. To put it better his hair is kinda visibly sweaty and not very neat.

While laying flat on my back in bed. Cody made his move. A switch from the doggy style position. He looks at me with a look I haven't really seen for awhile. He looks at me with a look of sexual pleasure with a slight look of embarassment mixed in with humiliation. Cody hovers on top of me with his knees flat on the bed directly next to my upper legs. While In midair he grabs my rock hard cock and guides it towards his pussy.

In took him a few minutes of squatting while guiding it into place. This makes sense since he has never done this before. Once he positions my cock in alignment with his pussy he starts to sits on my cock. I am once again entering inside him. His grunts getting louder as inch by inch I go further in. I contain my sexual sounds of pleasure at this moment and preside over better as the strong male in this instance.

Once I am fully inside him he sits on top of me. He stares at me directly. The look of embarassment on his face is still there. Now though there is a hint of lust in his face as well as his eyes. I show a coy grin on my own face. While doing so I say in a cocky voice "ight now bro jump on it". I don't like calling him bro since I would much rather call him girl. It would make me feel much more better.

More normal really since right now a girl is what Cody is. I decide not to call him girl though because I want to really get to his psyche. Talking to him like he is just one of the boys by calling him bro is the best way to do this.


He slowly starts bobbing up and down on my cock. I can tell by looking at him that this feels ackward*** to him. He is groaning lightly though as he goes up and down. At first he has his hands resting on the sides of his body. It feels so good my penis inside his juicy wet pussy. I LOVE WATCHING HIM RIGHT NOW RIDING MY COCK!!!! It turns me on in so many ways this asshole who never respected me.

Even though I have always been better then him in every way. Well right now he is just another bitch on my cock and ITS GREAT!!! As I already mentioned I am not lying completely flat on the bed. I have been using my elbows to push my upper body up foward on the bed while the rest of my body lays flat on the bed. I put my right arms behind his back embracing him. While at the same time smooshing our upper bodies closer together. I can feel his breasts smooshing tightly against the top of my chest.

At this moment he starts to jump up and down on cock slightly more quickly. I remove my right arm from behind his back. I grab his left breast with my left hand while still continuing to use my right elbow to prop my upper body foward enough to do so. Then holding the breasts in my left hand I make my next move. I start flicking his nipple with big long,wide tongue. Then I fully start sucking his nipple while using my tongue to massage it.

The way I do this is expertly done to turn any woman on. My method comes from years upon years of practice and trial and error. The moment I start doing this I hear the feminent voice of allison yelling in pleasure and grunting at the same time. A few seconds later and Cody now has his hands on my shoulders banging up and down on my cock as fast as he can. Still I hold in any pleasureable grunts my body is trying to make.

So I appear unphased by the great pleasure Cody is giving me. The only sounds being heard from me is the loud sounds of me breathing through my nostrils. Cody orgasms suddenly which makes this his fourth orgasm since we started fucking.

His petite body shakes which feels more like a long continous shiver. Durring this time he expels even more juices from his pussy which poors onto my crotch area.

All and all we have been fucking for about an hour and ten minutes at this point. I am still holding out. I have trained my body with all the sex I have had to last a very long time before cumming. I am close to cumming but no where near ready yet. Right after his orgasm I stop sucking on his nipple and stop propping myself up with my left elbow. I now lay completely flat on my back on the bed while Cody rides my cock. I'm viewing his face again while he fucks me. His eyes are closed with pure sexual exstacy showing on the beautiful sexy face of allison.

I move my right and left hand up and down on his stomache and massage it. All the while he is bouncing up and down on my cock quickly and with verocity. Shit you would be surprised it looks like he is a pro at this right now. After 19 more minutes of this going on I see his body tense up.

I can tell from the way his pussy feels inside that he is about to have his final orgasm. Coincidently so am I. My body and muscles tense up. I now move my knees straight up in the air making the bottom of my feet be flat on the bed. My toes curl as I am about to shoot what feels like the biggest load of cum. (CODY DAWKINS) My body is tensed up. The sexual pleasure I have felt and am currently feeling is one I have never experienced before.

Simply because they are all coming from the female body of Alice. Which I am currently inside of. I let out large belt of yells mixed in with moans. At this same time West moves his hands to the sides of my plump butt. I cum four times as much as I had already done. Cum was now literally spraying out of my vagina onto West's crotch and on the bed.

