Hottie babe Vivien gets fucked filmed in POV by Rocco

Hottie babe Vivien gets fucked filmed in POV by Rocco
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Hello my name is John, I am 41 yrs old, and have been looking for workI do odd jobs around the house or garden. I am 5'10" tall, ruggedly handsome and extremely fit. I am staying at the local caravan park, and continue to door knock at some of the close by residences, seeking work, having had some success in this neighborhood. My day commences . Knock, knock .after a brief delay, the door opens. "Yes can I help you"? an attractive woman answers.

"Hello mam, my name is John .and I am looking for work, I am a handyman and do odd jobs around homes". " Hi I'm Kelly . my home does need some attention.but I do not know you.

sorry, but I will have to decline your offer". She goes to close the door. John quickly responds," please mam, wait. I have worked for two of your neighbors in the past two weeks, the Jones's and the Wilson's. Please give them a call, they will tell you I do an excellent job for a good price. Here is a card with my contact number". " Okay, I will see what they have to say, a bad return call".

I nod, and smile, " thank you, hear from you soon, goodbye". Thinking to myself, wow, she was gorgeous, I do hope she calls, I'm sure she will - because her neighbors were extremely satisfied with my work. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ I had done my homework.

Whilst working with the Jones's and Wilson's, I found out that Kelly was attractive, 39 yrs old, divorced and has a daughter Anna 17 yrs old - equally attractive. People often say they look like sisters, and apparently there isn't a man about the house at this time, it's amazing what neighbors will confide in the trusted handyman. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Tuesday. I receive a phone calltwo days later.

" Hello, John speaking". " HiKelly here, you inquired about some odd jobs about the house the other day"? " Yes, I was anticipating your return call", a slight smile on my face. " Good, I have spoken to my neighbors, and they have given you good references, can you come by tomorrow, before ten in the morning.

I will see then, if your terms are suitable you may get the job". " No problems, see you before tenbye Kelly". __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Wednesday. I venture over to Kelly's place, and she greets me at the front door. " Hi John . do come in, there is a lot of maintenance around the house and garden to be doneespecially the guttering, the pooland painting.

But lets talk terms first. Tradesmen usually charge $30 to$40 + an hour, naturally I will supply the materialshow much an hour will you charge John". " I usually work cash in hand, keeps me out of reach of the taxman.I get a good feeling about this house, hows $20 an hour sound"? Kelly surprised," I can work with that. the neighbors said you are a very hard worker, come and I'll show what needs doing, then you can organize yourself".

Kelly proceeds to show me ,what needs doing and where the tools and machinery are located. As I am leaving Kelly gives further instructions. "Oh by the way . I am a nurse and do work shift work, having odd hours.but my daughter Anna will be here most of the time, she is completing her studies this month for final exams and is having the next two days off from school to study, so please respect her privacy and be as quiet as possible, okay John".

"No problem Kelly. I'll be very respectful to her needs, and be as quiet as possible . bye". ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Thursday. My first work day,I knock at the door. "Hi Kelly, I'll start on the lawns today, okay"? "Oh goodAnna's at a friends . do the noisy job first, good thinking - I have to go to work now".

"Bye". Thinking wow !!! Kelly looks hot in the nurses uniform . it shows her cute buttocks and bust. I bet if she bent over her patients would get an eyeful at both ends, I may have to feel sick when she returns, get some nurses attention. I get busy mowing lawns, trimming edges, not aware that Anna had returned to the house.

As I mow the lawn outside one of the windows, I notice through my peripheral vision, movement in one of the windows. I decide to have a brief break and introduce myself to Annaso I knock on the back door. I was taken aback, when she came to the door, the neighbors weren't lying, Anna could pass as Kelly's sister, same features only not as curvaceous and of course younger. She is beautiful, with a cheeky smile, really sexy. "Hello. you must be John the handyman, mum has told me you will be working today".

"Yes that's right, and your Anna, nice to meet you. Your mum asked me not to disturb you, because of your studies, the mowing is almost finished. I'll get to it, so it is quiet for you". "Thanks John. see you later", She smiled and as she turned " We'll see how good a handyman you are", she swayed her cute buttocks as she walked inside. Well that stirred some warm,tingly feelings in me - my penis stirred a little - down boy I thought. Back to work. After an hour hard work in the hot sunshine, I went to the back door to ask for a drink .it was open.

I called out to Anna . there was no response . so I entered . there was loud music and the shower was going. I peeked around the corner and saw the fully mature, shapely body and succulent breasts of Anna in the shower, she was soaping herself oblivious to my presence, rubbing her hands over her breasts and pussy mound, holding her head under the water.She then put her fingers on her clit and softly moaned, she then maneuvered her fingers into her pussy, gently fingering herself, letting out a moan, shuddering.

Well my penis immediately went erect . Then Anna reached to turn the shower off and I quickly went back outside, having forgotten about the drink. Two to three minutes later, Anna appeared in a dressing gown, at the back door, holding a drink for me, smiling.

"John, a drink for the hard working handyman", Looking down at my half erection.she blushed a little, but I knew she was flushed from her little play in the shower. "Can you help me get some heavy study books from high on the book stand, they are difficult to get down, and our small ladder is a little unsteady"? "Of course . I'll just take off these dirty boots, lead the way", she flicked her hair as she walked, and boy did she smell nice, I watched her swaying buttocks from behind, mmm nice.

