Presley Dawson Inserts Bottle In Her Cunt

Presley Dawson Inserts Bottle In Her Cunt
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Hi am Luis I am your average nine-teen year old horny teen in a relationship with my girlfriend Christi. When I am not hanging out with friends or chasing sexy girls around, I spend hours at the gym lifting weights and hitting the punching bag and some lazy days ,doing light workouts with the treadmill or taking Zumba classes.

Yes I take Zumba classes even though am I guy there a good quick workout and also sometimes some sexy women. I had become a bit exercise nut during the summer. I just loved looking at the super sexy high school girls getting fit and some hot milfs too. At least once a week some girl was hitting on me. someone had left notes on my windshield requesting a date along with a phone number.

Of course, I threw the notes away. I was after all taken. I took my workouts seriously and never looked back to acknowledge the stares I got from all the cute girls, even though I knew they were constantly checking me out. One evening, I came home from lifting weights and running on the treadmill. My brother was watching TV and told me that my and mom and dad still haven't come home from work yet. I went upstairs to take a shower. I went to the bathroom started to undress and turned the shower on.

I pulled off my sweaty shirt and shorts when my phoned buzzed. I checked it and it was a text frommy friend Logan. Logen: hey you should check on your girlfriend I seen her at the mall with some dude looking a bit frisky. I didn't really think anything of the message but still I didn't think my best friend would lie about something that serious. Me: OK thanks I call her now. I decided to call my girlfriend and check on her. The phone rang and rang then went to voice mail.

I started to get mad why she wouldn't pick up and called her again it rang and rang until finally she picked up. Her: ugh hello. (Giggling) Stop I'am on the phone. Me: hey babe where are?? Her: hey man she can't talk now and her giggling in the background. I felt extremely frustrated and sad that she was cheating on me and I had wasted so much time on her.I was still angry and thought of ways to get back on her.

And came up with the best to get back with her was to get even and decided to fuck someone else as revenge. The next day I got up and did my morning routine shower and get ready for the day. My mind was still on getting back on getting revenge.I went to the gym and started my workouts.

But things felt different today. Instead of keeping my head down and focusing on my workout, I looked around the gym. I met eyes with some of the cute girls and I smiled back for a change. I wanted to be noticed, It helped my self-confidence to know I was attractive and desirable still. There was one particular girl who I hadn't seen there regularly and couldn't help but notice. She was built perfect but not too small or over weight like some of the other girls there.

She had nice tits that showed off nicely in her white tank top and she had gorgeous muscular legs that kid to an amazing round firm ass. I guessed she was about nine-teen or twenty years old. I'm not sure if I did this all the time but today I felt the urge to move my body with a bit more exaggeration as I worked out on various benches and leg lift machines.

I turned to look over at Isabella which I later found out her name was. who was standing there watching me with a big smile on her face. She came over to the machine next to me and didn't say anything at first as she started her machine. Finally, she looked over and asked how fast I was going on my treadmill and then we started a whole conversation about workouts, the gym, and just random chit chat.Then she asked me what color my eyes were.

I showed them that they were blue. "Something very attractive about a blue-eyed fit man." She flirted. I blushed and told her thanks and told her she didn't look so bad herself.

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I could see her eyes scan my body up and down and I looked back at hers. It was a very bold thing for me to do. I'd never done it before. I looked at her strong muscular legs and thighs that lead to a amazing ass.

She purposely lifted her shirt to scratch a make believe itch around her back and I caught a glimpse of the top of her breast ,I couldn't help but stare briefly and she noticed and adjusted her shirt to give me a better view of her breast. Finally, I had to look away feeling guilty but also felt an incredible rush of warmth through my body.

I think she sensed that I was a bit uncomfortable so she started a new topic of conversation. She asked what else I was into as part of my fitness routine and I mentioned that I liked to do Zumba classes in the evenings. She said she always wanted to try it and I told her that I was going to a class that evening in fact if she wanted to come. She said she would try to make it. So feeling a bit tired and nervous I decided to head home early and get ready for the evening back at the house, I showered and sat on the couch staring at the wall feeling depressed again.

I watched Netflix for a bit then got ready for my Zumba class. I decided to wear a tight fitting black muscle shirt and some gym shorts to the class tonight and show off a little bit. I wondered, and sort of hoped, that Isabella might show up. When I got the Zumba room at the gym, I noticed a sign on the front door announcing that the gym was going to be closed early tonight at eight pm so that the staff could attend their annual holiday party.

When I got to the dance room, I saw that the class was already a bit full. Some over weight moms like to attend the class and took up a lot of space and there was Isabella in the front row.


She must have gotten there early. I smiled at her and she gave me a big smile back. I was nervous and excited to see her there. The music started and everyone started dancing. At times it felt like Isabella and I were the only ones in the room the way we looked at each other. Within thirty minutes we all had sweat dripping from our bodies and my wet muscle shirt shorts was sticking to my body.