At the same time I am looking right at West. He closes his eyes as he uses his grip on my butt to push his cock into me even furter. Doing this means he is BOTTOMING OUT IN ME!!!! West's cum face was so sexy and powerful.

As he gives off a many groan mixed in with LOUD ANIMALISTIC grunts. His stomache starts pumping moving up and down so he is literally pumping. Then he shots loads of upon loads of his hot cum inside me. It feels amazing the feeling of the hot cum spraying my sopping wet pussy.

I close my eyes for a few seconds. When I reopen my eyes everything has changed. I open my eyes and see a completely different situation. For one I am no longer Alice. I am back in my own body. At this very moment I am cumming inside Alice. We are both on what appears to be a queen sized bed. Right off the bat I notice that I am not in the same room I was in before. The bed is adorned with a red silk blanket and pillows to match. Alice is flat on her back and I am on my knees on the bed.

I am holding her tight to my waist with my dick spewing cum inside her. The bed is in the very corner of this new room. The left side of the bed is right up against a wall. Me and Alice are right on the very right edge of the bed. Her head is resting close to the headboard of the bed. I want badly to pull my dick out her to stop cumming inside her. For some reason I am completely unable to do this. I try with every muscle fiber of my body and being but I can't exit her.

She obviously is enjoying me cumming inside her. She is moaning incredibly loudly with her eyes closed. My eyes are bulging out of my head from the pure shock of everything that is going on. I am breathing loudly trying to catch my breath while grunting at the same time. I am not just cumming inside Alice. I obviously fucked her and have just has an orgasm. I don't remember that at all. Last I remember I was inside Alice's body with West cumming inside me.

We are both drenched in sweat. My hair is soaking wet and is practically sticking to my head. I feel something on my back and gaze to my left. The while I am still cumming in Alice. To the left of me is WEST!!! West is on a wooden chair with no room for his legs to reach the floor. What I mean is the chair is scooted up right against the edge of the bed. One foot is sprawled out on the bed. The feeling I feel on my back is his right big foot lying flat on the center of my back.

West like me and Alice are drenched in sweat; Like us he is also fully naked. West looks the same way he did when was fucking me.

Hair still buzzed and all. He is holding his dick in his hand. While watching us intently. His stomache is covered in his cum. It quickly becomes apparent that he has just jerked off watching me and Alice fuck. I Look at him my facial expression riddled with confusion. In a raspy voice still breathing heavy I say to him "what.what.what happened"?

West looks confused and says to me "what are you talking about"? He continues "me and you worked out our differences over some beers". I reply "what"? West responds and says "yeah.bro and as a peace offering I am letting you fuck my girl and get her pregnant".

West goes on and says "bro we discussed this at length and you have now fucked Alice now keep ejaculating inside her until your ejactulation is over". I didn't believe a word of anything he just said to me. I know im not crazy I was in Alice's body what seems like just a minute ago.

He is able to do some crazy things apparently. In some way he must be controlling this girl Alice like he did my girlfriend. I sure as HELL DID NOT WORK THINGS OUT WITH HIM!!! Let alone would I agree to impregnate his girlfriend Alice or cheat on Dana. Despite this fact I don't pull out of Alice until I stop cumming. Once this happens I get back control of my body again and leap backwards. Which incidently causes me to leap off the end of the bed. I fall on my back onto the floor.

In a split second I get up and am standing up on my feet. First things first I want some clothes on. I glance around a few seconds. I notice a dresser just about 3 feet away from me. On it is one of my shirts some ripped jeans and a pair of white briefs. I grab the white briefs and put them on. I quickly glance at my new surroundings.

I am in another motel room. From looking around I gather that this is West's bedroom. His bedroom is pretty big and decorated well I guess. From where I am standing West is only a few feet away from me.

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I clench my fist ready to punch him. He looses the sly grin and shows a look of toughness in his face. I grit my teeth and angrily say "what the fuck did you do to me"? With a rough callice look on his face and tone in his voice he says "what do you mean"?."You don't believe the we drank some beers and worked out our differences story" he says.

He gives a sly couple of laughs and then continues "I didn't think you would forget me fucking you or should I say Alice"? He pushes the chair backwards and stands up. His finger pointed at me he says with authority "before you try and fight me think about what I have already done; and how much worse it would be to be in the body of a pig"?