"Here we are. I'll go up and the ladder and pass them to you okay . because this ladder is light and will not support your weight John.You can put them on the table behind you". "Okay Anna, be careful", I steady her, by holding her hand as she gets on the ladder. anything to be of assistance. "Hold the ladder tightI do not want to fall". With that Anna climbed the ladder, I was below holding the ladder still, the higher she went, the more I saw of her legs and buttock.

Glancing up again, I was greeted by the sweetest camel toe I had ever seen, my penis did leap as well, for Anna had no knickers on, and her beautiful shaved pussy was right above eyes, glistening - still moist from her finger fucking shower.

I could smell her pheromones, her sexy scent. I said to myself, calm down, this is a school girl, I am working for her mother, cool it. "John, hey John, take these books please", I reach up and she passes down some heavy books, the ladder wobbles a little.

" keep me safe Mr handyman". She giggles to herself. I place the books on the table. "Believe me Anna your safeI have the ladder". " All finished for now John, hold the ladder steady", Anna starts to come down slowly, carefully, I take her hand as she gets to the floor area to maintain her balance, she stumbles slightly, bumping into me. "Thank you". She pecks me on my cheek. Then Anna looks down at my work shorts, then up into my eyes, smiles and in a teasing voice says, " Oh Mr handyman, you either have too many tools in your pockets, or you have a problem in your pants.

Maybe the handyman needs a hand"? With that comment, before I could react, she had my shorts down and my penis in hand, cupping my ballsher lips licking my pre-cum from the head of my cock, her hand holding my shaft. Anna looked up into my eyes and said "This will have to be a little rushed, mum will be home in 10 mins. She knelt, with her hands working on my cock and balls, her luscious mouth, licking and sucking, engulfing my pulsating hard cock.both of us moaning in delight.

As she knelt her gown opened revealing her succulent taut nipples and breasts.I attempted to grasp, fondle them, but Anna had me totally engrossed in what she was doing, I was over sensitive, the tension rapidly building, my body shivered, aching for relief, my cock was fully taken, I grabbed her head as my cum erupted in her willing sucking mouth, down her throat, my body convulsing in ecstasy.

Definitely heaven mmm. Anna looked up and smiled, and as she planted a kiss on my lips, we heard a car enter the driveway. we both scurried back to where we were supposed to be. Anna with her study books, and me in the backyard looking busy. Kelly came around the back of the house," Hi John . wow, what a great job on the lawn, you must be tired, come on inside and have a drink", I oblige, coming inside, Anna enters the room. " John this is my daughter Anna".

"Pleased to meet you Anna.your mum says you have to study for exams, I hope I haven't disturbed you "? "Hello John, no it's coolI have barely noticed you were here".

" I try to be quiet, what are you studying, science - perhaps anatomy"? Anna smiles," Gosh John the handyman, you must be psychic as well, I was studying anatomy". "AnnaJohn's going to clean the pool tomorrow, so don't annoy him. but give him some refreshments . I'll be working again tomorrow ". "Sure mum ." I was finished for the day, thinking wow, what have I gotten myself into here, that girl is turn on.

Many thoughts will ponder my mind when I relax at home. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Friday. The next day is hot, I am cleaning out the pool, dressed in shorts and no shirt. Anna is at the pool side, on a banana chair, sunbathing in a bikini, pretending to study. Obviously distracted, continually looking my way.

She motions me over. " Now Anna about yesterday, thank you for the attention, but I am too old for you, you are what 16-17 years old. I don't want to piss off your mum, I need this job". "Relax John, I am older that I look, I'm almost 18, my birthday is next month. Don't worry about mumI can handle her. I was just a little hornyyou know, when you saw me in the shower. ha ha". "What, you knew I was there, you little tease, I thought I got out of there without you knowing".

"Well next time take off your work boots, silly, you left grass clippings where you were standing, it made me so wet knowing you were watching, as you well knew - when you looked up my dressing gown.ha ha .naughty you. Besides you are handsome and cute, maybe you could hit it off with my mum, she just works and hasn't had a man in ages. mmm and I loved your cock, so much cum, I'm sure mum would love to be impaled by it, but she doesn't know about it yet".

"Anna lets keep yesterday a secret, okay"? "Sure John, that sun is really burning today, I have sun lotion on already. So don't be spooked that I will ask you to apply some. ha ha. But look at you, burning, you don't want to get severely burnt, turn around and I'll apply some to your back". "There sit in front of me, now lean back a little . mmm .oil is so slippery and soothing don't you think John"? "Feels great, Anna", I relax and let her hands gently rub sun tan lotion on my back.

I am unaware thatAnna has taken off her bikini top, and rubbed more lotion on her breasts and belly, she massages my back and neck, Anna embraces my back, her breasts sliding and gliding, skin on skin, lotion on lotion. Oh god that feels great, then I realize it is her naked breasts and nipples exciting me. The instant electricity radiates through my body, she has done it again, my cock alerts me to my horny desires.

Her hands reach forward from behind and grasp his cock through the shorts, oh godher tits/nipples fucking up my resistance. " Turn around John", was the command, "Oooh what do we have here", looking at his bulging shorts,"Release the beast, so it can it can have freedom and I can see it.

Mr handyman, I have a job for you, show me yours and I'll show you mine, then you can have instructions, are you up for it"? I nod, like a love sick school boy. Anna is radiant, her cheeks flushed, the sexual desire sparkling in her eyes.

Her breasts firm, glistening with lotion, her nipples so erect, amplifying her arousal. I have my shorts off, my erect cock found one of my hands, which had some lotion on it, which I slowly moved around the head and shaft. mmm. Anna quickly, removes her bikini bottom, not wanting to lose the moment.