Isabelle kept up pace like a regularand I couldn't help but looking at her dripping wet tank top and amazing round ass again and again.Occasionally, her shirt would lift up to show me her lean got stomach.

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Class ended right at seven-thirty and several people were covered in sweat and walked out to get a drink and dry off. One of my friends Matt stayed after class and was asking me some fitness related questions. I could see Isabella waiting patiently in the background as if she wanted to talk with me but Matt went on and on. I was a little disappointed when she left the room before I was finished talking to Matt.

I wanted to talk to her again. Finally, Matt left and the room was empty. I slowly gathered up my things and left. One of the gym managers came into the room and told me that he was kicking everybody out of the place so he could get going to the holiday party. He was the last one there. He told me the front door was already locked and to just be sure to close it tightly when I left.

Otherwise, I could feel free to shower before I went home. I went off to the shower and it felt odd to have the whole place to myself. I took my time showering,and getting ready to go home. I had plenty of time before going home so I was in no hurry.

"Hello," came a voice from someone sitting in one of the chairs in the waiting area. I was startled at first and then saw it was Isabella. She had changed into a t-shirt and some short shorts and her was hair was a bit wet. She stood up and walked toward me. "The class was excellent," she told me. And she continued to walk closer to me as I stood there speechless and nervous.

"My god, you look gorgeous. Now I see why it took you so long to come out of there." She smiled and looked into my eyes.

For some odd reason, I lost the grip on my gym bag and it feel to the floor. I didn't think about it at the time but it was probably a signal that encouraged Isabella to grab me and pull me into a deep hot kiss .I was nervous and stood there stiff as a board.

I was nervous but I melted as soon as our lips met and we began to kiss passionately. I reached down and grabbed her ass as she grinned her body against mine. Our tongues wrappedaround each other's and my heart started pounding faster. I could feel my stiff cock pressing against her shorts. I reached to feel her breast and just by instinct and passion, She reached down to run her hands up and down my stiff cock through the outside of my basketball shorts.

There was no turning back now I thought. Se stopped, grabbed a hold of my hand and led me down the dimly lit hall and into the room with the weight machines. I still shocked how fast all this was happening as we mad our way In front of a big mirror. We're she pushed me against it and kissed my hard again rubbing my cock as I squeezed her ass. There was a single light just above us that illuminated our bodies. She turned me to face the mirror and stood behind me.

We could see each other in the reflection in the mirror and I watched her nibble and kiss my neck while he hands rubbed my stuff cock. She slowly worked her hands down to the hem of my shirt them lifted it over my hand exposing my abs. "damn your so fucking hot " she whispered to me. I remained silent as she ran her hands all over my stomach. Then she lifted her shirt up exposing her beautiful thirty-two C breast. We began another hot passionate kiss as I worked my hands over her sexy breast.

Letting out sexy moans and gasps the whole time. Then she pulled my shorts down and they fell to the floor. I lifted my feet to step out of them. All I had on now was my boxer-briefs and shoes. I lifted her briefly to walk over and placed her on a workout bench next to the mirror. Then I set her down on her back on the bench lengthwise. I pulled her shorts off and I could see her wet sexy red panties. I got down on my knees as began to kiss and lick her tummy and worked my way down.

As I ran my tongue down her body I felt her shiver with excitement. I pulled her wet panties to one side and began to lick her expertly in all the right places with the tip of my tongue. She wiggled with pleasure and in no time she exploded into her first orgasm. I continued to lap and lick at her sweet juices as she felt flashes of warm ripple through her body. I stood up and lifted her arms so that she was now sitting on the bench.

I watched as she began to pull down my briefs my hard cock popping out directly in front of her face. Isabella licked her lips and said that I had a nice big cock. She leaned in and wrapped her lips around the head, suckling on it and working her mouth slowlydeeper onto me.

I was only thinking about the moment now, all of the last two days events were erased from my mind. She moved off the bench and onto her knees to get a better angle of my "her words gorgeous cock" and bobbed her head up and down. She lifted her mouth off of my cock briefly to running her tongue up on my abs. She nippled and bit them lightly. Loving the feeling of her mouth on body. Then she reached down and began to massage my balls with her left hand, while grabbing the base of my cock with her right hand and started again on my cock.

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I guess I was a bit to big for her, as she could barely get half of it into her mouth without it hitting her throat and gagging. But She tried her best to show me that she knew how to suck dick. I wrapped my hands around her strawberry blond hair and pulled it up and out of her face as she spun her head around and around on my dick.

I stopped her, picked her up, and placed her on my knees on the bench. Then I positioned myself behind her and watched in the mirror as I fed my curved long cock into her. She watched my body flex as I slowly inched into her deeply.