This threat angers me and my face shows my boiling anger flowing through me. I half to rationalize at this point because he is right. I really don't want to be inside a pigs body for the rest of my life. West sees that I release this and my hands unfist themselves. With him having noticed this he sarcastically states "not that I don't believe I could beat you ass bro; but I'd rather handle this matter more intuitively I guess you could say".

I relax my voice as much as possible and repeat myself in a calmer not a calm tone though and ask "what the fuck did you do to me"? Around 8 feet behind West is a shiney white long rectangle table with chairs to match all around it. West tells me "have a seat and me and Alice will explain everything". Having no choice I reluctantly sit down Before West sits down he takes a towel from the dressar and wipes his sweaty face. Next West wipes up all of the cum off his stomache.

West grabs a pair of bright red briefs and puts then on. At the same time Alice has gotten off the bed and puts on a bright red bra and thong. They both then take a seat at the far end of the table opposite me.

I am beyond exhausted at this point. I have never felt more tired in my life. I figure its got to do with all the fucking I have been doing. Exhausted doesn't matter because I still have anger written all over my face. Once we are all seated West looks at Alice with a smile on his face and says should you tell him or should I. (ALICE CARPENTER) I grin at West's informal request. Contrary to what Cody probably thinks this is for the most part my idea. I met and started dating West about 3 years ago.

We have an open relationship and have since we met. Don't get me wrong we are madly in love with each other.

Our love for one another is mutual. With that said we both enjoy sex and are more experienced in it then most. We both like to have variety and we both understand that about eachother. Unlike most relationships we never get jealous of who one another is fucking. West has mentioned the beef him and Cody had. He only mentioned in casual conversations 4 times. Of course I love my baby so I back him in his beef with Cody 100%. Upon meeting West he was working for NanoStar Inc.

After working for them for two years he decided to quit. He told me about his plan to create a microchip and a program to control everything that goes on inside the human body. I loved West as much as I do now even back then. I even agreed to leave Los Angeles, California the only home I had ever known. I supported him in his bid to own a motel to test out his invention to be on so called "subjects".

He quickly had this motel builtevery square inch of it according to his specifications. West finished and completed the design for the BOLT chips and the SCREW Driver program in this last year. I was with him throught this entire process the ups and downs until it was finally done.

West has an implant of one of his BOLT chips inside me. It isn't his decision though it is my own. I asked him to do it. First off I trust my boyfriend and know he would never use the SCREW Driver against me.

Plus he has no control over the BOLT chip in my body. The program used to control my specific BOLT chip is a completely seperate program then whats used to operate all the other BOLT chips he implants in people. The program I use to run my BOLT chip is only accessible on my laptop. Which of course is password protected.

Not just is it password protect but like his there is a eye scanning procedure that must match the signature identity of my eye to allow me to log in. Now of course the program on my lapton is SCREW Driver just a copy. My SCREW Driver is the only one that can access my BOLT chip.

Extra security is that if there ever is a failed login attempt. My laptop would notify me as soon as I log in again. I did this as a precaution not intended against West. As I said I trust him and know the real him and he wouldn't try to control me. I took these safety precautions to prevent anybody else from gaining access to my BOLT chip. In this aspect I know that my mind and body are only controlled by me.

With my SCREW Driver I have only changed two things about me so far. Changed my breasts from c cup breasts to dd breasts. The second change I made to myself was to make my vagina tighter and stay at that tightness forever. Pretty niffty stuff SCREW Driver can do right? With SCREW Driver we have had alot of fun with just a few passers by at the motel so far. It is astronomical that Cody and Dana just happened to stop at this motel. After all we found out earlier that they still live in Los Angeles, California afterall.

The odds must be something like 1 in a trillion that Cody and West would ever have met again with them living so far away from eachother. When Cody arrived West already knew he was going to get revenge by somehow messing with Cody's sex life. West discussed countless scenarios with me about how he was gonna mess with Cody's sex life. West told me exactly four plans he thought of to get his revenge. Right after he was done telling me the fourth I came up with one we actually have done.

I gave him the entire idea for what he did to Cody and Dana. While Cody's consciouness was in my body I was unaware. I made myself in a kind of sleep mode you could say.

At least thats what me and West have named that action. It was like I was alseep only I didn't feel any external stimuli going on while I was in Cody's body. Basically while Cody was me I was completely unconciouss.