She lays back on the banana chair, spreading her legs, her magnificent camel toe oozing with wetness. So fucking erotic, so sexy, a magnetic beacon teasing my cock. I am mesmerized, this is one fucking horny chick, I gather my senses and intend fucking her pussy with all my sexual prowess and strength.

"John I want you to suck, lick and eat my pussy, while I play with my breasts and nipples, oh god this is the most sensitive I have ever been". She touches her soaking pussygetting her juices on her hands so she can transfer it to her nipples and lips. Her eyes looking up pleadingly to me. My lips and tongue, touch her clit, she moans and bucks a little.

I see her hands vigorously rubbing her breasts and pinching her nipples. Needing no further encouragement, I kiss, licksuck her clit and pussy, my fingers parting her camel toe now open to be ravaged. Anna bucks and moans and groans in pleasure, to many mini orgasms. I continue, my fingers pumping into her sweet pussy, finding a hidden G-Spot .I gave it special attention, finding my reward in Anna bucking wildly, gasping for breath, her body shaking .

the excited release rush of orgasmic juices as she exploded into ecstasy. She was spent, perspiration glistening on her body. I relished this vision, so sweetso innocent, laying there awaiting my throbbing, hard cock. I lift her legs and buttocks and pull her towards me at the end of the chair, where I will have greatest access and mobility.

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In the background, a car pulls into the drive. Then Anna sat bolt upright, " Shit it's mum, move John, quickly", she hastily puts on her bikini and jumps into the pool, while I gather my clothes and duck into the tool shed, getting dressed hurriedly.

Anna was giggling as she watches my out stretched cock and bare buttocks race across the lawn to the shed. "Hi. .what's so funny Anna", Kelly coming through the back entrance of the house. "John's had some trouble with one of his tools, he was cursing. I told him to jump in the water". I poke my head out the shed door, smiling.

"Well done John, the pool looks lovely and clean. thank you. John if you want to, you can take a swim when your finished . I think I'll take a dip too". Kelly goes inside and returns in a revealing bikini. Wow look at Kelly so curvaceous in her bikini . oozes sexual appeal. they both do. I think I'll stay in the shed for a bit, my cock's not coping, I might have to jerk off, these women are driving me nuts.

" I'll do some maintenance in the shed". "Okay John, see you tomorrow". Kelly then starts swimming up and down the pool.

Gosh here I am stuck in this shed, my cock and balls are aching. I have got to release the tension, or I'll piss somebody off. I take out my cock, it hasn't gone down at all, Kelly didn't help things coming out in that sexy bikini. I need some lubricant. "Jesus you scared me",I was caught unawares again, a hand reached around me and took hold of my cock .It was Anna smiling, her hands were soft, soothing and cool to my hot pulsating cock.

"Hey big boy, I caused this, I'll fix it, I'll be your handy woman. . ha ha. Don't worry mum does 25 laps in the pool now . she's only done five, so we have at least 10 minutes".she immediately began to lick off the oozing pre-cum, to lick my shaftparting her lips, sucking with expertise. Pausing for a breath she said "This is my ice cream"then she again took my full load, as I exploded quickly and forcefully into her eager, hungry mouth.

I again held her head, as I came, this was one very horny student. I loved it. "That was great Anna, thank you for the assistance". I pulled her close and slip my hand into her bikini bottom, my fingers finding her soaked pussy, I tickle her clit. She melts a little, but removes my hand as she is wary that her mum will finish her laps soon.

"Shhh, mum will hear you, I'll sneak out while she is going the other way, byeee ". I watch as she leaves, waiting for her mum at the end of the pool, Anna is relaxed talking to her mum as if nothing had happened. I tidy up the shed and decide not to have a swim, things may get a little awkward - so I head off home.

___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Saturday/Sunday. The weekend, I don't work these days.

I generally tend to personal chores and catch up with some friends. Though for the first time in a long time, I wanted this weekend to go quicker, warm fuzzy feelings invading my body when ever I think of Kelly and Anna.

___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Monday. A low key day. I worked in the garden, planting new plants, weeding .Anna was studying inside. and Kelly was doing the house chores, it being her day off. The three of us exchanged pleasantriespolite and well mannered contact.

Occasionally I would see Anna looking at me through a windowgiving me a discreet wave. Today was to be a normal work day, as far as I could deduce. I thought, oh wellI can't expect excitement everyday and continued to work. I was gardening outside Kelly's window, it was 11 a.m, I can see through a small gap in the curtains, she is still in her nightshirt.

As far as I know Anna is studying in her room, so I look around, nobody is outside. Kelly appears to be looking at photo's of what, I cannot see, she sits cross legged on her bed, she has a smile on her face --very sexy I thought. She flicks through to another photo and places her other hand between her legs. Gosh she is playing with her clit and finger fucking herself, whilst looking at the photo's. She is totally unaware of my looking in . my penis is excited.then a knock at her door.

"Mumphone call". Kelly appears upset at the disruption, but answers, and quickly hides the photo's in a book, puts it in a box and slides it under her bed. I quickly move away from the window and continue gardening, my thoughts wondering what's in the box ? The day finishes, no other encounters or mysteries, I go home.

__________________________________________________________________________________________________ Tuesday. Both Kelly and Anna have gone shopping this morning, they have left me a note, the back door is unlocked.

so that I could get a drink, or use the toilet. My thoughts returned to the mysterious box, what's a man to do, other than garden some more.of course to have a look at what had got Kelly so worked up about. I enter the house cautiously, you can never be too careful, and enter Kelly's bedroom, and look under the bed for the box.