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I felt like a young kid again, hot and forbidden sex. I grabbed her ass cheeks with my hands and pulled her even deeper onto my cock as if it was possible to get in further. I was so deep and she was so tight it hurt at first and then within seconds it felt wonderful. I then grabbed her by the hips and thrust myself into her hard making noises as my balls slapped against my sexy firm ass. After awhile I pulled out and pulled her back off the bench again.

I turned her around to face me and reached down and wrapped my muscular arms under her thighs and lifted her into the air. She was pressed against my sweaty muscular body and she loved feeling those my muscles against her. I slowly lowered her back onto my cock she started to squeal and gasp with pleasure as I went deeper into her.

I Lifted her up and dropped her back down onto my dick over and over again getting quicker every time. Her legs were dangling behind my back in the air and She grabbed me around the neck.

I turned with my back to the mirror so I could her gorgeous round ass wiggle firmly as I slid into her. Our bodies were really sweaty now. Partly because we were still hot from our Zumba workout, and partly from this workout, not to mention a bit of nervousness on both our parts. Her big round breasts slipped and sledded against my wet body. Then I turned the other way so that She could see the look on her own face and admire my strong back muscles glistening with moist sweat.

She squeezed me harder around my neck. Our mouths met again and we kissed deeply. A massive warmness tingled flooded her body again and She burst out screaming so loudly that I thought She might lose her voice. She had her second orgasm for what seemed like forever.

I continued to lift her up and down but I began to slow down as my arms got tired. Finally I told her that my arms were getting tired. I was exhausted.

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I slowly set her ass back down on the bench with her back to the mirror. Then I lowered her head down toward the floor. She was a bit uncomfortable but finally her head was resting on the soft rubber pad of the floor. She was almost upside down now and only supported by her ass that was gripping the edge of the bench.

I moved my legs over to her side of the bench and held her thighs tight and bent her into almost a ninety degree angle with her legs stretched out toward the mirror. "I am going to fuck you hard and deep baby," I then started drilling down into her pushing her head hard into the rubber mat. Normally, I am not that rough during sex but something about her got me so hard and horny. I continued to pound deep into her tight silk like pussy, a little rougher than I think she would have liked but She just let me have my way with her letting out moaning like crazy.

I could feel beads of my sweat dripping down onto her coating her breasts with salty wetness. She reached up and rubbed it all over herself until She was coated from my neck to her crotch. Finally, I let out a loud grunt as my balls started to boil and I was going to cum soon. I guess Isabella could also sense that I was getting ready to explode because she started moaning and panting for me to fill her pussy up.

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So I started to really slam into her then slammed one last time deep in her. I was so deep inside of her that she could feel the massive pulsations of my cock and the warm flood of seed filling her up. My cock just kept pumping and pumping cum into her I was amazed how much cum kept coming out.


I moaned and grunted continuously grabbing onto her thighs so tightly I was afraid I might leave her bruised after. I pulled my cock all the way out of her and then grabbed the base of my cock and plunged it back into her. Her pussy was overflowing with cum and I could feel it dripping down the our thighs ands own the crack of her ass. She let me play with her a little more and then finally told me that she was getting sore and couldn't take anymore.

I pulled away from me and stood there with my dripping cock in my hand as she fell over sideways and just laid there looking up at me unable to move for the moment.

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"Baby, you are the hottest thing ever. I've never had sex that like that," she panted trying to catch her breath."Me either," I said. She finally stood up with her legs shaking badly under her. I went to her and wrapped his my arms around her waist and gave her another sloppy wet sweaty kiss and pressed my wet cock against her belly. Her ass was wet with cum and sweat and I could see my seed leaking down her thigh like a river. She looked up to the wall clock and panicked when She seen what time it was.

"Oh my god, I'm so late, I've got to get out of here." She shouted. She picked her shorts and wet tank top up off the floor, shook it, and headed out of the weight room and toward the hallway. "When can we do this again?" I called after her. She stopped a moment and turned around, "We can't ever do this again. I'm in a four year relationship". I laughed as she hurried to the woman's locker room. She was naked wearing nothing but her running shoes. I picked up my gym bag and looked up and noticed a security camera.

Oh my god, I thought to myself. What if somebody sees this? Then started to get horny again. Then made my way back to the men's locker room. Inside the locker room I grabbed a handful of towels and wiped myself off while looking at myself in the mirror. My face was a sweaty mess. When I got back to the hallway, I called out to see if Isabella was still there but she had already left. I went home and still feeling moist and sticky. I pulled into the drive way and took one last look at myself in the rear view mirror.

I thought I looked pretty good all things considered. And I smiled big at myself for the first time in two days. I didn't feel like a cheated on loser. I felt alive and satisfied inside. I walked into the my house and said hey to my brother then headed upstairs to take a shower. In shower I forgot all about what happened early the week and could only think about meeting up with Isabella again.

After my shower I got dressed and changed and just felt like I was on cloud nine. I made my way downstairs to the kitchen to get a snack realizing how hungry I was after my "great" workout I laughedto myself.