When West had cum inside my body while Cody was inside of it the new programming kicked in. When West had cum Cody's conciousness was then dowloaded back to his body. My conciousness was then no longer in sleep mode and my consciousness was downloaded back to my body.

When Cody's conciousness was downloaded back into his body he was automatically put into a sleep mode. Once West was done cumming inside me we talked about the sex he had just had. Then me and West showered and got dressed. Cody's body was lying on the bed in our bedroom where we had left it right before West downloaded Cody's conciousness into my body. Cody was laying flat on his back on the bed naked.

His eyes were open but like I stated earlier he was in a sleep mode which is basically a blackout. He couldn't see us or hear us or even feel anything. I looked at West and smiled the biggest smile I had ever seen. I then said to him "where done with phase one of my plan baby". I continued you switched Cody into my body and had sex.".

West laughed a little and said "so your ready for phase 2 of your plan then I take it" still with that big smile on his face. I shook my head yes and said "yes I will fuck Cody and get pregnant with his child".

In a nutshell we had manipulated Cody's body through SCREW Driver as well as my own body to be impregnated by only his sperm. This way there was no possibility I got pregnant by West fucking my body with Cody's consciouness inside of it. The very cells in my body attacked and destroyed all of West's sperm that entered my body from him fucking me earlier.

As for Cody fucking me and getting me pregnant well. We programmed Cody to get out of his sleep mode the moment West said the word "wake up Cody". Once that was said new programming operated his mind and body. His counciousness was still in a sleep mode slash black out.

However his body would fuck me anyway. We had programmed his body to fuck as he normally would have had he just been fucking Dana. The moment he started to cum inside me his full conciousness was restored.

However we made it to where he couldn't pull his dick out of me until after he was done cumming inside me. While we fucked West jacked himself off watching us.

It always turns him on to see some other guy fucking me even if it is was Cody. Probably more so being him because at this moment he was being controlled by his cleverly hatched program. Once he was done cumming inside me phase 2 of my plan was finished.

I didn't mind having to fuck Cody. On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the sexiest. Cody was a 20 and the thought of him fucking and impregnating me turned me on. What gave me the idea for phase 2 was what me and West had found out through accessing Dana and Cody's mind through the SCREW Driver.

They both never want to have kids. Another perfect score for my babe West to get even more revenge. That of course brings us back to the present.

Everything I just mentioned I tell Cody while we are sitting at the table. I see Cody's face turn dark red with his face full of anger. Cody goes off yelling at us both and screaming about how preverted we both are. I and West argue back with him that his lack of respect for my babe back in high school and the fight humiliation made him deserve everything we have just done.

Cody angrily says "I DON'T WANT A BABY"!!!!!!!!!!! West's face and tone becomes one full of sympathy and he says "look dude we can't undo what has been done but". "We can erase you and Dana's mind of all the sexual events that have happened". West's then pauses and says and I will remove the BOLT chips from your brain stems before you leave the motel.

Cody sits there and thinks about West's proposal. It didn't take him long to agree which is of course no surprise. I mean im sure he didn't want to remember these events and if it meant West removing the BOLT chips all the better.

Cody agrees to West's proposal. Cody does question West's motives though "how do I know I can trust you to do what the HELL YOU SAY"?!!!!!

West tells him "you will just have to trust what other choice do you have"? "look go to the main lobby of the motel and sit on a chair" says West. Then West continues "In about 40 minutes I will meet you there; and then I will discuss the removal of both BOLT chips from you and Dana". Cody gives a long annoyed sigh and says "ok". Then Cody gets up and puts on the rest of his clothes on the dresser.

Once he is fully dressed me and West shows him to the front door of our motel room and locks it once he leaves. West goes and sits back down at the table. I slowy move closer to him and sit on his lap. I embarace West with my arms and kiss him on the top of his head. West looks up at my face while I sit on his lap. "I love you baby and I can't thank you enough for helping me get my revenge in such a fun way" he says to me.

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I simply reply "anything for you baby but don't thank me yet PHASE 3 hasn't even begun yet" I get all giddy!!!!!!!!! West grins at me and lets out some small laughs and says "I cant wait and I intend to keep my promise and remove those BOLT chips before they leave.before they leave I said" West adds.

I laugh and say "yes before but not a minute sooner I grin". TO BE CONTINUED.