It is not there, crap I say, the cupboard would be the obvious place. I carefully look around, careful to put things back in place, finally I see the same box, it was hidden up high in the back of the cupboard under some old sheets. Wellwell, what do we have gosh.

wow !!!! .fuck .


wow !!!! The mystery is solved. I found sexually explicit photo's of Anna, having sex with six different guys her age, at different times in her bedroom, I assume boyfriends. I go into Anna's room and try to calculate where the photo's had been taken from. What have we here, ah yes, a very carefully concealed a hidden camera, impossible to notice unless you knew what you were looking for.

It is very sophisticated, has a timer as it doesn't make a noise when taking photo's. I know because I have one myself. Back in Kelly's room, I look through the photo's, there are 20 odd photo's of each sexual session, roughly over 100 photo's.

I will take one of each, 6 in total, she will not miss them, anyway whom can she ask about them, nobody. These may come in use later. Carefully I replace the box to its hiding place. I return to work, hiding the photo's in my bag for now. That afternoon as I am going home, having completed my work, Kelly and Anna return from their shopping expedition, we exchange waves.

___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Wednesday. 8.30 a.m. Kelly is at work . Anna greets me at the door. " Hello to my favorite handyman", she kisses my lips and rubs my shorts, getting an instant reaction from my cock. "Mum's at work, I have to catch the bus in 20 minutes, I've been waiting for you, playing with my pussy, here feel how wet it is". She lifts her school skirt, revealing no panties and takes my fingers placing it at the entrance of her pussy.

" See so fucking wet for you, so come onI can see your cock's ready to break out, lets not waste time". Well, what can I say, having been so close to her sweet pussy on two previous occasions, and been denied, I was not going to let this slip by.

My cock sprung out, when I dropped my shorts. "Wow ! yumm. it looks bigger than before, I'm so fucking moist. I'll bend over the lounge, you fuck real me good John the handyman, and don't mess up my uniform, just fuck my cunt, so I can think of you while I'm in class". Anna was bent over on the lounge, supporting herself, I pulled her buttocks, towards my eager cock, she was so wet.

The head of my cock briefly parted her pussy lips, I savored the moment, holding her firm by her hips, watching my shaft slowly disappear into the peach of her pussy. Anna moaned " Oh my God it feels so big", she pushes herself back against my cock, wanting more cock in her aching cunt, finally I ram it right in, she shivers in delight "Oh, fuck me, yes yesyes". We move in unison, the thrusts continuing harder and harder, the slapping of skin against skin. I have wanted this for days, Anna is gasping for breath, her legs shaking, taking all of the deep thrusts from my cock, she orgasms and another is close.

My balls are tight, a shiver runs through my body, my cock is ready to shoot my load into her beautiful pussy. I arch my back, a final deep thrust, she pushes back hard against me. I unload the my full bag of cum, we slacken our bodies. She screams, " Don't move. I so fucking sensitive". My cock flops out, the juices running down her legs, Anna collapses on the lounge. "Wow Anna you are one of the better fucks I've had, that was great, thank you ", I give her a passionate kiss.

Anna winks at me and looks at her watch, she hurriedly stands, getting some tissues, cleaning herself, then puts an her panties and straightens her school dress. " John that was awesome, now I can survive the day at school.

I have missed you for the last few days, I have to go bye". Anna grabs her school bag and runs out the door, the bus just pulling up at the stop. It took a while for me to settle after that, I had a coffee and morning tea, then slowly found a job to occupy me.

Mid-day comes along. I am working in the garden, Kelly arrives home in her nurses uniform, she is crying and rushes inside. I was concerned, so I entered the house calling out to her, she rushes out to me crying.

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I ask her whats the matter. "Just hug me John . please . shhh just hug me". "Okay", I give her a comforting hug, holding her close. Gosh, she smells nice, mmm so soft and warm and cuddly. After what happened this morning, my cock was responding again, damn this is not the time, down boy. My cock was erect in my shorts, and she felt it in the close hugging position.

"Oh you disgusting man, I am upset and you can't comfort me without getting an erection"? "What's your problem, I can't help it, your a desirable woman, I'm human, my apologies from me and my cock". " Is that how you talk to your employer, apologies from your cock .really". She was looking really angry.

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Fuck she is sexy when she's mad, oozing sexual appeal, though I had better be careful, I might lose my job. " Well what have you got to say, John"? " Look Kelly, lets take a step back, you are angry, you are upset, no matter what I say, I'm sure it will be the wrong thing. I hope you sort out what has upset you. I will leave now, and perhaps we can catch up tomorrow when you are calmer".

Kelly loses the plot, and pushes me as I attempt to walk past her." Where do you think your going, running away, talk to me now"? I took hold of her hand, when she pushed me, pulling her close. "It seems you like confrontation, your anger makes you more sexy than normal"? "Nobody asked for your opinion, let me go you ." Before she could finish, I kissed her lips, for a moment she softened and almost responded. " How dare you", she pushed away. I moved forward towards her, cornering her."How long since you had a man Kelly, right now you couldn't keep your eyes off the bulge in my shorts .want to see whats hidden"?

I held her again and passionately kissed her, Kelly's lips responding briefly, then again she resisted.and slapped me on the face. but I held her body firm against mine.

I reached my hand down under her skirt and touched her mound, her soaked panties, this was making her wet and aroused. Her hands were free, but I held her firm, she slapped me again. "How dare you molest me, let me go, now.", the anger persisting, as she struggled against my hold. I am stubborn and kiss her again, as I know she is aroused and horny, her pussy oozing with wetness. This time she actually responds back, a more lingering kiss, then thinks better of it and pulls back.

" Don't be stupid John, lets stop for now", thinking, he's fucking right I'm so horny and wet. but I cannot give in, he will think I'm an easy fuck. My hand is between her legs .she hasn't pulled my hand off her mound, that tells me something. I rub her mound a little more firmly, my fingers searching for the side of her panties, find her clit and soon I'll have her pleading to be fucked. "Ohh . ohh .Stop John . mmmm", I am trying to pull away, but he is so strong.

Oh my gosh, he's trying to get into my panties. Kelly is hot and flustered, actually loving being man handled, she begins to open her legs slightly, a surrender, but she can see out the front window. Anna is getting off the bus with her friend Melissa. Panic. " Anna's walking down the path with her friend, you have to go John. Please, we can talk when I'm next off work .

okay "? "I'll keep you to that Kelly, sleep well, bye ". ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Thursday 8.30 a.m. Knocking at he door, Anna answers,"Hi is your mum here"? "No John .

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she's been called into work.I enjoyed your cock so much yesterday, I'm still a little sore, unfortunately I'm late this morning, mum will kill me if I miss school, hell, there's my bus, byeeeee". I watch Anna leave, and go into the shed to work on some machinery, after about 30 mins, I came out, and noticed the back door open and movement inside the house. I cautiously crept inside to investigate, knowing both Anna and Kelly were out for the day.

Very quietly I move from room to room and find Melissa, Anna's friend, sneaking around opening draws, rummaging through them in Kelly's room. I keep quiet, watching, Melissa doesn't know I'm there, she continues to search. I take my mobile phone out of my pocket and silently run the video camera, taking in what Melissa was doing. Melissa was pocketing money and jewelry. Melissa had no ideaI was there, but I took the video, because I could be charged with theft, if anything went missing.

A sort of insurance for me, and perhaps a black mailing tool to use with Melissa. I am so devious, it scares me sometimes. My mind racedwatching her, hmm, Melissa, is about 175 cms tall, African descent, has delicious ebony skin, not thin - a well proportioned body, and it appears smallish breasts, and cute buttocks, difficult to determine with her school uniform on.

Melissa is very attractive. Melissa continued to look around the room, checking that she left things tidy and in place. I sit in an armchair facing the door she will come out of, Melissa would not be able to run away. She comes out, startled at seeing me there. " Oh shit, man you scared the crap out of me, my hearts pounding. what are you doing here dude ? Your John right". " Hello Melissa, more to the point what are you doing herearen't you supposed to be in school"?

"Ummm I left something here yesterday, and have come to pick it up". Her voice wavering slightly. " No, no Melissa I have been watching you. you are stealing Kelly's belongings". " No I'm not. your a liar, I'll tell Kelly's mum you are harassing me, I'll get you fired". " Really, such bravado Melissa, how about I call the police right now, they can empty your pockets and see what your have taken".

" You don't scare me mister, I'll put it back before they come, and I'll accuse you of rape, then you'll be in deep shit". " So you admit stealing, that's great for me, because I have just recorded what you said, and I also have a video of you stealing Kelly's things, what have you got to say about that Melissa"?

Melissa bursts into tears. " Please don't call the police, I will get expelled and my dad will thrash me with his belt, he is a proud man and doesn't accept failure. I am on my last warning with him, this would make him, so, so mad.

He terrifies me when he loses his temper". "The Police must be called, you see, what you were about to do, would have me, as the suspect in stealing from this house, you didn't think of that did you"? Tears were running down her ebony cheeks, " Please don't.

Please". She was so sad, begging. " Let me think about it, while you put everything back in Kelly's room, don't attempt to run out, because I have your voice recordings and the video. I would hate to have to show your father". "I've put everything back John . now what "? Melissa sheepishly returns to the room. "Now come close and stand before me, good, here's $40 it may help you", I put the money in her breast pocket of her uniform, my fingers lightly touching a nipple I'm sure, hmm she might not be wearing a bra.

" Thank you, John, I am so sorry, really", did he just touch my breast, when he put the money in my pocket. I could do with the money. " Turn around and let me look at you", wow, fucking wow, a ebony model.

My cock has just shot bolt upright. " You do realize that you have to have some form of punishment for what you have done"?

"Oh no, you are going to give me the strap, well at least nobody will hit as hard as my father does"? she begins to cry again. "No Melissa, I love your soft smooth ebony skin, stand there and let me admire you, I will tell you if you can move, you have no choice, but to do as I say, or I will tell your father what you have done. Is that understood"? "Yes John . if this will get me out of trouble .

and my father never hears of this, you have a deal. But I am just a school girl, what do you want me to do"?


"Just stand there for now, and don't speak, and follow your natural instincts". I stand and lightly touch her ebony cheeks and lovely full lips with my fingers. Melissa looks at me, not to sure what's happening, then it clicks in her mind I'm sure, when I run my hands over her clothed breasts and curvaceous buttocks.

I am going to take my time with her, so delightful, so delicious. Melissa appears a little unsettled and I utter, " Just relax and enjoy the attention, I will not hurt you I promise, are you a virgin Melissa"?

This handyman is going to take advantage this situation and me, what have I done. " ahh, no I am not a virgin, I have made out with two boys, please do not hurt me, promise"?

"I Promise". I am face to face with her, she closes her eyes, I ever so gently kiss her beautiful full lips, and she responds to the gentleness. I then kiss her neck and I see goose bumps on her skin,and she moans softly. Melissa feels my hot lips on hers, it feels good, she reacts kissing me back. I then kiss her neckshe shivers at the warm. fuzzy feeling moving through her body. Whispering," Oh that feels good. mm". Melissa is anxious, but has a strange anticipation over whelming her.

"Because I am a considerate man, I am going to take off your school clothes, and fold them up so they do not get crushed". I unbutton her school shirt, pealing it back over her shoulders, she doesn't resist.

I was rightno bra, what gorgeous firm breasts, my hands fondle them. What wonderful nipples, taut and erect, really sitting out, I immediately suck on themrolling my tongue around them. Melissa responds by touching my head, her body craving for more.

"Nobody has ever touched me like you do Johnmy body is tingling all over. it's so wonderful.what is happening to me, all these wonderful sensations.mmm". "Step out of your skirt please", Melissa obliges, "Now I want you to take off your panties.yes well done".

I reach down and run my hands gently over her mound, locating her sweet pussy, it was so wet now, this is another horny chick, but with less experience than Anna.

My fingers part her pussy lips and find her taut, tingling clit, she almost jumps in the air from the radiated pleasure from her clit.The wetness covering my hand. I place her juices from my hand onto her breasts and tell her to play with her own nipples while I finger fuck her, she agrees. Melissa moans loudly, " so sensitive, what are you doing to me, I almost can't stand it, mmmm ". I finger her a little more vigorously, she writhes in pleasure, enjoying all of this attention. "This is amazing mmm .

I think I'm giddy mmmmmcan I see your cock please John"? I take off my clothes, while she still enjoys her breasts. "Wow look at your muscles, your so strong huh ! . There it is, what a big cock John, it looks so hungry, so angry, should I be scared of it ?

Looking at it is making me so horny". I pick Melissa up in my arms and place her on Kelly's bedshe lays back spreading her legs, smiling at me, beckoning me with her fingers to get on top of her.

As I get close, she closes her hands on my cock, I need to fuck her, I was going to eat pussy, but that can wait until later. Melissa was already guiding my cock at the opening of the pinkest, sweetest pussy.

The juices escaped as my cock entered her, she moans a little, she is really tightso I enter slowly, gently. My finger fucking her helped her to expand. Melissa rocks slowly with my slow rhythm, moving in unison, and as the pace builds up, she grabs my buttocks pulling me into her cunt.

We thrash together as one. She screams out when her orgasm erupts, really bucking wildly, so much passion and energy. "My bodies on fire, my minds on cloud nine .ahhhh . ohhhhh that was my first ever orgasm.WOW." "Your first.really, I think you can manage another one, get on top of me, up you get".

I roll over onto my back, my cock having recovered quickly was erect again, being bolt upright, awaiting Melissa to lower herself onto it. "mmm you are so tight Melissa, take it at your own pace, enjoy the pleasure, I will watch your facial reactions, as you hump me, that will arouse me even more". Both John and Melissa are unaware that Kelly has returned home, she heard the cries of pain or ecstasy in her bedroom and rushed to see what was wrong, maybe Anna was in trouble.

"What the fuck. John . Melissa ? Oh my gosh . John your fucking a school child. Get out of my house . now"! Kelly rushes into the lounge room, looking for the phone. Melissa has a look of shock on her face. "Melissa stay here okayeverything will be fine . I promise . just wait under the covers.

trust me". "I trust you John, I'll wait'. I run out the door seeing Kelly picking up the phone, I take it from her forcefully. "You don't want to do that Kelly. you will cause huge problems for everybody, myselfyourself, Melissa and above all Anna". "Annawhat do you mean Anna.she means the world to me, I would do anything to protect her, anything" ! " I thought you would say that .come with me into the kitchen, I do not want Melissa to over hear what I have to say.

Now listen carefully, I have copies of your private photo's of Anna fucking her boyfriends, I am aware you get off on them, and how you got them". Kelly horrified ,"WHAT !!! How !!! you deceitful shit. you fucking lowest of lows". She attempted to punch me several times, I easily brushed off the punches. "I told you, I like it when your angry, so sexy.

Wow. This is what is going to happen Kelly, should you decline, I will show these photo's to Anna, and the boys parents.think about it while your in shower. then put on my shirt there with no underclothes and come into the bedroom. now don't be long. Melissa and I will be waiting for you".

Kelly her mind racing, fuck I'm in a bind, what can I do, I see no way out, but do what he asks, I will shower and ponder any possible way out of this. John enters Kelly's roomMelissa looks worried . "Hi beautiful ", getting into bed next to Melissa . "Now everything's fine . I've spoken to Kelly, and sorted things out with her, she was just surprised about us fucking on her bedand I think she was jealous of you", I play with her nipples, "Kelly thinks your hot, and said Anna always talks about you".

"For real, she thinks I'm hot, coolI think she's hot to . oh thank youI feel much better, I like the way you touch my tits. oooooh . Mr penis is rising, can I play with him"? "Just softly with your hands for now, mmmmmnow listen and do as I say, when Kelly arrives, okay". "Okay. will she be nice to me . John"? "Kelly will be very nice to you . now when she comes. tell her that she's hot, that you love her figurethat you often have wet dreams about her".

"But I do secretly love her, she is in my dreams .Anna and Kelly are so alike, often Anna and I would fuck and kiss each other, and I imagine doing the same with Kelly, is that bad"?

"No that is good and very interesting Melissa, but your must give Kelly praise when she comes and try to please her . I will guide you". "Oh yes John., thank you . I will do as you say without question". Knockknock, can I come in, my, the room seems hot. hello Melissa". "Hi Kelly . your the one that is hot . wow you look ravishing, come sit on the bed, so I can touch your beautiful hair".

Kelly thinks to herselfwhat the fuck am I doing, a handyman and an African student in my bed, I have no choice. I knew the pictures would be trouble . oh well, take your punishment . sit on the bed. "Thank you for the compliments Melissa. your sweet". "Now you remember how exciting it was to be seduced by me, earlier" ? " Do I !!! yes, John I'll never forget today. I melted to your every touch. gosh I'm getting horny and wet thinking about it again .mmm.

please fuck me again John .please" !!! "John, what are you doing, you want me to watch you fuck her, is that what you want"? Kelly was getting angry again. I have to stop this quickly. " Melissa please . we have a beautiful woman herethe delicious Kelly. She is squeaky clean having showered for us, her jewels of love are there waiting for us, she is so primed and needing our attention. Look at how radiant and sexy she is, Kelly craves for special attention.

See look at her, she is eyeing my penis in your hands, maybe your hot lips and taut breasts will interest her as well". Kelly felt her anger surge, but also a tingle of excited expectation flushed through her body .

gosh she was becoming aroused - surely not . this is ridiculous. Melissa leans over and lightly kisses Kelly on the lips. "Well done Melissa, that will calm her a little - she is so desirable our Kelly, go to her Melissa, and do to Kelly what I did to you - slowly seduce her ". This should be so good, I can't wait. "A dream come truethank you John . do you know Kelly, that I have fantasized about this moment.

stand please Kelly". Melissa tries to be confident.

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Melissa takes Kelly's hand and leads her to stand, kissing her palmthen gently sucks her fingers. Then Melissa steps behind Kelly, embracing her from behind, she nibbles Kelly's earsher neck, Melissa's hands fondling Kelly's breasts through the shirt, her breasts in Kelly's back, Kelly slightly arches her buttocks into Melissa's groin. they both give a slight moan.

They turn facing each other, their fingers probing each others wet pussies. They both take deep breathes and giggle. Melissa then undoes the buttons on Kelly's shirt.its open.and grasps each breast in her hands.fondling.twitching nipples, Kelly squeals with delight.and changes her demeanor. "You want to fuck me, lets fuck then", Kelly passionately kisses Melissa and becomes the dominant partner, finger fucking Melissa while she sucks Melissa's succulent nipples They hungrily, kiss, grope and fondle each other.

Kelly clearly dominates Melissa, pushing her onto the bed, opening her legs, eagerly lashing her lips and tongue on Melissa's clit and pussy. Kelly's on her knees, her buttocks sitting up revealing her peachy pussy, which is leaking love juices. Kelly has her back to the door and does not see Anna standing there, Melissa sees Kelly ,and both Anna and Melissa are about to say something, when I intervene, quickly putting a finger to my lips .shushing them.they acknowledge my request with a nod.

Anna barely being able to contain herself from giggling . which lightens the situation. everyone relaxing.except for Kelly whom was sucking on Melissa's pussy. "You girls are amazing, to heighten your senses, I am going to blindfold you both", thumbs up from Anna - she hands me two blind folds (scarfs), and I put them on Kelly and Melissa.

They resume full passion with each other. Anna is happy and smiling, has a tear running down her cheek.whispering to me," this is what mum needs. she has been so miserable. I'm so happy for her". I kiss Anna passionately, whilst roughly ripping off Anna's school uniform, Anna takes my cock in hand, stroking it while she watches her mum with Melissa.

They are now in the 69 position, aggressively sucking each others pussies.

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Anna gets fucking horny watching this, I see this and take off Melissa's blind fold, once again indicating for her to not say a word. I then gesture Anna to bend over and finger fuck her mum, while Melissa moves to licking and sucking her mum's nipples. Moans and groans of pleasure follow. The look on Anna's face, she is beaming with excitement, so full of sexual arousal.

Melissa came over to me, I was sitting on a chair, my boner upright, leaving Anna hovering over Kelly, admiring her mum's hot body. Melissa lowered herself on my cock, us being face to face, and began to raise her buttocks up and down, fucking me. Kelly sensing something was different, removed the blind fold. " Anna, what the .your naked.where are your clothes.oh my god.this is a mistake".

anger was building quickly. "Chill out mum, shhhhhh", Anna pushed Kelly back down as she tired to get up. To keep Kelly down Anna lay on top off her, there was a brief struggle, a sort of mini wrestle. But the heat and arousal, of breasts on breasts, nipples on soft soothing skin, their bodies touching, naked, changed things immediately. Shaved mounds rubbing against each other, legs entwined. Kelly's and Anna's breaths so close, looking into each others eyes.

"I love you mum", Then Anna proceeded to kiss her mum's lips, with unbridled love, passion and desire. Kelly, closed her eyes and let herself go, relaxing her resistance, crying as she hungrily responded to her daughters affection. She was so horny, and loved the feeling of what she was doing.

This really turned Melissa and myself on more, it was so beautiful. Melissa humping me with all the energy and passion she could muster, her ebony skin glistening with sweat and oozing natural sexual pheromones. The girls are totally engrossed in each others pleasures, having moved to the 69 position, Kelly is on her back, legs spread for Anna. Anna looks up at me, and winks, pointing towards her mum's cum covered, erotic pussy.

"This pussy needs you John, she wants you, I want you to fuck my mum ". Kelly attempts to move off her back, but Melissa and Anna get on either side of Kelly and hold her down, at the same time fondling her, keeping her aroused. Anna motions for me to come stand between Kelly's legs, as I get close she grabs hold of my cock, Melissa smiles also grabbing cock, they both lightly kiss it, ensuring the hardness remains.

Anna then gently pulls Kelly's already spread legs wider, Melissa does the same from the other side, they then both tickle and kiss the inside of her upper legs to her pussy.Kelly moans in delight. I am gobsmackedspeechless. looking at this wonderful sight, a magnificent primed pussy and two hot girls inviting/encouraging me to fuck this stunning woman.

My legs will not open any more, oooohhh that's wonderful . that tactile, kissing, fondling. Kelly reaches down with her hands, using her fingers to part her labia to reveal her honey filled hole to all in the room. "I am so wet, there is an ocean of sweet juices there, yummm", she looks up at me, then at the two girls." Well Mr Handyman these girls want you to fuck me, and this pulsating pussy of mine will never be as ready as it is now, it's time".

Anna ,Melissa I are mesmerized by the alluring wink of Kelly's beautiful cunt. The girls lean over an and kiss each other, then both lightly take my cock and lead it to Kelly's entrance, leaving the head right at her pussy lips. Kelly can feel this, her eyes pleading with me, to thrust my cock deep into her awaiting treasure. I am a bit of a tease, I leave it at her opening, whilst I lower myself on her body, kissing her breasts and nipples, before giving her the most amazing passionate, lingering kiss.

I can sense her body, her armsher legs, her pussy trying to bring my body further forward - make me enter her. I resist for the moment. Her eyes, her vibes are pleading, begging. I whisper, "Brace yourself lover, the handyman is about to fuck you like you've never been fucked before".

Kelly, shivers at the thought. I lower myself and begin a slow entry, to oohs and gasps of delight, her body in unison with her pussy, sucking me in, taking all of me, when my cock is two - thirds in, I thrust with all my might, impaling my cock as far as it would go, taking her by surprise.

Her body reacted, thrashing, squeezing against my legs, she sucked in deep breaths. Kelly screamed out in ecstasy," Oh My God.I've cum already". I raise myself slightly looking at her reaction, her facial expressions, amazing. I commence slow thrusts again. "Oh John, careful, slow please, I am so sensitive, my nerve endings are sizzling". Anna and Melissa are watching, they too are amazed, but also horny and now eagerly finger fuck themselves.

Kelly attempts to speak, but with each thrust, the pressure of another orgasm is increasing, she is concentrating on my cock, as it invades and retreats from her highly aroused cunt. Kelly moves in unison with me, so magical, so wonderful.

I pin Kelly's hands to the bed, interlocking them with mine, we are eye to eye, I am deep in her pussy, she is at my mercy. I begin long thrusts with my hips, my honey covered cock moving smoothly in and out her pussy, I build up the momentum, stronger more forceful thrusts, Kelly moans in delight, I am aching now, my full bag now taking away my control.

Kelly is responding returning my thrusts, fasterfaster, skin smacking/slapping against skin. Kelly's hands are free, pulling me closer/tighter. I give my all, my final thrust, my head goes back, my body shudders, I am gasping for breath, as I unload a full bag of cum into her awaiting, succulent womb.

Kelly sighs and tightly wraps her legs around me. The sweat is pouring from us both, we are spent of energy, I kiss her lips and collapse beside her. Kelly turns to me, we are eye to eye again, she kisses me with passion, I respond. We relax and cuddle. Anna and Melissa, so caught up in the emotion, they applaud an cheer, awakening us from our bliss. Kelly breaks the silence first, " Anna, I don't know what to say"? "Don't think about it too much mum. You are the hottest mum in this town, but because of a bad experience, you have locked yourself away for three long years.

I knew you got yourself off, on photo's of me having sex with my boyfriends. Why do you think they are so well focused and explicit. I had to rearrange the camera to zoom in.and I brought the boys in for us, that you too could have some pleasure.

I love you mum and disliked seeing you miserable." " I am still speechless Anna, I will need a little time to take this in"? "John the handyman entering our lives has been a blessing .now be honest mum. isn't this the most, fantastic, erotic, sexually fulfilling day you have ever had" ? "I am absolutely spent, well and truly fucked, physically and mentally exhausted, I can't lie it was great, amazing.

You are my angel Anna, my best buddy too. I love you Anna.thank you, I hope to have many more sexual encounters, but I don't think it will be as mind blowing as what happened today. My three years isolation is broken. thank you all from the bottom of my heart and especially from my sore satisfied pussy". "Mum, I need to ask you something, it's important".

"Hmm I know that tone Anna, it has me worried". "Mum, my beautiful mum, Melisa as you know is an exchange and her billets are leaving town, and we have the roomcan she stay here, please. Her scholarship will pay for rent, please". I mumble, "Billets, what"? and decide to shut up, I will speak with Melissa later. Melissa smiles at me. "The extra money would be great, I don't see a problem, honey, welcome to the family Melissa". They embrace together unaware of their nakedness.

"Great, your the best, and of course it will our duty, to make sure the handyman, keeps up with the jobs, having his tools well maintained and lubricated". Anna winks at me.

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They all look at me, "Well, is the handyman up for it"?